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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 2, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it is 4:30 as we kick off this tuesday with a live look outside. another cold stahi to april morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s depending on where you tlive. t's too cold, fyi. >> it is for april. from the nonscientific speck. >> yes. >> we -- that's our caveat here. >> we offer this it's too cold for april 2nd. > for us. good mornineryone, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. it has to warm up sooner or later so chuck can stop listening to us -- >> we're wearing him out. >> thanks for joining us. we are working 4 you to get you rey for the tuesday. melissa mollet is standing by with your fst 4 traffic -- look at chuck's face. he's like, can you guys just cut it out? it>> he's just over >> yeah. >> i'm done. i'm done listening to you -- melissa, you have t luxury of being in the traffic center. i have to listen to this all morning in the studio. >> i'm by myself. it great. >> i know. don't eat my snacks, melissa. >> i will eat your snacks. >> i noticed a bite out of my sandwich yesterday. this morning, mostly clear sky for now. temperatures are primarily in the 30s. it's a col one.
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32 at dulles. 28 at warrenton, 32bu in le. 30 in frederick, maryland. milder in the city and by the bay. 44 inannapolis. 43 in st. mary's county. and 40 here in washington. there's a little chance forom showersg in later on in st rnay today. notev chances will be along and to the east of i-95. i think t most of shenandoah valley, i think the computer here's overpainting that. i think most of the shenandoa valley, i-81, likely to be missed by r tndrops today. around town, know that there will be a chance for showers for the tail end of the evening commute. dog walking forest, a spe racer. what a cute name for this guy here. a 7-month-old puppy dog who would be happy to put energy in your life. go to to find out how to adopt him. chil but dry. likely to be dodging drops this evening. now to melissa mollet in the peaceful traffic center. >> i just have to listen t myself complain.
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i'm use ed t.d to th continue, everything getting by. erltway at gallows road. no problems ooop or inner loop of the beltway. the rest of it looking quite good, as well. no big complaints. no big complaints on anye, ro major route into town or out of town either. 27 66 95, everything looking quite good. takoma park, northbound new mpshire avenue near east/west heavy, the left la getting by, that's cleared. you don't have to worry about the work zone there in takoma park. aaron? >> thank you. 4:32. developing this, ho trains appear to be back on schedule -- developing thisshour, tra appear to be back on schedule following a deadly accident. a person was hit and killed siile tresp on the tracks near the new carrollton station. la week another person w killed while illegally walking onac tro near bowie. 2,000eople are hurt or killed every year nationwide crossksg trhere they should not be. today dominion power is
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expected to deliver new transformers to a fairfax county higher elevation apartment after the complex's one caught fire. >> that fire displaced about 1,000 people. take a closer look. fire broke out at the skyline plaza complex. this is in bailey's crossroads sterday morning. that building is 26 stories high. the smoke current through the building and forced firefighters to order anac evuation. the red cross has set up temporary housing for all of those displaced residents. video of a young boy being placed in handcuffs is causing a stir on social media. t d.c. police s 10-year-old was involved in a robbery on massachusetts avenue northeast with two other boys on saturday. the victim said one suspect placed him in a headlock while another flashed a b.b. gunnd demanded his cell phone. in a statement, d.c. police sain officersified the 10-year-old's mother immediately, placed him in handcus, and drove him to his mother's house. they say he was never under arrest. however, they say 13-year-old boy was arrested for his role in
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that roery. 's 4:34. 20 years in prison is the sentence handed down yesterday to a maryland man who pled guilty to child pornography ge ch jonathan oldale was arrested nearly two years ago after a camera was found in the bathroo of silver stars gymnastics and fitness in silver spring. prosecutors say oldale set up y cameras in his home and recorded children undressing after splash parties in his yard. after oldale serves his sentence, he will have to register as a sex offee'er. h a look at some of our top stories now at 4:34. a maryland man accused of trying to hire a man to threaten a little girl and hermother. onipsey husslone --ahud mac tar a man to put ahe gun to girl's head and tell the mother she had three days to leave the house. no word on a motive.
