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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 22, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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said i don't think i can blow it all out. >> for 100, you will get one is today t day? washington is bracing for robert mueller's report as the attorney general visits the white house. new details just ahead. safety for a price. how the airlines can pay for certain technology-based safety devices on our passenger aircrafts. flooding emergency. more than 200 million americans will face flooding. how the tide is turning across the u.s. ew video of a frightening plunge. a high-wire act gonebl ter wrong. a star from the epic "game of thrones" reveals her secret and terrifying health scare and what she describes as a battle for her life. plus grab your brackets. we've got the upsets, new records, and biggest moments from march madness. "early today" starts right now.
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>> good morning. i'm marlie hall. great to be wit you. i'm frances rivera. the shadow of the russia probe is hangingver d.c. this morning as anticipation for robert mueller's report has reached a fever pitch. photographers spotted the special counsel on his way inte office on thursday. he is expected to turn his work over to the justice department ney general william barr any day now. for the latest developments, let's go to nbc'spo tracis in washington. tracie, good morning. >> hi there, frances, good morning. expectations are high here in washington and around the country. it's been 22 month, nearly two years since this investigation russian election interference began. and of course part of that is whether or not the trump campaign and the president orself were either involved aware that is what robert mueller and his team have been looking into. but this report is confidential. it's inlrnal. it w only good to attorney general william barr, who wecl
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thene how to release or what to release to congress and to the public. he's only required to give a summary to congress. lots ofeople asking questions now about whether this report will meet those high expectations. >> people are going to be really disappointed on both sides. i think the female who are expecting exoneration are going to be idisappointed, ahink people who are expecting to see dictments and fireworks are going to be disappointed. >> now, even though the law says they don't have to release all of , democrats want to see every bit, the evidence and everything. they're already talking about subpoenas to get more than william barr may release to them. and you've heard president trump'sesponse over a over that it's a witch hunt, but you may nha also know the white house has been preparing its own deciding whether or not to release that. frances? >> after all this time, the public may be hungr what's in it. tracie potts for us, thank you. >> several federal
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investigations have been launched into the faa approval process for boeing 737 max planes, and now we're learning about safety features that were offered tirlines only at an additional cost. investigators are analyzing the role sensors might have pyed the recent deadly crashes. nbc's tom costello has this report. >> reporter: the extra safety features were the 737 max, and neither lion air nor a ethiopi paid for the upgrade. they include an angle of attack ineacator that two exterior sensors to tell pilots the a le of theirplane, and a disagreement alert if those sensors provide conflicting information so the pilot can take action. but the basic 737 max computer relies on just one sensor, not both. investigators in indonesia believe one faulty sensor fed bad data to the plane's computer,it putting int nosedive. now boeing says that disagreement alertill becom standard and included in the new software update.
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>> had the pots had the aoa disagreement sensor and thes training to how to respond to a light on that sensor, they would have been able tote manipu their way out of the situation. >> reporter: meanrlile, most es do not have a simulator p for maxilot training, but ethiopian airlines does, though the captain of the plane that crashed last week had reportedly t yet used it. the airline says he did complete boeing a faa m training and was briefed on avoiding a repeat esia crash. in the u.s., southwest airlines has the most masks in its fleet. it's waiting on a simulator. eun pilotn known as swapa wants more training before they fly the max again. >> swapa pilots are the last line of defense for our passengers and we're also an impartial advocate for them. well won't fly an aircraft unless we feel is safe. >> reporter: meanwhile, the ntsb and french investigators are on the ground in etopia,elping to extract data from the black
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boxes. and boeing says it plans t push through that urgent safety upgrade within weeks. it will have safety eancements for the software, but with so many investigations worldwide, it is unlikelyne this p will fly for weeks, if not months. marrie? >> tom, thank you. a shelter. er in place order has been lifted in deer park, texas, after high levels of benzene weren detected the air. it was a result of a massive fire that scorched chemical plant, burning for four days. the benzene levels could cause headaches and nausea, but no long-term effects. kerry sanders i i texas as questions loom about the air reality following this week's chemical plant kerry? >> reporter: frances, fire the ials are monitoring scene, even though the fire sought and has re-ignited once, and the fear is that could happen again. for days, local authorities and intercontinental terminals companyth insistee were no health concerns as tanks at the itc chemical plant burned,
