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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  March 31, 2019 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the russia hoax is finally dead. >> i think it is corrupt. evidence of collusion. >> i've been truthful and consistent since day one. >> gold medal for insensitivity. >> apple tv plus. >> good mning and welcome to sunday "today" on this march 31st. i'm willie gifr president trump and his team are feeling good this morning. even as the fight to releasehe full version from the special counsel continues. vice president mike pence v claimitory on the campaign trail. while congress sets up for a battle over how the report will be released to congress and to
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the public. all this asde the pre threatens to shut down the border with mexic and cut off aid to three south american countries. a no show for jussie smollett at the naacp image awards overnight. the empire actor losing out to gray's anatomy star jesse williams in the category. that did not stop chris rock from going after smollett. we'll show you what rock had to say. and later,y a sun sit-down at home with tracy morgan. the former "snl" and "30 rock" star on the second season of his latest comedy "the lt og" and the night five years ago that changed his life after he almost st it. >> was there ever a point you thought i may never return to comedy? i don't know if my brain works? >> every day, i'm scared to death. forget comedy. i didn't know if i was ever
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going to -- i didn't know if i wa going to wal again, man. i didn't know if i was going to talk again. >> a sunday sit-down with tracy morgan. and another life well lived a bit later in the show. let's begin in washington where politicahts are under way over both the president's policied at ed at the southern border and release of the mueller report. kelly o'donnell is traveling with the president near his estate in florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,wi ie. the president is wielding his powers trying to compel mexico to do more to stop the flow of drugs and human bwangs north the border. the white house says he has the power to cut off forei aid to three central american countries without congress. congress will pus back on that. and this week we will see a mix of battles i overigration and access to the mueller report. as theation and even the vice president wait to read a public version of the mueller report
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findings, mike pence claimed vindication on the campaign trail saturday. >> there was no collusion between theru campaign and russia in 2016. >> reporter: side by side with lindsey graham, a staunch trump defender. >> he's not much of a colluder. he's a disrupter. >> reporter: coming wyshin ruggle.ower attorney general william barr told congress he needs until mid-april to make the findings public. but house judiciary chairman gerald nadler insisted the400 page special counsel report must be handed over to congress by tuesday. that deadline still stands. but president trump has a different deadline on his mind. >> i'll just close the border. >> reporter: repeate cyiming he could lock down the u.s./mexico border this coming week, frustrated by the flow of illegal migrantand wasted no time to deliver a surprising decision, cutting foreign aid to
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central america. >> i ended payments to guatemala, to honduras, to el here dor or no money goes anymore. >> reporter: complicating that abrupt move, american lawmakers from both parties are visiting el salvador to evaluate u.s. financial aid. democrats on that trip said in a statement they are extremely disappointed. addinging the president's approach is entirely counterproductive. at a rally in el paso, beto o'rourke challenged the treatment of detained migrants ld just blocks from his campaign kickoff event. >> they are our fellow human beings and deserve to be treated like our fellow. human bein >> reporter: new this morning, the president is using his power as commander in chief in a new way. he is intervening in the case of a navy s.e.a.l. who has been accused of war crimes. he announced he's authorizing the move of eie gallagher from
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the brigg to more comfortable confinementment he served eight tours and nearly 20 years in the navy. and as a s.e.a.l. the president said that should be considered as this process moves forward. he's accused of killing by stabbing a 15-year-old isis fighter o was in custody. gallagher's family and members of congress had urged the president to act and they have thanked him for taking this step to move him o of the brigg and into more comfortable confinement as he awaits trial. >> kelly o'donnell traveling with the president in florida. thank you. let's bring in chuck todd, nba nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press" and kristen welker. chuck, a week ago, this afternoon, actually, that g we the four page summary from the attorney general barr ofmuhe ler report. that is not enough for a lot of people. nor should it mbe. so hh of the report do you suspect we'll see and when will we get the full version at some
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point? >> i don't know if we'll see the full version of the report. i half jobbed. joked. if you look at the report, it might burn your eyes, it might melt you, right?, lo think it is pretty clear, bill barr made it clear during his confirmation he was going to follow the statute and he's probably going to have a maximum view of discretion of his own discretion onthis. so i think this will be a heavily redacted version and i o have a're going fight over the contents of the mueller report for months. o not day weeks. >> yeah, the attorney general says it will be mid-april before we see that. the headline out of that report for the white house was no n. collus which confirmed everything the president has been saying for two years. does iteally matter at this point to the white house what is in the specific details if we see the full report? >> the president has beenin t
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a victory lap for days. and you g theense that he is emboldened, hislls are emboldened. ik the same time they're bracing for theihood there will be complicated headlines that come out once more of the report is case in point, his outside legal team still has that counterreport written. they haven't released it. haven't let i go. they're keeping it in their back pocket pocket in case they need it. >> they know there may be more down the road. as f the mueller report, they believe they got their headline with no collusion. chuck, we saw beto o'rourke yesterday, big rally in texas. 2020, joe biden not even an remind l candidate, i everyone, he's facing a new allegation already. on friday, lucy flores, nevada's democratic nominee for lieutenanternor in 2014, came forward and said biden made her uncomfortable at a campaign event, standing behind her and kissinging the ba inthe back of.
