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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  March 22, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i l le. aren't weucky. new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> the woroteek is ending without a fight. that rain kept up much of the nit. now, frida arrives. strong winds and a return to cooler temperatures, comingon with it. good morning, everybody. it's 4:30. gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. did the weather make eun say, i'm not coming to work on >> she might already be on a beach somewhere. >> we want to get to your check of the forecast and your commute this morning. >> dave is in for melissa. she is also headed to a beach. >> that's right. >> what is wrong with us? >> we're stillhere. >> dave is keeping his eye on
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theroads. chuck bell will rub in the cold and wet and the wind. and i'll be at the beach before today's overwith. won't besunny and warm at the beach i'm going to. unlike eun and melissa. right now, a chilly 45 in washington. but the winds have started to pick up. sustained at 17. gusting over 30 miles per hour. the heavy-duty rain that we had yesterday, is coming to an end. it is coming down in o bucketse the eastn shore, if you're plans to drive over the bay bridge in the next hour or two. scattered showers across the metro area. that will be coming to an end this morning. temperatures in the mid 40s across the area w. not a big jump in temperatures today. high only 52. but there's a 60% chance of more quick hitting showers in the afternoon. and those winds today will be gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. dave, that means people have to hold on tight to those steering
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wheels. >> 10:00 and 2:00. on the b bridge and then some, wind restrictions. limited wind restrictions. it's up to law enforcement to turn you around or wait it out. it's a little slick and the ramps are slick. the beltway is fine. no travel troubles. just a crash on the 11th street bridge. it's popularocation to spin out. in virginia, 366, the coast is clear. big potholes opened up in the heavy rain. they are probably filled with water. 270, a nice easy morning from frederick. that's the latest from the traffic center. over to you. thursday's rain certainly made things treacherous o the roads. the flooding may be receding, this is what many drivers encountered yesterday. from montgomery to fairfax, people had to call emergency crews for help. if you see standing water onur
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drive, turn around, don't drown. this morning on news 4, the mother of a preschooler is explaining how her child's sexual abuse is affecting their faly. >> her little girl is one of 15 victims of taylor boykin. he was convicted of molesting dr ch. parents testifying accept tensing hearing. many of the children have deep emotional scars. >> we deal with nightmare. we deal with anxiety. it makes it difficult. we are a little bit closer to st having some closure. but there's concern with the day care. >> some parents are considering suits against the academy. a sixth suspect is in
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custody in connection with a gang killing of a student. five suspects are in police od cu all are members of the ms-13 gang and all entered the coury illegally. 16-year-old jason pinead, was found dead earlier this month. he was stabbed dozens of times and his body was set on fire. authorities say jose zameda was the ring leader of the attack. he had entered the country twice and been portedtwice. new details on a man who killed his own uncle and injured his aunt in home. yesterday, the judge ordered he held without bond. osmond and his uncle argued before the shooting in lanham. he was found in a baltimore
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sho hospital and arrested. it's been w onek where 50 people were killed in 2 mosques. an emotional dayd inclu mass funeral for 26 of the victims. you're lookit video from that service. the burials included the youngest victim of the attack a3-year-old boy. new zealand announced that it is in the process of a sweeping gun ban. the prime minister says it will include l military-style au sematic weapons, assault riflesnd high-capacity magazines. president trump has signed order requiring colleges to preserve fre speech on campus. this comes after a growing number of conservative voices have been blocked from speaking on campus. your time, 4:35 now. here's a look at the top stories we're following thi morning.
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the man and woman accused of killing a baltimore woman and staging the murder to appear as if a panhandler did it, were denied bail in a baltimore court yesterday. keith smith and his daughter were arrested in texas. now, both have been charged with first first-degree murder. prince george's county police have arrested everett and accused him of rape. two of his accuser are howard university students. a growing scandal at the university medical system. our affiliate reports that several board members have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars with contracts from the hosphey are supposed to oversee. the president and chief executive is on leave. lawmakers will consider a new bill to prohibit board members from using that office for private gain.
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r. kellyacill be in court today. the evidence collected against him will be shared with his legal. team he's expected to ask the judge to leave the country to travel to dubai. a florida man sentenced for sending pipe bbs to critics of president trump, pleaded his case in court. he said he knew his actions were wronged and heiz apol. he said he never meant for the devices to explode. former president barack obama and members of congress were the targets. s sayoc faces s sin sente in september. two crashes grounded the boeing 737 maxje . >> the planes did not have oeingy upgrades that charges extra to install.
