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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 30, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> right now, traffic on the bw parkway moving once again after the southbound laneshu were down overnight for some repairs. get ready to hit the brakes. another closure just around the corner. plus, the battle overg releas the full mueller report. we get a closer look at when congress might see it for tfi t time. andia alexandr new waterfront park is opening today. we'll tour you through all the new features. might be a perfect day forthat, too. welcome in on this saturday morning, the 30th of march, 2019. good morning to you. i'm david culver. at 6:00, we want to turnyn rick wius, back together again. good morning. >> good morning, david.
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>> last weekend in march, a lot is going on. reerry blossoms going to be a big draw for a lot of folks. nice to get out there, you think? >> it'll be an excellent time to get out there. i think a leo ofe were heading out early this morning before the sun comes up. sun is coming up a little before 7:00 i think 6:57 is the official sunrise in d.c. it'll be beautiful, as well. we have a little cloud cover out there. it'll be a spectacular sunrise once che sun doese up. let's go to the maps and show you what's going on outside. we have cloud cover around the area, and that's go tg to continough a lot of the day. we'll have peeks of sunshine but not a full blue sky out there today. temperatures today are fairly mild 52 here in the district. 50 in gaithersburg. 40s, a little cthlly out i shenandoah valley. again, for the most part, we are looking at dry andd nice, m conditions. if you didn't know t cherry
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blossoms reached stage five in the last 24 hours. they're at t puffy white stage. one more stage to peak pe bloom on monday. however, you might want to see them today. don't know if the cherry blossoms are going tondurvive and monday morning. we'll talk about why in 15 minutes. >> lauryn, we'll check in then. > 6:02. a traffic alert to pass along to you this sat enjoy the open lanes of the bw parkway because tonight, portions are going to be shut down once again. this is all for some emergency pothole repairs. crews have been blasteri erin crumbling roadways. the national park service says last year's bad winter weather that. faveels hnoc o commuters have the popped tires and sit in brutal traffi some say it is time something was done. >> 295 from baltimore, and it is horrific. an cause accidents. it's really bad. it's not potholes. i
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its more like craters. >> they really need i to get fixed. >> yeah, they do. thnight at 7:00, they'll do that. northbound parkway from maryland 197 to o 198 going closed. it'll reopen at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you can find more detail about the permanent fix coming this summer. we've posted that n in the washington app. just search potholes. t is a cra many in our area are likely never to forget. a massive tanker flipping over, closing part of our beltway for several hours. now, we're learning the man who was behind the wheel of that truck is facing charges this morning. weldon harrison has been cited with recklessring and having faulty brakes. virginia state police say hepe stepon the brakes, causing his trucko overturn, as you see there. it blocked all northbound traffic. crews reopened lanes about 13 hours later. quite a mess. this beltway closure also caused a traffic nightmare for a
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lot of those wf you we driving around our region. on, folks calling for ac demanding for another way to get across the potomac river. thursday's crash is reopening the debate about a new bridge between maryland and virginia. some sayl this w help many drivers get around the gridlock, but others argue anoth bridge is too pricey and probably will not happen. they think more public transportation options are a better route to take. >> it's fragile and vulnerable. we need more redundancy. that doesn't mean bigger roads. we need more transit options. >> there are a hundred incidents like this a month that can morph into something of this magnitude. we have no plan b. >> local leaders agree that everyone needs to come together to find a fix and fast. aaa estimates the beltway backup cost the region $5 million in lost productivity. all new, an arrest made in a two week old homicide in
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northwest d.c. police say 25-year-old man was found shot and died at the hospital. 25-year-old britain was charged in the crime. an update on a beloved ryland youth soccer coach facing deportation. he is going to stay in the l country atle bit longer. he is known as coa coach fofo. after an i.c.e. hearing, he was released and told to check back in a month. he's been living in montgomery county for nearly 20 years. he came from the west african untry of togo. over the years, he's coached hundreds of kids at a soccer academy. >> you need to love those k and share my passion in a community. >> coach fofo has been denied asyl asylum, living here without legal status.