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nbc news has not independently verified her claim. last night in iowa, elizabeth warren said she believed lucy flores. chuck, i ask you this, putting that in context, adding that to list of other things we know about joe biden, is there a chance he decides not to run, he looks at all this and says i'm tt going to gough this, i'm not going to put my family through this, i'm not getting in theourace. >> hear it from democrats a lot in this town who are -- who claim that they really like the vice present, they really wish he could get through this, but worry it could be deathy a ousand cuts for him. look, i said this before, about joe biden, the greatest asset he has, why is he so strong in the polls? e greatest asset he has, he's been in the mainstream of american lpolitics, fort 40 years. why is that a problem for him this year. ee is because he's in the mainstream of american politics
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for 40 years. what was mainstream in the '70s or '80or '90s is not mainstream through today'spr m. somebody born before the baby boomers, actually not a baby er bo is that where today's democratic party is. i think it is aook in the mirror type of question that the vice president is probably definitelyshaving. >> de want to campaign where he's going back, he's already begun topogize for past positions. >> relitigating. >> yes, all right, chuck, thank you very much. we'll look for much more this morning on "meet the press" when chuck discusses the fallout from the mueller report with senate republican conference chairman john barrasso and dick durb. an kristen will be back in a moment. the men's ncaa basketball tournament continues with the last two spots in the final four to be filled. auburn and tentucky play first game with duke and chigantate to follow. late last night, an absolute thriller, the number one seede n south, virginia, playing purdue, virginia down 2 with seconds left, ty jerome misses
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the fr the free throw. a game tying basket at the buzzer to send it to overtime. virginia went on to win in ot by a score of 80-75. earlier, texas tech knocked off gonzaga to send the red raiders to their first final four. the 50lth ann naacp image awards were held in los angeles last niht. and mf the talk was about a nominee who was not there. kristen back with that story. >> this is a big talker,ue cont to be. "empire" star jussie smollett in the headlines for weeks. authorities say he made it up, yet dropping thees chahis week. the big question would he show up for that high profile awards show last night and the answer was a resounding no.
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a star studded night at the i naacge awards. nowhere to be seen, jussie smollett. the actor laying low after failing to win an award for best supporting actor in a television ama. that prize handed out in an untelevised portion of the show the night before. but smollett wasn't far from everyone's minds at last night's ceremony, chris rock laying into him on stage >> they said no jussie smollett jokes. i know. i know. what a waste of light skin, you know? you know what i could do with that light skin? wat curly hair. my careerld be out of here! >> smollett did have some supportstn age, blackish star yara shahidi. >> reporter: cook county prosecutor kim fox defended her
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position tro all charges against smollett, accused of faking a hate crime attack agnst him and filing a false police report. fox writing in a op-ed the case may not have been strong enough. for a variety o reasons, including public statements made case, the evidence in this my office believed the likelihood of securing a convict was not certain. fox also writing she would welcome an outside reewf how her office handled the case. fox already is drawing criticism from the national district attorney's association writing that her office needed to be more transparent and that smollett's case wil now, quote, be forever hidden from public view. we'llp continue to k our eye on this one. >> the police are adamant they have all the evidence they need. thank you. l see you again in a moment for the highs and lows of t week. let's turn now and get a check of the local weather. emperatures out there right now are in the 60s. that's about as good as we're going to get today. we'll fall into the 50s. we have rain showers out there
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right now. but clearing throughout the afternoo winds continue overnight and through much of the day tomorrow.te eratures around 50 degrees tomorrow. full of sunshine. i want to mention you wake up tomorrow morning, those windchills will be in the teens and 20s outtthere. tracking the storm on tuesday, warm up through the next week. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week including pope francis yankingis hand away from the faithful again and again as theyisried to kiss ring. we'll let his holiness explain. the back story on the video that had america cringing this week as local news team tried to get down with the kids. andlater, the astounding library that has taken on the modest task of cataloging everything ever published on the . >> how do we preserve our history, o knowledge, our information in a digital world? >> first step put it all online. just all of it. >> it is all coming up on sunday
