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tv   Today  NBC  April 3, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. target trump? a woman from china under arrest accused of lying her way into the mar-a-lago sort while the president was staying there. she was carrying passports, malicious computer ftware. s she a spy? we're live at mar-a-lago with the late. new allegations overnight. two more women coming forwardng accu former vice president joe biden of toinappropriate uching. the president >> you having a good time, joe? are you having a good ? >> this morning what biden's long-time supporters are saying about these accusations. is it impacting his decision to run for pr day in court. actresses lor loughlin and
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felicity huffman appearing in court today on the scandal. >> i just can't comment. >> what to expect as they go before a judge for the first . all that plus behind bars. rapper nipsey sshule's alleged killer in custody. what we'rerning now about a possible motive. breaking overnight. troubling new tails on those fatal boeing 737 max crashes. did faa whistle-blowers raise safety concerns months ago? and one-on-one. craig mts curry. >> i'm still learning. i'm still growing. i'm not perfect by any stretch of the imaginatio >> the nba superstar as we've never seen him before. toy, april 3rd, 2019. da announcer: from nbc news, this is "to with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today."
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nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. >> nice to hav you back. you took quite a long trip for just a couple of days ally the o the holy land. >> we went to jerusalem. i just landed this morning. we had such an extraordinary me. we can't wait to show you the pieces as we celebrate holy week in a few weeks. it was my first time there. rely incredible experience. can't wait to share it with in the meantime, though, top stories. the troubles case tied to the mpresident. thning a chinese woman is facing charges after authorities say she lied to get into the esident's mar-a-lago resort while he was staying there. and now investigators arent looking i whether she may have been a spy. nbc's kerry sandersoi us with the details. good morni. >> reporter: well, good morning. the arrest is raising new concerns surrounding the president and. mar-a-la questions about how secure is the property and the president whoes m frequent trips there? according to the court documents, the woman made her
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way into mar-a-lago saying she had gone there to goswimming. but secret service later discovered she did. this morning investigators are trying to determine if a chinese woman who visited president trump's mar-a-lago resort laswe end was there on a spy mission. that woman facing charges afd t onto the property. arming with a laptop, external rd drive, and a malware. she went to the -called winter white house on saturday telling the secret service she was there to go to the pool. agents say she showed two chinese passports and was allowed in after mar-a-lago security believed she was d to a club member with the same last court documents point to a potential language barrier umissue. the dts go on to say she was taken to theti main ron after telling the shuttle driver
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she didn't know where she wanted to go. her conversation with the receptionist raising a red flag when yang allegedly changed her story about why she was inthere. accoto investigators, she said she was attending a united nationri fdship event between china and the unit the only problem? there was no event lat schedule and she was arrested. allegedly telng investigators her chinese friend charles told her to attendhi event and attempt to speak with a member of the president's family about chinese and american foreign econom the secret service could not find any o record that. the president was at the resort but was golfing when she ru arrived. the first lady and other members of the family were on site at the time.or zhang's ay has not commented. meantime, zhang was never alone
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on mar-a-lago property. and court b documents seem tok that up. she could face furthergh charge. now she is charged federally with lying to secret service and havinreknowingly ena secure f savannah, hoda? we'll have to wait and see if there's more to this. thank you very much. we do have more new information on those f twoal crashes involving boeing 737 max planes. this asfaa insiders tell congress some of thepectors who certified the max for flight may not have been up to the job. tom costello is on this story for om again. hey, . >> reporter: good morning. these arele whilowers telling congress that the very faa employees who should been certified for max flights, they were n trained properly and they themselves may not have be readyor flight. new details about the ethiopian airline's final seconds. overnight, new details about the
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boeing j737 m that crashed last month. "the wall street journal" reporting the pilots at the controls of the ethiopian airlines flight initially followed emergency procedures laid out byboeing. according to people briefed on the probe's preliminary findings, the pilots turned off the flight control was pushing the nose of the pl. when that didn't work, they reportedlyd it back on, but sti control of the aircraft. meanwhile, bloomberg is reporting that accident investigators in indonesia are inokg at florida. according to investigative documents obtained by bloomberg, that shop did trepair work on so-called angle of attack sensor on the lion air d jet theay before it went down in the java sea. it's believed bad signals from that sensor contributed to the indonesian crash. nowle with the globet grounded, congress is demanding answers from thepe is who helped certify the max. telling the head of the faa
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congress has receive information from multiple whistle-blowers alleging insufficient training and faaroper certification of safety inspectors. the concern that poorly trained inspectors may have to an improper evaluation of the ms anti-stall system suspected in those two fatal crashes. last week the transportation secretary and faa chief were grilled about why it took sng to ground the max. >> the faa did not feel that they had any information which would warrant the grounding. >> reporter: meanwhile, the max fleet isikely to remain grounded for weeks or even months. boeing was originally expected to release a software fix for itsmcas system this week. it now says it will take several more weeks. a software flaw is suspected of forcing both the jet liners into a fatal plunge from which pilots could not recover. once boeing releases a software update, the faa promises rigorous scrutiny. that enough won't be enough to
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get the max back in the air. boeing will have to regain the trust of the faa, the world's airlines, and regulators. >> we're waiting foro many pieces of this puzzle. we are expecting a pliminary report from the ethiopian investigators. that's been delayed as well. what's the latest? >> reporter: we are expecting that any day. we've been told sce monday i could be today, tomorrow, the next day. we're still waiting on that. tit listen. if this rep is accurate, characterizing the black box data suggesting that the crews did exactly as they were supposed to turn off the mcas system. that's accurate, it appears boeing and the faa has another sue here. because the crew followed the procedures laid out by boeing. >> all right. tom costello, thank you for that. now to the growing accusations against joe biden. overnight, two more women coming forward to "the new d them inappropriately. andrea mitchell has been following the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning joe biden under increasing fire from two new accusersm and f president
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trump who has long viewed the former vice president as his most formidable challenger in 2020. overnight at a republican fund raiser, president trump taking aim at joe biden. >> welcome tthe world, joe. you having a good time, joe? >> reporter: the president mocking biden as four womenme he orward accusing the former vice presidentf inappropriate butot sexual touching that made them feel icomfortable. aid general, come here. give me a kiss. i felt like joe biden.e. it's t but i meant it. see, i meant it. big differenit. i mean >> reporter: mr. tmp also seeming to exploit reports that biden supporters blame bernie sanders' campaign for the women speaking out. sanders' campaign manager telling nbc, neither the bernie sanders campaign nor anyonet involved in planted, planned, pers
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persuaded, cajoled were or otherwise urged any women to tellir ttories. the latest women coming forward to tell their story to "the new york times." d.j. hill saying she methe -vica amy klobuchar. his hand went from my shoulder and started to descend down my back. and it was one ofs those thi where i'm going, oh. okay. this is making me feel uncomfortable. >> fellow 2020 presidential hopefuls are weighing in on the accusations. >> i bieve them and i respect them being able to tell their story ande having the to do it. >> if vice president biden decides to run, he'll have to address directly wamh the ican people. >> i'm a member of the straight arm club. i'm a straight armer. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi urging others to join the straight arm club.
