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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> five people were involved in this crash. some of whom were pulled out ou ang car. one person died. two others are in critical condition right now. two others in serious condition. >> the southbound lanes of 295 are still closed. it's unclear when they might bopen. >> we'n tracking the developments since the crash was reported a few hours ag news4's justin finch with the latest. good morning. >> reporter:d gmorning. that's right. still watching the scene on i-295 southbound. right now a major police investigation taking place. look at the bird's eye view. talking about three vehicles at least involved in this crash. we are seeing an suv to the left of the screen which appears to have fire damage to it and a vehicle behind that. on the far right, a suv apparently that crashed into the median there. at this time, policere
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investigating here meaning off lanes will be closed on i-295 southbound. we're told that fire crews got hereg before 2:30 this morno begin the response. they found a crash and fire with people trapped in at least one theyd the four people to the hospital. as you mentioned, one person did die on the scene. as we look out here live on the ground, you see traffic is moving normally on the northbound side. you may find diversions between prince george's county and the district this morning. melissa mollet at first 4 traffic is tracking that for you, as well. ond a whole lot more. melissa, inside you. >> all right. thank you. going to be quite a scene for some time because it was a deadly situation. we could be talking about a closure for hours. again, the picture from the top of the truck, southbound 295 h befoard road southeast. that's where the crash is this
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morning. let's take a look at what's happening. all lanes shut down there. northbound, slow as folks kind of look over to the left. traffic diverted to the inbound 11th street bridge. n to und, diverted northbound 295. heaters an alternate for you. take the inbound 11th street bridge to m to south capital, over the douglass bridge to southbound 295. you can get back on to southbound 295 there. mlk jr. avenue, that exited the 11th street bridge, get on southbound 295 at malcolm x and work your way over, as well. >> so ear to be so busy on the roads. thank you, and i'm sure the rain th we're starting to see isn't helping things. >> no. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. pretty gloomy. >> absolutely. not just rainhis morning but throughout the day. when it's not raining, it's going to be clou, chimicum and damp. here's the latest on radar. it tells the picture. this system moving through the
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area throughout the day us rain at times, a closer look and you see light showers pushing in. raetty much all of the beltway seeing light . grab the umbrella as you step out. the kids will want the rain jacket at the bus stop. seeing steadier rain in parts of loudou icounty, backo west virginia. sprinkles even falling in most of northern virginia. that said, with our teperatures ain going to keep us on the cool side today. 51. cloudy skies, light rain. not just ts morning but throughout the entire day. by 9:00 a.m. we'll cool a dree or two down to around 50 degrees. , as a.m., a chilly well. the high today of only 55. so today the perfect day to be indoors. and that'shere we find chuck bell out at the auto show at the convention center. >> no reason to -- >> i know that you love heading down every year. w tell mt you're seeing, what do you love? >> and we're live.
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good rning. it is aea butiful day to be outside here at the car show. next to the nissan leaf. their all-electric car. l greatther seats inside, you see s,there, yeard -- you crank the thing open, pretty much other than putting windshield washer fluid, that's all you can do. the battery motor. great looking ltle car. washington auto show this year, evything that's new, up a coming up, concept cars, old mustan mustangs. lot of experiences, test driving simulators. there's stuff for kids of awful ages, including adult kids w s want t in a new porsche. i know that you'll be in the market for a new car soon. th0. leaf is $24, tip money for you. >> that's kind of expensive. scl right. if you have a p that you want to buy me, send it my way. >> reporter: i'll see what i can
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come up with. developing, d.c. police are investigating a triple shooting then left two dead. >> so far 40 people have been murdered in washington this year. a20% increase from the same time last year. around 8:0 last night two men were found shot to death in the hall of a building on nash street near ron brownol high scho in northeast. police sayhed been shot several times. later another man was found shot in the leg inside a car thatd cras sheriff road. investigators are not sure whether the crash is connected to the shooting on nash street. >> obviously this is a senseless gun violence. we can't say anything about the tives or what c ld have led to this type of violence. that we have two lives snuffedt ou >> police have not released any informn about the victims or a suspect. for a second thursday in a row, drivers in oura a
