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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 5, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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young person and to stress the importance of the laws which protect the confidentiality of all the young peoe involved in our justice system, both victims and offenders. heoueeded a order to make the statement because district laws protect theia confidety of juveniles in the justice system. family and friends of the 10-year-old were scheduled to hold a protest tonight. news 4ace benson plans on being there. it wasn't the bt of days to get out there but that didn't st some people from heading out to take in the beautiful cherry blossom. >> take a look at the storm team 4 radar. there is more rain coming into the region. a lot of green there. when is this going to move out of the region? ll>> unfortunately, it's here for the next couple of hours. here we are on a friday night and we're looking for withet an very cool just in time for dinner.
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make sure you take the jacket and the umbrella. we're seeing drying conditions in towards parts of southern maryland down around the northern neck. most of this rain still coming on through the area, the heaviest happens to be right over portions of fairfax county in toward the district, towards prince william county. this rain area wide alonghe t quickly. we've got it for a couple more hour we also hav the very cool area. temperatures only in the low 50s. 51 d.c. hagerstown at 42 where some of the cooler numbers, only 36 to the north. we want the 60s there wayhe bac to south and west. i think they move into our area during the day tomorrow and sunday. the weekend notal looking h bad. we'll talk more aboutf gun violence plaguing our city. last night two more victims as d.c.'s homicide rateontinues to outpace the year before. a troubling trend that's been going on for months. the most recent cases took the
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lives of two men in their early 20s. darcy spencer is live in northeast d.c. with the details of this. darcy. is reporter: wendy, leaders are telling me thin alarming escalation of violence. the lldint batehindes me. two people dead. there have beenn 43 homicides the district so far this year compared to 33 at this timehe l names of these two victims. cadets searched for evidence at the scenef a triple shooting that left two men dead thursday evening. police went door-to-door handing out fliers searching for a sller and a motive for the shooting on naseet in northeast d.c. just after 8:15. >> it saddens me and it's heartbreaking. coming down here and seeing so many kids outside, seeing a woman's football team and having practice athe same time and
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eneing this agt f twoct m oen murdered in the hallway of the apartment building. joby was 23 and lived in southeast. desmond richardson was 21. a third man was shot in the leg. police say he was in a car that was found crashed several blockw on 44th street in northeast d.c. survive.ected to the shooting happened just blocks away from two schools and center.wood rec >> obviously this is a senseless gun violence. we don't know at this point, we can't say anything about the victims or the motives, or what could have led to this type of violence. >> homicides are up double digit this is year in d.c. alonzo green is an elected leader in the deaood community. unlike many calling for more police officers to be added to the force, he said there needs to be more crime preventionin ead. >> there are folks who have come through the criminal justice
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system or came through the school system o were dropouts at an early age and did not get the serces they needo try to prevent these i wantsrom happening in the first place. >> reporter: police are also checking the neighborhood so see if there were any surveillancec ras that could provide any video to help with this investigation. at this point no arrests m have bee. back to you. >> darcy spencer. darcy, thank you. d.c. police also trying to track down people in a brazen daytime shooting. check out this surveillance video from late february. you see three people bail out of a car, all of them holding handguns and firing off shots. this goes on for about 20 seconds before they jump back in the car and drive off. this is from newcomb street in south washington, just about a block from mcolm "x" and mlk avenues. smoking materia likely caused deadly fire earlier this week in calvert county.
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the state fire marshal's office thinks smoking materls touched off that townhouse blaze. strong wind gusts helped fuel that fire. officials plan to d tearn what is left of the building. now to the latest crash that has capped off a terrible week on our roads. two people were killed in a ong way wreck here on i-295 in southeast this morning. the vehicle burst into flames near the howard road interchange he here. cory smith joins us live and what the resulting traffic tells us about the roads we use every day. cory. >> reporter: jim, just like thah tanker c we saw last thursday, this morning's crash is the result of human error. that is obviously a major concern, but it's also whats happening after these traffic accidents is also ate problem. speaking with aaa today, there is no easy fix.
