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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  March 22, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> dave is watching the roads. we'll begin with meteorologist chuck bell and what we need to know about the weath >> nobody in this group knows but me. >> what are you talking about? look at this mess on my head. it will be a bad hair day or howeve you want tohrase it, the weather will impact your lm friday,t as much as it impacted your thursday. high winds and water,fter a real soaking of rain yesterday. nearly two inches of rain at national airport yesterday, one of the ten rainiest days in washington. dulles, just over 3 inches of rain. the all-time rainiest march day at dulles airport. more showers likely today. the weekend will be dry. the winds that we'll be dealing with will carry into your saturday. the heavy duty rain that we dealt with otu ay.
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lingering and fast-moving showers. thers a wind advisory posted later in the day today. don't be fooled. the winds will be gusty everywhere, mostly in the -m e-per-hour to 50-mile-per-hour range. a 60% chance of showers between 2:00 and 6:00. nowhere near the intensity we saw yesterday, dave. >> on the heels of one of the rainiest days in washington, slick ramps. 11 street bridge, another spinout,g block the right lane. road spray out there this morning, southbound on 270. spray kicng up heading south, you see the brake lights towards taillights, m good time. wind restrictions above the chesapeake. keep a tight grip on the
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steering wheel. george washington parkway, big potholesd opep in yesterday's wet weather. eyes out, tough to see in the dark. that's the latest from the traffic center. we turn back to the weather alernow. we're getting a look at major flooding around the region. >> let's begin in montgomery county. rescue crews were busy helping folks out of flooded vehicles there. and check out this rescue in fairfax county. the driver tried to make his way through the high water, before he realized, it was a bad ideap police endedocking the road to make sure no one else drove through it. >> there's a lot of commers that come down this road, that don't think about it. they feel they can drive through anyway. >> when you come across standing ad, turn around. the man running a barbershop near the howard university campus now sits in jail,
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charged of assault by students. he is a serial rapist. two howard university students were raped in 2015 and 2016. all three cases have been linked wi evidence. everett would sometimes pose as a student and meethe victims for drinks before the alleged assaults. >> he would use websites affiliated by ward university. he would carry out theexual assaults. >> he opened the barbershop less than a mile from howard. t police beliere may be more possible victims. a father and daughter will remain in jail until their trial for the murder of a harvard county woman, after claiming a panhandler killed her. the hearings came hours after this video was released.
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it shows the two arriving back in marylan the father told police, a panhandler stabbed his wife to m death in dr. mb> we're learning about a murder/suicide in ies. police confirmed a husband killed his wif she had gone there for safety, after her husband assaulted her the day before. chopper 4 flew over the scene. christopher shot and killed hisb wiore turning the gun on himself. officers went to her home on tuesday on a domesc violence call. they tried to arrest quincer and serve a restraining order, but officers couldn't find him. new developments in an assault case in the damascus case. a football player tied to an assault will be charged as a juvenile. all of the teens charged in this case have been moved out of
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adult court. they are accused of rang fellow junior varsity football players in a locker room. one referred to e incident as hazing and blamed the school for a lack of supervision. prosecutors say the assault amounted to rape. maryland lawmakers are looking at emergency legislation aimed at containing a scandal at a major medical r center in ea. the man who serves as the chief executive of the university medical system ion leave. several board members have been maki hundreds of thousands o dollars from contracts with the hospital network they're supposed to oversee. the baltimormayor resigned from the board over a children's book contract. today, lawmakers will consider a new bill to prohibit lawngkers from uhe office for private gain. this morning, we are
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learning that president trump's legal team is preparing a counterrepor to robert mueller's report. did the trump campaign help the runs meddle in the 2016 election? president trump has denied the accusation. and just this week, said theul report s be released to the public. attorney general william barr will decide if that will happen. barr said he will release as much as h can legally. we'll have more on this coming up in the next half hour. now to decision 2020. there's growing buzz that maryland above egovernor larry may challenge president trump in the republican primary. he appeared with his friend, former new jersey governor, and trump ally, chgas christie. is giving mixed signals for a white house run. the governor told reporters, it wasn't make sense to challenge trump. >> i currentlwasn't make any sense at all.