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not being so touchy feely. shebi believes n's apology did not go far enough. >> i think that it's important for the vice president, others to understand is it isn't whatd you inten it's how it was receiv. >> reporter: when asked for comment, biden's office referred to his previous statement that he never believed he acted inappropriately. but even loe supporters say if he does run, he will have to stop engaging in t physical contact that has always been a signature of his campaigni. savannah and hoda? >> all right. andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. cra has the results of a story we were talking about yesterday. >> welcome back. good morning to you. for the first time voters in chicago have elected an beafrican-american woman t that city's next mayor. loriightfoot beat toni preckwinkle. she had 74% of the vote. the former federal will also become chicago's first openly gay mayor. during her victory speech, she thanked voters for creating a,
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quote, movement for change. >> together we can and will finally put the interest of our pe all of our people, ahead of the interest of a powerful >> lightfoot will be sworn in on may 20th. meantime, house democrats appear ready to move forward oet the effort to subpoena t hands on robert mueller's full report. detailslexander has more on this one. >> reporter: good morning to you. this fight is likely to escalate today with those democrats expected to press ahead try tg to for release of the full unredacted mueller report the house judiciary committee is going to vote today to authorize its chairma jerry nadler to subpoena the report as well as supporting evidence from the attorney general william barr. barr you'll remember has said he will deliver a public version with redacs by the middle of this month or perhaps sooner. now they may wai a few days
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before he issues the subpoena would likely trigger a battle here. th president's tone noticeably has shifted in recent days. vindication. but backing off his initial call for the entire report to be released. instead arguing democrat wills never be satisfied. tuesday night the again -- tuesday the president report's led for the investigators to be investigated. and some of the allies acknowledge while the report may not show anying indictable, it could reveal details that are objectionable and potentially damaging to the president. >> peter, thau. now to overnight developments in a high-pcafile in los angeles. the suspect in the murder of rapper nipsey hussle is in custody now. the rapper's long-time girlfriend is speaking out as well. >> reporte about the man who police say killed nipsey hussle saying the motive may have been personal. this as fans remember the rap
7:14 am
who are tried to make a difference in on streets of los angeles, a manhunt for rapper nipsey re hussle's murde >> is this him? >> reporter: officers seen frisking 29-year-old eric holder. the man who police believed murdered nipsey. surveillance video appears to show the shooting. hours before holder's arrest, lapd saying mhe two knew each other. >> we believe this to be a dispute between mr. hussle and mr. holder. it appears to be a personal matter between the two of them. >> reporter: deputies captured holder after someone recognized him from the news. >> i'm so happy they caught him ance we'll get justi. >> i'm happy that he's caught. but there's a life that was lost. >> reporter: hussle's fiance also breaking her silence wrsting pictures of the couple
7:15 am
and their familying, i am completely lost. i've lost my best friend, my sanctuary, my protector, my soul. i'm lost without you. we are lost without you, babe. i have no words. the grammy nominated rapper known f investing back into the community where he grew up was set to meet with city officials this week to discuss ways to reduce gang violence in the area. now it's hoped those who follow him will help. hussle's body has been released to the family for services. meanwhile, mourners are able to pay respects at his memorial in small groups of 25 at a time. guys, back to you. >> sad story. gadi, thank you so much. >> i was in oakland yesterdaynd far shoot obviously this is all anyone's talking about. and not so much his music, what nipsey hussle meant to that community in terms of giving back. there' a story of him buying a pair of shoes for every kid in
7:16 am
an elementary fchool there a years ago. that's more of his legacy. >> and what a legacy. >> all anright. you. so mr. roker is on his way back from the top of the world. dylan is fil in while he travels home. >> good morning, guys. and things are just kind of crazy especially toward charlotte. we had a bit o a snowstorm affect charlotte, north carolina, yesterday. only 0.1 inchesfsnow. ad last time we've measurable snow in april in north carolina in the charlotte area was back in 1982. so it certainly has been awhile. but fortunatelyhere were no real reports of any bad accidents on the roads or . so that storm is gone. but theis back out, storm itself is now affecting southern new england. and it is a pretty uound storm with really heavy rain falling. ceand hurricane f winds too. winds on cape cod gusting up to about 60 miles per h the precipitation, the rain and even the snow ross east maine will move away through today.
7:17 am
but the win wil remain strong. we have winded a vieries in effect. most of central and southern new england. and winds could gust up to 25 to 45 miles per hour in the atlantic area. also back through pennsylvania. that could lead to some bumpy flights or fligh delays. up across new england, we could see gusts up to 45ilo 60 per hour causing delays that way too. want to point out we really haven't seen a lot of rain recently. as winds as gusty as wwere expecting today and dry lag itions, we do have red warnings in effect. any fire that develops could spread rapidly in these conditions. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30.
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good morni, everybody. it may have been cloudyhen y went to bed, but it's bright and sunny now. it'll stay that way all day long. we're up to the30 mi for temperatures for now. it's going to be a windy afternoon, but temperatures will be in the mid-60s today for afternoon highs. winds out o the west at almost 30 mileser hour limiting any outdoor burning. high fire danger for today. wait until tomorrow if you have to do that. rain likely on friday. but most of e weekend will be dry and mild. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. coming up, actresses lori loughlin and tfelicity huffman facing the court today. we're live at the courthouse. plus the vigil overnight mourning the life of a college
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student killed after she got into the wrong car and her father's pushing for change from ride sharing services. but first this is "todayon when was the last time you felt...
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ahhh! get it off! get it off! it's a leaf. k9 advantix ii kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, too. 7:26 is your time now on is wednesday, april 3rd, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> jack evans faces a federal investigation. accordg to our news partners, his responsibility is being taken away on the commission on arts and humanities. ists and parents in arlington county are trying to prevent cutso children's arts programs in the next county budget. this is video fromast night's budget hearing. final decisions will be made april 18th. now let's check on the morning commute with melissa mollet. >> rig now we have a pedestrian that was struck here. already taken to the wehospital.
7:27 am
d not impacted.ll shut down that is all open. rock vim southbound 270 with some delays. and alexandria, seminary. delays from the earlier accident. we'll take a break now. check your forecast next .
7:28 am
back to sunshine today. a little chilly this morning. 28 now in montgomery county. only 31 in fairfax. 39 here inhe washington area. it'll be breezy but at least the sun is afternoon highs will be in the low to mid-60s for most. 67 in washington. also a high fire danger today because of the dry air and gusty winds this afternoon. be careful if you're going to do any outdoor tomorrow still free. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update in about 25 minutes.
7:29 am
>> for now back to the "today" show after this short break. ve a.
