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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 22, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we want to show you video from just about a hour ago. this is the ctyson'sner area, that is hail covering the windshield of our crew car. out of our windows we saw graupel and light hail, too. this covered part of the roadway in a layer of white there. >> we have this photo, hail stacked up on the window. let's get to the latest now with doug kammerer. seems like where you live you're eing different things. >> 100%. amazing what we have outme ther. reas about to the severe weather, oth aas seeing sunshine. still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. it just expired but i wouldn't be surprised if they put out a new warning with this storm. you can see the line here making its way down to thesouth. we have seen 60 mile an hour
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winds with the line. around mechanicsville rig now, calvert beach, this area going to get hits with t line that could bring 50 to 60 mile an hour winds. we have seen graupel out of this, it's snow that comes down and kind of melts. it's softer than hail. kind of amazing we're seeg that. this line extends back towards the fredericksburg area and as we're watching this, i'm not seeing a reissuance of the severe thunderstorm warning. but we still have the lin making its way to the south. another line making its way through frederick county, about to move into montgomery county e that too may h graupel or hail as well as brief heavy downpowers and winds. we'll have much more comingov u the next couple minutes. meanwhile, more people areo coming fward saying they were victims of a suspected serial
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relationsh ra rapist. tracee wilkins is in uheer marlboro a judge decided jail until stay in trial. tracee? >> reporter: julian everett remains behind bars after the judge agree hwas a threat to the community. >> he maintains his innocence and loo forward tolearing his name after a trial in this case. >> reporter: police say an unanimous letter prompted a tar-long investigation t included dna evidence. everett was arrested yesterday. today in court it was revealede in 2001s convicted of an armed kidnapping in d.c. 2005 he was connected to a sexual assault in virginia. and now he's accused of rapes in 2015 and 2016. >> because of the seriousness o the case, because of the potential danger to the public that this person imposes, i th fght it was important me
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to directly state why this person nded to be ld. the explosive document in recent american history now in the hands of a justice department head. the result of a 22 month investigation b special counsel and former fbi director robert mueller and his team into possible russian interference in the campaign. what happens now is in the h ds of presidetrump's newly installed attorney generaba william. let's go to pete williams. walk us through what happensno >> reporter: to be very clear, this is all we know. that bob muelleras submitted his report to the attorney general. period. we are not going to hear today what the report says. and as you've noted, lester h ba made a commitment to give congress as much as he can, but we don't know how long that process is going to take.
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that's the first thing. the second thing, and this is important to emphasize, thisan that the special counsel's work is done. because the rules specifically say t dt hes not submit a report until at the conclusion of the special counsel's work. so that means bob mueller is no longer, as of ae short t from now, the special counsel. there'll be no more indictments from the special counsel. now one question had been might he,e last minute, file indictments. likely.dn't seem but it doesn't seem now that that's going to happen. so no more indictments. and that means that during the entire course of his work, assigned to determine whether anyone in the trump campaign meddled in the election, he never found evidence to submit a criminal prosecution accusing anyone of that. so it doesn't mean that the investigating stops. because remember, robert mueller justice of the department. the special counsel's office.
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the work will go on j was going on before robert mueller was appointed speci counsel. it'll be carried on by the justice department, the u.s. attorns in new york and here in the district of columbia. but robert mueller's work is done and his report has been handed to william barr, now we have to find out when barr isg goo tell congress what it says. but one other point. all the rul say here is that when barr hands his report when mueller hands his report to barr, it will be vy bare bones. all the rules say is that he submits a report saying who he prosecuted and who he declined to prosecrte. r, the rules say when william barr submits a report to congress, all he'll say is any time the justice department blocked a move by the special counsel. that's whathe rul say. clearly congress and the public expect to hear a lot more about what the mueller report says, but those --ut ifhey stick
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to the rules, that's all that's going to -- that's all tt's ing to happen, and clearly that won't satisfy anybody. >> that is a date to come no doubt, pete. we're waiting for reaction from the white house. kristen weller is there. ene president has talked about this in r days, he would likehe report public in som form. are we expecting a quick buttal here? >> we're expecting a quick response from the white house,id from the prt's legal team. we have not yet gotten those statements. we anticipate the statemes will acknowledge the fact that the special counsel's report has now been turned over to the attorney general and they'll say they'll weigh in moow once they more, if, in fact, that does happen. so we are checking and refreshing our phones to try to get those statements. lester, just to put this moment into context, though. there is perhaps no other issue that has loomed larger over this
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white house than the special counsel investigation into russian medthing i 2016 election. it has loomed over the president's foreign , various trips that he has taken. his domestic policy. president trump is in florida right now. beforee left he weighed in on this report and unleashed a new round of attacks referring to it again as a witch hunt, a hoax, this is the type of language we've heard from the president, it is a political strategy for this president and it gives you a window of what we can expect as he plans to hit the campaign trail to fight foris reelection. as you said at the top, lester, president trump has called for this repor to be made public but underscoring what pete has t said, t will be up to the attorney general, lester. >> we'll stand by when we get word of h a whise reaction. mean tile, ari melber joins me.
