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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 6, 2019 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: "ws4 today" starts now. 6:00 on this saturday. here's what we're following for you. an image that sparked outrage. a 10-year-old child led away in handcuffs. officials are stepping forward to let everyone knowhe young man is innocent. and a man in jail charged with running over a woman is charged with hitting another person outside his islamic center. and police say you're looking at someone stealing thousands of dollars right before your eyes. mood saturdayning to you. thank you so much for being with us. i'm adam tuss in for david. the skies will look bright fer heading out to the cherry
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blossoms. that's good. peak blooms started monday, usually last about a eeek. thisnd may be your last chance to get out tre and see the blossoms at peak block this year. clay anderson tracks what you can expect today. blossoms look pretty good. >> absolutely. pressure is on for everyone who had plenty of sunshine to sen joy the cherry blossoms gow. news. light winds across the area, but we're waking up to fog and pesky drizzle. call it dreary drizz across our area for this sarpt mornitu errning. good morning, ne. using this is a frame of reference to let you know the clouds are low. lo clouds across the washington area but gradually lifting throughout the day antoday. her view as we show you from our tower camera. visibility concerns with fog and drizzle across the area, but as we continue through the morning, it will be getting better as far
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as the fog is concerned. already above seven miles in visibility. across the bridge in eastern maryland, visibility is close to a mi with that, for your forecast saturday into, sund 69, 71, a good weekend for the cherry blossore. complete st, adam in a few minutes. >> thank you sery much. >>eet closures to be aware of for the credit union cherry blossom half mile run. the course layout. that race is later this morning at 9:30, but some road closures are in effect now until this afternoon. certain parts of f, h and g streets will be bcked off with street closures. also comes parking changes in that area as well. hey, vindication for a parent who watched police place her 10-year-old in handcuffs. you can see it in this video here. d.c.'s top prosecutor says that boy was innocent. ll phone video sparking outrage in the communit
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our jackie bensen was in northwest d. where act visits say something needs to change. >> reporter: members of the d.c. area black lives matter group and others filled the area around the d.c. police first district station with the sounds of outrage. >> these are not isolated incidents. hese are the images that prompted the call to protest. cell known video of a 10-year-old boy handcuffed by d.c. police last saturday. w juvenile, don't know his age, says three other kids assauld him and took his cell phone. police stopped the 10-year-old and a 13-year-old in the 500 block of hsttreet northea based on information provided by the victim. the younger boy's mother was adamant her son was not involved. >> i just had to cry. hurt my feelings so bad to see my son put in handcuffs at the age o >> reporter: after a week's
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investigation, a statement was released that confirmed her belief and reads in part -- the police acted in accordance with d.c. police policies and ocedures, however, my office has reviewed multiple surveillance videos that captured the crime and we are now certain there is no evidence that the 10-year-old boy played a role in the armed robbery. hes totally innocent. >> our jackie bensen reporting there. a man already behind bars for allegedly killing a woman with his car in virginia is the same man behind a similar incident iny montgom county. remember this story? prince william police s mohammed tahas threw a brook into this woman's home and then ran over her with his and then hi drove to the islamic center mosque in gaithersburg and hit a man with his car there, too. >> i was walking back toca my then i saw someone in the ditch, and he was, had that big injury
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on his face, on one of his eyes, and his hand was also hurt with one finger broken. >> the victim is expected to survive. taha faces charges of vehicular murder. police say a driver yesterday morning was going the wrong way in the southbound lanes near howard road. the car smashed into two other vehicles. you can see the flames here. during all of this, another car swerved to avoid the wrecks and barrier.into a concrete lance way of silver spring and audrey willbrish of south d.c. died. we don't know which ofhem was driving the way way. an update to that deadlyom town h fire in calvert. coun the maryland state fire marshal's office thinks smoking materials left outside likely caused flames to spark this fire.
