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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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family, someone wetcrusted to our children. first a 6:00, a storm team 4 weather alert. a day of nonstop raining leading to flooding inur area. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harris. right now flood warnings in effect for almost all of northern virginia and the threat notver yet. >> we have team coverage tonight let's get to doug and melia. when does this let up? >> the rain doesn't let up until early tomorrow morning. by the time the morning rush comes around we should be on the dryer side but the winds start to pick up then too. >> we're seeing new flood warnings being issued by the national weather service. it's coming down west of washington. >> numerous roads closed in northern virginia, and this is the case through the rest of the night, too. still seeing pictures out of areas around lare, front royal seeing snow.
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areas of elevation are seeing road and impassable bauecause of the sno. this rain is heavyaround the bowie area, college park, through downtown, fairfax. look at 50 as you make your way out 50 into loudon county and route 7. this isn heavy rw around the ash burn area. 2.3 inche has already fallen in ashburn t flood watch now goes to 4:00 a.m. and includes the panhandle of west virginia as well as the hagerstown region. and the storm continues to move through the region. we had one water rescue earlier today, t around the annandale area. shomari stone was there watchine this as person was taken out of their car.po >> er: the rain is relentless here in fairfax county.
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we're at robe avenue and wood burn road. this traffic is diverte if you cohere, you can see there's a fairfax county police officer and he has a roadblock here. on the other side, downhe embankment over there is where a car is currently in the water. you roll video to show what happened. there was a water rescue here. the driver came across the standing water, took the chance of trying to go through it and all of a sudden that water started to rise and the driver could not get out. he then called for help and 911 emerncy officials dispatched the fairfax county fire rescue here. they were able to help this person, get him out of the vehicle, and the person was not injured, firefighrs are okay. but this is a lesson, according to polire and ghters, a reminder, when you come across standing water, turn around and don't drown. in fairfax, shomari stone,
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news4. we cannot say that enough. g we'reng to see more in the way of flooded roadways overnight and rht now people trying to get home. ember turn around don't drown. we don't want to see any more of these water rescues go on. the rain moves out by tomorrow morning but the wind picks up. we could see a wind advisory, gusting 41 miles an hour. this is a big storm continuing to move through the region. >> you're going to be watching it for us. thanks, doug. storm team is working for you around the clock, get updated on the free nbc app any time. stayingn top of breaking news. a man police say lured, drugged and sexually assaulted ung women from howard university has been arrested. >> police say he did this overrs the c of a decade. they're concerned he may have victimized other women across our area. >> tracee wilkins is live more on how this guy lured his
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vicerms. >> repopolice are saying he lured a 16-year-oai who she was the victim of a rape and that case went as far as it could go but he was never prosecuted. that was in 2005. now we have these new accusations centering around two howard university students. they're saying this has been going onor so long. he started luring his victims on olnd now pagewa assocsiated with the university th was not a howard university page but one that students use. this is 35-year-old julian everett. according to the prince george's county police rt of what he would do is go on line and pose as a howard university student. and therefore go out on dates with some of these students. they're saying these young ladies who a accusing him of rape say they woke up in new carrollton, having nomemory of getting in a vehicle with him.
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so because of how it happened prince george's county believe there may be more victims. >> he would use web or social media sites affiliated with but not sanctioned by howard university and then he would cultivate relationships with those individuals. this would lead to adate. during the course of that date he would offer them a beveraged to nk. they would do so. and then over the next few t houry would experience periods of unconsciousness. it was duringhis time th we allege he transported them to a resident in prince george's county where he would carry out th sexual assaults. >> reporter: prince george's county policeay it was an anonymous letter that came to the department last year that helped them to look into these cases and put all of these pieces together. they investigated everett for a year, arresting him today, he is now at the prince george's county jail being held on multiple charges athociated with case. if you believe you've been a victim or know someone who may have been a victim of this man.
