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tv   Today  NBC  April 6, 2019 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning, under threat,a 20 million ame under a severe weather watch today as storms make their way across the south and southern plains. warnings of damaging winds, large hail and possible tornadoes. that as heavyains and flood warnings threaten those along the mississippi river. we have it all covered live. trump versus biden. >> no i don't see joe biden as a threat. >> president trump mocks joe biden as the former vice president gets closer to announcing a run for pre as he jokes about the allegations against him. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. >> but some of the women who say biden made them uncomfortabl are not laughing. under fire. >>hots fired, shots fired.
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>> a dramatic shootout in georgia caught on camera. police hit with a hail of bullets as they bravely stormed a home in a deadly hostage standoff. what happened inside those e walls, whave the harrowing story. all that plus cradle count down, the duke and duchess move intoheir new sussex gets ready to arrive any day. notre dame victorious, after the fighting irish coach slams gender inequality. hngtory in the ma women take on the world famou augusta national golf course in tournament play for the first time ever andheylan isre, today, saturday april 6th, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer, live from studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, and welcome to "today" and joining us on this saturday morning. >> sheneille and i will be holding down the fort. dylan is along the man cured greens of augusta georgia where history is going made. this is the first ever women's competition that is teeing off a this morning, dylan, we're going get to you on that a little bit later in the show. first some breaking news this morning as the weather goes 20 million people under the threat of severe weather today. dylan, we'll start there. what do we knowbout that? >> yeah, guys, of course we'll get to more at augusta national in a b minute it severe weather is going to be a big intot, especially as we go this afternoon, into this evening as well. we have 20 m the risk of these severe storms and we are looking at tbi est threats to be large hail. wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour, and alsofhe chance some of those spin ups producing some of those tornadoes, so we are going to see these storms
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continue to move through texas and oklahoma this morning. then they're going to get a reenergize we go into this afternoon and evening moving through the sou again, the biggest threats will be for hail, damaging winds and the isolated chance of a tornado. hail could be up to an inch in diameter or greater and winds could gust to 60 miles per hr. this threat could move to the east as we go into tomorrow, and it expands over a larger area. into southern illinois, southern indiana, we could see the cans of those very gusty twinds,t large hail and the risk of the isolated tornado threat as wellc this wiltinue to move east along this cold front. we are going to see those storms fire up this afternoon and into this evening. heavy, heavy rain is a possibility as well. especially as you go into the gulf coast, this area has not en a lot of rain recently. the ground should be able to absorb the rain into louisiana and mississippi. that should at least help with the flooding threat, again, we could be seeingignificant wind damage out of these storms as we
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ko into this afternoon. >> we'll check bith you from augusta in a minu. let's turn to politics and the former vice president joe biden inching closer to ever than announcing that he is running for president, but this morning biden is facing criticism for making light about allegations that he's made women uncomfortableith his hands on approach to politics. we have the latest now from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: biden trying to get past the controversy over his behavior but ad-libbing a joke in a m friday speecing light of it. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. >> and again after inviting children to the stage. >> by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> it went over well with a friendly audience of union members, mostly men, but later trying to explain. >> it wasn't my intent to make light of anyone's discomfort. i realize my responsibility is to not invade the space of anyone who is uncomfortable in that regard.
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and iak hope it wasn't that way. >> biden has been under fire after numerous women accused him of unwelcome physical contact although not sexual. on wednesday, he responded with a video. >> and i get it. i get it. >> reporter: still some of his accusers say biden sti doesn't get it. >> it was for me, eke a slap in ace like i say i get it, i et it, i believe in women, i advocate forwomen, that's not what i saw from this speech. >> biden is still not apologizing. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand. i'm not sorry for any ofy m tha i have ever done. >> reporter: president truki has been moc biden's troubles on twitter, posting a doctored video, despite more serleus tions of sexual misconduct against him which he has denied. >> do you think you're the right messenger for that? >> i i think a very good messenger and people got a kick out of it. >> reporter: the fmer vice
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president does appeal to some of trump's former voters, union men like these electrical work skpeers, and the president tweeted i have employ thousands of electrica workers, they will be voting for me. as the former vice president prepares to announce his run by the end of the month, he's acknowledging he has to change the way he campaigns. for "today" andrea mitchell, nbc washington. president trump is on the west coast after a trip to the border where he was talking tough about immigration and his signature border wall. kelly o'donnell has more on that. >> reporter: the president is waking uwn at one of his hotels in las vegas this morning. he did some fundraising in beverly hills last night, stopped at one of his other golf properties there, but the public part of his trip has been focussed on the border and he road tested a n bumper sticker type message about illegal
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immigration. in calexico, california, a section of rebuilt border wall became a backdrop forsi pnt trump to claim progress on his promise. >> it's better and much mor effective than the previous wall. >> reporter: and by effective, he praised a design intended to keep people out. >> it's pretty sharp up on top, too. if you want to climbthat, you deserve whatever you can get. >> reporter: along another stretch, the trump name is literally attached to the barrier. >> we expect to have close to 400 miles done within about two years from now. >> reporter: and at a briefing, the president was given a trump style piece of thee fencing. the rolled out a new twist o his rhetoric on undocumented migrants and asylum seekers. >> we have a system thal.s ful it's just full. if it's full, there's nothing you can do about it.
