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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 4, 2019 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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we'll start with amelia draper and the forecast. >> good morning. happy thursday. we're almost at the end of the workweek, and another fairly nice day in the forecast. we're starting off at 46 degrees right now. a few clouds out there, and overall we are going to see more clouds today compared to yesterday. 7:00 a.m., temperatures generally around 40. grab the light jacket this morning. by 9:a.m., low 50s. 11:00 a.m., around 60 degrees. we see the temperares today running above normal. normal n 63. yesterday we hit 72. today we'll warm into the mid to upper 60s. unfriday, temperaturesng below normal on friday. saturday, sunday, into monday, temperatures running above normal especially on monday. before we toss it to traffic, i want to give you the pollen aren't. mold and grasses are low.
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if your allergies have been bothering you, it's likely trees which are coming in moderate. over to jack taylor with wtop. how are the roads this morning? >> reporter: that one might have moved the question mark i had. trees, trees. 270 south, a delay o of frederick. a tractor-trailer broke down along the left side of the roadwahe beyond it, was a crash on the rightshoulder. d.c. traffic, east capitol is blackedme e-- is blocked. there's roadway at virginia toward connecticut and calvert. off lanes are blocked. the work zone should reopen -- southbound will take over full direction as we get toward 6:30. for now, be aware if you're headed up fromhe kennedy center. cory, eun? >> thanks. 5:01. we begin with a developing story out of calvert county. a family and community
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devastated this morning. a fast moving fire left a woman and her granddaughter dead. >> five town homes were a dozend leaving nearl families without a place to live. the two- arm fire started around 4:15 yesterday on gordon stinnett avenue and chesapeake beach. chopper 4ght the moment one of the town homes collapsed as firefighters dosed it with water. several firefighters were hurt when the structure went down. three had to be taken to the hospital with burns. ndy welch and her granddaughter were trapped inside when it collapsed. both died. wendy's daughterat keen smoke executively with news4 las night. >> i don't know who to think. i can't believe i'll never seep each one again. she was a great kid. and she loved my kids. i have two little kids. she was so good with them and loved doing things with them. we went to that park out there every single day.
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>> kathleen also lived inside the townhouse. she not only losty her fam but also her home. officialsre looking for a cause but say it looks like the fire was accidental. there are waysou for to help the many people displaced by the fire. you can reach out to thend red cross see what they need. they're already helping with temporary housing and food. wroo we have more in the appf t the tope page. in hours there could be a new archbhop for the archdiocese of washington. >> the possibility appointment of atlanta w archbishopton gregory as the new leader of the indiocese of waon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this indeed could be a very history-making day here in washington. we could be seeing the firstan african-amerarchbishop. a mass has begun at the vatican, and the official word could come soon. this has been hard news to keep
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under wraps. you might recall last week that the catholic news agency broke this news. the archbishop is the pope's choice to lead the archdiocese. he'seen i atlanta since 2005. insiders say that wilton ggory brings unique equal kwixz. he was the -- qualifications. he was the president of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops from 2001 to 2004. this was as the church was iteply embroyiled in a sex abus scandal. as gregory, insiders say, who advocated for a zero-tolerance policy for clergy found to be abusing children. that and manyoreat qualifns make this nature many exciting and of interest. >> he's someone who has past g experience tak leadership position and dealing with sexual abuse crisis. he was president of the u.s. bishops conference during 2001
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and 2002. he was basically the front man for implementing t dallas charter which was how the church responded to the last round of sexual ase crises. i think he presents a steady hand. >> reporter: we, of course, keeping our eye on developments out of the vatican. that official word could come down by 6:00 a.m. or he. whenord comes down, we'll bring you all the updates here on news4, on the air and, of course, on our nbc washington app. live in northwest, justinfinch. back to you. >> thank you. at> to thet on the deadly mosque attacks. the man accused of carrying out the massacre will be in court friday to face dozens of murder charges. the suspect from australia has been charged with one count of murder after being arrested last month. 50 people were killed in the two mosque attacks inur christ. dozens of others were shot and wounded. the judge said the hearing will be about his legal representation. heaps said that he wants to represent himself. in our area, a final report
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finds that a montgomery county police officer was justified in a deadly officer-involved shooting las summer. body camera officer shows the encounter beten the officer and robert whitengn silver sp last june. white was unarmed, but investigators say he the officer after he attempted him.peak with police found a folding knife in white's pocket. the report says in part, ote, the facts and circumstances of the encounter between officer bagdujar and white show t use of deadly force was lawful and justified. the howard county state's attorney's office also cleared of the officer of any wrongdoing. we have details about a crash involving montgomery county police that shut down parts of i-27 this is what it looked like yesterday morning. officials are telling us the crash happened during an escort training exercise.