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we don't know what the fute holds. don't know what that might look like several months from now. >> christie echoed the not right now sentiment, but he did say he be eves hogan has a future leading the republican party at the naonal level. two service members have been killed in afghanistan. military officials did not provide a specific location. the casualties happened today. the officials are working to notify the families before they release the names of the service members. aangerous road o our area getting more attention. dozens of people have died along the indian head highway over the years. today, city count leaders will announce a plan they hope will save lives on tsangerous stretch. news 4's justin finch is on the road with more on this new effort. justin, good morning. tell us what is going to happen. lette, good morning. it is really about changing behavi behavior. hearing about crashes here on route 210 is because it happens to be one of the mosts danger stretches in our area.
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you might recall just last month, a three-car crash that left a 59-year-old man dead. he was 1 of more than 60 people who he died on 210 over the last decade or so. that's why the county executives, s stattorney and others are launching the #drivingithome campahis afternoon. they are homing to drive home six specific points to keep drivers and riders safe on 210.y nclude using your seat belt. stop texting while driving. avoiding driver distractions. drunk driving. speeding and aggressive driving, .as we back out live, as we look out this morning. the morning time and the evening time tend to be the most risk times for driving on 210 over two hundreds of crashes here. five people killed, including three children, who were killed
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just before the start of the new year. drivers, nehbors, everybody saying something has to be done. the council members andex utives hoping that changing drivers' behavior. i'm justin finch, news 4. back inse to you. >> justin, thank you so much. we turn to sports at 5:09. march madness is now under way. picking against the terps may not have been the best thing to do. busted bracket already? >> oh, yeah. maryland pulled out a two-point win over belmont in the opening round of the ncaa tournament. the game was back and forth. the terps were down by six. and opened the second half with a 14-0 run on belmont. there's other big swings, as well. at the end of belmont's last-second heave fell short. and they pulled out the 79-77 run. their first tournament victory
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in three >> what a college basketball game. id t the guys after the game, how cool is it to be part of something like this? and this time of year, so much is at stake, so many people care. come through with a team like that is a terrific day. >> now, the terps will be back on the court tomorrow, taking on number three seed lsu. that's going to be a good one. justice >> the coach went into the game wi the rest of the first round games go down later today. virginia looks to avenge the first-round loss when they take the court at gardener webb. lebt plays liberty plays central state. my vcu rams will take on central florida tonight. they are evenly matche the ranking tells you part of the story. the hokies play in the late game on theest coast against st. louis. that is just before 10:00 tonight. rooting for my rooms. >> love your ensemble. >> hayed to break out the good mug today.
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>> i don't know if it will b lucky for them. >> these two teams are evenly matched. >> are you going t watch? >> i will probably watch a little bit of it. then, i will fall asleep. >> it's not good for us. our time right here. still ahea this morning, the travel scheme that left more than two dozen people with fake plane tickets and out of thousands of dollars. check your medicine cabinet. the fda is recalling a bab cough syrup. it could be contaminated. we'll tell you which brand is affected. aaron, i'm on your side. i have vcu picked in both of my brocke brackets. and i picked oklahoma to win against ole miss. >> surprise, surprise. >>our weekend forecast, very much on the windy to blustery side. sunday is looking a-okay. we'll time-out that mid-afternoon in chance today mid-afternoon in chance today ra
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you're watching ne 4 today. >> dozens of prince george's county residents say they were duped by a travel agency that sold them fake plane tickets. this was something that telemundo uncovered. 25 people say they gave money to a woman named anna maria. she owns a company called azteka travel. she was supposed to book tickets but just took their money instead. she has been arrested and charged with robbery. the same thing happened two years ago when she pled guilty to the s 35 other people.mming under the new charge -- aguilar is expected to be back in court next month. news 4 your health, there's a baby cough syrup that coild make your sick. d.g. health naturals are
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calling the product. the bottles could be contaminated. this is sold at dollar general stores across the country. so far, no illnesses have been reported. if you have this brand, you can return it for a full refund. ems crews rush patients to hospitals with seconds to spare. what if the trauma center could go to the patient. david culver gives us a look at inova'new factor protocol. >> reporter: inside a hospital, we got a look at how efficiently the program works. starting with a call from the medic tohe hospital's blood bank. the team packs the blood, handing it off to an emergency currier. in this simulation, ems crews. they bring the blood to a cruiser, an ambulance, or a chopper.