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epete said no m indictments. but sealed, would we expect to know what those wereabout? >> if there were any other sealed indictments, we would expect them to unsealed soon. as pete was reporting and it's important for everyone t understand. if this is the end and the mueller report is submitted tonight, and there are no other indictments revealed in the next moment. yes, you're looking at thesh sn of 20 months of this investigation. what are those? 37 total indictments to date. 34 of people, three of organizations t relatthe russian hacking. many of those have proceeded as discussed. this means the next thing that woul happen is number one the doj looks at this material and figures out what might become public, what might be shared with congress. and number two there are open cases. roger stone was indicted by bob muellernd aits trial. the d.c. prosecutors and regular
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machinery will move forward. it's a big a dealer 20 months this is where bob mueller got to and if there are no other unsealed indictments he will find that lot of people did rimes, as you see on your screen, but he never charged election conspiracy or collusion. >> we've heard all along a sitting president cannot be indicted. if there's something in the report that barr deems potential potentially impeachable is he required to give it to >> he is not required under the rules to share more than the enng and any areas where he or previous attorneys general hav disagreed with bob mueller. if there was an attempt to do sothing, say go aft the president and his family and bob mueller was overruled, which could be legally allowed, ngress would learn about that andhen might ultimately tell the public for that. >> this has been difficult to ll
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. we know there were other investigations. we know the southern district of new york, federal prosecutor is lookingy at a case that implicate the president. that continues on one way or the >> exactly. that's a separate matter that grew out of the probe and was handed to new york because michael cohen initial satown with bob mueller's investigators, the president's former lawyer, and as they found things that they thought went outside of this vestigation, which has always been about three things, the attempted collusion or cony around the election, any crimes arising out of that, what people have heard about as obstruction and the additional authority thatt bob mueller go into paul manafort and look at his activities, which wasd. allo so anything in that probe continues in new york. the roger stone case continues in washington. what we have here in ts news tonight that america has been waiting for is what appears to
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in bob mueller's view, the resolution of his case, what he was looking at, election relatey conspi known as collusion, and the crimes arising out of it, the obstruction. if he found things that weren't chargeable but he thinks barr should know t about,y should be in the report. we don't know whether what he handed in is a few pages, 50 pages wer or a some reports have been, hundreds of pages. >> catchinol up, the headline of the hour heres that the mueller report is finished, it has been, under law, delivered formally to the attorney general's office. i want to go to former c.i.a. director john brennan. a nationaltely was security investigation to the extent it centered on rsian interference in the election. are you afraid that politics may gloss over some of the important indictments in this case so far? >> i think politics has taken
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over the whole discussion over the last two plus years. i think we as americans need to be concerned aboutrf foreign inence in our elections. and i'm hoping that the government is going to do some ssthings that will add some of those short comings that allow some of those foreign actors and others to try to shape our electoral landscape. i'm glad that bob mueller was able to carry out his mandate we are now moving to the next phase. what we know is his work has been completed but he's pbably investigative threads to u.s. attorneys. now it's going to be up to wiiam barr, who i trust is going to do the right thing, in termofharing with the congress what he needs to, and also trying to make suree that merican people are going to have as much insight and transparency into this, given that it has consumed the national narrative over the last two plus years.
