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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  March 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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an eye on the commute for us in your first 4 but we b with meteorologist chuck bell and all of the rain we're getting. to spendpretty day outside today. the clouds are moved in overnight. a flood watch has been issued for all of the d.c. metro area for the remainder of the day, up until midnight tonight. we can easily get to 2 inches of rain. heaviest of the rain coming in the mdle parts of the afternoon and evening. and tomorr, more chance for showers but a lot of a gusty northwest wind tomorrow.he there'slood watch area. it includes all of the d.c. metro ea. loudon county, montgomery county an rundle county. all until midnight tonight. you can stay ahead of the latesh and get pus advisories, should flood warnings be required. you can find and follow me on social media. that area in north carolina promises us at bucoad of rain today.
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and the colt frod front across midwest will bring us the rain tomorrow. taylor, how is the commute? >> well, it makes it interesting when it's a little w out there. good news, our longstanding crash on whitfield chapel road has cleared. a vehicle hit the wall on 66. it's not causing a. del you're seeing a delay on 66 east. eastbound on the dulle access road, near route 7, a report of a crash. and on the silver line, trains are only eh and ballston. use the orange and blue lines to continue you ride thismorning. this morning, a d.c. neighborhood is demanding answers follong a recent outbreak of violence on the streets where their childr play.
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>> it happened in broad daylight. several men fing guns at each her while cameras were rolling. [ gunfire ] >> that was two weeks ago on newton street in brookland, a small neighborhood in northeast d.c. the sound of gunfire and the footage terrified the people who li near where it happened. last night, they met with police and their council member to show a united front and send a clear message -- edviolence will not be alln their neighborhood. >> parents have to calm their children after hearing gunshotse no one should o do that. >> police are increasing patrols in that area and offering a reward for iormation leading to the arrest and conviction of any of the gunmen seen in that video. and top of safety is top of mind for d.c. mayor muriel bowser. it include$15 million for police and first responders.
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justin finch joins us live with details on what she wants to the here. >> reporter: good morning. lots of concerns about crime and safety in d.c. neighborhoods all the way to the mayor's office. ae's crafted her investments to promote policin healing. she says in part here, shed wans to f efforts to get our police force up to 4,000 officers, whileig making investments in programs that prevent violence, rede recidivism and also address trauma. here's a breakdown of the budget's public safety proposals here. $3 million to expand d.c.'s police force by 70 officers. and $3.5 million to add more firefighter paramedics and emts, as well, as well as adding four ambulance units here. the mayor notes that crime in d.c. is down overall. but the number of people being o-ot yearar has remained steady. and sadly, more people areying from gunshot wounds year-to-year, as well.
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live in northwest. i'm jh,tin fi news 4. >> justin, thank you. themayor's $15.5 billion plan,us f on housing and transportation. it includes $55 million to create and preserve affordable housing. there's no change in the real estate tax rate. just under $2 billion would go toward traditional and charter schools and give a laptop computer to every student in grades three, six and nine. a o eliminates the sales tax on diapers. $122 million is earmarked for a "k" street transitway. it includes circulator service and expands seice east of the river. in new zealand, changes are on the way following last week's mosque attacks. late last nigh new zealand announced it is banning all semiautomatic weapons. it includes assault rivers and high-capacity magazines.
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the prime minister has promised for days she would be taking action immediately after the attack on two 50 pwere killed and dozens more were injured in those shootings. the funels for those victims are under way. a father and son were laid to rest hours ago. 48 more funerals will mippen in the days. on friday, the country wil observe two minutes of silence to remember those killed in the attacks. the fbi ins joined the stigation into those boeing 737 max jets. federal investigators want to know how the planes were certified for flight. there's been two deadly crashes involving this kind of plane. the first in october, a lion air crashed, killing everyone onboard. the seco, this month, in ethiopia. the planes have been grounded in the united states and many places around the world.