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>>nc residents in pgeorge's county remain under a boil water advisory if you live in the red shaded area on this map, you will need to boil water for at least threesi minutes before it. that boil water advisory is the result of a water mai break along indian head highway. overnight, wssc said the water mains fixed. more than a dozen people were injured following a vigil for grammy-nominated rapper nipsey hussle. this is video of the crowds in los angeles last also overnight the lapd released a photo of the suspected killero eric er. the rapper was shot multiple times on sunday in front of his clothing store. police believe the shooting was gang related. today is the deadline house democrats gave attorney general william barr to release special counsel robert mueller's report. if barr fails to do so, top democratic leader says barr could face a subpoena as early as this week. this comes as president trump holds steady to his threat of shutting down the southern border. more on this development coming up in just a few minutes. baltimore hasew a acting
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mayor this morning. overnight katherine hughes' temporary leave ofen a went into effect. a spokesperson says the mayor is taking time off to rest as she battles pneumonia. she is als battling political drama. larry hogan asked prosecutors to investigate her f alleged self-dealing. she's accused of awarding contracts to at least one company that previously paid her civil published children's books. the baltimore city council president will take over her day-to-day responsibilities. tonight bryce harper is returning to d.c. he will be wearing a foilsey je on his -- a phillies jersey on his home turf. he left for a 13-year, $330 million deal. don't blame him. doesn't mean we have t like it. despite some fans being stung by his decision to leave, last week nationals team owner mark learner told us he's looking forward to seeing harper the philly. >> great years here.
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he grew up in front. our eyes. like, you know, i've said many times, he was like a member of our family. i think the reaction should be positive. this is not the type of audience that is usually going to get on somebody like that. i'm not going to boo him.i' clap for him. so you know, it's -- like i said, we watched him grow from 16 to now, so it's kind of like, you know, it's -- a reunion will be nice. >> see, mark lerner is a class act. he is a class act. but you know not everyone's going to share mr. lerner's well wishes. check o what muriel bowser's twitter account showed. the post was onl up for ape few minutes before being deleted. i keep wondering, are people going to b him or what? is mark lerner going to be in the minority, are the fans to be throwing stuff? >> he make the point, too, this is how sports work. people move f team to team, and -- >> and we're classy fans, unlike some other places. i will just put it thatrsway. pitch is tonight at 7:05.
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and of course, this is only the beginningany matchups between the nats and harper's new team. >> we can be classy but passive aggressive like no other. the phillies, the only te undefeated so far, 3-0, 159 games to go. >> we have a long way to go. >> a lot of baseball. 4:38 right now. coming up, whole foods forwh e lot cheaper? the grocery store dropped prices on thousands of products. we'll tell you which ones you can get the best bargains on. plus, smartphones often distract us from driving. but new technology promises to improve yourshommute. we'l you how.
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it could be a few more weeks before boeing smits the finalfi x for thets- submi the final fix for the jets. boeing needsdditional time to repair software for its 737 max
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jets. underency and boeing are fire following two fatal crashes since october. the faa says it will conduct a rigorous safety review, and the software that is suspected as contributing to both crashes won't be installed until it is satisfied. it's been one year since a scathing report found failures at washington, d.c.'s, giant v.a. medical center. now a news4 i-team investigation provides a updated prognosis. >> as scott mcfarland reports, the flagship medical center is still struggling to find itsg. foot >> reporter: it's one of the largest v.a. medical centers in the nation, but internal inspections and reports obtained by the i-team over the past year ngshow it's also amo the if not the worst performing in the nation, toe edical center has been plagued by mismanagement, staff shortages, wasted money, and supply issues. the new director, the fifth man to hold the jobn the past two years, says there's been
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t montss in rec a big reduction in infections acquired inside the building, and fewer postponed procedures. >> we have not had a procedure postponed due to equipment availability really sce early december. >> reporter: current employees who asked us not to reveal their identiti for fear o retaliation paid a far different picture -- paint a far different picturno do you haveh people helping you? >> no, not at all. d >> reporter:escribing a hospital that's wildly understaffed, suffering supply shtages still, and also still scrambling. >> eve my-workers throughout the hospital are broken beings they're overworked and under valued and under appreciated. >> you think it's a crisis? it t >>. it's critical. >> reporter: as part of our investigation at 5:00 what fixes and what planned veterans experience when they go
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to a hospital underny scru scott macfarlane, news gteam. d morning, everyone, this area of storminess across the southeast, guess where it's comi and who'sost likely to get rained on because of it. i'll detail that with future weather andive you the ten-day forecast which includes a pe at the wekee
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welcome back. at 4:45, democrats say that are fed one excuses and want attorney general william barr to ueller report today or else face a subpoena. >> news4's tracie potts joins us now with more o this. good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, good
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morning. today was the democrats' deadline for the attorney general to turn over that foul, unredact -- that full, un-redacted repoac, nothing d out. not going to happen, the justice department says. so the house judiciary committee is planning a vote for tomorrow that would giveha its the power to subpoena not only that report but five white hou officials who they think may be able to lend something to the investigation. it wouldn't mean an automatic subpoena, but it would give judiciary chair jerry nadler the four subpoena the report. >> and what's the latest on president trump's threat to close the southern border?e' >> reporter: saying he's willing to do it within a week. now the fact is there are more families and unaccompanied children trying to get into the united states. he's also shifted some customs and border patrol officials off the ports of entry, into other areas of t border to try to patrol and control those eas. but shutting down the border can have a huge impact on trade. f everythim auto parts and
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plastics to fruits and vegetables that come into the united states. mexico is our third-largest trading partner. so now economic experts concerned that this if it lasts, a border shutdown could throw the u.s. into recession. not to mentis raising prit the grocery store. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill this rng. thank you. 4:47. a second woman has come forward accusing former vice president ore biden ofed unwa contact. a fmer campaign volunteer says biden rubbed noses with her at a fundraiser in 2009. in a statement, she said the contact was not sexual but that, quote, uninvited affection is not okay. her account has not been verified by nbc news. last month a former nevada candidate said biden made her uncomfortable in 2014. as he continues to conside running for president, biden's potential opponents are weighing in. >> have you ever seen him being too -- >> i personally haven't seen that. >> i believe lucy flores.