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>> it's important to know that mueller has done his job here at a time battered by a hurricane of politics andnd criticism slings and arrows, pick whatever you want. is this a good day for u.s. justice no matter how this plays out? >> i think itis certainly i think we all owe a debt of gara gratitude. despite what might be said about bob mueller by president trump, bob mueller has caied out his duties with professionalism. i think now what we need to do is be prepare to accept his findings and mov on so we can address the issues that most americans are concerned about. >> let me go back to pete williams to get more on the time linesor of how things has a clock begun ticking that the attorney general has to ofer things congress or is it open ended? >> it's open ended.
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there's no requirement in the special counsel rules on how soon the attorney general has to tell congress what mueller's report says. but he has submitted -- it's a one-page letter that william barr, the attorney general, aisubmitted to the an and ranking members of the house and senate judiciary ancommittees. he says, i may be in a position to share with you, that means those four people, to advise you of thepecial counsel's principal conclusions as soon as this weekend. let me explain whathat means. what he's saying is, what we tstr, lekester.d ouwhat tthe special counsel rul say is that when mueller submits his report to ba he will report on what cases he prosecuted and what cases he declined to prosecute. let me read you this paragraph, he says the special counsel has submitted to m today a, quote, a confidential report explaining the prosecution or deck la
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nation decisions -- meaning the cases didn't prosecute -- that he has reached as required by -- and then he cites the rule. i am reviewing the report and anticipate i may be in a position to advise you of the special counsel's principle conclusions as soon as this weekend. that's a very small category of information. that's just what is in the rules about cases mueller decided to prosecute and not prosecute. but then the attorney general goes on to say, separately -- in other words, beyond that -- i intend to consult with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and special counsel mueller toi dete what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public consistent with the law, including the special counsel regulations andpa the ment's long-standing practices and policies. i remain committed to as much transparency as possible and i will keep i youormed of the
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status of my review. so that's consistent with, as you recall, what barr said in his confirmationearing in january that if barr is going to law, w the rules and the he's hemmed in on how much he can share. because you don't release public people who were investigated but not charged. havingaid that he said, i want to give you as much information as i can. but he does not set a date for that. he doesn't say when he'll get back to tell c mgress whate he can tell them beyond the bare cts of who mueller decided to prosecute, which we know and who he dlined t prosecute. kristen welker i understand we're hearing from the legal team? >> reporter: we are. they say this, we're pleased that the office of special
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counsel has delivered its report to the attorney general pursuant the regulations attorney general barr will determine the tpropriate next steps. now i canl you that this esponse has been planned for sometime, as they have been playing the waiting game right along with the o rest us. they were anticipating that the report would be reased imminently and so here again is the statement. what's going to happen now? again ty have to wait and see how much, if any, of this report they are able to we do know that they had a counter report prepared, lester, t they're not sure they're going to release that or they release it in their entirety. we'll have to wait and see. but again the statement right now from the president's legal team is that they are pleased this step has been taken. again no other issue has loomed larger over this president, no other iss hasoyaled him more special counsel investigation so now they wait to see how much of the report,
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along wit,the rest of they're able to actually review. >> kristen, thank you.nt the presi travelled to florida earlier today. kelly o'donnell is down there rightnow. kelly, what are you hearing from there? >> reporter: lester,he president's press secretary is also traveling with him in florida. and sarah sanders has just n tweeted thet steps are up to attorney general barr and we look forward to the proce taking its course. the white house has not received or been briefed on the special counsel's report. so kristen was telling us about the president's personal lawyers. that is the statement from the white house. the president is here at his mar-a-lago resort for the weekend where he today met with caribbean leaders but tonight thech palm b republican party is holding its lincoln day dinner, and among those speaking is lindsey graham, the senate judiciary chairman, one of the four individuals pete williams
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has been explaining would potentially get aie ng, sort of the first look, about what was in the mueller report, what has been transmitted to the attorney general. on the president's public schedu, there's no indication he's to attend this dinner, but it is being held at mar-a-lago. and one can say if he wants to feel good about this, ands he wao be gathered by republicans on his property and certai in the company of lindsey graham who might be able to advise the president on potential next eps. we've seen how lindsey graham has become such a close confident of the president. the president scheduled to behe in florida for much of the we end. thau, kelly. we want to go to hallie jackson. the mantra from the president has been there's no collusion, it's a witch hunt. have they telegraphed what the next mantra is going to be while
