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tv   Today  NBC  March 26, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, victory good morning morning. victory lap. president trump basks in the spotlight after robert mueller finds no evidence of collusion. >> it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. democrats setti a deadline for the justice department to release the ful reposi. with both s digging in, is there any hope of lawmakers working together in the wake of the investigation. avenatti accused. high profile attorney michael avenattise relea on bond after being charged with trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. >> i will be fully exonerated, and justice will be done. >> this morning the case against him and the other well-known attorney linked to it.
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breakg overnight, widening the net. the department of education reportedly launching its own investigation into that massive college admissionsan dal. the tough new questions now facing the elite schools named in the scheme. all that plus demanding answers. officials now asking why the cruise ship in that nightmare at sea ever set sail in the first place. edibles and the er. the dramatic spike in hospital visits due to lal marijuana. a star-studded plan to take out of your walletma todarch 26, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannahri e and hoda kotb live from
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studio 1a in rockefeller please sa. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. back from a busy day in washington, d.c. >> i think we'll have a lot of busy days. president trump andic repus are now taking aim at the people behind the investigation. while democ have a lot of questions, nbc'si n welker has the latest on this one. hoda and savannah, good morning to both ofyou. it is a full-court press as the president and his allies seek political revenge with the mueller report finished. democrats aren't letting up on their plans to see the full every port and to keep in tstigating. wit strategy backfire? this morning the calls are growing louder to release the entire report. six house committee chairs demandg barr release the full findings to congress no later
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than april 2nd, next tuesday. earlier president trump saying he was okay releasing it. when askedre by a porter if mr. mueller acted honorably, he said yes even l whileting the investigation itself. >> it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. >> reporter: the president and his team taking a victory lap, blanketing the airways and overnight on fox news. >> this is the greatest farce ever perpetrated on our >> reporter: but the president also striking a vindictive te, appearing to call for an investigation on those at thef root the inquiry without >> hopefully people who have done such harm in our country -e we gone through a period of
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really bad things happening, those people will certainly be looked at. >> reporter: in his summary attorney general bill barr determined no one in the trump campaign conspired or coordinatedho interfere w the 2016 elecon. while mueller didn't draw a conclusion on whether trump committed obstruction of justice, the president's attorney rudy giuliani weighing in,ot exonerating. >> this is a cheap job, this is unprofessional. >> reporter: mueller told barr three weeksld ago he w punt on the obstruction of justice issue. >> robertho muellerd sit before the judiciary committeee in the sennd as well to the house. >> reporter: republicans are lashing out with top senator
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lindsey graham calling foral another speounsel to investigate how the investigation was handled from the start. >> going foroprdully in a bipartisan fashion, we'll begin to unpidk the other of the story. >> kristen, are democrats running into a problem, too focused on what's going on with the presid rt? orter: democrats are still trying to determine the road ahead. overnight house speaker nancy pelosi sd the mueller report was, r,ote, cl the president was not exonerated. the singular focu on president trump and his administration could wind up hurting democrats in the lead-up to the 2020 election. mocrats are also urging the president not to pardon his former advisers like paul manafort. when asked about that mr. trump said he hasn't thought about it. >> kristen welker at the white k
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house, tyou. also this morning, attorney michael avenatti who gained notoriety for representing stormy daniels in her lawsuit against the president findsn himselfhe wrong side of the law this morning. he's been arrested and charged with af number crimes including trying to extort nearly $20 million from nike. miguel almaguer with the details this morn good morning to you. >> avenatti is now facing multiple charges inoth new york and california after appearing in aanhattan courtroom monday. he was released on $300,000 bond when prosecutors say the allegations paint a picture of lawless conduct and greed. >> i am highlyondent that when all of the evidence is laid bare in connection with these case when it is all known, when due proceoccurs, that it
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will be fully exonerated and justice will be done. >> on monday, u.s. prosecutors on both coasts charging avenatti with a number of serious federal crimes. prosecutors in new york say avenatti tried to extort up to $25 milli from nike, allegedly threatening the shoe giant, if they didn't pay , he would release information he claimed would damage the company. on monday avenatti tweeting he planned to hold a presso conference disclose a major high school basketball scandal perpetrated by nike that we have uncovered. >> avenatti used illegal and extortionist threats in attempting to obtain mil dollars in payment for himself. >> in a statement nike said they will not be extorted and hide information relevant to a government investigation.
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according to sources, his unindicted co-con spir sore is mark geragos, known for recently representing colin kaepernick and just see smol let. geragos saying mr. geragos has not been charged with any criminal conduct whatsoever. he's facing charges of bank fraud and wire fraud in california. prosecutors say he embezzled .6 million of a client's money to pay off his own debts. avenatti rose to fame representing adult film star stormy daniels against president trump, becoming a frequent critic of the >> we elected the wrong man to lead the united states of america. >> reporter: mr. trump's 2020 campaign manager firing ba tweeting about the arrest. wow, what an amazing last 48 hours.
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i it's earlythe case here, miguel, how much prison time could avenatti be facing if convicted? >> if he were convicted on all charges, up to 97 years. stormy daniels recentl cut ties with avenatti. >> miguel almaer, thank you. craig joins the table with more on the latestollege admissions scandal. >> there's word of new investigations. while the first round of defendants appeared in court, coaches charged with taking bribes, facing federal charges in boston, nbc's joe fryer is there for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good rning. reports are emerging the epartment of education is opening investigations into eight universities impacted by the scandal. this as some defendants make their first court appearances here in boston. no parents, but six of them
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coaches in the case known as operation varsity blues. alside fed court in boston, pleas of not guilty. outside, a serie of no comments. >> are you innocent on these charges? >> reporter: a dozen defendants appeared irt including coaches, athletic director and stroctors indicted and charged with racketeering conspiracy, appearing before a judge three at a time, all pleaded not guilty. the attorney f wake forest me wos volleyball's attorney said his client is >> no one was admitted to wake forest who didn't earn it, as a udent and as an athlete. bill ferguson does not belong in this indictment. >> reporter: he's accused of taking $100,000 bribe to designate one student as a volleyball recruit. wake forest doesn't plan to take action against the student because there's no evidence she knew about thescheme.