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and joe biden needs to give ana er. >> biden responded to the original allegations by explaining he has engaged in countless interactions in public and does not believe he ever acted inappropriately. back now at 4:48 with an update on a murder trial we've been telling you about for late last night a jury convicted a man of sexually assaulting and killing a new york city jogger. karina vetrano'se story m national news when she vanished during a run in queens in tweaks 2016. chanel lewis was convicted on all counts. last time there was mistrial when jurors could not agree on a verdict. during the retrial,urors heard about dna found linking lewis to the crime. students at the university of south carolina are stiller shaken a a student's murder. the cse of death h been released for samantha josephson. she died from multiple sharp fo force injuries. she was killed after getting
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into what she believed was her uber. shame separated from friends and called the uber to take her home biwas found dead -- but was found dead nearly 65 miles from rimpus. ther has been charged with the murder. new, we're learning that whole foods will slash prices on hundreds of items starting tomorrow. shoppers will save 20% on items such as greens, tomatoes, and tropical fruits. there a also new details for amazon prime members. whole foods will double the number of exclusiveeekly prime member deals and deeper discounts. y the chi temperatures outside aren't keeping away the cherry blossom lovers c thewds came out to see the first day of peak bloom yesterday. no surprise there. the cold's not going to keep people away from the gorgeous view. >> although this picture woul we promised there were people out there, too. the national parks service says cooler temperatures can both help and ht the ooms. now if it gets too hot, the blooms will move into their next stage, green leaves.
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faster than we would like. temperatures that are too cold and windy conditions could make a lot of those bloomsust fall. the cherry blossom festival runs through next week. a reminder,'t if you d have to drive to the tidal basin, don't. there are few places to park. metro and walking are your best bets. >> even if you don't want to see the cherry blossoms, don't drive through there. you're going to get stuck behind driver. 45 minutes, someone told me. >> i would dip into virginia and come up that way. >> smart move. >> t cherry blossoms are okay? >> they like it just so. not too cold, not too hot, not too windy, not too rainy. but -- >> goalies. lo >> that's -- goldilocks. >> that's who they are. last year we had crazy, warm weather and it just about torpedo'd the blossoms enforely. >> i ot it was warm last year. been so long. >> it was. yeah, crazy warm weather. remember 80 in february last
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year? remember? >> i in was korea -- n 20s. >> i can't win. >> you can't. >> so your tuesday morning skies have been clear overnight. it is a typically cold start. temperatures down near freezing in most of the area this morning. future weather for today, a gradual increase in clouds later on in the morning. here we go into the afternoon and eveni time frame. there will be a little chance for a couple of showers. best rain chances today will be along and to the east of i-95. it should not be aig deal. for your planner, temperatures from near freezing this morning to about 50 at lunchtime. then the clouds thicken up. that's when the rain chances really start tam up. about 5:00 this evening, 10:00 or 11:00tevening, t will be the best chances for rain. bus stop weather for the kids, again, nothing to worry about early this morning. again, kids may want to pack that umbrella in their car cause there is a chance for showers later today. tomorrow, back to weather. breezy tomorrow, but after starting off in the 30s, we'll
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jump way up into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. so wednesday is going to be a nice one. thursday, back to the mostly cloudy day. still in the mid to upper 60s. no rain to worry about wednesday or thursday. rain likely on friday. that could be some blossom-busting showers around there then. saturday morning, a tiny chance r rain real early. i think saturday afternoon nice, sunday, also more dry than wet. highs both days over the weekend in the low going to be a great weekend. >> it looks like a fabulous weekend. thank you. in the district, northbound 295, suitland parkway, single lane getting by. that work zone is hanging around. we s that pretty much every morning. 66 looks good. 95 northbound looksgood. southbound, though, through tafford at 6:30, left lane is getting by that work zone this morning. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, nice and n'clear. have any problems there. and remember, takoma park, we hadhiorthbound new ham near east-west highway with the left lane getting by. that's now cleared out ofhe