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we wait to find out what's in this? >> reporter: what we've been hearing from our sourcess the white house will continue that mantra, expect them to find whatever sliver of hopthey can essentially to seize on this report i it stops short -- we don't know what is in the report itself, if it stops short of any legal liabilities for the president, it will be framed and talk about from the white house perspective as essentially a victory and vindication. i can tell you at this point we know the campaig for example has been fund-raising off of this mueller report, expect thi to be a political talking point for the president. it is important here to draw a line between any legal liabilities and the politicalie liabil from the president. because now the conversation here in washington is turning to what is in this report and when will we g to s it? how much of it will americans get to see? you have on citol hill the ranking member of the senate intelligencecommittee, senator
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mark warner, calling for as much t the report to b released the rest of the country, pu ically, as possible. there are parts the public doesn't get to see because it involves grand jury information, classified information, and senator warner among others want to make sure the report in full is transmitted to congress so lawmakers can see it as well. bill barr committed to lawmakers he wanted transparency but hot would commit to releasing the full report in his confirmation hearing. and the president has said he wants america to be ableo see it but he said it is up to hs attorney general to decide when and and how much to be able to release to the public. and just to tak beat and step back here.ob remember,t mueller, right, was appointed in may of 2017. just several months into the trump administration. itheame on heels of a chaotic time inside the trump administration aft the firing of former fbi director james comey. ther had been a series of
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personnel changes, the president was feeling under pressure after th departure of his former national security advisor mike flynn, who was caught up in this. w the president has railed against robert mueller from nearly the verygi ing. he has been frustrated. t's triggered the president t send, for example, tweets at times lashing out at not just e special counsel but people in that orbit as well. so it is a significa milestone in this administration. the end of the special counseins stigation, and the handing over of the report from robert mueller to bill barr. we can't emphasize enough we don't know what's in it, but it's possible as early as this weekend, bill barr may be able a to talk about he's seen, share it with the white house because at this point the white house hasn' seen ityet. >> you're referring to the letter the attorney general sent togr csional leaders and say i may be in a po sition to advie
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you as soon asenhis we ari is back. what else stands out in that letter? there are three big headlines as we process the breaking news that bob mueller has finished his 22-month probe a filed his report. number one, attorney general that justices department never had to override anything big that bob mueller wanted to do. that's significant especially when we think about the times we we a concernut pressure or the white house interceding. thatli a not only to barr's tenure b the other people overseeing bob mueller, rod rosenstein and jeff sessions had recused. therwas a gentleman named mr. whitaker that was briefly in arge. that's a big headline. that's the justice department saying with bob mueller's stamp of approval that he was neverte ered with in a way that resulted in a change to wanted to do, for example who he
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wanted to search or charge, th's number one. number two, as our colleagues have been emphasizing, we are in fairly unusual territory, two is mr. barr just told the country he may have further information for congress as soon as this weekend. if he gives that information on saturday or sunday to democrats in the congress, i think is a fair bet they may want to share it themselvesr give their views on it. so we are now in for a fast-paced wkend if mr. barr is right, bill barr is right and we're going to seeongress learn key information, about who he charged and whooe didn't. wenow who he charged. so it's who he didn't that could be interesting depending on how the information is shared. ple, presidential family members investigated and cleared or somewhat cleared. number three ison thest term. mr. barr saying he's going to do this process going forward, the mueller probe is eff btively
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over he'll consult with mueller and rosenstein about any additional information. they don't have to release a lot under the rules this ng mr. barr sa they may go beyond the rules and release other information in the future period, beyond theweekend. >> little requires a lot more. just leaks from members of congress with their individual spin on it only raises more questions. >> absolutely. there are people with strong feelings aboutth , people caught up in the investigation, at the white house, pple that may be concerned about things th affect the national security of the united states. another observation i'll make, this goes beyond what we know, but my interpretatio is it seems that mr. barr is going out that he y to emphasize is in concert with mr. mueller. we're not seeing a rollout that suggests any tension.