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other universities have taken a harder line. yale has rcinded the acceptance of one student linked to the scandal. this as yale's soccer coach rudy meredith agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. also entering not guilty pleas, two once respected members ofve thersity of southern califoia. c has denied admission to six applicants because of their connection to t alleged scheme. the university has not yetaken action against current students including lori loughlin's daughters. court documents identify many of those accuse some mysteries remain such asaiho p the
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biggest bribe, $6.5 million according to eprosecutors. ayment has been referenced in court but not included in the chargings. docume prosecutors say the investigation is on going. >>ou joe, mentioned a few of the parents there. when can we expect toear from them? >> reporter: 33 parents are s charged in t case. most are expected in court later this week, some including actresses felicity huffman and lori laughlin are scheduled to appear in court next several decent deaths, three people who survived the initial tragedies have now taken their own lives. nbc senior national correspondent kate snow is covering this sad one. >> these suicides are causing a lot of pain and concern, putting a new spotlight on survivors' guilt. two students who survived tgh
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chool shooting in parkland apparently took their lives las week. the father of one of the 22 children who died atdy s hook elementary is gone, too. this morning two communities that have already suffered unthinkable loss. jeremy rich manned whose 6-year-old daughter was killed at sandy hook was found monday morning. in the years since sandy hook, richmond left his work as a neuro scientist to become a full-time advocate. last week he was in florida talking with parkland families and others and access to mental heth care. he addressed the personal challenges he faced losing a child. >> it's such a sck to the system that you feel displaced, like the word is spinning and you're not and you're going to get town off o it and you have to find something to grab on to. for trichmondt something was the foundion created to
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support research into brain abnormalities that could be linked to violentr. behav the foundation sayed taj cli his death speaks to what a challengr n health can be. nine days another, another also died by suicide, sydney's said her daughter felt survivor's guilt. this past weekend, a sophomore at the high school also took his own life. it's unclear if the two had any link. the two suicides in succession shocked people to the core. >> h are you guys doing? >>us mostly shock and slight anger, just how we can better support pple going through these types of situations and going through these intnal battles. sam grady talked with sannah and hoda. >> i know your best friend was
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shot right next to you. >> yes. >> have you been able to hear what happened to her? >> unfortunately she didn't make it. >> reporter: sam and her friend emme are seniors for college. they wonder if sydney was n longer surrounded by people with a similar experience. >> the problem is when you leave the school. that might have been what she's dealing with. >> after an emergency meeting on sunday, the parkland community, the school district offering counseling and several wellness centers for people to get help. >> such a sad thing to think aboug i was think back to other shootings. is this common at all? do kids take their own lives after something like this? >> unfortunately experts say it can lead to suicidal thoughts or actions. we saw it after columbine. they're asking all of us to check in with our loved ones.
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as they said don't take "i'm fine" as an answer. probeoueeper ife worried about someone. the columbia lighthouse project came up with a list of questions you can ask. there's the suicide prevention hotline, 80-273ou255. >> thank kate. other headlines of the morning include the cruise ation into the ship disaster that happened off the coast of norway. officials now want to know why this luxury liner with people on board ever set sail in the first place. keir simmo has the latest for us this morning. hi, keir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning we're learninghe ntsb has sent two investigators and thes. coast guard sending officials to help in this inquiry into what happened. savannah, you know the rescue operation has been widely praised. thestigators are looking at why the ship sailed at all.
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nbc news has spoken to passengers themselves who multiple have questions. this morning passengers on this nightmare cruise now question how thisuxury ship was stranded in a storm and how the emergency wasle handd. among the more than 600 americans thrown arounds the ship listed from side to side, danielle and sharon -- dan alle wheelchair this morning. >> a huge wave hit, suddenly both of us went this way, rolled on the ground t down to next level of steps. the only person that came around able to help m was another passenger. >> reporter: the couples say it took five hours to be seen by an on board medic. >> we've got people dying on this ship. you're not a priority. >> reporter: they say the crew
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struggledocoate bandages and even life jackets. >> it took a halfwaye to get l jackets. >> reporter: they waited 18 hours to be winched off the ship bys.helicopter terrifying video from the stricken ship. >> one man fell and hit his head on a chair. he was completely covered with blood. the medical staff took care of him very quickry. >> reporter: the viking sky was heading south, hitting a cyclone in an area known for it. >> i don't know why they would omy we're going to continue on. >> reporter: theny telling us in a statement, its procedures were t implementedo the highest standards and the route was decided by a ver experienced captain.
7:19 am
chairman tonight personally apologizing to the whose dream vacation came to a frightening end. there even appears to be confusion about how many people were injured. the officials say the number hospitalized was 28. viking sky, a spokesperson told us say they thi the number is 25. those passengers we spoke to said they didn't go to the hospital. they think more people wer injured than the numbers suggest. one person remains in the hospital, severe but stable. >> keir simmons, thanks very much. let's get a first check of th weather. we've got mr. roker in the us >> hey, guys. we have warmth in the west. eastern chill. you'll see temperatures from five to ten degrees below average from chicago, atlanta, wilmingt, to watertown new york. those temperatures start to wm up aittle bit. boston below normal, same in
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jacksonville and cleveland. look at minneapolis, 71 degrees. denver 73. amarillo 75. if you're in the northeast, new york city saturday,73 degrees. in orlando and even warming up to 62 in indianapolis. g're going to to your local forecast before you break out the ber my day shorts in the next 30 seconds. good morning voifd. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist
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chuck bell. ies clearing out during the overnight hours. we're off to a beautiful shert inashington area. it is rather chilly. temperatures mostly0s in the to 40 degrees. 40 here in washington. a substantial north to northeast wind araging almost 20 miles per hour now. it feels a lot colder than 40s. degr the feels-like factor are mostly in the 20s ands low 30s t morning. chilly weather for the next couple days. nice and mild by the end of the week. still to come this morning, pot problems. the alarming results of a new study, how eating edibles could land you in the er. e' ap big announcement that was bigger than we thought. the tech giant's push for global dominatiea and what it m for you. >> that sounds threateng. >> global domination.
