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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and this could continue into your saturday. doug, we're hoping fortt news about our weekend weather pch what's the good word? >> for sure. i do think we're going to see a better weekend out there than it was today. temperatures warmer. we have breaks in steady rain. even here we're looking atdr zle. we are looking down towards southern maryland, around mechanicsville, down towards leonardtown, seeing heavy rain there. steady rain. over towards winchester. yeah, that rain connues. you c see where this is. really all along the east coast here, it's not moving very quickly. as a matter of fact, just kind h of sittinge and developing as we have that easterly flow. that's why think early tomorrow we'll be dealing with clouds too. look at the temperature 5 now down t degrees. 42 in hagerstown. even colder up to the north. this is why we said it's a nasty
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friday aut 58 tim today. much more on your weekend saturday and sunday looking better. see you back here in a>> minute. just in the last 90 minutes d.c.'s attorney general released a statement abotr a cersy involving police putting handcuffs on a 10-year-old boy. >> it happened last weekend near union staying. officers believed the child was of a group involved in an armed robbery that involved a bb gun. the video caught fire online and a protesto is set begin in just aboutbensen is live with what the a.g. had to say about all this. >> reporter: i think it's very important for people to understand this was painfulot only for this very young boy and his family, but for the neighborhood community concerned about seeing very young children detained by police. this incident happened saturday. a juvenile we don't know his name told police three other kids assault him at gunpoint and took his cell phone.
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at least one bystander upset by they saw took cell phone video as officers stopped and handcuffed the 10-year-old and a 13-year-old on "h" street northeast based on information provided by the victim. the 10-year-old's mother tells news 4 the police encounter was traumatizing for her isn. vening d.c. attorney general karl racine issued a statement that says the acted in accordance with d.c.'s policies and procedures. however, my office hasie rd multiple surveillance videos that captured the crime and we are now certain theres no evidence that the 10-year-old boy played a role in the armed he is totally innocent. police do tell us that the 13-year-old was arrested, was taken into custody and that the victim's cell phone and a bb gun were located. but needless to say, as i the community is very concerned about thehaight of young child being put in handcuffs. protest is set to start her
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at the d.c. police first district station within the next 30 minutes. live in southwest washington, jackie ns, news 4. i'm erika gonzalez at the live defec montgomery county police say a man already behind bars for running over a woman and killing her with his cars -- you might remember this story. police in prince william count say the suspect tew a brick into a woman's home and when she same out to see what happened, he ran her over with his car killing her. six different police districts workg together have covered a link. two days before that incident, he drove to the c islamicter of maryland mosque in gaithersburg and hit a man with his car thereoo. the victim is expected to survive. he is facing a slew ofharges including second degree murder
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and attempted murr. he remains behind bars. from the live desk, i'm -- >> the homice rate climbing at an alarming rate. two menn their early 20s were shot and killed inside an apartment building on nash street. a third man survived that shooting. we talked to ild.c. cou member vince gray who represents that part of the city. >> right here in ward seven we have almost a quadruple increase. we had five at this timeast year and we now have 19 already this year. >> so far no arrests and no details on a possible motive or suspect in this triple shooting. this fiery crash is just the late of the in a spring of violent wrecks in the past week. two people were killed here when a wrong way driver crashed here on i-295 in southeast this
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morning. news 4 cory smith joins us now live with details and what all these crashes tell us about the roads weve use day. cory. >> reporter: well, jim, obviously our hearts go out to the families of the two people who died in that wreck this morning. but we were out talking to drivers earlier today about what is happening after these crashes. that is aoo concern one crash in one place causing a massive ripple effect across the area. and the sad thing is there is really no easy fix. each time melissa pulls her son out of his car seat she breathes a sigh of relief they got to their destination in one piece. what's happened rn thedways recently is something she doesn't take for granted. >> i try to take precaution. i knoweoow crazye are and people will drive reckless. >> reporter: the last week has seen a number of major crashes in our area. thursday whent this tanker crashed shutting down the belt way for hours.