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oh, yeah. we're back. 7:30. that is steph curry doing the best knocking down those long threes. big win for the warriors last night. d coming up, l it's a dream of craig melvin's. it happened, it was real. pinch yourself. you got to sit down with the star. >> he's actually probay my favorite active athlete right now. three-time champ, two-time mvp. really nice guy. >> first time meeting him? >> yeah. >> we you nervous? >> not really. well -- >> you're like, i'm cool so no. >> he didn't ask me to play. he asked m to play, i would have been nervous. in that setting i was okay. >> we're looking for to it. let's start the checkourh li in o at s alis hhg determine if a chinese woman who
7:31 am
visited the president'sla mar- resort last weekend evs there on a spy mission. she's facingal charges this morning. secret service says she lied to get onto the property and she was armed with four cell phones, a la aop, external hard drive, and a thumb driveith malicious software. he was golfing nearby when the woma >> fourormer fraternity brothers were sentenced. a theyll received sentences betwees 30 andja 9 months in . a fourth defendant will serve three months of house arrest. timothy piazza died following a night of heavy drinking at the fraternity. it took the brothers ne hours to call 911 after finding him unconscious. for the second time in the past threeweeks, a huge fire
7:32 am
erupted at a texas chemical plant. one worker was killed, two others critically injured wh ena tankolng a flammable chemical burst into flames. it happened in crosby just north east of houston. the plant manufactures products like antifreeze and brake fluid. the cause of that fire under investigation. last month a fir broke out in nearby deer park. it's an important day in the college cheating scandal we've been following here. lori loughlin and felicity huffman willppr in boston federal court along with 15 other parents indicted in this case. miguel almaguer is there. miguel, good morning toyo >> reporter: good morning. hollywood is coming to boston. actresses felicity huffman is also going to be here in court. she is facing serious charges and could get jail time if she doesn't work out a deal, say many exrts. before facing a federal judge in boston later today, actresslo li
7:33 am
hlin signing autographs for fans. prior to leaving los angeles, she was hounded by the parazzi. >> i'm sorry, i can't talk to you. you can follow me around all day if you want, but i just can't comment right now. >> reporter: fellow actress licity huffman spotted over the weekend asreleg no comment after deleting her social media accounts. both laying low in los angeles after posting bond last month. they are among the 33 parents indicted i the largest college cheating scam ever .prosecut accused of paying top dollar to fraudulently gain admission to usc for their two daughters. loughlin and her husband are chargewith conspiracy to commit mail fraud. prosecutors average they paid half a million dolrs to get their kids into usc as elite rowing athletes though they never participated in the sport. canned by the hallmark chann with her future at netflix
7:34 am
unclear, love lun's career appears to be taking a nose dive. but "fuller house" costar candace cameron-bure stands by her. >> we pray for each other and we will always bere for each other. >> reporter: actress felicity huffman accused of paying $15,000 for someone t cheat on her older daughter's s.a.t. exam. it's iaclear if willh. macy will be in court. the alleged mastermind, william singer, tol iestigators he took millions in payouts to guarantee admissions to eight elite universities. >> are o you innocentf these charges? >> reporte with 50 indicts so far including coaches, college administrators, and dozens of wealthy parents, some multimillionaires, legal experts expect defendants wl feel pressured to take a plea deal as prosecutors dangle the possibility of further charges n
7:35 am
and more indic to come. a star studded legal drama premiering on national television with two well-known actresses at center stage. legal experts believe many of these parents will try to take l plea d to avoid prison time. if they went to trial and were convicted, they could face years behind b >> all right. miguel t almaguer at courthouse for us, thank you. >> joini us with more is ari melber. picking whereupon he left off, there seems to be a lot of damning evidence. recorded phone calls, evidence, all thatstuff. is today to make the plea if t you're goido it? >> some could consider that. they may be playing for time. some have better arguments than others depending how culpable they look in the >> how would that work? could the attorneys for parents who want to make a deal, do they approach t prosecutors and say hey we'd be willing to plead guilty or the prosecutors come
7:36 am
to them? how does something like this play out? >> we know several people had the ability to plea initially many pleaded out before this was unsealed and announced. obviously the prosecutors told some folks, hey, you can get off this train right now if you cooperate. >> ifhey're still coming into court which is not a pleasant experience. does that suggest to you these are those who are fight and take it to trial? >> yes. they have their reputations on the line as we know. there's also the issue of whether there's a defense. while there's a lot of bad stuff on the record, c they argue that maybe they were paying for services or what it amounted to. >> g you've huffman here accused of paying $15,00 but then you've got loughlin and her husband who are accused of spending about $400,000 to get her daughter io usc on the row team even though she never rowed. en prosecutors look at the amount of money involved, does
7:37 am
that matter in terms of a potential sentence? >> it shouldn't matter that much because the big question here is were you paying to try to steal someelse's seat in college? not did you have a good or bade prn stealing the seat. >> is this thing about jail time at the end of all of it? is this going to be -- let's pretend there are some guilty verdicts or pleas. are we talking fines? ng jail?al >> it's hard to imagine that the prosecutors want to put many people in jail for a long period of time for being parent ifs they take responsibilith and deal w it. in other words, yes, jail's on the table. the question for people fighting is can they get off or do they look at potentialarer sentences than they would otherwise get for fighting along the way if they're convicted? at's why it's high stakes today. >> that's what this is about. taking seats away from kids that otherwise would havent gotten these colleges. >> when the wealthy are using
7:38 am
benefits and cheating to take the spots from regular >> all right. >> reverse robin hood. >> that's why she's the chief leader. and you are just the -- >> i meant rerse robin hood when i said robin hood. >> don't worry. we're not live. thank you so much. appr all right. let's get a check of the weather. dylan's at the wall. >> we're still watching that flding threat through the middle of the country. last three weeks, little has changed. we still have more than 200 river gauges at or above flood stage. we're not looking at a lot of rain with this next system moving through, but any rain could make an impact on those heavily flooded areas. this will trier storms tonight. it moves into the deep south as we go into thursday. and then itl w continue to slowly move to the southeast into friday. best chance of some stronger storms today will be across the panhandle there. the poumary threat be very large hail. that could cause some windshield
7:39 am
damage. gusty winds are possible as tomorrow we're looking at the threat of gusty winds arkansas into louisiana, parts of mississippi too. that would be a later in the day kind of threat. we're also lookingt the possibility of about on inch up to three inches of rain. this area has not seen a lot of rain lately so this sho lead to a lot of flooding. igt the severe storms with hail and wind will ber threats. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning, everybody. after a cloudy finish yeserday, the s back. beautiful weather here. the cherry blossoms in peak bloom there around the tidal basin. probably going t keep them in peak bloom today and tomorrow. rain on friday could be putting a dent in the display. teeratures in the 20s and 30s this morning as you get the day going. shedable lays for today. afternoon high near 67 degrees. it will be a windy afternoon with winds up near 30 miles per hour. next best chance for rain is friday. >> and that's .