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creating an enormous plume of smoke. ftt after the fire was extinguished, and repeated reassurances the air was safe, an emergency order. the city of deer park telling er in place for hours. >> this ain't normal. >> reporter: with the tanks' tops burned away,to attempt trap benzene with a coat of foam failed, releasing the chemical's dangerous vapors. sandy pentecost snapped this picture from her front yard, a r had sootn down on her property. the cdc says exposure can cause headaches a irregular heart beat, drowsiness. you and the kids any of that? >> ,no, we haven't. >> reporter: is that a fear? >> well, yeah. >> reporter: the epa has been monitoring air quality, using a specialized mobile lab, and from above in airplanes. we have not detected any hazardous conditions that are continuous. >> reporter: the plant apologizing once again. ix>> we will it, and we will i can't tell you an exact time
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frame. >> reporter: but that's not enough for many residents. more than 100 schools in the impact zone were closed yesterday. later this morning, local officials will decide whether those schools will remain closed again. meantime, lawyers have begun signing up local residents for lawsuits. frances? >> kerry sanders, thank you. the flooding happening across the midwest might just bo a preview what's to come. forecasters have released a repo warning that conditions could get much worse this spring. the national weather service's spring ook comes with dire warnings of major flooding in the midwest, and moderate and minor foding in many areas. more than 200 million americans are at risk. 25 s could see moderate flooding, and two-thirds of the country face an elevated chance of being impacted. this information of course comes s the midwest is already experiencing historic devastsion. farm are facing the difficult
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choice to rebuild or rethink theirfuture. in nebraska, where the cost of damage has reportedly passed $1 billion, the national guard dropped h bales of from helicopters to provide some relief to strandedoc live a florida man faces up to life in prison after pleading guilty to mailing a series of pipe bombs to prominent critics of president trump as well as cnn. "sesame streesohea cesar sayoc was arrested in october after the packages sparked a panic just bore the midterm elections. his sentencing is scheduled for an economic earthquake has been spared with the european union bringingo delay brexit beyond march 29th. after hours of negotia brussels, the eu rejected theresa may's pro asal for brexit delay, and instead imposed their own timetable. britain's exit date has been pushed back may 22nd maimanimaps
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reject her deal. she has until april 12th to come up with an 805. a major health scare for the star of "game of thrones" which she calls a battle for her life. cheating death not once, but twice. here is nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: on the hbo show "game of thrones," she is known as the mother of dragons, but emilia clarke is now revealing a real life battle. in an essay in clarke says she suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms. the first in 2011 when she was 24, started with a headache. the pain she ss shooting, stabbing, constricting pain was getting sworse. atome level, i knew what was happening. my brain was damaged. laftere-saving surgery, she initially struggled with her memory. i am an actor. i need to remember my lines. now i couldn't rall my name. >> it with us in that moment i asked them to just let me die. literally. >> reporter: but she did recover, returning to work for
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season 2f "game of thrones" before needing surgery again a couple years later. ost common ysms are in adults age 30 to 60, and are more common in women thanmen. ruptured aneurysms are fatal in about 40% of cases. >> i thought i was going die every day. so i just fee more aware of what -- of the smorgasbord of things that life has to offer you. >> reporter: clarke says she is 100%, and as her hit show comes to a close, the actress is ready for her next adventure. joe fryer, nbc news. after the first full day of march madness, a few favorites fall by the wayside, and some records too. let's begin with newcomer number 7 wofford from south ,caro taking on tenth seededon set hall. this one brought us a record-breaking performance from wofford's fletcher mcgee, who just became the ncaa's all-time division three-point field goal lead. >> and wofford defeated the hall
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84-68. next, harford red hot ja marant recorded a triple double, only the ninth in ncaa history as he led his 12th ranked team over 5 marquette, 834. florida had no problem disposing of number 7 nevada, 70-61. and salt lake city,thhere nin ranked baylor set a school ncaa tournament record with 60 three-pointers toig defeath ranked syracuse 78-69. in jacksonville, the 11th ranked powerhouse from nashville almost managed to take down sixth seeded maryland, but the terps hung on to defeatbelmont, 79-77. finally, the last bracket buster was minnesota golden gophs, taking down the louisville cardinal, 86-76. >> on this friday let's turn non to meteorologist bill karins to see what's in store whether some of us get a dose of rain. >> an ugly nor'easter like storm moving through the areas of sow.hern new england right heavy rain is going to groat you
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for the morning drive. and we've got snow in the high elevations. let's take you through the day. by the time we get to the eveningco ute, it's much better than it was early this morning, but still snow heading on the northway from north wards. and anyone driving up through northern portions of vermont, new hampshire and oumaine,'ll be drive manage the snow today, and manyhes of it too. by saturday morning, still windy out there. but the sto begins to exit. it's not just the mountains that are getting the significant snow. the southern tier of new york from syracuse to albany near cooperstown, that's 6 to 9 inches of heavy,et snowuring the day today. welcome to spring. that's a lock at the big weather story of the day. here is closer look atday ahead. so for today, treperatures main definitely on the chilly and and that wind won't feel good this afternoon. airport delays are likely from washinon, d.c. to baltimore t philadelphia to new york. we have calm conditions in the midwest today, but rain coming this weekend. and rain in the midwest where we still have the floods, not welcome.