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then yesterday this tractor ailer crashed and caught fire crippling both directions of the belt way. shortly after on i-66 a 12-car pileup resulted in a fe. finally this morning a wrong wau driver cd a crash thatwo killed tpeople. >> honestly i just hate how reckless people are. it's unfortunate, especially with people dying. >> reporter: a spokesperson aaa tells me that even though these crashes helped in different place, a share a common theme in that the agent believes they were preventable. they point out the velar in ability of our highway afrastructure given that one crash can have ripple effect. heica saw that yesterday. she was among t driver whose got stuck on the belt way. >> when you get diverted to go a different way that gets backed up because everyone isrying to avoid that crash. >> reporter: with aboutegour milliontered drivers in the dmv, the catch-all solution to make o it saferr to keep traffic from coming to a standstill has pruoven illusive.
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time sent on our side. some of these r dways were built in the '50s and '60s and the population in the dmv h grown so much and they just can't handle it anymore.t fining t solution has always been a debate. do you increase capacitor increase public transportation. back you to. >> it's a longstanding dilemma., cory joe biden expected to spend this week meeting with his inner circle t finalize a 2020 presidential campaign plan. stead, his undeclared bid for the democratic nomination has been consumed by controversy. several women came forward to accuse him of invading their personal space in a way that made them uncomfortable. today he addreed it. susan mcginnis is tracking this story for us from capol hill. hi, susan. >> reporter: that's right, joe wden made a public appearance today and everyon wondering what he was going to say. both about a possible
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presidential bid and about the accusations against him. former j vice president biden commenting publicly for the first time since several women accused him. inappropriate behavi >> i feel badly about that. it was never my ever. >> reporter: but he stopped ort of a full apology. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand. i'm not sorry for of my intentions. >> reporter: at a union gathering earlier, he made light of his situation. >> by the way, he gav me permission to touch him. >> a reference to women's claims that biden's actions, while not sexual, made them mcomfortable. biden's hand went from my shoulder down back. >>e tried to quell the claims with a video. >> i get it. i hear what they're saying. >> president trump after tweeting a parody of biden was asked whether his ownofccusation sexual misconduct make him the best messenger. >> i think i'm a very good
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messager and people got a kick out of it. he's going through a situation. let's see what happens. >> mocking joe biden is exactly the kind of thing that's going to make democrats, many h democrats whoe been critical of the vice president's behavior rally around the vice president. >> biden appearing today before a friendly audience. >> sometimes i think president trump is a tragedy in two acts. >> reporter: yet to announce he's a candidate for president but soundg a lotike one today. and biden also said his intentn has not changed. if he were going to run, he was going to announce las jim. >> all right. susan, thanks so much. president trump spent about two hours on the southern border this afternoon. he met immigration officials in the border town of cexico. that's in california. he also toured a sec of recently rebuilt fencing. that barrier had been slated for upgrades during the obama
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administration. the trump administratn is yet to construct any new wall or barrier. the visit comes days after mr. trump reversed his threat to shut down the border with mexico over illegal immigration. today he thanked theresident of mexico who he says has cracked down on immigration over the past few days. >> mechanics coxico's been doin job. i want tohank the president of mexico. he's the first one. he's helping mexico too, not only economically because i won't be forced to shut it down or do the tariffs, but he really is m helpiico. >> president trump next heads to los angeles. he has another i fund-rais vegas on saturday. d.c.'s mayor wants a new dministration hospital in the district to replace the aging troubled facility on irving street northwest. scott macfarlane tells us the mayor saysds the nnside the
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center are dire. >> the mayor brought it upo president donald trump during a meet and greet at the white house. she then followed up with a formal request in writing. >> our veterans have great needs and we wantuto call an opportunity for the federal government to really honor veterans. >> mayor bowser in a formal request to president trump says more than a million vets live in our area and need a state of the art facility. she's proposed the government build a new v.a. medical center. >>ospitals justike other buildings, they don't last forever. without major capital investment. >> reporter: a series of i-team investigations have revealed problems inside the current inguilding. heating and air conditioning triggered one of which fliger d a flood and upgrades still needed. we hound hvac failures rned
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22,000 doses of flu vaccines back in the fall of 2017. >> i couldn't stay another nigh >> reporter: for edgar the old building failed him last summer. the temp ur werature was so hot walked out after being admitted for complications from ms. >> i was in my room without a top. it was that hot. >> we followed your reports and we also recognize the president has an interest in supporting veterans. >> reporter: late today it was e v.a., not the white house that showed response to the mayor. the agency says although the d.c. medical center is 50 years old old, it remains in a good state of repair. the building will also receive substantial investments including roof repairs and upgrades to the heating and ventilation systems. back to you. >> all right, scott. thank you. if you'd like to see the i-team
