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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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apology. >> newda the part of the report the attorney general knew weeks ago w and explore what could happen next. right now we are following breaking news, a man hunt under way for a gunman who shot two pe lle near aal high school. you're looking at video from chopper 4 flying over neighborhood in district heights where this happened. all ofs t with police still swarming the area across from suiteland high school. smiss y're working to students now after lockdowns. this is off pennsylvania avenue inr sil hill road. tracee wilkins joins us live with breaking detaces from po what are they saying, tracee? ,> reporter: we were first on the scene he and i can tell you it was chaotic when we first rived. a lot of family members emotional wondering what happened inside this town home just down the street from wheres i'mnding now. prince george's county police a little while ago moved out of
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th immediate area and now we're here. if you look down where the truck is going, that's where they're focussing their attention. let me give you a look at what it looked like a little while ago. we were told there were two eople shot outside of a home here, one person is described as very critical, one person injured. we spoke with a witness who heard the shots. >> just gun shots at the dog park and i pretty much came over herend seen police cars. >> what do you make of this happening? >> i'm not sure. .like it's rare over here soare.r: >> reporte now police have pushed these folks back here to this field. some o p theseple are family members who are waiting to get their kids. drew freeman middle school is right over that way, and they have been taken off a lock down.
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suitland high school remains o lock down. but the idea here is that people are safe. so notnly are the schools on lockdown but prince george's county police are asking people who live this area to stay inside their homes. police are over there meeting and discussing what their next moves are going to be. they're calling this a barricade e alsoion and they telling us it's a barricade situation out of an abundance of caution. prince george's county police st slrching for the suspect in all of this. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much. let's turn to changes in the forecast. storm team 4 radar picking up showers across tregion, depending where you live you could see rain tonight. >> the syste is going to affect our mild weather.s le to chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. >> we haveomshower activity right now. it's all on the light side. none of this is coming down at a
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heavy clip. we have steadier rain along 270 near the frederick area along 70 back towards the west. mo of it light rain that' going to come down. this is part of a storm system coming through. you can see this is changing over to snow just nor mason-dixon line. this is going to drive in cold air. so tomorrow we'll be colder. 60 degrees right now. hagerstown only a 45, that's the cold air sinking down across our region. we'll see temperatures tomorw 10 to 15 degrees colder. we'll showan you thathe end of the week, something we've all been waiting for, in about 15 minutes. now to the special counsel report, so far we 'seen the summary noting that the trump campaign didn't conspire with russia to interfere with the 2016 election. >> president trump claiming vighication. althven the summary notes
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that the report does not exonerate him on q thestion of obstruction of justice. blayne alexander tracking all of this right now. she joins us from the white house where they've been running victory laps all day, huh? >> reporter: absolutely. the democrats are saying not so fast. in fact, democrats andpu icans say they want to hear from the attorney general. they want him to testify on capitol hill mnd bringe of mueller's report with him. meanwhile, on the question of making tt report public, the president says that he does not have a problem with it, but he's leaving it up to his attorney general. the monday after the mueller report delivery, president trump continuing his victory lap. >> it's 100% the way it should have been. i wish it could have gone a lot sooner, quicker. we can never let this happen another president again. >> reporter: this after attorney general william barr in his four pagepage summary telling congre mpeller did not find that members of the tampaign coordinated with russia.
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but on obstruction, mueller not hing a conclusion. instead leaving that up to barr tewho w the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a croee, it also not exonerate him. barr and deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein, deciding there is not enough evidence to charge president trump with a crime. tsbut democ not satisfied. >> right now we have a four-page summary wtten by somebody else, not by robert mueller. and that somebody else is not a disinterested party. he's a politic appointee of donald trump. >> reporter: already phing to subpoena both mueller and barr to testify before congress. meanwhile, president trump appearing to attack those who started the investigation. l >> there are a of people out there that have done some very, very evilhing, bad things, i would say treasonous things against our country. >> reporter: b after months of going against the special counsel personally, asked today if mueller acted honorably.