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it includes an angle ofttack indicator. and a disagreement alert indi itor, that sho sensors are getting conflicting formation. investigators in indonesia beeve a faulty stasor send bad o the computer and sent it into a nose dive. boeing says the safetyre fea will be standard in a software upgrade. >> the pilots had the aoa disagreement sensor and the training on how to respond to a light on that sensor, they would have been able to manipulate ttheir way out of situation. >> the ntsb says it is working with investigators to get an accurate readout on the black boxes om the two crashes. boeing said the software, with safety upgrades will be available soon. as iueestigators contin, it is unclear hen the boeing max jets back in the
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more ahead for you. signs point that spe robert mueller may soon wrap up hison investiga >> how the white house is preparing for that. and turning up the heat. and turning up the heat. that's what maryland's governor r 50 years, cracker barrel
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4:41 t is youe this morning. philadelphia may be home to the 76ers. thatn doesn't m there isn't room for a superlaker r.supers >> kobe bryant surprised students with his new novel. he is actually from philly. ten student athletes participated in a round table discussion about the book and read with the superstar. later, bryant discussed the role
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of mentors with a teacher and a coach. bryant says it reveals fears that are common among all people. >> theg most important th that you look inside of yourself and face that fear. you can do whatever you wt withit. but you first have to accept it. have the courage to face it. >> the series "training camp," was brya's concept and written by wesly king. a weather alert day here. we head to break chuecking in with chuck. >> rain drops around what is going to be a tremendous storm. these showers will move on out in the next bit. but there's another c lnce for ater in the day. i'll show you future t weath time-out the raindrops. also ahead,er mue watch. we've been on it for years, it seems. now whispers that the special counsel may be wrapping up his instigation into the white house, which is putting the
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it was not an uncommon scene, floodwate turning roads into ponds and drivers getting stuck. that continues through much of the night. now, that appears to beoving out. the wind is taking its place and ushering in a cold start to the weekend. chuck bell will be joining us with a look at your forecast. developing this morning, waiting on mueller.
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the country and its leaders are anxiously awaiting the special counsel's final report. the investigation is not comple. but democrats, republicans and everyone between, seem to he an opinin it. >> in an op-ed published in "the new york times"ey isn't sure wh may find. but he hopes for the president's sake the president is not impeached. he say it may further divide the country, aaron. >> tracie potts joins us live. whate indication dove this may wrap up soon? >> people are taking every nugget possible to figure out when this robert may come out. e latest mueller's team telling a judge, they needed extension on a deadline because they were really busy this week. a lot of people wondering if they are getting the details
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together on thispo . some legal experts say the report may be disappointing that it will be a narrow explanation of who mueller charged and why. but basic, with little detail. nt may neither implicate nor exonerate presitrump. they are considering subpoenas at this point. but the report does not have to go public, llle the attorney general gets it. and he will provide a summary to congress. he sayse will release as much of it as possible publicly, without it crossing any legal lines. at this point, we don't know what we will find out or when. >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. and martha mcsally says the pentagon agreed to her request and will create a task force to examine ways the military can better handle sexualas ults. the republican recently revealed she had been raped by a superioi r while serving.
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she admits the way she hopes to handle issue is unconventional. but she says it is the best way to face the problem head-on. >> instead of separate meetings, we nded to do this together. i asked them to create a task force. it ee's a little onnontradi. >> mcsally hopes to figure out changes to the rortingrocess in the next 60 days. my car has bee inhe shop for weeks. i hit ae hpoth and, a cracked axle. >> that's expensive. >> yeah. it is. that's why i'm working today. the baltimore-washington parkway have so man of the giant potholes that the maryland governor wants totep in. >> a lot ofve drirs say you put your car at risk every timeou drive that road. it's proof that the national park service is not taking care
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ofhighway. drivers don't seem to care who fixes the road, as long as it gets do. >> if the governor were to take it over, ist tgood idea or no? >> if it gets xed. >> and you're saying that withoutal pol affiliation? >> no. it needs to be fixed. >> they are filling potholes every day, weather permitting. a study says the roads in maryland are the most congested. the average commute is 32.7 minutes. that's second only to new york state. nationally, the average commute is over 26 minutes. state leaders s easing congestion is key to helping the state grow. >> congestion, which is choking
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our quaty of life. and it's choking opportunities forse busin to operate efficiently within the national capital region. >> in the morning, the most congested road in maryland is the topside of the beltway, outer loop, between route 1 and route 29. in theno aft, the most congested road is the i-270 spur. >> yesterday, it was revealed that facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in unencrypted areas. a researcher first reported the issue in a blog post. and fabook followed up with results of its own internal review. whhe passwords were not he encrypted, is no indication the information was accessed. cvs will start carrying products with the cannab-based
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cbd. the chain will offer creams, sprays and lotions in 800 stores but only in 8 states. maryland will be included. cvs will not sell cbd food cbd is the nonactive compound in marijuana. it won't get you high. it's been marketed as a treatment for a range of issues, including pain, anxiety and insomn insomnia. if the weather has you feeling down, brighter days are ahead. >> that was evident ats n park for media day. this season won't only be for spts fans, but foodies, to >> reporter: look, i love baseball as much ashe next guy. but this is where the action is, the food. this year, the nates are paying homage for food across the dmv. i triedt the food myself. korean chicken wing goodness gracious.
