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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 3, 2019 11:00pm-11:27pm EDT

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no place to rest her head tonight. hours aftera fire tore through her town homeitcomm >> look pictures from chopper 4 showing what's left of theco unity. >> good evening. five homes destroyed tonight we know a woman and her 13 year-old granddaughter were killed. ch you whe scene unfold live. this afternoon. chopper 4 capturing a home collapsing. and cmbling to the ground. >> four firefighters were injured fighting the flames. in chesapeake beach. we spoke to someone who has nothing but chethes she's wearing tonight. >> this was a very difficult you have people who live in this community right here mind me who lost everything they own. you look behind meow there's a front end loader, construction equipment that's removing a lot
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of that debris.t that ash t soot. that wreckage. people lost everything. andt's devastating. >> chopper 4 over the chesapeake beach neighborhood as thick black smoke shoots in the air. firefighters douse the townhouse. take a look. it'snl sud collapses. crashing on the ground. surrounded in ash and wreckage. >> i had valuable things. i just lost everything. >> she breaks down in tears. someone gave her the sweatshirt. jogging pants and sneakers she's wearing. >> i don't have nothing food, clothes. i calm out with a robe on. >> this single mother ran outside from her house for help. seeing f thelames out of her neighbors home and this heavy smoke spreading t across sky. watching her moem burn to the ground. it's one ofe f houses destroeed this evening. a mother and teenage girl died
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in the blaze. >> a ladyed l there. three days ago she came by to use my blender. now they're gone. >> there were ten firefighters treated for heat exhaustion. ressive fire. >> fire chief told me medics drove three firefighters to the hospital for burns. there's a specific amount of ief. >> the fire started outside and quickly spread. >> we're bringing you to the other side. you can see tape. firefighters were using a chain saw to cut through the. debr they have to remove that debris so they can get under and see what exactly caused this fire. at this point they believe it was accidental. >> while the investigationnt ues. jones worries about tomorrow. and the days ahead. >> iyt need evng. i don't have anything. nothing. >> she's having a really difficult time. but i'll tell you're about to meet.
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she's also having a really tough time with all of this. this is the first time you're speaking publicly. your motherie and your lived with you in the town home. they are the ones who diede in fire. the two pictures that i just showed to the viewersg you're speakor the first time. >> i'm devastated about all is. i can't believe this is happening. >> what will you miss most about your mother and niece? >> they're great and my mom was so loving and ging to everybody. niece loved many kids. nd would do anything for anybody. or any of them. >> i'm so sorry this happened. i hope that you can recover. it's a very difficult time for you. this is kathleen. >> thank you. >> the red cross is over there. by the way. okay thank you. that was kathlee link live tv here. on news 4. a very toughe time h at
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chesapeake beach. >> awful story. thank you. >> we know ourre viewers a likely to want to know how to help. you can reach out to the red cross and see what theneed. they are helping with housing and food. read all about it in the app. >> more breaking news. this is a big one.nv mueller'stigation say the special counsel report is worse for prempdent tru than the attorney general led on. news 4 is following this story for us tonight. >> this was a shocker. aew york times" reports that will more fuel to the fiery debate over the release of the full mller report. according to the story, eller's investigators ar frustrated because barr didn't adequately portray conclusions. more troubling for trump than
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barr indicated. barr wrote a letter last month saying mueller cleared president trump of collusion. ut didn't make a conclusion on obstruction. the attorney general then stepped in and determined himself that mr. trump didn't obstru obstruct justice. reporting.firmed the earlier today the house judiciary committee approvedsu oenas for the full report. of the russia investigation. barr sai he wil release a redacted verse by april. this will play out at the wte house tomorrow. they are demanding the release of the report. >> all right. always tomorrow we expect the vatican to announce the new leader of washington. reports sfaced atlanta