7:40 am
>> all right, thanks. coming up our exclusive conversation with steph curry. he talks about family, faith, and what drives him to be the best on and off the court. plus tiffany haddish relating what led to her worst stand up show ever. then the woman behind the popular website 52 weeks to find him as in a husband. the surprising places life has taken her ten years late f motionalhough, an vigil for the college student killed after she got into the wrong car. what her father is now saying ur about the distbing that's right after this. ing cas. ing cas. tmy insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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theat the risk of ruininguld retheir thank you. is the same type of person who can help you quickly and easily get an appraisal on your car, because helping people is what carmax people are all about. ♪ and welcome back on this wednesday. family and friends are sayrg thinal good-byes this morning to the university of south carolina student who was killed aft mistakenly getting into a car she thought was an uber. >> her story raising new ride aring safety concerns on college campuses all over the coun kristen dahlgren has the latest on this. goodormorning. >> rr: good morning, guys.
7:45 am
yeah. funeral for samantha josephson will be held here in just a few hours. this is a story that has changed how so many p gple in their ride sharing cars. this is about sammy, a bright and goofy girl that was headed to law school and instead will be laid overnight, family and friends of 21-year-old samantha josephson gathering for an emotional vigil. >> this moment, overwhelming. >> reporter: samantha's fher seymour just back from south carolina where his daughter was killed. >> i requested to meet the officer that arrested, captured and arrested the person that -- that -- thaturdered my daughter. >> reporter: mr. josephson saying he just wanted to thank the officer. it was a chilling crime. the university of south carolina senior seen on surveillance video getting into what she thought was her u.r ride
7:46 am
it's the last time she was seen alive. at the vigil, samantha's boyfriend who was out of town when she went missing wishing h could change that night. >> she was the love of my life. and i was on the phone tracking her through all this just to make sure she got home safely. and immediately knew that there was something . >> reporter: her body found the next day in a wooded area. an autopsy finding she died from multiple sharp force injuries. 24-year-old nhaniel daniel rowland arrested and charged with her kidnapping and murder. police say the c car'sld locks were engaged suggesting samantha couldn't escape. >> it's scary to think that could happen to anyone. >> reporter: her murder leaving college students around the country on edge. >> it was like a mistake that anybody could have >>made. eporter: uber says it has been working with colleges passengersto kee safe and will now partner with the university of south carolina
7:47 am
to further raise aware ness. bu samantha's father insisting ride sharing companies need to do more to savother families from this he >> this is nothing that you would ever want to do. you don't want your -- to go through this. >> such a heart breaking story, kristen. u were at the vigil last talk to us about how the community's handling it th t reporter: you know,s was tough. i had never met sammy and i was in teag watch this. i've never seen a memorial where so manyeople got up and said, this was my best friend. she had dozens of girls who stood up and told stories. you know, they are heartbroken over this and remembering her. and this i also a girl who's already making such an impact il how p are thinking about ride sharing. south carolina's now considering legislation that would require ivers to have a lighted sign in the window.
7:48 am
so that love that people have for her is carrying on into this wanting to make a difference now. >> her father is increbly strong to be there and, you know, speak before all the people that turned out on he behalf. it's just incredible. >> kristen, thank you so much. we'll be back after this. ♪ until a month ago you were a complete failure. but now you are the biggest star in the world.he how did you ge? [ "yesterday" by the beatles ] when didou write that? i didn't write it. the beatles wrote it. who? [ "i want to hold your hand" by the beatles ] t can i dohis?un i've got a b of new songs and i thought people might like to hear 'em. [ dinging noises ] you're probably wondering why i'm here? no. major pop stars are always dropping around.
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zblempl we are back. carson joins the table. just ahead, how people and fellow royals are reacting to harry and meghan's instagram account. and steph curry's interview after your local news. ever read the ingredients? oh yeah. could you read a few? sure. deboned chicken chicken chicken meal chicken meal brown rice dried peas barley soybean meal oatmeal whole ground corn corn? while both foods provide complete and balanced nutrition 7 out of 10 nutrish feeders prefer the ingredients in blue buffalo. love them like family. feed them like family. [ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ woo ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now
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7:56 am
is your time now on y,this wednesda april 3rd, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. right now we want to check on your commute with melissa mollet. >> good ngle tracking on between llver spring this morning. annandale, riegte blocked by a blown a vehicle. and rockville, 270 at falls has an accident in the main la. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a break now. we'll check your forecast next. . (vo) at pro plan,
7:57 am
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7:59 am
temperatures in the 30s to near degrees for mosf the area now. it'll be a big warm-up for today. afternoon highs way up into the mid-60s. but it will be a windy afternoon. s out of the west at 20 to 30 miles per hour for toda still on the mild sid for tomorrow. not as much of a breeze, but a lot more cloud cover. no rai again until early friday morning. rain likely much of the day on friday. pulls out of here leaving of the weekend dry with highs in the 70s. >> wow. all right. thank anyou. her local news update for you in 25 minutes. now back to the "today" show after this short b
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, mar-a-lago mystery. a woman from chi facing charges after entering the president's florida resort armed with cell phone and malicious computer software while he was on the property. why was she there? we're live with the latest. plus hoop there it is. krag going one-on-one with steph curry. >> i feel that i have a purpose what i can do on the but none of it makes sense a nd wf worit >> what the basketball star is sharing ahead of his new docuseries. plus prince harry and meghan
8:01 am
markle release their newun act. wednesday, april 3rd, 2019. ♪ turning 21. >> from richmond, virginia! >> fromaramel, indiana. >> hereo celebrate grammy. >> from arizona to new york city! ♪ >> hi to our kids ben and maddie. >> happy birthday, madison. >> from one plaza to another from madrid,spain. >> turning 10 today. >> happy birthday, evan! >> double digits on the plaza. a 10-year-old birthday. lots to celebrate out there. happy to have you along w on a wednesday morning. >> and we're happy you're bag. we can't believe you're not j lagged. >> i actually feel better than i normally do. i4: landed at in the morning. but i actually leapt like nine hours. >> you were in - israel
8:02 am
>> for a series we're going to do during holy week in a couple of weeks. it was really special. >> we look forward to that. all right. let's get right to the news. we've got an arrest of a chinese woman accused oyi her way into president trump's mar-a-lago resort. she's under investistion now a a possible spy. kerry sanders is at west palm beach with the very latest on this stor it's alarming, kerry. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. the arrest raising serious concerns this morning. re how secures mar-a-lago and thedent when he's here. the president has spent close to 90 days at mar-a-lago. this morning investigators are trying to determine if a chinese woman w visited president ump's mar-a-lago resort last weekend was there on a spy mission. that woman now facing after the secret service says she lied to get onto the. armed with four cell phones, a
8:03 am
laptop, external hard drive, and a thumb drive with malware. zhang went to the so-called summer white house there telling secret service she was there to go to the pool. she was allowed in after the security believed she was a relate club member with the last name. according to documents pointed to a potential language barrier issue. the documen o gos to say she was take ton the main reception after telling shutter driver she didn't know where she wanted to go. her conveation with the receptionist raising a red flag with zhang allegedly changed her story about why she wa she said she was attending a friendship event between china and the united states. there wa no event like that scheduled and she was arrested.
