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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  April 3, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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guess again. did you read tse words? trader? snake? >> wow. >> yeah. >> tperature may be slowly getting warmer, but it was a chilly reception for we're g to have more details on the game coming up. >> we will beginck with a c on your commute and forecast. melissa mollet is standingby. g> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell standy with the forecast. >> that was not a very nice welcome backor bryce harper. win or lose, he's still got the 300 million. temperatures have fallen down to below freezing. downtown temperatures close to 40. tplan on low mid 30s for most on your way out the door on your wednesday morning. it will be a nice looking day today. if you are looking for something to complain about, it will be rather breezy, blustery, windy. winds out of the west at 20 to as much as 30 miles an our.
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we'll detail thursday coming up. >> left lane blocked at the work zone. rest of the beltway is okay. you can see the slowdown here. as we zoom in, another issue, in bound kew idge, georgetown before m street work zone blocng the right lane. quantico to thebeltway, 68 miles per hour getshe you in 18 minutes. if you're headed southbound on 95, nothing is in your way. developing this morning, a northern virginia pet store is under investigation amidti accus of animal abuse. >> they went undercover in a i petland stothe city of fairfax and it found evidence that the store was letting animals die. we want to warn you, some of this video may be disturbing.
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petland employees are heard on camera explaining that when rabbits get sick or are injured, they're not taken to a vet, they're left to die. the same investigation finds petland buys rabbits from awagner's farm breeder in centreville, maryland. city of fairfax police executed a search warrant at that store and seized documents and animals. we're still working to learn whether charges have been filed. police officers chasing a suspect had to stoe and s one of their own. now an officer is fighting for his life. montgomery county police were investigating a shoplifting case when they ran off. an officer chased him and they sufferedal a med emergency and collapsed. >> i want to thank the community for keeping our officers, and this officer a family and ship
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mates in your prayers. >> at t last check officer was in critical but stable condition. it is still not clear whatind of medical emergency he had. police did catch that shoplifting suspect. new this morning, we'ree learning mbout a crash that killed a maryland national guard staff sargeant. staff sargeant flores was rear ended by a truck tuesday morning on hanover piken maryland. her car was pushed into the intersection and she was hit by a tractor-trailer. governor larry hogan has ordered all flags to fly at half staff in honor. he tweeted his condolences to flores's family saying,quote, she served our state and country with great distinction. happening today, two of the most recognizable faces caught up in the massive college admissions scandal will be in court. lori loughlin and felicity huffman will be in court. b they havn charged with
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conspiracy to commit mail fraud. both of the actresses have been out on bail and have not entered a plea. legal experts tell nbc newhe could avoid time in prison they work out a plea deal. today virginia republicans will urge democrats to reconsider letting two of govern lieutenant governor fairfax's accusers testify. both women want to testify before the generalem ay but only if it's bipartisan. virginia house speaker now accuses democrats of blocking their testimon democrats say their testimony would be political and should be left up toen law enforc both accusers spoke to cps news. > if you have to hold someone down, it's not consensual. i'll say this, there is no amount of money that could er compensate for what he did to me
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or what i live with every day. >> this week fairfax said he passed a polygraph saying he did not rape watson when they were students at duke university. 4:05.t's now after taking heat from federal republicans, president trump has re course to revive the fight over obamacare. yesterday the president said hw d wait until after the 2020 election. he h said would make a public plan that would replace the fordable care act. repealing it without replacing it could lead to tens of millions of people losing their health care coverage. and the president is mocking alexandria ocasio cortez. the president referred to her as a young bartender and said the legislation was crazy. en the g new deal. done by a young bartender, 29
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years old. a young rtender, wonderful young woman, the green new deal. you know but it's crazy -- >> the president was speaking at the annual national republican congressional he also joked about former vice president joe biden who has been accused by several women of acting 4:06.iately. a woman fac federal charges following a security scare at president trump's mar-a-lago club. she was t carrying republic of china passports, four cell phones, a laptop and a thumb drive with malware. she was stopped by secret service at a security checkpoint after talking her way into other restricted areas. all of this happened as the president was golfing on the property. now they want to know if this was a spy mission.