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experienced terrible traffic. take a look at images from yestery's fiery tractor-trailer crash. the truck was traveling on the inner loop of the they when fairfax county when i hit the jersey wall and flipped. the crash closed the beltway for almost two hours. one hour later, another crash in the area. is time in the eastbound lanes of i-66 near chain bridge road. 12 cars were involved. 5:06. painful hoax. that's what investigators are calling the case of a man claimed to be a missing illinois boy. officials say 23-year-old brian michael rini told them he was timmothy pitzen, a kindergartner wh disappeared nearly eight years ago. pitsen's mother took him in a road trip of may of '11, died of suicide and left a note saying the child was safe but would never be found. pitzen said he escaped a hotelar
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being held for ayears. showed he wasn't telling the truth. >> this appears to be a hoax or some person that's obviously lying. >> feeloris for the young man who's obviously had a horrible time and felt the need to say he was someone else. >> investigators say rini is i police custody but not uer arrest. they also say he does have a criminal record. this morning the calvert county community is coming together to support the victims of ay fire. a woman and her granddaughter were killed at chesapeake beach. officials are telling us t sre is nothipicious about the fire. they plan to tear down what's left of the four townhouses destroyed by flames. some of the families lost everything they own and need help g oting back their feet. if you would like to help, find out how by searching "townhouse fire" in the nbc washington app. a 36-year-old man accused of
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assaulting a group o people is off the streets. d.c. police arrested jamar night. wednesday they say he engaged in sexual contact with five victims on t 20th strust south of dupont circle. he also assaulted sixth victim and attempted to engage that victim in a sex act. tillman is being -- is facinging, rather, multiple chargers including sex abuse -- sex abuse and more. yesterday police arrested 39tear-old anthony robinson his waldorf home. while searching his devices,y police say t found child pornography. state police say they became aware of robinson's alleged online during an investigations to catch people sharing the disturbing material. 5:08. today president trump heads to the broeu.s.-mexico bordt. the presids giving mexico one year to want to flow of
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illegal drugs from entering the u.s. if mexico doesn't take action,e the presid says the u.s. will put tariffs on cars. and if that doesn't work, he could close the border. the president backed off an earlier threat to close the border as soon as this week. this battle has people who live along the border concerned. >> we do not think of ourselves, frankly, as two different communities. we think of ourselves as probably awo suburbs that part of one community. and we interact all the time. >> house speaker nancy pelosi announced that the house will file a lawsuit challenging president ump's emergency declaration. that declaration diverts federal money to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border.ew this morning, ecuador is preparing to expel julian assange from its embassy in london. wikileaks tweeted saying assange will be expelled within hours to ys. it says emdoor already has been agreement with the u.k. for his
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arrest. assange sought asylum tovoid x crime charges that have been dropped. there's been ongoing issues that appear to be escalating. the chairman of the house judiciary committee is calling for the immediate release of the special counsel report. in a letr to attorney general william barr, jerrold nadler says that he cites what he calls troubling reports that mueller's team had issues with ttbarr's le sumvising the principal findings. says it appears that there are memos to the public that they want released mueller is working with the office to release a redetectiv in the shadow of theartin luther king jr. memorial, people came together to mark the loose of the civil rig.s lead it was 51 years to the day since the assassination in memphis.
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the ceremony included prayers and musical performances and a wreath layingto at the s of hope. news4's megan fits sharld also participated serving as emcee for the event. dr. king's eldest w sl sf speak at washington cathedral, talking about how best to continue the elgacy. that pegins at 10:00. washington's new archbishop is getting started on whatill be aaunting task -- restoring faith among local catholics. >> want to offer you hope. i will rebuild your trust. we've given our faithful lots of reasons to leave. i want to provide a few reasons to stay. >> gregory will been the s archbishop of washington and the first african-american to lead the catholic church in d.c. he takes the helm at a time when the local a archdiocese the church as a whole have been
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plagued by the sex abuse scandal. news4 sat down about dr. chad pecknold to ask whether gregory is up for the challenge. a >> this is terrible thing that he has to heal in four years, a tall order. has a mannedoratory retirement at 75. thho is a space of time for a problem created over the era of his two predecessors. >> pecknold noted there's a good chance archbisho gregory could big the first african-american cardinal. you could have been a witness to a bank robbery and not even know it. now police are asking for help o track down this settle robber. alexa, bring up my medical history. that may be a real request for your assistant. we'll tell you how alexa can join ur weather thome. amel? you might want to budget extra time to and from work witt wet roadss morning and this evening, as well.
