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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 29, 2019 12:37am-1:38am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- natasha lyonne, msnbc contributor, donny deutsch, stars of "the other two," actors drew tarver and heléne yorke, featuring the 8g band with jeff friedl. ♪ [ cheersnd applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good seening. i' meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the cording to cnn, special counsel robert mueller's rept on the russia investigation may be finalized by next week. and when has cnn ever called hi an too early? [ laughter ]
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the bernie sanders campaign has announced that in the first rs 12 hfter launching his presidential bid, sanders raised more than $4 milon in donations, which is great for bnders. great for sander terrible for the guy behind him at coin star. [ laughter ] "all small donations!" [ laughter ] president trump met today with the chancellor of austria. saidtrump, "did you bring a kangaroo?"ht [ la ] [ cheers and applause ] ahead of next week's summit between president trump and rt korean leader kim jong-un in hanoi, a vietnamese barber is offering free haircuts in the style of trump or kim. [ laughter ] or if you're reallbold, ask for both. [ laughter and applause ]
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a company in japan recently organized a speed dating event where people s across from one another in silence and communicated with miniature robots which they say can help shy people find love. said one participant, "it worked. we're getting married."[ ughter and applause ] duchess meghan markle was in new york city yesterday for her baby shower. "i can't wait until it arriv," said a new yorker -- about the train. [ laughter and applause ] state officials in new york have approved a new plan that will surround part of staten island with a 5.3 mile long seawall to protect it from flooding. and to prote the rest of new york from staten island. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and finally, a designer at london fashion week last week showcased a collection of ar t-shirts, s and sweaters featuring images of sperm.'s vailable at semen marcus. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]es
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land gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. her incredible, incredible new series, "russian doll" is streaminnow on netflix. natasha lyonne is back tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's a regular on msnbc's "morning joe," donny deutsch is joining us again. happy to have him back. [ cheers and applause ] and they are the stars of the very funny new comedy central show, "the other two." drew tarver and heléne yorke are here. [ cheers and applause ] so it's a great night. we're happy to have you, but before we get to that, president trump and his allies are freaking out about a democratic plan to fight climate change. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ applause ] >> seth: after trump declared a national emergency las to build a border wall, he got some rare pushback from members of his own party. but they weren't concerned that trump had made up a fake emergency. ey were concerned that a democratic president could come along and use the law to declare ata real emergency over cl change. >> if you declare a national cu emergency to cent congress
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to pay for the border wall, what's to stop a liberal democrat one day from declaringn climate change a national emergency? >> maybe we're going to get a democratic president and we're going to declare a national emergency on climate change. >> if the president declares this a national emergency, it's not going to be long before there is a democratic presido t es the same thing in regards to what, climatehange. >> seth: that's what you're worried about? that's like sang i would give this homeless guy a dollar, but you know he's just going to use it to print out his resume and find a job. [ laughter ] there's a big differthce between border and climate change. climate change is an actual emergency. and we can't build a wall to stop it. unless we build ontiaround the planet. [ laughter ] are're going to build a space wall, folks, andis going to pay for it." [ laught f ] t, climate change is such a serious emergency that last year after a summer of heat waves and wildfires, scientistsd issuede warning. we have just 12 years to limit devastating global warning. one scientist said, "it's like a deafening, piercing smoke alarm going off in the kitchen.
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we have to put out the fire." and another said, "it's like a speeding freight train."s you know id, because scientists try not to use language like that. the last time a scientt freaked out like that, he was trapped in the temple of doom. ie >> we are going to [ laughter ] >> seth: now in response to that, a reasonable person might say, what can we do to stop this? instead we have president who inks you can stop wildfires not by slowing down climate change but by raking leaves in the forest. at's what he told fox ne last year even after he was asked point blank about the role of climate change. >> i was watching the firemen the other day, and they were raking areas. they were raking areas. where the fire was right over th e, and they're raking trees, little trees like this that are -- not trees, little bushes. that you can see arely dry. theds. and they are rakin. they were on fire. that should have been all raked out. >> what about these argument -- >> you wouldn't have the fires. >> what about the argument it's climate change? that it's drier, it's hotter. and thathat's contributing to it.
