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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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around >> they it's april, and i'm optimistic that by the weekend we'll be taing about 70-degree weather day after day after day. for now, your tuesday is off to a freezing cold start for most. clouds will be on the increase, and there's a risk of showers around here, especially tlong an the east of i-95. washington down into southern maryland, higher rain chances there. lorraine chances toward winchester, martinsburg, and hager hagerstown. back to sunshe for everybody tomorrow. as i mentioned, it's a below-freezing start for many. 30 in montgomery county. na in as. 28 in warrenton. 33 in prince george's county. so as you plan out your tuesday, just know that clouds will be on the increase. likely to be dry well into theaf rnoon. after about 3:00 or 4:00, a chance for a couple of showers coming our way. keep that in mind. today's high only 51. chance ofai rainy between about 5:00 and 10:00 this evening. about a 70% chance o that.
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nothing all that heavy. more about the return of that sunshine tomorro and the weekend outlook coming up. melissa, good morning. good morning to you. taking a live look right now, 95 and n rginia, north of route 1, northbound, southbound, everything is looking goodere this morning. stafford, southbound 95 at 630, stafford, left lane is getting by that work zone. not slowing anying in those southbound lanes. that is good, of course. washington, northbound 295 at suitland parkwahe bottom of beltway looks good, rest of the beltway looks quite good. inner loop and outer loop. taking a look at 270, frederick the spur, 67 miles per hour gets you there in 27 minutes. aaro >> all righ thank you. 5:01. this morning we're following a developing story out maryland. for the second time in a week, a person has been hit and killed by an amtrak train. >> and just like last week's incident, this one also took place in prince george's county. it hepened just bef 11:00 on the tracks just north of lltonver near the new car station. the train was heading from d.c.
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to philadelphia. we're toldo one onhe train was hurt, but the accident caused delays for those travelers. ce say the person was trespassing on the tracks. officers have not released the person's name. and you may remember last mond a different amtrak train hit two people in buoy died.-- n bowie died. two people were trespassing. this issf a trm fire at a fairfax county higher tmevation apt. it forced hundreds out of their apartments. it's hard to imagine the amount of frustration of those residents must be feeling this morning. >> news4's justin finch is live outside of the skyline towers ir bailey's sroads with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. frustration, indeedrogress being made here. dominion crews have big trucks in place behinds here preparing to do that very important work, replacing that
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burned out transformers as residents wake up for the f st morning of perhaps many in a new bed. that cell phone video does show the whole story here. that transformer catching fire lat yesterday morning here the skyline towers off south george mason drive. that fire sent smoke rushing inside the building, forcing an evacuation of residents. it was later in the day that fairfax county fire resc realized the evacuation was going to be dominion energy, too, realizing that transformer here had caught fire and caused a lot of damage to the building. also knocking out power they realized to close to 1,000 residents. >> it was frustrating. at this point i mean, it's -- it's kind of overwhelming right now. >> reporter: overwhelming for so many right now. residentspa png for being a
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week outside of their homes. the community cenr is set up for residents who need the shelter there. many are staying with famy and friends and hoping they'll be home sooner than later here. we are live in bailey's crossroads, justin finch, news4, back to aand man is accused of trying to hire a hit man to talent a girl and her mother. massoud mokhtari met an undercover police officer l tt month i parking lot at montgomery mall in bethesda and offered him $350. the officer saysed mokhtari wa him to go to a north potomac townhouse. force his w inside,nd put a gun to the 7-year-old's head. he was then t instructed tol the mother she had three days tt leave home or her daughr would be gone. fearing for the safety of the adult female and her daughter, they immediately arrested him. >> police don't know why mac t
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tarrygeted the family. he now faces four felony counts including solicitation of kidnapping, assault, and home invasion. this morning residents in portions of southern prince george's county rem under a boil water advisory. take a look. if you live in theha red sded area, you have t bl water for at least three minutes before using it. the advisorys the result of this water main break that helped sunday along indian head highway. th water main is fixed, and the road is back open. wssc says the boil water advisory is still in effect as they test the a terrifying experience for a young girl in district heights. a 10-year-old says two men tried to kidnap her after school. this was last friday. valeria rodriguez was walking home from the bus stop when the men asked her to get into an suv. this happened at the corner o mateson street and senator avenue -- mason street and senator avenue off of kipling highway. here's what the little girlid next -- >> the driver told me to get in
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the car first. he told me normally, and then he yelled at me. when i sawe that h was trying to open the door, i run. >> she ran to a neighbor's house, and the men took off in a tan colored suv. the girl mother says she will m the bus o and f stop from now on. new, we're learning new information about the suspected locker room rape at damascus high school last year. a report says the schooleaders waited more than 12 hours to call montgomery county police.o according the "washington post," school leaders discussed group.ident in a text they named the victim and three possiblesuspects. students were pulled out of class and questioned by school leadersne before analled police. the school district is not commenting on the report. five teenagers are charged with asng one of their j.v. teammates inside the locker room last year. it's5:06. today is the deadline house democrats gave attorney general william barr to release special counsel robert mueller's report.