8:04 am
zhang telling investigators her chinese friend charles told thoer attend this event and attempt to speak with a member of the president's family about chinese and american foreign econ. the secret service could n r find aord of that. the president was at the resort for the weekend but was golfing nearby when zhang arrived. the first lady and other members of the family were on site at the time zhang's attorney has not commented. meantime, she faces federal charges for entering a restricted building as well as lying to secret service. she could face other well.ges as >> kerry sanders at mar-a-lago, thank you. congress is launching an investigation of the faaec inrs who helped certify boeing 737 max jetliners. thema aircraft grounded after two deadly crashes overseas. the head of the dhistle-blowersai ipesect rors who checked the anti-stall
8:05 am
system spected in those crashes. meantime, "the wall street journal" reports the pilots of the doomed ethiopian flight followed emergency procedures laid out by boeing but still failed to regain control of that aircraft. >> a follow-up now to a story we told you about earlier thisek a suspect is now under arrest in the hit and run that injured t girls who were playing in a y frond near atlanta. you'll remember this dramatic video. the video went viral. g 28-year-olriel ford turned him in on tuesday night. police say he was speeding when he hit a pair of mailboxes and then struck the girls leaving a 9-year-old girl seriously injured. his attorney says fordham was fighting off an armed carjacker who ran away after the crash. two more women have come forward to accuse joe biden of physical contact that made them feel one woman telling "the new york times" that biden rested his hand on her thighhe whenas a 19-year-old college student. she says it happened at an event
8:06 am
on sexual assault. her account has not been vefied by nbc news. the other woman is a writer named d.j. ll. she said his hand moved down her back at a photo op. the number ofomplaints is at four as biden is weighing running for president in 2020. orwhen asked comment, biden's office referred tois previous statement. all right. we got the news covered. y'all ready for a cute list boost? this is a cute one. one of the cutest moments of a wedding is when the little ring bearer comes down the aisle. but wathi what happens at ceremony in the philippines. this young man t is going to alter. but then he stops and he decides he's going to give them a little something more. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. >> literally pying catch with
8:07 am
somebody there. he does end up going to the altar rushing. i guess someone's kind of helping him along to get there. but he had some fun. >> so cute. it's like a basketball. he got there. still to come this morning, tiffany haddish getting real about the toughest stand u show of her career. first though, nba suhrstar st curry. >> i'm walking in in terms of, you know, what can do on the floor but none of it makes sense and none of it works without, you know, my family. >> we go one-on-one with steph to fin out what inspires him on and off the court. what he's like as a husband, a father, and we got his take on the greats of the game. it's right a that's right after this. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner.
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8:11 am
talker, one of basketball's biggest craig,about scoring an interview. you got this one with steph curry. t to say he's busy, that's a big understatemense days. he's leader on the reigning champion warriors. he's married to a highly successful woman and three small children. steph doesn't sit still too often. but he did sit down with us to talk about life offhe court. all of which is a part of his new facebook watch. docuseri steph curry is used to living his life in the public eye. >> never imagined this as a possibility. >> but in this docuseries, it gives a look at curry's life on and off the court. >> it was areat way for me to just control my own story in terms of this is an amazing moment in my lished a lot of great things and i hope to continue on that mission.
8:12 am
so the story is still being written. but kind of open up the vail a little bit in terms of what makes my tick, what motivates me. >> that motivation is rooted in faith and family. >> all t'right. s garnish these babies. >> his wife is a successful television host and ne entrep. together they have three young children. daughters riley and ryan and a son canon born last summer. in addition to people seeing steph the champion. we see steph the father, thehe son, husband. why was it so important for you to show that part of you? >> because it makes me who i am. i mean, i feel like i have a purpose that, you know, i'm walking in in terms ofhat i get to do on the floor. but none of it makes sense and family. you know, beingnd authentic transparent with my relationship with aiesha and u walking into
8:13 am
parenthood together, raising three kids and trying to instill the same values and morals we were taughts kids my wife's busier than i am. >> yeah. >> i'm trying to keep up with her. thriving in chaos is something we try to do the best and wanted to kind of share that. >> she said the thing that probably makes yo best besthe b is you're just like the kids. you're a big kid.n what's she m by that? >> i'm goofy, corny, silly at all times. i try to find the fun in everything. in i'm at home with the kids or we're on a date or wherever i'm at, i just try to have fun. cracking all type odadokes too. >> on the court, though, it's all wk though.
8:14 am
a long way from the izunde overlooked kid from davidson college. u were scrawny. scrappy but scrawny. and you didn't have a lot of blue chip colleges looking at you. you get to the nba. you're drafted number seven andh people thougs overrated. how much does that still fuel you? how much of a chip do you still play with? >> i always do because i've heard that so many o timesr and over again throughout my journey. it's different. the true definition of underdog, i don't think i can claim that. >> no. not after two champnships and -- or three championships and two mvps. >> but that's part of mydna and how i think i've embced the fact that for me i'm almost a perfectionist. that chip is driving any
8:15 am
ethic in terms of i've had a lot of crazy accolades and championships and all that type. of st but if i really look at myself in the mirror and said are you the best player can you i would in a heartbeat say no. what's going to drive g me to to that point is that chip tt ople said i wasn't supposed to be on this level. >> curry is the son of former nba star dell curry. but his mother sonya is equally responsible for his success. >> she has always bb the encourager in our fily and the one that has given me t most idderstanding of who i am as a person, an indivl. and she is so, ke, just fierce and bold and tooihe p and direct that i get my grit and competitiveness and fire from her. you believe you were destined for this? >> for sure. my faith is obviously a big part of who i am. god doesn't make any mistakes
8:16 am
and so for me to be able to handle all the things that have been thrown my way, i'm still learn, i'm still growing. i' b not perfectany stretch of the imagination. that is the way i contextualize what's going on and how i can best nurture the blessings that i've been given. >> as a student of the game and its history, i asked him to name the five best playershe of last 20 years. >> last 20 years, i got jordan, shaq, kobe, lebron, tim duncan. >> tim duncan. no stephrr >> still writing the story, bill fella. it's a to be determined on that. >> i love that. >> so humble. a genuinely humble. >> not fake humble. >> no. >> does he still have the desires like so many a-listers yousee?
8:17 am
derek jeter's tribune or lebron's production company. does he want to stel his story elsewhere? >> yes. when this athletic chapter is written wants to do.s what he he's got a project coming out next week. executive produced emmanuel. it's a document on the charleston church shooting coming out in he's got a number of projects in the work. but they all somehow were connected to his faith. manifestation of that faith. stephen versus thee gpremie premieres on facebook watch. we will have more on "nbc nightly news." let us get another check of the weather from miss dylan. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by li"missing " in theaters april 12th. >> andet's talk temperatures now. it has been awfully chilly. san antonio hit a record low temperature yesterday at around 30 degrees. and the freezing cold temperatures will finally let up
8:18 am
down south. we are going to see highs get above average. a. amarillo, in the upper midwest, 10 to 15 degrees below average. from chicago to des moines chilly. memphis 68. charleston 73 degrees. then as we go into the weekend, look at these temperatures. d.c. should get into the mid-70s. hanging onto the last b of the cherry blossoms this weekend in d.c. even boston close to 60 on and down through the carolinas where we did have some snow, temperatures will get into the 60s and into the 70s over the weekend. gusty winds,ay though, t on the backside of that system. we could see some delays across the mid-atlantic and northeastern airports. we're also watching for storms across the western plains today. now here's a peak out your window. >> right here a home, it is a chilly morning. temperatures still in the mid-30s foros of the suburbs. now up to 40 here in washington.