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5:15. starng day, auto lovers will be filling the washington convention center for this as year'sngton auto show. >> one of those auto lovers is our very own chuck ll, who's there live for us. we know you are having fun. >> reporter: oh, absolutely right. we're athe landrover before and beyond experience. and so this huge test a a in here, they brought in like 150 dump truckloads of dirt andn built off-road course. you have drive a $100,000ge r rover over great big mole us and up the enormou hill. this is a 27-degree incline to come up to the top of this hill.
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it's really impressive. they've got the range of landover vehicles. you can be a passenger or youn e a driver. and you can experience it for yourself. rock the car over, side to side. climb, ande hill you're pointed straight up, all you see is straight up into the ceiling. a little daunting. then you come over and go straight down. it's got this cool hi -climbing effect on the range rover, it will hold your speed all the way down. it is a ton of fun. there are several other driving experiences inside in addition to this. youan test the jaguars, down here on this weekend. e,u can also drive an all-electric vehis well. there's a lot of the driving experienceshat you can partake in. tons of fun. ere's theatest and the greatest. the full-size chef ever silverado made out of lego's. tractor-trailers cool stf. driving simulators and almost any car you might be considering buying, you can get more
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information here. i'll tell you, a i have not se driveway this daunting since we almost got intogi aaron hrest's house. it was amazin >> that's haw i keep you out. deliberate. >> chuck is smart. he's test driving, you know, range rovers and jaguars. go full on and opt -- if i'm going t it would be that i couldn't afford. cool. >> see you in a bit. thank you, sir. p> 5:17. in montgomery counice are investigating four bank robberies. >> they believe the crimes were committed by the same suspect. take a look at the surveillance pictures. authorities say the suspect ronned suntrust banks inside safe way stores. he set the same b banketween four and manager three times. he robbed a suntrust in overically. in all suspects, he gave a note
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ay.the teller and ran >> amazon has added hipaa compliance to the skills securing patients information. consumers with book a medical appointment our check a medication delivery. all you do iio ask que leak, alex apull up glad t-- pu my blood glucose lever. a study shows a report by the nhtsa, ove the past 35 years nearly 37,000 people have died as speea limits ind. the study found a five-mile-per-hour increase was linked with an 8% increase in fatalities on the roadways the research comes ahead of a meeting later this month in charlottesville where leaders will discuss a speed management program. some d.c. firefighters have a uniqueay to stay fit. instead of hopping into their truck and driving to the grocery store, they run to the store. >> the fire f enginelows them
5:19 am
just in case they get an emergency call. of began when a member engine 25 wanted to get in steps on his fitness tracker. it's become a dailyoutine that helps them account books conn t conneconnect -- people who want to connect. >> letting them we're in the community, here to serve them. we're regular people. >> theheirefighters say t daily runs also help them memorize neighborhood streets d alleys and where every i hydran located. >> if we saw firefighters running on the street, ibe woul curious as to what's going on. >> what's happening? >> exactly. all right. >> 5:19 how it. i guess, you know, doesn't feel too bad. little nip in the air. then we're adding the rain, too. we'll have showers throughout the entire day., meant disneyle, fog. a good night to stay
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star off this morning, for the commute you'll be dealing with light rain. i'm not tracking anything too heavy. at least we're not dealing witha downpours make sure the kids have the raincoats stepping out the door on this fridaymorning citeme i'm seeing showers throughout the d into the night. light rain affecting the entire area, frederick, loudoun counties, it witl be us all day keeping temperatures on the chilly side. e in the upper 40s and low 50s. 51 in washington. temperatures hang out in the low to mid 50s throughout the entire day today. look at your hourly planner. i think we could drop a few degrees around lunchtime to about 50. 54 a 4:00 p.m. 7:00, heading home from work, we're at about 55 degrees at that point. still and light showers and izzle. today, a hatch inch of rain or
5:21 am