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>> reporter: notably, the president avoided comment about a new push by congressional democrats t get his tax returns. >> nothing whatsoever. i haveothing to say about it. >> reporter: the president's tax attorneys are responding with a new letter friday to the treasury department claiming house democrats have no legitimate committee purpose for requesting the idprt's tax returns. wednesday, the house tax writing committee made a formal request y the treas department for six years of mr. trump's personal and business tax returns claing congres has the legal authority to conduct proper oversight. but friday, president trump's lawyers branded that harassment writing the president is their potical opponent, and they want to use the information to damage him politically. presidents vice presidents thatttee in congress which is run by democrats saysis thatt part of their job to be able to access any taxpayer,ud ing the president's tax
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returns as a part of that overfght. part this will go to steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, and that will be a reale challe for him caught between at congress wants andthhe he served. >> kelly o'donnell thank you. we want to bring in ste kornacki. good morning. let's talk abo joebiden, the former vice president, he got the wheels in motion for the presidential bid announcement. instead he's trying to diffuse the controversy oveon hisct as it relates to his campaigning, by trying to make light of eait, in there are aglot of people who aren't laughing about in this morning. does this have impact on democratic voters, and the way they view the vice president. >> the immediate answer is we don't know yet. this is a week been brewing and in public like this. the initial polling we have seen, the bottom is not dropping out. there's no indication of any change.
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these things can develop them over time. people process themehat they yesterday. it's an open question. i do think the tone was interestwog for reasons, number one, it seemsth like e's a calculation he has and maybe the folks around him have, voters, average voters might view thesellations as less serious than other allegations and there's room to joke about it in a way that maybe you haven't seen with others. the other thing is it's a bminder of what jen is like when he gets back in campaign model. this is a guy who can be a little unpredictaece. does thate a liability or a selling point. >> speaking of campaign mode, we have seen president trump go am after are, he's folking on illegal immigration, talking about the border wall, agsan. this is th strategy that was successful in 2016, do you think that will help h again? >> it's so interesting to watch donaldtstrump's i and where the leaders in washington are. immigration is a perfect
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exple. you can see by his actions yesterday, the words yesterday, the threat to shut down the border thisweek, those are, as you say, his political instincts. d his party in washington looks back at last fall and what message did donald trump close the campaign on, immigration, n what happenede midterm elections, we got wiped out. they look at it very differently than he does. >> oneenior adviser sai it worked in 2016, we're going to try it all over again in 2020.ic steve to see you. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. let's turn to a dramatic 15, nearly 16 hours outside of atlanta and a enman and pol trying to save two hostages friday. more than 100 shots were fired during the standoff and there is harrowing body cam fooowge g how it all went down. tam tammy leitner joins us from the hospital where two officers are being trea >> reporter: two officers were shot, and are here recovering after surgery. both are inut stable condition
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it will be a while before they return to work. >> shots fired, shots fired. >>eporter: these are the tense moments when three georgia officers tried to save an eight months pregnant woman and her 16-year-old son being held hostage. dramatic body cam video capturingenhe mt veteran s.w.a.t officer taylor web is shot in the torso and hip his body camera falling to the ground, a hail of gunfire coming from the house as swat officer keeganit m is hit in the hand, before tumbling across the ground to safety. here, a bullet shatters a window where this officer was just standing. more than 100ehot w fired during the nearly 16 hour standoff outside of atlanta. back up arrives to free officer taylor from thearage where he had taken cover and where police
7:13 am
first-y down r-old sandra white's body. but the shoor, 47-year-old anony bailey keeps police at bay, telling them he has a hostage. >> do not come in here. iot got a of shots. i got a hostage. i got a hostage. >> reporter: officers negotiated for hours with bailey who refused to surrender, eventually killing high school sophomore, archevian white, and his mom before kf.ling hims >> she was a single parent. she got on her feet, and my grandson, he wasn't but 16 years old. he had great future ahead of him. >> reporter: sandra white was due in a month.d we're the already had a name picked out for her unborn child, and that family and friends were planning a surprise byhower for her.