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>> reporter: the cargo in her back seat has always made her a cautious driver, but what seen the last few days makes her nervous to get behind the wheel. >> i take very good precaution. i know how crazy peonde are people will just drive reckless. >> reporter: the last week hds seen a number of major crashes in our area. it started last thursday this tanker crashed shutting down the belt way for hours. then yesterday this tractor trailer crashed and caught fire crippling both directions of the belt way. shortly after oni-66, a 12-car pileesulted in a fire. finally this morning a wng way drivt caused a crash tha killed two people. >> i tell you how reckless .ople a it's unfortunate especially with people dying. >> reporter: a spokesperson for aaa says t accidents were preventable. they point out the of our aging highway
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infrastructure. erica saw that first han yesterday. she was mu she was among the drivers who got stuck on the belt way. >> when you get diverted, that gets backed up. >> reporter:h about four million drivers in the wit dmv, catch all to make it safer has provenllive. drivers hope that experts don't stop looking. what that solution is continues to be a debate. you add capacitor inquirie public transportation to take away the need for that capacity. finally going back to thisg' morn crash, we are still waiting for the identity of the two people who were ki.ll recov ing from their injuries. >> cory, you're right. it is the aftermath that affects so many for so long in these crashes. thanks so much. one othe oldest nonprofit schools that serve students with special needstrn the dt is closing its doors. now students and theire familie
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scrambling to find an alternative. mark segraves has more. >> reporter: the kingsbury center has providing services to students and adults with special needs for nearly 90 years. studts from all across the metro region attend kingsbury but enrollment has recently declined going from more than 200 students to just 56 students in a few years. now the sool is closing due to a lack of >> everybody was devastated by the news and, you know, this has left families with a lot of angst about what comes next. >> repadter: school nistrators say it's a problem that could be impacting lots of private schools that depend on tuition subsidies from public schools because public schoolsed are better equi to accommodate students with special needs. for students, the thought of moving to another school is
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daunting. >> it's heartbreaking because we're all a family her i wh come here, i feel like i'm at home. i step in the doors. they teach with their heart, not their books. they're family. >> for the parents, they're faced with finding a new school at a time when most of those schools are aeady well into the application process for next year. >> it's heartbaking and it's left us in a difficult position because we kind of missed the applicatioycle. >> you get to work so closely with the teachers and with the students and this is the first school i a while that i've felt like i fit in. >> the parents are trying to raise the money to save the school. they need to come up with $2 million by the end of the school year. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. president trump just wrapped up a meeting with members of the border patrol in souern california. the president's visit comes just a day after he backtcked on a threat to completely shut down the u.s./mexico border.ow mr. trump saying he'll give
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mexico a year to stop the flow of drugs and migrants. the president is now heading to check out construction of border fencing. his visit involves existing fencing that had been identified by thedmma otrorinme anatisio f biden gave his clearest indication yet he's going to enter the 2020 race. he also addressed allegations his physical affection has at times come across as an invasion of personal space. in a speech today he made light of that matter. >> i just want you to know i had rmission to hug lonnie. >> that remk drew laughter and applause during an address to the electric workers union. speaking outside afterwards,s reporterasked biden if he should apologize to the women who said he made tm feel uncomfortable? >> aren't you sorry for the way -- >> i'm sorry i didn't understand
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them. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i've never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. >> asked about entering the 2020 race, biden said lawyers told him to be careful about what he said. he also told reporters even if he'd known since thanksgiving his intent, is to be the last person to officially announce. a bizarre twist in a case involving a boy missing for the past eight years. ead at 5:00, why relatives of a man just released fromri last mth be tayhate hbo y. controversial about the school handling of reports of sexual assault. conmer reporteran hogan working for your money. how to know whether it's better to buy or lease if you're in the to buy or lease if you're in the market for a new rid
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. storm team 4 tracking showers and rain in our region. t'doug back with how long all going to steak around the man who surfaced earlier this week claiming to be the little boy who disappeared in 2011 is actually a 23-year-old convicted criminal. theeard this week fro missing boy's family. now that man's brother is offering his thoughts on his sibling's behavior. >> i'm not surprised. i mean, he's nuts. >> the fbi is also talking about the suspect brian ri. nbc's chris tocoffee explains what's next. >> reporter: days after they thought they found a boy missing for eight years, this ex-convict is charged with lying to federai ofcers after he pretended to be timmoy pitzen. a dna test proving the person who showed up in a kentucky neighborhood wednesday is 23-year-old brian rini released
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from prison just laste month serving time for burglary and vandalism. >> our agents and other law enforc ment partner were skeptical this person was who he claimed to be. we felt it wa our duty to the victims and the family of mmothy pitzen to follow-up all logical leads. >> pitzen's family is disappointed but refusing to give up w hope. know that you are out there somewhere, ti w anwill never stop looking for you. prayingor you and loving you. >> reporter: pitzen was 6 years oldn may, 2011, when his momim checkedut of school early. a few days later she was found dead of an apparent suicide. the criminal complaint filed today says while posing as the missing boy, rini allegedly claimed he had recentlyomscaped hotel room after being held captive for years. but after dna tests confirmed his true identity, rini stated he was not timmothy pitzen and allegedly said he watched a
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story about pitzen on television. >> clearly false reports like this one can beainful to th families of missing children and they also divert valuable resources in order to investigate untruthful claims. >> his rap sheet includes convictions for passing bad checks and a probation aolation. federal authoriti say he twice claimed to be a victim of juvenile sex trafficking. chris coffee, nbc news. well, as boeing works to fix its anti-stall system on those max jets invved in two deadly crashes, the company has identified another software issue that needs to bere added now. boeing says the new discovery is a, quote, relatively minor issue and that a fix is already in the works. the company sayot it's part of the flight control system suspected in the crashes in indonesia andutethiopia, with multiple investigations also under way into how that plane got certified, it could potentially be months before these jets are airborne again.