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a woman and granddaughter killed in chesapeake beach on wednesday. strong wind gusts helped fuel the flames. they plan to tear down what's left of the townhouses destroyed in that fire. that i fire a good reminder to make sure your family has a good escapelan and it starts by mapping outour ho know at least two ways to get out of every room and practice aw to get out, and place your -- have place that your family can meet once they're outside so you can quickly account for everyone. news 4 is always working for you. check out the nbc washington app to learn more f tips one safety. we have disturbing individual quo givg us a clos at the growing gun violence problem in d.c. d.c. police have released this. three men, take a look here, pop out of a car on newcombe street southeast back in february and start opening fire. this video was captured on surveillance video just before 2:00 in the afternoon. a reward is being offered for informationbout the three nmen here.
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new this morning. d.c. prcice are sng for a man they say stole multiple gold coins worth over $4,000. take a look here. officers say itt happened a store along h street in northwest on wednesday. not too far from the white house. surveillance video showing the man removing coins from a box while concealing it under several dollar bills. he then takes off, and still has not yet been found. take a good look here. if you recognize this manning, do callpo.c. ce. interesting. meantime, mr. is in stafford county are on high alert after a suspiciouseariver rdly tried to get three boys into this car. sheriff's deputs tell us the driver started talking to the middle schooler waiting at a bus stop thursday morning at hartwood road aay reserve and offered to drive them to school. when theyus r he got out of his car and asked them again to get inde. he sped off when the school bus
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came. calm the sheriff's office if you have information about that case. time 6:08. a stark warning for parents or guardians of babies. fisher-price and federal safety officials say infantshould not be put in the rock and play sleeper once the child is able to rollover. usually about 3 months old. ten babies died in the device in th past four yea after they rolled to their stomach or their side. t none ofse infants were strained by the sleeper's 3-point harness. a private school forced to close after nearly 90 years of serving studentsith special needs. the kingsbury center in northwest will shut its doors this summer. it's seen a drop inlm enrt in the pastau years bec public school are are better equipped. parents are fced to moveo a new school on very short notice.
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t you get to work so closely with thechers and with the students, and this is the first school until awhile in i felt like i fit in. >> it's heartbreaking. it's really heartbreaking and it's left us in a very difficult position, because, you know, we kind of miss the application cycle, and --yeah. it's -- it's heartbreaking. >> the parents here are trying to raise $2 million to try to ch help save thatl. well, going to prom is a rite of passage for many high school students. right? the cost of formal wear can weigh heavy on finances. today, a free prom pop-up shop at ther community cen in land jover from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 this afternoon. those donated clothes are gently worn or brand w. go get yourself from scududs. not bad.
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i think i was fastest? that was the same time! and since we're on fios, there's pretty much no lag for any of us. nobody misses anything. nobody misses anything unless they fall asleep. like angel. the best internet is even better with a year of netflix on us. switch now for our best price. only on fios. welcome back. an app could do f wonde chefs with disabilities. a group in gaithersburg designed it for peopl with speci needs. inside a local deli when that app is alread making a big difference. >> reporter: no matter how you slice it, cooking can be confusing. keeping track of every ingredient in every dish. iton a lot for any to rememb. even cohen knows all too well. >> steven, you want to find the recipe? >> reporter: one of the workers at that's a wrap deli in north
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pa topeic. the special tiff, serving up job opportunities for folks withsp ial needs. steven will tell you his favorite part of the job -- >> being able to make something. >> rorter: but he sometimes ferts what step is next and has to help lp. that's where these high school students came in. they've eaten at the dell bri. >> steven is one of the nicest people we all know. t >> reporter: ay knew and wanted to cut down on the amount of time sten struggles. project we taught ourselves to code. >> joint interest working on engineering and to help people in the community. that kind of brought us together. >> reporten the result, ipad app called recipe easy. >> sven can go to the list of recipes with a list of ingredients. >> reporter: the best part no need to worry about smudging the screen as steven waves his red spatula. a camera detects it and automatically swipes to the next >> it was really good watching him use it.