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an officer on a motorcycle was practice at this timing a maneuver near clarksburg road. he had a p the bike down to avoid a serious crash. a second officer also on a e thing.le did the s good news, both of the officers will be okay. fallout from the attorney general's summary. investigators for counsel robert mueller tell "the new york times" the final report was more damaging than attorney general william barr revooled. s"e -- revealed. "the new york timeeports mueller's investigators are frustrated because br did not adequately portray their conclusions. barr wrote a letter last mth saying mueller cleared president trump of collusionut did not make a conclusion on obstruction. the attorney general found that president trump did not obstruct justice. barr was frustrated mueller didn't make a decision about obstruction. we'v"not confirmed the "time reporting. the house judiciary committee approved subpoenas for mueller's full support. barr said he will release a redacted version by the middle of the next week barr is set to testife
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re congress about the justice department's 2020 budget. it wilbe the first opportunity for lawmakers to question him. there's more drama brewinge be president trump and highways democrats. the house ways and means chairman richard nealue red six years of mr. trump's tax returns from the irs. democrats say that is part of congress' oversight duties. nter saying it could set a dangerous precedent of using the returns for political gain. the president has refud to release his tax documents he's maintained that he's being audited by the irs. virginia's lieutenant governor justin fairfax says he's asked prosecutors in boston and north carolina t investigate sexual assault allegations against him. fairfax made his first statement in several months after two women accused him of sexual assault more than ten years ago. he insists the allegations are untrue and that the sexual encounters with the two women were consensual.
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>> i do not believe thatel nationalision appearances or hearings are the right way to get to the truth. sensationalizingio alleg does not make them true. >> fairfax says police and the cutors should handl investigation and not politicians. house republican leaders and the accusers are calling for a bipartisan legislative hearing to sort out the allegations. let's say in richmond. vikeinia republican law are still waiting for answers from governor northam about his blacace scandal. house majority leader delegate todd gilbert wants to know how the racist photo appeared on his yearbook ge. they have said there's no results so far. northam first apologized, then said it wasn't him, then admitted to wearing blackface. the governor has not responded to gilbert's demand. a virginia man is behind bars after police say he secretly recorded dozens of men
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includin underage boys at a special. kwame andersous is acced of filming people while they were nude at spa world in centreville. authorities found more than 150 videos 81 victims fromwo spa d. forecast fair market police say -- fairfax police sd he s the images on line. a victim saw a nak picture of himself for sale on social media. there are similar videos and additional victims from other locations. today tesla founder elon musk will be at a square off against the u.s. securities and exchange commission. the sec wants to hold musk in contempt over comments he posted on twitter. back in febr that his electric car company could build around 500,000 cars this year. the sec claims the tweet cholates musk's 2018 fraud settlement in we disclosed private share information without approval. a contempt finding could force
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the billionaire to step down as tesla's ceo. the tidal basin is one of the mast beautiful a to check out this time of year. now it is a national treasure. on the steps of the jefferson memorial yesterday, the national parks service joined with the trust for the national mall and the national trust for htitoric preser to declare that the time to save the treasure is now. it was desigd in the 188s. the parks said it is not built to handle millions of visitors. >> on a daily basis, walkways surrounding the basin are flooded at high tide makinghem impassable for visitors and compromising the roots of the cherry trees. was never developed for the volume or use it sees today. >> it will create a master plan for the tidal b to hopefully protect it for decades to come.