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>> yes. >> reporter: as far as releasing the report, president tru said that wouldn't bother him. but leaving theecision to his attorney general. it's not the end of investigations, though. what else is out there? >> reporter: not at mueller finished his investigation but there are other f investigations onther fronts, the state of new york and in congress, house democratn ru the committees as the democrats in control of the house are ramping up investigations on their part, leon. >> blayne alexander at the white house. neanks, bl robert mueller was appointed special counsel on may 17th of 2017. so much has happened since then it's hard to keep it straight. so our digital team has posted a new time line on the nbc washington app. just go to the site and search russia investigation time line. now to breaking news. the lawyer who once represented
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porn star stormy daniels is under arrest involving extortion and fraud charges involving nike. michael avenatti is alleged to have threatened to har nike's reputation. authorities allegedly caught avenatti on calls making threats to a law firmorking with nike. ing also accused of embez his client's money. he represented daniels in herle l action against the president until earlier this month. > pipe bombs discovered in frederick county. a man using his metal detector found the devices. authorities say hee could h easily been killed. as cory smith explains, thebo s are connect today a man from 20 years ago. >> reporter: he spent several decades trekking through the woods behind his problem.
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he said you'll never know what you'll find. and he's right. policeaid a man was using his metal detector the other day when it pinged on these pipe bombs. >> they've been sitting there a long time. reporter: the investigators said the man is lucky they didn't explode. after learning where they were found rip counts imself lucky too. >> i think i walked by that bucket many times. it's just an olds white bucket in the woods. >> reporter: investiga rs know who put the bomb there is, his name is allen sherny. but he won't be arrested. he's dead. back in 2001 he wased convi of assault but before going to jail, he took a cyanide pill and died. nearly 20 years later, though, police believe they have enough evidence to connect him to these newly foundsi exp devices.
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>> we found some writings and inings that had his name and those th. >> reporter: he says the bombs were destroyed in a contr detonation and there's no threat to the public. that's comforting for nn but that can't shake the feeling that he could have died if he looked inside that bucket he'd seen time and time again. >> tha god we didn't or i might not be standing here with you. the pain and suffering in the aftermath of school shootings seems to never end. in the past two days two survivors of deadly attacks and the father of a victim have taken their lives. jay gray repo rs. >>orter: after the deadly attack at sandy hook elementary. >> it's important for people to pick up on that. >> reporter: dr. jeremy richmond spen seven years as an advocate for his daughter, who died in the incident. but today his crusade and search
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for. answers has end connecticut police say richmond has died from an appent suicide. >> we're grappling with mental health issues. >> reporter: it's been jt over a year since shots rang out at marjorie stoneman douglas high. 17 died that day we know the attack is stillin cla live's. sidney's mom said she wasng struggith survivor's guilt. she died by suicide a week ago. and this weekend a second survivor took his life. >> it hurts seeing it because it's not 17 anymore, it's 19 now. and the fact that this is going to be something that affects us r years afterwards, it will not end. >> reporter: a lingeri pain d part of an ongoing recovery in communies across the country rocked by tragedy. jay gray, nbc news.
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mental health troubles can affect anyone at any time. many find it a difficult issue to discuss. that's why news4 i shining a light on the subject. we have information and hope in the nbc washington app. search changing minds. hundreds of flights are beinged cance because of a grounding of 7boeing max 8 ints. southwest is havg to cancel more than00 1lights every day. american airlineshe doing same. they're reaching out to passengers directly if their flights are impacted. this follows two deadly crashes using the new boeing jet in less than six months. while the investigation continues into those crashes, southwest is ferrying t jets, including a plane flown from bwi to california to a boeing facility there. a special day for the washington capital honored at the white house this afternoon for the 2018 stanley cup
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ch tpionship they broughtthe city. the team visiting with president trump in the oval office this afternoon. you can see alex ovechkin there front andcenter. the president praising alex ovechkin's accomplishments saying he is a cap's himself. >> it's an honor to have the capacity with us. it's an honor to have the washington capitals here. yoinrers in the highest sense. it's very tough to win. tit's tough to goough all those teams. and i really tell you, i think you can have an awfully good chance of doi it again. >> you see the size of the ring ted is wearing? way to go. several caps did decline the invitation to visit the white house including goal tender braden holtby. a dangerous slide down a hill next on news4. >> a woman watches her two young sons careen down a hill and into
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this home. plus the fda taking up a decade's long debate over breast implant, are the safe. cherry blossoms reach phase 4 out of 6. doug is tracking a swing in
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back now with a live look at storm team 4 radar. dependin on where y live, you could get some rain tonight. doug is back in a couple minutes
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with the big swing in >>mperatures coming our way this week. if you are just joining us, we are following some breaking news intyrince george's co police are searching for a man who shot two people near suitland high school. right now both suitland high and drew freemanide school are on lock down. there's a big police presence as you can see. we'll update you as we learn more. a scary situation in northwest washington thi morning. a car with two young children rollsow backwards a hill and crashes into a home. aimee cho reports from thehi a of how important it is for mind drivers to pay attention. d.c. police tell me two young rolled backwards down a hill and crashed into this house. according to police, the mother
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of the kids had parked their car at the top of the hill. the mom had apparently run inside the house to grab something quicklynd left her sons inside the car. but the mom accidentally left her car in gear and it was moving forward. police tell me when realized the mistake, she told her sons to turn it off, but insteadhey put it into neutral, rolling down the hill crashing into this house here. you can only imagine how terrifying thing that is. police tell me the mom tried to che the car, apparently aaw neighborhat was happening and tried to jump in and stop fastut it was moving too it crashed into the living room of this house here. two people were home at the time, a mom and her son, i spoke to the son who said she was asleep when the crash happened. >> i feel bador them. they had an everyday mistake and it turned out basically asasad possible. i'm glad the kids were okay.