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the u.s. yvette sir vice. it took every single fire department in chicago to put out this factory re. it started late yesterday in the city's belmont neighborhood. ithe buildins owned by a food company. no one was seriously hurt. the cause is yet to be determined. we are getting new information about not one but two local high rise apartment each happened this week and both left a lot of people without a place to let's begin montgomery county with a fire that you saw yesterday morning. this is int kensington the condominiums fire started on the third floor. investigators h e not determined the cause but say it was likely the result of a burning candle or incense. an ectrical causeas not been ruled out either. by the time the sun came up, the
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fire was out but a mess was lefd behi. you can see how much damage was done. news 4 spoke to the man whoesays he l next door to the unit where the fire started. he said he woke up hisbo nei screaming for help. >> it was like an inferno. it was. horrib the fire was pochg, glass shattering everywhere.nd my huss fine. our dog is fine. j we'reust trying to make it through the day. t two residents and a firefighter hado be taken to the hospital but they areay ok the apartments were built in the 1960s so they don't have sprinklers. we're told it's one of about 80 buildingse county exempt due to the age of the building. in fairfax countys investigatay it was a welding issue on a transformer that caught fire and spread to plastic wiring on monday. the flames never reached the t t t 26 story building but
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the smoke did. hundreds of people may be out of their place for a week while the building is cleaned and the electricity is restored. the red cross is providing temporary shelter foranyone who needs it. the d.c. council voted unanimously to take away power by jack evans. he faces a federal investigation ter allegations of using his public office for personal gain. according to our news partners at wtop, they're taking away evans .responsibiliti> it's 4:09. a d.c. council member is calling for an investigation into who is feeding the city's homeless. t accordin our news partners at wtop council member mary chase says henry's soul cafe
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charges the cy double what others charge. she wants to know why henry's was chosen. now to nvetigation into the two deadly plane crashes involving boeing 737 max jets. there are new concernsbout the inspectors responsible for certifying those planes. a senate committee says it has received lek -- training. poorly trained employees may not haveroperly evaluated the stall system. th was said to hav caused the two fatal crashes. >> this is build on checks and balances, that's why this certification issue is so important. >> meanwhile, the max fleet is likely to remain grounded for
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weeks, maybe en a month. now they say it will take several more weeks. this morning the man accused f murdering west coast rapper, nipsey hussle is arrested. he wounded two other people on sunday. poce say the two knew each other and had been seen arguing on the of the shooting. 4:11. the washington wizards are parting ways with erni ernie grunfeld. we did not meet our stated goals of qualifying for the playoffs this season and despite playing with injuries to several key players, we have a culture of
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accountability and responsibility. now the search for a new team president will begin after the season. the $330 million manmade a return trip to nats park last night. >> bryce parker posted a heart felt message to the nats fans before tt game but t didn't matter. >> right fielder number 3, bryce harper. >> can you hear it? we were questioning whether that was going tohappen. fans booed loudly as harperas introduced. he received someer che when they got up. they had an 8-2 victory. trey turner was lost ip definitely astnight. >> it was tough to watch. >> i watched him strike out
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twice. >> like chuck said, at the end of the day he walks away with $330 million. >> i don't think he res. >> i'll fake the boos. >>. what may wd up increasing your risk for stroke. i haven't heard that many boos since i oromised rain a weekend. as you're getting your kids reador the bus stops, plan on temporar m turns n. 30ed. bright sunshine, temporary
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you're watching "news 4 today." 4:16 now.
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as tax day approaches, millions of americans are finding out governmentwe the more money this year. a new survey found that almost one i five taxpayers owe additional money. about 8 million people who received a refund last year may en up owing theirs this year. experts say the new tax laws and the gernment shutdown have created more uncertainty this tax season. news 4 your health now. new hope for thousands of people with pancreatic cancer. >> a new treatment method is increasing the size time. doctors use chemotherapy from killing pan cry eightarticular features. >> it's all about timing. >> this treatment could soon be used in hospitals and cancer centers across the panc cancer counts for 3%
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of all cancers in the u.s. and 7% ofll cancer deaths. this morning we're alsoin wo 4 your health with the results of two studies about the health of teenagers. the first study found still mu land drugs -- majority had taken these drugs before their death. australian researchers say it did not take high concentratis of meth t trigger a stroke. now to a warning for young men who take body building supplements. usc found these supplements can cause severe liver function. body building substances often create illegal. it's 4: l. tle boy with a rare genetic condition has a life changing gift. it's an act of kindness for a group of teenagers.
