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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sexually assaulted two youngn wofter they both told their story on national tv awm ers returned to richmond for a one day session. >> julie is live in richmond for at the lieutenant-governor had to say today. >> reporter: hi. with lawmars back in session, the pressure is back on the lieutenant-governor, a republican, continues to call for aearing on the sexual assault allegations. in his first press statement i nearly two months, he says it is theor prosec not the politics here who need to hear from him and the two women. lieutenant-governor justin fairfax taking a new turn in front o the cameras, pushing back with his own statement after both of his accusers took their stories of sex assault to national tv speaking to cnbc news chor, gayle king. >> i am telling the truth. i did not assault vanessa tyson and i didot assault heard dust
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watson >> if you have to hold someone down it's not consensual. >> reporter: but he's insisting the eounters with both women were consensual and today he said it was meredith watsonho initiated the one time continenter in 2000. >> i did not lock the door. i did not turn out the lights. i did not hold her down or use physical force whatsoever. we were bh willing participants. >> reporter: fairfax says he's taking new sps to try to prove his innocence including t polygrapen over the weekend. >> polygraph tes are inadmissible in court for a reason. there have been notable instance is in history. ted bundy passed a polygraph. >> reporter: the two accusers call for a hearing to sort out
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the allegation. rejecting that. >> i thi it is a circus. >> reporter: fairfax calling for na cri investigation. his attorneys have contacted the prosecuts where the alleged incidents took place. >> i do not believe in legislative hearings or television appearances to get to the truth. sensationalizing allegations ines not make them true. >> reporter: justes ago we got a new statement from representave for ven nes sa tyson. they say she and her legal team have been in touch with the suffolk county state attorney's office and have not ruled out the prospect of criminal charges but once again call on the general assembly to hold a hearing. the failure to provide all sized the opportunity to be heard sends a devastating message to sexual assault surcrvors aoss the commonwealth. >> julie carey reporting. thank you. meantime, virginia's
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republican lawmakers haven't forgotten o about theer scandals involving the executive branch in richmond. house delegate leader wants answers to how a racist photo appeared on northam'soo yk and he first apologized and then said they weren't him. now he wants to know what happened to his promises. o his want answers promises and what happened to the investigation he promised. what happenedhe to private investigator he was going to hire? what happened to the facial recognition software he was going to employ to get to the bottom of this photograph. has the governor found out yet he was in the photo a promised he would. h news4 asked the governor for reaction to statements. we are still waiting that response. jim handly athe liveesk with the latest on former vice
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president joe bin's first on camera response to the debate that took off when a woman accused him of unwanted physical contact. no one of has accused him of sexual harassment or biden responded on twitter today but stopped short of here is some of what he has to say. >> i help people, i grab them by the shoulders and say, you can do this. whether women, men, young,ld, it's the way i've always been, the way i tried to show i care about them and i'm social norms have begun to change and shifted. the boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset and i get it. i get it. i hear what they're saying, i understand it. i'll be much more mindful. that's my responsibility. >> today's video is widely seen as a message that this controversy wil not deter joe hiden from a run for the white house. announcement is expected on
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that in a few weeks. o you. >> thank you, jim. now, to the battle over the sp counsel report. how much of it will finally make it to congress and when? those are the questions. tonight, house judiciary chairman, jerry nadler has one dlre thing in his actions with barr. has a subpoena, should he decide to use it.le blainender on capitol hill. >> reporter: they'reending a message to the attorney general. democrats are making it clear if barr does rotease as much of mueller's report they believe he should they're prepared to use other actions to get it. a capitol hill showdown, the russia investigation, fro and center. >> this is great political theater.or >> repr: the house judiciary committee voting to authorize subpoenas for special counsel robert mueller's full unredacted report. e >> congress itled to all the evidence. it is our job, not the attorney