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lawsuits have been filed, as well.xp now, boeing isted to release a software fix for the fleet as early as next week. despite growing ouon his recent attacks on senator john mccain, president trump is resing to back down. yesterday, he upped the ante. de during a speech at a military crowd in ohio, pre trump blasted senator john mccain, saying it was partly because of him there is an instigation into concerns of russian collusion. he added that despite having a state funeral for mccain, no one ever thanked him. >> and i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president, i had to approve. i don't care about this -- i didn't get a thank you. at's okay. we sent him on the way. but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> the late senator mccain, seen here with his daughter, meghan, was a veteran of the vietnam war and seed as a senator more than 30 years. in 2008, he was his party's nominee for president. today, arizo republican
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senator martha mcsally is going to give an update on what she's done to counter sexual assault in the last year, shefied that she was a rape survivor and was attacked while serving in the military. this week, she suggest that the pentagon create a sexual assault task force. advocates are hoping that congress passes a bill that would changeow sexual misconduct is handled in the armed forces. a heads-up foristrict residents. when you turn on the tap water you might get a smell or taste of chlorine. there is nothing wrong. it's part of the spring cleaning to the water system. d.c. water recommends letting the cold tap run for two minutes before use. and if you haven't used it in a few hours, let it run five to ten minutes. refrigerate cold t water in an open pitcher and the chlorine taste and or will disappear. some filters may reduce the taste and smell, as well.
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the centers for disease control anprevention is updating its travel warnings related to the zica virus. it is downgrading the advisories for women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. the mosquito-borne zica virus can cause birth defects.of becaushat, the cdc urged women who were pregnant to stay away from countries where zica was prevalent. the new guidelines urge women who are pregnant to talorto their dobefore traveling. catastrophic flooding has put nebraska and missouri under states of emergency. the damage from this flooding is estimated to be in the billions of dollars. the massive impact of water came from the bomb cyclone and the huge snowfall that camwith it. this was too much for rivers throughout parts of the midwest. for several days, now, we've seen incredible images like the ones you're seeing here. the flooding is being blamed for at least three deaths. extensive cleanups and on recovery operain texas after a massive multiday fire at
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a tank farm. the cleanup process is coming with a dangerous possibility of flare-uplike this one. this flare-up was quickly put officialsuch flare-ups are expected to happen. the petrochemical storage facility exploded into a huge fi on sunday and burned for three days. no injuries have been reported. a woman is alive today because two charles county deputies were at the right place at the right time to save her life. s this was thene the deputies saw along route01 in upper marlboro last week. before the flames consumed the car, a woman was found unconsciouin the driver's at. two deputies were transporting a prisoner. they saw the cra and were able to pull the woman from the burning car.'t she wareathing, though. >> i was on the radio, trying to talk to him. >> after about five to ten minutes of cpr, she began to
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breathe on her own. at that time, the fire was still burning, the vehicle was still on fire. we had to move her. i remember hearing the tires exploding and different things. the trees were on thel was flying over our ad. >> once the woman was breathing, an ambulance showed up and emts took over. the deputiesaid the prisoner they were transporting said they were heroes. for anyone who has experienced driving, this won't come as a surprise. the roads are filleddaith rude anerous drivers. >> it gets ugly out there. now, drivers of falls church ll wear courteous drivers like a badge. the city will roll out this initiative. drivers with the sticker prohese to drive t speed limit, stop for pedestrians and be responsible. anyone who may roll their eyes at the idea should know the ty simplif the sticker isn't
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lost on local leaders. >> is it sad that it has to come to a sticker? that you agree to drive the right way? >> unfortunately, all you ve ksto do is walk a few bloc anywhere around the area and you'll see a total breakdown in driving behavior. >> councilman snyder says virginia doesn't havd cameras. anything that can be done to lower speed must be considered a win. >> on your honor. you have a sticker, do the right thine >> it will mople think. you see the sticker, you read , it creates a series of thoughts. all dogs may go to heaven. but one breed is the most popular dog. w >> is a good boy? we'll tell you. and new concns about the kaleou eat. we have the details you want to know before your morning smoothie. chuck? good morning, everybody. what toxpect for day? lots and lots of rain, especially during the afternoon. ponding onoads can be an issue, as well. a lot of wind todrrow. 0s and drops this morning.