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now, instead, they're planning her funeral. just an awful, tragic story. >> awful, heartbreaking, tammy leitner, thank you. this morning, the baylor lady bears and notre dame fighting irish are getting ready to face off in tomorrow nighwos n's championship. it comes after notre dame's coach made an impassioned plea for equality for women before last night's semifinals. nbc's kathy park is here with more. he's got a lot of people, including her opponent talking. >> she had a lot to say. muffy mcgraw is one of the most successful basketball coaches ever. she and her team are in the national championship tt.orrow ni this morning she's making headlines forer comments off the court. the notre dame basketball team and their coach muffy mcgraw. > i rish p out the huskies for a second straight year. >> mcgraw and the fighting irish knocking off the uconn huskies
7:15 am
and their male coach, the two coaches barely acknowledging each other after the game. the victory coming after mcgraw made an impassioned plea for genderer equality in h sport and in society as a whole. >> i'm getting tired of the novelty of the first female governor of this state, the first female african-american mayor of this city. when is it going to become the norm instead of the exception. >> mcgraw who has won morthan 900 times on the basketball court has had an all female staff since 2012. she says she's never going to hire a male assistant coach ever again. >> men r the world and when out, whorls are coming are they looking up to to tell them that's not the way it has to uconn coach is critical. muffet has the right to hire anybodyheants. i don't know why she feels the
7:16 am
need to make a statement about it. in 1972, 90% of women's college teams in all sports had female coaches. today, it's down to just over a%. >> when you loo men's basketball, and 99% of the jobs go to men, w shouldn't 100 or 99% of the jobs in women's basketball go to women. >> muffy mcgraw, her all female staff and the women's basketball team now hoping to take home national championship tomorrow night. >> and tomorrow night, notre me will play the baylor lady bears led by their legendary coach, kim molkey. they beat the oregon ducks last night by a score of 72-57. a lot of basketball this weekend. >> the stats get you talking, 40% of the women's team have a women'sac versus 90% of men. and saking of sports and equality. dylan is live at the augusta national golf club in georgia
7:17 am
getting ready forhe tournament today. >> reporter: i had the opportunity to have an intimate conversation with the field of 72 female golfers who will be competing in this tournament. i also got to have a conversation with four world golf hall of famers. that's nancy lopez right there anna sorenstam, lorena ochoa and se ri pok. as if we could get in a room and tom brokaw and pick his brain. e type of conversation we had. 30 of those william, those competit cspeting here at augusta first time ever. an epic day. a huge day for women's golf and the weather actually looks fantastic. we aren't going to seera any . some clouds. that kind of helps break up the sun a little bit and we are t goin see, i'd say very nice conditions for most of the northeast. temperatures look like they'll be in the 60s, close to 7here, mid-70s.sp th we're looking at bad weather is the southern place of business with a risk of sere
7:18 am
forms and rain and mountain snow west. now here's a peek out your window. we look outside of our windows here in washington, we show you a beautiful view albeit cloudy, cherry blossoms at the base of the washington monument and tidal basin. fog across thearea. ce again, the fog lifting. seven miles visibility in our nation's capita a business worse going out to the west with that. this is what we expect today. we do expect the clouds and orizzle to leave in the morning and then rise ihe 60s today. everyone enjoy your weekend and i haven't had a chance to geek out over this course yet, but don't worry. that's coming, guys. >> we know it's coming. dylan, thank you, we'll see you a little later in the show. still coming right here, could the gps in c your go haywire tonight, we'll
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>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 7:27 on this saturday, april 6th. gooding. i'm adam tuss. your headlines, a couple street closures to be aware of for the credit union cherry blossom half mile kids run which starts at 9:30 this morning near the national museum in northwest d.c. certain parts of f, h andst g ets will be blocked off. and offering a free prom pop-up shot from 10:00 to 2:00 th afternoon. the donated clothes are gently worn or brand new. a check of your forecast is a check of your forecast is next
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good morning, everyone the fog is gradually dissipating across our area as we look a erry blossoms, call this our cherry blossom camera throughout for that, here's a look what we expect today. a bit of fog. it will lift across the area, and it does loo like we' have a pretty nice day, adam, with
7:30 am
amp clouds and warmer for tomorrow. >> all right, clay, looking pretty good. back in aboutes 25 min with more news and we are back on this saturday 2019.g, april 6th, you are looking at a live shot augusta national golf club where a new era is beginning today. women competi for t first time on what's probably the most iconic golf course in the worn. dys there this morning. we'll check back in with her in a few minutes. >> that is a golfer's paradise for sure. we're going to begin this half hour with a check of the headlines. 20 million peoee across south and the southern plains are at risk of severe weather today. they could face hail storms, damaging wind, even tornadoesn places. the wet weather isausing severe flooding along the mississippi river as well. homes are swamped in grant county, wisconsin. the river there is at 21 feet. that is nearly three times its normal level a mystery in seattle, two