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general's to detormine whether ot president trump has abused his office. >> reporter: house democrats wanted thateport yesterday, a deadline the justice department missed and republicans call arbitrary. the attorney general has ner sahe's not going to provide exactly what the regulations say he is torovide. why are we doing this again? >> reporter: attorney general william barr promised to deliver mueller's report b mid-april making required reactions including gnd jury testimony secret by law and secret for ongoing investigations. >> i say what they're witnessing s the death rattle of the democrats' russia collusion e. >> reporter: democrat chairman jerry nler has naid when or if he will send the subpoenas saying he t wants give barr time to change his mind. nk jerry nadler sent him a message, don't t of going beyond the bearest of bearest minimum redactions necessar
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>> reporter: the president calling initially for the reports to be released. >> have nothingo hide. >> reporter: no matter what information is given to democrats, it will be enou and authorizing subpoenas for five former members of the president's former orbit. >> thank you. new night, the "miami herald" reports an active investigation into chinese espionag operations targetingp president trnd his private club in. mar-a-la an arrest of a chinese woman saturd s. authoritie she was allowed into the club because security officials thought she wasd relao a member with the same last name. eventually ake sptical receptionist notified secret service. when she was arrested she was holding two chinese passports, four cell phones, laptop and external hard drive and thumb drive infected with malicious
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malware. >> was this an effort to insert that malware into some device at mar-a-lago? we have h n aber of operational security concerns about the president and his family and how they usetr elics. >> the intelligence committee requested an fbi briefing. ne president was near his golf courser mar-a-lago when she was arrested. reports began to surface last week the vatican would nam atlanta archbishop, wilton gregory as the new archbishop of washington. reports are it will come tomorrow. he will become the first african-american archbishop o washington. in 2002 he led the conference of catholic bishops and oversaw landmark changeshat held predator priests accountable.
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a car accident killed a national guardsman, sgeant dinora flores. the mother of three died when her career ended a vehicle near where she worked. we spoke to some of herea coes today. >> she served her country honorably and in afghanistan. >> reporter: sergeant dinora floro chose serve her country 10 years ago when she was just 23ears old and worked in recruitment and detention battalion making sure u hernit went smoothly and risked her life in a war zone butied in a tragic accident tuesday morning seconds away from w herk at camp fretterd. >> it's tough and it hurts. >> reporter: he worked with sergeant flores. >> those who knew her knew she was an inspirational bright and shining star. >> reporter: she was also a
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mother and provider for her three children. she was on route 30 ons reister town, 7:00 tuesy morning. she was smuck fro behind by a truck tt pushed her into oncoming traffic and forced her to collide wit a tractor-trailer. her fellow soldiers rushed to help but it was too late. >> we had some soldiers thatrk with her were the firstce on the s. it was a tragic situation for them to see ae c worker in that kind of situation. >> reporter: the reality is nking in that she's gone but they'll make sure she's never forgotten. >> they're very devastated by what occurred. our biggest concern issu making her family is taken care of and we honor her service. reporter: news4. new details involving crash with montgomery police
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that shut down i-270 controlline a motorcy practicing an exercise but had a problem and had to lay the bike down to avoid a serio crash. a second officer also on a botorcycle had to the same thing. th officers ended up in the hospital but told they're both going to be okay. anotheic police oer in the hospital after clapsing yesterday. he washasing someone at wheaton mall. at last check he is in critical condition but stable. officers did eventually catch that shoplifting suspect. just ahead, following two breaking stories. a sign coming down at a local pet store after allegations of animal abuse. a national chain breaking ties with this shop. and a fire in che beach, maryland, four
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firefighters reported injured and two unaccounted for. another live update after the break. very windy across our area today. a lot of sunshine. clear skies, one system moves out and another to the we're watching for friday. i'll show
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several floor and one entire building have collapsed in this fire. weee understand tef firhters have been injured. stay with us on updates of this still developing fire story throughout the breaks news on news4 at11. petland ended its franchise ag aement with local store accused of animal abuse. darcy, over the hastf hour you have been watching the crews take the pet shop signs down behind you. >> reporter: that's right. it happened very quickly. the sign was right there where you see that emp space. petland corporation say they're amiding down this store this animal abuse investigation. fairfax police are also looking into this. they say they found dozens of dead animals in thereezer.