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most pills only block one. and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything. kristen welker is bac to help me whip through the highs and lows of the week. >> these are some good ones. >> first high to the pope's high level of concern for hygiene this ek. pope francis visited the italian pilgrimage site of lareto greeting worshipers as he always the pontiff drew some heat for pulling his hand away over and over as the faithful tried to kiss his ring. cat-like reflexes while doing so. in the past, popenc frais has washed the feet of the poor, but some critics were upset by this week's departure from tradition. theyer lat explained the pope wanted to stop the spread of germs of many people in line and
8:19 am
in that gruoups he always allow people to kiss the ring. we're proud this morning to induct pope francis into our germ concern hall of fame, in a class this year with mitt romney, who blows out his birthday candles one by one so as not to spread bacteria on the entire cake. back to the pope, i understand what he's doing there, that visual of him yanking the hand away is too much. >> his speed is the funniest video we have seen with that pope or any pope ever. hem wins the g award, faster than mitt romney. >> much faster. he can move. our first low comes fromci e ty of st. louis where a heinous culinary crime was committed this week. a twitter user named alex crowden posted this photo with the messe, today i introduce my co-workers to the st. louis secret of ordering bagels bread sliced. it was a hit. or many new yorkers who fancy themselves the ultimate authority on bagel ed get, it was a scanda
8:20 am
in an act of violence it could not stand, one person on twitter wrote, fairly confident this display would get one chased out of a new york office by a mob wield in wielding cutlery. and chuckchumer writing, forget about it. the nypd's chief of detectives t postednk you for reporting this crime, but we only serve new york city where this would ne. it would not be a viral moment if a corporation didn't hop in on the act. chips ahoy posted this video with theda message we're eating our cookies st. louis style. >> i'm from philly. not even from new york. i know you just don't slice bagels. you get them with cream cheese and lox. >> i don't know what that accomplishes. >> you want more either way. >> of course. r next high is a tribute tulle to all of you parents who will try to get your babies tosleep.
8:21 am
cody comber, the proud father of a 3 week old babyl gir named kerrigan. when his wife asked him to put kerrigan down for a nap, he did it with a lullaby on top of his guitar. check this out. ♪ come on. that is the classic "twinkle, twinkle lucky shstar." fell asleep less than ten seconds after he started playing. the video has been viewed more than 69 million times on facebook. >> the baby is clutching the guits. it precious. >> how great is that? >> it is great. i don't have any guitars, everyoan is going to to run out and get one now. >> i need to learn how to play the guitar. our final low to a wellio inted effort by a local news team in toledo, ohio, that ent vir as the cringieiest video of the year so far.
8:22 am
a web video to encourage local students as they went in for state testing. their tongue in cheek attempt to use teenagers slang to connect with the kids went horribly awry. out reef spect fl show you a pot video. good morning. it is testing week and it is time to slay all day. >> yeet. stay woke beyond fleak. >> say bye felicia to that testing stress. weather will be turned, right? >> yes, weather will be lit during testing week. how abouthat traffic? are we looking -- ny we're talking no traffic problems around atps schools to keep you from taking those tests. >> oh, mach i could w that all morning. america had a good long laugh at the video this week. would get the
8:23 am
kids' attention. they were wishing students good luck on the important tests. the teaheers telling news team their kids were cracking up laughing at the video and they loved it. and that, my fellow youngsters, is lit. ood delivery, very good. i have to say, the videoade me feel so old. i don't understand any of these words, i don't know what there doing. it is cringeworthy. their hearts were in the right place, though. >> very entertaining and all for a good cause. comingp next, sunday sit-down with the hilarious tracy morgan as he welcomes us into his big beautiful home for a tour of his shark tanks, his godfather inspired office, and a conversation about life after near death. and later the unsung heroes of world war ii, the code girls speak for the first time all these years later about the important role in saving the world. ♪ to inspire confidence through style.