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george's county police want you to use a special tip line they've set up. go to our nbc washington app or our website for that phone number. i'm tracee wilkins back to you all in the studio a former assistant teacher at a local dayare center will spend 41 years behind bars for sexually assaulting chilen in his care. taylor boykin was arrested last year at the bristow minnieland academy in court at today's sentencing, parents shared wonizing testimony. >> from my child deal with nightmares, anxiety. it makes it difficult. >> julie carey has more from the parents and interviews you'll only see on news4 coming up at 6:30 what those parents say about the torment still facing the young victims. ow to the big waiting game unfolding re in washington everyone on either end of pennsylvania avenue awaiting word on theueller report with
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speculation the special counsel could turn it over any day. james comey wrote an op-ed for the "new york times." hee writes while finds the president morally unfit. he's not rooting for the report criminalize or clear the president. let's turn to blayne alexander to get the latest. >> reporter: very interesting s we kind e these signs pointing toward the release of the mueller investigation. there are a lot o things that people don't agree on in washington but people are om findingn ground on one, which is that report should be made public. president trump saidit, te fbi director he fired, the house passing a resolution to that same effect last week. and everybody is keeping their eyes on the special counsel's ofce.+ today, washington waiting wit special counsel robert mueller expected to submit the findings of his i investigatito russian election meddling and possible collusion with the
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trump campaign at anymoment. >> expectations are high. i think the american people are thirsty to find out what has gone on. >> reporter: mueller will give his report to attorney general william barr who will decide how much if any to make public. while he's only required to give congress a brief summ wy, he said ll make as much public as he legally can. >> whatever he does, it will not satisfy congressional democrats. they want the mueller >> reporter:ing the stage for possible congressional subpoenas. today both barr and his deputy,e rod rose, at the white house officials say for previously scheduled meetings. but it's not stopping the speculation. i think people areoing to be really disappointed on both sides. i think the people expecting exoneration are going to be dappointed and people expecting to see indictments and fireworks are going be disappointed. >> reporter: six out of ten americans say they have i confide the fairness of the investigation. still the 22 month probenly
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deepening the country's divide. >> i think it's all a way for democrats to try to steal control. >> i'm a trump fan, i'll put it that way. but i'm also not a fan of doing things you're not supposed to. >> reporter: standing by f a report nearly two years in the making. now again, even though thi report could be coming to an end, this investigation rather i than d the country for 22 months could be coming to an ul end, we see a battle teed up over how much or when or if any of it will become public. back to you. >> ank you, blayne. former vice president joe biden may be looking at a possible running mate before he officially gets into the 2020 presidential race. reports close to joe biden are reporting stacey abrams as his vp pick out of the
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's considered a rising star in the democratic party. still naming a running mate before the first primary vote is cast carries a number of risks for both individuals. most candidat wait until they become the presumptive nominee beforeir naming t vp pick. new information tonight about a murder suicide in fdumb frees. police confirming a man killed his wife inside that home. she'd gone to the home for te safety he assaulted her the day before. is where everything unfolded yesterd police say he shot and killed his wife before killing himself. on tuesday, officers were called to their home on another domestic violence call. later that day police tried to arrest the suspect and serve an emergency restraining order but officers could not find him. all four damascus high school football players accused of assaulting theireaates in the school locker room will face
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charges in juvenile court.ud today a moved the case involving the accused ringad le out of the adult court system. an attorney for him referred to the incident as hazing. but prosecutors say the assault, which involved a broomstick, amounted to e.r maryland terps are still dancing. thres pulling out a nail biter win just minutesago, 77-79 final score. news4 is in jacksonville tonight covering the action. we'll have reaction from the teamoming upin sports. former president obama had the terps goingee to the s 16 so he's breathing a sigh of relief as they got the win a few minutes ago. l here's ak at his final four, duke, michigan, tennessee and north carolina and duke battling unc for the championship. he believes duke is to prevail.