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♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ . good morning everybody. 7:26 on this tuesday, march 26. i'm aison gilc >> i'm molette green. developing this morning, fire vieters in anne arundel county working to determine what caused this big house fire in dunkirk.r told everyone made it out safely. >> it was a long night for many amtrak passengers as prince george's county police investigated a deadly pedestrian crash i bowie. one person was killed the. we'll post updates in the nbc washington app. right now let's get a check on the commut melissa mollet has your first 4 traffic. >> taking a look at the beltway. slow in a couple of spots. still hanging around from earlier crashes.
7:27 am
inbound 395 with a good delay. outer loop at georgia better than it was from an earlier accident. gaithersrg, northbound 270 to 124, two right lanes blocked thee. all love free stuff. did you know a simple post on social media can lead to all sorts of perks? >> consumer reporter susan hogan working for you on how to post for perks tonight on news 4 at 5:00. we'll check on your first after this.
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sunny, breezy and cold t outsids morning. temperatures in the 30s to around 40 degrees. that northeastsind up near 20 miles per hour this morning. de windchills in the mid 20s to around 30 ees. you'll need your extra fleece this morning. you'll need it again tomorrow morning as most of the area will be below freezing. a nice warmingrend comes our way thursday.
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. reese and i p are soud to be a part of this exciting launch with app officiall announcing our new project, the morning show. >> wow, that sounds like a very intereing show. just one of the surprises at apple's big events yestery. no drama on a morning show whatsoever. i don't know what they're going to talk about. >> zero. there's nothing to discuss. >> that new conference or presentation, apple wants to just everywhere. >> they want to dominate the world. >> we're going to talk about that in just a little bit. let's start with a check of today's headlines. the calls are growing louder this morning for the release of the entire mueller report. in a letter to attorney general bill barr,ix hou democrat committee chairs are demanding
7:31 am
barr relea the full findings to congress no later than april 2nd. president trump st wouldn't bother him at all if the full report was released even while blasting the entire investigation itself. >> it was a >> it was a false narrative. hi was a terrible thing. we can never lethappen to another president again. >> on sunday, barr submitted his four-page summary of mueller's report which said the special counsel didot find proof of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but provided no conclusion on whether the president had obstructed justice. boeing conducted test flights of several 737 max aircraft on monday in senetle. thes are grounded around the world while boeing distributes a software patch. this comes after two deadly crashes involving that same plane. boeing willoslsot more than 0 20 airline pilots, technicians and regulators in an information sessioom tomorrow as theny works to get the 737 max planes
7:32 am
back in the air. usc superstar cnor mcgregor announced he's retiring from mixed martial arts. he said he's decided to call it quits without much explanation. mcgregor joined the ufc in 2015, the first fighter to hol title belt from two weight divisions simultaneously he's best known to sum for his bout against boxer floyd mayweather which drew the second largest pay-per-view audience in history. now an alarming spike in pot-related er visits in colorado, the first state to sell marijuana for recreational use. gabe gutierrez is outside the hospital there. >> reporter: colorado has been a pie noer in this budding .injury
7:33 am
researchers here say they're seeing more and more patients coming through the doors. and edibles are making up a disproportionate share of the problem. this morning colorado's high stakes gamble on legal m tijuana ising a serious health toll. a new study finds pot-related emergency roomisits tripled between 2012 and 2016 at the university of colorado hospital. many of the visits connected with issues for edibles. >> people take them and expect to feel the effects on. if they d they'll often take another dose. before you know it, those start to stack up and people end up more intoxicated than orplanned. >> rter: symptoms include repeated vomiting, racing heartbeats and psychotic
7:34 am
episodes. three deaths in colorado tied to edibles, almost two after the voters first green lighted marijuana use. recreational weed sales started here five years ago. >> welcome, welcome. you are number one, brother. >> reporter: while many celebrated the mo, there were also concerns. >> it big experiment o unfortunatelur kids are sort of the barometer. 79-year-old arlene says she took an edie on top of a pain killer. she became sodisoriented, her husband called paramedics. >> i just fel o out my body. i didn't know what was going to happen next. i was really frightened. >> reporter: this morning doctors have this warning. >> start low and go start at a low dose and slowly increase over a few hours to make sur you're no getting too much of that effect. >> reporter: supporters argue that tax revenue from drug sales
7:35 am
have steadily increased over the past few years, about a quarter billion in colorado in 20 alone. >> meanwhile j nsey was trying to legalize recreational marijuana, but that appears to be on hold for now. gabe, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yesterday lawmakers in new jersey were supposed to vote on marijuaza legaon. that basically fell apart when the governor couldn't get enougr su it's not clear when en that issue inew jersey might be revisited. >> gabe gutierrez in colorado, thank you. >> myt favorite pf the story was dr. john torres. start low and go slow. thank you, dr.john. mr. roker, how are we looking? >> they go low. we go slow. >> our friends in the midwest flood zone are facing a double-barrel threat. wednesday temperatures warm up, 60s and 70s. that's going to melt the snowpack. another systemoming in that
7:36 am
heavy rain will increase the river levels there. some areas could pick up up to three inches. unfortunately the river flood severity since the '20s has been increasing, while decreasing this the southwes the upward trend shows from mississippi and missouri river basins to see more flooding. as you look over the national 50 ate assessment's next years, we see an increase in precipitation as you get into the winter. 20% increase in some spots. to 15% in other regions in the southwest. in the spring, commensurate increase as you get into those northern areail we be looking most likely at more flooding throughout this eregion. andre going to be seeing the upper midwest with an increased flood threats we move toward the next century. that's what's going on around th i country. he what's happening in your neck of the woods. chilly sunshine here in the waington area, only 40 degrees at national noairport.