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>> maybe it contributes a little bit. the big problem ge have is mant. when i was in a certain state, i won't say which, the governor said, you know, we've tested it. we clean out areas, and we he actually setire just to see. we lose alst nothing. >> seth: why won't you say which state it was? [ laughter ] seems to me, if a governor figud out how to stop forest fires with a rake, they'd want their name out there. [ laughter ] is it because they're from nev-a-happened-a? [ laughter ] so if you're a lawmaker irced with thewarnings of climate scientists, you have two options. you can put more money into heking little trees or you can radically overhaulconomy in a way that would help stave off disaster. and that's the path some democrats led by congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez che -- [ cheers and applause ]th -- whe unveiled a plan called the green new deal, which envisions a ten-year economic t mobilization tuld phase out fossil fuel use and overhaul the nation's infrastructure. the plan has been endorsed by several democratic candidates for president, but slammed by republicans anformer starbucks
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ceo, howard schultz. last week schultz said the green new deal is not realistic. schultz has been threatening to run as an independent unless the democrats nominate a day after he announced his own bid, bernie sanders was asked about schultz's threat on cbs and didn't seem to take it seriously. >> howard schultz has now id would now run as an independent if the democrats nominate a moderate. >> oh, isn't that nice. [ laughter ]sc why is howarltz on every television station in this country? why are you quoting howard schultz? because he's aillionaire. >> seth: you're asking bernie what he thinks about a billionaire? [ laughter ] that just makes you look like a bad journalist. if you know one thing about bernie, it's how he feels about billionaires.hi ben and jerry's flavor is called tax all the billionaires. [ laughter ] it's not even an ice cream pun. it's just vanilla and [ er ] now, the green new deal is just a framework, resolution, that sets out a series of goals and tries a novel political strategy rather than just address climate
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on its own, the bill combines environmental issues with ecomic ones. like guaranteeing a job and health care to every american. those are bold proposals and an anyoneebate them on the merits. but as fact checkers have noted, no o is proposing to elimina all planes, cars, cows, oil, ga. and the milita and yet that hasn't stopped trump from repeating those lies anyway. >> "i think it is very important for the democrats to press forward with their green new deal. it would be great fothe so-called carbon footprint. to permanently eliminate all planes, cars, cows, oil, gas and the military. even if no other country would do the same. brilliant!"t >> i really doke their policy of taking away your car, taking away your airpla flights. of, let's hop a train to california. of -- [ booing ] you're not allowed to own cows any more. a lot of problems. >> seth: man, trump is getting really desperate.ea in two, he's gone from they're going to take your guns away to their going to take your cows [ er ] no one is outlawing cows.
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?you know what we call th fake moos. >> fake moos! [ cheers and applause ] [ air horn ] [ moo [ laughter ] >> seth: trump has basically cycled through one mode of transportation after anoer and falsely claimed that the green new deal would eliminate it. for example, the green new deal would prioritize investment in high-speed rail with the hope that it would reduce our o relianshort-distance air travel, not eliminate it. but trump liedbout that, too. >> it would shut down american energy, which i don't think the people in xas are going to be happy with that. [ booing ]do it would shu a little thing called air travel. [ booing ] >> seth: of course, those weren't boos. people just brought their co. to the ral [ laughter ] "you're not safe at home, bessie the government is coming to get you. you've got to come to the rally!" nobody is outlawing cars or cows
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or anything, for that matter. the basic premise is that government can help spur change by making renewable technologies more efficient and ts more affordable and more attractive to consumers. but trump is, of course, n interested in gauging any of those specifics. he would rather make fun of the name of the green new deal. >> last week, they introduced a massive government takeover that would destroy our incredible economic gains. they introduced the so-called green new deal. [ booing ] it sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark. >> seth: i'm not sure i would be making fun of bad grades if i were you. [ light laughter ] i'm pretty sure you're the only guy clippy ever gave up on. [ laughter ] republicans have manufactured a fake emergency over immigration and now they're woied a democrat will come along and declare a real emergency over climate change.