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he's used the rules to dictate and state to congress and the world that the didn't have a disagreement about who to wayge, which goes a long toward the public faith and integrity in this process and he's saying i'm going to keep mueller involved. he doesn't have to. mueller finishe his report and ghaoindn to keep mueller involved to see what can be released later. and a document that's only seen by the attorney general and the speci counsel team, is drawing a lot of attention. kelly o'donnell in florida with the president, and democrats are weighing in, >> reporter: democrats are saying swift transparency is what they want to see nowfter waiting for the end point in the mueller investigation. one of them, mark warner, who is a senator of virginia, who is the ranking member on the senate intelligence committee, he and richard burr of north carolinae woogether doing their own investigation and have been
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praised for theiris bipa. mark warner is saying in a attorney general barr should craft a declassified version of this report as soon as possible and release io the public. he goes on to say, any attempt by the trump administration to cover up the resultsf this investigation into russia's attack on our democracy unacceptable. we're hearing from other democrats as well who want to now point the pressure on the attorney general to say, look at what has been included, find a way to sift it into a form tha can be consumed by the public, and as you have been talking about in youron conversa it's one thing for lawmakers who have clearances to read this, but is there a rm, since the public has paid for it, tens of millions of dollars, h quick can the results to whatever ngtent be known. democrats are cal for that. the president has largely said he wants the mueller report to be public too. and during his confirmation
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hearing we remember william barr saying he supported the idea of making public as much as possible. one area for example typically never made public are the findings within grand jury, i'll leave to ari to decipher issues ther but the message from democrats is get it out fast and get it out as completel as possible to the voters who paid for it. lester? >> thank you. danny a valis is a criminal defense attorney. we understand haven opportuni understanding of this, is there a tim line? >> there's no time line. it's important to understand the reportts in form submitted today, something we'll likely never see. we can guess at i contents. it comes down to three categories prosecution decisions and non-prosecution decisions, which is divided into two categories. people that did bad things but not enough to prosecute them and thenaybe people who really didn't do anything wrong at all.
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we already know largely who was prosecuted because of the speaking indictments in this -- duringehe cou of this investigation. we're looking at some of them now. so many folks indicted and so much detail. includ mueller has been dropping crumbs the entire time. at lst as to those who have been prosecuted, we have a sense, at least, who those are. it's the -- the real queion ultimately is, who did bad things but not quiteh not to reach probable cause such that they should be dicted. fr here, the real report is going to be the barr port. the regulations only require a notificati to congress. but those are a floor, not a maximum, not a ceil barr can go beyond that and subject to two huge limitationsu gran materials which have to remain secret and also counterintelligence type marials or classified materials. those should remain seet.
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because counterintelligence investigation goes on. maybe for a long, long time from here. that's a totally separate >> this is more of a political question than a legal one but i erink the two come together here. may be some democrats who still want to impeach this president they're looking at the report with the thought we need to know what's in there in its entirety. how do thoses two thi reconcile? >> it's important that a commission of a crime isth n a necessary or sufficient ground for impeachmenhe so if is a crime, something committed long before the president took office, that may not be an impeachable crime, yet if there was some abuse of considerngress can that too as an impeachable offense. so the muell report doesn't speak directly to the traditional standards for impeachment but it will inform
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congress and,la partiy the house who accuses in any achment, will have some difficult decisions to make. >> let's go to hallie jackw.n right i understand we're heari from members of congress. >> reporter: we are from nancy pelosi and chuck schumer releasing a joint statement saying now that the special counsel has submitted his report to the attorney general, it'spe tive that the attorney general provide the full report, its underlying its findings to congress. i want to read you some of this, because i think lester,his is going to be where you will see democrats beating the drum the next several days or several weeks here. speaker pelosi, senator schumere say attorneral barr must not give president trump, his lawyers or staff, any sneak preview of the special counsel's finding or evidence and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or ev are made public. the two of them end their