-- half inch of rain o less. kst going to havelooding but a shof sunshine develop toward the late afternoon and early evening hours on saturday. sunday is looking nice and mild. high temperatures in the low 70s. and partly to mostly cloudy skies. overall, a pretty nice weekend. i'm not talking about bluebird skies in the forecast, but 295 i think will take it. some more rain in the forecast on monday. melissa, with the rain andsu on the roads, people want to budget extra time in areas >> absolutely. the first 4 traffic alert showing southbound 295 before howard road. a crash investigation ayunde one person killed, four others injured. three vehicles involved herern this g. take a look at this closure
5:22 am
point, all lanes blocked southbound before howac. traffi pushed to the inbound 11th streete. bri outbound bridge, traffic pushed to northbound 295. as you're trying to work arod it, tak inbound 11th street bridge to m street to southca tal over the douglass bridge to southbound 295. another way, mlk j exit at the 11th street bridge. stay to the left, get on t southbound 295 at malcolm x. that. work for you. as we moonshine out, nest -- as advisory zoom out, westbound massachusetts, a crash reported there. >> thank you. 5. 22. don't want to go -- 5:22. don't want to go to a four-year college? susan hogan has tips next. and tune in this afternoon for anall-need episode of "ellen," and then news4 at 4:00. so with xfinity mobile
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welcome back. all week we've been working to help you plan for college. >> technical sch bls may less expensive, but they still require a pretty sizable financial investment. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has details on where to find the money to pursue your career.
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>> reporter: most students who attend technical schools rely on e combination of financial aid and also loans. that's because when it comes to grants and scholarships, it's pretty limited for these students. just like students heading to four-year colleges and universities, every technical student should fill out the free application for fedestudent aid or fafsa. there are two federal direct loans available to students -- subsidized and unsubsidized. both offer low interest rates, p easy repaymens, and a six-month grace period after graduation. trade school students may ll receiv grants and other federal grants by applying h througfafsa. if you don't look out there, yoo caider private student loans. these generally come with higher inte repayment plans.ict however, some lenders like wells fargo and sallie mae offer loans designed just for students enrolled in career training reograms. many with lower in rates and flexible repayment plans. you can see all of our stories n on college planow on our nbc washington app, click on "nbc 4 responds" under the main menu.
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5:27. ahead on "news4 today," packages stolen from a local fedex tru a on busy street in broad daylight. >> coming up, we'll show you the footag policeay may help catch the thief. divorce finalized. details about jeff bezos' billion dollar split from his wife. we'll have rain at times thughout the day. here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar. you see light rain across most of the area. of the area. lmingat redfin, we eeargewhen you a 1% listing
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breaking news in tst ct this morning. one person is dead and several others are hurt after an ovnight crash on i-295 near howard around. good morning, everyone, 5:3 w. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. a lot going on this morning. news4's chuck bell will be joining us live at the washington auto show with some beautiful wheels. and amelia draper has a check of the forecast. >> we also have melissa mollet tracking the traffic trouble. we want to start with justin finch live on 295 with more on
5:31 am
the crash. >> reporter: good morning. right now watching traffic on the northbound side of i-295 continuing to mover at speeds is morning. some bottleneck as you approach the scene. i do want to show you i a bird's eye view of the crash. there you will see on your screen this d.c. police crash investigation very much continuing this morning. we have five peopleho were involved in this wreck are you seeing on the screen. on person has died, four others are in the hospital. two we are told are in critical condition. two others are in serious cond cion. d.c. firws arrived here just before 2:30 this morning and found a vehicle here on fire. we think it's the vehicle, the suv you are seeinghat police are investigating right now. on the left side of your screen, behind that you see another car involved. and on the far right, a dark colored suv that's crashed up against the as you are seeing there, as well, all lanes are blocked on
5:32 am
i-295 southbound. this is just before exit 4b at howard road for the crash investigation. if you travel this year on a regular basis -- this area on a regular basis, you may want to rethink your routes. melissa mollet is tracking that and more in the studio. melissa? >> good morning. so this is the situation for the next couple of hours. we'll b f closed the next couple of hours. southbound 295, again, this shot from a mass cera on top. our truck before howard road southeast. one,two, three vehicles involved in this deadly fiery crash from a couple of hours ago. all are blocked southbound before howard road. traffic being pushed off on to the inbnd 11th street bridge. two delay right now about miles already at 5:30 in the morning. outbound 11th street bridge, traffic pushed to nor5.bound here are the work-rounds for you. take inbound 11th street bridge to south capital over the douglass bdge and back to