8:19 am
afternoonte eratures, how about 67 for a high today? somewhere around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternn. it will a windy afternoon though. winds out of the west today. 20 to 30 miles per hour. another relatively mild day tomorrow without the wind. but with a lot more cloud cover. it will be dry today andmo ow. 70% chance for rain as early as hoke up time on friday morning. dry, tugh, for most of your weekend plans. >> that's your latest forest. >> thank y so much. allst hail pop t. >> it's aar royallyge pop start today. to separate their household from the other royals, the duke and dut duchess of sussex launched their own twitter. the fastest t ge ton 1 million followers on instagram. and in theirirst post, they shared picturesrom theast year along with the photos they wrote, welcome to our official we look forward to sharing the work that drives us, the causes
8:20 am
we support, important announcements, and the opportity to share a light on key issues. in other royal news, yesterday the first look the lifetime sequel to "harry and meghan: a royal romance." the first film appeared just a week before the rl royal wedding and told the story of their relationship from their first date to the engagement. hed now in new film, harry and meghan becoming royal, we get a glimpse of where the story picks up. >> i love th. >> i just feel like i'm pretending to be this beautiful swan. >> it's got to be h to look at yourself in the mirror and see a hypocrite. >> you'll never be able to control everything. >> i'm still waiting on that curtesy. >> p thepopcorn. it's so good. >> i walk into my sister's ouse, her tv's locked on lifetime. there's no other channel in my sister's house. she'll be excited for that. i think the actors playing
8:21 am
they look a little different from the first one. they did a recast. you can watch that on may7th. tiffany haddish. last night she opened up about f recent show hers you might have heard about. it didn't go well. it w i on new year's eve dow miami. people were walking out. there was reporting the jokes just weren't landing. she seed unprepared. she recounted that experience to mmy in hilarious fashion. >> a lot of my friends were in town. they were lik we got to go out. let's celebrate. i was like, no, i'd rather go to sleep. i got a big show tomorrow. they were like you got to celebrate. whatvi ced me to go out was there's going to be a lot of sexy guys there. i was like, well, let's get out of here. i drk more than i ever drank in my entire life. my kidneys fell out. i was hting bad a they were like you got to make a video to let everybody know where you're going to be. if you saw this veo on m instagram page, you know that was not going to be a show.
8:22 am
if you had any common sense, you know she was not ready. when i get to the theater, i'm inhe backstage and it was like they was getting me ready for my funeral. when they was doing my makeup, i was like this. then i go out on stage and i'm like hey, everybody. camera these cell phone lights came up. and i looked out and people was cheering and i was looking at everybody and i saw the lights and my soulust left my body. and i was like, come back. she was like, no. >> haddish says she p another show in miami. >> i think she's got a routine for that right there. >> she's going to be donating the proceeds from the new show in miami to charity. and finally, our buddy kathie lee gifford waltzed her way to her seat alongside jimmy fallon. she re when she met hoda for the first time. >> hoda was "dateline" hoda when
8:23 am
her.t but i went to lunch with her at the rainbow room. he said just have lunch with hoda. i said okay. and i had never heard her. and we had a five-hour lunch. we closed down -- they made us leave the rainbow room because they were getting ready for dinner. >> that's when you g know you along with somebody. >> we went to the ladies room. i said i don't want toome back to television. i think i've done the best tv i can ever do with gis. but i would be friends with you for the rest of my life. >> and as they say in show business, the rest is wine hi >> it is wine history. >> tomorrowbe kathie lee wil sitting down with us as we wish her well on her future plans. >> what she left out of that story is she stood up in the rainbow room and sg a ng. can you imagine kathie lee gifford serenading you at a table? >> she calls you e""datel hoda like you're going around uncovering mysteries and
8:24 am
>> all right. you have theclaly k? >> we've got a very cute video here. here's a i don't know what's going on with kids in brazil. this is a little kid.ry let me surfing for the first time. >> no way. >> jumps on his sister's board. little hang ten. knows where theamera is. little kelly slater in the making. look at that rock star move right ther >> and he's got the hair. >> you know hosthard it is to d up on a surf board? >> my kids can't even stand.ha >> isn'tunbelievable? >> wow. that is awesome. g >> he's everything he needs. the surfing skills but the he attitude,hair. everything. >> and four girlfriends. >> and just ahead, remember that woman -- she had thi popular blog on her 12-month search to find mr. right? well, ten years later, the inspiring story of what she actually found on her jo>>ney.
8:25 am
also the bed in a box craze. it's quite the craze. put out reports just their best picks. we'll share t your local news. hey, ellio ur local news.
8:26 am
good moing, erybody. 8:26 now on this wednesday, april 3rd. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get to melissa mollet with the traffic. >> a big problem inrg clarks at the weigh station. all lanes shut down. they are diverting people off onto 121 here because of a crash involving some montgomery county police officers. here's a look at thatt closure riow and the response headed northbound. another issuenn loop right lane blocked by an emergency response there. we'll get a check on your forecast when we come back. stay with . when was the last time you felt...
8:27 am
8:28 am
free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. good g,morn everybody. it's sunny and breezy and mild today with temperatures up into the mid-60s. still md enough in the 60s but a lot of cloud cover here tomorrow. rain expected for your weekend, maybe a few showers very early saturday and very lateft sundaynoon
8:29 am
into sunday evening. but most of your weekend will be dry with highs in the low 70 >> all right, chuck. thank you. ofourse you can get the latest news and weather any time. just open the nbc washington app. "the
8:30 am
voice" kelly clarkson. seth has chris hayes all new tonight. good morning. how are you guys? we're back 8:30 on this beautiful wednesday morning, april 3rd. amazing crowd out on the plaza. they missed u. they were telling me, where have you been, you're back with the crowd. >> just falling in love with ev how aold are you?
8:31 am
>> >> i'v heard of all the signs here you may have the best sign. do you think you could show it m zach! you are adorable. i can see this happe >> that's good. >> do you want to be aco chor with us? >> sure. >> where are you from? >> virgi >> is there anybody back home you want to say hi to. >> i don't know. >> can you say this? this is "today" on nbc. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> you got the job. zach, you're adorable. you can put it down now,weet pea. thank you so much. so happy to meet you. >> thanks. >> craig is out of a job. that was brilliant. >> i love that sign. >> thank you. that was adorable. >> zach should craig and i leave now? you want us to just go? >> he didn't say no. >> he's calling ht. ag >> just ahead, a woman who was looking for love on a adline. shedetailed that journey, it was a blog called 52 weeks to
8:32 am
find him. soen it's beenears now. a decade later. what's happening? we're going to check with her and get theso l she learned along the way. t then are you in the mar for a new mattress? the so-called bed in a box. it's white hot. >> does it come in a box? >> it comes in box. not only does it come in a box, we're going to check it out. we're also going to reveal consumer reports top picks. >> a small box. >> we're fascinated. >> i'm not going to be in the segment. i just want to learn more about it. and everybody, iean everybody. celebs, tourists, locals, everybody flocks to this's ch pizzeria in brooklyn. rated number one in . and lucky for us, he's going to give us a taste of his creations and share the secrets of making a great sauce. >> we'll meat balls be involved? >> yes, there will be. >> yes. >> he's makin meat balls.