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it is such a beautiful sight with the back drop to the beautiful memorialracy. we have an impact look at chging classmate. see how it's impacting your family, money, your health, even your commute. it airs at april 22nd, earth day, 7:30 on news4. a royal record for prie harry and meghan markle's instagram page. >> have you followed them yet? >> of course. >> t >> the sussex account earned the title of quickest to a million. wait until they have the baby. >> righ this is the first social media presence markle has had since their weddingme two sumrs ago. the first baby is due any day. their life isiful and royal. >> life is not bad for them. >> not at all. >> when you're royalty, what are you going to do?ng c to school lunches across the country. the government making moves to
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allow mofor more healthy choices. look. take a closer and city leaders taking steps to stop this mess. the confusing and contradictory alstreet signs you can finl over d.c. amelia? here's an overview of the forecast. high temperature of 67 with a mix of clouds and sun. less wind than yesterday. rain is in t forecast tomorrow. i'm going to be breaking down what to expect today and tomorrow hour by hour coming up.
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welcome back. the district is part of a new legal challenge accusing thent
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departme of agriculture of significantly weakening school lunch standards. six states and d.c. say thes standa were weakened for breakfasts and lunches when it relaxed requirements on salt and refined grains. allows for more sodium and fewer whole grains in school meals. the lawsuit alleges the government made the changes without giving the public a opportunity comment and an opposition to requirements set by congress. when it made the change, the agricultural department said it wanted to reduce bureaucracy to re schools to get special waivs. the lawsui asked the judge to withdraw the changes. in "news 4 your health," food causeses more problems than smoking or any other health risk. poor diets were responsible for nearly 11 million deaths. the deaths were caused by cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes. too much sodium, red meat, and
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sugary drinks were contributg factors. they also say people do not eat enough whole grains and fruits. we're trying to keep the kids to eat healthy. >> i'm guilty of that, >>too. terrifying video of an online radio show beingoa ast while being live on air. a group barged in with guns drawn in sao paulo on tuesday night. one of the radio hosts announced on air that they were going asbbed as people were listening live. ou see, the thieves gathered up whatever they can. phones, watches, jewelry. they immediately flee the scene. cannotelieve- look how calmly they're sitting there. hopefully they're all okay. > change is comin to those confusing and damaged street signs all across the i-team reported about hundreds of complaints the city was receiving. >> the mayor has an effort to replace the signs, but that's not all. as mark seagraves reports, the plan is creating new jobs.
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>> reporter: driving around the frustrating. be even the mayor admits some of the parking signs around the city are confusing. >> this usually happens whenti have me signs that at first glance are confusing. sometimes on second and third glance, as well. >> if i want to park, legally which of these takes precedence? >> we aren't trying toonfusion anybody. g reporr: mayor bowser announced thed sign d.c. campaign. a way to allow drivers to let the city know when there are lems with street signs. >> it is important, too, that signs make sense, that they're in the right locations, that when they're damaged they're replaced. when they don't make sense that they're removed. >> reporter: if of know of a damaged or confusing sign, report it or call 311. the district, mark seagraves, news4.
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>> when i first moved here, i go $1 0 worth of parking -- $130 worth of parking tickets in th first year. >> i believe you. i've lived here nearly my entire life and still get parking tickets. i should know better at this rate. >> at least when you g towed, they typically tow you around the block where it's okay to park, and you don't have to worry about the tow lot. >> you don't have the boot on your car. a nice day, right? is it going to be as nice as 'ssterday? >> ot going to be as sunny as yesterday. partly to mostly cloudy skies. at times, the winds were gusty.o that helpering in nice, warm air. light mwinds. thinking yesterday might have been a little bit better orcause, again, more clouds in theast on your thursday. that said, i think pleasant utearly april spring day there. we've warmed into the mid to upper 60s. a few degrees above normal. not the case tomorrow. it is rainy, chilly, damp, and breezy on your friday.
