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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 1, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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degrees. at 6:00 in the morning. temperatures did a downward slide the rest othe day as the northwest wind set up shop bringing in way colder and drier air. starting off this morning about 30 degrees colder than we did the same time yesterday. most areas now a with a couple of degrees o the freezing mark. the cherry blossoms still tec ically above freezing he in town. the magic number for cherry blossoms to really start having trouble is about 27 or 28 degrees. i don't think we'll be that cold, but i don't care for the wind much. windchills wn in the low to mid 20s this morning. wow, is that cold for our 1st day of april. not going to be anywhere near warm today. refternoon highs making it to about 50 degrees. average high is 62. well below average today. more about the chance for a har freming up tomorrow morning in a few minutes. now over to melissa mollet on a monday. >> good morning. telling you about this problem. we're going to see this develop here in the next coupl of
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hours. fort washington, northbound 210 oatween fort washington and old fort road, left lane getting by the water main break and right now starting to see a slight owdown. but when the commute kicks in, going to be very slow. inner loop and outer loop, beltway is looking good. you see the inner loop at central avenue. don't have any worries there. centreville, stbound 66 between the beltway and gainesville, that's cleared out of the way. two right lanes were blocked with the mobile work zone. a that's gone. aaron? >> thank yo as melissa mentioned, a portion of northbound indian head highway between fort washington and old fort road is back open after a water main break. this is video from yesterday showing the water shooting up into the air. look in the distance there. it'sstaffecting more than drivers, too. >> right now, 23,000 customers are under a boil water visory. this is a map here. if you live in the area west of indian head highway to the potomac river and from the d.c. line south to piscataway
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you will need to boil your water. the power is back on for some folks in bethesda. the montgomery county fire department says a tree fell on mcarthur boulevard and maryland avenue yestery. this is video from the area. you can't see the treeecause lice closed off the boulevard. the tree knocked down lanes and daged a-- down lines and damaged a utility pole. prince george's county a aare -- prince george's pice are trying to find out who shot a transgender woman. >> hanti carmen was shot and killed at fairmont heights. there's not a suspect or moticl. it's ur whether the fact that ashanti was transgendered play a role in her murder. transgender people face violencenary levels of and assault, especially women according to the human rights ig cam ashanti carmen is the second transgender person violently killed so far thisyear. last year, 28 transgender people were murdered. the woman accusing former
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vice president joe biden of appropriate behavior is going public. lucy flores says biden behaved inappropriately during a 2014 campaign event in nevada. flores says he smelled her hair, put his hands on her shoulders, and kissed the back ofd. her he nbc news has not independently verified the specific incident took place. n florence saying anything illegal or overtly sexual happened. she spoke to msnbc's casey hunt last night. >> there are videos, photos, full-on compilations of him being inappropriate with women. and you can see the discomfort in their faces. and it's beisssed as if it's just biden being biden, boys will be boys, no big deal. >> now biden leads the early democratic polls in the race fo the democramination for president. he released a statement saying in part, quote, i mayec notl these moments the same way, and i may be surprised at what i ea
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but we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should pelate their exences, and men should pay attention, and i will, end quote. it's 344: here's the other top stories we're following this morning -- virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax says a polygraph proves he is telling the truth about sexual assault allegations. he's maintained his innocence t sincewo women came forward earlier th year. we're hearing from one of them in an interview later this morning. we'll see a preview coming up in the next half>hour. emocrats want the mueller report by tomorrow. that seems unlikely, thgh. attorney general william barr says he will give congress a redacted version of the report by mid-april. meanwhile, according to a new poll, many americans don't believe that president trump is cleared of any wrongdoing. more coming up in a few minutes. the search i on for president suspect in the murder of grammy-nominatedpe r nipsey hussle. he was shot outside of his clothing store in losngeles yesterday. two other men were hurt in the shooting. the rapper was also known for being a huge supporter of
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entrepreneurship and lifting up his community. family and friends gathered remember a university of south carolina student killed. santha josephson thought she friday.ting into an uber the driver, samuel roland killed her. the child safety looks locks -- afety locks were turned on, preventing her from getting out. today is the day many cherry blossom watchers have been waiting for. today is peak bloom. it was a busy weekend ti the l basin. people posting tons of cherry blossom photos all over social media. i saw plenty of them. and here are just some of the great shots wve seen so far of this year's blossoms. >> the national parks service says the trees will remain in peak bloom throug saturday. if you plan to head down to the tidal basin to take in the pink sites, prepare for the big crowds. >> i don't remember the crowds being this big. i think there's a lot of excitement, a lot of kids. this is the age of these fie. so everybody, you know, my wife was saying it looks like a photo shoot out here.