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he has a lot of company in that. >> he does. lots of chalk he's going with there. from march madness to opening day. >> baseball rturning to washington in exactly one week. >> yeah. >> still ahead a look at what's knew at nats park. new crash tests just uc revealed t safety. new tonight thena natl cathedral weighing in on president trump's comment regarding the late senator john mccain's funeral. some of the heaviest ra of the day moving right through the d.c. metro area at onef the worst times, during the evening rush. the roads o there simply a tomess. this srm moves t, the windoudi
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back back now a 6:15 on weather alert tonight. you can ee why right there o the radar. rain across the area. and this is just part of one system. chief meteorologist doug kammerer tracking winds just ahead. virginia transportation officials have been looking into safety concerns involving an exit ramp on i-95 even before this week's deadly bus crash there. a charter bus overturned on tuesday killing two people near kingwood south of richmond. the richmond times dispatch said v dot got a complaint last month that the exitsigns could be confusing, leading drivers to eed up believing they are entering another highway. the driver in that crash is facing charges. new crash test ratings show how well passengers are
6:16 pm
protected in certain accidents. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with information that could help you choose your next vehicle. >> the insurance for highway safety recently crash tested a number of small and large pickwas. researcherted to see how these trucks performed in passenger side cr hes. in the small category, the toyota taco ma received an acceptable rating. the chevy colorado, canyon, andi nissan fro earned marginal ratings. three large pickups received good ratings ford if 150, nissan titan and the ram 1500. the toyotaundra earned a poor ratings. researchers sayost of these trucks are good ratings in driver side crashes and the latest tests will leaf toy protections for passengers.
6:17 pm
back to you. wanto check out th results for the pickupsnd watch more video of the crashes, go to the nbc washington app and search crash tests. around this time last night officers went into a d.c. apartment complex where they retrieved a number of drugs. tonight a guy name joseph jones isy facing fel charges, including possession with intent to distribute. inside the apartment they found 11 marijuana plants as wl as mushrooms and clonazepam pills. doug is backot with r look at the soggy evening ahead of us. >> sometimes you guys say as you talk about the weather forecast it's not going to be a total washout, today fits the description of a total wash out. >> yeah. yest day we talked abou being a monster storm, that's what it is. we he another report of water rescue in prince william
6:18 pm
county. shomari stone going to the scene there. he was in annandale at a water rescue there. two people trapped in little bull run. we're going to see this all t. nig remember, please turn around don't drown. i can't say it enhugh. many times do we have to say it, you see water across the roadony, you i know how deep the water is. look at the radar picture. you see the yellows there, the oranges, reds, that's the heavy rain that continues to move in arross the region. look at the circ motion we have spin, the area of low pressure starting to move right over top of us. into parts of southern maryland, lightening up now. look at this band of heavy ra through prince george's county, and then back toward the west, extremely heavy rain still through loudon county. a lot of roads closedn loudon county. and this just issued a flood warning no now includes
6:19 pm
frederick county, maryland, parts of berkeley county and most of northern virginia under flood warnings as we have water across many roadways. also we've seen problems with snowfall. roads closed due to snow up inr of higher elevation. we'reei front royal has reported snow. lease watch out if you're at areas of elevation, even 500 to 1,000 feet we're seeing snow. this whole thing moves out and behind it it gets windy. amelia i was looking at this. the latest wind gusts at reagan national airport, now up to 31 miles per hour. >> we're getting reports across the region of the wind starting 'o pick up. so going to be dealing with strong windsh overn tonight, throughout the day tomorrow. especially tomorrow night i think that's when we see the strongest winds. and it's still blustery on your saturday. your friday planner, start off at 42 degrees.
6:20 pm
our wind chill temperatures in the 30s tomorrow morning. as we head towards the lunchtime and afternoon hours with win gusts, we could see downed trees, power outages, and it's going to be cold tomorrow when you factor in the wind chill, only in the 40s with a high of 54 degrees. in addition to the winds i think we'll have some scattered showers around e afternoon hours, otherwise peaks of sunshine. friday is all about the winds. at least the commute is dry both ways but if you drive an suv you might notice the winds you might see wind restrictions on the bay bridge. make sure the kids have the warm jacket at the bus op tomorrow morning. recess potentially ndoors with that threat for scattered showers. if you have dinner plans out n tomorrowght know it's going to be windy and cold, make sure youring the warm jacket as
6:21 pm
well. at least it's dry for your friday night and the weekend. the winds still an issue on saturday. breezy to windy throughout the y. 35 degree at 8:00 a.m. on saturday morning. feels more like 20 with those inds. doug, though, sunday is looking nice with the highnd ar 60 degrees. >> sunday afternoon a nice day to get out there. we have the windrr tow, breezy conditions suturday, ay looking good. monday warm earlier but then the temperatures drop much colder on tuesday and wednesday, ten degrees below average. then we start to break out of it just a little bit. i'll be live at nats park for the home opener thursday, 60 degrees. when i'm out live it's got to b nice. we send amelia when it's really bad. >> exactly. >> th's not how it happens everybody, it's not true. >> funny how it works out sometimes. >> we know how that works, doug.