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meanwhile a preliminary report fromthpia is raising questions about boeing's assertions that pilots could regain control isome emergencies. investigators say the pilots followed procedures after the anti-stall system caused the plane's nose toeptedly point down. the pilots turned the system off butctivate today. some aviation experts are also looking at the high speed wondering why the plane had been pushed to full throttle. in virginia beach investigators are trying to figure out how a sailor got a handgun on to a naval air base. the commander says a male sailor shot a femaleev sailor sal times in a fighter squadron parking lot. minutes later officers shot and killed the man. the female sailor is expected to survive. the commander says they have a no weapons policy a they do
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random checks. disgraced forme congressman anthony weiner will have to gister as a sex offender as he nears the end of a 20 month prisonnc se. he's currently in a halfway hous t scheduledo be released next month. under his conditions, weiner will have to register a minimum of 20 years. he'll be required to verify his address every year as well as visit a polone stati every three years to have his photo taken. comedian bill cosby says he didn't authorize h settlements insurance company made with seven women. those women claim cosby emdefam hen he accused them of lying about sexual misconduct allegations. cosby says the settlents were offered without his permission and he still is pursuing his counterclaims against those women. he is currently serving three to ten years in prison on a sex
5:19 pm
assault conviction from a different case in pennsylvania. dozens of women have accused the 81-year-old of sex assault. cosby has denied all allegations and isppealing the pennsylvania conviction. british police stationed armed officers outside of london's embassy today because of a development involving wikileaks founder julian assange. levelaks says high sources claim that assange could be kicked out of the baemssy in the coming days or maybe even in a few hours. assange has been in the embassy since august of 2012. he fears if he steps off ecuador's h diplomatic soils going to be arrested, extradited to the u.s. because he published thousands of classified military and diplomatic cables through wikileaks. decuador says noision has been taken to kick assange out of the >>embassy. plan to hang out the going fishing sign in the morng in fairfax county is celebrating
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the stream restoration with a kid's fishing day. this stream is stocked with hundreds of rainbow trout. here's a picture of one of them jumping from the truck into the stream yesteay. wow, that's a sight. >> he's happy. >> he is happy. and don't worry. if you don't know a whole lotsh about g. >> everybody should feel comfortable about coming down tomorrow, whether you know how to fish or not. there will be plenty of volunteers out here to help h g thks baited, get the line in the water, and to pull the fish out. the fish aren't going to miss him. >> no. in fact, i want that >>outfit. t runs from 9:00 a.m. it 1:00 in the afternoon no license needed fornyone under 16. more details are available in our nbc washington app. just search fishing. behnke's, a mainstay in the community for nearly 90 years, but the familyow business is
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closing. tracee wilkins talks to the owners about why they're going >>to go. verything is green and blooming out there today. rain andig showers r now. doug isack with bou
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joins us now and he's got a correction, apology. what is this? >> what's going on? >> i feel really bad about it. i said the cherry blossom parade is tomorrow from 10:00 to 12:00.