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statement by saying the american people have a right to truth and the watch word they say is en transp. expect to hear that from democrats over the next several days, lester, as nancy pelosi sort of sets the bar, sets the tone for what she wants her caucus to be focussed o here. making sure people can see what robert mueller had to say, see those finngs and then, listen, shots fired at the white house. re this on't s information inappropriately with with the white house counsel's office. while the president is in mar-a-lago, where kelly o'donnell is, he's surrounded by a number of his top aides, not just press secret sarah sanders, the deputy press secretary, but his acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney and hcouncil. it was our indicationt te white house was in a protective
5:33 pm
feeling havi eepros tour, having theng this was going to happen today. let's go back to kristen welker at the white house. the level of anticipation has been nothing lik we've experienced. i can only imagine what it was like at the white house. >> reporter: the an tis position was growing and building throughout the day wither repo huddling with officials here, trying to determine what exact what was going to happen. i want to underscor something that sarah sanders said, they have not been briefed on this. so essentially we were told, and ld and some of the officials were alerted just before we were. i want to go back to the discussion you were just having, how much of the report will be released p one of the big inside the white house, i can tell you based on my conversations not only today buthe past several days and
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weeks, is that there will be information released that's damaging about an individual who hasn't necessarily been charged with a crime. so if, in fact, barr does decide to release some of the information you can bet that the white house will try to be very careful aboutpe whatfically is released and they'll try to have a say in that undoubtedly because that is a concern here for the administration. it doesst come aga the backdrop of talk of impeachment within the democratic noparty. house speaker nancy pelosi said that it's way too early for that. she is not in favor of the impeachment and she kept urging her caucus toff hold on that type of discussion until this report was out. so that sort of raises the stakes as we have this scussion about how much of this report will be released. this becomes a campaign issue, lester, for again we've heard him frequently lash outse youan etim to aet cociun s thapn
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the campaign trail andheon't forget investigations are growing on capitol hill en as this one has now wound down.>> et me turn to ari. i know you have a broadcast you have toleave, i wan to get your final thoughts on this. with the thought that the ambeican people hav on edge about this now for 22 months. the virtue of the entire presidency has been on edge over thst. we underd the rules. but will there be a preponderance of a t feelingt the americans have no know what's in this. >> you see thel attorney gene in his concise letter eluding to that, which he did discuss under oath at his confirmation hearing, he would look to transparency given these issues and consult with bob mueller and rod rosenstein in the time ahead how do you release that. there are certain things, grand jury material, where you need a
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judgeo get into that i think the public will be extraordinarily interested not only in the conclusions, which is the 37 indictments we know about and whaver else congres learns about that might be negative or affects america. but beyond t conclusions, it's the details, the evidence, the reasoning. sometimes it's felt that america has been going to law school together as we try to learn about the details and hav in the system. one silver lining of this, we don't know thedetails, but if attorney general barr's letter n toorrect, we have no rea think it's not, bob mueller can speak for himself, it's a great headline for america tonight that bob mueller was never overrud by the justice department. that the system worked, even as he proceeded on senseitive and highly politicizedat investns. and he was allowed to do his work. and when he indicte people, including a campaign chair and a
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lawyer and other individuals, that continued. it's pt of the system evat's workin as we all wait to see what evidence is in the report and what came out. >> kelly o'donnell remains in florida with the president who is at his mar-a-lago estate and you're hearing more roreaction. >>the top republican in congress, mitch mcconnell, who is at times an outspoken ally of the president and sometimes more mute he puts out a statement saying he welcomes the news that the attorney general has received the report from the special counsel. but particularly notable, h said, many republicans have long believed that russia poses a significant threat to american interests. i hope the special counsel'sil report help inform and improve our efforts to protect our democracy. think of that in contrast to the president talking about a or a witch hunt. here you have the top republican in the senate affirming the idea
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that american democracy is under threat or attack from russia by name. mitch mcconnell also goes on to say that he is hopeful, muchoc like dts are, of a speedy and transparent release of the fport in whateverm is possible. so you may have a rare moment of some unity coming from democrats an republicans w say as the nation exhales after this longo s what part can be made known? can all of it be made known? all d to ermined. the top republican is not saying, thank you veh mr. mueller, let's close the file. he's asking for transparency. >> notable that responses fm both sides have been measured and also notable we don't know anything in the document. jeremy bash is a veteran of the obama administration. jeremy, this ultimately was about russian meddling in the erican election. have we moved a step clowir to