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series of repor on the d.c. v.a. medical center, logon to the nbc washington app and click on in>>stigations. > when we come right back on news 4 at 6:00, investigation -- investigators getting closeat t caused that deadly townhouse fire. the safety message they want you to hear. plus students protest supreme court justice brett calf new. why he . >> from the
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time to take stock of political stories shaping our world. >> the special counsel report, robert mueller turned it over two weeks agond the first leaks from inside his team are intensifying the pressure on attorney general will bam yiam >> new revelations raise new security concerns. joe biden is back and clearly ming a run for it. >> chuck todd is nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press". let's start with the leaks or complaints that the attorney general underplayed some significant aspects of the mueller report. where do you see this going? >> here's my initial complaint about this whole episode. we still have not seen the complete set of the mueller report. bill barr did not share one and none of these reports shared one. my concern abo r theseorts about mueller's team is these are people who have talked to people who have talked to
6:17 pm
iople. for whs worth. bill barr has made his own f cision about obstruction justice without any of us getting to read anything. the whole thing feels as if none of us know the full story. i think it puts aus you wius al weird position. bi barr put us in this position. he could have easily done this. mueller has no recommendation of additional criminal charges. as soon as iel canse more of the report, i will. period. but when he made the decision to make his own decision about obstruction, he inserts himself to out anybody being able see it and i think this is viously where we're at. i don't think we're going to see the full mueller report. >> >> for the entire calendar year. i'm not going toav say ever. i joked that it could be n oved into a warehouse mexico, because if you look at it, it will burn your eyes and you'll melt. but i actually think most of this caldar year is going to be a fight over how much me of
6:18 pm
e report we get to see which i do think sometime maybeate next week or the following week we get the barr version. i think barr has lost whatever credibility he might have had with democrats on capitol hil the fight is going to be over getting us more of the document, not over what it said. >> all this talk aboutng redac the information, why didn't the mueller team put out aedacted version in addition to the other one? >> the implication is they did. the implication is this report was written in such a way where the first parts of every sort of chapter of the repor were releasable parts of thet. rep that apparently is part of this criticism. barr said hey, we did this for you. we made this -- maybe we'll find that out, that that was done in such a way. that is one of the allegations. that may, mueller actually did do wha you're asking and barr just ignored it. >> why arera weing our feet?
6:19 pm
>> well, i have an idea of why we're dragging our feet. it'sorking out pretty well for one person, isn't it? i don't think that's a coincidence. >> testimony from a white house whistle blower confirms nbc news shreporting jared r's top security clearance was denied, then overturned. then the incidt dow at mar-a-lago where a chinese itizen tried to get on to the property. did get on to the property. ising concerns about espionage, clumsy though it may have been. is this a time to sound alarm bells? >> the alarmndells s before he took office. there's a lot of concern about how loose mar-a-lago was. all it takes is $200,000 and you can ghe in anytime you want. >> and then you bring your friends. >> and bring your friends as guests and you have access to the president. there haseen a giant security loophole in just that, the fact that you can essentially pay your way in.
6:20 pm
that is -- on the kushner front, i think that as much as democrats want to make a lot of hay of this, it's the president's right to give a clearance to anybody he wants. that's the power of the press.ent of the united sta what i do think this will eventually lead to is some sor of tightening of some form of nepotism laws. you canno have family members. you just introduce the potential for ,corruptibili the potential for national security complications. if you have family -- imean, you cannot have a president put himself in a position where he has to choose between family and the nation. so i do wonder, while i don't think much can be done, think democrats are focussed on the wrong issue. they want to embarrass kushner and find out what it is. i think they should look at the big picture and say this shouldn't have ever happened, should we change o laws to say family members, you consistency have them in positions of responsibility like this.
6:21 pm
>> joe biden on the hot seat all week as women say he made them uncomfortable. how do you sng that pla out? >> well, i think it's been interen'ing to watch joe bi response to it. he wants to acknowledge that he knows he's got to change his ways and he gets it, doesn't want to apologize for it. he made that clear today. i'm not apologizing for being who i am. the more significant thing that happened is joe biden declared war on the progressive left. he today in that -- i think this whole issue is wrapped up in the larger debate about whether joe biden is 21st ctury enough for the democratic party. this is just one but it's symbolic, all of it a deriff tiff of the same issue. it was interesting to see him today draw a very bright line
6:22 pm
between the left -- he called progressives. he said don't call me a pr tressive. that socialist. he drew a very bright line i'll be fascinated to see h this new left responds. >> okay. we'll all be watching. chuck's guests this week democratic presidential candidate peed buttigieg andan republenator mitt romney of utah. "meet the" sunday morn >> you know how long i've been practicing that? bring it on. >> i don't need mayor pete now. i've got you. >> thank you, chuck. i knew that wasoming eventually. >> you both nailed it. coming up, a community fixture closing up shop and putting customers in tears. when we come back at 6:00, why it's now t end of an era for behnke's nursery. >> my kids have come here for christmas. it's the onlyursery they know.
