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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news. and weeg with that trouble on the train tracks in prince george unty. >> right now, all amtrak service operatg through bowie has been
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halted because of somebody on the chap's. chopper r 4 flying overht now where at least two trains are stopped. >> now amtrak is callinghis a, quote, trespasser strike. we don't know if the person was injured. we will bring you more details as they come in from the students were held todayo ince george county schools welle past dismissal beca police feared an armed killer was in the area. >> tonight the children are home but the man is still on the run. the ban was lifted. but parents are still worried. >> jackie live where police still coming the area. jackie. >> reporter: that's right. police are still onhe scene. search is under way for the suspect in what isleur a homicide. threeehicles, two sedans and a work van were towed from the scene just before police removed the yellow tape that had off the area most of the
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afternoon and evening. the doubleot sg 5200 block of daventry terrace happened about 1:30 p.m. the search for the svopect ed road closures that threw the busy area into gridlock. two nearby schools were placed on hock down for hours lock down for hours. school buses many stuck in traffic werero broughtd the back of the high school to pick up waiting students. >>ns it's very >> reporter: outside the middle school they were rel pick up her son. >> there were a lot of texts that went out. and the schoo called every ten nutes with messages to let us know that the children were safe and that the school was still on lock down. >> reporter: police said the precautions wer necessary to protect the community. >> we had witness statements that we couldn't te for granted. and when we are told that the shooting suspect ran back into a house and never came out, we have to treat it like >> reporter: police have not
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said much about the motive for the shooting but what the told us is that both the suspects and the victims akn n to each other. live in prince george county jackie news4. we'll stay o on topthe search for the shooter on air and through our nbc washington app. wake up tomorrow from news4 team working for you starting at 4:00 a.m. now to the weather and doug tracking cold temperatures tomorrow morning. doug. >> yeah, much cler thant was across our region today. highs in 60s part of our region. tomorrow struggle to ge to 50 degree mark. right now still tracking a couple of showers. we have one shower making way through prince george county down charles county. actually had a little lightning about 15 minutes ago. more shower activity to the north. this is the back edge of the storm system which has moved offshore but the back edge of
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moisture and clouds move in. that means the cd airs not far behind. we have seen temperatures drop all day. already 38, 47 in d.c. but cold start tomorrow morning and a temperaturut 10 to 15 degrees colder than today. we'll update you what the next couple of days. and i'll shoal you when we get back to the 70s. hat's in my forecast ten minutes. thank you very much. >> prum spending first night knowing for sure he will not be indictedsior inc. what is still unsettled though is whether the president tried to obstruct the russia investigation. in the newsroom from the message from the white house a demands from democrats. leon. >> reporter: well, erika, i'm going to show you something, these p four pages ofer changed everything yesterday. for nearly two years special counsel robert mueller was looking into the white house and presidential champagne. tonight they report top democrats want the full reportl
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ed no later than next tuesday. the president said that wouldn't all.r him at now on the republican side senator lindsey graham called for another special counsel to be appointed. he wants to know how the fbi and cee jusepartment handled the opening of the russia investigation during the 2016 campaign. mueller's investigation took down trump chairman, white house national security adviser and long-term personal lawyer. today justice department officials revealed mueller told attorney general william barr and deputy attorney rod rosenstein three weeks ago he would not rule on the obstruction issue. >> until we know what bob mueller knows, until we have a clans to read the full report, and i hope we do, it's very hard to second guess him on that. these are difficult cases. ed >> reporter: aal rules say the attorney general has ultimate responsibility for the special counsel investigation. attorney general william bar says there is nor of the report to come out. how much more still unclear.
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any case, it's probably several weeks away. jim back to you. all right. in it for the longau leon, thanks so much. now to bob shell arrest t toda high profile attorney that once representedta film stormy daniels in legal battle with president trump is in some big legal trouble ofis h own. >> attorney michaelvetti released after posting a bond facing charges on both coasts. >> when it is all known, when due process occurs, that i will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. it thank you. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york alleges avenatti tried to extort millions of dollars from nikki. allegedlyweek, he told nike he represented a t basketball coat claimed to have information from the company. he allegedlyor $1.1 million f
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his client and wandike to hire him todu c an internal investigation paying a retainer worth millions. >> when the company's lawyers resisted paying avenatti to conduct an internal investigation, avenatti told the mpany it could ski paying for an internal investigation if instead it simply paid him $22.5 milln. >> if knhe didn't agree. >> this was an old fashioned shake down. >> reporter: they sd he used it to pay expenses and use false tax returns to obtain alone. best known forepresenting porn star stormy daniels? her legal it fight with president trump now forced to focus on defending hself. t first major gun restriction imposed by the federal government in years.