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>> okay. >> next saturday. >> let me cancel our brunch reservation. >> thanks a lot, doug. >> i apologize. >> no wonder we could get seats. >> there may still be a parade, but apparently i now have to lead the thing. i do apologize. >> it would be good, though. if it was tomorrow it would be perfecteather because temperatures will be in the 60s and the cherry blooms are still in bloom. >> next weekend, not so much. >> the 13th, no one saw that one. didn't go in frame. do it again. there you go. there it is. okay. so don't go down there expecting a parade tomorrow. what you can do, though, get this, i just checked this, triple checked this with ourk assignment decause now i have to triple check things, there will be fireworks tomorrow night. petal palooza down at the wharf. are you really picking up that piece of paper?
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handly is, like, i needed that script. wee got the rain o there, guys. 51 degrees. wins out of the northeast at 8 miles an hour. a prettyasty day. that's what we talked about today. temperatures only in the 50s. look in the 40s to the west. 42 martinsburg. i winchester. this is where the rain is from winchester all the way through baltimore right on down to the vuth. more of a showeiety and just plain rain. let's go back in towards jefferson county, in towards st virginia. you can see that rain right along 340roundcharlestown, around bluemont, winchester. warren county also you folks see the rain. it really is area wide. it's going to continue for the next couple of hours. if you have dinner plans, get ready. here it is. continue on move oou t. take the jacket. take the umbrella. you need them both. the other thingtomorrow, what's all the clouds? all the way back to the west and all of theo have to move on through here for tomorrow. i do thi we'll s some sun tomorrow. it's not going to be much.
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tonight it's just the rain. you see it around 6:00. there it is. how about 7:00? yep, still seeing showers moving back up. take the umbrella if you're heading to dinr tonigh you will need it from time to nime. not all night r and it should be out of her by 11:00. clouds early, maybe shower early. some clearing late. because of the clouds sticking around in lower temperatures from 70 to j 6t to kind of give you that feel there, but awe pretty nice day. etty nice afternoon out there on your saturday. speaking of that, how about gardening forecas ? 69 tomorrow. better on sunday. even though we will see a lot of clouds, this was one i really need. i've got to do this myself. follow these easy repair your lawn. rake and scratch up bare spots. spread grass seed and cover fertilizer. th compost. keep seed moist until the grass fills in. that's very important too.
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there'she next couple of days. 71 on sunday. if you do lay it down on sunday the grassseed, we'll get some shower monday and tuesd and it stays warm. there you go. >> all right. good to know. residents of a booming d.c. neighborhood living int conditions t threaten their health and their safety. when we come right back, how they're pushing back against acc landlord thee of trying to force them out. and the controversial new faculty member at george mason universi. his arrival has students demanding changes abo way the school is handling sexual assault. >> reporter: for more than 80 year they sold the flowers you can't find anywhere elsewhere the knowledge you don't get anywhere else eitherce i'm t wilkins. coming up on new
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> >> d.c.'s attorney general says that 10-year-old boy placed in handcuffs was innocent. >> this set off a firesto on cial media. d.c. police now say they handcuffol a 10-yea boy because they believed he took part in an armed robbery near kbr union station. that turned out not to be true. supporters are holding a protest and jackie benson will be there. she'll have a live report at th top of the hour.
5:31 pm
behnke nurseries was rooted in our community for decades. >> now it's the end of an era. the prince george's county garden center clo its doors for good. >> as tracee wilkins shows us tonight, employees and long-time customers are fighting back in tears today. >> this haseen our lives, stephanie and mine, and a great many other people. behnke nursery is the kind of garden center that nursests customer almost as much as the plants. >> and the people care. and that makes you want o come and be here because they do care. >> reporter: it's also what keeps employees like manager alfred miller around for decades. >> alfred has been here 57 years, longer than my grandparents. >> well, thank you forharing that. >> reporter: the much-needed laughter in what's been a tough day here at behnke's. yesterday the storennounced
5:32 pm
they're closing. stephanie flemng's grandfather opened this nursery 89 years ago. >> my family's all in their 80s. this structure, as beautiful as it is, some of these things are from the '40s and '50s. it is me. >> i'm just crushed. >> reporter: customers he a connection here. cathy's been coming since grad school. >> my kids haveome here at christmas. it's the only nursery they know. it's a lovely,ovely place. >> reporter: the news is hard for long-time customers and new one. >> today we were aesing a on about a picture i brought in of the plant i had and he was able to identify ihe by t picture and tell me if it was the rig. spot you don't find that anywhere else. >> reporter: there is a massive sale going on now n betwe and when kbehnke's will close. right now they're looking at sometime in june.