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everybody's, you know, modeling and posing for pictures and so, we defitely got ours in, too. i'm not above it, but i think that it's something that'sd changever the years. >> well said. that's absolutely true. > we will be live at the tidal basin coming up at 5:00 a.m. in our 6:00 ur, we'll speak with the national parks service about how this cold is impacting the blossoms or whether it's impacting the blossoms at ts point. hopefully won't be an issue. >> no. i really have to say, it's north braving the crowds. if you o today in the middle of the day for some reason, you don't have to wait until the weekend or evening -- >> it's bee a few years since i've gone on foot just to see the blossoms and take picturesi it's beaul to drive through. if you haven't had the experience, you want to have it at least onc have someone drive you and roll down the windows. >> no. don't be that guy. that's the guy i want to hit -- the uber that pulls over or slows down. >> i'm kidding. coming up, back in virginia
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and final four bound.a did youh basketball this weekend? >> i did. nuts. >> every game was amazi. goodness. what's new about the cavaliers and their quest at the ncaa championship. couldn't get engh. and terrifying video of a crazy crash that injured a lite girl.
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in "news 4 your health," a survey finds a majority of parents support age limits for kids playing tackle football. researchers at seattle children's hospital found 68% of moms and 5 % of dads are -- 58% of dads arev ior of a minimum age for sport. many worried about the risk of concussion and impact on their children. there is video -- whoa. you really don't see every day. a pro-golfer stripping do to make a shirtless shot. turns out it's a method that works apparently. kevin daugherty went shirtless during the final round of the
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savannah golf championship hoping to keep it clean. he didn't -- >> say what? >> there he is. boom. didn't just get the ball out of the tough spot there. he landed an eaglement that's two shots under par. unfortunatel rest of the game. he ended tied for 37th. >> i didn't know that was a thing. if you too yourhirt off that that gave you leverage or a special omething. honest, it wasn't that impressive. he needs a sandwich. the uva is home preparing for a final run-- >> no, you didn't. this is video of the team yesterday. at a game. the first time videhas been in the final four since 1984. remember what happened to them last season? goodness. the cavs beat purdue 80-75 in a thrilling overtime game friday.a uvill take on the number-five seed, university of auburn.t hey join texas tech and michigan state, w.h.ho beat duk what a game.
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this was the first time in history getting into the final four.ur both final f games will take place on saturday. >> the national championship game is monday. always fun. >> i know. i don't know how the final four will beet the elite eight -- will beat the elite eight in every gatie. love this of the year. 4:41. chuck? >> i thought i waroing for -- rooting for virginia, right? >> yes, i am. >> i'm all in t for texash since they're in the big 12. guns up. that's their slogan out ther >> all right. that wind is blowing. it is cold on a monday morning. don't step outside without your warm layers of clothes on. a completely check of the ten-day forecast cop. it's that time of year. what the national zoo is saying about a possible panda egnancy. please! coming up on "today," al roker is in the arctic. he'll be live with scientists studying the effects of climate change.
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4:44. more than a week after the completion of the mueller report, we're getting a bettea f what americ voters think about the investigation. >> tracie potts nowwith ore. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. voters aren't so sure. they're still split on whether or not this pollat exon president trump as he has said. our nbc/"wall streeljournal" shows 29% say yes, it clears president trump. 40% say it does not. but there's a pretty significant chunk, almost rdone-t 31%, who aren't sure. that's made up of indepdents, democrats, and republicans. what's interesting here is that almost everyone has heard of the people report, but do really care? according to this poll, less than half are engaged in that. it'r down a little what it was last month. back to you. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. we are learning new details about the moments leading up to a drowning at a l ie northern
4:45 am x police say a man was walking his dog on a path next to ke braddock on saturday. witnesses say the dog broke loose, went into the water, and trin jumped in after firefighters found his body 40 minutes later. he drowned. the dog survived. police in georgia are stillr searching driver in a hit and run that nearly killed a 9-year-old girl. that crash was caught on e surveillacamera. we should warn you, the can be upsetting to watch. it was friday night when the little girl was playing in her yard. a car failed to turn and instead plowed into the front her home. she survived but was bad injured and is still recovering. the driver and passenger took off running after the impact. you see them there. the little girl's father described the panic that ensued followinghe accident. >> driving to the emerroncy , i had her head on my lap.
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a i -- h leg was stretched out across the front seat. i had my hand on her chest the whole time to make sure she was still breathing and her heart was stll beating. >> wow. >> the family is begging for the person to a come forw fake responsibility. you can see the interview coming up on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. right after "news4 today." >> very hard to watch. encounters caught on camera all involving t same special police officer. when the residents went to complan, they say the metropolitan police department turned them away. the news4un-team the private security company he worked for has ties to mpd. >> jody fleischer with more on the stories. >> reporter: mpd has a special division that's supposed to handle complaints against special delivers. several residents -- special police officers. several residents said they couldn't complain even though they have video of w happened. >> i can't feel my wrist. i can't feel my wrist. my hand is turning numb. >> you want to push me?