7:37 am
heast wind averaging 18 miles per hour now, so windchill below freezing in washington, and windchills are down in the mid 20s through the shenandoah valley. mid 20s through parts of the western suburbs as well. certainly a chilly start to the day. all sunshine all day long today. afternoon highs up right around 50 degrees or so. for tomorrow, a colder star less wind and milder tomorrow afternoon. hat's your latest weather. so how did it happen? new details on the plane that mistakenly through to the wrong country. an app that's popular with kids. what you need to know abou about tiktok. mandy moore received her star on t hood walk of fame. if apple wasn't big enough, the new services rolled o by the tech giant with the help of
7:38 am
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7:43 am
>> reporter: good morning, hoda. that's right. this is a massive shot across e bow fired in that war to p keple glued to their screens, plugging directly into one of t biggest distribution networks in the world. this morning apple aiming a to ta bielt out ofnetflix. the tech giant leaping into the streaming wars, an already crowded battlefield. apple tv plus promising to bring original shows, movies and docs to a billion screens. hollywood a listers out in full force, not in a red carpet, but a spinning elevator. >> this is great. oprah winfrey and steven spielberg two ofhe superstars on board. >> reese and i are so proud to be a part of this exciting launch with apple.
7:44 am
>> even big bird signed on to create new programming for screens that users around the world already own. >> apple! they near a billi pockets, y'all. >> reporter: apple also working the kick up more than just. the apple card planning to revoluon nice the way we use credit cards, the company will tract spending while eliminating fees and give you ch back daily. also turning to news feeds and video games to create new ways for subscribers to get access to select fees and apps. >> we really think you'll love apple arcade. >> the big esqution, how much? apple news plus $9.99. s for the rest, more will b announced in the fall. for the event, apple teased for weeks. plenty of hype and not a single
7:45 am
stand-alone trailer for the production, keeping customers and competitors at t edge of their seats, hoping more stars may align to put them on guys, i wanted to show you something, this spaceship looking building behind me, this is the steve jobs theater. that elevator is the elevator oprah was on yesterda this morning people are already reacting to some of those qui clips of the apple tv plus shows we did see saying some look very familiar. the jason mammo wah looks like "game of thrones" meets bird box. a morning show twist that means you guys are being played by jennifer anniston and reese witherspoon. aig, you're being played by steve carell. >> not only is apple in the business they' already been in, but they're going into the
7:46 am
movies, c tdit card business, arcade, magazines. tell us why they decided to jump in with both feet. >> you that -- until you've sat at the cupertino campus, you don't realize how much money that company s. they are so liquid. it's like$245 billion in cash. the gdp of vietnam is less than that. to be in that spaceshiphe environment everything is taken care of. even the banisters blow your mind. you realize they can afford to do anything. in this cashere revealing all the stuff -- >> thealre pract in the vacuum and blender business at this point. why wouldn't they pile all that cash into more technology? have we literally reached the end of the internet and there's nothing else? >> maybe they've sold all the iphones they're ever going to sell and will only be in the business of replacing iphones.
7:47 am
i don't think it's that. thgo definitely have room to what they're trying to do is get us inside thealledgardens. apple's profit marg, they literal make $500 for every ho $1,000 you buy. as long as they can keep you coming back by offering you credit cards, movies, journalism, all that keeps you coming back. >> all a gateway to get you the buy more phones? >> what about the credit card? >> i'm a jaded y. i've been through a lot of events, but, whoa, this one blew my mind. they're going to have a credit card where it doesn't have any fees and they say the interest won't change if you make a payment. the fact they're giving away, is another way to say it, another way is to say eating the credit
7:48 am
card industry as marketing. that's a powerfu company. that changesy. grav >> there weren't a lot of details on the arcade, the newsstand, the new shows coming out in the fall. what do we tsnk all of t is consumer?mean for the how much is it going to cost? >> we don't totally know. the fine print in the apple announcement from a 13% and 24% apr which isot a l apr by any means. they were vague on the details on the newnt entertain service, the rest of it. as a formeragine editor i was alarmed they'd be charging 0 month for open access to over 300 magazines. >> not all of the content. a lot will be behind the pay wall. >> yes, behind the pay wall. >> what they did to the music industry, making it very
7:49 am
difficult for artists to make money, they'll probably do to he magazine industry and possibly even television. >> that's right. you see these weirdpa nerships, the credit card companies theed partn with to make apple pay possible, they'll now compete with those companies. with netflix partnering withs stud and now it's the weight of it and the effect of it. >> weird to think about one company controlli so many different aspects of your life. that's another story for another day.ut we're o of town. still ahead, you heard of tiktok? you're not a teenager. it's been downloaded a billion times, maybe by your kids. why is it so popular, after these messages. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you,
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7:56 i your time on this tuesday, march 26th.i' molette green. let's get right to melissa mollet. slow spots inbound on 395, inner loop crossing the woodrow wilson bridge aswell. outer loop still slow from an earlier accident there. riverdale,oubound bw, work zone set up there.ut ound 295, crash happened there. a check of your forecast coming up.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning everybody. it's breezy and chilly, but plenty of sunshine there. the willow trees alongside the potomac river. the greening of washington is well under way. a chilly one. temperatures mid to upper 30s around the city but windy as well. windchills in the 20s. dress accordingly. good news is after we get past tomorrow morning, a nicearming trend coming our way, back in the 70s by friday and saturday. >> i lik it. ank you, chuck. another local news update in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show after this short break. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast.
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that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. it'8:00 on "today," far from over, president trump again coming up, far from over, president trump claiming victory after robert mueller finds no evidence of collusion. >> it was a false narrative. it was a terrie thing. democrats set a deadline for the attorney general to release the entire report and for mueller himself to appear before eongress. >> i think h should sit before the judiciary committee in the senate and as well to the house. >> we're live in washington with the latest. plus, tiktok you don't stop. a look at the wildly popular app that has adults and kids posting millions of short videos, but is tiktok really safe? what you need to know before
8:01 am
your kids log in. gaines in the garden, opening up about her first children's book. why she says her garden is teaching her family lessons about life. . day tuesday, march 26, 2019 kid-free spring break. >> we're celebrating my beautiful wife's 50th birthday. >> hi grand and grandpa in laurel, minnesota. ♪ >> i'm watching in fredricksburg, virginia. >> from davey, florida. >> newburgh, indiana. >> and charleston, south carolina. >> hello wisconsin. cheese. >> what a beautiful crowd. we appreciate you cing out today on this tuesday morning. so many great people. a who bunch of girl scouts outsid >> i love this time of year.