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loading it up and sending it off. >> the patient's hospital visit begins when the para arrive on the scene. >> the only way we can do at is if we have an adequate inventory at all times. >> reporter: inova, saying they need donations. do it's the only way to save three lives sittin for one hour. good news for those of you h live in parts of the district where health care access is limited.nt a new urge care center has been approved to serve wards t. seven and ei there's only one full-service hospital in that area, united medical center, which has been i unde. the location of the w facilityer has not been dned. but we're told it will open later this year. d.c. officials hope the center will fill the gap in service, while the city brings a new
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hospital to ward eight. a bittersweet good-bye to a restaurant staple. today, the cheers at the big chair will serve up its last als. the lease is up on that popular eatery. and the property owner won't renew it. regulars are sorry to see this place go. >> it's family. a lot of people downstairs right now, no. don't want to go. one yo today. didn't work she's just here. >> the restaurant owners say they won't be away for long. they are planning to come back to theommunity soon. we're looking at a high-wire stunt that turned wrong in 2017. >> theif shs department just released the video. it can be tough to watch. here's some of it.
5:18 am
eight high-wire wallenda family members plunged 40 feet. there was no safety net, either. five o the performers were injured. saw an interview with one of them, a woman who said she broke face. bone in her and this family, they've had terrible things happen, over decades of performing. >> it's the family business. they practice and they are -- >>hey're good at it. when it's good, it's god. whenba it'-- >> no kidding. scary stuff. mr. bell? >> a windy friday to deal with. >> a ver i windy day heren the month of march. not that all unusual. the case for this afternoon, well into theirst half o your weekend. right now, the winds are not too yet.f control jus
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they will be increasing in the afternoon. a pocket of cold air comes in aloft. that means there is also going to be a chance for rain later on in the day today. right now, 45. that's the temperature. already, a windchill into the mid and upper 30s. 25 to 30 miles per hour. and the winds will be up in the 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gust range. hold on to your hats and hairpieces nice and tight today. temperatures at the 40s at this point in time. not a big jump in temperatures. most people will get above the 50-degree mark. and between 2:00 and 6:00, there will be a likelihood of the more shower the heavy rain, that areaf low pressure will be cranked up. as that area of low pressure
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deepens, that will increase the winds around here. be ready for a howling gael later this aftern wn. and theds will stay up awe night ng. the first shors will be out in two hours or less. te morning, a fair amount of nine. but theold airaloft will come in the afternoon. a quick hitters of owers. a quick burst of rain. keep thembrellas handy. a 60% chance you' t get rained s afternoon. another windy day tomorrow. but the winds start to ease off late tomorrow afternoon. leaving us sitting prettyor your sunshine. a chilly monday into your tuesday. let's go t on the friday commute.