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>> gratifying and happy seeing him use it. he's completely independent now. >> reporter: they're entering the app in a national contes the res come out next week. bu whether they w or not, thanks to their effort, steven can wrapp aob well done. >> you'll be like a celebrity next r:ek. >> reporn north potomac, aimee cho, news 4. >> cool. a a cash prize stake here and the students say it will go to the deli if they win it. time, 6:14 on this saturday morning. taking a live look at national azure. the capitol wheelnd up adam along with us. 47 degrees but we'll warmqu up e a bit and it might be a good opportunity to get down to the tidal basin and see the cherry blossoms. sure to be bus downy
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the washington auto show is back, and giving people a chance to look umnder the hood and eve get behind the wheel. inside the convention center, 600 vehicles of all vaeties. sedans,ni mivans. two cars of future and visitors get hands-on testing. our own chuck bell had an chance to check out an indoor obstacle course that took morehan 150 trucks with dirt to actually
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fwild. this, going chuck is in the driver's seat featuring the latest and greatest from the show. check out that specialomorrow morning right after "meet the press." love it. well, visiting auto show, if it puts you in the mood to buy a new car you may need to decide e cohings first, like whether to buy or lease. both have advantages, but there e also drawbacks. our consumer reporter susanng hogan worki for you to make the smartest choice for your >> reporter: so what type of driver are you? "consumer report" identified five types to drivers to determine if you should leaser buy. road warrior, more than 15,000 t year, marn driver, want to own your car rather than lease it. most car leases range from 10,000 to 15,000 mile as year and ifhe you drive t vehicle over your yearl limit,ou may end up witho having pay for those extra mimes. buy your car outright and you
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they're lower because youlye paying for the vehicle's deterioration during the term of lease. practical. we all know that person that brags about having over 200,000 miles on their baby. these folks value getting the most life and money out o their car. if you find yourself here you'll definitely want to buy, because you'll get teep it as long as you want, by owning, you won't have t worry about wear and tear until it's time to sell. >> good advice there.if ou do choose to buy get lower monthly payments by taking out a 72 to 84-month loan, but be aware. many lendersly typic charge higher interest rates on these longer loans meaning that you could find yourself owing more than a vehicle is worth if you take it out for a longer period of time. so a lot to consider there. >> car buying is always an interesting experience. >> yes. amand i kept my car so long, it was like -- like my younger
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>> that's just it. we become attached to our cars. >> exactly.ou depends what want to do whether buying or leasing. one thing you need to do, this t' the time to do the cherry blossoms because cloudy outside right now. folks are waiting for that sunshine. that special photograph, but right now just low clouds. i'd say drizzle. i say you don't need the umbrella, because that's the big story. >> you don't nd your car down there for it. >> yes, yes! t. is a lot of traffic heading down in tt area. >> it is, it is. why they have the national zoo,t because it cn into a zoo if you bring your cars down across the area. great saturday morning to all of you as we talk about the low tclouds across area right now, but the clouds will lift, the fog will lift across the area, but we still have some visibility concern. noticeashington not really a problem. as you pross the bridge, notice that visibility isown to a mile, three miles in easton, across the shenandoah valley, visibilitybout a mile and a half but changing throughout the late morning. what to expect mainly for the
6:22 am
morning. low clouds and some patchy drizzle and fog. i think you can get by without e umbrella today. pretty nice afternoon. clouds stick around but temperatures rise to the mid to upper 60s. krpt currently temperatures across the area uniform and .articularly east across the continental divi mid-40s across our area. radar not showing rain showers. you see the green, rain, drizzle but exits and moves to the east outside our ea. mentioned, no majorer rain shows throughout the even. broader view throwing low clouds. eastern shore, pesky showers across the area. our forecast ut for going out today, this is a great day, everyone. enjoy the tidal basin. haven't had achance, tak friends and family to the area and visitors, this is the day today and intotomorrow. as we show you, temperatures warming up and seeing sunshine by the afternoon with temperatures in the 60s. here's the forecast, everyone,
6:23 am