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with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. so even when she grows up, she'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only with expedia. good morning. 8:26n this sunday, march 31st. i'm adam tuss. straight to some of your s headlinehere. new, d.c. firefighters were busy overnight, trying to put out these flames. you can see trucks and crews here busy tackling the fire.
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this happenein northwest on georgia avenue around 4:00 this morning. officials say the fire started in the basement and spread throughout the building. some attached buildings were affected. firefighter treated for minor injuries, no one else was hurt. a cherry blossom season is here, crowdsf people heading down to the tidal basin to see the flowers. pretty busy yesterday. peak bloom expected to hit tomorrow. we have a full guide for all of the differt cherry blossom events and activities in our area. search cherry blossom season in the nbc washiton app. people have been taking advantage of the nice weather and seeing the blossoms, lauryn ricketts has your sunday forecast when we come back. why are all these business owners so excited? co we're going to t. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business.
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yesterday was gorgeous.t can't rephat two days in a row, right? >> no. unfortunately, no. le me tell you, the rain is moving through right now this is it for rain throughout the day. we're seeing showers lining up along i-95. look at this, behind it, nothing. we will srt to dry out. but believe it or not, this afternoon, full sunshine. but temperatures only in the50 temperatures are falling throughout the day and throughout the afternoon. it is going to be windy out there.o gusts up0 miles an hour. cold tomorrow morning. ou wake up windchills in the teens and 20s. only around 50egrees tomorrow. that's it. full sunshine, it will be breezy out there. tracking the storm on tuesday, lighter winds on tuesday. a coastal stoorm, mainly just clouds but could brush with a little rain and keeping it dry right now. next chance of rain on friday.
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>> thank you very much. we'll be back the top of the hour weather.the news and for now, though, back to sunday "today." enjoy your day, everybody. in conclusion, it is my hope that this report will be made redactions.a few >> hello, redactions. >> we're going to black out everything except the words no and collusion. >> robe tro returning as robert mueller as saturday night live takes o o the end the special counsel's investigation. sandra oh s hosted thew with musical guest tame impala. tracy morgan spent several seasons aoss the street in studio 8h as one of "snl's" favorite cast and he rose to that height of medy at 30 rockefeller plaza from the depths of poverty n brooklyn and the bronx. over the last five years, tracy has had toise again. he very nearly died in a
8:31 am
horrific highway the van he was riding in was crushed by a tractor trair. after a long grueling recovery, tracy is making us laugh again. starring with tiffany haddish and cedric the entertainer in the series the last og, a comedy that has its roots in morgan's real life story. as you're about to see,racy lives like an og at his sprawl g home outside new yor where he invited us for a sunday sit-down. >> welcome to the wonderful world of tracy -- >> i loveit. i'm happy to be in it. >> to walk through the front door of tracy morgue aom palatial he is to step into all universets own. >> we have speakers in here. some music on got to be creative. fellows be creative. role play. >> this is a hell of a role lay. >> i'm jacques cousteau on a boat. this room right here is very
8:32 am
special to me. you see the color? and the shades? guess what it based on? veto corleone's office. guess what the first words in the godfather is? i believe in america. get a sign over my door, and then i'm going to get a nce a weekto come in just to kiss my hand and go, can i ber y friend?r. godfat >> the loud, loving and completely unfiltered 50-year-old has the spirit of a kid who gwi laughs grong up in new york city in the 1980s. notoriouslyliestomedy gigs brutal crowds at the world famous apollo theater in harlem. it was there he was spotted by comedian martin lawrence, who hired morgan forol a on his sitcom martin. >> i got food stamps, i got incense. g a grey hound bus in the parking lot.
8:33 am
>> "saturday night live" took note. the lendary creator lorne michaels called him in for anau tion. >> i was scared to death. i know could change my kids' life. changes my world. he's like my daddy, i love him. my father died in 1987. >> michaels hired morg ed morga becameie an ae favorite with characters like brian fellow and astronaut jones. he also struck up ap friends with the show's head writer, meant to s u?asat h >> trying to choke me up now. tina fey is my sister. sheame and she recognized my funny. that's when you start seeing judge judy, all those things.