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6:06. a new round in the battle over the muellerreport. attorney general barr says a redacted form of the report will beex ready month. this comes as president trump is threatening to close the mexican border next week over illegal immigration. blaine alexander brings us up tw speedith the latest. >> reporter: congress andhe public will see special counsel robert mueller's report by mid-april or sooner, according to a lter to congress from attorney general william barr, who says he is currentlyre cting pieces of the report with mueller's help. ent trump will not see t report before it is released. >> we'll have great confidence in the attorney general. if that's what he'd like to do, hidee nothing t >> reporter: barr says he will testify in early may before judiciary committees in both chambers. e leader of the house committee, nadler, demanding to see an unredacted report by week. president trump, during a tour of the everglades, issuing a new warning on, immigratio
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threatening to close large antions of the border u snltoe influx of undocumented immigrants fromoming into the u.s. >> we'll keep it closed for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> reporter: the number of border crosses are spiking. numbers so high, agents had to release migrant families from custody into local communities. in a letter to congress, kirstjen nielsen calling it a disituation, asking for authority to hold asylum-seeking families until cases are decided, instead of the 20-day limit, and authority to speed up deportations for unaccompanied migrant children. >> members of congress should have a problem with depriving an unaccompanied child with due process in the courts. >> reporter: already getting pushback from democrats. blaine alexander, washington. today begins phase two of the wharf project.
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mayor bowser is going to kick off the festivities with a community celebration and family fun day. the wharf is getting lirezed with new homes, hotels, office, and entertainment spe. 6:08. let's give you a live look utside on this saturday morning. the time is 6:08. 52 degr mild, nice start to your saturday. lauryn ricketts is goiow to trackn the rest of the forecast for you and when you can head out and enjoy the cherry blossoms. what a difference year makes. how one town in virginia is cleaning up their streets by cleaning up their streets by recycling their cigarette butts. ♪
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not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth,
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with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®. . watching er: you're "news 4 today." >> no ifs, ands, or buts.
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virginia has come a long way with its efforts to go green. a town has been recycling cigarette butts, and th having anmiddlesburg was being buried in butts. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of childre poisoned by eating cigarette butts. in addition, they're hazardous pets and wildlife. >> reporter: something had to be done. s >> it startedresult of cleaning the town's streets and finding so manyut cigarette and trying to find a way to dispose of them i an environmentally sensitive manner. >> people see an issue. they get engaged. they gety involved because t want to make the community a better place. >> so we came up with receptacles like this, that collect the ecigarettes. y to do. not time consuming. it is just part of taking care of -- keeping the town clean.
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>> reporter: tim coal eale is t p guy. he doesn't mind the extra work. >> when you do see it helping, it's worth it. >> reporter: are there are 15 butt collector, around to and every couple of weeks, the butts get shipped off to the recycl recyclers. >> mission is to eliminate the idea of waste. we create collection programs and solution systems for hard to recycle waste, things you wouldn't put in your normal blue box, all the way to cigarette butts, which can be recycledn nine countries. >> reporter: 9,000 pounds of cigarette butts have been recycled. >> this year's middleburg communitycleanup is scheduled fo this saturday. pretty mild here.t live look national harbor. we'll check in with lauryn ricketts. she's got the rest of youek d forecast. probably a nice day to head out
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and check out the new park. this is alexandria, at the waterfront there. opens today. it is really unique. it is really unique. we're going to ge youiv
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you can make roomancial cfor everyone. get rewards and more with suntrust advantage banking.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." years in t a making. toda 10:00, the ribbon will be cut at alexandria's new warfront park. this addition connects with the king street park on the grounds of the former old dominion boat
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club. it has an open plaza, a waterfront promenade, and a shaded patio with some tables and chairs. it is going to host temporary art projects. the firstone, mirror, mirror. it is interactive, andt reacts to sound and light. there's going to be a grand opening full of festivities at the park today fm 00 until 9:00. this particular piece of art you see there, onlt going to be o e waterfront until november. it is going a busy weekend in the district for folks. thousands are going to pack the streets to see our cherry blossoms. on top of that, you have march fad ne vedness, which has taken o the city. darcy spencer take as look at all that's going on.ep >> rorter: capital one arena downtown transformed into hokie nation. virginia tech takes on duke in the sweet 16 championship game. no matter what team you're
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rooting for, the excitement isi in the a you've been out and about tonight. a lot of people are i's town. what it been like? >> fun. extravagant. amaz tg. >> reportes couple drove here from new jersey to support virginia tech, where they met as students. >> we wento virginia tech, and our son goes there now. we're hired up. hokies at heart. >> reporter: the city is busy, not just because of the ncaa games or the nat's first home game of the season, but the cherry blossoms a heading toward their peak stage. >> we have a really good guide. he shostd us the f ones that bloomed. we were very happy, yes. >> reporter: tourists in town for theestival got a treat, color along the tidal basin. they're a sight to see, even at night. the crowds and traffic, no problem. there are ponty of ways get around. >> we are not trying to navigate this by ourselves in cars and that. you know, uber, lyft. in this day and age, there is nothing to fear. you jump in and go, have fun
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with it. >> reporter: no matter how many years you've been in washington, the beauty of thelos just never gets old. along the tidal basin, darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> duke ended upbeating virginia tech, 75-73. close one there. talking cherry blossoms, t national park service says the cherry blossoms have hit thepu y white stage. peak bloom is expected to hit on monday. also, today is the annual blossom kite festival on the mall. folks across the country will join professional flyers for competitions. there are kids activities. all starts 10:00 this morning. i like the jazzy music to along with it. >> like the music. >> you have shades of pink, a ll. >> look at you. i figured we'd step it up a little bit. >> that was without a 'smo. thgreat. >> look at this. >> nice job. >> thank y.