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workers are removing the pet land tine at the store in fairfax and sever ties with the local store after an investigation resulting in anim abuse. >> we have put undercover investigators into randomly petland stores and every single time we find something horrifying. >> reporter: the group said injured or sick animals were allowed to die without healthcare andhe rabbits came from aabbit mill on the shore. >> one rabbit after another died anev they figured out to have a veterinarian figure out what the problem was. >> reporter: they brought a search warrant and found dozens of dead animals. >> we found in the freezer, 31 rabbits andog one dead d in the freezer. >> reporter: storing dead animals in the freezer until
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they can bey prope disposed of follows protocols. petland corporate office says it is shockedor andfied and launched its own investigation. this investigation is appalling and in no way reflects the values, super bowlss or procedures demanded of pet land stores. they point out the fairfax store is individually owned and operated by a local family. we tried to get a statement from the store but told none was available. >> it makes me feel sick. that's horrible, ty found the in the freezer. >> i would need more information. from what i saw on the news piece, it's certainly very disturbing. >> reporter: petland corporate released another statement this afternoon saying the action of this locally own location does not in any way represent the culture and t dedicati animal care of thousands of petland employees workin across t country
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everyday. fairx police are also investigating, waiting for testing results to see what exactly these animals died from. at this point, no charges have been filed. back to you. >> dorothy spencer reporting. thank you. another mess on the beltway near the american legion bridgi afternoon. this was a fuel leak on the inner road between the toll road and georgetown pike in mclean. one osed three lanes at point and everything re-opened at 3:00. it was about mile and a half away last week a tanr truck overturned and closed the inner loop over 12 traffic not nearly as paralyzed in this one. hollywoodta felicity huffman and lorioulin are free on bond after appearing in federal court today, among those
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charged in the college admissions scandal that include cheating on exams and millions of dollars in bribes. reporting fromrt the couhouse in boston. >> rorter: they're used to the cameras, questions, and the attention. not quite like this. acess felicit huffman and lo lore loughlin walking into court for takingart in colle admissions bbery scheme and 33 people charged including coaches and administrators. lori of hallmark channelnd her husband are accused of paying more than a half million dollars to get their daughtersy in ufc posing as elite rowers even though they never took part in this sport. huffman paid $15,000 to get someone to fix answers on her oldest daughter's s.a.t. neither had much to say since first learning about their charges last month.e three peo already pleaded
6:20 pm
guilty including alleged stermind, rick singer, who said he took guaranteedayouts for admissions to certainti univer. they had to turn over their passports to the court and any international travel had to be approved by the judge and they had to give up the guns theyd ow for the time being and not allowed to use illegal drugs. nbc news. the virginia cavaliers left for the final four in minneapolis two hours ago. you see the team boarding their charter jet this afternoon. it's their first trip back to the final four in 35 years. they had time to squeeze in a practice today before they flew out. probably good because you know what they had to do last year, do a 180 after becoming the first number 1 seed team to lose in the first round. >> that's old history. >> this year, they've taken that number 1 seeding and put
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theirselves in a position to win a national title. they will face number 5 seed, auburn, who upsetentucky last week. should be a great show. if y're taking a trip to cheer hem on in person, get ready t pay big time. the cheapest all session seats we found today, 425 bucks each. that covers all three games but you will be in the nosebleed seats. if you want to sit courtside that sets you back $16,000 per ticket. >> wow. final four is a big event for people who like to bet on sports, whether the bracketllou out at work a few weeks ago or bets on the individua game. states who have legalized betting the past year are notng ra in the big revenues they were expecting. the associated press said six states legalized betting and tax revenue has missed projections in four of tho six states.