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this morninge now know what they may do if barr fails to meet their demand. he could face a subpoena as early as this week. house democratic judiciary le chairman jerry wrote in "the new york times" that if barr doesn't hand over the document in its entirety, it, quote, undermines the work and integrity of his department. you'll remember last week barr said he would turn over a redacted version of the report by the middle of the month, well afte the democrats' deadline. president trump is reportedly thinking about appointing an immigration czar to oversee the situation at the hs.-mexico border. among the peoplis considering, former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli who was spotted at the white house yesterday. this while the administration's threatheo shut down border remains on the table. ere are concerns over what a move like this would do to the economy. the u.s. a mexico trades more than $1.5 billion in good every
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day. a border shutdown could meat th we pay more for certain goods, as well,rly half of all imported vegetables and 40% of fruit comes fro mexico. along with tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries, we could run out after codows. this time of year -- avocados. this time of year, mexico supplies nearly 100% of our aftvocados meaning we could run out in three weeks. mexico is the largest importer of refined few minutes that eou countr m exports. >>e than a dozen people were hurt last night during a vigil for nipsey hussle, the grammy-nominated rapper killed over the the "los angeles times" reports that hundreds of people who gathered for the memorial took off running a aftern inaccurate report of gunshots. turned into a stamavde. police released this picture of the suspected killer. according to the lapd, eric holder is wanted for homicide. nipsey hussle was shot multiple
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times in frontf his clothing store. it'selieved to be gang related. we know more about why thel g stones have postponed their upcoming tour. front man i mick jagger expected to undergo heart valve replacement surgery this week. the tour was to include a stop at fedex field in may. if you have tickets for the show, you're being told to hang on to them. jagger is expted to make a full recovery and should be back on the road soon. how's this for an idea to help people read more -- thepr ce george's memorial library system has instaed a short story dispenser at the beltsville location for the maryland motor vehicle administration. with the data base of more than 100,000 stories to pull from, customers helped pass the time without losing their spo in line. if this six-month pilot program is successful, the county hopes to install more dispensers at other locations. and speaking of stories, yesterday i was invited to rticipate in "read across d.c." day. i spent time at the bright start earl care and preschool. i read one book, the second book
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i read, though, the 4 and ld 5-year they dove in. "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see," was the book. they started reciting word for word. awesome. >> a classic. >> big thank you to the d.c. office of the state superintdent and the folks at bright start finish having me out. my first time reading with preschoole. preschoole >> and you survived. >> i did. a lot of energy in the room. itlearned that that is how it worked with thee ones. theyan were attentiv agenengage. today is one of most anticipated regular season baseball games in memory. >> bryce harper will face the nats for the first time since joining thea philadelp phillies. aimee cho with more on how bryut is feeling a the game and how fans are, too. aimee. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. well, harper says he's excited. this is his first time, as you mentioned, playing against his
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old team since leaving to join the should cer be interesting to see how d.c. reacts to him. he w a national for so long that many say they feel a sense of betrayal and hurt. d.c. mayor muriel bowser, for examtue, tweet a picre comparing him to the traitor benedict arnold. she later deleted it. it should be interesting to see how he handles everything. a month ago at the first phillies pressonference, harper accidentally said he wants to bri a title back to d.c d.c. old habits die hard. he said in an interview he's ready for whatever reaction he may get at n>> park. heer the, boos, as well. it's part of the game. it's, you know, part of sports so you know, i'll always remember and cherish all the screaming and, you know, yelling and exciting times that we had the last seven years. like i said before, i wish them nothing but the best. >> reporter: and news4 will have coverage of the big game all afternoon on air and in the nbc washington app.