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we finish the workweek on a soggy note. the steadiest is later tomorrow. to the weekend, it's okay, not perfect. overall it's mainly dry. temperatures are comfortable with hhs around 70. that said there's plenty of clouds out there saturday a sunday. maybe light showers saturday morning. not a guarantee, though, on the owers. as we look to monday, we have more rain in the forecast. again, you'll need the umbrella tomorrow and monday, as well. might not need it for the tuekend. currently tempes coming in at 38 in warrenton and college park, 45 in rockville, 39 in ft. belvoir. hee district at 46. a chill in air this morning. we'll continue to see our temperatures fall a few more details before we start to see the sun come up. that's at 6:50. 7:00 a.m., comfortable cool despite the clouds.ei them develop now. 47 degrees. of sun and mix clouds. not as windy. not a bad day to head out and grab the lunch or run a errands on your lunch break.
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62 degrees at this point. 67 a about 4:00, 5:00. pleasant evening, 63 degrees. completely dry at 7:00 p.m. the after-school activities that are outdoors, no issues with the atather. unforty, i can't say the same for tomorrow. 55 with rain at ctimes. agaiudy and chile. i'll have another -- and chilly. i'll have another l at 5:50. up saturday and sunday, maybe a light shower or two or drizzle early saturday. peeks ofunshine lat saturday. understan -- saturday mostly claidy and more on sunday. jack taylor with wtop, issues around frederice >> reporter:did. we had activity on 295. i believe both are clear -- on 270. i believe both are cleared. and southbound atd.c., 29ast capit capital, an early crash has cleared from the right side of the roadway. now o 95 in virginia, going in
5:22 am
the southbound direction, near 17 and falmouth, there's a work zone blocking a lane. doesn't cause a delay in the morning hours. as it turns toay mi it has a tendency to slow a bit. germantown, 270 toward 118, traffic movingwell. no big worries at this point. sounds like we may have issues in virginia now, riding eastbound on 9 in purcellville after the berlin turnpikee there may traffic stopped at a crash. i'll keep you u on the details as they come in. back to you. >> thank you. the bills for college are only going to keep growing. so how can aeeone hope to k up and pay for an education? up and pay for an education? we have helpful tipsn finding [phone ringing]
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5:25. all week we're working for you as you get ready to send your kids off to college in the fall. finding out how to pay fors everything -- it's skyrocketing. >> you don't have to come up with the o money your own. susan hogan has more. >> reporter: if you are hoping limit your student loan debt, you're in luck. there are other money sources besides financial raid to help you pay for college. if you volunteer, ask about
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scholarship opportunities. for example, the peaceorps offers tuition assistanc at more than 90 universities and colleges for its members. >> parents, your employer may offer scholarships for your ki . my credit union offers scholarships where i'm a member. the key to getting money is to apply rly. here's the good news -- if you miss out the first year, there is no rule that says you can't reapply the nex year and again. back to you. >> ready to send them off? >> , i'm not. i have to keep saving before i do at. i' still not going to have. still ahead, virginia lawmakers make a. big mo
5:27 am
one that will impact the driver's licenses of nearly a million people we'll tell you what it was. plus, we continue our coverage of a town home fire in maryland. that took the lives of two people. we are hearing directly from the victim's relative about what she'sin feeling this mo amel amelia? our cherry blossoms are in the final stage of peak bloom. if you're heading to the tidal basin this weekend, you'll still get a fantastic show. before the weekend, more clouds today and rain tomorrow.
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archdiocese. e "washington post" reports that the vatican is expected to announce wilton gregory as the new archbishop of washington. it may happen this morning. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm cory smith in for aaron gilchrest. we'll have more on the m announcement fhe catholic church. first to the forecast and th t commute. jalor with wtop has a check of the commute. we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper, in for t chus morning.