6:22 pm
rhode island sports books in particular lost $2.35 million when the patriots won the subpoena because so many new engld fans placed bets on the a patrio won. that could just be some bad luck but the ap reports west virginia is only ting in a quarter of the tax revenue they projected and pennsylvania and mississippi only taking in about one-half. onetate that did hit the mark, new jersey, credits mile devices there. legal sports betting for d.c.s supposed to begin this fall and will include a mobile app. maryland and virginia have not yet agreed on rules for sports tting. >> as if we needed another reason to hate thethatriots. ruined it for everybody. a new report gives the chesapeake bay the best health grading in years. but the money could be drying
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up. lots of sunshine out there today. wasn't it wonderful? but doug
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maybe a little selfie.ys haveiggest sale of the year is on. save up to 30% on everything. yes, everything! don't wait! these are the lowest prices ever! you don't want to miss the biggest sale of the year! the children, oh! havertys life looks good beautiful sunny day and doug is squeezing in a lite bit of forecast while watching the nats game. >> busted. >> busted. >> that was a tough game. >> he just gave us the whole rundown. we'll save that for sports. >> we don't have enough time in sports t go over that game. let's tell you what's happening weather-wise. temperatures quite nice. this is a day i tell you about all the time.ha you know i'm talking about,
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kids take their jackets to school. what aappens on a nice day like this? they leave them at school. guess who that happed to? >> the kammerer family. >> my son's jacket is missing. you find it, please return it. >> is there a reward? >> $50 reward, i will give you that. 71 degrees curernt teure, plenty of sunshine. temperature to 58 degrees by :00. a nic night tonight. cool but for this time of year, really really nice night after at has been a very pleasant day. 65, gaithersburg. and huntington at 71 degrees. wind gusts 20-30 miles an hour winds gusting to 40ur miles an ll day. the wind is a factor through the evening hours and then it should art to subside as the sun goes down. nothing on the radar, we're clear all day tomorrow and then we have to watch what happens out here. a storm system, ptty good potent storm system, doesn't
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look like it because the mountain obscures the rain. it will move our way and eventually give us a chance for rain friday. not tomorrow. tomorrow becoming mostly cloudy. high temperatures in the upper 60s mid-atlantic 60s. down to 57 friday. friday is a nasty dreary showery rainy day, especially in the afternoon. if you're headed out to dinner, hour-by-hour, and kind of a tough forecast saturday. we'll talk more about the saturday-friday time frame and the rest of the forecast in 10 minutes at 6:45, i'll be hoping to get a phone call about the jacket. >> don't hol your breath. >> good luck with that. peak blooms still going strong alo the tidal basin. you have a few more days to soak it all in. climate change could threaten the blossoms in the future.y'
6:28 pm
how there trying to educate us about that. one manla vng the privacy of dozens of men and
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break at ,6: we learned four firefighters have now been injured in this firedi spr to multiple townhomes. >> two people are unaccound for at this point. the chopper caught one of theit townhomes aollapsed. on the scene at stinnett avenue in chesapeake beach and homes and an entire store have
6:31 pm
collapsed in this fire. >> how are the winds affting this firefight? >> always affects them when they're out there. gusts of 30-40 miles an hour. chesapeake beach through calvert county, highest wind gusts. annapolis, around 40. along the beach close to chesapeake bay gusting 30-40 miles an hour. with this, we h a red flag warning in effect for very dry conditions. e winds aiding to that. gusts up to 40 miles an hour. high fire danger helping the fire spread as fast a it did. >> thank you. let's take another look at the fire, this time from the ground, a viewer sending us this video. wind asan hear the well. see the smoke and flames being fed by the winds. new news4 shori stone is getting closer andcl er.
6:32 pm
>> we turn to a disturbing crime ancovered at a local spa. >> a accused of secretly filming dozens of male customers as they undressed includi som underage. >> officers arrested a man in newport news, hvirginia, w whom they say recorded more than 150 videos at spa world in fairfax county. there could be more victims out there from other locations. >> pat collins joins us live with details. pat. >> reporter: doreen, what happened outere, mind-boggling. they say this guy targeted meno and secretly taking pictures of them nakedt a popular spa. 81 victims in all including three juveniles. this guy didn't use some special secreta cam or bluetooth device. nope, they say he used his cell phone. he took the pictures with his cell phone.