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that's good. so was the empanada, a taco in a bowl. and fans can skip the line and order from their seat, using the caviar app andk up their food when it's ready. >> the most important thing ise to m sure they have as much time to watch baseball as they want. anything we can bring them and make their lives easier is better. >> reporter: making it f worthwhi all fans is a challenge for any ball club. the operations manager says it's e best part of theoff-season. >> it's a lot of inn. we're list ing ting to feedbackm the fans. >> reporter: first pitch and first tastes are next thursday. korey smith, news 4. 52 right now. chuck bell is standing by. >> cy ought t do that out in the community, with molette getting fit for spring. >> join me, cory. >> looked like cory had about six meals yesterday. youreather fortoday, will be
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an impactful day weather-wise. but not just t, deluge of ra it will be about the wind. northwest winds now, averaging 17 miles per hour. but these are wind gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour. now, those winds will increase dramatically later this morning and into the afternoon. it will tur very windy later in the day. temperature-wise, in the low to mid-40s across the region. there won'te a jump of temperatures, either. and another round of rain might likely between about 2:00 and 6:00 this afternoon, as winds increase to near 40 miles per hour. this afternoon. this deep area of low pressure, now, over the upper parts of the bay, as it gets off of the jersey shore, i will really turn into a amongst of an ocean tomorrow. the winds will increase quite a bit.
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be ready for a very windy ternoon. showers here this morning. these will quickly come to an end. future weather pulls rain chances out between now and 7:00, 8:00. we'll be dry for the middle and later parts of the morning. between 2:00 and 6:00, another round of fast-movinghowers is likely to come through the area. not to get anywhere nearou the of rain we had yesterday. but still, it will impact your friday afternoon thplans. weekend, though, remains dry. quite windy around he for you saturday. sunday, really looks very pretty. rain back late in the day monday. e could have snowflakes monday into tuesdaymorning. that will not be a shovelible event. let's go to dave at wtop. >> weot rain-slicked ramps yet. inbound to the 11th street bridge, another crash. it is blocking the right side. damage along the right side of
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the an. y bridge, limited winds restrictions with the winds you mentioned. high-profile lightweight trucks y not be able to cross. it's slick out there and no mishaps at least. big potholes opened up on the george washington parkway.ou damaging of the beltway. tough to see them before sunrise. 95 in virginia, quantico to springfield. a local chef is making headlines. not just for her cooking. she oscentrolina. she has been nominated james beard award. she is the restaurant metropolitanhef of the year. she is a woman leading in a male-dominated industry.
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and she is working to make sure the restaurant wore is m inclusive. >> when you become a restaurant owner,specially as a female, it's just like, you kind of free yourself expressively. there's so many people out there that were interested to hear my atory. could r to me. and i think those are things that didn't realize until i started this >> tonight at 6:00, eun will share more of her journey to succes >> can't wait to hear about that. still ahead, plfrightening unge caught on camera. a high-wirnd stunt e in a fall. plus the marylandnterps ue dancing. a look at the march madness. stay with us. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weath alert. i >> you hearight there. it is a weather alert day. this is a live look outside for you this morning. the heavy rain has moved through the region. but the wind could be an issue today. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilc>>ist. i don't like wind. that's a hair problem. >> i know. >> you don't know. i know.
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>> dave is watching the roads. we'll begin with meteorologist chuck bell and what we need to know about the weath >> nobody in this group knows but me. >> what are you talking about? look at this mess on my head. it will be a bad hair day or howeve you want tohrase it, the weather will impact your lm friday,t as much as it impacted your thursday. high winds and water,fter a real soaking of rain yesterday. nearly two inches of rain at national airport yesterday, one of the ten rainiest days in washington. dulles, just over 3 inches of rain. the all-time rainiest march day at dulles airport. more showers likely today. the weekend will be dry. the winds that we'll be dealing with will carry into your saturday. the heavy duty rain that we dealt with otu


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