7:31 am
zen power poles toppled like dominos friday. one fushed an suvling right between the two people inside. thankfully neither was seriously hurt. the city c explain what cause the poles to fall. jussie smollett is not backing down. an attorney for the former "empire" actor is warning not to sue him for police overtime. saying smollett's came of being attack in a crime is bogus. the state torefused prosecute the actor. there's aetition for a special prosecutor to examine the case. >> and traffic was crazyn lawrenceburg, tennessee, friday. lookal at this ly crazy, it seemsr a flight instruc headed for career day at the local high school couldn't find a place to sland so he it down on highway 43 and taxied all the way to the school. n police are amused by the unscheduled landing an faa investigation and charges
7:32 am
are pending. an update to the story that begun with promise earlier this week, raising thefamily's hopes that a long missing boy had fennd. a man is charged with lying to the fbi claiming to be that boy. nbc's ron mott has the story. >> 23-year-old brian michael rini is spending his weekend hind bars i federal custody after authorities allege he carried out a hoax, ptending to be timmothy pitzen, a boy who disappeared in 2011. an ex-con victvict. he said he escaped his captors, and refused to be finger printed. >> which should ve raised a red flag. >> it did. nevertheless, it's incumbent on law enforcement that if they do have long lost child that they make sure they actually identify
7:33 am
positively who they're dealing with. >> a dna test veed his true identity. officials say rini has at least twice before p atended to be child sex crimes victim. on friday he was charged th making faul making false statements to the fbi, and is being held without nd. if convicted he could land back in prison for eight years. his brothergized to the pit zen family. >> i told the family i'm sorry for what he's done. i hope he gets out and also hope he goes to prison for this, or at least an institution. >> timmothy vanished after she picked him u from school. took her life two days later. relatives say they were told earlyn to temper their hopes. >> if this isn't tim, and is other 14-year-old boy, at least he's going to go home to his family. if it's not tim, we can help
7:34 am
another family. and then we find out, well, wet found >> unfortunately for the pitzen family, the search continues. ron mott,nbc . dylan is back with another check of the weather from augusta national golf club. how's the weather there and the rest of thecountry, dylan? >> reporter: sheinelle, birds are chirping here. it's going to b a beautiful day as temperatures get into the [ muted ] 70s. elsewhere across the country, th southern plains. dealing with stronger storms today. large hail, damaging winds excess of 60 miles per hour and olated tornadoes all possible and a wintry mix in the mountains, pacific ranorthwest, hlong the coast. minneapolis seizvier rain clearing out this afternoon. and temperatures warm up in the grt lakes region and into the northeast. should top out above average. temperatures should get into the 60s. that will be a welcome relief fromhe chill we've felt lately. a look at t weather across the country. now here's a peek out your
7:35 am
window. good morn if you haven't had a chance to go down to the areas of the tidal basin w a in peak bloom this week. cherry blossoms look fantastic even with cloud cover and a few rain drops experienced yesterday. get out and enjoy. withha that, we're looking at for the weekend. the morning fog will burn off.ri temperaturesng. a cloudy saturday with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. for sunday even more sunshine with high temperatures in the low 70s. enjoy your weekend, ev. and that's your latest forecast. ys? >> hey, dylan, let's get to the reason you are at augusta national onhis ground breaking, this historic day for women. >> it certainly is, and you all know augusta national golf club, sheinelle you're probably even amiliar with augusta national golf club. we know it payoff tbecause of t
7:36 am
master's. day is a huge day. all 72 of the women got to play a practice round here yesterday, and there is not a sing divon, not a single blade of grass out of place. an today is going to be historic day because it is the first ever tournament for women held at augusta national. and it's called the national women's amateur. augusta national golf club, heaven on earth for anyone who loves the game. arguably the most famous golf course in the world. the blooming azaleas, those green jackets, all witness to some of the greatest moments in the history of the ge. jack nicholas winning one final master's at the age of 46. tiger woods triumphing in his first major here at only 21. but one thing was missing in augusta for decades, women. for more than 75 years, they
7:37 am
were only allowed to play if they were accompanied by a male member. that all changed in 2012 when th club admitted its first women members. former secretary of state condoleezza rice and businesswoman, darla moore. >> i'm very happy to and very honored to be one othe first members. >> now, history in the making, the world's greatest female tiateurs com today at augusta. >> the amount of history that there isut here, it's amazing. >> should show people what we can do. >> playing the same fairways and greens that the men will at the master's next week. among them spain's anoya anoha, playing in honor of friend who was tragically murdered last career. >> i felt she has been with me all week, and i think she is going to keep going with me.