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way. >> thank you. it's 4:52. listen up if you plan on traveling anywhere on the east coast soon, amtrak is having a flash sale on its service throughouthe northeast gion. that means all trips booked this spring and summer will be 30% off. fares have been as low as $39 each way from d.c. to new york -- that is a good sale. amtrak says there is no blacut dates, but the special is only good for riding coach. the sale ends tomorrow. you have probably experienced distracted driving by somebody near you. now there is a new apple c travel safely to keep your focus on the road. ws4 transportation reporter adam us it tuss gives i a test . >> reporter: getting an alert -- >> get ready for green -- >> reporter: when the light's about to turn een. going too fast in a school zone -- >> speeding in school zone. >> reporter: approaching a red light. >> red light. >> reporter: all warnings that
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could be sent to your smartphone as intersections and rmeds be connected to wireless technology, essentially making the roads smarter. >> there's a lot of way toake the infrastructure safer by giving alerts in school zones, speed zones, learning when an ergency vehicle is approaching and what direction. >> reporter: this technology isn't cheap. it would cost about $5,000 per intersection to get it set up. a lot of intersections cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up without the technology. in t meantime, while your car may not be t gettingse kinds of alerts yet, your smartphone already can. another way that the road experience is evolving. in arlington -- >> red light. >> reporter: -- adam tuss, news4. >> if you'd like to start using the app and connect your phone, travelsafely. you can download it for free. today is your chance to score seats to the washington capitals next attempt to keep e stanley cup here in d.c.
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tickets for home playoff games go s one today at 1:00. the caps secured their playoff spot last week. the nhl won't announce game dates, times, and opponents until the regular season ends this weekend. you can bke the t on line at the capital one arena or at the medstar capitals ice plex. it will take a while not to say kepler -- >> the name change. starting today you can put a piece of a d.c. legend on your mail. the postal service will begin selling stamps of district native marvin gaye. he was considered the prince of soul. you should be able to buy them ince post of nationwide and on the usps website. remember, the cost of stamps went up earlier this year to 55 cents. >> thet art ckadir nelson who became famous for portras. he's a children's book illustrator. talent all around. >> for sure. there are dozen of new dogs at the humane rescue alliance here in d.c. thimorning.
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30 chihuahuas will soon be up for adoption there. >> these puppies are part of a group of more an 250 chihuahuas rescued from a breeder in look at those cuties. vets will check them out over the next few days,y' then t need forever, loving homes. we'll update you when they're ready to be adopted. i think they're going to be pooped up pretty quickly. >> the mindys games. i saw chinchilla. it says chihuahua. i said chihuahua but saw chinchilla. >> no, those are dogs. chihuahuas. every yearillions of dollars in federal financial aid for college-bound students goes still ahead on "news4 today," what you can do this week to gee some of that plus, a local man under arrest, accused of trying to hire another man to threate young girl and her family. how police caught up to him.
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good morning, everyone. i'm eun iyang. >>'m aaron gilchrest. another cold start as we approach 5:00 a.m. let's check the commu t and forecast. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the roads in first 4traffic. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will start things off with more on this chilly 'rday.
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wee hoping things will turn around >> they it's april, and i'm optimistic that by the weekend we'll be taing about 70-degree weather day after day after day. for now, your tuesday is off to a freezing cold start for most. clouds will be on the increase, and there's a risk of showers around here, especially tlong an the east of i-95. washington down into southern maryland, higher rain chances there. lorraine chances toward winchester, martinsburg, and hager hagerstown. back to sunshe for everybody tomorrow. as i mentioned, it's a below-freezing start for many. 30 in montgomery county. na in as. 28 in warrenton. 33 in prince george's county. so as you plan out your tuesday, just know that clouds will be on the increase. likely to be dry well into theaf rnoon. after about 3:00 or 4:00, a chance for a couple of showers coming our way. keep that in mind. today's high only 51. chance ofai rainy between about 5:00 and 10:00 this evening. about a 70% chance o


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