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joining penfed credit union. with the penfed cabuying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome toly. join today at today. >> working 4 your health this morning. a new study that finds certain medicines used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity sorder in teens and youn adults, may cause paranoia, hallucinations patients that were prescribed amphetamines like adderall, were twice as likely to develop psychosis as compared to those medications like ritalin. experts say patients and parents should know about the creased risk 2,000 patients were involved in
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the studysh pub in "the new england journal of medicine." that kale you plan to put in your smoothie this morning or eat for lunch may noo good for you after all. a new list ranks kale as one of the most contaminated items in the produce section. so, it's not about the nutrition. the environmental working group is out with its latest dirty dozen, the list of the 12 produce items containing the most pesticides. kale is number three. 92% of kale samples haidue from at least two pesticides. only strawberries and spinach test positive for more n pesticides tle. in the produce section, theye have the vegshes and you plan to eat >> worried about the pesticides. >> or like you, don't buy it at all. >> you don't have to convince me not to eat kale. not a problem here.w, o a shocking story about invasion of privacy. a massive network ofidden cameras discovered in dozens of hotels in south korea, sparking outrage today.
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>> it's also a growing problem across the u.s. south korean pice arrested four people for allegedly installing illegal cameras in hotel rooms and profiting online. in the u.s., hidden cameras have been found in bathrooms and bcanging rooms. one woman spoke toews how she was recorded by an employee that tried to blackmail >>ute horror. i started screaming and crying and all i could think was, my life is absolutely over. if thigets out, my life is ruined. >> experts say you can protect yourself by checking your hotel room carefully. you can buy devices online that n pick up a signal if a camera is on and transmitting wirelessly. there's nothing quite like hang a dog at home. my dog is the only one that loves me sometimes. oud one breed is named most popular dog in thery. it is the labrador retriever. topping the list among dog lovers for the 28-st year in a row.
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that's according to american kennel club. german shepherds in second place. followed by the golden retrievers and french bulldogs. the rankings are based on new puppy re last year.over the love them all. file this under things you don't see every day. a texas rancher took his steer into a petco. leading it on a leash. i don't know how that's okay. he wanted to test the stors claim that all leashed pets are welcome. it's over 1,000 pounds and goes by the name oliver. >> look at the horning on oliver. >> they passed the test. from the large to the small, ceck out this koala. refused to leave he climbed into iaustralia.
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it was a hot day and the little gu adidn't want to leave their conditioning. the driver left his or opened and tried everything. eventually, he was able to coax the koala out. maybe food was involved. he climbed n up aearby tree. >> did you see the tuying to pet it? that doesn't seem smart to me. >>la k like to be held and hugged. >> you want to test that? go out in the wild? >> let me get the pandasfirst. >> they will hug you until your head pops off. chuck bell is standing by. >> that's terrible, aaron. 45 here in washington, with raia dropeady falling across much of the area. this is what j --t the very beginning of what will turn into a very rainy day, probably the rainiest day in more than a month. if we get over annch of rain, it will be the rainiest day since back in january. it's in the low to mid-40s everywhere.
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temperatures wl inch their way into the upper 40s and low 50s today. rain could be heavy at ng around lunchtime and continuing through the evening commute. 100% chance for rain today. rainfall totals on average, at least one, loek cally as much a two inches. area of low pressure near raleigh. that's bringing in a period ofh y rain for today. and this cold front out here, moving through chicago now, and headed for cincinnati, once that comes through here late tonight, it will turn the steady rain off. but it will leave us with a very strong northwest wind tomorrow. right now, the hef veaviest of rain is in the southern half of the viewing area. this is coming north. i-66 is going to be rainy here in the next couple of hours. the flood watchs until midnight tonight for all of the metro area. the future weather carryingf pocketsain in. and periods of moderate to heavy rain a through ternoon and
6:20 am
into the evening. 6:00 tonight,heellows and arran oranges can be heavy rain between i-95 and washington and the baltimoreth area. rabe ein ends after midnight. we'll be rain-free in t friday morning commute. friday, during the day, will be a strong northwest wind. hit and miss showers throu the day. rain chance tomorrow, 40%. the biggest impa will be the wind, which could gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour. sunde, is looking l a very nice day after a cold start sunday morning, in the 30s. sunday afternoon, lig wind. monday will bedry. it could lead to a wet snow chance on tuesday. more on that in the next half hour. jack taylor, happy thursday. >> happy ty to you, as well. we'll start with the crash that
6:21 am
just clred. 28 northbound, after 66. a single vehicle into the wall. travel lanes are open. eastbound, near route 7, accident activ in the second left.from the hopefully will be moved out of the road quickly. we have the wer main repairs on central avenue. this is after pepper mill road, wher right lane is getting by. issues on the rails on the silver line. it is now 6:21 on this thursday it is now 6:21 on this thursday you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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you're watching news today. >> when is the last time you checked your credit score? these days, most banks and an credit card cos will give you your score for free. >> a low credit score can stand in the way of buying a house, a car, or gettinuma new job. co reporter susan hogan is working for you, with tips to repair your score if it's too low. ♪ >> reporter: dialect is a rap nd artistducator. about eight years ago, he decided to settle down and buy a house with his partner, pamela. but a credit score he hadn't checked in years came back to haunt him.