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if we were in the kitchen or the living room, it could have been really bad. i'm glad i'm a latesl per, basically. tell your family you love them all the time. you neve know what coul happen, i guess is the main message. police tell me the t kids and the mother were taken to the hospital. it sounds like everyone is goine to okay. but this house is condemned. sohayoung man that you heard from, he tells me his family has to figure out where they're going to live. aimecho, news4. powerful testimony athe food and drug administration today from women who say they've suffered serio health prosem from breast implants. the fda is looking into links between textured implants and a rare form of cancer. more than 400 w.sen in the have been diagnosed with it and 17 have died around the world. >> we are ordinary women, we are educated, we are mothers,
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sisters, wives, and daughrs, and we are sufferi. some are ignored and laughed at. many are angry at and feel defeated by aas system that failed them. >> reporter: today's testimony is part of a two-day meeting on breast implant safety. it includes and involves, patients, plastic surgeons and implant makers. the makers who testified today say t may be other factors at contribute to the cancer, including genetic predisposition. let's turn to the weather. comfortable outside, which is good for the cherry blossoms but is it going to stay thatway? >> no. we have colder air making its way down here right no really a difference where you are right now, 60 d.c., 45 hagerstown with a gocold rain. we have cold air i making way down here, we've been talking about this that weould see cold air midweek, tomorrow into
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wednesday.e we home shower activity around the downtown area, but no real heavy. ra current temperature is 60. notice the winds at 15 miles per hour. look at what we're dealing with here. we have 60 in manassas. 52 in leesburg. 46 over towards winchester. cooler to the wee, warmer to south. 63 to 45. nearly a 20 degree temperature difference across our region. here's the shower activity, most of it on the light side, and it will continue to be. up around frederick looks like it's heavier. but i think some of this is ice aloft but we're seeing rain when it falls to the ground. you can see the swirl back to the west. what this is goi to do is drive down some colder air across our region. we'll see temperatures fall tonight into the day tomorrow. you can see this is changing over to snow and some of the higher elevations back towardsi po of pennsylvania. the whole system itself moving
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through, meaning more in of cold air tomorrow. this is what we're looking at 60 degrees here. 51 new york, 39 towards buffalo. 71 in raleigh. we like this, we're going to get this. as we move through the day tomorrow, a cool one bulletproof vest -- 54 degrees, breezy and coo winds, it's not a bad day, going to be about 10 degrees cooler than we were today. how about the alnati home opener, 1:05 game, i will bere down t during the game, come see us, we're going to be at the salt line, right over here. 60 degrees by 1:00. the game time, 1:05, again a beautiful, beautiful home opener. last year was so cool, this is going to be nice. 64 degrees by the time the game is over. come see us by the salt line. we'll be there with thereen creen, i'll be doing the weather live. 56 on your wednesday. 64 on your thuray.
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73 on friday. and look at the weekend. going 75 saturday. late day showers on sunday, but still 70 beool air moves in again for early next week. >> i canha sees coming thursday. your clicker in one hand and a lobster roll in the other. >> that's righ you've been down there with mew you kno what i'm talking about. >> thank you, doug. a star studded unveiling for apple's new tv service. breaking records at the box ce. scott evans is live from access with the hor ro
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jordan peel has done it again. seems a lot of people ran to see his new horror mie "us" because it earned more than $70 million over the weekend. >> some of my daughter's money i can tell you that. it's the follow-up to "get out". access' scott evans joins us now with more on the movie that everybody i talking about. >> it got my money, too. i am all in with"us" it is a sensation with a major first get .