8:34 am
probably brother and sister in the lt life. we just pick up in this life. >> after seven seasons, he left "snl" to headline his own show, the tracy morgan show ran for ju one season. but morgan soon would be reunited with his past life sister tina fey. you know what, race card. >> don't aept it. >> on her comedy "30 rock," she created t role of tracy jordan placed on morgan's real life r perso persona. >> i think your spending has amtten out of control. >> give me an e. >> it was a nod to the fact it is almost impossible to know where real lifera t ends and his characters begin. >> do you know who i am? seriously beliz please, seriously, tell me who i am. that's the case on the last og, where tracy plays trey barker, a former drug dealer who returns home to a newly gentr y gentrified brooklyn after doing 15 years. >> what happened to brooklyn?
8:35 am
>> he drew from his own life to create the last og. where do we pick it up season tw >> this season is deep. emotional. is there. that's going to be there when you got the talent we have, me,n ti cedric, but the story line is so grounded, it is real. it is ripped fro my life. you'll meet my mother my mother kicked me out of the house at 17 because she found my crack stash. you going to see all of that. >> when you read anything about your show, it is this is tracy's life, things you wanted to say about your experience. >> the story has to be told. can't write it. >> that really happened. my first ecfamily, ie tracy morgan, i started leaving my wife behind, my first wife. >> morgan has three sons from his first marriage. and ar 5-year-old daughte with his wife megan who he married in 2015. five years ago, morgan almost lo everything. >> the last og comes from our friend jimmy mac who died in the
8:36 am
accident. he was an og to me. >> the accident happened in the early morning hours of june 7th, 2014. morgan was a passenger traveling home from a comedy show when his vehicle hit by a walmart tractor trailer in a deadly multivehicle crash. his best friend james jimmy mac killed.was morgan was left in a coma for eight days. walmart later took responsibility for the crash and settled with morgan. co what do we say in the last og? chances are a beautiful thing, man. i know. i got hit by a truck. i wasn't supposed to walk away from that. that truck was doing 75 miles per hour. >> is there ever a point you thought i may never return to comedy in i donry >> eday, i'm scared to death. forget comedy. i didn't know if i was ever going to -- bigger than comedy. i didn't know if i was going to
8:37 am
walk again, man. i didn't know if i was going to talk again. i'm just living my life. one day at a time, that's all i'm doing. >> tracy morgan has a habit of beating the odds. he grew up on welfare, between lyparents in bro and the bronx, spending his teen years carrying for a sick father. he grew upn the middle of the '80s epidemic. >> my dad died of aids. >> a lot of tragedy in your life. >> my oldest broer was bor with cerebral palsy. two years older than me. he's my og. taught me who i . mom and dad broke up when i was 6. my mom had to let him go. g he didn't to vietnam a junkie. he came back that way. >> it is to compensate for what is happening in your life every day. >> the god didn't be with material. he blessed me with a sense of humor. if i can't laugh at it, i'm going to cry. i'm done crying. i wake up and i go to the show and do shows, i go hard. i come home and i go harder as a
8:38 am
dad and husband. i love my wife. i was on a couch for ove a year, a year and a half, and she went nowhere, was with make something happen today. forget about tomorrow or yesterday. it is over. nothing you can do about it. the future, we can change. >> our thanks to tracy for openin his home to us. i highly recommend a day at his place. you may have noticed the trophy case. i noticed an scemmy, an and a heisman trophy. none of which tracy has won t. when i asked about them, he explained simply, money talks. season two of the last og premieres tuesday night on tbs. to hear how tracy talks about his on screen sister, go to subscribe to the podcast to hear an extended intview with tracy morgan. it is a wild one.
8:39 am
find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. next week, a sunday sit-down with danny devito, a talkingbout a long career from his breakthrough in taxi to his latest starring role in the highly anticipatedre ke of the disney classic dumbo. and why working at hissister's beauty salon launched his acting career. danny dit next week on sunday "today." let's turn and get a check of your local weather. ell, we continu to see some rain showers scooting across the area. but after this rain moves through, the winds will pick up, shifting out of the northwest, we'll haveome sunshine, look at this, already starting to see clearing back in west virginia. temperatures dropping through theday. say good-bye to 60s. we're at 60 now. south, butof the switch out of the northwest and pick up gusts of 30 miles an hour throughout the day. look at h the temperatures drop. falling into the 50s, most this afternoon in the 50s. again,unshine this afternoon. next on sunday "today,"
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you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? think think of and libraryhat comes to mind? maybe the one in your hometown where you grewp pulling index cards from the filing system. libraries ve changed a lot since then, of course. to keep up with the way we get online.ormation but what happens to all that old content posted to the it turns out there is a library forha. too dasha burns travels to san francisco for our sunday ♪ r orter: this former church is filled with treasures from the past. but it might also hold a key to the future.