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>> i never had any reason to think it was bad. >> we actually checked his score and saw it was, basically, in the 500s. >> reporter: his bank refused to give him a mortgage because of his credit, which had been damaged by a student loan that was in collections. >> depending on the reasons for a low credit scomo, it can take hs or years to raise a low score to a good score, say, 700. also takes discipline. >> reporter: one of the most importanthings to do is to pay all of your bills on time. that accounts for 35% of your , fico scoe most common credit scoring system. if you have credit cards, try te your balances to no more than 10% of your available credit. >> another tip is to consider taking out a personal loan to pay your credit card debt. having a greater variety of credit types might help your credit score. plus, you may get a lower rate of interest with t loan. >> reporter: if, like dialect, you can't get a traditional credit card because of your credit history, go for a secured
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credit card. it requires a deposit to protect the issuer. make timely payments and your credit score could improve. don't foet to request a free credit report once a year from each of the companies, to monitor your progress and spot any errors. back to you.he coming up,uture of finding help when you need it most. 911 calls revolutioniz. we'll show you how your smartphone will speed up y emergesponse. and it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. heavy rain coming your way. this cute little girl is named storm. you can find out how to add storm, a30-pound 1-year-old dog to your family, humane ru humanerescuealliance.o it will be raining hard after work and school today. plus, countdown to game time. maryland among the first to tip off as the rl march madness
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begins. what to kw about our local teams before you finalize your bracket.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert.
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it is 6:30. we're tracking a live weather alert for you. it will be a very wet day across our area. the storms moved in overnight as a matter of fact. they will sck around all day long. don't forget your umbrella as you head out this morning. >> we are working 4 you as you wake up and get out t door on a thursday. wtop's jack taylor is in for melissa this morning, and will have a look at the commute. first, let's check in with chuck bell with more on the rainy forecast we're infor, chuck. >> are you willing to make the trade? r> two inches of rain today for dry weather o the weekend? >> yeah. >> it's all about perspective. we have low pressures that will have a huge impact 24 hours.ext this will bring a deluge of rain during the middle afternoon. low pressure near chicago, that trailing cold front is going to
6:31 am
bring a gusty northwest wind in here for your friday, and hit-or-miss shower chances tomorrow. the rain is moving into fauquier county, moving into the stafford area, towards manassas right now. the commute will get wetter and wetter as we go along. flood watch, until midnight tonight, for all of the highlighted counties. rainfall amounts today, a solid 1 to 2 inches of rain is expected. itill bechilly. we're in the 40s now. we'll be in the upper 40s and mid 50s later inhe day. the wind and the rain impacts for tomorrow in the weekend coming up. chuck, good morning. we'll start in virginia. leaving dulles airport, riding eastbound, toward route 7, sounds like the accident activity in the second lane from the left. hopelly canhe be cleared to shoulder. we have activity westbound on 214. prince george's county. it's aai water break. the right lane only getting by, not causing a big slowdown. a live look at 270,
6:32 am
germantown. a steady drive right you can see the roadways are wet. give yourself a few extra minutes if you're headed out. an met on the silver li we have a signal problem. you will want to stick with the blue and orange lines to continue. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:32. we have some new video just in to the newsroom. it shows two suspects in a high-profile murder arriving back in maryland after trying to escape the u.s. keith smith and his daughter are accused of killing his wife last year in baltimore. they told police she had been stabbed after giving a panhandler money. earlier this month, we learned the father and daughter had been arrested, trying to cross the border into mexico. police say they made up the story and then tried to take off once authorities' investigation focused on them. they were booked into a baltimore jail overnight.