4:25 pm
as" is the highest grossest opening f original horror movie bringing in $70 million, and it only cost $20 million to make. apparently that's a modest budget. lots of hidden messages throughout the film, which means you have to see it there are so many theories out there, especially the twist ending that i'm not going t giaway. but one of the most important scenes of the films when we meet the other wilsonfamily. director jordan peele breaks it down. >> there's a family in the driveway. >> here we have a scene where the family arrives, jason says there's a family in our driveway. a line designed t attempt to be an iconic line, like they're here from the poltergeist movie. th is where i wanthe terror to kick into gear for a new audience. one of the techniques i utilized is that all of a sudden we go
4:26 pm
into real time. we go into the sort of fluid, we use a lot of the steady cam with very few edits, tryingo signal to the audience this sort of relentless real time event has g begun and it's tak place. >> all over again -- have you seen it? have y'all seen it? >> no. >> i can tell you are too calm right now. >> my daughter said you have to go back and see it again because there are so ny things you might miss. >> people are not showing up to thed santa cruz bolk because they're terrified upmething might pop it's fantastic, i'm going back this weekend. >> jordan peele does it again. >> does itain. >> waiting to see what he does next. >> he's on a roll, he's hot. storm team 4 tracking rain for your mondaynight. how much you see depends on
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where you live. >> the president claims total exoneration as we learn the findings oepthe muellert next mark murray with why that's not true. local schools o lock down after a shooting nearby. you're looking at live pictures fromtrict heights coming in from
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if you are just joining us,
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let's get you caught up with four things to know. the man hunt continues for a gunman who shot two people near a local high school. police are searching the neighborhood where this happened across from suitland high school. suitland high and drew freeman middle school are working to dismiss students now after lock downs. storm team 4 tracking rain as we look at the radar, pending on where you live, the rest of your night could be a bit iny. tracking a swing inr emperatures e rest of the week as well. the lawyer who once represented porn stormy daniels is under arrest involving fraud charges iolving nickie. michael avenatti is accus of orreatening to use his notty to hurt nike. authorities say he wantedik to pay him $20 million to avoid press. president trump claiming nvtal vindication from the
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special counsel'stigation but it's not that simple. on obstruction of justice, robert mueller writes the report does not conclude that the president committed a crime but it also does not exonerate him. general william barr says the evidence is not sufficient to establish the president committed a crime. democrats aredi dem to see the entire report without a filter from one of the esident's political appointees. the debate over what that report means and what should happen next is just beginning. mark murra is following today's developments closely. he joins us live. >> mark, the president tweeted that the mueller report was, quote, complete and total exoneratioeq but thatres clarification, doesn't it? >> yeah, it does, pat. of course, the president stopped short of saying i've been vindicated i've been exonerated because no one in my campaign ended up coordinating w colluding with the russian
4:32 pm
government, held have been right but in the summary from william barr, mueller is quoted when it comes to the obstructiwa of justice h able to find no evidence of a crime, but also ould not exonerate the president. and there are very few sentences that are spelled out in the barr summary of mueller's report, but that was one of them. and it's very key. and itas certainly h a lot of people demanding to be able to read the entire port, because it does kind of suggest there's a lotha more thanwas just in that four-page summary. d> the question is, attorney general barr shat it was left to him to decide whether the conduct described in the report constitutes a crime. so by sang that doeshat indicate he might be unwilling to release the report in full? >> ,le that's a really big question. i think there was the expectation yesterday we were oing to get more than just a four-page summary, that you would get some of the biggest arguments from special counsel robert mueller, and what has been kind of noteworthy to me is
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after the summary came out and after the trump white house was spiking the football, saying th they've been vindicated, we've been getting mixed messages on if and when that full report or as much as possible might come out. what has transpired becese of th summary came out, after just 48 hours of mueller filing his report back on friday afternoon, friday evening, is the white house and its defenders got a huge headtart on everyone else saying this summary makes sure we'ren the clearnd has everyone else saying we want to see the whole report. >> so the democrats want to hear a lot more and they're going to in april, aren't they? >> yeah, pat, this is onef the consequences of the november elections when the democrats h took back these of representatives. they have the power of the subpoena, they chair these important committees they can ask government officials or someone like robert mueller himself to come and appear and