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it's just a lovely, lovely place. better weather coming for the weekend, but there are storm chancesn our future. chancesn our future. doug's back wit ah
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the best internet is even better with a year of netflix on us. switch now for our best price. only on fios. well, the umbrellas were out along the tidal basin n shielding the sun by the rain. >> today is our fifth day of peak bloom. the national park service says peak bom usually lasts seven to ten days. that mean this is weekend coulds be your last chance to get a look at the blossoms this year. let's fine out if the weather will cooperate. the rain will probably knock some of those off, but they're
6:26 pm
stilloong pretty good. >> that's why i was hoping there was a parade tomorrow. the parade is next weekend. the peak is this weekend. if you want to get down there, the cherry blossoms, go ahead and do out tight now, yeah, nothing but clouds. the clouds have lifted a little bit here in d.c. we're not seeing much in the way of rain right now downto, but ill seeing shower activity around the region. 50 degrees the current potemperature at the a. 50 degrees coming up next hour as well. temperatures won't fall muchy more than t are right now. maybe down into the upper 40s. still some showers. the north only 44 in rockville. 44 in gaithersburg. it's kind of a nasty raw evening across our region. we talked about a nasty friday. th's exactly what we got out there. here's t shower. a little bit of a break.ll maybe some drizzle there, but the heaviest rainto still bk he north and west.
6:27 pm
we're looking at t from leesburg, around mt. airy and, damascack to the west around martinsburg and charlestown. go ahead and zoom on in towards the potomac river. everybody is s something rain there. how about some other locations? let's go down to the south. check out through st. mary's county. seeing somee we are of the heaviest rain right now, mostly steady rain. we'll see this f the next few hours, but then by around 10:00 it gets out of here. however, it's moving very slowly. that means we'll see more clouds during the day tomorrow. if you are heading down towards thidal basin, it's looking good, especially late in the day. if you want to g there early, it's going to be a little cool. take the jackets. by around 3:00 in the afternoon, really looking nice with a mperature of around 64. 71 on sunday. i really like sunday. 69 by the way tomorrow afternoon
6:28 pm
for the high temperature. 77 on monday. 74 on tuesday. good cnce of showers and storms on monday. pretty good chance of a few showers early on sds. the rest of tha 10-day forecast, i'm back in about 18 minutes. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh will teach summer classes at george mason law. some studentsre demanding changes. our northernirginia bureau chief julie carey takes us inside the controversy. an ex-convict arrested in a missing child hoax. why did he it? hear what the susp t's brother had to say. >> it's a favorite for gardeners in the washington area. soon behnke's will be closing its doors. i'm tracee wilkins. the history of this place and the history of this place and at's nex you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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some george mason university students arein prote supreme court justice brett kavangh to the scalia law school faculty. >> they're demanding they cancel his contract with kavanaugh. they sayis addition to the staff is an insult to sex assault survivors. >> norgjulie care was at theirr rally today. >> reporter: to this group of george mason students, the degz -- aition of brett ca kavanaugh -- the allegation made against kavanaugh befe his
6:32 pm
confirmation. now their anger driving them to form a newsurvivors. they've already gathered nearly 3,000 signatures on a petitio they presented to the administration asking that the contract with kavanaughe canceled and a town hall be held to discuss the hiring and its impact. >> we are trying our best to wo c toe at the systemic issues that brought him here to begin with. >> george mason's president responding to student concerns writing the haw school determined that the involvement of a u.s. supreme court justice contributes to making o law program uniquely valuable for s ourdents and i accept their judgment. this in no way affects the ongoing efforts to eradicate sexual violence from our campuses. they've agreed to schedule a town hall. >> our goal at mas is to raise awareness, increase prevention
6:33 pm
and n increase theber of reports of students feeling comfortable to come forward. thats commitment as firm as its ever been. >> the administration says there are signs thatltheir sex ass awareness campaign is working, that more victims are now willing to come forward. at the title 9 office which scndles complaints of sex assault and duct reports are up 34 percent this year over last. that meanson hopes to take action onnother student request adding staff and resources to meet the needs of rvivors. in fairfax, i'm julie carey, news 4. now to check out the spetite fm orge mason's president, open our n washington app and arch gmu. dore doreen. an update on breaking news earlier this yeeweek, they thin smoking materials left outside likely caused the deadly town home fire in chesapeake beach. a woman and her granddaughter were killed. strong wind gusts helped to fuel the flames. officials plan to tear d ln
6:34 pm
whatt of the building. police have identified the victim of an early morning murder on clearwater court in herndon, virginia. he was discovered shortly after midnight. he was pronounced dead at reston hospital a short time later. police have not saidow he died. they don't think there's a threat to public 're askin anyot .feeymio to ge thetym a call. for s many people it was the go-to spot for yourga ening needs. for decades it was rooted in this community. i use t to gore with my mother. after growing into one of the region's largest and most popular nurseries, behnke's is set to sell its last tracee w spoke with some emotional employees and customers about then of an era. >> reporter: behnke nursery is the kind of garden center that rses its customers almost as much as t plants.