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guys,ack to you. >> all right. thank you. it's going to be interesting to see how the fans behave. yes. ahead, summer is juste aroud corner, and if you are looking for a way to earn some extra cash, we have details on 0 ew jobs coming to the area. plus, would you pay just so you could drive on a busy city street? one american city is looking at that idea. we'll tell you where. chuck? maybe we should pay people ton drive on them. reduce congestion even more. there could be a lingering drop in temperatures the fir of saturday morning. i think most of your weekend will not only be dry but on the mildkeside. to be in the low 70s both saturday and sunday afternoon. have at leest two chaf rain between now and the weekend, though. more about those coming up.
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if you need a summer job, you might be in luck. to golf plans to hire about 500 part-time and full-time workers for its newest location. top golf national harbor is slated to open sometime in early summer, notth far fromgm national harbor. we posted a link on our app to seehatinds of jobs might be available. >> that's a big space. 500 jobs for one topgolf. >> yeah. big facilities. new york city may become the first city in the nation to charge drivers on some of its busiest streets. >> lawmakers reached as deal t weekend to begin a congestion pricing program. the details still have to be worked out by a specially appointed panel. here's what we know -o far it's an electronic toll that would impact anyone driving in the so-called central business district. driving there a could costmuch as $11.52 or higher. city transportation officials are banking on a return of $15 billion. that revenue would besed to
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fix the subway system. which would be the alternatetoay et around. >> if you can't drive. you have to take the subway. >> people are going to p because they like the convenience. we're learning more about the new grocery store coming to prince george's county >> the good food market will open in seat pleasant which is considered a food desert. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins explains how important this announcement re. >> reporter: thereore food deserts in prince george's county than anywhere else in our region. there was one grocery store in seat ple cant. in 2016 sed its doors and was not replaced leaving no supermarkets between here and the d.c. line. 15% of princgeorge's county's considered a food desert by the usda. those areas are shown here in pink. that means there are fewer healthy fo options for residents. there are more deserts in prince george's county than anywhere se eln our region. seat pleasant is one of them. >> we didn't have a grocery. yst on the end we had a di center. i just want to be real about it. d tell you how hurt i was to
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realize that we ft the people of this community in that outuation. >> reporter: they executive announced good food market, a grocer w dh a location ., will soon move into the addison road shopping center.s the storssion is to build where other retail grocers won't the r beauty, planet fitness, dollar tree, all of that is whe the safeway used to be. the w grocery store is going in in this one location behind the wells fargo atm. o have no specific date y when that's going to happen. in seat pleasant, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new video. 5:17. mother nature roars in malaysia. look at this water spou that was close to an island yesterday.yo see it churning in the water there. it briefly made it on land before it went away. there was minor damage to so buildings, but no reports of any injuries or deaths.
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impressive to catch a picture like that from a safe distance. >> the power of natu. good not gracious. >> not only damage to about 50 u din buildings, no serious damage. since it was a condo there, a lot of people who had furniture on theiralcony -- that was sucked off there, and of course, younow when a -- an outdoor table or chair or something falls from 20 ores 30 stoup, it's a miracle no one got hurt on the ground below from falling debris. >> for sure. >> lucky folks. >> let's talk about our forecast. >> not so lucky -- >> 40 degrees. the wind die down. an upside maybe. >> you know- >>e yout looking at this correctly. accurately forecasted weather is always a pleaexre. tly what we said it would be. yeah. we warned you yesterday that it would be a freezing cold start this morning. it certainly is. tf you're not downtown, near international airpr next to the chesapeake bay, it is cold this morning. 40 at national airport.