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>> reporter: antwon reed is the unanimous man on the ground. he was visiting his girlfriend at the frederick douglass 2018.ments in >> nobody should have been treated that way. nobody.or >> rr: the special police officer assigneded to the complex arrested him for assault and unlawful entry. prosecutors dismissed the case. but reed told the i-team after he filed a complaint with d which licenses and disciplines security offices, he went to get a copy and was told there weren't one on file. 't no answers, no anything. >> reporter: he i alone. the man being rested in this video and two women from this encounter said they tried to file complaints against the same officer and were turned away. >> i feel like this security badge is saving him. t's not fair. >> reporter: mpd declined theiest for an interview. -- the request for an interview. the officer mpa worked for, the management of
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the apartment complex, and that special police officer. sir, can we talk to you for a secoppd? see what ed when we tried to get answers about the officer and the security company. that's coming up tonight on "news4" at 6:00. building ll notice a boom at the whatever along the -- wharf along the southwest wateront in d. district leaders celebrated the beginning of the second phase of the development project. it will bring more businesses, apartments, condoparks, and entertainment to the area.l the fi phase is part of a $2 velopment project. a welcome sign of change coming to prince george's county toda's prince georounty executive angela alserbrooks is set toan ounce a new grocery store coming to seat pleasant. it's cled the good food market and will be built on addison plaza. that's close to the addison roa. metro stati it will help address the food issue that's plagued the area since safeway closed their location in 2016.
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>> imohink there are and more areas around the region really, not just in seat pleasant, that areaiting for -- waiting for that sort of development to happen because you've got food deserts that are leaving people without options for healthy food, fres produce, that sort of thing. >> and the grocery store, something as simple as a grocery store can change a community and what it does. >> yeah. >> at whole foods they put on p --reet, 15, 16 years ago >> a whole entire different area. remember logan circle? years ago - >> we remember when that thing just opened. one of us has gotten old. >> chuck, my app says the windchill is21 degrees here. >> that sounds -- >> 21! >> that's pretty close. >> it's april. >> i don't eck my app. i just check chuck bell. >> she calls me in the middle of the night,hat should i wear tomorrow? you're ght, windchills are way down in the 20s. at international airport in arlington county, 34 for the temperature, and 24 for the windchill. it is anything but a nice day to
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be outside. plenty of windblowing,hat's not going to go anywhere any time soon either. temperatures hovering in the low 30s for most. both the wind blowing -- but with the wind blowing, low 20s. winchester, down to 18degrees for a windchill this morning. the good news about today's forecast, al sunshine all the time. the bad news is it's going to stay windy this morning. the winds will ease off late in the day by then, you're going to be practically on your way home. creasing clouds. there is a risk of a few showers tomorrow, especially from washi aton and points south east. so let me show what's going on. this is the area of moisture here nearhe florida panhandle now. that is the storm which is going to be forming off the georgia coast late today. then by mid to late day tomorrow,t's going to be off the coast of cape hatteras. here you see 7:00 tomorrow, best rain chancesalong i-95 and eastbound tomorrow the bay. on to the eastern shore. much high rain chance tomorrow in annapolis and st. mary's cotty. almo chance for rain in the
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shenandoah valley tomorrow. keep that in mind. that's a prettye call. we'll leave the 40% chance for showers in there. just know rain chances will be higher the farther east you li or travel tomorrow. then back to sunshine and a gusty west windne on way. wednesday, back up into the 60s. average high now, 62 we'll be back above average on wednesday. thursday morning, clouds starting to spill back in. i'm not 100%sure we'r going to have a rain chance on thursday. i'm keeping it out for buow. just know that by friday morning, it's going to be raining here. and much of the y friday wi be rather on the showery side. thursday, not somuch. friday, a pretty high chance of rain. there's the ten-day loo. 52, sunny, windy, and cold today. neanfreezing tomorrow mg. a few late-day showers. mainly dry and sunny for wednesday through thursday. rain chances back fridaynd saturday. and then, oh, next week is looking like a winner, melissa mollet. >> i like that. thosetoemperatures headed i next week look good to me, especially whenoue looking
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outside on your app like aaron was. fort washington, northbound 210 between fort washington and old, fort roagain, the left lane is the only thing getting by the water main ree irs. you e tiny slowdown. it's going to start being painful for folks as the mornin commute kickn. that's because of, again, the water main break. inoer loop, outer loop, major issues there on the beltway right now. as you look at 270 at old hundred road, northbound, southbound, everything is rolling nicely there. at 109 and 66, fairfax couoy parkwayhe beltway, the road doesn't want to pop up, that's a little bit weird. it's nice and cle 62 miles per hour, going to get you there in nine minutes. ♪ wow. look at that. new video that has "game of thrones" fans talking this moening. theagio casino in las vegas is getting people hyped up for the new season with a light show in its worlfamous fountains.