5:31 am
>> good morning. yeah, chuck out on assignment today, putting together the car show, headi l down theree tomorrow. you can see the show here on over the weeken right now, we're at 46 degrees out there. winds out of the north at about six miles per hour. the latest objectvations showing -- observations showing mostly cloudy skies. here are four things to be -- today we'll have more clouds, unfortunately, than we saw yesterday. beautiful blue skiesyesterday. today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. we will have some sunshine. temperatures still comfortable. tomorrow, a chilly, rainy day. rain at times, potentially the entire day. the steadiest rain fallift during thenoon and evening hours. on saturday, can't rule out scattered, ligs. show maybe drizzle during the morning and midday hours. late-day sunshine. on sunday, plenty of blouds comfortable temperatures. more on the weekend forecast coming up. first now, i'm hearing of a new oblem in loudoun county. >> reporter: it is.
5:32 am
and purcellville, eastbound lanes of route 9 have been ily stopped at the sce of a crash. authorities are there. homey getting this out of the -- hopefullng get this out of the roadway. we'll look at 95 near the prirke william y. a little volume. nothing to worry about so far. all the white lights you see are headlightsolling toward us. express lanes doing well. on the outer loop tocolesville, 95 to georgia moving well. traffic relatively heavier but not causing a delay. everybody's doing just back to you. >> thank you. 5:32. now to t terrible developing story out of chesapeake beach. very sad. several families homeless after a fire destroyed their homes in calvert county. >> one of the families is mourning the loss of their mother and 13-year-old niece killed in the fire. this is chopper 4 moments before one of the holespsed as firefighters doused it with
5:33 am
water. megan mcgrath live with reaction from family members of those who died. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning. just a devastating fire. if you look behind me here, this is what the row of town homes looked like. if we pan over, this is this rn g. complete destruction. not a single wall is standing in this row. everything just burned to the ground, five townhouse units. now woman and her 13-year-old granddaughter died in this fire. they could not get out of the burning home. video was shot bpp c 4. and you see the moment when one of the town homes actually sepates from the unit next to it and collapses. it crashes to the ground. my colleague, shamari stone spoke to kathleen link. her mother, wendy welch, and her niece, stephanie welch, were on the phone with 911. they wereet trying to help but
5:34 am
could not get out in time. >> told her to jump out the window. they said the how collapsed o her and the phone went dead. they were together, they said they found both of them tthether heir arms around each other. >> repornr: kathlink also lived in the town home, as well. she not onlyost herfamily, but she lost everything that she owns. that's the situation for all of the families who led i these five town homes. there's really nothing that appears to be salvageable. should mention that firefighters -- that ten firefighters had to be treated for heat exhaustion. three firefighters were taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. they have since been released. now the cause of this fire under investigation. but it is belie d to be an accident, that it started somewhere outside and then traveled through the row of town homes. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, live at chesapeake beach, maryland. thank you.
5:35 am
today could be the first step to a long road of healing forhe archdiocesef washington. we are awaiting thebl pos announcement of the new leader of the church in dc h e more from justin finch on the d melopments. goning. >> reporter: good morning. the whispers have been in the air the past week or . and n we are getting word the announcement from the vatican is due now in just about a half hour's time. we could learn that the archbishop, wilton gregory, could be named thercishop here of the washington archdiocese. he has servedn atlanta since 2005. he rose to a position of national prominence back between 2001 and 2004. you might recal that i when the catholic church was embroiled in a widespread child sex abuse scandal. it was gregory we are toldho advocated for a zero-tolerance
5:36 am
policy for child sex abu in the church. it's hoped that someone like gregory will tur the page on previous scandals in washington involving the church. you might recall,th as well cardinals donald wuerl and theodore mccarrick both were embroiled in controversy. wuerl resigning last year amid an investigation in pennsylvania that tied his name to the cover-up of clergy invved in ild sex abuse. and 40s, cardinal mccarrick defrocked after heou was to be involved in child sex abuse, as well, in his career. back to gregory, we can tell y the work -- the word that an african-american archbishop would riseo such a position of prominence in washington is meaning so much to so many, say catholicinsiders. >> that's a very important milestone in the church in this countrci and in the . this is an incredibly diverse
5:37 am
diocese. i think it would b welcome. reporter: and nothing is official yet. at last check, a mass was going on in the evatican. officialord d at noon their time, 6:00 a.m. our time. we're watching as that comes down. if the news breaks, we'll let you know on air and on our nbc washington app. justin finch, back to you. >> thank>ou so much. e're learning new details as to why a bethesda man allegedly paid someone to terrorize a 7-year-old girl and her mom. >> the girl's father said the plot was driven by jealousy. massoud mctarry is charged with hiring a man to break into the townhouse and put a gun to the girl's hod-- girl's head. theit man hettempted to hire was a police officer.