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getting around was tough for cilian jackson. using a 3-d printer the were able to build an electric wheelchair just his size. his parents sayhey can't believe homobile their son is now. >> i mean. >> like he's never been able to explore before. >> how wonderful is this? all around. the robotics team saidhis so much more. scootinground there. >> isn't it great when the kids realize the connection between science and humanity and are able to step up and make something like this happen. good for everybody. >> 100%. >> that's a nice tie. >> it's a new one.
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>> i can tell >> nordstrom rack. >> i digress. let's talk about the weat r. >> aright. so, yes, we will be talking about sunshine on a wednesday. we love that. alwaysappy to have sunshine during the middle of the week. yesterday after the bright and n sunny mo boy, did it turn cloudy and ugly. that's all gones now the big storm pulls away from us. 42 this morning. so there's a little chill in the air around town. suburbs even colder than that e wind isn't much of an issue just yet. it will be a rather blustery afternoon. 32 in loudoun county. 32 in frederick county, virginia. afternoon planner today if you're down to the ballpark let's hope today turns out better than the 8-2 debacle against the phillies. any pop-ups may have a chance to go all the way out of the yard with winds out of the west at 20 to at times 30 miles an hour. there'shat storm fro
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yesterday. man, is it cranked up off the jersey shore. a bigmpact today as you're flying up the 'stop area. going to have flights deln the first part of the day. all back to our west. all about thene suns we'll be high and dry for wednesday afternoon. if you're looking for something to complain about, it will be windy. clouds will sneak back here tomorrow. we don't have to worry about rain chances until the time the sun comes up on friday morning. friday, 4:00 in the afternoon. rain most likely on friday between noon and 10:00 in the evening. likely to be rain drops at just about any time. i'm optimistic about the weekend. cloudy. a lirngering rain drop. a sunny stan sunday leads to a rain chance late in the day. most of p yourns for outdoor activities will be unimpededy mother nature.
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65 today. rain 65, keep trucks moved, home. >> eastbound 50, we have one lane getting by that. fallschurch, inner loop at 66, left lane blocked in the work zone. olittle bit of red there. that has cleared of the way. as we zoom in, do have a little bit of a delay. m street work zone is blocking the right lane and this be morning 78. that will takeou 18 minutes going north bound to get into southbound. 270 montgomery
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you're watching "news 4 today." walmart and google have teemed up to make shopping easier. a new voice activated grocery shopping system will work through google's smart home assistant. starting this month shoppers can simply say, hey, google, talk to walmart, and add items to their shopping list. you can make these every month or several days. >> that would be dangerous for me. >> yelling out what you want. f boxes of 00 reo cook jies
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stacked innt of my porch. >> spring is here. >> college acceptance letters are rolling in and you may be able to tap into billions of dollars of financial aid for your child. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with important deadlines you don't want to miss. >> reporter: we're a talkingut fafsa, the free application for federal student aid. this is the form you need to fill out to get any grant or loans to help pay for college. it's a good idea toubmit the application as soon as possible because aid is often given out on ast come first serve basis, and this application period has been open since october. the last day you can apply is june 30th . some colleges and states use your fafsa application to award financial aid from their own programs. they may have earlier deadlines so it's so important to find out what those cutoff dates are. each year more than 13 million students whoiled for fafsa get
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more than 20 billion in grants. work study is also an option. >> fafsa isn't the only place to apply for fmoe y. tomorrow i'll tell you other searchto 4:26. coming up, a new target trendre sping across the district. new smaller stores you'll see pop up near your home or office. chuck. >> four things you need to know about the nextew days. it's all about the wreez and sunshine today. clouds back in the area tomorrow. looks like a great day. looks like a great day. white housework speaks up.
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and give helpful direction about your final wishes. and it's yours free just for calling. so call now. "news 4 today" starts now.>> it is 4:29 as you wake up on this wednesday. almost halfway there as we take
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a live look outside. tip for getting dressed, wearrs la it is chilly. 42 degrees. it is going to be warming up. musico my ears. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. thanks foroining us this morning. we're working for you with everything you need to know to get started.we 'll begin with the forecast with meteorologisthu bell and traffic with melissa mollet. what do you have? >> i've got sunshine for the da forecast you're going to love the way today turns out. a littl on the blustery side. all of the clouds and rain drops from yesterday afternoon are a thing of the past. off to a cold start,32 in gaithersburg and lorton this morning. wind chills in the upper 20s and low 30s. you'll certainly need that layer of fleece first thing this morning. sun's up at 6:50 this morning. it'll be bright and sunny a


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