8:42 am
so this sound has been digitized. >> a lot of the music tha we haeen digitizing just hasn't been onin the rnet ever. >> reporter: the place is home to a nonprofit called the internet archive. they want to be a digital library for everythin and i mean everything. can it be accessible to anybody? >> reporter: it sounds impossible. bune it has hap before, back in the third century. >> the library of alexandria was amazing in that itas the collection of what the greeks and the romans andhe hebrews all had to say and it was in one >> reporter: r and his team want to resurrect the library in 21st century style. you built this beast. >> yes. >> reporter: why in. what can you do with your technology that would be good? why don'te build library that has been promised all these years. >> reporter: but that's a pretty massive undertaking. how big is the internet archive?
8:43 am
>> it is about 40 petabytes. >> reporter: your foam is probl is about 64 gigabytes. >>s somebody uploading something or downloading something from the internet erchive. >> these are peooing things on the internet. >> over a million people use the archive and you see their activity. >> reporter: for those who grew up with the internet, it fells like everything that has ever been is ever there. that's not really the >> ts is a diary of aan rus general. >> reporter: if you didn't digitize it, how long would that last? >> would get with time. >> reporter: it is an interesting challenge. history, preserve our our knowledge, our information st a digital world? >> first , put it all online. just all of it. reporter: most information today does go directly onne. but the average life of a web
8:44 am
page is only 100 days. >> i think there is an idea once it is on the internet, it is there forever. that's not really true. >> reporter: mark graham is the director of the way back machine, the internet, archiv archive of the internet. >> a study was done that looks at links of supreme court court cision and found that 49% of the links no longer resolved to the content. >> for the opinions of thegh t court in the land. is the way back machineix fg that? >> working on it. >> reporter: it is a t for accountability. >> we got this phone call from someone at google who asked if we had seen what donald trump had just tweeted. >> reporter: the president had tweeted video alleging google didn't promote last year's sta of the unio >> so google asked if we had a copy of the front page. >> they don't have a record of that. >> that's not their job necessarily. >> reporter: it is a job for the wayback machine.
8:45 am
>> we can show it was in fact being promoted. >> reporter: it is modern day resource that will have modern hiy consequences. >> i people get a pass for some things, but i think they'll be held accountable forther aspects of their digital lives. >> those trade-offs are worth it? >> i think we're all adjusting to a digital world. >> for sunday "today," dasha ci burns, san fro, california. >> thank you very much. beginning in may, by the way, you'll be able to reporting from dasha burns and the excellent team at nbc news now on your favorite streaming device. coming up next on sunday "today," the code girls, unsung heroines of world war ii who worked in the shadows to uncover the secret plans of the germans and the japanese. >> why did you hold on to that promise of secrecy? >> loose lips sink ships. and late, a life well lived, the woman who used her own
8:46 am
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he the heroic american men who fought in world war ii have been celebrated rightfully since they stormed the beaches of francehe and flew tkies over the pacific some 75 years ago. the story of the war's heroic women, though, has not been fully told. and there is a reason for that. the code girls whose smarts helped to thwart german and japanese efforts were told not to speak about their work. and they have not untilnow. in our sunday closer, rehemali sits down with the unsung heroes of the operation to save the world. >> reporter: trusted keepers of the nation's secret wont, the library of congress. women ins their 90s and oth remembered by family members, hidden from hi but now the first nationalelebration for the female code breakers of world war ii. >> i think if the code girls as the hidden figures of thene
8:50 am
greatest tion. >> reporter: we were a nation at war. >> we were. >> so secrets were vitally important. >> absolutely. >> reporter: did you feel compelled to join this effort? >> well, i wanted to something to end the war because so much of my family members were involved in it. >> i felt very, very privileged to have this opportunepy. >> rorter: the deadly attack on pearl harr caught the nation off guard. the u.s. government launched an aggressive search at some of the top colleges, looking for highly educated women with math and language skills who could be trained to break code. >> do you like cross word puzzles and are y engaged to be married? >> reporter: over 11,000 women made theiray to washington, d.c.k describe the wou did. >> numbers and letters and you tried to get a match between different sections of it.