8:02 am
it's spring, but also the sun is shining. love to see that. >> if you can't make it to our can still not, y get in on the fun. ake out the phone, record that shout-out, you can share it by using #mytodayplaza. a busy hour starting with the news at 8:00. the entd of the mueller a victory pres kristen welker has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. president trump and his allies are feeling emboldened and aiming to capitalize in the wake of the mueller report. etw democrats are on defense scrambling tomine their next steps as they demand to see mueller's full findings. this morning the calls are l growinder to release the entire report. in a lette to attorney general bill barr, six committee chairs
8:03 am
demanding he release the full findings to congress no later than april 2nd, next tuesday. earlier mr. trump sayings h okay with releasing it. >> it wouldn't bother me at all. >> reporter: when asked by a report if mueller acted honorably. >> it was a false narrative. it was a terrible thing. we can never let this happen to another president again. >> reporter: the president and his team taking a collective victory lap. >> they know there was no collusion. they know there was no obstruction. >> reporter: blanketing the airwaves during the day and overnight on fox news. >> this is the greatest farce ever perpetrated on our democracy. the president t also striking a vindictive note, appearing to call for investigations on those af the roothe inquiry without naming names. >> hopefully pple that have done such harm to our country -- we've got throu a period of really bad things happening,
8:04 am
those people will certainly be >> reporter: in his summary attorney general bill barr says mueller's report concluded no one in the trump campaign conspired and while he didn't draw a conclusion on whether the prident obstructed justice, barr said the president's actions did not amount to a crime. president's attorney rudy giuliani weighing in on that line from mueller, not exonerating trump. >> this is a cheap shot. this is unprofessional. >> reporter: justice department officials tell nbc news mueller told barr thr weeks ago he would punt on the obstruction issue. some democratsre calling on both officials to testify. >> i think mueller and barr shouldappear. >> robert mueller, i think he should sit before the judicry committee in the senate and as well to the house. >> reporter: top senator lipid see graha calling for another
8:05 am
special counsel to investigate how the fbi and justice tpartment handl investigation from the start. >> going forward, hopefully in a bipartisan fashion, we'll begin to unp sk the othere of the stofrry. >> reporter: now, overnight house speaker nancy pelosi told reporters the mueller report is, resident was the not exonerated on obstruction of justice. still, there are growing concerns within the party that a siusular f on mr. trump will backfire in the leadup to 2020. talk of impeachment has large by been shelved. there are a number of investigations on going. freedom did not last long for most of the w inmates orcaped monday from a county jail in n carolina. officials say five prisoners managed to squeezehrough a hole in the fence in the jail's exercise yard. four of the men were recap tufrd overnight. the fbi had beenhe helping in search for the remaining
8:06 am
fugitive. british airways h apologized to passengersse who monday morning flight to germany ended up in scotland by mistakse it was sup to flight from london, straight over the english d it went north and landed in edinburg, scotland. a ground skafer typed in the wrong airport code and nobody noticed. passengers wede surprhen they were told to prepare for landing in scotland. after a couple of hours on the ground, they took off again. this time for the correct destination. >> that's one of those things that someone should make check, triple check. i got a good morning boost for you guys. a tour production of cats was traveling from london to brtsels when the c turned an elderly man playing the piano in a train station. it became a magical viral hit.
8:07 am
♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ blue birds fly ♪ birds fly over the rainbow ♪ why then or why can't i >> o'connor says she w overwhelmed by the social media response. she, of course, says her real friend was the man who played the piano. gave everyone a i guess he plays down there often. >> he didn't miss a beat. >> music always unites. inside mandy moore's hollywood walk of fame ceremony that led to a surprise reunion. are your kids on kick tok? do you even know what is? what we need to know about the app that's suddenly bigger than twitter and snapchat. right after this.
8:08 am
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8:14 am
morning on today's talker, the new app that's taking gen z by storm, apparently downloaded a billion times. >> for tse of us thon't know, it's called tiktok. here to explain what it is, savannah llers, host of "stay tuned." what is this? >>ly extre popular and a marriage of snapchat, the now defunct vine and karaoke. they're meant to be lighthearted and fun, with such a young user base, is the app doing enough to keep them safe? it's the biggest app you've never heard of, but probably has a prime spot on your kid's home screen next to instagram and snapchat. it's called tiktok, a social app rsthat let's u watch and create short videos with fun effects set to inmusic. ust two years, tiktok has climbed to the top of the global
8:15 am
download charts and become a real competitor among its billion dollar coterparts. >> tiktok is one of the fastest growing apps we'ver een on social media. it's been reportedly downloaded about a billion times, which makes it bigger than twitter, bigger than snapchat, almost as big asag inm. >> the app owned by chinese company bytedance, boasts 500 million users worldwide, compared to twitter's 321 million. target base is 13 and up, a generation known for its fleeting taste in what's hip and what's wnot. as such a young app mentioned to capture and keep th a attention of half million people when similarpps have failed. >> not a lot of politics, not a lot of ads. most of the stuff is goofy and weird and fun. i think for that reason it's sort of become a lot of people's safe haven. >> reporter: the most popular videos on the app are a bizarre mix of dancing, visual stunts
8:16 am
and comedy. but for all of tiktok's charm, there are still se serious privacy concerns about an a s withuch a young user base. kids under 12 have limited access to tiktok's features, profiles of kids 13 and or are public by adult. meaning anyone including adulte stra can contact them. parents should take advantage of all privacyetngs so only people you know can see your content. turn off allow others to find me andurn onrivate account. also, make sure all the safety features areet to just friends. common senseedia also suggests limiting time and inappropriate content under the digital well-being section of the app, which you can do with a pass code so kids can't change them back. are these protections enough for worried parents or is the clock ticking on tiktok? >> the privacy setngs are big.