6:33 pm
and then sold them online. police say this m wt into the spa world facility in centreville, virginia, over a period of years secretly recorded pictures of 81 malecu omers including three juveniles. >> we're dling with inappropriate, unacceptable and illegal videotaping occurring in a space that should be private. >> reporter: theuspect identified as 28-year-old kwame anderson frort newews, virginia. they say on many occasions he came as a customer to spa world. took pictures with his cell phone and then sold those pictures on the internet. you can imagine what people aret saying abos. >> in a worth, it's -- >> disgusting. >> unspeakable. >> very wrong, very wrong.
6:34 pm
>> repter: police got onto the case last year when one man saw his naked picture online and called 911. e investigators say they hne through 15videos, dating back to 2014. no kwame anderson, held without bond in newport news. hex be brought back to fair to face felony charges in this case. back to you. >> thank you. tmeanwhile, tidal basin one of the most beautiful places i and today, was announced as an historic preservation. theatrea is under thre >> that's why pele come here. >> reporter: imagine for a id moment the t basin? >> the pretty colors and background.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: all its natural and man made splendor completely wiped off the map, keeping that dark vision from becoming reality is a driving force be nd a national campaign called "save the tidal basin." day, on the steps of the jefferson memorihe, national park service joined the trust for pistoricservation declaring the time to save this national treasure is now. >> the tidal basin is at a pivotal moment. on a daily basis, the walkways surrounding the basin is flooded with high omde making it impassable for visitors and coming the roots of these very cherry trees.or >> repr: out here, the tidal basin was not built to handlesi millions of rs, coupled with a seawall sinking and threat of rising sea levels associated with climate change the sense of urgency is ear. >> in the future it will be catastrophic. with climate change it will be catastrophic. this whole area will be under war. >> reporter: the new national park is to leaa master plan for the tidal basin and the
6:36 pm
ideas lab to engage designers and the public to sustain its rtng term viability. it is an effort supporting to insure little reagan can have memories with her own kids one day. >> doing what we can for future generations for reaganannd her kidsnjoy it. >> reporter: at the tidabasin, corey smith, news4. >> on a more uplifting note here, promising news tonight of one of the prominent bodies of water in our region. the annual chesapeake bay report is out and say this is improqud ity in the bay. the quality is higher than tracking more than 30 years ago. for the first time, officiack are trag the impact of climate change o the bay. some of our top leaders are pushing congress to protect the cleanup from the trump administration's proposed budget cuts. the administration's plan would slash the project's budget by
6:37 pm
about 90%. in a letter,f governors maryland and virginia and pennsylvania and mayor of d.c. say quote after three days of collaboration with federal and jurisdiction partners we areei significant progress and we are still short of our collective goals whi. an indepth look at the changing climate and see how it's impacting our climate and commute. 7:30, april 22nd, on news4. still ahead, signs of confusion. d.c.'s mlaor decres war on that make you scratch your head. what she wants you to do. why the future of crimefi ting is raising concerns about your privacy and dna. it is so t nice be the warmest spot on the map. 72 in d.c., 60s to the west. closer to the 60s tomorrow.
6:38 pm
we will talk about that and the next chance for rain the end of next chance for rain the end of the week and weekend. z35k8z z16fz y35k8y y16fy
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we have breaking news for you here. democrats have launched their btle to obtain president trump's tax returns. the ways and means committee chair said he filed al forma request to the treasury department for those documents. this will likely be the first step in a lengthy legal battle for the documents. since trump was a candidate hem cle can't release his tax nder ents because he's audit by the irs. the ways and means is one of three that seek to release them. the president said he's not inclined to release those returns. a new dna device could beth future of crime fighting for police to get quick crime scene results,led a rapid dna machine. it candentify a suspect from collected samples in minutes.