5:33 pm
ey don't have a specific date. hhey also aren't sure about what will happen w the space once the nursery closes. i'm tracee wilkins, news>. group of tenants in northwest d.c. banding together to fight against a landlord they say is taking advantage of them. most of the people living in a columbia heights building are immigrants. they say their landlord neglected that building for years. now property values in the area, they're going up. the landlord wants toell to a developer. an advocacy group just stepped in to help the tenants organize and publicize their fht. >> fighting for your rights can still be scary, but they are fighting back.y they know tve the law behind them and they have the community. >> the tenants just began a rent strike to force the landlord to see their side of this issue. instead of paying the billinows r, residents are putting tlr money into an escrow account. the landlordied the allegations, directed us to his lawyer who has not yet responded
5:34 pm
to our inquiries. the addition of supreme court justice k breanaugh to the george mason law school faculty is setting off student protltts. sex ass survivors on campus and their supporters are forming a new group a a response to their outrage. hhey just presented the administration w a long list of demands. our northern virgini bureau chief julie carey was at their kickoff rally today. c >> reportence of disapproval at the decision of the law school fak you will tcui on justice kavanaugh as a professor. out of the anger comes a new group. mason for survivors dedicating to improving the atmosphere for sex assault survivors. >> we're com bg ourt to come at the issues that brought him here to begin with. >> reporter: mas for survivors gathered nearly 3,000 signatures
5:35 pm
callngg for c they say will help students who have been xually assaulted. >> a lot feel that there is violence and suppression on our campus. >> reporter: among the demands, they want more staff in the title 9 office. that's where complaints on sexual assault and misconduct often start. they say more counseling staff t needed too and they want campus police have a full-time sex assault assault in mason's title 9 office last year but didn't pursue charges. >> i do remember i kind of td my stout i never pressed charges because i didn't feel comfortable on this campus making that big of a deal. >> reporter: an increasing number of students are coming m forward te complaints. at the title 9 office they have seen reports jump 34% this year compared to last. that may be a sign victims are feeling more comfortable that their awarenessamign is work. >> we are really wanting to work with the students to make sure that there are enough resources and enoupport services
5:36 pm
available. >> reporter: the administration already meeting with mason for survivors members saying they share many of the same goals. they also say they'll be looking at the idea of addin staff t expand services. in fairfax, virginia, i'm julie carey, news 4. to check out the student petition and the full post from george mason's president, just open up our nbc washington app and search gmu. there's a new push to help those struggling with opioid addiction. thoefreffort to get them treatmt without locking them up. plus why major medical centers are paying special attentiono e-sports and professional video game player and i'm tracking more rain on sto team 4
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mick jagger is expected to after his recover heart surgery. the 75-year-old says he's feeling much better and he tweeted ahank to his fans for their support. last week the rolling stones had to postpone their tour so jagge could hav valve replacement surg iy. the bands working with promoters to reschedule those tour dates. > arlington county is taking a new approach to battling the opioid addiction problem. they'roc choosing to on the addict and not the crime. news 4 derrick wardxplains how operation safe station will work. >> reporter:y arlington count has been hit hard by the opioid
5:40 pm
crisis. last year they set up three drug take back boxes like this one. so far the collected 1,385 pounds of unused, unwanted or expired prescription mication. >> arlington is like most other communities. we're not immune from, you know, the scourge of drug use. >> reporter: there were 11 fatal overdosesn count last year. now the county is makinit easier to address the drug user, not just the drug. think of a parent who fines the child has a drug problem but doesn't want to see them in handcuffs or a cell. >> they're putting jeans in the wash and find drugs there. they're terrorized. >> operation safe station allowed them to turn inhatever ugs they find that are being abused, prescription or not, and the us, the person with the problem can go to thegi rate's office and ask for help. >> i've said it publicly we ocannot prosecuteur way out of this drug cries.