6:35 pm
>> the people care. that makes you want to come and be here. they do care. >> reporte it's also wha keeps employees like manag alfred miller around for decades. >> alfred has h beene 57 years, longer than my grandparents. >> well, thank you for sharing that. >> reporter: the much-needed laughterf what's been a tough day here at behnke's. yesterday the store announced they're closing. stephanie's grandfather albert behnke opened this nursery 89 years ago. >> my family all in their 80s. this structure, as beautiful it is, some of these things are from the '40s and '50s. it is time. >> i'm just crushed. >> reporter: customers have a y's been coming since grad school. >> my kids have come here at christmas and, mean, it's the only nursery they know. it's just a lovely, lovely place. >> reporter: the news is hard for long-timeew customers and n
6:36 pm
ones. >> today we were asking a question about aicture i brought in of a plant i patched and he was able t identify it by the picture and tell me if it was the right plant for my dot. you't find that anywhere else. >> reporter: the good news is there is a massive sale gng on between now and when behnke's is going to close. right now they're looking at sometime in june. they don't have a specific date. they also aren't sure about what's going to happen with all this space once the nursery is closed. i' tracee wilkins, news 4. >> very sad toee them go. my mother grew up in arlington and that was her go-to place. >> she would drivewa all that >> she would go there for mother's day. i'm, like, why do we have all the way over there? it's the best place. >> it was worth it. they had everything. >> they could answer a lot of your questioo. >> exactly. they've been doing it so many years. sad day. well, a d.c. private school will bed for to close after
6:37 pm
nearly 90 years. serving students with special needs. the kingsbury center in northwest d.c. will shut its doors this summer. it's seen a steady drop in enrollment over t past few years. school administrators tell us it's because public schoo are now better equipped to accommodate students with special needs. now parents and students are faced with having to move to a new school on short notice. >> you goet et to work so close teachers.students and this is the first school in a while i felt like i fit in. >> it's heartbreaking and it's left us in a ver difficult position because we kind of missed the application cycle. andah it's heartbreaking. >> the parents are trying to raise $2 million to help save the school. coming up next, new reaction
6:38 pm
to the hoax that raised the hopes of a missing boy's family. the suspect's brother with some harsh words tonight. >> i'm not surprised. i mean, he's nuts. also new today, police reveal new information about the suspect's past and charge him with a c>me. nd up next, why most of us say we don't like social media even though a majority of us say we use it every day. yep. facebook -- i said facebook. friday weather rain. we've seen the rain all day today. what about the weekend, though? we've got it for you saturday and sunday. the forecast that is. i'll update youon what expect. you reach me on facebook and twitter and instagram. i don kno'tw.