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scenes played out as water shot across 800 feet of thosecoc fountains there on the strip. the tribute began last nigh oand will pla every night through april 13th. a day before the premie of the eighth and final season. true confessions, i have not see a single episode. we might be the last two people on the planet at this rate. seriously. i feel like eight seasons, i can't catch up now. >> you can't. you just -- you can try to binge it, jump in, or skip it and watch something . >> maybe someday. the end of an air for blocuster -- of an era for blockbuster videos. returning movies may have been part of your monday routine. you probably don't remember that. >> officially there's only one of the stores left in the whole world. the bend, oregon, location officially became the finalb ckbuster yesterday. who knew? ocation in to-last australia shut down on sunday. there's not much demand for videoes rentalihese days --
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rentals these days. the manager says there arno plans to close. localst still ren movies -- >> is that right? the. >> and tourists come for a bit of nostalgia. >> that's what it's going to be, a tourist attraction, to say i visited the last blockbuster on the planet. >> i found a vhs apartment cleaning my apartment. i found an old vhs fr my acting days -- >> you were a thespian --t >> tent into the trash. i don't have a vcr. >> i don't have a dvd player. >> yocan have my old one. >> thank you. we play it on the xbox sometimes. we all know the city loves pandas. >> we do. >> especially the baby pandas. >> especially me. >> right. folks in europe are obsessing over two rare white liocubs. watch this. >> how cute. my goodness! >> that was a roar? >> they're esbies. >> two were born in a
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safari park in crimea. one's a boy, the other a girl. white lions are extremely rare in the world. only about 300 of them are known to exist. >> so beautiful. >> not tiger, a lion.. >> beautif amazing. >> they are. mithsonian's national zoo is keeping a close eye on one of its giants pandas. back to our neighbor. mei xiang might be expecting a panda baby soon. she was officially -- no, artificially inseminated. not officially inseminated last week. this is mei xiang. poor mei xiang -- >> what would be the opposite of -- some random guy walked up -- >> no! oh, poor mei xiang. you know, they work her hard at the zoo. zookeepers say the window to become pregnant is only 24 to 72 hours each year. >> and tian tian wasn't getting the job done. >> when mei started to show a sign that she was ready, zookeepers acted quickly. the panda team will know if the
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artificial insemination was successful f-- won't knowr several months. the problem with pandas is they don't exhibit until -- they're g ready tove birth. >> right. so tian tian tried. he was doing all the right things, making the notices, he was tabbing on the window apparently. >> flowers and choc everything? >> she wasn't interested. >> they've been together for many years. i'm just kidding. >> wow, jeun. t kidding. it's now 4:56. a same-sexcouple in nebraska went to extraordinary lengths to have a baby of their very own. >> the baby girl has her grandmother to thank apparently. elliott daugherty and matthew elidge are the parents. she was born last week. her origins were were a family matter. matthew's mother carried the . ba elliott's sister donated the thg, and they used matthew's sperm. baby's grandmother said she was more than happy to help. >> i would love to be your carrier, gestational carrier. i said, i loved being pregnant. and i said, you know, i said, i
4:57 am
think i'd be a good candidate. of course, they laughed because -- they're thinking you're menopausal. >> doctors said the 61-year-oldw grandmother a perfect candidate to be a surrogate through ivf. the baby's dads plan tell her all about her creation. cute baby. stillad on "news4 today," paying for college isn'e y. each year millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed. >> this morning, we're showing you the easiest w to track the financial help that's available. plus, virginia's lieutenan governor says he's proven the sexual allegations made against him are false. this as one of his accusers prepares to sit down for a network interview this morning.
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a chilly beginning to your monday morning. cold some might call it. april has arrived. you wouldn't know it from the
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temperatures. we're in the 30s in a l of areas. colder than that in places at 5:00 a.m. on this monday. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. temperatures coming after a beautiful weekend. no april fool's joke. no further than the tidal basin. we're talking about the warm o weather the weekend. the cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom, and thousands of people packed the area this weekend to see them and snap plenty of beautiful pictures. >> here we thought you'd come back from vacation and bringmt wfrom your tan. clearly you were just thinking about yourself. >> listen, i tried my darndest to bottle it up. even some sand i my suitcase. no such luck. >> i think all she remembered to pack were the frozen pina coladas. w i drank all of us. >> chuck,e need you to fix it, buddy. >> seriously. >> the windchill is crazy. >> in the 20s. eun, back on vacation. >> yes, sir. >> it was beautiful while you away. it is a windy and cold start to a monday


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