6:22 pm
they know. brokenfe nders, missing ve tires, dris have had it with the bw parkway. >> but tonight relief could be on the way. the new letter calling for a state takeover on the road. we are one week from first pitch so today i'm taking my first bite tou
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
can you belie can you believe it we're work week away from the first pitch at nationals >> finally. >> yeah, taking a while. ou're going to need to be prepared for a few changes before you head to the stadium. >> cory smith breaks downyo wha need to know. >> reporter: play ball, not in this weather.o thing opening day is next
6:25 pm
week. plenty of time for us to see what the nats are serving up this year. there are a number of new things to see d do at nationals park in 2019 but we start with something that you can no longer do, that is bring a backpack inside the stadium. >> there's a lotf different things that this bag can we limits this bag would help protect the fans here. >> reporter: if you make the error ofin forge the policy. >> we worked with a local company, bin box,l they provide lockers outside of the stadium. >> reporter: f me this is ere the action is. the food. this year the nats are paying homage to cuisi across the dmv. i tried it outside myself, taking one for the team. korean chicken wing, that's good. so was the taco in a bowl, and new york pa stam my.
6:26 pm
nd to make it better fans can skip the line and order from their seat. >> the most important thing is making sure they have ase much t watch basketball as they want. anything ke with bring them is better. >> reporter: good food is enough to get m to theall game. miking it worthwhile for all fans is a challenge for any ball club. >> it's a lot of fun, right.'r always listening to the feedback we get from our fans figuring out what we codo to make it better. >> reporter: first pitch and first taste next thursday. news4 has live coverage of opening day from nats park as e nationals take on the new york mets. life saving resources hitting the road. news4 looking at the program bringing hospital trauma center right to you. >> reporter: a pre school worker ho sexually assaulted some of the children he was supposed c being for learns hise. fac
6:27 pm
and the parent of one of those victims speaks only to news4 about her family's shaken trust. fighting for a fix the haltimore washington parkway. the new p from maryland's governor to help save your
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rain still rain still falling across the area. heavy rain at that. numerous reports of roads closed. numerous water rescues going on out there. this is a dangerous situation especially through northern virginia, loudon county, fauquier county prince wi iam
6:30 pm
county, you see the spin, that's the area of low pressure moving across our region. heaviest rain right now along route 7 and 50 towards herndon through ty son's cornerd out 50 towards bowie and along 301. oa lot rain tonight, remember turn around don't drown. next thing up, the winds gusting over 30 mil per hour. prince william county parents packed in a courtroom today. >> taylor boykin will spendnehe four decades behind bars. he had been an assistant teacher at the bristow minnieland academy before he was arrested last year. parents shared agonizing testimony in court today. one spoke to julie carey about her family's ordeal. >> for my child we deal wi
6:31 pm
nightmares. we deal with kexiety. it it difficult. >> reporter: we're not showing you this mom's face in order to protect her identity. one of 15 pschoolers it's believed that taylor boykin molested. this mother telling about the o impac her child. her husband also testified. >> as a father he's confided in me this has beendifficult. every father protects their child, spifically their litt girls. >> reporter: even me hea wrenching testimony, one daughter telling her mom i wish i was never born, i want to die. the allegations surfaced last spring. the investigation revealing he would assault children as they ame down this slide at minnieland academy. he also collected photos of his private parts. when his turn to speak came, he apologized saying i hate the choices i made. i'm sorry for everhing i've done. >> taylor understood from the
6:32 pm
first time law enforcement got involved he had done something very bad. i think he was very sincere with his expressions of remorse. >> reporter: prosecutors asked the judge to impose a life prison term. the judge came close, giving a life sentence but suspended part of it, requiring him to serve 41 years behind bars. >> it helps that some justice was served and we are closer to ing closure with >> even the al case against taylor boykin is over, some of the families are considering legal action against minnieland academy. there were no fewer than ten other attorneysn the courtroom today looking at the prospect of a suit ainst minnieland academy. julie carey news4. the bristow minn hland acade been forced to close in theta months after or boykin was arrested, but that location recently has reopened. president several days now criticizing the