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answer questions. had k republicat control of probably there wou be less power to do so, but you can guarantee that democrats want answers to the questions they have. >> phase one is over.t' see where it goes from here. mark is going to have more insights this evening on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. carlos went to work todth at u.s. borders and customs, which is not unusual, until you know h it came to be. derrick ward was there. >> reporter: dozens of personnel staged for this multiagency ctical operation. they had the necessary gear, cycles, fire trucks, visual aids, kids flowers -- wait, kids and flowers? it's about the element of surprise, catching their target offguard. >> he's going to be surprised and appreciative. >> just as anned, he was. >> i s thought there wome
4:35 pm
accident going >> the sign was welcome carlos. asis is for you, he was like no. >> reporter: she right they came to welcome carlos marquez back from the brink after months of cancer tr tment. he's back home, he's well, ready to return to work with u.s.nd customs border protection. >> it was a battle, but i know i was going to make it. i was always trusting god i was going to make it. >> reporter: with this onth backup, how could he not. >> this shows the incredible has.rt that the community you make one or two phone calls, what r support and loo happens. >> reporter: for one person in this detail, this kind ofrp se is really no surprise at all. nancy is herself aanr survivor. carlos calls her his inspiration. >> it nurtures the heart, it gives you the ability to see that you have the supportf yourcoworkers and community. >> it is a family within pub c
4:36 pm
safety. >> reporter: at the end of the day you can say this was asi successful m as for carlos is he ready to go back to duty? >> ready to rumble. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> good for hahim. >>s team work, isn't it? >> great coworkers. >> big hearts under those badges. good to see. a never before seen portrait of hriet tubman on display downtown. >> why this painting has been under wraps for 150 years. safety upgrades at a local a news4 strict after consumer investigation. also check out this video from the tidal basin earlier today. the national park service now saying the cherry blossoms are in stage 4 out of 6. what does
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the nick low den kids choice awards went to. get to that in a minute. but first ed sheeran said he cried every day going to primary school. in an interview he opens up abouteing bullied. things ended up fine for him, but ae reminder kind people. dora there exp hit over the weekend. kids are freaking out about seeing the crew in real life. in the movie she getsid kpped
4:40 pm
and the bad guys try to get her help find the city of gold. that comes out in august. the kids' choice awards were handed out. "avengers: infinity warabbed top movie. and ariana grande wase top f artist, she's in d.c. tonight aa ca one with her tour. i'm tommy mcfly with your celebrity 60. > news4 is on blossom watch right now. we are tracking big developments today. >> yes the blooms are opening up and opening fast thanks to the mild weather we'veeen having. now they're at stage 4 out of amelia is here. can we expect early peeking at this rate? >> i think going to see peak bloom happen as early as sunday but mayti holding off
4:41 pm
next week. you're seeing hints of pink right now.os once cherry ms are in this stage they become susceptible to freezing temperatures thankfully i'm not seeing that over the next few days, the weather looking to cooperate. we are in stage 4 out of 6. we hit stage 3 on saturday. the national park service today reaching out to me sayingewe officially in stage 4. so stage 5 is your puffy white. and then stage 6 is when you have full peak bloom. as we look at temperatures over e next few days into saturday. this is the trend we want to see if you want to get peak bloom early next week. our average high is now at about 60 degrees. thursday, friday, and saturday we are running well above normal. and cherry blossoms, talking to the national park service today, really love afternoon high temperatures above 70 degrees to elp bring out those beautiful blossoms where it looks so l down there at the tida bas basin. we're going to see those temperatures in the forecast on
4:42 pm
friday and saturday. if you have plans to head down to the tidal basin thisenwe i wouldn' count on peak bloom. ly initially i was going april 4th through the 8th bu i moved it to april 1st through the 5 president tr p p. >> >> this is not an april fool's joke. >> no, is not. doug will join amelia next to track rain moving across the region right now radar.orm team 4 the forecast changes you'll feel when you wake up in the morning. >> but first consumer hogan is sitting here and she's going to explainth