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archbishop will be assigned to d.c. the "washington post" reports he has accepted. and the announcement will come tomorrow. gregory would be theirst african american archbishop of washington. >> new tonight. some answers as to why a man allegedly paid someone350 to terrorize a 7 year-old girl. by holding a guno her head. jackie brought the story of this bizarre plot and she joins us live from thecourthouse. >> jim i spoke to the little girls father. is distraught over this. >> i happy the police officer was able to save my daughter. >> we're not identifying him to protect his daughtershe identit. in custody proceedings with the girls mother. his -wife. he was horrified to learn 63 year-old his former romantic
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rival had been arrested in a plot to terrorize the child. he believes the motive was intimidate the mother. who has broken up with him and seeing someone else. >> it seemed this matter made him mad. and unbelievable thing happened. >> he's charged with paying a man $350 to go to the townhouse where the girl and her mother lived and hold. the man he tried to hire in a meet at a parking lot turned out to be an under cover officer. >> have you been able to see your daughter since you learned t happened? >> no. as soon as actually i was begging my sister-in-law. because of iranian new year. can you ask anybodyo let me see my daughter. >> the girls father is represented in the custody proceedings by family law attorney. >> it's unusual to get to this
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particular level. where there's a party involved or person involved. and we have solicitation to terrorize a child. that's not a common occurrence. >> he remains jailed until his next court appearance facing four felony charges. >> all right. thank you. new tonight a general assembly bill making tobacco use illegal if you are not it 21. the current legal age is 18. youap must be 21 to under this bill. stopping teen vaping was the driving force behind the bill. d.c. and eight states including virginia enacted tobacco 21 laws. governor is not saying he will sign it. >> secretlng recor men and boys at spa during their most
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vulnerable moments. then sold those videos online. he's accuse of filming people nude at spa world in center ville. with his cell phone. investigatio began when a victim saw a naked video of himself for sale on social authorities found more than 150 videos of 81paictims from world. there are similar videos and additional victims from other locations. >> more of the days top stories now. a video message fro former vice president biden. >> he says he will be more mindful of peoples personal ace in the future. >> the boundaries ofrotecting personal space have been reset. >> four women accused biden of inappropriate behavior. connecting with people and never wanted to make anyone feel uncomfortable. he hasn'te' said ifs prrining
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for ident. >> in boston today two actresses charged in a college admissions cheating scandal faced a judge. that judge warned lori loughlin and hofman not to of family members. they rig test scores or paid bribes to cheat the admissions system. at universities. >> well the virginia cavaliers arrived in minnesota tonight ahead of the weekends final 4. the team boarded a charter flight in charlottesville. fans wcomed them at the hotel. virginia will face number five seed a who upset kentucky last weekend. >> the fab five from the netflix show queer eye are in washington. tonight they had a conversation with lgbtq youth in the area. we caught up with them at the library of congress. he found out they had a little trouble getting to that event. >> you gentlemen
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something we know and love. and cherry blossom traffic. >> is that what that was? that explains so much. >> it gave us a chance to check them out. it's gorgeous. >> the pointy thing. >> yeah. i don't know what it's hecall. >> washington monument. >> the evening had a serious tone. four of the fab five discussed ssues of visibility and equality. the packed auditorium of youth. fr localcolleges. >> the guys will be in d.c. all day tomorrow. chronicling adventures. and we'll have more conversation with them tomorrow on news 4 at 4:00. >> when we come back, a little girls mysterious illness is baffling some of the brightest minds in medicine. >> i ran to get her dad. to let her know that something is wrong. she'svi not .
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>> doctors tried therapy. and surgery. now a new theory is emerging. >> it was beautiful today. high of 72. not quite as nice tomorr. and friday, kind of nasty. see you in a minute.
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now to a cautionary tale for parents. a toddler fell off the couch and several hours later she couldn't move her body.