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>> we're in downed tree mode. mcarthur boulevard is blocked between goldsboro road and the turnaround esad. the wirre down. that could last through most of the rush hour. elsewhere, it is slick. the ramp95owards "m" street. otherwise, the river, crossing all is quiet. quite quiet across the region. that's the latest from the wtop traffic center. back over to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead on news 4, working for you, with what you need to knowui told your credit history as a young adult. and comingp on "ellen," ben stiller. playing michael cohen. how did that come about? did they call you or did you say, i can do this? >> ben still explains how he made a cameo appearance on
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"saturday night live" and more. you can watch the full interview on "ellen" at 3:00 this afternoon, followed by news 4 at 4:00. ♪
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welcome back. al week, we've been working you, making sure your credit is on track. what about those with no credit? >> how do they get started
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building a history? susan hogan is here with details on a new scoring system that may help. >> reporter: getting that first credit card or loan can be a real challenge, when y have no credit history. something call the ultrafico score is aiming to change that. but we're working 4 you with what you need to know before signing up. d 's part of being an adult. using a credit c buy things or go out to dinner. 18-year-old jake weintraub would like a credit card buto far, his applications are going nowhere. >> getting rejected from credit cards is frustrating. >> reporter: you need a credit score. most banks use your fico score. it's based on how well you have handled loans in the past. ut what if you've never tak out a loan a new scoring system called ultrafico will debut in summer. >> the ultrafico system is going
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toe ase its score on how peo use traditional savings and tseck accounts. those kind of accore easy to set up. those kind of accounts can be a good choice for somebody with a weak credit history or no credit history to build up their credit. >> reporter: but consumer reports cautions you have to opt in. and then, share confidential information about your banking accounts. and it's unclear if lenders e ready to buy into the ultrafico >> we have a concern, that making credit easier to get, may cause some people in over their heads. >> reporter: jake has a checkinc and savingunt, and is careful with his money. heading back to college, h says, he wants to show he can handle credit responsibly. the ultrafico scoring system isn't necessary for people who already have good credit and well-accomplished credit
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histories. those people should stick to the traditional fico scoring system. now, potholes continue to plague the baltimore-washington ,arkway. coming up the new plan to get them fixed. cbd oil made from hemp, going to be sold in cvs. we'll have deils. chuck? dog walking forecast on a friday morning. lots of pdles to be dealt with. pat pattycake here. 3-year-old girl available for rescue. watch out. high-profile dogswi later today be buffetted around by the wind.
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> workweek not ending without a fight. that rain kept up much of the night. now, friday arrives. strong winds and a return to cooler temperatures, coming along with it., good mornierybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. i am confused. i thought it was spring. we have to getere. >> silly woman. >> we have to get there. we need to get right t the forecast. of course, chuck, and then t
5:31 am
commute. >> dave is in for melissa. we'll start with chuck bell and a ality check. >> lette, march is a month you never turn your back on. it can be delightful or superrainy and windy. 2.69 inches of rain. that was the all-time rainfall record for the month of march. and almost two inches o rain yesterday, was one of the ten wettest days on record. there's a lot of high-standing water and flood prone areas are in jeopardy this morning. hi winds willome in and it will blow hard for tonight into your saturday, as well. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour, in winchester. close to30-mile-per-hour gusts around town. there's the wind advisory for today. gusts 40 to 50, widespread
5:32 am
across the area later in the afternoon. it's a chilly one. we're in the mid to low 40s now. a 60% cnce of mor showers later on. chool day forecast, breezy and windy. kids, take the umbrellas on the way out this morning. the showers will be quick hitters but they will get you wet if you're not >>reful. let's go to dave and wtop traffic. >> yesterday, a tree brought down wires outside of glen echo park. and itay stay blocked. that's between goldsboro roadhe and turnaround. george washington parkway, anacostia the 11th street bridge, blocking the right lane. the volume is heating up a little bit. 95 is good between the beltways. manassas, broad run station,
5:33 am
piper way is not the way to get there. that is flooded out. that's the latest frohe wtop traffic center. back to you. it's a maryland road that's claimed dozens of lives over the years. justin finch is on the road. what can you tell us about this new init>>tive? eporter: over the years, there's been calls for more patrols and cameras. none of the options are off of the table. how about drivers start making changes, too. they are calling it #driving it home campaign.