for the rest of the weekend. looks like this. 69 degrees today. 71 degrees for your sunday and the rest of it, notice we're looking at some 70s and a rumble of thunder. more details to come. orre weather and spts, it's >
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well, plan to hang out the "gone fishing" sign in virginia this morning. fairfax countsyeb cting the flat lick branch stream
6:26 am
restoration with a kids fishing day atoday. hout this? the stream is stocked with undreds of rainbow trout. kidser 16 can fish without a license. here's a picture of one of the trou there jumping from the truck into the stream earlier this week. >> everyone is encouraged to bring their own fishing gear. residents should also bring down some water, bring a snack, and bring two or three plastic bags or a cooler to take home your catch for the day. >> how great is this? the event runs from 9:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. sign up on site. the stream is located offlacid lake court in chantilly. more details available in the nbc washington app,ar southern "fishing." there might be something in the water as a hospital in long island. 15 maternity nurses aret regnant righnow. 15! the women all work at nyu's winthrop hospital, due days spread out but it's still 15 l maternitves to coordinate. if it sounds familiar you're
6:27 am
probably thinking of that gro of nurses from maine whose social media post went viral after nine of them became pregnant. uh-huh. well, "saturday night live" will soon welcome back ami ar face to 30 rock and this time adam sandler will grace the stage as host. how cool is this? first time tever, comedian hosts the show that helped launch his caer. sandler one of the great breakout stars before getting fired. he jumped to movies. sandler will host may 4th, and there is a new show tonight, "game of thrones" star kit harington hosts with musical guest sara bareilles and starts tonight right here on news 4 after the news at 11:00. stick around this saturday morning as we wake up. the nation's capital. maybe drizzle in spots, b c utlay
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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. good saturday morning to you. thank you for being here with us. i'm adam tuss, david has the day off. a gloomy fridayight have kept you a way from the cherry blossoms yesterday, but things are looking up for the weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist clay anderson is tracking a sun jer
6:31 am
forecast f sunnier day. what's coming up? >> what meteorologists call residual moisture above us, in other words, low clouds, drizzle, fog across the area. the fog will lif and burn off later on this morning. news s a great time after 4 to head down to the cherry blossoms. show you outside right now. as i said, som cloudiness across the area but temperatures cooperating. notice, 47eges currently is our temperature in town. fog is a concern, but it's patchy. it's all about location, location, across the area and moreog to the west tha to the east. with that, everyone, for today, a.m. fog. drizzle to start. afternoon, warmer temperatures. 69 today. degrees for tomorrow. all the days and a peek at next week. adam, we'll talk, in just a moment. i'm melissa mollet with a look at your first four traffic and a warning for this weekends. cherry blossoms remain at peak, expecteavy traffic and parking
6:32 am
issues. you want to take metro to get there. full service on all lines and no trackwork is scheduled this weekend. you can take smithsonian station but spect crowding, silver, orange and blue. avoiding crowds at smithsoni a good idea. walk from the tidal front to foy bottom. have a good morning. happening now, a couple street closures to be aware of as well.i all for the credit union cherry blossom half mile kids run. a layout of the course near the national building, northwest d.c. the race is later at 9:30 ts morning. road closures in certain parts of f, h and g stree blocked off. with street closures comes parking restrictions. police want you ton pay atten to all the signs posted in that area. hey, this morning complete vindication for a mother who watched police handcuff her 10-year-old son. d.c.'s top prosecutor says the child was innocent.
6:33 am
activists protested in frontf the d.c. police station these images are what sparked all the protest. take a look. cell phone video of the child handcuffed by d.c. police a week ago today. a juvenile said three youngsterp him and took his cell phone. they stoppedhe 10-year-old based on what the juvenile told them. theother always maintained her son was innocent. >> i had telcry. hurt my gs sew see my son put in handcuffs at the age of a10. >> after week-long investigation the d.c. attorney general released this statement clearing the child. it said -- "the police acted in accordance with d.c. police oelss andur proc, however, my office has reviewed multiple surveillance videos that captured the cr and we are now certain there is no evidence that the 10-year-old boy r play e in the armed robbery. he is totally innocent."