7:38 am
>> sinking a 25 birdie putt to be the final player in today's competition. 30 players teeing off in a tournament that's breaking barriers and making history, hoping to win the coveted t in the first ever augusta national women's amateur. just to point out, condoleezza rice actually walked by me not that long ago, so this is reall just a magic place, and keep in mind, the women who are playing today, their age range, 14 is the youngest and 24 is the oldest. 19 years e is about old. this is the opportunity of a lifetime and something these women will never forget. guys. >> that was a beautiful story, dylan. an golet you go so you have breakfast with condoleezza, i'm sure she's waiting for>> me he's waiting for me yes. >> check out these top golfers as they take on augusta national today at noon. >> a new tradition unlike any
7:39 am
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we are back this saturday morning with the royal love or stthat has expectations high on both sides of the pond, the itish prince and his american bride moved into their new country cottage this t week. >> j time for baby sussex to make his or her big entrance. how the duke and duchess are making their happily ever >> good mo guys, even if you have a royal, homeon renova they don't always go as planned. but after a few delays and setbacks, harry andeghan are finally in their new home, and it is just in time for baby sussex who could arrive pretty much any day now. good-bye london, helso wi the duke and duchess are taking a page out of the new parent play book and leaving the city for more space in windsor. ncplace with many happy memories for the prie and his bride. their engagement photos shot here. their wedding at windsor castle. and that fairy talearriage
7:43 am
ride through the streets of windsor and past their new home, the historic frogmore cottage, no stuffy palace for meghan ando her gwing file. >> i think her style is luxy, modern. >> a look that's ptished withrying too hard. >> it has to be just right because brits are huge snobs and they can tell immediately ng whether somet is too smart, too polished, too perfect. >> not just a new house, they have unveiled their own instagram account, separate from william and kate. dad to be harry gave a hint this week he'll be a strict parent,g callinor the popular video game fortnite to be banned and saying social media was moreha addictive t drugs or alcohol. the happy couple anxiously t awaitiir first child to arrive as they spend their first weekend in frogmore. a home built for a queen but updated for an american duchess.
7:44 am
guys for their new home, the deen is s to have let harry and meghan choose a piece of art from h priceless collection, rembrandts, michelangelos, it's quite the house warming president, don't you>>think? i think so. >> honey, where is the china, why didn't you label this thing? >> where's my coaster. just ahead, for some drivers, today might be a good day to buy ace map sin your gps devices may go a little bonkers tonight. we'll explain. plus, a big return tsa rday night live yes. it's way day! it's wayfair's biggest sale of the year, and you're invited! starting april 10, score our lowest prices since black friday on best-selling furniture, decor, and way more. plus, everything ships free on way day. everything? everything. and flash deals launch all day long. hey guys, check out the flash deal i just scored! our biggest sale of the year only lasts 36 hours
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stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. juvéderm it. ♪ you better, better! w back now on a saturday morning talking about what could be a major headache for travelers. >> this is interesting, if youre gps a little haywire tonight, you might be experiencing what's called a gps rollover event. what exactly is at, well, the global positioning system is a network of 24 satellites orbiting the earth. it provides locaon, timedata, usually just works, you don't think about how it works, but these satellites count time in weeks and when they were first designed back in 1980, work with us here, they were onlyab c
7:48 am
f storing 1,024 weeks, 19.7 years. well, that time expires at exactly 7:59 tonight. >> oh, no. >> andll the clocks and your gps devices will have to reset. >> q so goodstion for you right now is what does this mean, right, it could affect systs like navigation, communications, banking, even power grids. the good news is the compani have been aware of the rollover for years. they are said to be dprepared, mostly affect older gps devices which have n been updated. this should be the last time we have to deal with this for a while, the gps systems are being upgraded and the future of the rollever will only happen every 157 years. >> take your vitamin perhaps you'll be around. >> hopefully somebody elseor anchg. >> a paper map, what? we're going to start with kathie lee gifford, on friday after 11 years we bid faoowell to ourfriend and colleague. the celebration featured live
7:49 am
perfs mances, special tribute and a carnival cruise give it was a big deal. kathie lee revealed she received a giant bouquet of roses this week from howard stern who she recently ronciled with after a 30 year feud. her today j colleaguesned the tv legend onset for a final sendoff. >> i have 30 seconds to say what has taken me a lifete to say. jeremiah 29 says, i know the plans i have you declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope. that's not just true for me, you guys. that's true for everybody watching. trus him. let him love you like he wants to love you, like i'm loved by all of you. thank you. >> we're certainly going to miss her. next up, adam sandle you should see the line outside right now. nearly 25 years after hisde rture from saturday night live, the actor, and comedian is returning to 3 rk. sandler is set to host snl for the first time in his mear.