5:38 am
he was jealous the mother had begun dating someonenew. >> it seemed that it made him mad and this unbeliable thing happened. >> mukhtari facesultiple charges including soliciting an undercover officer to kidnap a child. a montgomery county police officer remains in the hospital after collapsin tuesday. he was chasing a suspected e shoplifter a westfield wheaton mall when he collapsed and suffered some type of medical engine. at last check the officer remains in critica but stable condition. "the new york times" is reporting that there may be a little more to special counsel robert mueller's report than the attorney general let on. according to the report, mueller's investigators are frustrated william barr did not adequately poray their conclusions. they told the "times" the findings were more disturbing than indicated in thsummary. he wrote that mueller had
5:39 am
cleared him of collusion but could notroxonerate him obstruction of justice. the "times" report will add fue to the debate over whether or not the report should be released. barr said he would make the redaxz public by mid-april. virginia lawmakers voted in favor of budget amendment that changes a lot impacting the driver's licenses of nearly one million people. w before anyon had unpaid court fines or fees had their suspended. that's no longer the case. supporters of the measure aued it unfairly punished poo people. as previpartisan attempt to overturn this law failed. ahead, deeps crack down on -- d.c. police crack down on drivers on their phones behind the wheel. >>
5:40 am
5:41 am
april isistracted driving month. it arrives with new members from aaa.
5:42 am
it finds three out of ten people say they're okay with someone nking on a phonehile driving. d.c. police thi otherwise. the department has announced a crackdown ontr disted drivers. aaa has created word to describe drivers who are onth eir phones when behind the wheel. it's intexicated. your 're just overly into phone, you can't pay attention to the roads. all y toilet paper fans out there. armin thinking very bhen it comes to the newest product. >> come on. >> the company says its forever roll will last up to a math before it has to be change you are not putting that in your bathroom. >> it holds 1,700 sheets and weighs two pounds. the starter pack costs about $30. i cannot wait to see the bears advertising that. >> you know c why itts $30? they need the specialot holder. it'soing to fit now.
5:43 am
oh, my goodness. someone's going to buy it, right? >> of course. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. >> i don't know if i want that in my bathroom. weird. no issues weatherwise as the kids head to school. grab the light jacket. there's a chill in the air.e outdoor exercs looking comfortable. i'm going to be breaking down your day today, hour by hour, plus the rain in the forecast tomorrow we'rback. so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. d nce it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. aryou pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay
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welcome back. developing this morning, thecr des flex their power.