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ain, you don't have to go far from international airport to dulles airport, it drops, 32 in dulles. 30 in gaithersburg and frederick. in marinersburg and warren. next to the bay station, a big range of temperatures. here's how to plan for the commute. dry and cold thimorning. clouds will roll in during the middle of the afternoon. elthere's a lood of showers around here in time for the evening commute. not a lot of rain expected. and not everyone's going to get it. about a 70% chance f some showers here along i-95. it won't last long. by the time we get to tomorrow, mostly sunny, breezy, and milder, back way up into the 60s tomorrowis here's the re, down to our south. a little spin of low pressure in tennessee. and moisture gathering off the georgia coast now. so as this storm organizes and comes up t coastline, it's going to stay just far enough of shore to keep i think the
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shenandoah valley dry. here in and around the city, re's future weather. mostly sunny this morning. here's clouds by 1:00. maybe a few drops as early a mid-afternoon in southern maryland. here's 6:00 this evening. o notice wes leesburg, west of the blue ridge, mostly cloudy. not likely toet raindrops along i-81. along i-9 and into southern maryland, showers likely for at least a couple of hour about 4:00, 5:00 this evening up to 9:00 or 10:00. we dry out not longer than about a few minutes past midnight there's the five-day forecast. becoming cloudy today with some few showers around during the evening. back to sunshine and breezy tomorrow. nice and mild on thursthy with clouds coming back again. ayggest rain day for the week will be fr kind of showery around here. and i mentioned before, we'll be the g out in time for weekend. good morning. want to mention lauren ricket walked in and said american legion bridge --auren rickets
5:21 am
walked in and said the memorial bridge had an incident. may be a quick thing that she hit. northbound and southbound, no worries. the event at the parkway has resolved. quantico to the beltway heading into town, 69 miles per hour. no major issues. if you're headed out of town, same situation. everything is nice a and opennd clear. more news, weaer and traffic, th
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frequent flyers have spoken and chosen southwest airlines as the best overall carrier in the u.s. for thisyear's travelers choice awards. singapore airlines was named the number-one airnne the world. this is the second straight year that both airlines have taken the top spots. there you go. if you'r thinking about going to singapore. i'm sure it goes to other places, the airline, i mean. >> yes. this week we're helping your family get ready for college. would you pass up teeusands in money? >> no. of course you wouldn't. every year students leave billions of dollars in federal money on the >>table. consumer reporter susan hogan explains the most important thing to do if you want financial aid.te
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>> repor the u.s. department of education gives over $120 billion in gras and loans to college students every year.ha lesshalf actually apply for it. we're talking about the free application for federal student aid also known as fafsa. by not filling out the application, college students are missing out on a seriously good deal. federal grants do not need to be repaid, federal student loans have low interest rates, and work study programcan help pay for your education and build your resume. myth -- my parents make too much so i'm not eligible. fact, according to financial aid experts, most americans are eligible. aid is available for anyone with a household income below $250,000 a year. and even if you top that, you may still be eligible for low-interest feral loans. one very important thing you need to remember -- you have to fill out a fafsa every single year your student is in college. back to you. >> i think you have r toember that so much of this is -- there's a potential for grant
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money. it's free money. why not take it if it's out there. hink so many families don't realize they can get that money to help them pay for what's such a rising cost of higher education. p> 5:26. coming up, a childced in handcuffs and into a police care what d.c. polire saying about the story behind the now-viral video. all right. take a look at a little speed. racer he remember that cartoon? snowden ♪ go speed racer" he would make great buddy to keep you company on the morning walks. temperatures this morning dog. near freez it will be a cold walk but dry. that can't be said for those evening walks. there is a ris of raindrops around. go to humanerescuealance to find out how to adopt little speed racer there. whole foods for a whole lot cheaper. the grocery store dropping prices on thousands of products. we'll tell you which ones you can get the best bargains on.
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5:29 as we kick tuesday with a live look outside, the capital wheel at national harbor. a cold start especially for april. it's april 2nd temperatures in the 30s and 40s
5:30 am
depending on whereou live. chuck promises a warmup by july. yone, i'm eun ev yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. thanks for waking up early with us attorney. we're getting you ready for day ahead. storm team meteorologist chuck bell has the forecast and we'll talk to mollet not guilty about the traffic. -- and t melissa mollet about traffic. chuck, by july? >> hostly, i think we'll be 90 degrees sometime in june. then i can start complaining. i hate those 90-degree days. what can you say? all right. for now, it is a clear and cold april morning around here. temperatures down near or below freezing for most of the suburbs. of the urban centers and neighborhoods along the bay are considerably milder. 43 in annapolis. 33 in clinton, maryland. 29 in manassas, virginia. 28 in martinsburg west virginia. chthel day forecast, sun is up at 6:52 this morning. that extra dpslight really h for the wait at the bus stop this morning. though it will be cold.