8:51 am
>> and sworn to secrecy too. never told anybody. my folks never knew what i did.y >> reporter:id you hold on to that promise of secrecy? >> loose lips sink ships. >> reporter: for some code breakers, even as memories fade, the promise of secrecy is still honored. >> i don't talk about it. >> reporter: it is you did a good job. >> thank you. on thatook a mission was for a greater good. at 98 years old, there is not a lot of time left to recognize e effort that people like my mom put in. >> that's a good mosalute, >> it is a real honor to see her honored. >> reporter: liza mundy brought the story to the forefront after her research into newly declassified documents at the national archives. >> the female code breakers were certainly one of theea rsons that we won the war.
8:52 am
>> reporter: of many succses, they cracked a crucial japanese code which gave the u.s. an acute advantage in the battle of midway. what does it mean to you to be celebrated? >> i'm sorry that there is so few of us still left. >> i feel privileged wondered did i really deserve this? it is eloverng, really. >> reporter: american treasures, to honor and remember for sunday "today," rehema ellis, >> rehema, thank you. a thank you nearly 80 years belated tohe code girls. this week we highlight another life well lived. dr. anita silver spent her life fighting for the right ofhe disabled, because she knew what without ke to live them. for half a century, dr. silvers taught philosophy at san francisco state university. butno she is best as an advocate for people with
8:53 am
disabilities. she was born in brooklyn, in 1940, and contracted polio agi scout camp when she was 9 with old, leaving her partial quadriplegia. when she began teaching in the 1960s, she was assigned a classroom on the second floor. she would arrive early i the morning so students and colleagues would not see her pullg herself up the stairs. from that daily indignity, and many others like it, dr. silvers led the fight to make buildings accessible. she made sure the disabilities act was implemented as a civil ght and not as a special privilege. a fellow professor remembered dr. lvers as a force of nature, who never missed a chance to remind the owner of a building, a shop or a restaurant of its ligation. dr. anita silvers, who fought to make the world accessible to everyone, died this month in san
8:54 am
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while shopping at sears, you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like this to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ksten welke is back to help me sort through our sunday mail. we take your questions from twitte and facebook a as always they are good ones. here is our first one on facebook. corrine, what was the first concert you went to? >> life this questiei lhis conc concert. we dressed up likedo a, lace gloves, bracelets up to here. i thought life is not going to get this good. >> like a virgin era. >> it may he been my coolest day. >> all downhill for both of us. >> exactly.
8:58 am
>> i'm from new jersey so bon jovi. >> has to be. >> without saying or springsteen. it was the'8 s. >> i know all the songs by hea too. >> nicole asks, what final jeopardy category would you wager all your money on? >> i would say history. but i would have to study. de >> i feel con when i watch the show, when i'm on there, i'm afraid i would crumble. i think whe i fallasleep at night, if i could name the most valuable players from all of the ncaa basketball tournaments, that's whats. he >> that's a good one. >> what is your favorite guilty pleasure food, k asks. >> this is an easy one. pizza. pizza, new york gets even better. io have a slice. i resisted it this weekend. >> get onen your way out of town. >> entenmann's tiny cookies. kristen, thank you very much. thank you for spending part o your morning with us. see you back here next week on sunday "today." thanks tohe t great dave
8:59 am
auerba auerbach. s new t morning, one man is dead after a crash in prince george's county. we're learning new details. >> and a day at the lake ends with one man drowning. we'll tell y why he wen into the water in first place. plus, blossom watch,chhe ry blossoms are reaching peek bloom. >> sure are. yesterday was a busy day around the tidal basin. today, seeing them all here. pink in the city right now. want to welcome in you at 9:00un on thisy morning. good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. yesterday was beautiful. i don't think we're going to gre aat, right? >> what do you think about that? little change in the rain came through today.
9:00 am
>> we did and we still thdo. main shock is the clouds clearing throughout the afternoon. we have sunshine thisweafternoo. l have full sunshine as the clouds start to clear. it isoing to be chilly and we have winds that will be gusting up to 30 miles an hour. right now winds out of the south you see the bottom corner of the screen. as winds start to shift, that's going to pull the temperature down a littleif bit, bea view out there right now.yb now is the time to see the cherry blossoms. meagan fitzgerald sa yesterday was so packed, so nice, maybe the rain will scare off some people today. i'm here to tell you we'll have moreunshine this ternoon. the rain out there now. if the rain has ended in your area, it h ended for good. this frontal system back edge of the front now coming through the shenandoah valley. the rain coming through i-95 corridor. that will continue to push off tohe east clearing behind it, and a drop in temperatures. that wind will startt, to sh already starting to pick up now,


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