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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 6, 2019 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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another person with a car outside anise laum islamic cent and police say you're looking at someone stealing thousands of dollars right before your eyes. welcome in on this saturday morning at 8:00. thank you so much forth beings you. i'm adam tuss. david has the day off. sky the looking brighter today if out to see these, the cherry blossoms. yesterday a l of umbrellas at the tidal basin. that's not the case today. peak bloom started monday. usually lasts about a week. this weekend may be yourast chance to see the blossoms at peak bloom this year. storm team 4ro meteogist clay anderson tracks what you can expect. is the sun coming out? >> difficult for our saturday. good morning, all of you. you won't needas umbre later this morning and into the afternoon. good news. clouds stick around but as we showed you top of the hour, cherry blossoms still at peak performance and will continue throughotoday, tomorrow and
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into next week. but the clouds, that's a fferent story. we won't have a lot of sunshine for your saturday, but more sunshine is coming your way for sunday across the area. right now we havefo some fog lingering due to the moisture and the rain we had. oh, yesrday and the overnight hours looking at visibility that's good in town. coming into the city, i kw you're driving through fog, lyn chestor, leesburg, visibility is less than two miles crossing highway 50. across the bridge make sure you're careful. the forecast for us today, no the too bad at all. drizzle is about done. temperatures in the 60s. what will tomorrow bring? more sunshine and warmer temperatures? talk about tt and more in just a bit. >> clay, thank you very much. happening right now, a couple of street closures you need to be aware of this morning. this is all for the credit uni cherry blossom half mile kids run. a layout of that course near the national building museum in northweste.c. the r is later this morning at 9:30. road closuren effect now until this afternoon.
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certain parts of f, h and g streets blocked off with street closures, also come parking restrictions in that area. well, vindication for a parent who watchedolice place her 10-year-old in handcuffs. this is the video right here th sparked a lot of outrage. d.c.'s top prosecutor says that the boy was innocent, and that cell phone video has also created anger in the communit ur jackie bensen was in northwest d.c. where activists say something needs to change. >> reporter: mbers of the d.c. area black lives matter group and others filled the area around the.c. police first district station with the sounds of outrage. >> that these are not isolated incidents. these are not isolated incidents. >> reporter: these aret he images tompted the call to protest. cell known video of a 10-year-old boy handcuffed by d.c. police last surday. a juvenile, we don't know his age, told p oice threeer
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kids assaulted him at gunpoint and took his cell phone near union statn. police stopped the 10-year-old were nod a 13-year-old in the 500 block of h street heast based on information provided by the victim.y' the younger bomother was adamant her son was not involved. >> i just had to cry. it just hurt my feelgs so bad to see my son put in handcuffs at the a of 10. >> reporter: after a week's n, investigat statement was released that confirmed her belief and reads in part -- 'the police acted in accordance with d.c. police policies and procedures, however, my office i has reviewed me surveillance videos that captured the crime and we are n now certere is no evidence that the 10-year-old boy played a role in the armed robbery. is totally innocent." >> our jackie bensen reporting there. meantime a man already behind bars for allegedly killing woman with his car in virginia is the same man behind a similar incident in montgomery county. take a look. this story we r covered a couple weeks ago.
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prince william police say mohammed taha threw a brick into heman's home in manassas and later ran over with his car.ov he then to the islamic center mosque in gaithersburg th and hit a man is car there, too. >> i was walking back to my car. then i saw someone in the ditch, and he was -- had a big injury on his face, on one of his e ws, and his ha also hurt with one finger broken. >> now, the victim is expected to survive here. ta facing several charges including vehicular murder. names of the people killed yesterday morning a driver was going the wrong way in the howard nd lanes near road. look at this incredible video. a car smashed into two other vehicles. during all of ththis, anoer car swerved to avoid the wrecks and
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actually slammed into aet ce barrier. police say lance way of silver spring and audrey wimbish of south d.c. bot died. we don't know which was driving in the wrong direction at this time. and the fire marshal's office thinks smoking materials left outside caused flames to spark. a woman and her granddaughter killed in chesapeake beach on thursday. strong wind gusts helped fuel the flame and they plan to tear down the other townhouses destroye. in that fi and make sure your family has a good escape plan from your house. firefighters say its by mapping out your house. you should know two ways out of every room and pctice how to get out and you should have place your family can meet oncey outside so can quickly account for everyone. news 4 is always working for u. yo check out our nbc washington app for more tips on fire safety.