6:34 am
police say a haman who's already behind bars for running over and killing man in northern virginia is the same man in a similar innocent days before. we have a follow-up. >> reporter: majeb perez prays for a man nearlyild outside of gaithersburg mosque a couple weeks ago. >> it makes me feel good, at least y can feel some safety. >> reporter: montgomery county police charged this29-year-old with the hit-and-run. majed says the vick fim wtim wan the parking lot outside of mosque. >> i saw someone in thed ditch e was hit. he had a big injury on his face, on one ofis eyes and his hand was also hurt with one finger broken. >> reporter: police say a couple days later march 24th mohammed
6:35 am
tahas threw brick into this woman's home. when she came outside to see what was going on, police say he ran over her with his car killing her in massas, virginia. he was arrested at a 7-eleven later on. they used surveillance to link him to the hit-and-run cases and have not told us a motive. oranwhile, praying justice. mohammed tahas is held without bond placing several charges including second-degree murder, felony hit-and-run and attempted murder. rosting for news 4. the name austi m tyce sound familiar to many. the georgetown alum that went on eesignment to cover the war in 2012 but they everr came home. later hersix years parents of pushing harder to
6:36 am
find him. he want people to join in effort called "night out for austin tyce" set for may. dozens across country including those in there d.c. aa will donate proceeds to help find him. we've never had even a sliver of a o milliseco doubt. we know that austin is alive. >> well, the fbi has offered a $1 million reward for information leading to tt journalist's safe return home. on> finding proper child care is be arn for many parents. right? for those working non-traditional hours it' a bit harder. especially in the district. according to a new study from the urban institute 19,000 kids aged 12 and under in the district have parents who work outside monda through friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. hours. according to that study the city offers 11,000 child care spaces beyond hours. rear searchers spoke with caregivers who i sayt's expense
6:37 am
everybody to get overnight care and hard to find skilled workers for those it tough shifts. joe biden turned to humor to try to diffuse the backlash that he was inappropriately touching some wom. take a loo >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. by theway, he gave me permission to touch him. >> a little self-deprecating there. the bit went over well with a crowd of mostly men union members but left others uncomfortable. biden found himself explaining the joke to reporters. >> it wasn't my attempt to make light. i realize my responsibility is not invadepace of anyone that is unmfortable in that regard, and -- i hope it wasn't taken th way. >> well, biden is expected to
6:38 am
spend this week meeting wh his inner circle to finalize a final 2020 presidential campaign. and someone officially in the 20 race, mayor pete buttigieg joins chuck todd tomorrow on "meet the press," senator romney will also be on the show. that starts tomorrow right her on news 4. and the university of virginia's men's basketball team taking center stage. the number one seeded cavs are thavorites to cut down the nets monday night and bring home a nationalchampionship first, though, they have to get a f four win tonight against the auburn tigers that tips off just after 6:00. michigan state tes on texas tech. virginia is looking to bring home the school's first-ever men's basketball national championship. congratulations to them to making it thisfar, and good luck to see if they can continue the streak. well, the debate is still raging on how to vaccinate
6:39 am
children. right? kids aren't the only onesho ed to track their shots. coming up after the break, doreen gentzler is, would go for you with a health list, a wish need to vaccine adults stay heahy oltf fast, reliable internet is crucial. does it every go down? yes. can't do my job. business grinds to a halt. our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens...
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(snaps fingers) you stay up and running. we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) start now and get a $500 prepaid card. call now. comcast business. beyond fast.