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illegal. bump stocks become the department of justice announced the federal ban in december. n rights groupre still trying to get the supreme court to weigh in on the regulation. the gunman in the las vegas massacre used bump stocks. the trauma is resurfacing tontd the father of of-year-old killed at sandra hook died by suicide. last week survival othe pack nd school shooting took her life. and over the weekend a current ry douglas stone man died by suicide. >> all of a sudden it's like 2018. we'll have to think about funerals again. >> a new wellness center opened earlier than planned so students have a place to find help during spring break. and news4 is committed to changing minds about mental
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healthg and connect people who are suffering to resources that can help. go to our nbc washington app or and search changing minds. six active pipe bombs were found in wooded area infr erick country over the weekend. mark stumbled across them by using his metal detector in the lake area. police tells it pinged on this raggedly old bucket. when he dumped out the contents, he found the russy bombs. authorities telld us he c have been killed. >> you know, i think i've walked hi that bucket many times. and didn't go over and thought it's an old white bucket laying in the woods. invesgators say allen put them there nearly 20 years ago. a jured convi him of a stault in a stalking case. he took a cyanide pill before
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going to jail. new tonight creating a new safe space for domestic survivors. tonight a new domestic shelter opened in virginia. >> it's a temporarily safe hen those who have been abused. one local sheriff is all too familiar with the horrors of domestic violence. >> reporter: the artemis house is a newne only one in fairfax countile. people are fleeing with nothing. with the clothes on their back. grabbing their children and fleeing sometimes in the middle of the night. so when they are many coling i here, this he have nothing. and we really try to provide them with everything they need. enreporter: they provide trad nsmegedndwoer. >> around the clock. somebody is heref somebody
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needs us. >> reporter: not only provides for emergency housing needs, but victims can get counseling and legal help and other services. when families come here they won't feel like an institution. th has a feel of apartment. and feels a lot like home. >> a ribbon cutting was hel to celebrate the opening of the center. she says sheap e violence decades ago. >> i was arresting the perpetrators and putting them in jail. i started advocating for theim vi because they couldn't speak for themselves. >> we don't want them power less and worried where the next meal will comero and if they have to face their perpetrate origin and be beeten over again. >> reporter: stacey kincade is survive or as well. she says making a place like this would have made a differencely to her fa >> if we had this would have make a difference.
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we too h wereeless and had to stay applies to darcy news4. if you or someone you know is victim of abuse we are here to help you. >> safe at home to learn about the rources available to you right. n next at 11:00, you've seen it time and time, aga packages picked up off porches, this time th spects are children. >> it'sav he trouble on the high seas, a cruiser worst night mare. >> water gushed in. harrowing stories after crew is air lifted to safety. and relief is coming for
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leon harris here at the live desk with video that's had everybody in this newsroom talking tonight. two pint size kids caught on came. you can see these guys stealing packages from the homen chatsworth area of manassas. they pick up the package then disappear. ey come back seven minutes later and you can listen as one of the boys gives his partner some directions.
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>> when you get it, come to me and give it to me. >> it's heavy. never mind. >> let's go get another one. kind of team wrong work this time of year, folks. concerned viewer sent us this video saturday afternoon in the village. she said it's the first time it's happened i her area and heesn't recognize the kmirn but she wants community to be aware. we don't see parents but have to they learned that. >> seen it on tv so much. >> thanks very nmuch. >> o developments in the nightmare at sea. >> rescue mission for hundreds of passengers trapped on a crippled cruise ship caught in a violent storm. >> here's nbc keir simmons.
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>> reporter: tonight tvestigators trying to figure out howhis nightmare began. rescuersn ziplining dow after a may day cruise. helicopters in high winds air lifting 500 passengers to safety. barry anderson wife from washington state filmed as he was pulled into a helicopr. >> i was never so thankful. >> reporter: below deck furniture plants and people were thrown around. here a women narrowly avoided a chair. >>ater just gushed in and going down the stairs and we werehinking titanic. >> reporter: among the questions why did the ship sail into a storm in the first place. tonight they say their procedures were implemented to the highest standard and routen was cho by experienced captain. they said they launch their own
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investigation. keir sym on norway. get ready for smoothere rid today. potholealza. d.c. department of transportation said overes 7500 re to fill potholes since the beginning of the year. that's more than the double e amount since s time last year. why is it so bad? allstate rain and snow we've had froze into the ground, the s nstant pressure from c forced it to break apart and expand once the temperatures rmed up. erika. news4 is on blossom wat and the blooms are opening up pretty fast. now on stage 4 with hin of pink. stage five is puffy. and sge 6 is the peak bloom. when cherry blossoms are iag
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four they could be pretty susceptible to freezing. but doug is here talking about the weather looking like it w l cooperat >> yeah, and i think tonight and tomorrow night next coldest nights. but they are right by the water. so the thing is they need temperatures above 60 degrees and we have it coming and moved the forecast up a couple of days because we think it'megoing to p this weekend. let's take a look show you whaesz happening right now. very mild night, mild day earlier. high temperatures into the low 60s. right now 47. winds out of the northeast 16 miles an hour. we have rain coming down from the north and that has allowed temperatureso cool. northern 41 in frederick. once we see c the clouder get out of here, temperatures will fall pretty quick and you'll be looking at fairly cool morning. not much t in way of showers on the radar right now. we've had a couple up toward the north up towards frederick. shower activity even some snowflakes, yeah, possible in the mhantains.