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if you are just joining us, doug and amelia are tracking some rain. you can seet here on storm team 4 radar. this week's big weather story,
4:45 pm
though, is a swing in the temperatures. doug and amelia are here in a few minutes with what that means. let's get you an update on the breaking situation we're following in prince george's county. police are seahing for a man who shot two people near suitland high ghool. a call from tracee wilkins and shewnaid the lockas been lifted at drew freeman middle school however the lock down still in play at suitland high. there's a major police presence in district heights. tracee is going to be live coming up next here at 5:00. let's turn to a story you'll see only on news4. a fairfax county school board member is taking action after the death of a third grader. >> he diedng after hel teacher work a partition. virginia's governor signed a new law adding protections. but we learned that fairfax county could go a step further
4:46 pm
and add nearly half a million dollars to dividers to its school. >> susan hogan has the latest >> you know we have been following this since wesley died last may. it's aeart breaking story even more so because his death was avoidable. ay saf device can be installed with these partitions,f mething gets in its path, the sensors detect it and stop the dividers from moving. these walls have huge motors and are powerful. tonight we learned that tamara koufax is requesting to add the sensors to all motorized partitions in the school district. there are at least 127 of them. the funding is being added to the school's district budget which will be presented to the county board of servisors next
4:47 pm
month. fairfax county public schools confirmed it's planning to install one ofvihese safety s with a motorized partition at rockery run middle school which is under going a renovation. we asked i whens scheduled to happen and we were told, quote, in the near future. we also asked if we could be there and they did not give us a response on that. we want to s these things, parents want to see there's action being doneo make it safer for their kids. >> kud does to you. your stories.tarted th you got the law passed and now to have the policy change in fairfax county makes a big difference. and hopefully other l follow suns w >> we are hoping. >> thank you, susan. ni work. turning now to some nice weather. doug, we like this trend of warming a little me eachday. but we've got to take another dip? >> yeah, we got to go back down
4:48 pm
then we start a nice trend that i think you're going tothlove. is probably going to be some of the best weather we've seen this year. >> that's good. >> not today, tomorrow or wednesday. ening day for the nationals. even got my baseball cuffon lin right now. >> take a look at that. >> love it. baseball season almost here. that is on thursday. out there right now we have shower activity. nationals taking on the yankees today at nats park. a few showers the current temperature dropping through the 50s into the 40s. you can tell start to get on the cool side here. we wl see shower activity from time to time. most of it on the light side. showers tards the edericksburg area, d.c. to stafford. some dryer airut here around frederick looks like it's really coming down. this iy actua ice or could be falling snow to the north. this is iceoming down but it's not hitting the ground. it's melting and changing to
4:49 pm
rain but the radar picks it up that. a neat thing there. this is snow coming down, and it's reachin the ground in places like alsyona, peania. but it's showing us colder air is making its way here. 60 in d.c., 15 degrees colder in hagerstown. that's the colder air makingts way across our region tomorrow. and a cool day at the bus stop. not talking big time coats we can probably put the big coats e away but keep ackets ready. >> most kids are going to be at the bus stop tomorrow mning with a temperature around freezing. 36 in washington at 7:00 a.m. at or below freezing leesburg, ederick, manassas. so the kids want the jackets at the bus stop tomorrow mo34ing, egrees for the most part. recess outdoorse have beautiful sunshine in the orecast tomorrow from start to
4:50 pm
finish. 47 degrees at recess. picking the kids up, it's breezy, crisp, not bad at all with a temperature of 54. that is about 5egrees below normal for late march. tomorrow and wednesday, finitely want the jacket. thursday temperatures start to warm neup, yo long sleeves. by friday it is t-shirt weather out there, really comfortab temperatures in the forecast on friday. now the pollen report today, not that bad because temperatures have been warm, they haven't been incredibly warm. doug, a this woreek wears on and we see our temperatures warm, especially on friday and saturday into the 70s, i think we'll start to see the pollen could wants go up, especially with trees across the area. >> i think we'll see more blooms out there this weekend. this is why, 54 on your tuesday. breezy and cool but not bad. 56 on wednesday. here we go, opening day, 64 a gre day down at nats park.