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e and instead of debating green new deal on its merits, they're making up lies about its pentent. but polls show mosle aren't buying it. when republicans whine about the green new deal, most voters -- sa >> isn't that nice? [ laughter ] >> seth:his has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with natasha lyonne, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. i thought i had it all. i was a captain of industry. d a master of ain. and then i learneddehat jimmy john's onlvers 5 minutes aximom their stores to mize freshness. ♪ i live six minutes away. ♪ extra mayo. my entire life...wasted.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody! give it up for the 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause ] sitting in with us again tonigh he's the drummer from a perfect circle and devo. he's also a member of the beta h e whose album "intruder" will be released on march 29th. be sure to follow him and e beta machine on both twitter and instagram. jeff friedl is here, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] thanks for being here, jeff. our first guest tonight is an emmy-nominated actre know from her work on "orange is the new black." she co-created and stars in thec criticallyimed netflix series "russian doll." let's take a look. >> i'm back at the party. i try to leave, you know. fall down the stairs. break my neck. again. okay? so, i died, i died, i died, i
12:53 am
died. that's four times. um -- >> you were such a difficult teenager. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, natasha lyonne everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back, natasha. >> thanks,eth. >> seth: congratulations on the show. it's really something special. >> thank you. thanyou. >> seth: for those who have seen it, the premise is you are a woman on her 36th birthday who -- >> yes. >> seth: -- keeps dying and then going back and reliving that birthday. >> yeah. >> seth: over and over again. >> yeah. it's essentially, a sort of a -- hoan existential adventure involving multiple loops and
12:54 am
deaths. and it's hilarious. you're going to lovet. [ laughter ] you're really going to enjoy it. >> seth: but it has been a show abat -- everyone i know has seen it, we like talkint it. we like trying to deconstruct it. are you surprised that you madet an etial adventure show, as you said, and people have been so drawn to it? >> i mean, i am. and in the first place, i would say i'm also, you know, i'm blown away. it's so -- you know, definitively personal to me tham ery moved that it's connecting on this and,i definitely think it's a -- indicative of the troubling times we're in, that it's connected for so many othee le, as well. it's -- essentially a show that's saying, hey, we're all broken on the inside. let's do it together. [ laughter ] >> seth: which is a really sa lovely m. >> yeah. >> seth: and i should say, because this is eight episodes on netflix and theighest aise i can have for it is it starts great and ends better. because i feel like there are shows where people say, "you've got to give it five episodes."
12:55 am
and i want to say, "i have a life." >> yeah. >> seth: whereas this starts great and then you can say to people, oh, stick around. because they know exactly whthe 're going. >> yes. >> seth: and because this isn't just this very personal autobiogphical show that you helped create. there is also -- there is like a science fiction element and a plotting element that you guys took very seriously.ea >> this is like "a beautiful mind." there you go. >> seth: there you go. this is fully from the writers' room of getting all the timelines stight. >> and this is actually michael brecker the wonderful production designer who had a hell of a me. because what he was doing here is, you know, he's managing s lod tim lines and multiple deaths -- our poor script supervisor. melissa yep. i mean, she came from "orange is the new black." she's amazing. this was an endless game. it was almost like, you know, jodie foster searching for hannibal lecter, only she didn't even know that she was looking for a cannibal at the time. [ laughter ]it i mean a real, you know, cross sectioning scenario. >> seth: and yet you drew from, you know, this very personal place. >> yes.
12:56 am
drew from your life. and i've known you for a long time, and i've always -- we shouldnow each other well. we've known each other a long time. >> then you know i'm a big fan of victor frankl's "man's g.arch for mean so, yes. >> seth: but i've always felt -- and i feel like maybe other people feel this way too. i always felt like i kneyou tter than i did, because i feel as though you're a very open person and i feel like ybe that's one of the things people are responding to in this show. is they can tell, oh, i've seena sha in things over the years and i've liked her, but this is the purest version of her i've v seen of her on screen. >> yeah, i mean, i think that's, you know, speaking -- frankly, because i do know you. i mean, that's the, sort of, like, heavy parto take in on -- you know, as somebody who has been working in this thing for a long time. u know, i started show b back before anybody here was born, including [ light laug owd so, it's just so, you heavy and deep that, you know, iit's something so person connecting in this way. but, yeah. you know, i mean, it's a lot of
12:57 am
connective tissue. we had such an incredible ro, and there's so many creators. your friend amy poehler, of course, co-created the show and leslye headland, and we had -- >> seth: such a great job. >> all female writers and directors on the show. so, i think it was really -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. so, i do think it was also sort of, kind of, like, a testament to what happ you just, you know, try to avoid small talk like i do desperately in this life. and sort of aim to kind of tell your version of the truth, you know? s h: you now -- i know how you feel about small talk. would assume, because you made this very personal show, people feel a comfort to come up and talk to you. and now they probably want to talk to you about this show,wh h is great for you. because that's not small talk any more. >> and yet, you know, the great relief is -- i think i'm sort of like a paul giamatti type. >> seth: meaning? what ds that mean? >> you know what it means. it's like, you know, you see paul giamatti, you're thrilled, but you're not going to go up to him and be, like, "hey, 'a"rican splendor' was grea [ laughter ] i mean, where does it go. but it's kind of like a new york