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dealin this threat through this special counsel investigation? >> lester, we need to about this in two phases. phase one was the counsel investigation. phase 2 is going to beio a congrel investigation into what leverage does an adversary nation have overes our ent, the presidency, and ultimately over american foreign policy because from the lense national interest that's the most important question. it's important to know wth broke law and who might go to prison but at the end of the day, what i thies con and the american people are going to be focussed on with respect to donald trump i can we trust him? can we trust him to lead the country in a crisicrisis? trust him to look out for the best interest through phase two of this investigation? >> jeremy, thank you.r' robert muel two year report is complete. the next chapter of this
5:40 pm
extraordinary story now begins. what we will learn and when regarding mueller's findinti and what dir the other investigations will take remains to be seen. we'll be talking about this when i see you shortly on nbc "nightly news." and you can always follow on the nbc news app. for now i'm lester holt, nbc news new york. there you have it, after 20 months of investigating, 37 indictments, the must recaeller is nown the handsf the attorney general who has given hints that he may inform four high-ranking members of congress in the house and senate some parts o this report by this weekend. the president, as you've heard, is in florida o with of those senators who may get wind of that report this weekend. that would be his colleague lindsey graham from south carolina. >> we know thathe president is expected to be -- scheduled to be in florida through the
5:41 pm
weekend. we also know he will be attending a republican fund-raiser this evening. as of this point we have not yet heard from president trump via t r, as we are so accustomed to hearing from him. thisutews broke a 35 minutes ago or so. but we have started to hear, we can tell you one direct quote from the white house a that coming from press secretary sarah sanders saying the next steps up are to attorrry general and we look forward to the process taking its course. the white house has not received or been briefed on the special counsel's report. we are accustomed to, at least in this town, over the last couple years for friday being a heavy news day for us, and today is no different. we see a lf firings on friday. a lot of people think friday is under the radar. safe to say, the timing of this, this willhe consume news cycle the rest of the evening, all day undayrow, certainly the morning talk shows.
5:42 pm
i was talking to our colleague, leon harris,is a huge sports weekend, a lot of people watching basketbl over two days, does this get buried in any sense among se voters. we heard from nancy pelosi, and sarah sanders, but the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani had this to say. we're pleased the office of special counsel has delivered its report to the attorney general.e we we wait for him to make the appropriat steps. appropriat steps. wee'l humira patients, you inspire us.
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welco back, everybody. still looking athe showers. our tower cam, you look off in the distance, sunshine around the northwest d.c. metro area. you can see what happens happening in the north and east. you can see what's happening here in the north part of the screen, we have rain and graupel coming down. a couple t line, big lines is down to the south, still seve warnings in effect. we've seen winds gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour with this line aot of graupel, which is different than hail. they both bounce but hail is harder, it's ice and it's clear. graupel comes down, it's white
5:46 pm
and lookse l snow. that's what graupel is, it's sometimes called snow pellets as eell. dealing with shower activity, here's where the heaviest rain is, we are seeing graupel around leonard. the northern neck, around north hampton county,o continuing watch that line move to the .outh and ea this line has stronger winds as well as some of the graupel that we've seen out of this. the wider view showing one line here, one line here and back to the west still seeing showers coming through. we're not going to see anything else severe. we are going to see some showers including the mix with a little uit of snow in our western zones. can see what i'm talking about here martinsburg, hagerstown. it shouldn't provide too many problems on area roadways, it's meltg on the ads.
5:47 pm
but it's colder. something else to talk about, the wind. th wind has been a factor with the 60 mile an hour windsnd fro the tstorms but this is the system itself, not thunderstorm winds this is a wind advisory until midnight tonight,owardcountry, loudon county, upper fauquier, and everybody to the north and west. even in the city we'll see windp to 40 miles per hour, criteria is over 45 we shou get that this evening. a windy friday night and a cold friday night. overnight lows, 35 in the city. wind chills in the 20s tomorrow 56 and se is a great day, but with the wind it will feel a littleit cool when the wind relaxes, not bad on saturday afternoon. sunday a high 56, 55 on your monday. nce of shower activity on monday. that puts us at 48 for tuesday.