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>> i didn't know about the duke eame until now. so many peo in town. >> it's packed. >> we have the basketball weekend, cherry blossoms, kite festiv festival. you think cwirry blossom , they could go away if something strong comes through? >> i'm waiting until monday to d see them, i'm hoping they're still there. our resident expert on this, elia draper, the thing is, it is going to get really cold on monday, morning.y monday i think a lot of temperatures are going to dip below freezing. it needs to be 27 or below for the pedals t falloff. >> really? >> the cherry blossoms. i don't think we're going to ber i think we'll be above that. another thing, the water keeps us a little on the w by the tidal basin, as well. >> all right. >> good news. we h doe breezy conditions all weekend. of course, doesn't bode well for theherry blossoms. they're so delicate, they can blow away. today is probably the best day to go see them. not onlyecause we've got some great conditions, but we have temperatures that will be in the mid70sy this afternoon. it is already mild out there
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right now. i expect it to bett a p sunrise. mainly because we have some clouds out there. see h it es. the sun coming up about 6:56 this morning. h e a little while, another 40 minutes or so. as you talk about what to wearh overext several days, listen, no jacket today. i mean, maybe a light jacket this thmorning. afternoon, you can shed that with temperatures in the mid 70s. sunday, we have the light raincoat. likely winter gear by the time we get into. mond another light jacket on tuesday. as far as your current temperatures ared, concer we have 40s and 50s. the cool spots in the shenandoah valley. 52 in the temperature in the district. as you wake up this morning, the 9:00 ratures by account of a.m., we'll be at 60 degrees. boy, is it going to be mild. we already talked about this, reached stage five for the cherry blossoms, puffy white stage, five out of six. the sixth stage is hitting on
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monday. cherrylossomoutlook, mild but breezy, winds out of the south. again, it'll be mild. temperatures will be in the 70s with the southerly wind. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. same dea tomorrow. we'll have showers tomorrow morning. maybe some late daysunshine. temperatures falling through the day. in fact, most of the day, you'll be in the 50s and breezy, as well. monday, we've got sunny conditions. it isy oing to be chit there though. could see isolated showers north and west of d.c.o as we through the day today. again, they'll be confined mainly west of i-81. st of us are going to stay dry. if you're headed to the kite festival, again,cle have the ds out there. we do have breezy conditions with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. it is going to be nicre out t though. again, for your future weather, saturday night, tonight, fine. 10:00, we have the clouds in place. tomorrow morning by sunrise, we'll have a few light showers through the first pf the day, scooting off by the
6:22 am
afternoon. that's where we could see sunshine. ain, temperatures dropping through the day tomorrow. most of the day spent in the 50s an turning breezy out there. we stay in the low 50s/upper 40s into your monday. also breezy. winds die downes into y. this week, pretty quiet. we have the chance of rain on friday as temperaturesk roll b into the 60s. again, not too bad. more newsight after this. r
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"news 4 today." shedding light on a global issue by going dark. tonight, millions will for t participate in earth hour. people in homes, businesses,ic icand mamarks across the gle will turn lights out for one hour to bring attention to climate change. >> tonight at 8:30, many will go dark to show their support for the fight against climate change and the preservation of wildlife and oceans. it started in australia in 2007, and it's spread across t globe. >> i like it. we're waiting for the cherry blossoms to hit their peak bloom. there is also something else brewing. we're talking about a potential baby panda. >> oh, man. >> we're trying to see if one of the pandas is pregnant. scientists, we know they artificially inseminate d mei
6:26 am