6:33 pm
late senator john mccain, seven months after mccain died from brain cancer. tonight the national cathedral is disputing a claim the president made yesterday regarding mccain'nal send off. >> i gave him the kind of uneral he wanted, which as president i had to approve. i didn't care aboutthis, i didn't get thank you that's okay. we sent him on the way but i wasn't a fan of john mccain. >> in a statement the natnal thedral said in part, quote, all funeral and memorial services at the cathedral are organized by the family of the deceased. ey went onto say no funeral at the cathedral requires the approval the president or any other government official. maryland's overnor, larry hogan is escalating his attacks on the national park usrvice beca of this rocky stretch of road on the bw parkway. we've been talking about this for days.
6:34 pm
the governor says a state takeover could smooth out your commute. chris gordon has new reaction from the governor and the park service. >> this ker's b fender is one example of the toll the ng baltimore wasn parkway takes. >> i've had to change my tire at least two or three times driving those roads. i use it almost every day for work. >> reporter: today driving on the bw parkway we found this a streteeth chattering experience. maryland governor larry hogan says the natial park service as allowed conditions to become unacceptable. the governor sent this letter asking the maryland congressional delegat to support the transfer of the parkway from the national phek service totate of maryland. >> if we controlled it, we could do something. but we're not allowed to fix the federal parkway. so we got to get to the bottom. it'sfe ing people in prince george's county across the state. >> reporter: i called the national pk service asking for a response to governor hogan's
6:35 pm
proposal to taer o the baltimore washington parkway. they sent me this it s, we've asked the federal highway administration to t expedi process to get the work done. in the short term we're filling potholes every day that weather allows. we spoke to come commuters getting gas. if the government took it over, idea?u think it's a good >> if it gets it fixed, it's a great idea. >> you'reng this without any politica-- >>o. no. it needs to get fixed. >> reporter: in the meantime, the governor says the conditions on the baltimore washington parkway continue to deter rate. >> governor hogan said it's averaged six deaths and hundreds of crashes every year since 2006. troubling new statistics about america's drug epidemics.
6:36 pm
the number of deaths with fentanyl increased 100 times. the largest rise in fentanyl related deaths among african-americans. death rates spiked the most along the east coast an upper midwest. on nbc "nightly news," the one nation overdos series continues with a look at the rise of the fentanyl deaths. erica's largest drugstore change getting into the buainess of mar products. what you'll soon be able to find on pharmacy shelves. now i'm on the other side of it. >> your medical questions >> your medical questions answered anywhere, any
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coming, up a new emergency response program thrings the resources of a trauma center right to you during an emergency. we're in weather art mode as we continue to track heavy rain across the area falling in fauquier, loudoun and frederick countys. countys. eryone uder a floodn [female voiceover] with the penfed car buying service from penfed credit union, you can get rates as low as 1.49% apr on new vehicles. and everyone is welcome to apply. visit [music]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [female voiceover] today, people across the nation are experiencing the benefits of joining penfed credit union. with the penfed car buying service, they're finding the right car at a better price. and everyone is welcome to apply. join today at another another look at our top stories. police arrested a man they say sexually assaulted three women over a period thata dates to 2005. 35-year-old julian everett is said to have lured two howard
6:44 pm
university students online. e allegedly drugged them on dates and then took them to a home in prince george's county where he sexually assaulted them. police areay concerned heave victimized other wom our area. we're on weather alert as rain continues to fall. look at this scene on woodburn road in fairfax county. one man needed firefighters to rescue him from his car after he drove into deep wate doug and amelia will have more on the flood watches for parts of our area ahead. the role of ems crews is to keep you alive and get you to the hospital. >> it's there they have sources tootentially safe your life but what if the trauma center could come to you. >> tonight david culver brings us a look at the new factor protocol. >> reporter: for the first time some of the life saving resources found in a hospital er