12:58 am
character that's more like a garden gnome or a leprechaun. a twin. a twin, even. >> seth: i see. se>> i'm happy to, kind of you. i think i may be projecting an air of like, "hey, buddy, i ou might followome. so why don't you --" [ laughter ] right? i'm not even doing it on purpose. i just might follow you home. you know? >> seth: right. no, i think there is something the quintessential new york celebrity that you -- because they're so new york and the fact tve stayed there for their career, they're -- >> yes. you begin -- you it is, seth. to begin to blend into the pavement.yo re like a series of ash piles on the street. ] [ laughter >> seth: natasha lyonne is so new york that because of her new yorkness, she probably doesn't t stranger to come up and ask for a selfie. >> it'd be nice once in a while. [ laught ] would it kill you? a ttle, "hey, nice job, yo know." give me five bucks, whatever. [ laughter ]h: >> sou do -- i mean,
12:59 am
new york is a character in this show. i >> yes, often is. >> seth: as it often is. you were the first one to think, "it's a characr." but you put it in your neighborhood. it's an east village show. >> yes, and i love it. a >> set now you're walking around -- you basically now are -- >> yeah. >> seth: you are very much the character you played, and you'rr walkinnd the set. >> it has become some sort of a meta snow globe nightmare like i cannot even describe. the other day i walked out, and it's like in my mind it's going toke christopher walken and abel ferrara's "king of new york." u know what i mean? looking down coked up and what a city, what a city. [ laughter ] d instead it's me and in the east village and i kind of -- i was going to meet a friend for a ast and i was like, at odessa across the street from tompkins square park, which was already ironic. if you havseen the show, spoiler alert, the diner's in it. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> and so, there i was, i had wrt of forgotten my iphone, so i was walking arouh like an ipad as though it was a phone, which is already like -- just doesn'take you look particularly sane if that's the
1:00 am
vibe you're going for. and i had a big overcoat but it was kind of too sunny, knows what's happening with the global warming, et cetera. and you never know what season it's going to be, do you? and then i just had a little bit of ash on my collar. don't smoke. [ ght laughter ] and i stumbled in to tomkins right where i had, like, shot listed at odessa. and then i, sort of -- there th were people, and i ended up in the booth, directly -- exactly where nadia, the fr characte the show sat waiting for allen, the wonderful charlie barnett. and,nstead i was waiting for my friend, who was not him, thank goodness. >> seth: yeah. >> and i realized -- like oh, thiss really -- i've created bit of a nightmare. >> seth: yes. >> where i'm living within the thing. and, you know, when i get hit by a taxi, i won't be surprised, suiced to say. [ laughter ] it's really -- >> seth: one of the thin about your character -- you mentioned you get hit by a taxi. that's one of the many ways your n new york city. >> thank you. not a compliment, yes. >> seth: you strike me as someone -- do you see danger
1:01 am
everywhere in the city? >> sure, you know. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ]ye >> danger ana relief. a sort of a white noise silence that would follow. you know -- y >> seth: becau got to watch -- here's a couple of your body doubles. >> yeah. that's tawny. my wonderful stand-in. and this is becca who has, i guess -- soft bones and a ruer body. [ light laughter ] it's really -- she is a magical creare. i don't know. but, and for meas such a joy to see this many doppelgangers. it really speaks to my sort of brain damage. [ laughter ] yes.sp >> seth: whae to me, watching that new york thing of just the metal door --st >> yes, you void the ascent. >> seth: that leads to the basement stairs. >> you're a father. w you can't king around willy-nilly. >> seth: you know, now more than ever, because people are on their phones all of the time. i can't believe every day the front page of the "new york r times" is anotrson fell down. >> but maybe it is and we're just ignoring it. >> seth: yeah that's true. >> we don't pay atteany more. >> seth: i'm looking at my phone. i'm not reading the "new york times." >> well, i mean, and definitely, i think, you know, the most
1:02 am
problemac, and i've been -- you know, intensely vocal in a way that no one listens to, is the bicycles, seth. the bicycles. >> seth: you're no fan of the bicycles. just listen, who loves the environment more than me? and yet, this bicycle lane is a nightmare for the city. remember jaywalking?>> eth: yeah. >> jaywalking was the best. it was like, i'm a new yorker. [ laughter ] right? [ cheers and applause ] look at this. jaywalking. and littering! littering! no, no. b littering . [ laughter ] but jaywalking was like a real new york j. because you looked kind of cool. you looked over your shoulder, you know what i mean? >> seth: yeah. >> youelt like lou reed. and now, instead it's like a bicycle zipping by in all >> and, again, i'm a fan of bikes, as well. i don't want to be negative bikes. >> no, i love -- like i said -- very clearly. i love the environment. >> seth: yeah. >> we're pro bikes. [ light laughter ] my issue is when bikes think they don't have to live by the traffic laws. >> yea but only in new york are you, like -- if you're a pedestrian, i have the right-of-way. i'm a taxi driver, i'm mr. uber, i'm in charge.