6:33 am
today, a former virginia preschoolteacher will be entenced for abusing his students >> he admitted to molesting children at a day care. megan mcgrath is outside of the court now with this story. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. 27-yealoold t boykin pleaded guilty to sexually abusing four young girls in his care at the miniland academy in bristow. today, he will learn his he admitted to touching the girls' genitals as they came down a slide on the playground he said he took pictures of his victims' private parts using a smart watch. they found 120 images. boykin will appear before a judge later today. he could get life in prison for these crimes.s paref some of the victims are expected to come and speak
6:34 am
during today's sentencing. they're expected to explain how the abuse affhtted their das. back to you. >> very disturbing. megan mcgrath, live for us this morning. a judge in montgomery county are going to announce whether a fourth teen will be to adult court. he is one of four teens accused of raping a fellow junior varsity football player with a broomstick in a locker room last year. the judge was going to make a decision on tuesday but needed o more timeview the situation. n e three other suspects allegedly involvede incident have had their cases moved to juvenile court.
6:35 am
the trial of a man who killed a store manager will >> mr. toure cannot hurt anyone else again. >> mehiel was from north carolina. she was living and working in d.c. as ant art as the corcoran school of arts and design. the trial of a man who killed a store manager will continue today. his defense team is trying to prove their client was suffering from a mental breakdown when he stabbed and beat a stranger to death. his brother took the stand he described the health changes in the months before the killing. he had been discharged from a psychiatric hospital the day before he drove to alexandria and killed brad jackson. his attorneys will call more to
6:36 am
witnessey. it appears minimum wage will be going up for maryland workers. the state's general assembly approved a plan to raise wages to $15 an hour by 2025. busisses with fewer than 15 employees will have an extra year to make that change. governor larry hogan is against the plan but it passed with enough votes to override a veto. right now, the minimum wage is $10.10 an hour. that's already higher than other states in our area. virginia's is the lowest at $7.25 an hour. west virginia is $8.75 an hour. d.c. is $13.25 an hour but will raise to $15 an hour next year. sodiy to say, yonot win the powerball jackpot last night. the good news, neither did anybody else. the pot keeps growing. it's up to $625 million after no one matched all of the numbers. in case you won a smaller prize, the numbers on your screen, 10, 14, 50, 53, 63.
6:37 am
and the powerball was 21. the next drawing is saturday night. today, march madness tips off. if you finished your bracket, get ready for it to be busted. it always happens. you have a few more hours to get it done before the games begin. maryland will be among the first on the court. the terps practiced in jacksonville for the first face-off against 11th seed belmont. we are hoping to see the first postseason win since 2016. tipoff at 3:10. today, old dominion tips o against purdue. four other schoolsave their first match-ups tomorrow. there you go. don't be surprised when you see upsets today. it happens every year. >> the ncaa says the odds of picking all 63 games correctly is 1 in 9.2 quintillion. t t's a big number. >> didn't learn that in fourth grade.
6:38 am
that's one. >> bill: billipa, billions rently. coming up, new rash test ratings released this morning. we'll show you some of the safest rides on the road. improving emergency response. new technology uses your p artphone when you need h the most. up next, how your camera and other apps can help dispatchers in times of need. ♪ you know reliable support when you have it, and that dependability
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is what we want to give o customers. at comcast, it's my job to constantly monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. name is tanya, i work the network opstations center for com we are working to make things simple, sy and awesome.