5:31 am
the outdoor recess for sure. some of those after school activities could be hit by a ray raindrop or two. rain becoming more and more likely as we get closer to sunset this evening. may want to put that small umbrella in your backpack to play it on the safe side. it i also sneezingseason. mold spores are low, tree pollen is moderate now. weeds low. still not much in the way of grass pollen. if you're snively and sneezy -- sniffly and sneezy, it's probably one of these culprits. the ten day coming up. now to melissa. good morning. looking at stafford, southbound 95 at 630. just told you about the left lane getting b the work zone. just after that, brand-new problem, tractor-trailer crash. seeing the tiniest delay. one southbound lane is open. we'll getnf some more imation on this one. looking at 95 northbound from quantico to the beltway, nothing in your way. 70 miles per ehour. a litlow approaching woodbridge, very normal for 5:30 in the morning.
5:32 am
that trip willake but 17 minutes. the beltway inner loop and outer loop no issues. eun? >> melissa, thank you. developing now at 5:32, trains appear to be back on schedule after another deadly amtrak accident in prince george's county. police tell us a person was hit and killed while trespassing on the tracks near the new carrollton station. last week another personed was kihile illegally walking on the tracks near bowie. amtrak says 2,000 people are killed or injured each year nationwide. crossing tracks where the shouldn't be. also this morning, d.c. police are investigating a fatal ooting. this is on the -- this was on the -- this was the scene on llside road in southeast washington last night around 11:00. homicide detectives were ca ed no word yet on the victim's identity or possible suspects. keep an eye on the nbc washington app for updates. transformer this fire at a highrise apartment
5:33 am
building. it forced hundreds out of their apwstments. >> s justin finch is live outside the skyline towers now in bailey's crossroads. good morning. >> reporter: g d morning. thskyline towers, residents told to be out of their homes for at least a week. that's because the main crews are down here already, big trucks in place to sta work on replacing that burned out transformer, as well as storing power. that cell phone video shows that fire breaking o here late yesterday morning. this fire sent smoke we' told, not fire, though, into the condo units in the building here and forced residents to evacte. this evacuation will not just be for a few hours.t' instead, going to be days, likely a week. fairfax county says as many as 1,000 will be out of their house and home,am staying with filyfrr nds. others going to a shelter put on by the county and the red cross.
5:34 am
>> at the shelter we'll have food, toiletry items, blankets,s towels, ior the children. so we'll be providing in partnership with the count a safe placeor residents to stay while they figure out whathe next steps are going to be. >> reporter: and that shelter is the james lee community center onnnandale road in falls church. live atil 's crossroads, justin inc jin --tin finch, back to you. video of a boy being placed in handcuffs israusing a s on social media. d.c. police say the 10-year-old was involved in a robbe on massachusetts avenue northeast with two other boys on saturday. the victim said one suspect placed him in a headlock while and er flashed a b.b. gun demanded his cell phone. officers notified the 10-year-old's mother immediaty, placed him in handcuffs, a , an, and drove hi mother's house. ey say he was never under arrest. however, a -year-old boy was arrest - a 13-year-old boy was
5:35 am
arrested for his role. 20 years in prison is theen se handed down yesterday to a maryland man who pled guilty to child pornography charges. jonathan oldale was arrested after a camera was found in the bathroomf silver stars gymnastics and fitness inilver spring. prosecutors say oldale set up spy cameras in hisomend recorded children undressing after splashnarties his yard. aftehe serves his prison sentence he will have to register as a sex offender. at 5:35, here's a look at our other top stories -- a maryland man accused of trying to hire a man to talent a little girl and her mother. massoud mokhtari paid an undercover off er$350 to break into their home i nor potomac. m mokhtari wanted him to put a gun other's ahead and tell them they had three days to leave the house. no word on a motive. residents in southern crince georgenty remain under a boil water advisory.
5:36 am
if you live in the red shadedar here on this map, you will need to boil your water for at least three it.nutes before using that boil water advisory is the result of a water main break along indianead highway. overnight wssc said the water main is fixed. more than a dozen people were hur following a vigil for grammy nominated rapper nipsey hussle. this is video of the crowds in uth los angeles last night. also overnight, the los angeles police department released af photohe rapper's suspected killer, eric holder. hustle was shot -- hussle was shot in front of his clothing store. it's believed to be a gang-related shooting. today is the deadline democrats gave william barr toa rele special counsel robert mueller's report. if barr fails to do it, a top democratic leader says barr a could face subpoena as early as this week. this comes asresident trump ds steady to his threat of shutting down the southern border. more coming up in aew minutes.