6:45 pm
hit the road or take to the skies and head to you. >> the patient's hospital visit begins when paramedics arrive on the scene. >> reporter: he's tal ng about the factor protocol. ems crews started it last month. >> blood blank. i >> reporter:nside the hospital we got a look at how ficially the program works starting with a call from the medic t the hospital's blood bank. in a matterof minutes the team packs the blood addingce to keep it cold, handing it off to an emergency cure yor. they then bring the blood to a sheriff's puty kracruiser, ambulance or chopper. >> we came up withr his on o own based on a call. >> reporter: that call september of 2017, from chopper 4 you can see emergency crews surrounding a mangled mess trying to fee a family of five trapped.e
6:46 pm
everynd the victims losing blood. >> vital signs were unstable. >> reporter: dr. ohn morgan realized rescuers needed more time so he called the hospital asking for more blood. >> i was expecting when i called the hospital it might answer because there's a lot of regulation involved with blood and having the hospital trust us enough to sendhat blood away from the hospital to the scene. >> reporter: but the hospital mobilized sething blood by ambulance. they began transfusions on site. ultimately four of the people inside survived. they didn't realize it in that mont but this was the first real world test of what is now the factor protocol and it proved successful. >> the only way to do that is if we have an adequate inventory at all times. > reporter: to keep factor going, they need blood donations. >> it probably the only way you can save three lives sitting down for one >> reporter: out of a devasta
6:47 pm
devastating wreck an could save lives in virginia and beyond. >> we hope it's reproduced across the country so we can save lives everywhere. >> reporter: in fairfax virginia david culver. in fact, they have heard from other jurisdictions asking how start factor in otherof parts the country and they're willin to share their model. >> an idea that makes a lot of sense. we're in weather alert mode night. let's check in with doug and amelia. lots of flood warnings and no let up yet in this rain. >> no. we really think we'll see the flood warnings coinue and t flood rescues continue we've seen numerous rescue because people are driving into water. please,rnemember t around don't drown. you were talking up in frederick county it's coming down. >> yeah. i told my mom, i don't think it's going to wi down any time
6:48 pm
soon. >> this is how nasty it is. this is the tower cam shot, looking towards rockville, no bethesda a good shot at all. look at the rain just moving , from southeast to northwest. what that does, it goes along the mountains. the mountains are right here, okay. that's why you're seeing this t heavy rain o east side of the blue ridge here. this is called uslope. that's what you got around frederick, leesburg in parts of loudon county, fauquier county, prince will county seeing flood rescues because of the get little reprieve here in southern fairfax county as the area of low pressure spins through the region. look at the intense rainfall, thereds, yellows and oranges, that's incredible amounts offo rain the month of march. we've seen 4 inches of rainor parts of loudon county. washington county, frederick
6:49 pm
county, down to the uth,hese are all flood warnings. many go through about midnight tonight. please remember never drive through any flooded roadways. here's the s itself. thunderstorms to the east, snow to the west. a winter storm warning for areas of elevation in the blue ridge for 6 to 10 inches of snow. this isn't goingaw away any tim soon. >> absolutely. as the rain dies down, we see thends really pick up and throughout the day tomorrow it's windy. with we could under a wind advisory. your friday going to be windyan cold with spotty showers out there with a high temperature of 54. as lk about the winds they're already picking up gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour they're continuing toea in over the next few hours with gusts up to 40 milesn hour, this is the time period you want to make sure your trash cans are
6:50 pm