5:48 pm
here's what i'm liking, beginnin of the
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
back with our breaking story. 20 months in th making, the mueller report is now in the hands of our attorney general. we want t bring in nbc's ken lanian from next door in our network. you've been busy and saw something on your phone come in, confirmation. >> that's right. a senior law enforcement official confirmed to nbc news there will be no further indictments by mueller. there are no sealed indictments. what that means is that robert mueller did not file charges against any trump association
5:51 pm
alleging conspiracy with the election. he didn't file collusion in the word that donald trump likes to use. we don't know what he saidor in thet about conduct short crimes. will he criticize the president's judgment,alabout the russia contacts that remain suspicious. >> during his confiations hearing we heard now attorney general william barr said he would to the best of his abilities try to be as transparent as possible and releas as much information as we could. we heard president trump say yesterday i haveo problem with this, release the report. denying any collusion. what is the likelihood or how soon could we learn something? is it possible by this weekend congress could be briefed on this report? >> in his letter, william barr said by this weekend he would say something to congress but we don't think that's going to befa report. as a matter of fact, a lot of robert mueller's report could be
5:52 pm
classified. so it may be a long time before that becomespublic, if ever. no matter william barr says, congressional democrats will want to see the report, they'll subpoena the report, call robert mueller to testify, they won't be satisfied with a summary bys donald trum attorney general. >> the way you started, to charges directly to collusion or conspiracy. president will be bouncing on that? >> absolutely. he'l exclaimvindication. but we don't know if he can until we've seen t report. it's possible that mueller has found tngs that congress could consider impeachable offenses, y misconduct donald trump that we can't charge as a crime. >> we hear about jared kushner, we've been hearing about this for months in this meeting in trump tower,nc no c of indictment there? >> on the trump towereeting
5:53 pm
because the russia investigation is over. large investigations at are not over. there's a separate investigation in new york mhat indicate jared kushner. there are other investigations farmed out to other jus ce departmeoffices. so the investigations of donald trump and those around him have not ended. >> presidentrump this weekend at mar-a-lago in florida, expected to be there all weekend a fund-raiser with other we wait to see if the president does respond this evening as'r accustomed to seeing on twitter. >> we'll see. >> we appreciate coming on. we know you have to go on at 6:00 on msnbc. >> we went to send things over to scott macfarlaneth with . >> democrats will likely call for the full release of the report to the public or at least toco ngress. mike warner has done that says
5:54 pm
virgin the american people need to judge for themselves. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer pretty much saying the same. an important nugget from the statement from mr. barr and robert mueller's office, the statement we see here is from rudy giuliani and jay sekulow the counselors for the president. saying we're pleased the office of special counsel has delivered its report to the attney general pursuant to the regulations. attorney g eral barr will determine the best steps. this is day 675 since rom took up shop. no more indictments from him. butur we'll keep eye on the d.c. and new york >>vestigations. breaking news on a late friday afternoon as we are accustomed to seeing in this town, special counsel robert mueller has submitted his report. >> we'll have more and reaction
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
some muc needed medical help is on the way to mozambique. more than 1,000 people are feared dead after a cyclone struckhe nation this week. >> cory smith introdus us to
5:58 pm
one maryland doctor preparing to leave the comforts of his private practice behind help complete strangers half way ound the rworld. >>eporter: this doctor is a giver. as a pediatrician he spent the last four decades giving his time and care to the most vulnerable oftspati >> i grew up in bzil and where you see a lot of need, you know, a lot of needypeople, it gives me purpose and connection with incredible people. >> reporter: tomorrow, dr. g. as he's kno to his patients will leave the comfort of his medical practice for mozambique. >> from space they said it looks like an ocean and land. >> repter: theoastal african nation has been practically swallowed by the indian ocean, floodwaters have yet to recede a week after a cyclone left destruction. the doctor will work with project hope to provide much
5:59 pm
needed medical care just as he did following hurricanes maria, harvey and florence. >> you realize how small your problems can be, if it's holding hands to moving furniture to surturing to doing emergency care i'm there for them. >> reporter: that's what givers do. yet after each trip into a disaster zone and seeing the faces of people inheir darkest hour, dr. g. comes away feeling like he t one given so much. >> i can't explain but it's very gratifying to see that. keeps mgoing, giving me the it. gth to keep doing >> reporter: one other note. he told me six months ago he donated his kidney to a transplant victim who needed it. it shows you have how much of a giving heart he has. he was calledo go because portuguese is the predominant
6:00 pm
language and heak s it. go to project hope .org to redonate. ing news as we wind up the week at 6:00, the end of th special counsel investigation. robert mueller has completed his work and submitted his report to the attorney general, william bas. >> that n broke about an hour ago. and within 15 minutes the attorney general released a letter saying he could send congress a summary of the mueller report as early as this weekend. >> it is up to the attorney general just how mh of that report gets shared with the public. he has said before that he will share as much as h legally can. >> nbc news has also learned there will not be any moredi ments from the mueller investigation. but we don't know what the report will or will not say about conduct that falls short of criminal activity.


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