mei xiang last night. the zoo has been closely watching changes with mei xiang. we'll monitor her in the coming months to see if she could be pregnant or experience a pseudo pregnancy. a lot of pressure on her, right? >> a lot of pressure. we're going to be talking about this for probably the next sen months. >> panda watch. >> panda watch20. all right. guys, hey, it is not that bad out there right now. very mild >> well, not a breeze either. >> not yet. that wind is going to pick back up. listen, we're going to talk about the cherry blossom forecast. when is the best time to see them? if you're headed to e kite festival, we have information on that, all before the rain comes. >> a lot goingon. a number of businesses concerned after an armed robber hits loc shops. i'm tracee wilkins, on news 4, prin george's county police believe they have evidence that yan help get thi guy in custody, but t need your help. coming up nexteek on "news
6:27 am
4 today," i'm working for you in the community, checking in with my personal trainer on my joney to get f for spring. she's going to tell us whether to weigh or not to weigh. plus, we'll check out a cool itallation in northern virginia. it's fun for you and the whole family. prom season almost khere. we'rking things off with a prom dress pop-up in prince george's county. george's county. all that and me next woree
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>> announcer:"news 4 today" starts now. >> hey there. welcome back to "news 4 today" onayhis satu the 30th of march, 2019. it is 6:30. i'm david culver. not all alone though. i have lauryn ricketts standing by in the storm team 4 weather center this morning. the final weekend in march. viously, everybody is talking cherry blossoms, the idea to get out there and enjoy some of it. you're mhinking todayight be the day. going to be day is the best one, david, to see the cherry blossoms. it looks like spring out there. it feels like spring, more importantly, out there, especially by this afternoon. heck, it feels like spring out there right now. those temperatures are ithe 40s and 50s right now as we start off your saturday morning. fairly mild for this time of year. sun coming up in just about 20 minutes. it's going to be a good looking sunrise. minutes.25 again, it is going to be a good looking sunrise, though we do have clouds out there. a lot of people probably headed
6:31 am
down to the tidal beach early to avoid the crowds since it is a i busy weeke d.c. you need a light jacket. 52 degrees, cm winds. the winds will pick up throughout the day today. cloud cover out there. now, radar, dry. we've got a little rain off to the west. could impact some of our region with a few showers, but all of us will have a chance of rain tomorrow. o we'll time i and talk about the cooldown coming our way. that's coming up. >> lauryn we'll check in then. from the weather to the roads, a traffic alert this morning. enjoy the open lanes of the bw parkway because tonight, portns are going to be shut down once again. all of this for emergency pothole s. crews have been blasting crumbling roadways. they were out last night on the southbound lanes. the national park service says last year's bad winter weather wreaked havoc on the roads. a lot of you driving out there ve endured popped tires, brutal traffic. tonight, beginning at 7:00, ey're going to to smooth things out.
6:32 am
the parkway from maryland 197 t8 maryland is going to be closed. it'll reopen tomorro morning at 5:00. you can find more betadetails a the permanent fix coming this summer in the nbc washington app. arch potholes. all new this morning, d.c. police say theve tracked down the man they say is responsible rdr more than 20 burglaries. 59-year-old ric dorman was arrested yesterday. he'd force himselfnto a location, steal cash or property, and take off. the incidents all happened in rthwest and northeast. police have charged him with 21 counts of burglary across the city. this morning, atlanta's catholic archbishop is mulie i over a job opportunity. if gregory accepts, he'd become washington's first black archbishop, stepping into ag
6:33 am
challengrole. recent sex abuse scandals could make the once prized position a little less appealing. >> i think a lot of people are ing for closur they're looking to move on. we've had a year of scandal. people want to see a clean break, a fresh start. >> wuerl resignedn october after a washington grand jury report was released last summer. the report alleged wuerl, who was bishop of pittsburgh, did priests, stop predator something he denies. the announcement regarding gregory could be made as soon as next week. as washington catholics prepare for the transition, a new law would stop sex abuse. reports of sex crimes is to be made immediately. there could be prosecution and sanction any sex abuse claim not reported right away. this new law is supposed to be a model for the catholic church worldwide. five robberies in ten days.