8:33 am
>> now he has to. and coming up on the third hour of "today," two h e sports stars. more of craig's conversation with steph curry. plus guess who's here. serena williams. she is live in our studio. she's opening up about her busy life. >> i'll be stalkin othe third ho "today." >> but first you've got a check of the weather. >> it's going to warm up. i pr >> keep goin >> rry. i thought there was, like, a billboard or something coming up. anyway. it is going to warm up.e weot temperatures expected in the 60s today. it is going to get very, very windy though. we are going to see winds gusting up to 35 to 60 miles an hour on the cape severe storms moving east as we go into tomorrow. we're going to shr thet of through the deep south. spring warmthea affecting the southeast. after a day of snow yesterday in charlotte, you're looking at his in the 70s tomorrow.
8:34 am
light rain and snow also p across the colder parts of thees mov country across the no plains. ou g west, we areng to see another round of rain. temperatures in the 60s. it looks sunny through the southwest with highs close to 80. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek at your window. >> it's a bright and sunny morning here temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s right cert a chill left, but a shedable layer is all you're goingo nee today. 67 the expected high this afternoon. it will be windy though. winds out of the west5 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow still in the 60s but a lot moreom clouds aroundrow without the breeze. here's your ten-day forecast. 60s today and rain and 50s on friday. dry most of the weekend and a nice stretch of 70-degree weather starts on saturday. birthday. you're turning 13. what's your name? >> emily. >> do you feel different? >> no. not yet. it'll happen. trust me. >> so. hone i like her. thank you. f> now to a story about a woman
8:35 am
who was looki love and what happened when she did not find it. >> i've beenrd looking for to this story. kate snowe is here with this fascinating story. it's about acceptanc finding hope when life doesn't exactly give y what you hoped for. >> reporter: yeah. i first met nina pickett ten years ago when she was getting a lot of attention f launching a website called 52 weeks to find himi she was detd to find a husband. and aer decade lat i found her again after s wrote a eye-opening blog with lessons for l nina pickett was everywhere back in 2009. >> i thinkt'll be successful experiment. i really am of the t52 weeks, i'll find him. >> reporter: her website 52 weeks to find him, a year of determined dating at the age of 42. >> i spent a year dating a it was fun again. i didn't dread going out. i didn't dread going teline. >> rep she kept a video journal. strangers suggested unique dating ideas. she found a supportive community of single women.
8:36 am
why do you think it touched a nerve? why were people excited about it? >> first of all, i had a deadline. people were fascinated to see, is s a going to bee to accomplish it? and i think a lot of people wanted to see me succeed. but i think people want a happy ending. >> reporter: but december 31st arrived and no ring. >> i just wanted to do one last video. this is probably the last video i'll post. i just wanted to say, thank you so much for an amazing journey. >> reporter: and when it doesn't happen, that's what's hard. >> when it doesn't happen, it's hard because not only do you feel like you left yourself down, but you made it very public. and everyone who's watching you feels disappointed. ten years later, she wrote an article titled reque love doesn't ."co she's still single at 52. but she found her story made others comfortable. got to the point where i felt i couldn't share my storya anymore b they're like, you're in your 50s now, you should be over it.
8:37 am
>> reporter: over it? >> so i felt like was silenced, you know? because if i mentioned it, it was the eye rolls would come along. >> reporter: by writing honestly about the past decade, she hoped to open up aut conversation a things people don't want to ta for medical reasons, nina had a hysterectomy in her mid-40s and was devasted to learn she would never have biological children. >> i think it washe finality. when we have goals in life, there comes a time when you feel likeokay. this could still happen. but this idea of being a wife and a mother, that life i wanted, i knew that life i was looking for was not going to happen. >> reporter: it'sot going to ppen in the way you imagined. >> right. or it may never happen. i may never be a wife. i may never be a mother. so i had to grieve that finite disappointment. >> reporter: eventually she learned shead to accept her new reality. you ta r. and having to accept that this is your . was that easy? was that hard?
8:38 am
>> not once i understood it. i think it's a part of grieving. and i think it's a part of what takes you to the next point of becoming hopeful again. radical acceptance, it's simply saying where i am right now, i didn't get what i want. t i'm goingo just move forward with it. i wasn't stuck on what didn't happen. and i was going to start looking forward to whae gave m hope again. i can truly say now that i am more hopeful now than i was before. >> reporter: sp what are you to now? >> well, i'm in d.c. now. it's the first time i've ever lived in ex-to a family member. >> reporter: nina wts people to know she has a great life and no regrets. she hopes her story inspires others looking for love not to give up. are you dating? >> i'm dating i don't know wt's going to. and i haven't put a lot of myselfe on i haven't gone out and looked at wedding magazines. >> reporter: no 52 r weeksht now.
8:39 am
>> no 52 weeks. i'm just taking it nice and. and i'm just trying to enjoy this moment of where i am right >> reporter: nina wanted us t make it clear she's totally okay with people who are single and determined to stay single. that's justha notshe wants. her advice if you are still sing sl to find a community p ofple like you switch what she found ten years ago. people that were, you know, still looking for it. >> someone told me once when you meet the right person and even have the child, it happens right on time. i was just listening to her story and it felt like mine little. i was thinking, wow. i met someone i loved when i was ound 50 and had a baby, you know, at 52. so there's no box for anybody. who know what is her life's ing to end up being like. >> she's while she's disappointed that things didn't go exactly as she had in her head or had anned, she's still hopeful. >> you know, she seemed very wppy.
8:40 am
i know people are together and married and have kids and they're not happy in their souls. don't underestimate the power of finding happiness in any scenario >> she has a lot of courage to go out there and do it in the first place. 52 weeks, ibe going t intentional about this and put herself out there. she doesn't seem lik's moping around. you know what? it is hard. and i think people sometimes do mourn a life or a fairy tale they had. >> i'm not going to get into bu, t i've had that. >> many of us didn't have that fairy tale come true. that was a talker. we could justo on and on. >> who's she dating? >> i don't know. i don't know >> sounds like a follow-up. >> she needs to come here and we'll see if he measures up. coming up next,he booming bed in a box business. where's the box? nobody knows. you're going to consider maybe getting this kind of a bed.
8:41 am
first this is "today" on nbc. where's the box? c. for tile, wood, and stone,
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an we'reba . "today" wellness. looking to switch things up in the bedroom? no we're not -- relax. we're talking mattresses here. th hottest trendight now, the bed in a box. you order one online drifred right to your door. and who better to tell us about these mattresses than elliot wyler? always good to have you. >> good morning. >> we're gng to walk through some of these mattresses. but hoda and carson are also helping us out. they're going to open one of these boxes. be careful with theis rs. >> should we start? >> pleas >> we're starting? >> be careful with the box cutter, too, daly. >> can you believe a mattress is inhis box. >> most of them come packaged just like that.