5:34 am
driver distractions, drunk driving, speeding and aggressive driving, too. the hope is to avoid scenes like this. a man killed in a three-car crash. he was among five people killed last year, along route mo210. than 60 have died along this stretch in the past decade or so here on 210. c e back out here live, seeing the red lights. e headlights building up. the council is set to unveil the driving it home campaign at oxon hill high school. this morning on news 4, the mother of a preschooler is trying to describe how her daughter's sexual abuse is affecting their family. >> her little girl is one of 15 victims of taylor boykin. he was convicted of molesting
5:35 am
children. parents testifying at the sen accept tensing hearing. many of the children have deep emotional scars. >> we deal with ghtmare. we deal with anxiety. it makes it difficult. we are a little bit closer to having some closure. but there's concern with the day >> some parentconsidering suits against the academy. a sixth suspect is in custody in connection with a gang killing of a student. five suspects are in police od cu all are members of the ms-13 gang and all entered the country illegally. 16-year-old jason pinead, was found dead earlier this month.
5:36 am
he was stabbed dozens of times and his body was set on fire. authorities say jose zameda was ng leader of the attack. he had entered the country twice and been deported twice. > president trump has signed ringxecutive order req colleges protect free speech on campuses. if they don't, they rk losing federal funding. this is after conservative voices say they have been blocked from speaking on campuses. enforcement of the rule wil be left up the agencies that oversee the $35 billion that are ekarded each year. it's been one here 50 people were killed in 2 mosques. an emotional day included a mass funeral for 26 of the victims. you're looking at video from that service. the burials included the youngest victim the attacks, a 3-year-old boy. a w zealand announced that it is
5:37 am
in the process oeeping gun ban. the prime minister says it will include all military-style semiautomatic weapons, assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. here's a look at the top stories we're followinis morning. the man and woman accused of killing a baltimore woman and staging the murder to appear as if a panhandr did it, were denied bail in a baltimore court yesterday. keith smith and his daughter were arrested in texas. prince george's county police have arrested everett and who is accused of posing as a college student otiine and assa them. two of his accusers are howard university students. there may be more victims. a growing scandal at the university medical system.r filiate reports that bo severad members have been making hundreds of thousands of
5:38 am
dollars with contracts from the hospital they are supposed to oversee. the president and chief executive is on leave. lawmakers will consider a new bill to prohibit board members fr using that office for private gain. r. kelly will be back in court to the evidence collected against him will be shared with his lexpl team. he'sted to ask the judge to leave the country to travel to dubai. ea> still signs that point that special counsel robert m muelleray wrap up his investigation. plus, turning up the heat. that's what maryland's governor is doing to fix the potholes plaguing onefur o
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you're watching news 4 today. >> with yt 5:40. the cdc says many people are skipping the deist because o the cost. 13% of women and 9% of men
5:41 am
dn't go to the dentist in 2017 because they simply could not afford it. philadelphia may be home to the 76ers. but that doesn't mean there isn't room for an l.a. laker. >> kobe bryant surprised students with his new novel. he is actually from philly. ten student athletes participatedn a round table discussion about the book and re with the superstar. bryant says it reveals fears that are common among all people. >> the most important thing is that you look side of yourself and face that fear. you can do whatever you want with it. but u first have to accept i have the courage to face it. >> the series "training camp," was bryant's concept and written by wesly king. >>er forgot he was from philly. weather alert day. >> the weather alert. the heavy rain is pulling out.
5:42 am
there's a likelihood you will need the umbrella later on. the big issue, all abouthe wind. how high the gusts wil be and the ten-day forecast, coming up. also ahead, mueller the white house on offense, prepping for a report nearly two years in the making. stay with us. stay with us. it's 5:
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pie! pie's coming! that's what it takes, baby. geico®. great service from licensed agents, 24/7. 5:44 now. it was a commoncene yesterday. floodwaters turning roads into ponds and drivers getting stuck.