1:03 am
bicycle, give me the right-of-way. that's a new yorker. >> seth: yeah. >> new york spirit. i'm always right and you're wrong. [ light laughter ] right? >> seth: well, i think everybody -- you know, just assumes that the -- one step up is a monster. so, if you're a pedestrian, a bobike -- the fact that so is on two wheels, they might as well be, like, a hummer suv. " you're liku monster!" >> survival of the fittest, this city. >> seth: one of the things that has already been asked, and i should note th -- if you never made another episode of "russian doll," you would be in a great situation of having crthis perfectly formed thing. but people are asking -- a lot,l i assume, are you going to make more? >> yes. >> seth: and is itatxhausting ou finally got this product you made out and immediately people are like, sot s is what is so helpful about the experience of netflix. and i'm so grateful that i had it -- you know, these seven years we just finished, you know, "orange is the new black." it's very heavy. very heavy scene. y and h, thanks. [ cheers and applause ] yes. you know, we're very tight.
1:04 am
so, but what i learned from that show, thankfully, is, you know, all year, all year everybody sh waits for th to come out. it's a 13-hour show. they consume it in under 30 minutes flat. [ light laughter ] i don't know how they do it. that's where i learned about the usace-time continuum that i used so effectively in an doll," was in the way people that these break time on netflix. and so i'm used to it. you know what i mean?h: >> seah. >> this idea of, like, i like it, give me more. it's a compliment, but it's t importr us to remember, you know -- like janice joplin said, "we've only got one day, man." et cetera. [ laughter ] so -- take it easy. take it easy. [ laughter ] [ applause ]>> eth: natasha, i -- you know, i texted you as soon as i watched the show. and i really -- it is such a ecial show. >> and i wrote, "new phone, who dis?" >> seth: you did! you really d write, "new one, who dis?" >> i did. i knew it was you. >> seth: i really like wore my heart. i was like, you made this very p ial thing. and you wrote, "thank you, who
1:05 am
dis?" [ laughter ] >> but i feel like you changed your number. in that moment, i was like, "oh, seth has a different humber for whlikes stuff. gotcha." >> seth: exactly, yeah. i'm like, "ooh, i better take out my compliment phone." [ laughter ] it is a really -- it is a really special show. and i know a lot of great people worked on it. but the heart of it is what a special person you are. and it's just so great to see he overourse of a season of television. >> seth, thank you. >> seth: and thanks for being here. >> thank you so much. >> seth: it's just always such a pleasure. [ cheersnand applause ] sha lyonne, everybody. "russian doll" is streaming on netflix. we'll be right back with donny deutsch. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ so, recently my son's band was signed by a record label. a record deal? unbelievable.en er we're about to get on a stage for a huge audience,
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next gu an author, former advertising executive and regular guest on msnbc's "morning joe." please welcome back to the show, donny deutsch, everyone! applause ] ♪
1:10 am
>> seth: thanks for being here! >> thanks for having me back. >> seth: it's exciting to have you back. you were friends with donald trump before he ran for president. and then you were one of the people who predicted, based on knowing him and based on knowing how he operated that he was going to win the primary. >> key word is "was" friends. >> seth: right, you were friends. es, i should past tense that. yes. >> very, very past tense. >> seth:ut when you were predicting that he was going to do better than many were, was that something -- did he reach out? h was py to hear that on tv? >> yeah, right after he had won, i think, one of the first primaries, i had been thought he was going to win and he calls me up. "hey, donny, how are you doing? thanks f saying i was going to win. this is amazing. can you believe how incredible its?" he goes, "it's incredible." i go, "yeah." "they can't find a replacement on 'the celebrity apprentice' for . that's what he was focused on. the fact that -- not that he'd just won a primary. "it's amazing, they can't find a replacement on 'the celebrity apprentice.'" i'm like, "dude, you're running for president.