6:34 am
police believe the same guy is responsible for breaking into several businesses in prince george's county. they've released this surveillance video, hoping someone might recognize t suspect. prince george's county bureau chief,s, tracee wilk explains what all the crimes have in common. >> reporter: prince george'sun ty police are desperately looking for an armed robber who has hit a number ofbusinesses. this one was the latest. there is a sign on the door of is pawnshop on martin luther king jr. driveway. this was wednesday. the day before, police say he pulled aun at this 7-eleven in district heights. in the video of the robbery, you see the suspect casually pulls out a gun and waves it around as he demands cash. cash that he got. >> handgun. obviously, people are going to comply because they fear for their lives. he's been successful in his robberies. >> reporter: detectives believe this guy has robbed five different businesses in the last
6:35 am
ten days. they want him in custody before the armed robberie become m violent. >> we try to get him off the street. he is clearly dangerous. >> reporter: police s this video, you're seeing the suspect leave the bathroom of a fast food restaurant, minutes aft another robbery. he's changed clothes, almost looking like a different person. police believe someone who knows him will recognize him. >> he's trying to change his pearance so he won't get caught. >> reporter: police are looking for information to find this e robber. theyking anyone who can assist in this investigation to give them a call. there is a cash reward being offered. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. 6:35 this saturday morning, a new development in the ongoing saga of the completion of themu ler report. yesterday, attorney general william barr sent congressional leaders a letter, telling them a redacted form ul the report be ready by mid-april. house judiciary chairman nadler
6:36 am
ys it is not acceptable. he is demanding to see the full report by next tuesday, the original deadline set by democratic leaders. president trump, meantime, is setting a hard line with mexico. he is demanding all illegal immigration stop coming from mexico into the u.s., or he says he's going to shut down the border next week. fore, buthe threat this time he says he is not playing games. yesterday, he also suggested the boer could be closed to all of trade. the u. chamber of commerce says that would be a,quote, unmitigated economic debacle and could threaten 5 million jobs. officials in mexico say they do not a based on threats. major changes are coming to a historic part of d.c. mayor bowser joins other citys leador a groundbreaking yesterday afternoon on walter reed's historicproperty. the development project will be on the corner of george avenue and aspen in northwest.
6:37 am
the city says the campus will include more than 300 apartments and 18,000 square feet of new retail space. 6:37 on your saturday. live look 52outside. degrees. you can see the sun working its way up. ahead on "news 4 today," we're going to introdouuce you to the award-nning
6:38 am
6:39 am
>> announcer: you're watching "news today." welcome back. an award-winning chef who was born and raised in arlington is blazing trails for women in e culinary world. chef amy brandwine owns a restaurant in d.c. top chef for more than just her cooking. we have her story. >> everybody thinks they hate n anchovi anchovies. you love it but don't know you love it. >> reporter: in the kitchen, amw
6:40 am
brane whips up broccoli in a way this food lover has never had. i love the sign of a good chef. you didn't know what you'd make. you co w in here,t do i have? >> this is what i do every day. this is why i like to cook. >> reporter: it is a simple dish full of a flavor texture. so pretty and smells wonderful. >> isn't it beautiful? >> reporter: it is. >> i think it is beautiful. >> reporter: this is why she's beenominated for a james beard award for three years in a row and is the reigning chef of the year for the restaurant association greater washington. >> what i realized, once i started cooking from the heart and opped worrying about what everybody was thinking, andie tr to make people happy, everybody just rolly took it. >> reporte centrolina has been open for four years now, but th0 chef spent years working in several premier local restaurants to build her dream. >> i cooked every single type of food known to man.