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it w f thest sign of an unfolding medical nre the the family is sharing their story. >> reporter:ni instd of r around on her farm in maryland. she is here at john hopkins hospital in baltimore gheting around clock care. >> you go from hing a healthy, young l gtlel. running around. holding her bottle feeding herself. and it's like in the five hour period that she went to bed untilln the ear will morning. she is paralyze >> her mother says the ram bun shs two year-old wasinlaying and ju on furniture. she lost footing and fell on her head. everything seemed okay at first. but it got worse through the
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night. >> something is wrong. she's not moving. whatsoever. >> the family called 911. and she was air lifted to the pediatric critical care unit for sudden onset paralysis. doctors ran tests. and she was treated for acute flaccid. known as afm. rare but serious polio like condition that much about in the news. >> you see stories like this. happen. think it's not goinguro happen to child. you look at life differently. >> treatment didn't help. and she had a structural ab normality at the base of her skull that required surgery. but when neurologists still didn't see improvement. they went back to the drawing board to search for a diagnosis. >> they did tell us as well as e and n leave out of h not have a diagnosis. >> right now the leading theory is somhing called central cord
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syndrome. a spinal cord injury that impairsca movement. ed by sudden trama to the neck. a condition that mostly affects older adults. there's no c se. buome patients recover near normal function. and the prognosis isr bet for younger patients. l e you. >> as time goes by she's making progress. >> she's starting to get lifting back with her left arm. and can move fingers and grab stuff. it's slowly getter tter. which is a good thing. >> she's pulling on the sings of balloons and riding a bicycle. >> we went from working to havi a norma life. and then bam we'reere a we have been here 18 years. this is all we have done. we haven't left her side. >> her pents hope their story will help others know the signs of a possiblepinal cord
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injury. if your child complains of extreme neck or back pain. has anything that seems like it could be paralysis in arms or legs. or ooses control their bladder. get medical attention. as for pazly. she was released from the hospital last week and had her family sent this video of her taking steps at home. she's on the road to recovery. she needs intense rehab. doctors are optimistic about her prognosis. as you can imagine the medical bills for the family are piling up. toy set up a go fund me cover the costs. if you'd like to help boewe hav posted a link. >> comics doing what they do best tonight. making people laugh. to support one of their own. jason signs is paralyzed from the waist downft a fall. supporters rsed money for his recovery. at the washington improve
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teater. >> we were thereo hear the helaughs and witness love. >> we have jason. there are benefits happening in three cities. it speaks to the persohe is. >> seeing the community come together. it makes me feel good. it doesn't surprise me. we're supportive of each other. everyone found out this happened. to a really good guy. and everybody circled the wayam gone ae together. >> now you saw there northern bio.inia ownte pfrom ap proceeds are going to jasons
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medical costs much we have a link to the go fund me on our app. just search comic. that was nice to see. >> laughing for a good cause. so what's next on the weather agenda?ea today was >> it was great. we don't have anymore tods in the ten day forecast. maybe close. today was ipectacular. was. >> 72 degrees. sunshine. we saw 30 miles per hour winds at times. up 2to 40. the wind is calm. i temperatur the 40s to low 50s. d.c. at 58. that's downtown. the urban heat island. everybody else is much cooler. ten degrees difference. everybody right now really in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow morning upper 30s. cool. but not nearly as cold as it's been. radar dry. nothing to see.
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here. a lot to see back to the west. g this stormch system move in. as it does so you can see what's happening the storm thate' watching is not this. n here. severe weather in texas. it will spin and move across the country right on into our area. for our friday. last week we had a great friday. this week not so much. we have the rain coming in. 8:00 a.m. showers and clouds. not only rain it will be a chilly rain. look at noon. that's nasty. you will need the umbrella and jackets. temperatures in the 50s. east flow coming off the ocean. off the bay. going to make things feel cooler by friday afternoon we're still socked in with the rn. ward of half inch maybe more. as far as the rain is concerned. look at rush the evening rush. how about let's head to dinner everybody together. reservations for all 350,000 of us. in the area. watch it tonight. we have more rain there. how about 11:00.
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nope. still raining there. we lookoward now. temperatures tomorrow 67. still a nice day. but with more cloud cover. i'll take this any day. again still nice to thereezy. 45. 57 reces 65 by the time we're picking up the kids. not a bad day. make sure they bring the jackets home. 57 degrees on friday. 70 on saturday and sunday. saturday could be showersarly. by monday we're up to 77 degrees. that looks good. somereas may see their first 80 of the season. maybe a rumble o of thunder two. cooler next wednesday o thursday. ♪ smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm® xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines
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that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, discoloration or itching. as with all fillers, there is a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, which can cause vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. juvéderm it. ♪
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not all water is created equal. there are over 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. but only one billionth of one per cent is filtered naturally beneath the earth, with a distinct balance of minerals, and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park®. deer park® 100% natural spring water. born better®. how's this for a classic american success story. former intacn comes years later to run the company. that could happeno the wizards. according to the athletic the
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team is eyeing nuggets general manager. tim conly. to replace the fired. he was an intern with the wiz back in 1996. >> wow. >> bradly beel was three years old. wiz taking on the bulls tonight. bringing it adrly. e some history today. becoming the first ever player in the franchise to record 2,000 points. 400 rebound and 400 assists in one season. fourth quarter 30 seconds left. driving, spin. gets this to go. he hits the free throw. chicago up by one. last chance however for the wiz. it's been that kind ofeason. they lose to the bls. >> nationals hosting harper and the fillies again. twhr for two walks.
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