5:33 am
southbound 95. it will take extra time. allow extra time, but it will wo to get you around the problem. another thing you could do -- take mlk jr. avenue. the exit t 11th street bridge. get on southbound 295 at malcolm come. that's going to work -- malcolm x. shat's going to work for you, well. now to the rain. >> we'll continue with rain at times throughout theday, and a chilly day. 51 degrees with winds out of the northeast at about six miles per hour. here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar.we light s all around the beltway and in most of the suburbs, as well. th storm system generally pushing in from the west. have the umbrella not just the morning hours but throughout the entire day, even tonight. we're going to have scattered showers, drizzle, and patchy fog. that being said, the weather having a fairly low impactn thankfullye weekend. if you're heading to the tidal basin, today's rain is going to ke downome of the blossoms. i think you're still goingse to a fantastic show.
5:34 am
no issues with the weather for the most part at the tidal basin. getting out in the lawn and garden, looking good. maybe a shower on saturday. outdoor exercig. goo be comfortable with temperatures around 70. i'm going to have more on the showerhance on saturday coming up in a few minutes, guys. >> all right. amelia, thank you. 5:34. for the second thursday in a row, drivers in our area experienced a terrible commute sme. these i show yesterday'sct fieryor-trailer crash. that truck wasraveling on the hener loop of the beltway in fairfax county w it hit a jersey wall and flipped. the crash closed the beltway for almost two hours. an hour later another crash snarledraffic on i-66. this happened nearha cin bridge road. 12 cars were involved in that one. new this morning, d.c. fire investigators are working to determine how this car caught fire around 2:00 a.m. a resident shared this cell phone video with news4. this was the adams-morgan area
5:35 am
near columbia roadoad northwest. two more families are mourning the loss of their loved ones after a triple shooting in d.c. >> so far, 40 people have been murdered in washington this year, a 20% increase from this same time last year. last night's shooting may have involved two scenes. around 80 p.m., tw men were found shot to death in the hallway of a building on nash street near ron brown high scho innortheast. a short time later another man was found shot inside of a car thatsh c on sheriff road northeast. investigators are not yet sure whether that crash is connected to the shooting on nash street. some new video this showing a brazen thief stealing packages from a fedex truck. the man walked up to the truck, looked around for a moment then opened the doors. he took off with several packages and headed into an alley on m etstre. police need hp identifying this man. your time is 5:35.
5:36 am
here's a look at the other top stories this morning -- fire officials say they've not yesterday figured out a cause for wednesday's townhouse ire in calvert county. a woman and her granddaughter were killed. the fire doe not appear to be suspicious. several other homes were also destroyed, and some of the families lostverything they own. the man claim be to be a missing illinois boy apparently lied. officials say 23-year-old timmothy pitzene told thems brian michael rini, a kindergartener who disappeared almost eight years ago. rini told police that he'd escaped from an ohio hotel whenever being held against -- after being held against his will for years. dna results show he was not telling the nuth. he is custody but not under arrest. today president trump will travel to californi the u.s.-mexico border. he will visit calexico. it's about120 miles east of san diego. he will check out a recently renovated section of the border wall. the president says he is giving
5:37 am
mexico one year to stop drugs from.s entering the u or he sa he will impose tariffs or close the border. a local military base will become the testing ground for a new self-driving shuttle. locals say it won thecosm toigz test the olli shuttles. shuttling will be used to make more than a dozen stops around the campus. the vehicles are completely autonomous. they use a pre-mapped route to make their rounds. the testing program. begin in a few minutes and is program will begin in a few weeks and is expected to last three months. purple line construction could affect you in langley park. traffic will shift between riggs road and 23rd avenue. the eastbound lanes will go back to their original location. crews are continuing to demolish medians to make way for the project. work will begin around 4:00 p.m. saturday andontinue through most of sunday.