6:41 pm
ilatl save investigators critical time because they don't have to wait months for a from the crime lab. >> in the traditional sense when we would use dna we would wait 12-18 months to get results when we sent it criminal's gone or he's committed 10, 20, hundredsenf diff crimes after that. with this 90 minute dna, now, we have them in custody and kw in 90 minutes if he's involved in other crimes and gethe him off street instantly. in 91 minutes that next victim isn't going to be there because we alreadyave him off the street. >> the police like the new machin and some residents and privacy experts are concerned. explaining next on "nbc nightly news." >> real life imitated in the movies. dozens of confusing and conflicting crimes canou complicate search for an a parking space in d.c. >> the mayor wants to do something about it. what she's asking you to do the
6:42 pm
next time you gettumped by one of those signs. macura
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6:44 pm
we continue to followtour story. four firefighters injured in chesapeake beach. two people unaccounted for. one collapsed. to the fire spread to other homes as well. three of the injur firefighters have burns and we're working to learn thef extent their injuries. virginia's lieutenant-governor is taking steps he hopes to resolve the sexual allegations. he specifically addressed by some of the things said by his
6:45 pm
accusers on national tv. his attneys asked for prosecutors in two states to open up criminal investigations. he says that's the way to get to the truth not a politically motivated public hearing. former biden says he gets it releasing a twitter video, saying his politics form has always been personal and saying he unnarstands the per space has been reset and he will be mindful in the future. this week, two women accused him of unwanted contact that was n sexual but felt inappropriate to them. new relief for those tripped up by crazyr damaged street signs in the district. >> that's most of us. you may remember we reported last year hundreds of complaints to the city. >> the mayor decided to replace those signs but that's not all.
6:46 pm
>> the plan is also creating new jobs. >> reporter: driving around the district at times can be frustrating. even the mayor admits some signs about carking be confusing. this usually happens when we have multiplestigns at f glance are confusing and sometimes second or third glance as well. t if i w to park legally, hich one of these takes precedent? sfwhe aren't trying to confuse anybod >> reporter: today, mayor muriel announced the d. street signs campaign. >> it is important signs make sense, they're in the right locations, when they' damaged they are replaced. when they don't make sense they're removed. >> reporter: bowser acknowledged there's a backlog of new signs that need to be installed. they start training returning
6:47 pm
citizens who have come home from a time in prison and now looking for good paying jobs. >> it goes without saying this is tremendous, my second chance, my sendwind, it means everything to me. >> reporutr: excited abo the opportunity to get a new job while she et paid learns and happy to be part of the solution to a problem she like many of us have faced. >>f you wanto park to get something to eat and 20 signs pointing each way gets confusing. you have to put on your big -- reporter:ou can use call.oodsignd.c., or >> think you can figure out some of d.c.'s most confusing parking signs? take our pking sign quiz. you can find it on our wind gust nbc app. search parking quiz. >> some are so confusing you suspect they were put up that
6:48 pm
way to makeoney. >> and the one near can conflict with the one the end of the block. >> you tell the passenger, i will look at this sign, you look at this sign. the >> can you tell we have some beefs with the signs? like a lot of people. nice day outorde looking a parking space today. >> windows down, getting to the point you need the ac in the afteoon and heat o at night. this is spring weather. todays aerfect point for that. temperatures in the low a 30s we saw frost earlier and 72 today. a beautiful shot, 71 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 15 miles an hour. look at the tree here, all the greenin c we will get leaves, good news except for pollen sufferers, 71 degrees, winds out of the northwest, 15 miles an hour, anu
6:49 pm
gusty to 40 miles an hour today. 71 in d.c., 71 in annapolis, 71 in fredericksburg. 64 is the number around leesburg and rtinsville area. very nice. we're dry tonight and dry tomorrow. it's friday we have to worry about here. around our region all of this whole mess is making its way to the east. first, we see clouds today and the stormystem to t portion of the nation on friday. it's not a big storm but it is going to make friday rather dreary. light shower activity, more than anything else, cloud cover, cool temperatures all hday,hs only in the 50s. noon. most of the area driving to the west and rain moving in. the rest of the afternoon, wet ound 3:00, wet around 5:00, wet around:00, dinnertime for friday night.