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buts really about it. now this whole system comes through. the clouds get out of here. cooler weather moves in. and tomorrow morning behind this we have som really chilly air early on your tuesday. storm system itself down to the south making way off to the eastern part or rather into the atlantic. but severe weather towards southeast. now the whole thingoves out and cooler during the day tomorrow. and wednesday. then we s grt to see things the right thing. 54 degrees tomorrow. breezy and cool w phnty of sunshine. and i do mean plenty of sunshine. >> but remember at the bus it will be chilly side so take the jackets kids will need them. temperature around 34 in the city. many of you in the upper 20s. so it is goioo to be a start to your tuesday. 47 degrees recess. 54 breezy by the time picking up the kids. t sohe breeze adds in a little bit of chill but 54 and sun, that's not too bad. take lack at the next couple of days. 56 on wednesday. so nice day there, sll below average. then we get to opening day, nice
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andee 64 degr perfect day for baseball. and of course looking at the nationals as they take on the mets here looking great down there. we'll be down there live during the day. jim handily 4:00 a.m. on the field. i'll be there later on in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. now, sunshine at 11:00, take the jacket. 1:05 start 50 degrees. 64 by the time the game is out. come see us we'll be down there at the salt line doing weather line. so 64 on thursday. how about friday, 73. this is why amelia was looki earlier that's why we did move that up. 75 on friday. so a couple of days in 70. we could be warmer if this front is a little later. behind that we do get cool into next week. that's what we'll have to watch. right now no temperatures below frzing. so rig now looks like we could
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blossomme nice cherry weather but we think the beginning of next week, a week from today we could starteeing the peak bloom. >> good baseball weather too. forget thehade i'll be in the dark. >> but we always go around with heat lam. have you a crew that follows you. >> and he'll have a platter of chicken wings for you at 4:00 a.m. >> that's what i want. >> along with the pepcid. >>omg up, maryland women doing their best to keep dancing in their final home game of the
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this is the xfinity sports desk. tough night.or the wom they are not used to this. >> no, you know, sadly they are getting a little more used to that. guys,ar 41 ago to the day a water shed moment in women's baseball as maryland and ucla played in the first women's natial championship broadcast on national tv. it was a transcendentoroment the sport. now the college park the two teams aetin. but instead of making history
11:25 pm
they were playing history. 15-1 at home this season trying to punch their sweet 16 tickets quarter tied 4-4. she had a team high3 of 2 up three. final seconds othe third quarter. lewis, the steal, racing to the clock, and she does. at the terps are up five going into the fourth quarter. then one-point lead for maryland. game high 30. she also had eight rebounds. bruins up by oth little more a minute to play. one basis point game. trying to come back. ucla kennedy burke ices 85-80. lose third time in four years, disappointsing year especially for their only senior. >> we wanted this for her to end her season last game at the
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xfinity center on a good night. that's how the game goes and we and to learn from this game keep continuing to get better. >> we came up, came down, came up, came dowt i j think we needed to come up and stay up just a little longer. >> it sucks that this is the end of the season, but at the end of the day we have more to prove and we have off-season to get better and just come next year evener ha >> tough loss especially at home. hey, f new era basketball program at george washington. jam on-christiandu intd as new head coach. he spent time as assistant a vcu. seven seasons mount sanltarys comes just after one season. virginian native. get this his younger brother is coach. nice little d.c.onnect. spring training ball, mets yankees.
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matt ready for opening day. so the rest of the squad. turns and fires scoop.mmerman, nice take another look at this. that's a web gem. jim as athleticism showing off. back in the day. i know it. i know it. anthony calling this pitch red dub. >> you know he's from texas. >> no, with a texas shot. i have to get it in here. nationals beat them 5-3. opening day on thursday. weather is going to be good. i like it. hey, the stanley cup champions visiting white house. president trump praising tm for their run last june. saying he roots for the caps and thinking they have good chance repeating several declined the invitation to the white house for personal reasons, but all in a big trip for the franchise, ten months after winning the cup you can
11:28 pm
visit. you can make the joke things in washington don't always go so quickly but they got it done and got to go there. and considering they just won the championship, it's always an honor. >> it looks sharp out there, too. hair all nice and combed and suits. different look than fe down in the beer in stanley cup. the beer in stanley cup. >> that cob ♪ not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth, with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®.
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deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®.
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this is us star mandy moore
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two decades today she got on the hollywood walk of fame. her nbc costars were there to support her. the world at age 15 when she deted her first number.
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>> jimmy: hey, everyone, welcome to the "the tonight show." my name is jimmy fallon. and i'm standing outside the 6th avenue entrance of 30 rockefeller plaza where we shoot our show every single night. now tonight's show is going to be a little different. i'm very excited about this. asked nbc if we could possibly do a whole show shot on a a phone, and they said yes.


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