1:11 am
time to move on a little bit." >> seth: he's not good at that. [ laughter ] inyou did at one point livne of his buildings. t so technical person who is currently president used your landlord. how was he as a landlord? >> great story. ivanka and jared were in the building. and i had been in the building for about five years and i was moving out. and, you know, when you live in a building, they have a security so i get a message from one of the people that they want to keep $3,000 because there's a crack in the bathtub. so donald and i get on the phone ther. and i'm like, "donald, i've never taken a bath in five years. i'm a shower guy." he goes, "i don't care, there's a crack." i'm like, "dude, this is $3,000. you're supposedly worth $6 billion." but here, this is 2010. the future president is hondelling over three grand and a crack in a bathtub that i never took a bath in. [ light laughter ] that is our >>esident. eth: at the end, who got the three grand? i paid him. i just wasn't -- you know, he just h: >> see, that's my president. he gets the money. [ laughter ] we're going to get the wall becaushe got that tub money. [ laughter ] >> you know what, i even said to him, "why don't i send the
1:12 am
3,000 to charity." he goes, "nope." >> seth: wow, that sounds like my president. [ laughter ] you got to know michael cohen. you got to see their relationship over the years. >> yeah. >> seth: what was that lationship like up close >> you know, i think one of them reasons is so panicked. i mean, he was his guy. other than his kids, he was kont and center. just to give you td of the sensitivity of the relationship. i remember when trump first did his birther thing.d like everybody else, was very offended by it. you start to see a guy we didn't and i er on television, i said, "this is racist." and michael calls me up and says, "you know, donald is very hurt. his feelings are hurt. will you get on the phone with him?" i go, "his feelings are hurt? o he calling our president, you know, a non-u.s. citizen. so we got on the phone and we talked. t but evn his skin was so thin, that even when he gets out and says these ridiculously racist things. if somebody who knows who he considers a friend challenges hi his feelings were hurt. i'm sorry your feelings were hurt. [ light hlaughte] >> seth: you -- there were reports this week that donald trump had matt whitaker to maybe put someone else on the
1:13 am
investigation. someone that was more loyal to the president. do you think he is right to be as wored as he seems to be about the michael cohen of this all? >> he should be very worried. i actually -- he should be really worried. [ cheers and applause ] you know, unfortunately, i think that the -- the mueller investigation is going to end up a little g unless they have him on the phone with vlad. "okay, vlad, i'll take the moow tower, you get ukrain and keep the pee pee tape to yourself. i mean, unless there's literally that line, that's go be great. what's going to take him down is -- and michael cohen will be one of the people very important to , th i believe the southern district and they're going to, erat i call r.i.c.o. him. which is the rackeg influence corrupt organization act. where if you're at theorop of an nization that anybody in it is doing illicit things, you go to jail. i think they will take him apart. i think they will take his buildings away. [ cheers and applaus] there will be nothing left. if you really think about it, this guy showed up and has tried to undo what our great ar grants died for. you know, separation of state, freedom of the press. and they're going to make an example of this guy, t rest of
1:14 am
s life. and he should be panicked. you should be very afraid, esident trump. >> seth: what about -- [ applause ] right now, versus a year ago, two years ago, michaer cohen, is maybe a danger of feeling sympathy towards him. you know, he has said -- and i believe it to be true. that the way donald trump attacks him, there is threats on his family. no one wants that for anne. yet, at the same time, you know, michael cohen chose this path, right? >> yeah. ave talked a lot. michael is a friend of mine. and we've talked a lot about this. and his explanation is -- look -- he did wrong -- he's a ingood man that did wrong and he's going go to jail for it. and should go to jail for it. but his explanation the intoxication of trump and that you're with him and that he's a celebrity and the cheering and -- almost like a cult. you get sucked into it. it's not an excuse by any standards. but that's his explanation for it. and look, his life has been destyed. i mean, jail was just part of it. i mean, it's -- i've watched him go through this front and center. and look, it's hard for certain
1:15 am