8:17 am
was there a lawsuit or settlement. >> there was, a $5.7 million, musilly, which morphed into tiktok was allegedly collecting names, e-mail iormation and users under the age of 13 illegally. anyone within a 50-mile radius could see their pages and send them messages. in a staple tiktok said they understand the concerns that arise around younger users and they've, quote, implemented changes to accommodate younger u.s. users in a limited separate app experience that introduces additional safety and privacypr ections. as long as you have all the privacy protections , users say it's a great place to go. >> they've already paid a $6 million settlement. >> what's the between "stay tuned" and tick
8:18 am
snok. >> we start on snapchat. t're usinghe app to tell s stories ie of a fun way. some is a little emrrassing, ing lip syncing. >> doing the news with karaoke? >> a littlt. >> it will depend. for example, the story where the guy survived on hot sauce pacts from taco bell. we started with a -- i'm not going to chug the hot sauce. >> all the moms are going to get on it and the kids will get off. >> we are trying to tell the news in a fun way so there's some educational value to it. >> thank you. we'll switch gears and get a h eck of the weather wit.
8:19 am
>> our generation had a version of that. it was called "school house rock." that's another deal. looking at another storm system coming to the west coast causing bi problems today. you can see snow developing into the sierrarr today into to, a few showers. the next system will move in on wednesday bringing more snow, especially into the pacific northwest. as we get into the coftral part california, we're talking anywhere from one to three inches of rain in the upper elevations. snow upwar of 24 inches above 5,000 feet. that's what's going on around thecountry. here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. ea> good morning. i'm storm4 meteorologist chuck bell. breezy and chilly outside this morning. temperatures are in the mid to upper 30s. windchills are still in the 20s this morning. grab your puffy coat. 52 for a high today. the north wind will be with us all day long today. tomorrow, a colderstart. most of the suburbs below freezing tomorrow. without much wind tomorrow it will b a lovely day to be
8:20 am
outside. on thursday, opening day for the nats at home. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. even milder than that for friday and saturday. >> that's your latestweather. guys? you're going to love "popstart." >> i want to have a daly click and morning bot-off. >> that's a good idea. exciting news from joanna gaines, today marks the release of her first childrenbook, "we are the gardeners." here is exactly why the garden is important to her. >> gardening has become a really big part ofhat we do together as a family. i think it's something i wanted my kids to learn early on, even though we don't know exactly how to do mething, let's get in this, get dirty and figure it out.
8:21 am
a lot of failures along the way, but the reward and gift at the end is worth every setback. >>or for more ition on the book go to shop. mandy moore received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. this is us creator's speowh brought the house. >> what can i say about mandy moore that has president already been said? how about this? she is a monster, she is the worst person i know, dr. evil with a better haircut, darth vader with a betterpublicist. she is the worst person i've ever met. but sure let's put her name on a star. sh destined for a star on this sidewalk long before today. wedo her a disservice if
8:22 am
think of her just as a star. she is a talented force of nature and simply n messing around anymore. there is a line in the first season of the show when jack fighting for his marriage tells mandy theirtory is just getting started. mandy moore's story is just getting started as well. i'm crazy about you and i hope nobody pees on your star. >> mandy's co-stars were also there from "this is us." we want to wish her big congratulations. i met mandy in 1999, she was signed to epic records. she had a single called "candy." she was 15 me in with her parents to mtv. b i'n rooting for her ever since. congrats to her. gwyneth paltrow's daughter apple not happy with mom. if appls face doesn't say it all, she wrote the comment, mome
8:23 am
have discussed this. you cannot post anything without my consent. >> i think she posts a lot of twitter andra inst snoop dog and martha stewart are teaming up in a pro for pot luck party challenge. it's famous scene from the film titanic. >> how splendid to see you. ♪ ♪ you're here, there's nhing i fear ♪ ♪ and i know that my heart will go on ♪ >> open your eyes. >> i'm frying. martha, i'm frying. >> oh, myosh. so fantastic.
8:24 am
that's the best. >> i'm frying, i'm frying. >> carson, you embarrassed. or with the hand thing, it was getting weird a second. >> mtha and snoop's pot luck challenge on april 1st. here is a dad determined to go right at it. he's at the arcade, on baby duty. not going to stop dad from shooting some hoops. jumps right into action. >> a bad rebound could make this aswhole different video. >> he h the baby in the front and the i backpack the back. >> if his wife saw that video, he'd never hear the end of it. > the how-to for a quick and easy dinner for the man behind the no recipe recipes from "the new york times" all coming up right after this.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's start wi a check on the commute. alexandra, a pedestrian crash there. fairfax, westbound 66 after 123, single laneetting by. taking a look in gaithersburg, northbound 270 there. >> melissa, thank you. we'll have a check on the forecast when we come back. st with us. with this one little
8:27 am
nexgard chew comes the confidence you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. and it's the only chew fda approved to prevent infections that cause lyme disease. nexgard. what one little chew can do.
8:28 am
good morning. sunny and breezy today, staying plenty chilly as well. high today only 52. r tomorrow, mosf the suburbs down below freezing in the morning. a little milder tomorrow. most importantly, it won't be near as windy. home opener for the natsn thursday. nice weather, highs in the low to mid 60s.
8:29 am
the weekend looks pretty good. saturday will berhe betalf of the weekend with highs in the mid 70s. >> chuck, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today.