5:41 pm
>> once they're accepte they're matched with a drug treatment specialist and that leads to counseling and a sigred ement to accept the agreement the county can offer, most of it for free. you can't have warrants or prior tions related to drug dealing. you must have the will to want to stop. >> we're looking to be able to connect folks wo want make that next step to commit to sobriety. >> reporter: the whole idea bli behis operation safe station let someone take that step through the doors. it's a favorable alternative to sgetting into thetem through these doors. derrick ward, news 4. we've got a warningonight fr fisher price and federal safety officials about the rocka and the company says babies should not be put into the sleeper once able to usually at about three months old. fisher price reports ten infants have died in the dice in the past four years after they roll to their stomach or side. none of the infants was restrained. new tonight you may want to
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upgrade your car or be thinking about it. do you buy or do you lease? consumer reporter susan hogan working for you to figure out which optiowos rkbest. opens down at theon washinonvention center. we take sneak pk insi eeaf
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brags about having over 200,000 miles on their baby. these folks value getting the most life and mon out of their car. if you find yourself here, you'll definitely want to buy, because you'll get to kee it as long as you want. by owning, you won't have to worry about wear and tear until it's time to sell. and if you do choose to buy, you can geton lowerly payments by taking out a 72 to an 84-month loa be wear,y m ratan on those longer loans meaning you could find yourself owing more than the vehicle is worth for a longer period of time. this is a conversation we all have. >> you can see both sides. when stuff goes wro with the car you own down the road, then you start paying out the wazoo too. >> right. figure out whiche vehicle t you are, what characteristic you are and go that away. yoo want to make sure that if you are leasing, and you do
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have those miles to pay for it at the end of that leas if you do go over, a lot of times dealers will -- the manufacturer will actually allow you to pay for those mileage fees or you're out of that lease at a lower rate. check with them about that too. >> thanks so much. >> now i want a new car. >> autoen show this we >> i know. all right, do i. >> actualls a nice weekend to be inside or outside. >> it really is. i'm thinking i know i've got to get to the yard and get a couple things done. maybe plant the grass seed since i just did that on the air that might be what you do tomorrow. it's going to be a pretty ne weekend no matter where you are. i really think especially later tomorrow afterno into sunday looking good. we're going to see a lot of clouds this weekend, but somene suns from time to time making it feel nice. today it's alls cloll rain all the time. temperature 51 dropping through the 50s into the 40s. we're about where we're going to be for tonight.
5:49 pm
maybe down to 49. the shower activity lasts through about 7:00, 8:00. also take theacket. damp and chilly. 45 in gaitheumburg. thosers are for the city. if you're in gaithersburg, going to downtown leesburg, it's on the chilly side. maybe not the jacket but the . co it is still raining out there. maybe you've got the heavier coat too. still some rain down towards southern maryland. a little bit of a break in d.c., but light rain and drizzle. it's a nasty night. the heaviest rain, l's go to the north and west. our friends in west virginia, say hello to everybodyn martinsburg. frederick seeing the rain. the heaviest rain right along i-81. lets go to shepardstown. i have familyphere. you're seeing some of the heavier rn coming on through. route 9 also seeing heavier rain as you're going over some of the mountains. the rest of the area, you see the rain trying to move off, but
5:50 pm
it will take its time doing so. that's why we have the showers tonight and cloud cover tomorrow morning. mayb even showers early tomorrow. if you're cherry blossom looking tomorrow, really good down therellou a ab the george mason memorial? >> right. >> here's the jefferson. george mason i right here. see this right here? that is the george youon crossover ohio drive and you get over to the softball field on the other side. there it is. just lettingou know. we talked about this yesterday. 55 degrees. jackets at noon. by the time you get done we'll be around 64 degrees at 3:00 an thernoon and then even warmer. that's when i think we really start to break out into ome sunshine and clearing. up to 69 tomorrow. 79 degrees on nice weather there. stormy on monday. i'm watching this storm closely. the farther south it goes, the less chance we have for thunderstorms and it'slso cooler the farther north it goes. better chance of storms. right now i've got stormy with a
5:51 pm
temperature around 77. tuesday high of 74. falling temperatures into wednesday. really into all of next week at or below averye, especia next friday, saturday, sunday, and next monday. we've got af nice couple days in the 70s. then we're right back into50he for next weekend. that's okay. spring break starts right here. i'm going where it's, like, 85. >> there y, go. >> oh are you? >> oh, yeah. you know h professional sports teams often partner with ospitals to care for their athletes? now major medical centers are also starting to partner with professional video game players. nbc erica edwards reports on the health problems that e-gamers could develop. >> this may not look like an intense practice session for professional athletes, but it is. >> evenhough it is video game, it's still a pretty draining, like physically and mentally. >> reed hill known in the gamer world as rezie is with magic
5:52 pm
gaming, orlando's professional nba 2 k. league even though players spend all day sitting, they're getting specl attention from doctors at orlando health. >> they practice for eight to ten hours a day and if they don't have a strong core both their front and their back, they're setting themselves up foin ries. >> injuries like carpal tunnel, continue d e tendinitisn problems with their neck and back. the popularity of e-sports has skyrocketedea in recent predicted to reach a global audience of more than 500 million by02 21. it's a lot of pressure for young gamers. mental health care is just as important as physical health care. >> a lot of them don't know how stress.with the they know if they don't win, they may be out of their job. this may be their only shot. >> work that will keep their head in the game and their bodies t intop gaming shape.