5:37 am
baltimore has a new acting mayor. overnight, katherine pugh's leave of abcepts went into effect -- of absence went into effect. she's taking time off as t she need rest in her battle against pneumonia. sh bs alsotling preliminary drama. the governor of maryland, larry hogan, asked prosecutors to h investigate por alleged self-dealing. she is accused of awarding contracts to at least one company that previously paid for self-published children's books. baltimore city council president will take over her day-to-day sponsibilities. 5:37. the chilly temperatures aren't keeping away cherry blossom lovers. the crowds came out to see the first d peak bloom yesterday. it's worth braving the cold. goeous out there. >> the national parks service says cooler temperatures can help andurt the bloom blooms. if it gets too hot, the blooms move to the next stage, greenav , faster than they would like them to. temperatures that are too cold and windy conditions a lot of those blossoms fall.
5:38 am
the cherry blossom festival runs through next week. a reminder, you don't have -- if you don't have to drive to the tidal basin, you don't wantto. ther tare not a lot of placeso park. metro and walking are probably the best bets. it's 5:38. coming up, we're hours away from bryce rper's return to d.c. still looks weird with that "p" on his head. he's back in a new jersey tonight. what his former team is saying ahead of the plus, smartphones often ro distract us fm driving. but new technology promises to improve your commute.ow we'll show you h
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locally-owned novec has the most reliae power in the region. and we all know how important being reliable is. novec provides electricity from multiple renewable sources. groovy man! and will soon include ev more solar. yeah! and novec offers convenient 24/7 online serv i just paid my electric bill. novec. power you can trust.
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5:40. it's been oneear since scathing report found failures at washington's giant v.a. medical center. now a news4 i-team investigation provides an updated p sgnosis. >> acott mcfarland reports,
5:41 am
the medical center is stillng struggo find its footing. >> reporter: it's one largest v.a. medical centers in the nation. but internal inspections and reports t obtained by news4 i-team over the past year show it's also among the if not the worst performing in the nation, too. the medical center has been plagued by smismanagemenff shortages, wasted money, and supply issues. the newct di, the fifth man to hold the job in the past two years, says there's beenn progressecent months. a big reduction in infections t acquired insid building, and fewer postponed procedures. a procedure t had postponed due to equipment avaibility since early december. >> reporter: current employees who asked us not to reveal their identities for fear of retaliation paint a far different picture. do you have enough people heing you? >> no, no. not at all. >> reporter: describing spital that's wildly understaffed, suffering supply
5:42 am
shortages still, and also stilli scra. >> even my co-workers throughout the hospital are broken beings. they're overworked and undervalued and under appreciated. >> you think it's a crisis? >> it is. it is critical. t >> reporteight as part of our full investigation at 5:00, what fixes are being planned, and what veterans tell us they experience when they get rueatment inside a hospital under ny. for now, scott mcfarlane, news4 good morning, everybody. chances for rain today are increasing with likely to have showers around the metro area by the time the sun goes down this evening, thed back to weather, our most likely day for rain will be coming up on friday. you can always use the nbc washington app to get your custom tailored forecast down t the zip code. you can find and follow me on social med a. see you inlash. f [phone ringing]
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5:45. democrats say they're fed one excuses and want attorney general william barr to hand over the mueller report today or else face a subpoena. >> news4's tracie potts joins us live with more on all this.od morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, they don't want it all blacked out. they don't want j the gray information or other classified out.rmation taken lawmakers say they want the whole thing. they want to see what it was that mueller based his lack of opinion on, but the attorney general says that's not going to happen. if not, the house judiciary
5:46 am
committee is looking at issuing subpoenas. th're scheduling a vote for tomorrow if they don't get that full report today that would give the chair the power to subpoena not only the mueller port but five former officials at the white house. and what's the lates on president trump's threat to close the southeep border? >>ter: he says he's going to do it. this is the third time he's made that threat. this time some insiders sayel i real. if he closes the border, not only will it pre fnt peoplem coming into the country which is the president's intent, but it will also hamper trade going both ways which could be billions of dollars, in fact, experts say we could be looking at possible recession because of all of the things that we won't be able to sell back and forth acros the border and that you could see an increase in your grocery store bill especially with fruits and vegetables, beer, wine, a lot of things that we get from mexico. >> all right. l it's ag list. tracie potts live on capitol hill.