8:30 am
good morning, good morerng ybody. it's 8:30, tuesday, march 26th. nice morning on the plaza. a littlech illy, great crowd. we want h to sayi to everybody. i know it's goingr to be war this weekend, al, but not feeling too w rmight now. >> that's what will make it feel so much better on saturday. >> can i introduce you to a couple of cute fol from wisconsin. somebody isir celebrating t
8:31 am
second annual 39th birthday. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's yourname. >> my name is heidi. is my husband jared. >> your second annual 39th. i had to do the math. it's your 40th. >> it is my 40th, thank you. >> you'rdaholding book. >> hi, you guys. >> a special reason you're holding these lovely books. too.'re adopting, so we wanted to bring these. >> do you know when it's going to happen. >> no, we're waiting. >> you know when it will happen? it will be right on time. congratulations. >> happy birthday, love. nice to have you guys here. >> i'm so excited for yys it's going to be the best thing you've ever done. >> come back and share the gaud news b we know it's going to happen. god bless you. >> thank you, guys. just ahead, jean chatzky is
8:32 am
here on a mission to help women understandetterheir rim with money. the crucial questions you should ask to keep you on the right track. we're cooking with one m of all-time faves, sam sifton. one of his popular no recipe recipes. looking forwa to that coming up on the third hour of "today," two of the biggest star from the pyeongchang olympics. >> the whole news room went crazy. how many 39th birthdays have you had? >> about 80. >> a collect of the weather for us? >> let's take a look at the spring chill today.
8:33 am
warming up out west. rain making its way through the cascades, sunshine through the fouthwest and into the gulf coast. tomorrow, we are looking at warmth moving into the midwest.l no that would be good. that's going to be melting the snow pac, causing more flooding the mississippi and missouri river basin. cold start to today in new england. sierra snow in the pacific northwest and northern california. for sunshine in the gulf, into the southeast and around the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. here is what' happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. right here in our area it is a very breezy morning. winds out of the north to noheast, averaging 15 to 20 miles per hour. even though temperatures are close to 40 in many spots, it feels like it's below freezing still. definitely a windchill for the first part of the day today, less s much sunshine for tomorrow. back into the 60s by thursday. 70s on friday andsa rday. next chance for showers is on sunday. we'll start ext week cool just
8:34 am
like we did this one. you can check us out on sirius xm 108. a big fan of "off the rails." goodlistening, baby. coming up, jean chatzky is here. a new book out, talking about the one thing women should be asked about their finances right now. first this is "today" on nbc. something very important.
8:35 am
not everybody can be a winner like aldi. their products have won over 400 awards for quality. kind of like cooper's solar system. but hey we did great too. not aldi great, but regular great... beat him... ...plants? know what's really great? the low prices at aldi. save on fresh atlantic salmon side, now just $7.29 per lb. aldi. shop differentli.
8:36 am
th> we're backit >>yeah, in america 30% of women earn more than their partners, 50% of women are single andy 2030, 66% of the country's wealth w >> withil this rowing economi power, women are starting to reexamine their relationship with money and how to get what we want. cjeantzky is the author of a new book called "women with money." she's here with questions women
8:37 am
need to ask >> what an interesting topic. >> we're in the midst of this huge sea change, power change, and over the last two years through micro money podcast, i've been hearing from thousands of womenho say know i've got more money than ever before. whether they've got $1,000 or $100,000, they don't feel in control and don't feel confident. this is about pting the confidence back in their hands. >> different phases of our life we want think we need different things. let's start with our 20s. you might have a job, you have college loans, stuff going on. what should youe thinking about? >> you should be thinking about if you're getting paid what you're worth. that's because every single salary you're going to get for the rest of your life hinges off this first salary. we know 57% g ofs coming out of college negotiate for that first job. only 7% of women. what leverage do you have in your 20s? it's so important, you're right. it starts there and everything
8:38 am
feeds off of it. >> you've got morehan you think. the job market is really good. people will credentials are wanted. you need to know what your number is and you need to ask for it. even if you don't get it, you need to ask can we revisit this in six months. it wan you to practice in front of a mirror. >> by the way, guys do it mucht -- i don't think i ever asked for anything until later, like iny 40s. >> even then it's so uncomfortable. >> it is. a little practice makes it better. >> we want to move to our 30s. i think we have a special guest quesoner on our plaza. is mallory with us? >> hi, i'm orma i'm 35. i'm single. i'm saving up to buy myirst house. i work on tips and commission, i'm a hawastylist. wondering if you have any suggestions? >> absolutely. this is great. itnt taps something that's going on. we're seeing more single women buying homes than ever before. the trick to makin this happen is trying to get to the point
8:39 am
where you're saving 15% ofev wh you're earning at all times. that's true for everybody. if you can do that, you will have enough money in retirement. don't try toet there all at once. it will feel like a crash diet and you will just implode. nudge it up by about a yea until you get there. she needs to separate her tips, put it aside so she doesn't touch it and put it in the bank. >> tips and commissions are ab chan. out can't really plan around that. >> and it's cash, easy to spend. put itway and put it in a high interest rate savings account. >> to our 40s. a lot of people have a checking scount andings account. that's fine. i know where my money is. your money could beorking for you. >> this is so important for women. we keep far too much money in a vings account in the bank. >> or under the mattress. >> now we now. itds to be invested. you need to put it in the market.
8:40 am
know it feels risky, but you're losing money when it's in the bank at ayear, after taxes and inflation. >> so what should youe investing in. >> investing doesn't mean trading. we don't all have to be a fast-paced trader. just buy index funds. >> it feels like las vegas if you don't really know, and it's kind of scary. >> i totally agree. >> make it simple and boring, a target date retirement fund that lines upith what you want to retire and call it a day. that's all you have to do.ot you've to make sure the money is going in. 90% of women tel us they wan to invest. just get started. one little step. >> who would you call first if you didn't know how to do it? >> if you've got a 401(k) at work, i wouldevall w administers that. if you don't, open an ira, fidelity, vanguard, schwab, any of them, they're all fine. theusa today" had an interesting article saying the
8:41 am
job market is so strong sayings women in their 50s are actually going back to work. >> that article also said they're fe fact that they've got money coming in and it's theirs to control which is really, really im 5rtant. in you, you need to pay attention to ether or not you have stepped out of your financial life. now is the te when y need to know where everything is. you need to know what your investments are doing for you, what your plan is foran retiremt whether you are going to have enough to last you long if you don't know, it's time to check in with a financial adviser, maybe a spouse if you've got one orak partner, sure it's all buttoned up. >> you talk about women. they start as girls. we're thinking about our little. gi what is it about how we teach our kids about money but alsoch how we t little girls about money, and frankly, teaching them how to relate to the world. how does this come into play?