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we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, bill, thank you. well, that mysterious streak of light in los angeles that sparked curiosity among social media o users wednesday actually turned out to be the red bull air force flyers. they were performing stunts thousands of feet in the air wearing custom wing suits with sparking pyrotechnics. when initially spotted, people thought the stunts wereso some rt of alien invasion. the team reportedly jumped from a helicopter 4,000 feet before soaring towards the city of angels at speeds up to 120 miles per hour. glad that mystery is solved. >> the lapd said it was movie being shot. i like that reason better. still ahead, a major chicken recall to tellhaou about. mopping? anything! at the end of a long day, it's the last thing i want to do. well i switched to swiffer wet jet and its awesome. it's an all-in-one so it's ready to go when i am. the cleaning solution actually breaks down dirt and grime. and the pad absorbs it deep inside. so, it prevents streaks and haze better than my old mop. plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood.
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and buffa chickenstrips, and the 20 pound bags. they all have a best buy date by november 30th and an establishment number of p7221. facebook is f facingsh scrutiny as a new report from a tech security blog reveals hundreds of millions of user passwords were left accessible to some 2,000 employees for years. facebook acknowled,d the breaaying in its own blog post that it conducted an internal reinew. accoto facebook, the passwords were stored in a plain text readable format on company surfer, viewable by engineering and developers. however, the company said there is no evidences that passwo were leaked and no sensitive data was accessed. we're getting airst look at a frightening plunge caught on camera. a high-wire stunt that turned terribly wrong. nbc's miguel almaguer has the dramatic scene that can be tough to watch.
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>> reporter: the eight high-wire performers were halfway across the steel cable when it happened. plunging up to 40 feet down, five were injured. e newly released video captured her toppling over, sending nearly everyone to the ground, where there was no safety net. the sheriff's department releasingideo of the 20 a accide circus sarasota for the first time. luwana of the famed wallenda family spoke to nbc news. >> my mouth is wired shut. i broke every bone in my face. >> reporter: the wallenda family promises they'll keep performing, despite this dramatic fall, the show goes on. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> wow. i'm sure since then she has come a long cway. yoldn't tell by the way she looked that she had broken all the bones in her face, but i'm sure right now she is right back at it. >> definitely. determination at ibest. well, just ahead, levi strauss proves that denims gold on wall street.
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now i thought i'd share some of my favorite spring break haiku poems from you guys. night has cooled the air. fire glows red as solo cups. trish pukes on the beach. beautiful! wow! i don't need sunscreen. curse my human arrogance.
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pass the aloe, please. >> lot of people reality this time. all right. cardi b is majing money moves. the new york rapper has trademarked her unique and famous catchphrase. >> ocuu! >> it's all about rolling for e! news is reporting she filed it on march 11th. according to online records, the grammy winner will use t phrase for paper goods like cups and posters. an earlier filing of the phrase with just one less r was set to be filed in lat february for some clothing. it is a talent that only signatureardi b, so much that you have to trademark it. >> i'm going to be practicing it all weekend. just ahea will we see a weekend warmup? bill's got the forecast next on "early today." george having a busyay. ♪ the beat goes on
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guys go through a lot to deal with shave irritation. so, we built the new gillette skinguard with a specialized guard designed to reduce it. because we believe all men deserve a razor just for them. the best a man can get. gillette. welcome back. time for your weekend outlook, and we are going to watch thele northeasting out by the time we get to saturday morning. but it will still be windy and cool. a new weak w systeml bring right rain to the midwest. an inch or less over saturday and sunday. it's not going to help but it's not going cause a lot of additional problems as far as new flooding. >> bill, thank you. up next, good business is in their jeans. we'll go inside the wall street review f levi strauss. in one week... a lot will happen in your life.
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good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. in the newsto 4 y, it's a weather alert day. heavy rain, moving through the region and causing flooding and wate rescues. >> what can we expect today? >> we can expect a lot of wind today. there's a risk of power outages and the wind machine gettingke crup today. kran branches and trees can g
3:59 am
news 4 begin with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> you heard it right there. it is a weather alert day. this is a live look outside for you this morning. the heavy rain has moved through the region. but the wind could be an issue today.
4:00 am
seems to be how it happens, isn't it? >> yeah. >> 4:00 a.m. good morning, erybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green, in for eun yang. >> dave is watching the roads. we'll begin with meteorologist chuck bell and what we need to knowbout the weather. >> like the song says, the wind comes behind the we're dealing with areas of high walter. be on the lookout of standing water and localized floodings well. the rain is coming to an end. the wind will be howling a uhl day toda and there's a risk of a few more rain showers later in the afternoon. the bulk of the heavy rain now, is starting to move across parts of the upper bay, headed towards the eastern shore. we have lingering drops around here. but a pocket of colder air aloft, programise a risk of showers. a few more drops likely.


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