5:46 am
late yesterday the house ways and means now under democratic control filed a formal request for six years of president trump's tax returns. c during thepaign and since taking office, donald trump has refused to rease his returns saying the voters don't care what's in them. >> tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. have we gotten any reaction to the whourite house, and what ar dems hoping to >> reporter: they're hoping to learn more about the president's taxes, his effective tax rate, whether he's paying taxes at all on the money he's earned. but also about conflic of interest, business conflicts that he may have, and foreign contacts that he may have or foreign influence in his businesses. president trump, we ve heard, told about this. he said he's not inclined to turn over his tax reinrns, no new. he hasn't done it since he was a candidate. that request is going to the
5:47 am
treasury secretary who's expecting it to land on his sk. mnuchin says that they will treat president trump lie any other -- like any other taxpayer and try to protects. his retu they will follow the law and review the request to see whether the returns can beo releasedcongress. if they deny it, the committee other ave to look a legal options. >> live from capitol hill, thank you. >> former vice presiden joe biden is speaking out. several women have come forward saying thatad he physical contact they felt was inappropriate. but none has accused him of sexual assault. yesterday he tweeted a short video message. >> i never thought of politics as cold and antiseptic. i've always thought about co i said, shaking hands, hands on the shoulder, a hug, encouragement, and now -- now it's all about taking selfies together. you know, cial norms have begun to change, they've shifted, and the boundaries of protecting personal space have
5:48 am
been reset. and i get it. i . >> biden is expected to make a run for the white house in 2020. and he's been leading early polls for the race. no prominent democrat has he gested he stay out of race because of the allegations. in the past ehour,iopian authorities released its preliminary report into a deadly crash involving a boeing737 max 8 jet. that report says the aircraft was airworthand the takeoff ar ap normal. it says the crew performed all the procedures provided by the manufacturer but could not get the rcraft under control. ethiopia is calling on boeing to review the aircraft control ability and review the system before the aircraft is cleared to fly. police in pennsylvania are using a tool that's revolutionizing the way they investigese crime scen it's called the magic box. police say they can swap evidence for dna and identify possible suspects j int
5:49 am
minutes instead of weeks. police say it's led to faster arrests ase exonerated tho who have been falsely accused. hit everyone is on board. critics worrys is an easy way for police to compile a dna data base without a person ever having committed a crime. officers insist sheamples are voluntary, and you can have your information removed once you've been cleared. in "news 4 your health," two reports focusing on the health ofoung people. the fda says it's investigating nearly three dozen reports of people having seizures after vaping. the case has spanned from 2010 to this year. many of the users wer young adults. the fda says right now it's unclear if leaving e-cigarettes causinexeizures. but perts say convulsions are known to be a potential side effect of nicotinein pois and there's a new report about children and cholesterol. because of the growing obesity epidemic, the american academy of pediatrics has come out with screening guidelines. they say kids between the ages 9 and 11-years-old should be
5:50 am
screened. children as young as 5 years old can develop high blood cholesterol. there is promising newsmo ts ing about the chesapeake bay. the annual report about its health has been shows an improvement in water quality. the quality is the highest it's been sin tracking began more than 30 years ago. for the first time, officials are tracking the impact of climate changen oe bay. some of our top leaders are pushingongress to protect the bay's cleanup project from the trump administration's proposed budget cuts. the plan would slash the budget by about 90%. later this month, news4 is working for you with an in-depth look at ourin cha climate. we will show how it's impacting your family, your money, your health, and even your commute. our primetime special airs on earth day, april 22nd, at 7:30 right here on news4. amelia joins us with a look at our forecast. not the >>imate. right. exactly. so when you're getting ready to
5:51 am
step out the too, you think it's april, spring, climate is what you would expect, weather is what you get when you step weather varies on a day-to-day basis. today the variables that are mfferent from yesterdae clouds out there today. and lighter winds. currtly our temperatures are in the upper 30s to mid 40s. from 37 in manassas onef the coldest spots, to 39 up in frederick. chilly there, as well. 46 in the district. we're going to warm into the mid to upper 60s today. definitely feeling the chill at the bus stop. 45 degrees. sunrise time today aroundre 6:5. ss for the kiddos definitely outdoors. as we track a mix of cloudn and throughout the day. overall, partly to mostly cloudy ies. if you'r running errands on your lunch break,rabbing lunch outdoors, comfortable. you'll want a light temperaturesd 62. picking kids up from after-school activities, looking great. 67 degrees. plenty of clouds. moving however, it is dry today from start to
5:52 am
here's future weather tomorrow. 6:00 a.m., starting off with plenty of clouds. maybe a few light showers. notice it takes until about the mid morning hours weather until we see rain across the area. again, tracking rain at times throughout the entire day intomorrow. no too heavy but a steady, damp rain especially during the second half of the day. breezy and illy. 6:00 p.m., the elining commute, ly dealing with showers. the rain moves out for the most part overnight friday with the high tomorrow of only 55 degrees. saturday, maybe, a few lingering light showers early in the day. fome patchy drizzle. not too big a deal. we see peeks of sunshine later on saturday. high around 70. 70 on sunday with plenty of sunshine. monday, there's the chance for rain later inheday. maybe even rumbles of thunder with high temperatures monday near 80 degrees. as we sd things over to wtop, jack, still an issue in loudoun
5:53 am
county? >> reporter: we do unfortunately have a crash. better news, affic's at least moving on route 9 eastbound before berlin turnpike. traffic is apparently alternating by one direction at a timee under pol direction. we have the crash along innovation anue at 28/sully road. authorities are scene. f we had choppering south on the bw parkway toward the beltway. volume light as you move toward greenbelt. looks an incident before the beltway on the right side. use caution. a live look on 270 southbound as you head toward 109. no bigg worries comut of frederick early. we're in decent shape. here you see traffic beginning to slow a bit as you head towarn hyat hyattstown. good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. thet high c health care finds people collectively borrowed $88 billion last year to pay for health care. the report finds one in four adults say they actually skipped treatmentco because of th.