8:42 am
>> sadly, we still give our ughters short shrift. we teep our daughters about budgeting and our sons about investing. it's the conversations we have over life because that's how we were taught. your daughters need to know they are capable and can do this. talk about your money at the dinner table, hey, mommy did this today.ou when stake them to get some make sureof the atm, you tell them how to money got in there to begin with. >> i can remember when atms came in the'80s with my dad, daddy, did you win? >> it's called "women with money." find out more on just ahead, "new york times
8:43 am
food editor sam sifton, cooking chicken two way, o for now, one for leftovers. the best part, no recipe. first this is "today" bc.
8:44 am
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we are back with "today" food. >>e're back with "today food." sam siftons the food editor of "the new york times," here to make the dream a reality. ery wednesday sam writes a recipe that doesn't need the recipe. a littleid confce, a few ingredients. response from readers has been i'm one of those readers. sam, so good to see you. >> gat to be here, al. >> how did the idea for this column come up? >> we wanted to give people the confidence to cook on their own without a recipe. of course, that means g
8:46 am
them a recipe, but we're doing it in a different way, a kindf rrative way. we're saying, hey, if you wanted to make, say, some roast chicken on caramelized ponions those on a sheet pan. d chicken on top. i like thighs because they're fatty and delicious and you can't overlook them. ik>> very much myself. >> we'll slide that into a hot oven425 degrees about a half hour. that's not a recipe. >> that's a sse. >> tha a base. while that's cooking, we'll take some outons. >> d? >> day-old baguette from my french countryside estate a little salt, olive oil. >> a glug or two.
8:47 am
>> or three. >> if you want something fantastic, just on their own -- >> thank you, sir. at's how we cook. that's how we eat. i've got the croutons, bitter greens on here. th. is ka you could use spinach. >> arugula. >> a little water crest if you were feeling frisky. now we'll take some of that. put thatn there -- you want two chicken thighs? >> absolutely. >> and you've got dinner. >> what do you think? >> delicious. >> it's delicious. >> so weave got extras. always have leftovers. so now t next day, i shred it up alittle. i'm going to make fried rice. i'm going to get a it nice crisp. while it's cooking, getti
8:48 am
crisp. get all excited. when it's done, i'm going to take it off the heat because i've got other stuff i want to cook. here is my crisp chicken. i'm going to take aromatics, ginger, garlic, scallions, add them to the wok. i'm a dad, so i have a lot ofeg frozen tanls. >> nothing wrong with frozen, right? >> no. fren organic is pretty good. we're going add some rice. >> this could be leftover rice. >> it should be leftover. when it's cool, you see those grains so we've got that going. we're going to add a uce. i've made a sauce out of the korean red pepper. >> it's very hot, very chic. "new york times" is a very hip publication. >> like the tiktok of cooking. >> exactly what i was thinking, . you could instead use
8:49 am
worcestershire sauce. as it's cooking, open up a little hole in the middle. scrambled eggs in there. mix it and keep stir frying until it's set. when it's set, here we go. >> kathie lee is he, too. >> i only have ten more days to t a free meal. >> you picked a good one. >> craig didn't leave anything on his plate. >> w you've got kathie lee coming in from another show, that's something. >> i post a lot of my recipes oa instag because i cook a lot. the stuff that you guys do, i took your ripe for the chicken thighs and just adapted it and
8:50 am
cooked the onions in the leftover chicken fat and everything. your sloppy joe recipe -- >> i'm glad youike t sloppy joe. >> really old school. i mate some keto buns for it. >> visit us at actual recipes ando recipes. >> thanks, guys. >> standing room only at the tasting table. >> to get these no-recipe recipes, check out we're back after this.
8:51 am
8:52 am
that was some good that was some good chicken. time for birthdays? >> in fact, smear some smuckers on thatchicken. first up, happy 100th to mildred
8:53 am
dien in boca entu raton, mark, an artistthrom tennessee. head teacher of the first state supervised nursery program in her hometown. happy 100th birthday to george franklin. he says the secret to longevity, a strong work ethic. shirley iseb cting 100 years. few things she loves more than devouring an ice cream sundae. yes, shirley. elizabeth grassl from wisconsin, green bayackers fan, 104. that's right. married to the love of her life for over 50 but not least, philip basser from skarls dale, new york. i love the backwards baseball cap, celebrating 101 years.
8:54 am
phil's face was e rywhere last year when he was honored for being the oldesthidelphia eagles fan. a lot to get to this morning. as we wrapou up this of "today" with great stories at m/ today.colday. alaria baldwin is one stretch that can help reduce your knee pain. how often should you clean your microwave? find it all on maggie rose will be in the artists lounge for a special performance. her voice is -- >> she's awome. joining us at 10:00? guest celebrity j co-hosl mchale. i'm a little scared. cath is terrified. >> doesn't he do a wholeen segm >> set the dvr.
8:55 am
see you after your local news.
8:56 am
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8:57 am
r loop at university looking a lot better than it was before an earlier problem has cleared. >> okay. thanks, melissa. we'll get a check of the forecast when we come back. stay with us. with this one little nexgard chew comes power, confidence, reassurance you're doing what's right
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good morning everybody. i the sun shining, but it is a chilly start to the day. 41 degrees, but with north winds averaging 17 miles an hour. the hindchille in washington down to 32 degrees. with temperatures still mostly in the 30s i the suburbs, windchills still in the 20s. definitely need your warm coat today. won't need it as much by t time we get to the end of the week. home opener for the nats on ic thursday, and mild. 70 on friday and 75 saturday. next real chance f some rain comes on sunday. we're getting there, chuck. thank you so ch. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
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>> live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> such a nice voice. >> oh, well, thank you. >> good tuesday morning, craigi me here along side al roker, dylan dreyer, sheinelle enjoying the week off. maybe catching up on one of her new shows. on there will be a new way to watch. >> i see what you did there. >> apple jumping into thest aming business. in typical apple fashion they announced it with a big splash. oprah herself is on board, a slew of other hlywood a-listers took part in that announcement, steve carell was ther reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston as well just to name a few. this is actually -- this is muc


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