5:47 am
thank you. 5:47 now. a second woman has come forward acues accusing former vice president joe biden of unwanted conduct. a formerte campaign vol said biden rubbed noses with her at a fund-raiser in 2009. in a statement she said the contact was not sexual, but that, ote, uninvited affection is not okay. her account has not been verified by nbc news. last month a former nevada candidate said that biden made her uncomfortable in 2014. as he continues to consider running for esident, biden's potential opponents are weighing in. >> have you ever seen him being too huggi, too touchy feely -- >> i personally haven't seen that. >> i believe lucy flores. and joe bin needs to giv an answer. >> biden responded to the original allegations by explaining he has engage friday countless interactions in public and does not believe he ever acted inappropriately. it's 5:47. with an update now on a murder trial we'veeen telli you about for months. late last night a jury convicted
5:48 am
a man sfually assaulting and killing a new york city jogger. karina vetrano's story made nation news when she vanished during a run in queens in 2016. around 10:00 p.m., a jury convicted chanel lewis on all counts. last year a judge declared a mistrial when jurors could not agre on a verdict. during his retrial, jurors heard about dna found linking lewis to the crime. students at the university of south carolina are still shaken after a student's murder. the cause of the death has been released for samantha josephson. she died from multiple sharp force injuries. josephson was killedfter getting into what she believed was her uber. she had been out with friends and became separated from them. josephon called an uber to take her home but was found dead nearly 65 miles from campus.r the drive has been charged with r murder. it would be a few weeks before boeing smits the final fix for the --mi sts the final
5:49 am
fix for the grounded jets. boeing needs additional time to eepair software for the 737 max jets. gency and boeing are under fire following two fatal crashes since october. the faa sayst will conduct a rigorous safety review, and the soware that is suspected as contributing to both crashes will not be install ed until its satisfhid. check out, a chilly reception for bryce harper's return to d.c. fromor the m hearses. this is what -- mayor that is what she posted. harper as the infamous traitor benedict arnold. the post was only up for a few minutes before being delighted. you know, message sent -- before dele you know, message sent. >> harper faces his former team the nats night. that's not the only big news for him. aimee cho with more now. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. bryce and his wife announced chsterday they are expected their first d.
5:50 am
baby harper is used in august. today bryce harper o faces his team for the first time since leaving for the phillies. he scored a $330 million contract to go to philadelphia. should te interestingo see how d.c. reacts today. he was a national for so long that many feel a sense of betrayal and hurt. it should be interesting to see how harpe handles everything. you may recall about a month ago at his first phillies press conference, harper accidentally said he wants to bring a title back to c. so it seems like old habits die hard. he said in another interview he's ready for whatever reactions he t may getay at nats park. >> i wish nothing but the best, to all the players in the clubhouse. a great fan base, great city i live in. you know, just -- you know, excited to go back and excited to compete. reporter: and news4 will have coverage of the big game all
5:51 am
afternoon on air and in the nbc washington app. back to you. >> all right. aie cho live by the ballpark. thank you. bryce are saying, these are my friends. he was a tee ger when he started. >> i think the baseball players don't get as crazy a ut it as the rest of us. >> we're thinking what do i need do to get a $330 million contract. >> bryce is buying the beer tonight. >> i want -- i want to hearow the nats' fans are going to respond. >> we'll see. >> and mayben the longun this works out in our favor because i'd like to see him still earn that kind of m hey whs 39 years old at the end of that contract. he's not going to be the same bryce harper at 39 as he is at 26. >> yes. >> anyway, i digress. time for weather. >> the reason i'm not a spos agent, as well. remember we were talking about how warm it got early last ye. our first 80-degree day last year came super early. the earliest80 on record in washington on the 21st of februa we had to wait until the middle of april before we got the
5:52 am
second 80-degree day. typically w we have to wal into the month of april. almost made it last saturday. we made 79 degrees. close. just didn't quite get there yet. no 80s in the forecast, but it won't be much longer before we have a string of80-degree days. for now, chilly. 40 in washington. most in the 30 even a few spots in the 20s this morning across northern virginia. a few 20s in eastern west virginia. your planner for today, plenty of sunshine early today, clouds will thicken quickly after lunchtime. there's a chance for showers around during the evening as this weather system comes in our direction. most of the deep moisture will be offshore. that an importaart of the forecast. i think the farther west you live or travel today, the lower esur rain cha are going to be. i-81, shenandoah valley, not ah bige of rain. a look hide of -- a likelihood of hit and miss showers.