6:41 am
i mean, you name it, we had it. i was ater terrific experience. reporter: brandwein kept her talents in the washington area where she was born and raised. her father was an nbc news photographer and told her to work hard and stay humble. >> i'd open a bckty c cookbook, figure out what ingredientins i had and get to work. >> reporter: she first struggled to find her footing and her voice. >> people really didn't look like me. they didn't really act like me. i wasn't exactly sure how to -- s w to kind of be myself. >> reporter: lesan 7% of restaurant in the u.s. areed or owned by women. e chef's own experience has inspired her to work to change the landscape othe industry. >> i always felt when i was leaving kitchens, it was very important to have diversity. you need to have voices to sort of have a whole restaurant, a whole culinary experience. not only is it spituality eat, but it is also really
6:42 am
good business. hi, epeveryone. >>ter: when brandwein assembled her team, she hired a female general manager and later a female pastry chef. she says her restaurantit represen of who she is, so it feels like home. >> i have an environment h we that i hoping when i opened the restaurant that maybe one day, if i did everything correctly, i would have that type of environment where y into a restaurant and just everything feels good. >> reporter: the chef is as a prou that as much as she's proud of her cooking. news 4, washington. >> chef amy brandwein is expanding her brand. she is on track to ope an all-day cafe this summer. 6:42 i your time now. a live look outside. 52 degrees. tuwanted ps popping up on airdrop.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." we've got the "today" show up next here on nbc 4. let's take you up to new york right now to get a preview. we have kristen weletr and alexander standing by. it is d.c. and nyc this morning. what's up,guys? >> no doubt. >> sure is, david. good to see you. good morning. on a saturday morning on "today," the president shifting his focusrom the mueller investigation to his re-election
6:46 am
campaign. warning hhell shut down southern border as early as next week. that is as the mueller report reverberates through washington. emocrats demanding a full release. a story that's personal to me. this is a powerful new campaign that's putting o spotlig the tens of millions of americans, including myisr, who suffer from tinnitus. the ringing sound in your ears. also, we'll show you how to turn a profit just by, get this, cleaning out your closet. simple, right? sounds like a win-win. >> we need to do marie kondo in the white house booth. area is a little messy. >> we'll get to yours. >> you both have a lot to do. >> see you, bud. ittle bit. in a >> thanks. shifting gears at 6:46. if you have an iphone, rdp can make things easy to send pictures or files to your friends. recently, some folks have been using airdrop to send inpropriate photos to complete strangers. at least two women reported
6:47 am
getting unwanted images whilen riding metro recently. amy cho has details on this d disturing trend. >> reporter: it can happen anywhere at any time. minding your own business when all of a sudden, an inappropriate picture pops up on the airdro on yourphone. could be from this person or that person or that person. all you know is it isyoomeone near >> i don't like strangers sending pictures to me. >> airdropping, really? i'll have to turn my airdrop of let me do that now. >> reporter: crystal powell says just the other day, an inappropriate picture popped up on one of her friend's phones. >> it was creepy. i can't believe somebody would do that. >> reporter: metro say if it happens to you, report it to police. because of the way airdrop works, there's no t way form to track who sent the picture. >> it is ridiculous. people should really close theid p on their phones. i don't have an iphone,
6:48 am
know it is something you can turn off. >> reporter: others don't think it is fair that the burden falls on you. the people whoend the pictures should be held responsible. >> i don't want to see nothing like that on my phone. >> you have to accept it, right? >> reporter: you don't have to, but you can see it in the preview. >> oh, my god. wow. >> reporter: t best way to keep yourself safe, set airdropy so o contacts can send you pictures, or turn it off all together. amy cho, news 4. >> the thing abo airdrop, it has a range of 30 feet. in a crowded public space, that's a lot of people who could have potentially sent you a picture. th happened to me a few times. >> has it? >> yeah. several times actually on an airplane. when i get on a flight, you're close space, somebody will send me an airdrop. the most cent one, it was not totally inappropriate, just a hamster and danny devito. random pictures. >> i wish i'd get that picture. >> i put it on instagram, too. >> i want to be friends with
6:49 am
you. that's awesome and random. i've never had anybody. don't know how to wor airdrop on my phone. it happens to work sometimes. >> that'd be an issue. work on that. a lot of folks going to be airdropping pictures of the cherry blossoms. it is going to be so nice. >> have y seen them? >> not in person. i need to get down there. i avoid the hacrowds. >>s the thing. i was going to go yesterday, then i was like, all right, i'll go on monday. >> what about today? >> today will be the best day to go, definitely, because it'll be so warm. we'll have a lot of people down there. maybe go early. i think people are going down there right now. if you'reeaded down there, send me pictures. i'd love to see them because i haven't seen them yet. sun coming up in six minutes. i know people areoing to get awesome pictures early this morning. i think it is going to be aty prsunrise. we have the cloud cover out there whiortt ch sunrises a lot of the times. the sun coming up at 6:55 this listot a lot of rain in the ,morning. forecast. we do have some rain before the weekend ends. showeree a few
6:50 am
there could be areas north and west to see showers tomorr s to mainly from this bit here. west of i-81es torn maryland. in the d.c. area, we're fine, and most will be dry today. this little bit could clip. it is coming into western asryland. even thern panhandle of west virginia. for the most part, it'll be light and most of us will be dry. is mild. so nice. i walked outside this morning. what a shock. 50s and 40s. 52 in the if you're headed to the nat's akgame, they'reg on the mets, we'll have more clouds and sunshine. it'll start becoming a little breezy after lunchtime. winds are going to be gusting up to 30 miles an hour throughout the afternoon. temperatures in the mid70s. that wind is coming in it from the good kite flying wind. it is not going to be very windy but, again, windski p up after noon/1:00 down on the mall. again, we will see the winds being breezy by this afternoon. the earlier you get out o the kitefestival, maybe better.