people thave empathy, but when you know the person and you know they have kids and you know their wife and you know in their re they're a decent person. so, people might disagree with eeme, but that's the way i >> seth: no, and i should say, you know, i think when you actually see the reality on the day where you get sentenced and you do see that man has a family, that is very hard to see. i think that your humanity kicks in at times like that.i buink it's also important to remember that, you know, there were choices made that lead you to that moment. >> and he's going to answer for that. >> seth: is -- you know, i think me all were sort of talking about it and you'vioned it, the birtherism moment. and that was a real moment for me and how i assessed donald trump looking at it now, though, of course, there were other things. you know, he was -- he was sued for housing discrimination. he suggested the death penalty for the central park five. you know, he's had a very p immoral businectice over the year. do you think the new york community was a little eason donald trump over those days or just didn't take him seriously enough f a guy that was doing serious things that were having real negative impact on people? >> you know, i'm ole of those peho went through the arc. if you asked me what i thought about him 15 years ago, would i have wanted to be in a foxhole with him, no. he was what i call the great
1:16 am
quantifiable liar. you'd say, "how big is the building." the building was 40 stories. "74 stories." and it's funny when you're a real estate developer, it's not funny when you're lying about immigration another things. so he was a guy -- you kind of thought he was a goofy real estate guy, maybe in othe joke. the birther thing showed this ugly side. that either at worst he's a racist or even worst, a transactional racist and so to me, it was ugly, and the reason he stuck with it, he is a transactional guy. it worked. if you think about what he ran on. and what he ran ons -- 20 -- what the wall is all about. 2045, guys with our color skin are gonna minorities in this country. people were terrified about that. so he ran on "make a great again," which is really make america white again. he ran on, you know, the musli ban. he ran on the mexicans. and that's w he stays with it, because with that crowd, it works. and it's so sad. and it's so tragic. e day --he end of like or not like a president, he should just bring us together. and this guy is the great divider. i s sad. >> seth: well, i really appreciate you coming out here
1:17 am
and talking to us. it's always such a pleasure to >> good to see you. [ applause ] >> seth: you've got to come back soon, all right? >> you got it. >> seth: donny deutsch, everybody. b we'll be rigk with drew tarver and helene yorke. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ searching for something fresh? try new dove go fresh... ... apple and white tea antiperspirant. with crispy notes of apple and white tea. get... ... 48hr protection. ...and unexpected freshness. keep it fresh!
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comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guests star in a very funny series, "the othech two" wirs thursday nights on comedy central. let's take a look. >> hey, thanks for being my date tonight, care. >> yes, of course, yeah. you want to hear something sad? this is my tenth high school dance with a girl. >> aw! i mean, at least you got to go to dances. i was already in new york. >> oh, yeah, they didn't have dances at that school? >> no, we studied dance, so we didn't, like, do dances at night, too. >> hmmm. what would you do? >> [ er ] >> seth: please welcome to the show, drew tarver and helene yorke, everyone. [ cheers and applaus] ♪
1:23 am
>> seth: welcome to the show, you guys! >> hello. >> thank you for hnking us! >> tou for having us. >> seth: this is very exciting. this show is so funny. it's already been picked up for a second season, which is very exciting >> yes. >> seth: you play -- [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> thank you. y >> set are a -- sort of a struggling actor, struggling dancer in new york. and your 13-year-old younger brother becomes sort of an overnight youtube sensation. >> yes. >> seth: what -- you know what i love about this show is, he's not a bad kid. >> yeah. >> seth: and you aren't bad siblings. >> right. >> yes. >> seth: it's just a lite hard. >> yeah, we're rough. we're giant losers. >> yes. >> seth: yeah. laughter ] >> it's a little tough when your younger sibling just sprints by you. and is like, "goodbye!" >> seth: yeah. as and even case, who plays chase on the show,ike, "you guys, this is my first audition ever." and we were like, "okay, cool!" [ laughter ] us, too. >> i was like, this -- i think this was my last audition. ] [ laught if it didn't happen for me on this one, i was done. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, the show biz police were standingtiutside the au door.