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that continues through much of the night. now, that appears to be moving out. the wind is taking its pusce and ring in a cold start to the weekend. chuck bell will be joining us with a look at your forecast. developing this morning, waiting on mueller. the country is anxiously awaiting the special counsel's final report. the investigation is not complete. but democrats, republicans and everyone between, seem to have an opinion on it. >> in an op-ed published in "the new york times" yesterday, james comey isn't sure what mueller may find. but he hopes for the country's sake the president is not impeached. he says it may further divide the country, aaron. w tracie potts joins us live. what indication have this may wrap up soon? >> reporte people areooking at every little thing that
5:46 am
robert mueller does a says, to try to get sense of when this is going torap up. he was spotted on the way t work. he told a judge his team needed more time on a dead license plate line because they were really busy this week. got report by olaw, willy to the attorney general, william barr. he isequired to give congress a summary of the report, if h overrules mueller on any prosecutorial decision. he has to give congress a summary. barr said he will make as much ofhe report publi as legally possible. what the president said, he wants to see it. andurns out, the white house is working on their own report. they haven't decided as of the last tim checked, whether or not they're going to release it. democrs want to see everything. they're looking at subpoenas to
5:47 am
possibly get into more of the information and thevidence th mueller's team has. at this point, we're on mueller watch. martha mcsally of arizona says the pentagon has agreed to her request and will assemble a tagsing force in military can handle sexual assault. the republican recently revealed she had been raped by a superior officer while serving. but she says it is the best way to face the problem head-on. >> instead of separatedeeetings, we nto do this together. i asked them to create a task force. it's a littlnontraditional. these different branches of the government would be together but we need to solve this together. >> mcsally hopes to figure out changes to the reporting process in the next 60 days. the baltimore-washington parkway has so many potholes
5:48 am
that larry hogan wants to step in. he says that's proof that the national park service isn't taking care of the highway. drivers don't seem to care who fixes the road, as long as it gets fixed. >> if the governor were to take it over, is that a good idea or no? >> if it gets fixed. >> a you're saying that without political affiliation?>> no. it needs tbe fixed. >> the park service says it's filling potholes every day, weather permitting and has asked for help. a study says the roads in maryland are the most congesd. the average commute is 32.7 minutes. that's sond only to new york state.
5:49 am
mmnationally, the average ute in is over 26es. state leaders say easing ng tion is key to helping the state grow. >> congestion, which is choking our quality of le. and it's choking opportunities for businesses to operate efficiently within the national capital region >> in the morning, the most congested road in maryland is the topside of the beltway, outer loop, between route 1 and route 29. in the afternoon, the most congested road is the i-270 spur. it was revealed that facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in unencrypted servers. a researcher first reported the issue in a blog post. and facebook followed up with results of its own il review. while the passwords were not encrypted, there is no indication the information was d
5:50 am
acce cvs will start carrying h products we cannabis-based cbd. the chain will offer creams, sprays and lotions in 800 stores but only in 8 states. maryland will be will not sell cbd food products. cbd is the nonactive compound i. mariju it won't get you high. it's been marketed as a treatment for a range of issues, including pain, anxiety and somnia. jimmy carter set a new record just by waking up t morning. he is the oldest living president in u.s. history. he's 94 years old and 172 days is that how we're going to say it when we hit 94? he surpasses george h.w. bush who passed away lastnovember. carter left the white house in 1990 and he has kep busy, creating the carter center and
5:51 am
becoming invold for habitat for humanity. only a few presidents have lived past the90-year mark. president reagan lived to be 93. >> jimmy carter mou ive us all. >> the t brain cancer, yught would take him down. but he fought a good fight. if the weather has you feeling down, brighter days are ahead. >> that was evident at nats park for media day.ey as kmith smith found out, this season won't only be for sports fans, but foodies, too. >> reporter: look, i love baseball as much as the next guy. but s where the action is, the food. this year, the nats e paying homage for food across the dmv.o i tone for the team. i tried the food out myself. korean chicken wing. goodness gracious. that's good. so was the empanada, a taco in a
5:52 am
bowl, papousa, and new york pastrami dog. and fans can skip the line and order from their seat, using the caviar app and pick up their food when it's ready. >> the most important thinis to make sure they have as much time to watch baseball as they want. anything we can bring them and make tir lives easier is better. >> reporter: making it worthwhile for all fans is a allenge for any ball clu the operations manager says it's the best part of the off-season. >> it's a lot of fun. we're listening to feedback from the fans. figuring out what we can do to make it better. >> reporter: first pitch and first tastes are next thursday. cory smith, news 4. cory, it's a long season. you didn't have to eat everything in the first 45 degrees in washington. the issue is not going to be as fch the rain as it is the wind. the winds are out of the
5:53 am
northwest at miles per hour right now. but look at the wind gusts. near 40 miles per hour, in leesburg. last hour, a 40-mile-per-hour gust in winchester. 25 to 40 mileser houralready. once again, later on in the afternoon,inds could gust well over 50 miles per hour. the wind advisory includesty loudon co out to the shenandoah valley, up to the pennsylvania border. and wind gusts between 40 and 50 mibus per hour. gusts over 50 will be possible in the shaded counties. temperatures are i the 40s this morning. and because of theowling wind, not a big jump. we'll get back above 50. and there's a likelihood of midway about a 60% chance you need an umbrella today. the rain from y terday isgone. the rainiest day in the month of vyrch at dulles yesterday. the h rain is coming to an end. lingering drops and a lot of high-standing water this morning.