5:53 pm
erica edwards, nbc news. okay. this is our vid of the day even if you caught this one last night. t's worth the replay again and again. check it out from the college hoops slam dunk championship in mieapolis. he's from southeastern louisiana, but with helps from friends, he is propelled with e of the childest combination of leap frogging and human slingshot. they call this the bug on a windshield. thankfully t ns one did end with any splats, just a whole bunch of tens from the judges. that is -- >> doesn't t lt looke that was fun to do? >> maybe not to be the guy underneath. >> that looks fun to do that part. >> that's incredible. >> why don't we take up basketball? walmart recently made waves when it deced to eliminate its
5:54 pm
people greet z. >> workers with disabilities thought they'd be forced out. the big box store n the only option for employment for those with special needs. the local business that's serving up a menu for their success in the workplac newt 6:00, after years of i-team reports on problems at the d.c. v.a. medical center, the director makes a formal request tohe white house. t
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
an app could do wonders for chefs wit disabilities. the group in gaithersburg that has designed an app that will help people w special needs. news 4ho aimee c takes us inside a deli where the app is already making a big difference. >> reporter: no matter how you slice it, cooking can be confusrag. keeping t of every ingredient in every dish. it's a lot foron a to remember. steven cohen knows all too well. he's one of the workers at that's a wrap deli in north potomac. the shop's specialty, serving up job opportunities for folks with special needs. steven will tell you his favorite part of the job. >> being able to make something. >> he sometimes forgets what step is next and has to ask others for help. that's where these high school students camin. they have eaten at the deli before. >> steven is probably one of the nicest people that we all >> reporter: they knew they
5:58 pm
wanted to help cut down on the amount of time steven had to struggle. >> in order to do this project, we had to teach ourselves how to code. >> we had toork on engineering and how to work with people in the community. >> reporter: the result, an ipad app called receeasy. est part, no need to worry about smudging the screen. as he waves his spat lark the camera detects it and automatically swipes to the next step. >> watching steven work has been really gratifying. seeing him being able to use it, he's actually completely independent now. >> reporter: they're entering the app in a national contest going up against other inventions that als help people with special needs. the results come out next week. whether they win or not, thanks to their efforts, teven can wrap up a job well done. >> you're going to be a celebrity next week. >> reporter: aimee cho, news 4.
5:59 pm
>> how clever is that? ere is a cash prize at stake and the students say if they win, that money will go t the deli. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. a ten-year-old boy declared totally innocent. i'm doreenglenentzler. >> i'm jim handly. the rare public commentg regardinhe child in handcuffs. city officials tell us police followed procedure but the boy did nothing wrong. new charges for a man already accused o murder. police now accusing him of suspicious activity around local mosques. and time forng c d.c.'s mayor officially requests a new hospital to replace the troubled v.a. medical center in the nation's capital. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> plenty o green as you see still on the radar as we begin at 6:00to ght. >> but behind us, folks, it has been a gray and dreary friday
6:00 pm
and this could continue into your saturday. doug, we're hoping fortt news about our weekend weather pch what's the good word? >> for sure. i do think we're going to see a better weekend out there than it was today. temperatures warmer. we have breaks in steady rain. even here we're looking atdr zle. we are looking down towards southern maryland, around mechanicsville, down towards leonardtown, seeing heavy rain there. steady rain. over towards winchester. yeah, that rain connues. you c see where this is. really all along the east coast here, it's not moving very quickly. as a matter of fact, just kind h of sittinge and developing as we have that easterly flow. that's why think early tomorrow we'll be dealing with clouds too. look at the temperature 5 now down t degrees. 42 in hagerstown. even colder up to the north. this is why we said it's a


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