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welcome back. the measles o outbre west and in new york is a reminder to all of us abo the importance of vaccinating our children. but not just kids. adults need vaccited for fferent reasons as they get olde rae reaction from one of the bes infectiousse dis doctors. >> she was into alternative medicine and chose not to vaccinate me it's a a child. >> reporter: as an adult, he
6:42 am
took charge h and made own decisions about his health. >> when i was aboute5 and were expecting our first child, my wife and i decided it would be a good idea to go through and get all of my vaccinations that i would have had as a child. >> reporter: childhood vaccines like the inmmr expectst measles, mumps and rubella, if done on time it offers protection for life, but doctors say it's never too late to get vaccinated and as we get older, there are additional vaccines we need to stay healthy. >> you not only should worry about your ownelf and you family, but do you have a responsibility to the community. >> reporter: doctor anthony fauci is director of t national institute of the alle and infectn diseases. >> core vaccines to get. >> reporter: among them, the
6:43 am
flu, the t-dap, tetanus, phtheria and whooping cough recommended for all adults and women during each pregnancy and a td booster every ten years to protect against tetanus and diphtheria. dr. fauci recommends young adts up t age 26 get an hpv vaccine to protect against cancers caused by the human papillomavirus. at age 50, a shingles vaccine is represented and at 65, a pneumocaulk e vaccine to protect reainst pneumonia. side effects the same for adults as for children. >> overwhelmingly vaccines are very, very safe. sometimes you might get a low-grade fever or feel a little flushed or just a little off for a day ortwo. it usually only l to 48 hours. >> reporter: you may also have it will not sick. that's a myth.
6:44 am
for alex, staying up to date op his vacnations
6:45 am
6:46 am
welcome back. "tay" show coming up next right here on nbc 4. get a preview. sheinelle and peter joining us. >> coming uphi on saturday morning, 20 million underse a vere weather watch as storms make their way across the southern plains. >> also this morning,talking tog
6:47 am
the southern border while mocking the former vice president biden as biden ran in controversy thiweek. of course, the democrat acknowledging he will change the way he conductsimself getting set to announce his run for president. also ahead, thee d and duchess of sussex get set for their happily ever after moving into a new home and awaiting the frth their baby. >> harry carrying any boxes? we'll see. and wen are making history at the national augusta and dylan on the course and at the heart of it all. e whense stories and m we get started 0en a saturday morning right here on "today." dylan with a tough assignment. drew the good one. e>> she wasited yesterday. yes. >> guys, we'll be tuning ks. baseball season is officially under way and for most, that means tha summer is just about here. but for one former player, baseball seasos turning into investment season. cnbc has more on a new investment strategy based on
6:48 am
baseball rosters. s >> reporter: tck market may be facing volatilee' times thers a creative way to get uncorrelated returns. investing in baseball players. a company called big league advance raised more than $150 million to buy equity stakes in minor league baseball players. the idea is simple. thelayers getn up-front payment but it's not a loan. they can keep the money forever. in return, big league advance gets a percentage of any eventual major league baseball earnings. the company has invested in over 130 players so far. michael schwimmer, a former major league pitcher himself founded the company. >> players get to choose the equity they'd live to give up in return for the moneyiv re. our company motto, big league advance buy players for players. we might have a scale of a million for 10% but 100,000 every one and a player can say, do 300,000 for 3%. our average deal is in the
6:49 am
300,000 to 500,000 range. reporter: a typical minor league player might make less than $10,000 a year. getting upwards of 300 grand could belife-changing money. bryce harper and manny machado recentlyacigned contracts worth over $300 million earning a small percentage of c atract like that would be a big win for investors. 's just like venture capital. losing a small amount of monr most investments hoping a few superstars make up for the rest. >>n invest ten start-ups and one or two become facebook and google, you'll do pretty well. that's how we do it just for baseball players inste of tech shocks. >> reporter: one benefit of this type of invests baseball players aren't correlad to the whims of the stock market. the catch, requires investors to be ipatient. s a very long-term investment. you're not a freegent until six years with a major league
6:50 am
team pup see it with bryce thrper, manny machado and others. tail is very long. we're not expecting a return for at least six or seven years. interesting. >> kind of like stock. like they said. waiting fi six, seven years, until you are pay dividends. depends. >> great to see baseball back in general. you know? >> yes, yes. that means warm temperatures. >> it does. >> for us, we need the warm temperatures to break up the fog and low clos across the area and the fog is lifting across many of our areas in the region. we say great saturday morning to all of you as we look outside andut started at the beginning of the hour, visibilities were, we'll say, a business murk any several areas but slowly bus surely with the sun angful is nowril, everyone, and we are starting to see the fog diipate and it's going to be a very nice saturday everyone. albeit cloudy across the area.