5:38 am
expect lane closures in the area. still ahead, t majorde talks between the u.s. and china. >> why the cost of certain things you buy every week hangs in the balance.
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i'm leon harris. no matterow long you've been out of school, you can probably recall the name. -- the name of your favorite teacher. there's a principal who will be part of many students' memories in the years to come. when we read the letter from david rrish's co-worker, we knew he belonged on "harris' heroes." his approach is second to none. >> the most important part of our mission, we wanted to be all students' mission, is to not let a day go by where you don't smile at another person. if someone's sitting alone, invite them to sit with you. that's the most important part. story coming up on tonight's
5:41 am
"harris' heroes" at 4:00 p.m. after 11 years homesteading the "today"how's fourth hour, kathie lee gifford is moving on. this morning will be her last time sitting next to hoda kotb on the show. all week they've looked back ith the time with the show and her career. we're not sure what they've planned, but there are assured to be a lot of tears, wine, and a lot of laughter. congratulations on an marks -- an amazing career. fromchardonnay, kathie lee's drink of choice to,neo a lagger. >> new technology to make beer. anheuser-busch uses sensors to pick up ultrasonic sounds from machines to predict when they'll need maintenance. other beermakers use cloud commuting torenalyze data in altime. the advancements are making brewing beer at home easier, too. the company, pico brew, has a countertop appliance that can
5:42 am
brew beer with just the touch of a button. let'check back with meteorologist a-year-oldia draper -- amelia draper. >> showers throughout the day, even into tonight. tomorrow morning, onl a 20% chance of a shower. most of your saturday if not all of it is looking dry. on sunday, it's acomfortable,nd monday, we have more rain in the forecast. and a first 4 traffic alert no big problem in the district. a fatal crash investigators involving a fiery accident from a couple of hours ago. no doubt this is going to be a major impact for a lot of people.
5:43 am
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welcome back. this morning, inching closer to a deal. the u.s. and cd na loc lengthy trait negotiations seem to be finding common ground. this will have direct impact on the price you pay for certain goods. >> tell also impactall street. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill. what are the sticking points here, and is there any possibility of a summit with china? >> reporter: well, the president says they could be looking at a summit between himself and president xi jinping within four weeks if they can get this deal going. china optimistic overnight that there may be a deal to be had, saying that a new consensus has be reached. they need some leadership to close it in. now you asked about the sticking points, intellectual property, that's always been a big between the two countries. the tariffs that have been escalating during the trade war between the two countries. what's going to happen, are they going to get rid of them entirely? will the president agree to
5:46 am
that, or will theyeep them in the deal to -- in case there's a trigger based on what they agreed to, will they keep them in the deal to try te m the deal work? those things are unknown at this point. but it looks like they're moving in the right direction. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. it 5:46. another democrat jumped into the race for president. ohio congressman tim ryan says he is running in 2020. ryan was among the speakers at the 2016 democratic national conventi. he unsuccessfully challenged nancy pelosi to be h minority leader after the election. ryan's official campaign kkoff will be saturday in youngstown. mtha mcsally has become a major force in the push to end sexual assault in the military. yesterday she spoke in annapolis to leaders of heand airna force. >> we've g to be inspired by those who have been through
5:47 am
this. we've got to not be ignorant on how prevalent it is, okay. and we ought to have a call to duty and call to action about what we're going to do to mix it up. >> senator mcsally revealed weeks ago thaad she h been raped by a superior officer while serving. jeff and mckenzie bezos have reached ame sett. she will walk away with amazon shares worthbout $35 million. she'll not have a stake in the the two have been married for 25 years and have four children. the divorce will be final in 90 days. this morning, two teens still in the hospital after a crash outside their prince george's county high school last week. highhappened outside duv school in lanham on good luck road. the student driver was not at fault. no one in the car was wearing a seat belt. w a local leade is speaking directly to students, urging all to use more caution on the roads. >> reaction is probably measured by success.