6:50 pm
take the umbrella late nht, 11:00, rain making its way through here. should be out of here early saturday but can't rule out an isolated shower orle dri 67 degrees. still nice tomorrow. not a bad afternoon for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow, 57 degrees. 57 is the high on friday.a ool dreary day. saturday and sunday, not a bad weekend. that's the one big question i have in the forecast, we do see a good chance of rain monday. high, 77. some of us could see 80 degrees and thunder or two before the weather moves in next week. >> o first 80. coming up,ow an unlikely hero gives the nats a much needed win this afternoon. >> lester holt on the "nbc
6:51 pm
nightly news." >> tonight, we repor our concerns of e-cigarettes and risk of seizures among some young vapors. young vapors. and a new
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your stomach and tying it up in knots every single day. >> we could hear. >> yeah. >> he was keeping an eye on all his weather>> data. yes. you want to make sure that is clear. fansxperiencing that mid-season frustration already this afternoon in the matinee with phillies as washington he looks for second win of the year. nats heading into the game hurt. shortstop trea turnerti h hisself last night and meanwhile, ather booed and a
6:55 pm
big day. nats up, he is our first soda pop of the yea lunges a 3-1 bob to center. soto. nats take a 6-2 lead. we love this hand schick with victor robles. and kyle does help andrew mccutchen smack to center and phillies take the lead but bull uggles continue and then tying up on an error, enter jake hero. a chance to be the bases loaded, 3-2 count. guess what. it's af walk-of walk. he is being st downo activate hen nats howie kendricks. he helped them win, 9-8. you have to love the
6:56 pm
celebration. ready for takeoff in thert ultimate h break, a year ago to the final four this year. the virginia cavalier men's basketball teamn their way to minneapolis. this year they make their first final four apprance since 1984 when they take on auburn saturday. saying hello to the final four saying good-bye to head coach buzz williams hired for the same job at texas a&m. he is returning home where he was an assistant with the aggies from 2004 to 2006. they had unpredenteduccess under williams. three ncaa tournament appearances in five seasons including the school's first trip to the sweet 16 in 52 years. say cheese. alex ovechkin and the cavs ought their biggest grins today and even brent holtby showing off the chicklets. two regular games before
6:57 pm
playoffs begin in the home game against montreal. all of us remember picture day as kids and we put caps to the test to see if they can find a little cap. you need a hin on this one? >> that's got to be him in the middle. that's jack. >> still looks the same. >> what gave it away? >> the same babyface. >> hilarious. geez. is that him there? >> reporter: yes. >> he is in this picture? >> reporter: yep. >> no way. >> we're trying too find zeller. >> they all look the same. noacial features. >> i'm looking for fine boned
6:58 pm
guys. this has to be lars. right there. >> this is me. yeah. >> reporter: you think how far you've come from picture day at the capital from 6-year-old lars zeller. what's the difference? >> still enjoying the game,go scoring s, just a different level now. the love for the game is still the s >> they did a great job. that last picture, i will admit -- >> we can make out. >> they're saying, i t seese guys everyday, of course i can pick him out of the picture. >> and missing a tooth here, too. >> they're a little old. >> i want to see holtby and see if he bad ard even back then. that's what i want to see. >> we'll try. >> get on that.
6:59 pm
>> have a good ening.
7:00 pm
tonight, breaking news in a missing child case. thsurprising turn a teen tells police he fled from kidnappers in a dramatic escape. is he the same boy that disappeared t without a trace ei years ago two states away? drama in the courtroom. hollywood stars laurie loughlin and felicity hoffman cheating their kids' way into college ld happen c if they go to trial. joe biden speaking out and making a promise to change his behavior after two more women accused him of inappropriate >> i get it. i get it. i hear what they are saying. i'll be more mindful and respectful of people's personal space. >> predent trump mockin the


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