5:54 am
be careful for that. we'll be dry by 9:00. sunshine, late parts of the afternoon, as the wind start to increase. as the cold air comes through, a burst of rain on the fast-moving through.ers coming but again, gusty winds and a burst ofvy h rain, could have a high impact on your afternoon plans, between 2:00 and 6:00 today. staying his afternoon, very windy through the first half of the day tomorrow. sundayt. looks gr monday, that lingers into tuesday. finally, slightly milder than average weather arrives late next week. now, let's t go over dive and find out which roads are being impacted by high ter. right off the top, we want to talk about a new closure just in on the george washington parkway. they stopped alld northbo traffic between turkey run and the beltway because of some big road damage. hardin to sehe dark.
5:55 am
we've been talking about the potholes. now, they areo trying figure out what w to doh traffic before the beltway. here, everything is moved tohe shoulders. we have been talking about the crash on the 11th street bridge. that has been cleared. good morning. i'm kate rodgers at cnbc headquarters. more than two-thirds of americans are expected to get a tax refund but they vary on what to do with the cash.ay 18% they will save all of their entire refund. more than30%, plan to pay down debt. a quarter will use a portion on travel and entertainment. about 20% will make retail purchases. 14% will payor home improvements. and 4% will donate that money to charity. with your business report, i'm katerodgers. still ahead on news 4 today, a frightening plunge caught on camera
5:56 am
a high-wire stunt ends in a fall. plus the maryland terps continue dancing. a look at the march madness. stay with us.
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team 4 weather alert. >> you heard it there. it is a weathealert day. this is a live look outside for you this morning. the heavy rain has moved through the region. ith the have to deal wind today and some showers, too. good morning, everybody. m aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green, in for eun yang. the wet weather complicating the early commute. >> dave is watching the road let's start with chuck bell and the weather alert. what do we need to know? >> you need to hold on to your hats and hrpieces tight today. the winds will be up later this afternoon. as much as 2 and 3 inches of rain yesterday, there's many areas of high-standing water this morning. be extra careful. don't drive over a road if you can't see it.
6:00 am
again, strong winds coming later on today. and another chance, another likelihood, that you're going tr getned on this afternoon, as quick-moving showers come racing back through the area. winds are closing in on 30 to 40 miles per hour in m spots. there's the wind advisory that goes through the remainder of the d toda gusts over 50 possible this afternoon. the heavy rains are pull ought. it will be dry for the nex couple of hours. there's a likelihood, 60% chance of more showers coming on later in the afternoon. temperature-wise, not a big change. mid to upper 40s in the area now. there's that shower chance. highest rain chances today from about 2:00 to3:00 this afternoon, to 5:00 or 6:00, this evening. more on the weekend and impacts on your saturday, coming up. dave, good morning. >> good morn og. al that heavy rain yesterday, certainly took its toll, chuck. we understandhat northbound traffic on the george washington parkway nd


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