5:54 am
despite the strain, 64% say they are completely or l mostve satisfied with their experiences with the health care system. with your cnbc report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you. 5:54. the most memorable thing from prom may not be where it w or who you were with. >> i remember both. >> i do, too. >> for wmany, itt you wore. i looked great. that's why an organization in prince george's county -- >> wait, that means we need a wb thk photo. >> i'll get you one. prince george's county is making sure high school sflfeniors havo regrets. >> molette green with details o a special prom dress popup. good morning. ter: good morning to you. yes, it's all about your outfit, the ess, the tux, the hair, the make-up, the special day. and look at all of beautiful clothes. [ cheers ] yes, we are talking about the prom popup this weekend. we want to get as many young men and ladies out as possible so
5:55 am
they can pick out the dress of their dreams. we have demonte decked out. his prom is soon. and courtney in make-up. lakia is doing h make-up. her prom is coming up at the end of the month. we'll tell you where you can go in prince george's county, in landover, this saturday for the promp. po back to you. more coming up in the 6:00 hour. >> we'll see you. thank you. this morning, the virginia cavaliers are waking up in inneapolis. diay it right? minneapolis. this weekend, they're taking on auburn, the team's first time in the final four in 35 years. >> yeah, the cavs had one last practice before flying out yesterday. this was theea boarding the charter jet. they've done a complete 180 since last when they got embarrassed. the first number-one seeded team to lose. they are continuing on the road to redempsz. good luck to them. awesome.
5:56 am
alom college basketb to the major leagues. the nats defeated bryce harper and the p that was following the defeat the other day. remember that victory may have taken a bit of the sting out of harper's departure from d.c., but maybengot. it's goi to take a while. today thes n take on the mets. months of controversy and scandal could finally take a major turning today. we're waiting on word from the vatican on a newrchbishop of washington possibly being announced within the next few hours. and while thousands of people are taking over the tidal basin during peak blsom, new forts are underway to make sure one of the prized attractions is around for days to come.
5:57 am
5:58 am
[ up-tempo music plays ] ♪ we don't just play music in d.c. we make songs that celebrate life... and love and living. they're born in our souls and hearts. and the beat travels up through our bodies until there's nowhere else for it to go but out. t that'she way it is here. that's the way we liket. ♪
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two people deade fiv firefighters injured, homes destroyed. a massive clufb underway after a devastating fire i. maryla after months of scandal surrounding the catholic leadership in the district, we could be hours away from the pope announcing a new leader in the archdiocese of washington. another nice day to check out the cherry blossomsn peak
6:00 am
bloom. what's being done to make sure the beautiful attractions aren't doomed. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us for "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm cory smith in for aaron gilchrest this morning. it.s 6:00 a the crowds, boy were they out yesterday for cherry blossoms.ea it is still bloom. a lovely day. get out there again. it's going to be another peak day -- now to avoid the crowds. a chilly start, but things are going to warm up. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia drake and the thursday forecast. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we'll have more clouds out there but lighter winds than yesterday. currently inwashington, the temperature coming in at 47 degrees as we move toward 7 clafm. similar elms -- 7:00 a.m. similar temperatures, at 9:00, warming to the low 50s


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