4:51 pm
we'll be there live find us at the salt line there. 73 on your friday. 75 on so really warm numbers here. sunday waiting to see just how ng it takes for this front to get here. if it takes longer we could be in the mid 70s, a thunderstorms behind it though, we are cool agai but not bad, 54 monday, 55 tuesday. vend of a repeat of what w got right here right here. we'll take that. >> absolutely. good deal. thanks, doug. a rare photograph of abolitionist haret tubman unveiled in the district. curators believe this is the earliest kno photograph of the underground railroad leader. it's now on display. this photo shows tubman in her te 30s or early 40s perhaps taken sometime in the late 1860s in auburn, new york. >> i felt like this is the
4:52 pm
museum's version of am mona lis. >> she doesn't look sternfi or ce as we've often seen her. the museum and o library congress jointly own it. it's now on display in the main hall thisweek. it's going to be moved later tof the slavery aedom exhibition. apple unveils aeaew n compe netflix and amazon. first a look at what's new on new at 5:00. jim and wendy in the news room. >> weo continue follow the breaking news out of prince george's county this afternoon.o schools still locked down and a man hunt under way after two people shot hear ah school. >> tracee wilkins is on the scene for us. she'll have a live update at the top of the hour. also new at 5:00, pipe bombs found after sittingn a field for almost 20 years.
4:53 pm
>> what are police learning about this explosive discovery and its link to murder. and jeff bennett is going to join us bive toak down what's next in the wake of the mueller report. >> we'll see you in about six
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
here's a live look at sto team 4 rad right now. doug is tracking scattered night. for your monday an update on the timing of that next at 5:00. apple says it is showtime. >> the tech and online service company unveiled a new subscription streaming service. >> we haveep thet from apple headquarters in california. >> reporter: apple is taking t plunge into original programming and story telling, but the truty is, ave some catching up to do. >> apple tv plus. >> reporter: tim cook called on hollywood a listers to help unil the new video streaming service today. >> all of this and the chance for us to collaborate again has brought me back to television and i'mit e about it. >> reporter: they talked about their new projec for the ad-free service. >> i love circles.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: which will debut this fall, but no details on price as apple goes head-to-head with netflix, amazon and others. >> this is a way of getting us sort of hooked on apple not just as a maker of phones but of entertainment and other services. >> reporter: they introduced a service.scription >> we have magazines for just about every passion. >> reporter: more than 300, and a few newspapers including "new york times" and "the washington journa" it's $9.95 a month. a gaming service, app air cade was unveiled as well as a credit card, called apple card. >> no le fees, no annual fees, no international fees and no over limites >> reporter: the question for apple is whether this new array of services. >> ey're in a billion pockets, y'all. >> reporter: will pay dividends.
4:58 pm
this first keynote fussing on services after the news that iphone sales are down 15% in the last quarter. i'm jennifer live in california. back to you. news4 at 5:00 with jim and wendy starts right now. right now at 5:00, claiming victory. >> 100% the wayha it shoul been. >> a day after the release of the mueller report in the russian investigation, the new ta about treason. an explosive find. >> it's eremely dangerous. >> pipe bombs left in a field more than 18 years ago. but who put them there and why were they only just discovered? powerful testimony on breast implts. >> we'r the smoking gun. >> the illnesses that are putting new attention onimplant safety. c plus the caps and t in the oval. >> this is a great honor for me because i'm a hockey fan and a
4:59 pm
capitals news4 at 5:00 starts now. ak announcer: news4 at 5:00 begins with bg news. we have a man hunt that is still going on at 5:00 for a gunman who shot two people near a local high school. >> chopperhi flying over neighborhood in district heights not far from suitland high school, which was put on lock down, along with another nearby middle school. >> tracee wilkins iss joining live with breaking details from the police. trac t? >> reportes entire area is on lockdown, and in addition to those two schools we have a neighborhood where prince olice are ounty urging residents do not leave. i'm standing in the center of silver hilload because this is also closed off right now. and that's happening between brooks drive and down therens toward penylvania avenue there. the actual scene is over here to our right. but i want to show you here, there'sh suitland highool and
5:00 pm
drew-freeman, the two schools you mentioned that are still on lockdown students who normally would be by now are still inside of those scho we're going to explain to you exactly why that's the case.u' yo hear from county police as they talk to parents about what the parents can expect. back at the scene this is still an ongoing bricade situation. let me give you a closer look. this is all happeng in the 5200 block. police say thehewere brought before 2:00 p.m. when people were shot outside a house here. we're toldt was a man who was sh and is gravely injured. and a woman who was shot and is also injured. now that woman isecovering at the hospital now. prince george's county police have now called for a barricade situation for a number of reasons. ey're looking for w folks were associated with that home who they


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