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you're watching news 4 toda >> welcome back. 6:40. we're getting an inside look at the future of 911 emergency response. >> the technology allows dispatchers to not only pinpoibu your locatioalso give first responders eyes on the scene before they even arrive. the technology is called 911 e. someone calls 911. the dispatch sends a text message with a link to that person's phone. the caller clicks the link and
6:41 am
their exact location is sent to first responders. that's not all the dispatcher can also access the phone's camera, seeing the scene in enforcement officials are calling this system a total game-changer. >> this is the most precise way to share information with law enforcement in real-time. >> now, the service has a price tag of less than $10,000 per year for police departments. according to the company's website so far, it's only used in areas of new jersey. or here's your cnbc mng business report. i'm contessa brewer at cnbc headquarters. h postmateas options that lets you have a meal delivered as part of a group o it will be sent out in a batch with a delivery person making multiple stops. e means your food could t longer to arrive, but postmates will drop its delivery fee. this is available in major u.s. cities and may not include all
6:42 am
with youbc morning business report, i'm contessa brewer. i a is storm team 4 weather alert day. make sure you bcwnload our washington app. you can track the rain as it moves into your zip code. heavy rain forhe lat parts of the day. your forecast will be a wet one. indoor recess today. new trouble spot right in the district. south on 295 towards pennsylvania avenue in the1th streetbridge. a crash along the right side of the roadway. that red line is getting brighter and brighter. slower traffic in that area. plus, a water warning. what's coming ou t
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
new 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> we are in weather alert mode, as youret morning started. the rain returned overnight. and this one is just before the morning commute. it ising around all day. chuck bell with a closer lookort yourast in a few minutes. it's the report that washington has been waiting to see tor nearl years. >> now, even president trump ays he wants the social counsel's russian report to come out. nbc's peter alexander is live ah the whise this morning with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. from onensnd of pvania to the other, this city is literally on-edge right now, in anticipation of the possible t release orast the fact that it would be handed to the
6:46 am
attorney general. the president has said, hean robert mueller's russia investigation to be made public. in the same breath, he called the investigation ridiculous, again, trying to discredit the former fbidirector, rober mueller, suggesting that the 2016 election disqualifies an investigation. to give you a wider view of this, a majority of americans say they have confidence in the fairness of this inquiry. that's according to a new associated press poll. robert mueller's teas indicted or received guilty plea from 34 ople, including michael cohen, his former national security adviser, mike flynn and s former campaign manager, paul manafort. the allegations are wide-ranging, fro false statements to campaign finance o viol. and it will be whether robert mueller can determine coordination between the trump campaign and r psia andsible
6:47 am
obstruction of justice. >> peter, we'll see you in a fei tes on "today." president trump's criticisms of the late senator john mccain continued yesterday during an event in ohio. not only did he say that senator mccain was partly at fault for the investigation into russian collusion, he added that no one thanked him for his approval of last year's state funeral. >> and gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted. as president, i had to approve. nbc's kristen welker will have mo on this story ahead on "today." from new zealand, just days after deadl terror attacks on mosques there, the government is taking a strong stance on gun control. late last night, new zealand's
6:48 am
prime minister announced a ban on all semiautomatic weapons, including assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. the florida man accused of sending pipe bombs through the mail, caesar sayoc. he is expected to plead not guy.ty in a federal court to hely alleged sent packages ex cosives to headquarters in new york. he has a trail date for july 14th. he could face life in prison. residents in northeast washhegton are taking to streets to show they will not stand for gun violence that hasr hit their neigod. i happened in broad daylight. several men firing guns at each other while cameras were rolling. the bullets took out the power to a few houses.
6:49 am
r arrests have been made this. police have increased patrols in that neighborhood. rdand there's a $10,000 re for information that leads to a conviction of any of the shooters in this video. public safety is top of mind for d.c. mayor muriel bowser. it includes $15 million for police and first responders. e stin finch joins us live with details on what nts to the here. good morning. >> reporter: eun, aaron, good morning. mayor bowser points out that crime here in d.c. is ea deng. but she also notes a troubling trend, as well. a growing number of people being shot year-to-year and more of them dying from injuries. the hope is that her public safety budget proposal will make d.c. streets safer. it calls for $3 million to add officers to the police force. and it calls for $3.5 million to
6:50 am
add 45 more firefighter, paramedics or emts, as well as four ambulance units, too. my cong budget addresses policing and healing by continuing to fund efforts to get our police force up to 4,000 officers. while also making big investments in programs that prevent violcice, reduce vism and addresses trauma. back out live, the mayor sought outside input to put her budget together. speaking not only with d.c. senior members of governmeer but meof the public, as well. back inside to you. >> all right. justin finch, live for us in downtown d.c. thank you,. just take a look at this. the mayor's $15.5 billion plan, includes $55 million c toate and preserve affordable housing. there's no change in the real estate tax.
6:51 am
also eliminates the sales tax on diapers. $122 million i earmarked for a new "k" street northwest transitway, which will include a rapid bus lane. theus budget includes free d.c. circulator service and pands service east. this heads-up for d.c. residents. your tap water may have a different smell in the coming days. there is nothing wrong. it's part of the spring cleaning to the water system. d.c. water recommends letting the co tap run for two minutes before use. if you haven't used it in a few hours, let it run for five to ten minutes. refrigerate cold tap water in it opener and the chlorine taste and odor will disappear. some filters will possibly duce the taste and smell.