6:51 am
i don't fly kites, so i'm not sure how stron the wind needs to be. as far as peak bloom, today is the best day to see the cherry blossoms. we have the rain in the morning, then cold and sunny by wemonday. o have breezy conditions not only today but also the next two days.y, windy to gusts up to 30 miles an hour. tomorrow, they switch out of the northwest. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. through monday, we're brisk. winds about 10 miles an hour. boy, is it going to be cold on monday. today, the best day, becse we'll be mild and breezy. temperatures dropping through the day tomorrow. monday, thepe ttures barely cracking 50 degrees. future weather, here's rain eay tomorrow morning. not everybody going to see it. it will be halight, but w showers rolling through the area through tomorrow morning. should be gone the second half of the day, then we'll be drying temperatures in the 50s by tomorrow afternoon with the temperatures falling. only around 50 on monday. again, that'll be peak bloom. dry as we get into this week. a could hahance of rain on
6:52 am
friday. that looks like our next pest chance of rain. we've got more news right after this.
6:53 am
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it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need. ...perfectly seasoning our ohillshire farm smoked sausage. so by simply adding the right ingredients... can end each day crafting a perfectly delicious dinner. >> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." "saturday night live kwgh i back w new show tonight. sandra oh is going to be we have a preview. >> i'll be like, well, i was
6:55 am
totally way off, you know? >> i didn't hear a thing you said. >> reporter: san oh did listen when her golden globes co ost offered advice about "saturday night live." >> tt andy samberg told me, oh, you're hosting "snl," it'll be so easy after the globes. it is not, andy. absolutely not. >> reporter: oh can joke about her nerves, but she admits to being star struck by t "snl" cast. >> i am fascinated by the place and the people who are in it. because it's such an immense cultural institution. >> reporter: oh has made an impact herself, winning a golden global and a sag award this year for illing eve." she plays an obsessed mi-6 agent tracking a female assassin, a pursuit tt resumes next week. >> if i could pick one word to describe the new season of "killing eve," it'd be dark. dark. dark. >> reporter: all the more reason for oh to lighten up this
6:56 am
weeke >> shut it. crazy. it's so exciting. >> first time. are you nerv s? >> i donow. you tell me. >> ice cold. >> reporter: nbc news. 6:56 is your time on this saturday. let's set you up with four things to know. there could soon be a new baby panda in the district. scientists artificially inseminated mei xiang last night. the window to become pregnant, 2472 to hours each year. to the district where d.c. police caught ans man resle for more than 20 burglaries. 59-year-old richard dorman of germantown was arrested yesterday. he's been charged with multiple counts of burglarcrs the district. an arrest is made in a two week old homicide in d.c.thwest this happened on march 14th on columbia road. d.c. police say ar- 25-yd was found shot. he later died at the hospital. on thursday, police arrested and
6:57 am
charged 25-year-old britain in the crime. portions of the bw parkway going to be closed tonight benning at 7:00. part of the northbound lane will be shut down for emergency pothole repairs. going to reopen tomorrow morning at 5:00, hopefully smoothing ou yourcommute. all that weather has been wreaking havoc on the roads, lauryn ricketts. >> yeah. listen, we don't have a lot of rain in the forecast. a little bit of rain possible tomorrow morning, but that's about it. be nice today with temperatures in the mid 70s. already getting pictures of people down there. loing good at the tidal basin.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. no prrries? ident trump sounding confident hours after his attorneyeneral says he iset to release a version of the mueller report within a few weeks. >> if that' t what he'd likeo do, i have nothing to hide. >> but democts are furious, saying the attorney general needs to release the rttire repo by this tuesday. we're liv with the latest. tough talk. >> close it. i'm not playing games. >> the president threatens to shut down the entire border between the u.s. and mexico next week, shifting his focus to the 2020 campaign, as his homeland security secretary pushes a plan to deport unaccompanied migrant children faster than ever. auburnas its largest lead. >> carolina chaos. >>


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