5:48 am
you know,ope over time we will see less and less accidents with our 16, 17, and 18-year-olt. >> i think was important to learn how to to be cautious. >> after theogram, students signed a contract vowing to practice safer driving. 5:48. later today, auto lovers will flock to the washington convention center for this year's auto show. >> one of news4's biggest auto lovers and experts, chuck bell, is live fors live. all right, what are you seeing? >> all right. u're going to be so impressed shen you come down this weekend. one of the big pusn the industry in general is the switch from iernal combustion to alll-electric cars. mike works for the easy part of electric vehicles. tell us a little about the experience. and you can drive these cars, too? >> yeah. tomb what we wanted to do with this experience was really to
5:49 am
bring the electrified vehicle experience to the people in the d.c. area. and what -- what you'll be able do is test drive any of these vehicles that you see before you. we've got some of the latest and greatest technology out here. and four to different manufacturers have offered their vehicles to allow people in the region to come out and test them and see what the shine about. >> reporter: one of the newest heis audi e-tron. reu can't hardly see it anywhere but and you can drive it, as well. >> that's right. it's over there. it's great. e of the best cars out there in the market. they wouldn't let us show it during the pressday. the consumers, if you come out to the d.c. auto show over the next tendays, you'll get to see it firsthand. >> reporter: the switchover from gas to electric is important for our carbon footprint but forir pollution in densely populated areas. >> absolutely. by and large, when you make the switch to electric vehicles, il the environment, but it doesn't just help the environment it helps your pocketbo, too.
5:50 am
>> reporter: absolutely. you know, these cars are not necessarily any cheaper to buy. some are, some aren't. you know, the overall net benefit for owning one, some get tax credits and this, that, and the other. obviously the rea benefit is a lack of air pollution. so when you guys are y --r parent company up above is exelon which owns epepco. theybviously -- they're the electric company, they're motivated. it's a good thing that they're using you as a platform tbout maki switch. >> exelon's always been committed t sustainability and easy e.v. is a shining example of what we're trying to do to make that -- make that mission real. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. we'll have everyone come to the ezez experience. you can test drive them on the little track. there's several driving opportunities. i was asking him, you know, the net benefit -- unless it's wind or dollar, the kocoal-powered
5:51 am
plants, it's a net benefit, region by region, it's a net benefit on you co2 footprint. the real gain in densely populated areas is the lack of emissions coming out of the tail pipe in the hundreds o thousands here. a lot to see. you'll love >>it. looks like a lot of fun. thank you so much. if yore thinkinbout upgrading your own car, you might be thinking about a lease or just buying it. tonight on news4 at 5:00, consumer reporter susan hogan is breaking down the pros and cons of each to help you decide what's best for your family. let's turn back to first 4 traffic. melissa mollet is staying on top of a couple of issues. >> asot of probl headed into the district, pay attention, se pl southbound 295 before howard, a three-vehicle crash. this is an investigation where it will be several hours. e're shut down here. one person hasdied. one, two, three vehicles here this morning. a fiery accidentut happened a
5:52 am
2:30 this morning. all lanes blocked because of the investigation. right traffic being diverted on t the inbound 11th street brid. outbound11th street bridge, traffic pushed on to northbound 295. an alternate. we have two ideas. first, take inbound 11th street to m street to south capital over theouglass bridge to 295. that will work for you. as we zoom out aittle bit, northwest, westbound, massachusetts avenue at 11th street. crash reported. road there has been shut down in the westbound lanes. eastbound 66 after nutley, broken down bus in the right lane and right lane blocked by awe new accident this rain not helping things. >> nothe all. today, grilled cheese/tomato soup kindf day. not only the rain, but a chill, as well. temperatures only in the low to mid 50s for highs. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar. light showers now pretty much everywhere across the area. we're going to continue to track light rain throughout theay