6:52 am
catastrophic flooding has put nebraska and missouri under states of emergency. today, the missouri river iso forecastedrest 11 feet above flood stages. this influx of water came from last week's bomb cyclone and huge snowfall that came with it. at least three people have died and billions of dollars worth of crops are likely lost. here in d.c., we're experiencing a lot of rain today. we'll get to chuck in a moment. nerst, to our cherry blaossom watch. 4 spotted some buds in stage 2. >> the cherry blossom festival started yestday. we'rtill about two weeks away from the day the national park serviceays the blooms will be at their peak. if you go to our nbc washington there's a whole page dicated to the cherry blossom festival. is right now, chuck bell
6:53 am
here to dampen our day. literally. >> into every life a little rain must fall. today,t will fall. and it will come down by the cket loads. rain heavy at times today, passing showers likely tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be more about the wind than the rain. the gusty wind will hang around into saturday. but sunday, looking a-okay. tworeas of low pressure will affect our weather. the first one is loaded p with moisture here. look at the heavy rain from t richmond, raleigh area. that's coming up the i-95 corridor. it h will raind all afternoon. this deep area of low pressure outside here near chicago, when that drives that cold front behind it, our winds wille howling from the northwest all day tomorrow. right nowe hefaviest of the rai is moving into virginia. the periods of heavy rain in the afternoon, from noono 00 or 8:00 this evening, will be the
6:54 am
heaviest of the rain. the rai ters off after midnight. we'll start off dow to. clouds will build quickly. showers will be racing through here tomorrow, on the wind averaging 25 to 30 miles per hour. rain totals, easily 1 to 2 inches of rain expected here. so, flood watches have been posted for all of the d.c. metro area. that goes until midnight tonight. temperature-wise, we're in the low to mid-50s now. temperatures will top off around 50 degrees with a lot of rain around. tomorrow, low 5s but a strong northwest wind tomorrow. blustery weather for saturday. sunday looks monday night into tuesday morning, rain could end with a little rain/snow mix early tuesday morning. that will not be shovelible amounts of snow. one year ago today, jack taylor, we got 4 to 6 inches of snow. >> dha't give us one. i don't want to think about it. in virginia, 95 northbound, our crash.
6:55 am
two right lanes are blocked at scene.ta virginia authorities is on-scene. 395 northbound as you head towards kings stet. accide activity has been moved over to the right shoulder to blockhe lanes to mover th them from the left side of the roadway. in the district, 5, towards pennsylvania avenue. a crash along the right side of theroadway. delays back to burrow's roadwayo will have slow on the freeway west, with maine avenue and nothing in your way. it's 6:55. new overnight, crash test ratings show just how w passengers are protected in nsrtain accidents. >> the insurancetute for highway safety crashed a number of small and large pickup trucks. researchers wanted to see how the trucks performed in passenger side crashes. s in tll pickup category, the toyota tacoma received an
6:56 am
acceptable rating. the chevrolet colorado, gmc canyon and nissan frontier received marginal ratings. edthe three large pickups good ratings. the ford f-150, the nissanraitan and the 1500. the toyota tundra received a poor rating. here's 4 things to know. the maryland terraps aremong the first teams to tip off today. you cannot watch -ou if y can't watch at work, good luck pulliat th -- if you can't watch at work, follow news 4 on sports on twitter for updates. you didn't win the powerball. chance. have another the jackpot at $625 million after no one matched last night's numbers. the next one is saturday night. good luck. two suspects accused of killing a woman and making up a story that a panhandler stabbed her are back in maryland. keith smith and his daughter are charged in the death of his wife. they were extradited from texas after being arrested near the mexico border earlier this
6:57 am
month. today,ia a former virg preschool teacher will be sentenced f abusing his students. taylor boinken played guilty to molesting children. the news bureau chief will be at the courtros morning. >> that is the news for today. >> indeed. lots of rain. >> get ready. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy you
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good . good morning. bring it on. resident trump pushes for the public release of the mueller >> let it come out. let s peopleee it. >> this morning anticipation building in the nation's capitol. could the results of the independent counsel's investigation be handed overe t attorney general in the next few da? we're live at the white house. breaking ns overnight, new zealand announces a ban on all assault rifles. >> the time for the easy availability of these weapons must end, and today they will. >> the swift action taken by the prime minister less than a week after that country's worst terror attack. demanding


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