1:24 am
>> yeah, no, they were going to cart me away. >> seth: they were like, "you better book this one or you're done. you -- one more for tarver. >> seth: you have done this -- well, this was amazing. i didn't realize this. it was a little bit of an userlap with your life, be your younger sister was on a show called --wa it "american juniors?" >> "american juniors." so my two younger sisters are way mo talented than me. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and i used to -- they were singers and dancers and i would kind of like sneak my way into their bi as kids. they would be like, "we're singing at church." and i was like, "well, i can be a funny wise m need it."uys [ laughter ] and they got on a show called -- or one of them got on a ow called "american juniors" and they flew our whole redneck family to l.a. [ light laughter ] i grew up in the middle of nowhere in georgia. and weould sit on the side stage and when my sister would sing, seacrest would throw to us and would be like, "tarvers, what did you think?" and we'd be like, "we loved it. [ laughter ] we also saw hilary duff at the o l!" [ laughter ] we were just -- ey took most of our microphones away and just gave one to my little brother by the end of it. >> seth: oh, no. >> yeah. >> seth: you have had -- you've
1:25 am
lid in the city. you've had menial jobs as you wait between acting jobs. >> yeah, i -- >> seth: did you have some losers o r the years? >> yeah. i worked the coat check at the reebok sports club in the summertime. >> seth: uh-huh. >> so it was literally me just, like, at a lite window like, "anyone? [ laughter ] no?" and i worked the front desk at physique 57, which is an exercise studio. and i would pick up an bacon, ing and cheese out of the food cart at, like, 5:3he morning. and would just sit at the desk just housing bacon. and women would come in for their class like, "is that -- is that bacon?"wa and like, "yes, are you here for the 6:00 a.m.?" [ laughter ] it was mean. >> seth: you worked in a food truck. >> i worked inside of a food truck. and it w -- it was an organic food truck. and we would park outside -- yes, organic. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] and we would park outside of bars, and at about 2:00 a.m., bar peopleould come out. and -- ple.oth: bar p >> that's how -- yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's what they called them, yeah. >> bar people. >> seth: yeah.nd
1:26 am
>>hey're already interesting, as it is. interesting being drunk. and it's espially interesting a person who is drunk and also wants to eat organic. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> so they would be like, "is this beef free range?" [ light laughter ] "what type of peanut oil did you use?" [ laughter ] >> seth: you guys -- i met you -- i met you at a wedding this summer, because -- >> yes. >> seth: sarah schneider, one oe the coors of the show. >> yes. >> jimmy: and she was at "snl" with chris kelly, the other co-creator, and she goied this summer and i met you guys. and you had finished filming. >> we were at a wedding with seth meyers. >> yeah.t >> seth:s a big deal. [ cheers and applause ] but you guys -- you had finished the show, and there was a long period of time from afteyou nished it to when it aired. >> yeah. >> seth: and so now it must be so nice thatt's out. e you being recognized? have people seen the show now? >> it's starting to happen. >> it's starting to happen. >> which is so cool! [ laughter ] we really like it. we want to encourage people to harass us. >> seth: great. >> yes. >> um -- >> approach us anywhere. >> yeah.
1:27 am
we're not nicole kidman. we're not over it yet. we want it. >> seth: you're like in the very beginning of it. >> yeah.le >> like,e tell us you like us. we got recognized at this gay bar in atlanta called blake's. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and i was ordering drinks and some guy goes, "hey, you're thaf gim that new show." and i was like, "you guys! [ laughter ] we're getting recognized!" [ laughter ] >> she turned to and screamed, "we're getting recognized" so loud that the guy who recognized her went, "ah!" [ laughter ] as if to be like, "never mind." [ laughter ] >> seth: you took a risk when you went into acting, because you kind of had it made, becausy of your fa >> yes. >> seth: there was a family inheritance situation that you walked away from. >> yes. in this small town of georgia, glenville, georgia, my dad owns a candy facty. >> seth: wow. >> yeah, so i am the heir to a candy ctory. [ laughter ] and my dad's kind of like redneck willy wonka. [ laughter ] he'll be like, "we've got to get this caramel made." [ laughter ] and i was going to take over iis factory.
1:28 am
and i told everybothe town, i was like, "i actually think i want to be an actor." and they were like, "are you stupid? [ laughter ] you might get to make froggy fudgeys." [ laughter ] one of our most popular ones. >> seth: yeah. oh, no, no, no. [ laughter ] and you're at the premier -- is it true your dad was trying to l find lorne mic >> yes. so lorne michaels produces our show. and he was at the premier, and my dad was like, "well, i met aidy from 'snl.' i met beck. i just got to find lorne michaels." and i was like, "i hope you don't." [ laughter ] >> seth: i am just so happy for you guys. the show fantastic. thank you. >> seth: i can't wait for season two. thank you so much for being here, you guys. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: drew tarver and er helene yorke, ody. "the other two" airs thursday nights on comedy central. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to natasha lyonne, donny deutsch, drew tarver and helene yorke. jeff friedl, 8g band. stay tuned for "carson daly."se
1:37 am
we'lyou tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: good evening and welcome to the flatiom. i'm carson daly here to guide you through another episode of
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