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6:40 pm
most americans use social medi new nbc "wall street journal" poll shows 69% of us o
6:41 pm
chec feeds at least once a day. but most people also give social media a thumbs down. 60% of responders said they don't trust facebook to protect th personal information. that's significantly worse than people's trust in google, the federal government, and amazon. 82% of americans believe that social media wastes time. 82%. 61% say it spreads rumors and more than half think the platforms divide us and spread lies. e bottom line from one pollster, if americans were giving social media a yelp you've, the majority would give it zero stars. >> wow. jim handly plug on instagram. our washington capitals are once again playoff bound. the team hosted a pep rally earlier today at evans
6:42 pm
elementary. more than 100 student it isook part making posters and learning the ropes of street hockey. tnow caps mas slap shot also made a special areearance he. the caps had their final regular season game tomorrow night.e we'll hav a closer look at all of tha coming up in sports. boy, he's getting a workout. he's on the move. when he's not on skates, he can move. >> they're fired upver there. police charged him with a crime. his brother says he doesn't want anything to do with him, but up next, are weny closer to answers about why a 23-year-old man pretended to be a missing childrom illinois? and will our dreary friday weather creep into yourke w? doug's got the next answer for that after the break and a that after the break and a 10
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why did he do it? that's the question america is asking. now that we know a man tried t pose as a boy who disappeared back in 2011. >> tonight we're learninou more the man's background and about what he told police. nbc' wendy woolfolk explains the clues that could shed some light onf w >>tosrgt thatiques is a remind thaer li -- reminder that lieg ying to fbi. >> brian rini who served time for burglary and vandalism now ces federal charges for a cruel hoax based onf the case a missing illinois boy. >> it is traumatic to the family of the missing children and takes resources away from the investigative efforts. >> reporter: he told law enforcement he was timmothy pitzen, the 6-year-old who vanished from chicago in 2011
6:46 pm
efted to be fingerprinted to confirm his identity. >> we warned h that lying to a federal agent is a violation of federal law. >> reporter: when confronted with the negative dna results, investators say rini admitted he'd watched a recent news story about the mystery and wanted to get away from his own family. yet for timmothy pitzen's heartbroken relatives, renewed hope. >> the coverage this has brought to tim, i hope somebody sees it. or he sees this and goes and gets rhelp. >>orter: help to solve such a painful years' long mystery. wendy woolfolk, nbc news, chicago. >> and our coverage of this story continues in about 15 minutes. rob motte has new details on nbc nightly news with lester holt.
6:47 pm
the washington auto show is ack and giving foelks a chance to look under theod, even get behind the wheel. you'll find nearly 600 vehicles inside the washington convention center. yoll find a dealership to the wild prototypes and concept cars of the future. visitors can also get some hands-on testing. our own check bell had a chance to check out an indoor off-road more le course that took than 150 dump trucks filled with dirt to build. chuck is also the driver's -- in the driver's seat for our special featuring the latest and greatest from the auto show. you check it out right here on nbc 4 sunday morning after "meet e ess". >> what was that again? >> i've got my eyes on that min she v - minivannd i'm all excited. it's tricked out. >> i've done that and i had the kids in the g back. yo up to a point i believe
6:48 pm
like 43 degrees or something feel like nd you you're going over. the guy is like you're totally fine. is is the way it's supposed to be. it's really cool. >> are we going to want to go indoors to the convention center or play outside? >> we are going to want to do both. outside and see everything and inside and take a look at what's going on there too. you get out into the yard. you can do that this weekend. outside.ook show you what we're dealing with. really looking quite nice as we move on through the rest of the evening hours. lots of cloud cover around the area. we'll continue to see the cmiuds on in here with showers and drizzle. what about the rest of the area? look at these numbers. i mean, 41 winchester. 45 frederick. it's nasty, dreary. if you're heading to dinner, but not the best night for dinner plans. more rain down to the soht. we're wafrpitching this area fi
6:49 pm
back in. once again, not t a tonre. you can see what's happening. this storm system is moving out. as it moves out, watch this fill back in. look how much we have in the way of cloud cover. even snow towar parts of new york. it's very cool. everywhere we've got clouds, temperatures well below average. our average temperature 63. you have to go way down towards atlaa to get 63. way back towards kansas city to 63. look how cool we are. 45 init new york wh this storm system. we need this storm to exit so ge ca warmer air coming our way. it will come our way during the day tomorrow. we do have some more showers expect a couple more showers tonight. a lot of cloud cover. not much. we could even see figuogvernigh. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. some showers along the i-95 corridor. i think they're going to be here early in t day with plenty of clouds.