8:44 am
they're wrapped in plastic. it's a cool thing. >> let's start with this one. full disclosure. i bought one of these for my house. this is the casper. >> this is the brand that a lot of people know. it's ban consumer reports favorite for a long time. it's $995. this is a queen size. we do a whole battery of tests mattresses.ze this scores well in all the categories we test for.s and iery versatile. it contours to your body. it picks u o the shape your body. good for back sleepers and side sleepers.e >> what are s of the drawbacks? some of the advantages and disadvantages to the -- >> the bed in a box thing? >>. ye >> some things to think about is what we're seeing there wh hoda and carson. >> you're not holding the issors operly. >> he's got the box cutter. >> we're making progress. >> so it is best with two .
8:45 am
so they're going to gett it - not these two people. >> not so much. right? and you want to kind of plan for it a little bit. so eventually we hope get it out of the box. and you'll put it onto the bed frame. once you open it from the plastic, it wl come t life kind of quickly. you look skeptical of their progress. >> i am quite skeptical of their progress. >> this is a brand called tuft & needle. this is als $995. >> oh, that's nice. >> this is what we described as ing a great one f couples. because itetns its stability. meaning if you toss and turn a lot and your parer does not -- >> this is a great mattress. perfect. >> all right. so this is good for couples. >> we had high hoves we would our mattresses to show off. >> we'll only have three. we've got to show that at the end of the segment. >> we've got to thurry.
8:46 am
s is a brand called sleep innovations. it's the marley mattress. >> that's a firm mattress. let me try this one. >> the real differentiator here, this mattress is about $330. >> it's considerably cheaper. >> this one actually performs at or even better an some mattresses three or four sometimes its money. >> this is where we were supposed to go to the forty mattress to talk about that one. it appears it may not. >> weot it. we got it. here it comes. >> do these t mattressesically last as long? >> whoa! that's cool. >> takes a village. i'll hold the frame. y>> this is actuall a memory foam and a coil spring. so it's going to come to life quickly. >> wow. not as fast as we originally planned. and you asked do they last as lo they come with warranti a. and you co take them back. they don't have to go back in
8:47 am
the box to return it. >> one, two, and three. >> there's the big reveal. >> so how much is this one? >> thiss $585. it's called the allswell. it's the only one that's foam and coil. >> that's pretty comfortle. that's w more comfortable than i thought. this is a real mattress. >> it feelsn different the foam. >> how much is this one? >> y$585. >> whe buy one of these things and put it down on your frame, can you use it immediately? >> not like that. most of thers manufacture recommend waiting about 24 hours. >> good night. >> this is a great mattress. >> for more on these mattresses -- >> hoda, read>> me a story. - go to up next, the man behind new york city'sost popular pizzeria is letting us in on his secrets. but first this is "today" on sa. sa. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
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e're excited about this we're excited about this "today" fo. chef, unbelievable. we're talking about the most popular restaurant in brookl. where he's from, his family's from. cooking with love. everybody goe to this place. >> so many people say this may be the best pizza in all of new york city. you've been featured on a bunch of shows. the netflix show "ugly and delicious." john legend and chrissy teigen dine there. beyonce, jay z, countless others. it is the spot to visit in new york. all, i don'tst of know if you know this but the location of lucali not only ifa when mark a kid was a candy store. >> yes. w and it was a candy store when his parentse kids. >> yeah. i think they even met there. >> wow. >> in your restaurant? >> yes. >> now, you're known for your
8:51 am
pizza but you need your special oven to rusit. >> yes. we're going to make english muffin pizzas. first we're going to add some garlic. >> got a little olive oil in there. hat was the pizza that you ate, that you still remember? >> i grew up on angelo's pizza. which was a couple of doors down from where i am w. butt closed years ago. >> just smell that. come on. > you didn't grow up with a aspiration to be a chef or cook? >> no, no. i went out for a cup of coffee, next thing i know i was opening up a pizzeria. that's this is a really simple sauce. you can add about half a teaspoon of salt. >> so whyo you think your pizza is so popular and different? >> i'm still trying tour f it out. to me, it's all right. yo? >> i mean, it's the ingredients, right? >> we've got to taste this.
8:52 am
we've got two things to make. we've got a little pizza. a little plate ball. >> you want to toast the english muffins. then we're going to douse i withsauce. you want to do it? >> yeah, i man. nt to douse. more, more? >> over the edges. >> love you. little of that. >> hold onto that. okay. i'm coming. you're going to put your cheese on. >> what kind is at? >> mozzarella. then you want to put sauce on top so it doesn't burn >> when you're in your restaurant and see there's a line o waiting ry day people >> i have a panicat ck. it's like i come outside with a panic attack. >> how's the pizza? >> it's delicious. >> come on. we're going to make a meat ball. >> we're going to make a meat ball salad. make the dressing. >>hen i have time, i make them. >> they sell them on ebay.
8:53 am
these meat balls are so good. >> oh, my god. >> i like putting i in a squirt bottle and just shaking it up. and just dressing it. >> look how easy when you make it with all the fresh ingredients. it's literally the best in the world. people come from all over. what else i on the menu? it's just -- you have calzone and pizza. >> the only thing i know how to make a pizza ande. calz >> i heard meat ball. >> yeah. you want try? >> yes. hi. >> what's in the meat ball. >> why is it so good? >> we don't know. >> he won't tell. you. ank >> for the recipe go to find the restaurant if you're in the area. mark, thank you so much. appreciate it. we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on everybody get closer. beautiful. the curl. yeah, yeah, yeah. right there baby. wait. wheee's my mom? baby velvet.
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guys, friendly reminder. check out how well did kathie lee and hoda know each other? they play the newlywed game. and the best school snacks. that and more on and a startudded third hour of "today." >> more meatryballs, evedy. more meat balls! 8:56 is your time now on this wednesday, april 3rd, 2019. i'm eu ng. we're following breaking news on the roads right now.. >> tlehit'ss isck a crash invol some montg .fficers that were 270 diverted to 121. you can see theolice response here as chopper 4 is over the
8:57 am
scene. here is what's going to be closed for awhile. the crashes at the weigh station, one lane. beltway right now very normal looking. >> all anright. you. we'll take a break now and check your forecast next. st. fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster,
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click, call, or visit a store today. rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> all right. good morning. welcome. craig melvin with dylan. jacob sod roff. >> we nice round of musical chairs. i was in the middle. craig was there. jacob was there. craig doesn't like the end. i sat there and realized i like this side. >> i went to dylan'ea a lot happened in the last seven seconds. you're in california. yesterday i was out there talking to steph curry. >> i'm jealous. ab >> we will talt that more in a bit. al is on his way back from alaska. sheinelle is on assignment in florida as well. i got a bit of a bone to pick with you guys.


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