7:50 am
4th, alongside mus guest shaun mendez. >> who's the line outside? i assumed they were here for sandler. sandler joined the show in 1990 and was a castem mr from '91 to '95. he created many memorable characters you know, including aquaman, and hank, and he was known for his spot on impressions and musical hits like the hanukkah song. that's one episode you won't want t miss. >> i thought the people outside -- >> kit ha lington. >> te is all the way down the street. >> big day. >> still important, though, still special. just ahead right here when we check back in with dylan at we check back in with dylan at augusta national, she'll reflect ♪
7:51 am
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welcome back, we're now going yo take back to see dylan at augusta national golf club which is getting ready to host iirst tournament for women this afternoon. >> one reason that dylan was chosen for the assignment, i decided not to go even though i'm an avid golfer. is this a dreamrip for you. >> reporter: this is a dream trip for me. i don't know if ybi can hear the s, the birds are legit. it's pristine, and the birds are chirping, and it's instantly a beautiful day. this is a quirky place, though, i would usually be taking pictures and tweeting and putting stuff on instagram, but there are no phones allowed here. you're allowed to bring an actual camera. no phones are allowed. y also can't run here. if you're trying to get from you a to point b fast, need to sprint at a very fast walking pace. there is no running allowed and also youetan these cheese sandwiches for $1.50. i want to open this up, this is a pimento cheese sandwich. is is just white bread.
7:54 am
there's cheese inside. i haven't taken a bite yet, but. >> how is it? >> i can see what peopleavave beeng about. that is just a solid sandwich for a dollar and 50 cents. how about that. >> you can't beat it. and no phones, that's interesting tome >> reporter: no phones. it's a traditional place, but they are certainly going against tradition today, hosting the first ever women's tournament. it's going to be a historic day for sure. >>his is the start of a great n,tradition. dye're so glad you're there. we're going to check in with you again. as she eats pimento. catch augusta women's amateur at noon on nbc. >> that will do it for us on this saturday morning. di dylan, safe travels homeo' we have a s who, bette midler, kacey musgraves, iim talked with about how they are using their voicesch for
7:55 am
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good morning. i'm adam tuss. straight ahead on "news4 today." peak ng out the end of bloom for cherry blossoms. >> we'll let you know whether the weather will cooperate. good news coming right up. you likely saw the viral video of a r-10-yd d.c. child being loaded into a police car in handcuffs. now officialsave the full story on what led to this video. find out what they're saying now. and investigators say they know what cau that massive fire that killed two people and destroyed several homes in thst on that case is straight ahead. all of those stories and more to make sure yours weekend sta off right. off right. ews4 today" begins in j
7:58 am
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8:00 am
and police say you're looking at someone stealing thousands of dollars right before your eyes. welcome in on this saturday morning at 8:00. thank you so much forth beings you. i'm adam tuss. david has the day off. sky the looking brighter today if out to see these, the cherry blossoms. yesterday a l of umbrellas at the tidal basin. that's not the case today. peak bloom started monday. usually lasts about a week. this weekend may be yourast chance to see the blossoms at peak bloom this year. storm team 4ro meteogist clay anderson tracks what you can expect. is the sun coming out? >> difficult for our saturday. good morning, all of you. you won't needas umbre later this morning and into the afternoon. good news. clouds stick around but as we showed you top of the hour, cherry blossoms still at peak performance and will continue througho


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