5:53 am
today. i am seeing the potential for maybe a few breaks. but for the most part, you want to plan on a rainy friday. here's why --wi this syste continue to impact us throughout the day, throughout the evening, tonight, patchyhe fog out tonight, as well. you want to keep it in mind if you have plans out on your friday night. at the bus stop, make sure the kiddos have the rain chances. we could fall a few degrees at recess which i likely indoors with the forecast. 50 degrees at that point, continuing to track showers at pickup. those after-school activities likely inors or canceled with showers still impacting the area. and temodratures only parting to 55. 5 -- warming55o 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. 7:00 a.m., notice showers everywhere. 9:00 a.m. continuing to track rain across the area. lunch hour, you could run an errand yesterday, it w nice. eat your lunch outdoors. not the case today. look at the rn still impacting the area. continuing0, 6:00,
5:54 am
to track showers. they become more scattered as we head into the later evening hours. i'm seein the potential for drizzle and fog overnight with near steady temperatures. high today of 55, 56, the low only 53. , though, a temperature around 70 degrees. a small chance that you see a shower out there tomorrow mornin a atut 20%. otherwise, clouds during your saturday morning. giving w to some peeks of sunshine for the afternoon and early eveninghours. still really comfortable, especially on sunday. no chance fo t rain in forecast. and partly to mostly cloudy skies. mild with the high of 71. monday's temperatur i was talking about when we warm to near 80. that's on mondan that said, r looking likely later in the day. maybe even a few rumbles of thunder. ma se lingeringwers on tuesday. temperatures in the mid 70s. then we start to cool things down with more rain potentially
5:55 am
next friday. >> thank you. it's 5:54, washington, d.c., never runsho on history, but a new exhibit is promising to make for a beautiful day in the neighborhood. pbts in crystal city -- pbs in christian city unveiled "mr. rogers: jt the way you are." it includes real artifacts that he wore and used during the pbs series including two bow ties,iconic sneakers, a original pair of glasses. they will stay on display until the end of may before heading to pittsburgh. where the show was originally aired. >> we learned so much that, people who grew up with mr. rogers. eaw after his death, still have so much to from him. >> exactly. there's a documentary on wis life whech was amazing. called "won't you be my neighbor." you may have noticed the cast of "queer eye" all over social media.
5:56 am
>> they've been visiting d.c. and posted from all over the city.y yesterday the spent the day -- capitol hill greating lawmakers and advocating for the passage of thect equality which is ensure tion meant to federal protections for lgbt people. last night the group spoke at the library of congress to a packed auditorium full of students to explain why the legislation is needed. next at 6:00 a.m., a killer on the run. hotwo men foundt to death at a hallway in dth. search for answers is underway. it's a year's long living situationhanks to a legal loophole. now it looks like the man behind wikileaks could be throw out of his adopted home and could end up in the u.s. facing charges. we'll explain.
5:57 am
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breaking news is happening i i-295 the districtment a deadly crash has shut down the southbound lanes near howard road. >> five people involved, some of whom were pulled out of a burning car. one person died. dfour others ruso the hospital. >> the southbound lanes are still closed this hour. it's not car exactly when they might reopen. >> we've been tracking all the
6:00 am
developments since the crash first reported just a few hours ago. news4's justin finch joins us ve from the scene with the latest. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you in just the past few minutes we've seen the coroner van moving to the scene there. i-295 southbound before howard road southeast. the scene. we'll te you to a bird's eye view so you can see all this in the full picture here. three vehicles involved in this crash. an suv, a second ndcar, another car that appears to be an suv, as well. we are seeing ore h seen throughout the morning the fire damage has stopped. we're seeing what appea to be coroner vehicle and another vehicle there at the scene,. as we again, two other vehicles in this crash involved another appearing to be a dark colored suv on the far right of the screen, as well.


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