5:53 am
i-81, rain free, although cloudy. 95 into southern limaryland, ly to have showers, moving up toward 10:00, 11:00. by then the rain is starting to push out of the area leaving the shenandoah high and dry. that is good news. for tomorrow, right back to sunshine. a little breezy, but nice and mild. here's your whole ten day five-day forecast now. 50 today with the clouds moving in. mid to upper 60s tomorrow and thursday with dry weather torr enjoy the cblossoms. friday's raindrops may well end the show at the basin. melia, good morning. > good morning to you. chopper 4 in kensington now. oulevard niversity between veirs mill and connecticut avenue with the apartment fire, trying to gather more information right now. looks like it is contained to one apartment on the ninth floor. we're trying to figure out what tght be shut down. might have part university boulevard impacted by this because of all of the apparatus. we'll let younow in a minute. southbound 95, after 630 in stafford there, right side
5:54 am
blocked by a tractor-trailer crash. just the left side is getting by right now. also have a work zone. left lane getting by southbound 95 at 630 there, as well. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no problemsim tramp look good. a 66 inbound, no problems inbound. 20i9 looks good, top of the beltway, as well. listen to wt 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car this morning. >> thank you. you are probably -- use iaprobably have been familwith this situation, experiencing distracted driving by someone near now there's an app called travel safety to keep your focus on the road. it sends warning to your phone such as when the light is about to turn green or g you'reoing too fast in a school zone. the company that runs the app wires intersections a roads so you can get realtime traffic alerts. marietta, georgia, already has more than 250 connected ntersections, and even in our area, arlington and howard
5:55 am
counties, they're using the school zone warning technology. some of thisle realtime technology is making its way into cars. it's mostly used on smartphones right now. >> if you'd like to start using the app, it's called travel safely. you can downld it f free. good morning, i frank holland at cnbc headquarters. amazonill cut prices o hundreds of foods at whole foods starting tomorrow. the discounts will primarily ducus on meat and p and extend to all customers, not just amazon prime members. shoppers will save an average of about 20%. whole foods' last major price cut for everyone was in november of 2017. since then it's been rolling out more perks to amazon prime such as an extra o 10% already discounted items and two-hour delivery. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. just in f time spring break, alexandria's waterfront park has a brand-new attraction. >> we're talking about the iv intera artwork installation, mirror mirror.
5:56 am
news4's molette green has details on how you and your family can enjoy this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you clap your hands, you stomp your feet, and the colors change. we are inside mirror mirror here on the warfront. this art installation is captivating everybody down here. we've got theho artist w came down from new york city. he's going to talk to us in the 6:00 hour of "news4 day" -- thank you, michael -- and we will talk with the city about this new idea to bring temporary artwork every so often. r of with us in the 6:00 h "news4 today." mirror, mirror, right? [ applause ] >> all right. thanks. still ahead at 6:00, anup te on the breaking news in montgomery county. a fire at a highrise apartment building on university boulevard. chopper 4 is above the scene. we'll have the very laatst on the sin.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>in we have brenews right now at 5:59. chopper 4 over the scene of a ar three- highrise fire. look at the live pictures, again pper 4.
6:00 am
this is montgomery county on the ninth floor of the waterford condominiums in kensinon. >> this all apparently started in a you see obviot this point the fire has extended to a larger area. we know that there a evacuations going on at this point. eyethalree- called in many unit most likely because of the size of the building. aimee cho is headed to the scene and will join us live later.op we'll stay on of this fire. it's 6:00 a.m., i amon a gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we have more from chopper 4. brad >> reporter: we were first over the breaking news 15 minutes ago. we're seeing a very serious situation. this is a highrise south ofor geiger of university boulevard. as you see, this is the floor of the large apartment mp


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