6:51 am
low clouds continue to liftac ss our area. another view showing to the west in virginia pickingud up c and with that 47 degrees winds from the north. when you have win north-northeasterly picking up bay breeze as well, why it the fog particularly to our east. visibility as i said, to the ea we go. notice that easton, three miles. less than a mile fcambridge. that bay area, yes, visibilities are lower. here in the nation's capital, visibilimi nine s. in other words, time to make that run to the cherry blossoms. spking of that, what to expect today. just low clouds, patchy drizzle. done by 11:00 or noon. temperatures rising into the 60s. stale cloudy saturday. in the 40s for the most part re across our now. radar picking up hit or miss drizzle across theat region. about it. radar not showy unified bodies of rain showers across the area. for the cherry lossums, a great
6:52 am
time. folks are waitiin i for the sunshine of course. for us a cloudy day, warming into the 60s. by she afternooshine across the region. here's the forecast. over the next several days not bad. s. degr talking about that today. 71 degrees for sunday. looking at monday and tuesday, looking at monday and tuesday, warm and when you switch to fios you get entertainment delivered to your home like no one else. because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. that means you get the fastest internet available and fios tv one with 4k capability, and an advanced voice remote. and when you switch now, you also get a netflix premium plan on us for a full year.
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job growth resumes. boeing keeps working on a fix and the biggest divorcett ment in u.s. history. all in the week that was. the american economy added nearly 200,000 job in march bouncing back from weak gains in february and topping expectations. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.8%. two sof spor hourly wages rose less than expected and percentage of americans in the workf ce fell slightly. auto sales off to a slow start this year. sales figures from march and the first quarter of the year largely missed expectations. analysts already expecting 2019 sales to be the weake in five years. it's going to take longer to get the boein737 max planes back in the air. boeing said it will submit software fix in the coming weeks far later than boeing previousl. expect and finally, amazon founder jeff bezos is sll the richest man in the world following his
6:56 am
divorce from novelist mackenzie bezos. jeff will hold on to 75% of his stork and mackenzie gets abouts $35 billion worth of amazon shares making her one of the richest women i the world. i'm dominic chu. get all your business news right here on acnbc. lifetime pri membership. time now,6:56 this saturday morn g. a10-year-old handcuffed by police is innocent. last saturday he was police thought he was involved in a robberyf o another kid. after a week-longnvestigation th10d was cleared by d.c.'s attorney general. l. the was w auto s under way at the convention center thi check out more than 600 cars and evet hands-on testing there. can't make it there? catch the special tomorrow morning amp "meet the press." roads already shut down for the cherry blossom kids run.
6:57 am
race starts at 9:30. some of the roads in northwest d.c.losed the next few hours. and the clock isic ittin for peak bloom. blooms started monday typically last about a week. may be the last weekend to thak in the blossoms at their best. and a good day for a run, right, clay? >> definitely get out now, and once the sun pops up, rushing down there t the blossoms. take metro.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, under threat,a 20 million ame under a severe weather watch today as storms make their way across the south and southern plains. warnings of damaging winds, large hail and possible tornadoes. that as heavyains and flood warnings threaten those along the mississippi river. we have it all covered live. trump versus biden. >> no i don't see joe biden as a threat. >> president trump mocks joe biden as the former vice president gets closer to announcing a run for pre as he jokes about the allegations against him. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. >> but some of the women who say biden made them uncomfortabl are not laughing. under fire.


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