secured. tomorrow gusts up tole 45 man hour, with that we could see downed trees spotty power outages. and it's still windy on saturday so we w factor innd chills tomorrow as well as saturday. it'll feel like we're generally in the 30s and 40s. the temperature tomorrow of 42 will feel more like freezing. 54 is going to feel more like mid 40s. saturday morning a cold start, 37 degrees feels more like 20 out there. roughout the day it's not that bad on saturday, we have plenty of sunshine. but sunday the better of the two weekenddays. we feel after the noon hour that's when it's going to be better. were in late march and the sun angle help to warm things. so sunday a high of 61, a nice day on sunda 63 on monday with a chance for shower activity as another fronh moveough. that cools things for tuesday
6:51 pm
and wednesday. b welow average by about 10 degrees. cool air there. and making our way back to the 60s and 70s late next week. opening day next thursday iglooking good, of 60. >> nice. can't wait to see that. that's for sure. coming up first round thriller forhe terps. t
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
>> announcer: this is >> announcer:xfhis is the ity sports desk. here's a question why is this man smiling? check out the elation and relief from the terps who survive and advance today. >> fans just barely survived that one. johnny holiday live in jacksonville with reaction from maryland. we start in the studio with sherree burruss. >> isn't at g to see them hugging because of what an incredib game this was. >> it wasn't supposed to be that close. >> no. we had to shut the door for the spoffice because the
6:55 pm
maryland alum were yelling. >> wcould hear you across the room. >> the first full day of march ype ess living up to the with more action coming tonight. already today, the thrills, upsetsand those close games we all hoped for. maryland joining in on the fun keeping their fans on the edge of their seats as they looked for their first ncaa tournamenti win se 2016. they trailed by six points in a the first but coming out of the locker with a 14-0 run. bruno fernando, big ti slam. 14 points and 13 rebounds in this one. but belmont fights backehind their star dylan, hers p in 35 points. belmont up by 7 with 7:00 to play. bruno fernando blocked but goes after the loose ball. jaylen smith sticks with a monster slam of his own, 19
6:56 pm
points, 12 rebounds for the second. final snds terps up by two, belmont's heave falls short maryland wins 79-77. it we terps play lsu on saturday. this was an incredible me, johnny. >> reporter: yeah. it was, sherree. a tremendous game for maryland. they have to get the monkey off their backbecause they haven't won an ncaa tournamt game, the last time they won against hawaii was three years ago. the last time they went to the ncaa, it wasn't goodtime. they got knocked out in the first game. today they got a double double fromruno fernando, a fourlt fourth double-double from jaylen smith. and darin jackson played one of
6:57 pm
the best offensive games of the year, tied his career high with 18 points in the game. he was one of the guys we talked to, how thaslled he to get the win for the terps as a team and his coach as well. >> it was great. this win feels good. iever won a post season game. so my first post season win in an ncaa tournament was.great the first person i saw was coach so i had to give him a hu we play as hard as we do for coach. every loss he takes the blame for us, everything that goes wrong he takes the blame for us. he loves us. we have to give him the same love back through our play. it's great to get this win for him. >> we made a run right before half, that was everything f we got their big kid in foul trouble -- both of them, that was big for us. how cool is it to be a part of
6:58 pm
something like this i told the kids after the game. this time of year where so much is at stake, so many people care and just to c through is a terrific day. >> reporter: they beat belmont by two. they'll face lsu on saturday. the time will be announced later tonight. they beat yale by five. let's go back to you in the studio >> thank you, johnny. also tonight, old dominion versus purdue virginia versus cavaliers. looking for redemption, wh forgets the cavaliers early exit last year. it didn't take longo for gw t find a new leader for its men's asketball program. jam christianson was named as the new coach.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. tonight, bracing nor tonight, bracing nor mueller. anticipation hitting a fever pitch.ey the attoeneral spotted at the white house. tonight a surprise from james comey. what the former sai director he hopes won't happen. new concerns over what's in the air after that toxic inferno near houston. after officials said everything was safe, residents suddenly told to shelter inside. it bng called the third wave in the opioid epidemic, an alarming rise in deaths from 10 fa till. our correspondent on the front lines of the fight. >> it's only 11:00. third n the way to our overdose call in the last hour. the biggest drugstore chain getting in on the craze over cbd. the new look at evidence in one of the most famous


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