6:50 pm
watch what happens as we move on through the afternoon. around 4:00 we start to braeak out a little bit. we'll see some sun in the afternoon and that will help bump temperatures up. i'm goingith a mid to upper 60s. a pretty nice day, though, especially when you consider how bad today was. 71 on sday. sund looking great with more clouds on the increase. 77 on monday. tracking this storm system right now a good chance of storms. however, this storm tracks a little farther to the south or a little cooler and it's just plain rain. wer activity s with the high of 74. behind that we do cool again. 62 on wednesday. 67 thursday. then another chance of cool showers next friday. just like we want. another friday wit showers, but at least the weekend is dry, although it will be a fairly cool weekend for this time of year. i'll take 59 and some sunshine.
6:51 pm
>> you can't have everything. >> you have no choice. >> true. >> thank you, doug. coming up, we're just 24 hos away from virginia playing in the final four. we'll head up to minneapolis and tcheck in withhe team as they prepare for theirge bst game in more
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all right, terry. >> counting down to tomorrow night. >> big things happening. i'm going to drop a little stat. i'm a stat head. i'm going to drop stats on you. this is a bit of a funny stat. every one seed to ever lose to a 16 seed, the next year has made it to. the final fo >> wow. that's a great sat. >> what happened to uva last year? it's misleading. last march virnia became the only one seed to ever lose to a 16 seed.
6:55 pm
they're set a f school record wins and two games away from winning their first national championship. almost makest year's upset worth it, right? maybe not. uv uva got their final preparations in. they face auburn tomorrow nemht. the onlyainingthne seed in tournament will look em slow the tpo. almost all the key contributors were on last year's squad that was upset so they know winning it you will would make for a fairy tale ending. >> if this program could fine a way to the championship, it would be significance.em it's akable story for anybody who wins one. nour story, i a way, it is unique. 's what you always hoped for. you see it from a distance and other programs and that's what we've tried to do with all of our might. >> we're not going to compromise on how w play, but at the same time, our style of play is just toan win. wecore with the best in
6:56 pm
the country and we can defend with the best in theatountry. wher it takes to win is what's most important. >> whatever itakes. tomorrow night. to the ice where the caps locked up their fourth straight metro division title wh a 2-1 win over the canadiens. the team is playing well at th right time. winners of five of their last first year head coach todd reirden was an assistant during last year's cup run. now that he's at the helm, he's ready to get the pro season started. >> obviously going through everything we went through last year is a gre experience f me, but i'm just excited about the opportunity as a first year coach or tenth year coach. it'som alwaysething you strive for and something i belie would happen and i'm not rprised by it. i'm prepared for it. but i'm probably more than anything excited forpo the oprtunity and to be a part of it with these guys. wizards hosting the spurs tonight. while the team has been
6:57 pm
eliminated from the postseason, bradley beal hoping to make his first l nba team. the guard is having a career year. he's logging over 37 minutes a night, the most in the nba. there's been talk. tapering off his playing time but beal sayse wants to compete. >> ifride mys on my craft and respecting the game the right way. i'll never com out and, you know -- if i play, i play. it's not going to be i'm goi to play and play hard, play to win on both ends of the floor until coach sits me down. >> it was a synonym for rear end that got beeped. st. john's high school player of the year, taking on centennial high school from nevada in the semis. theas sophomore sensational.
6:58 pm
hit the game -tying shot. s 27 points, john's advances after the 63-61 win. and in the other semifinal, new hope academy from prince george's county took on top seed miami country day. it's going to be anoc all l championship game. new hope in control the whole ouway. had ae digit lead in thefo th. leading with 14 points and the tigers win 60-52. the title game tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and virginia also being represente in the men's high school bracket. oak hill academy currely in action in the national semifinal. highlights at 11:00. oak hill, so many famous alums. kevin durant, carmelo anthony, they're all right at basketball. >> good to see high school sports and women's high school sports. >> absolutely. we're doing our best, you know. >> that's going to do it for us. nightly news starts in just 60 conds. >> we'll see you for news 4 at
6:59 pm
11:00. have a good evening.
7:00 pm
tonight, joe biden jokes about those nsallegations agait him during his first public event since several women accused him of contact that made them uncomfortable. f contact t made them uncomfortable. >> i just want you to know, i had permission toug >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. , he gave me permission to touch him. >> presirump firing back, escalating their war of words and biden dropping another major hint about his 2020 plans. the impostor who claimed be a missing boy charged with lying to the fbi. tonight his troubled past and how authorities say he got the idea to impersonate the child who vanished eight years ago, raising the family's hopes, only to crush them with a crl hoax. the scare in the cockpit forcing an emergency landing.


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