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time now is 8:05. disturbing video giving us acl oser look at the growing gun violence problem in the district. take a look. d.c. police released it. three men pop out of a car on newcombe street southeast in february and start opening fire. this video was captured on surveillance video just before 2:00 in the afternoon. a rewardffed for information about the three gunmen. goodness. new thisrn g. d.c. police searching for a man they say stoleti mulple gold coins worth over $4,000. take a look here. officers say it happened at store along h street and northwest on wednesday not too far from the white house. surveillance video shows the man removing coins from a box while concealing it under several dollar bills. take a look. slides it under. they have not found the coins. if you do recognize this man, please, call d.c. police. meantime, police in stafford county are on high alert aft a
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suspicious driver repeatedly tried to get three boys into his car. sheriff's deputies tell us the driver started talking to the middle schooler waiting at a bus stop thursday morning at hartwood road and reserve way and offered to drive them to school. whf they refused he got out his car and asked them again to get inside. he ended up speeding off with the school bus came. call the sheriff's office if you have any information about that case. a stark warning or guard yn ians of baby. enfants should notne puthe rock and play sleeper once that child -- bec to rollover.s able usually at about 3 months ol fisher-price reports ten babies died in that device in the past two years after rolling to their stomach or side. none of the infants were restrained by the sleeper's three-point harness. in the district, a private school ford to close after nearly 90 years of serving needs.s with special
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the kingsbury center in northwest d.c. will shut its doors this summer.n it's s steep drop in enrollment over the past few years. school administrators say it's because public schools are better equipped to accommodate students with special needs. students and parents are faced to move to a new school on pretty short notice. >> you get to work sely with the teachers and with the students, and this is the first school inli a while i fel i fit in. >> it's heartbreaking. it's really heartbreaking and it's left us in a very difficult position, because, you know, we kind of miss the appcation cycle, and -- yeah. it's -- it's heartbrking. >> the parents here are trying to raise $2 million to try to help save th school. well, going to prom is a rite of school students.igh right? thcost of formal wear can
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weigh heavy on your finances. we have an option today, a fre pop-up shop at the community center in landover from 10:00 until 2:00 this afternoon those donated clothes are gently worn or brand new. so go ahead and get yourself some new duds. r > and walmart decided to eliminate its greeb. workers with disabilities thought they would bforced out. but the big box store n is the only option for those with special needs employment. coming , a local business serving up a menu for the
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welcome back. an app can do wonders for chefs with disabilities. a group in gaithersburg designed it for people with special needs. inside a local deli when that app is already making a big difference. >> reporter: no matter how you
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slice it, cooking can confusing. keeping track of every ingredient in every dish. it's a lot for anyone to remember. steven cohen knows all too well. >> steven, you want to find the recipe? >> reporter: he's one the workers at that's a wrap dell any north potomac. the specialty, serving up job portunities for folks with special needs. steven will tell you his favorite part of the job -- >> being able to make something. >> reporter: but he sometimes forgets what step is next and has to ask others for help. that's where these high school students came in. they've eaten at the deli before. >> steven is one of the nicest people we all know. >> reporter: and they knew and wanted to cut down on the amount of time steven had tstruggle. >> to do the project we taught ourselves to code. >> joint interest working on engineering and to hel cpeople in tmunity. so i think that that kind of brought us together. >> reporter: the result, an ipad app called recipe easy. >> steven can go to the list of recipes with a list of ingredients.
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>> reporter: the best part -- no need tout worry a smudging the screen as steven waves his red spatula, and a camera detects it and automatically swipes to the next step. >> it was really good watching him use it. >> gratifying and happy seeing him use it. he's completely independent now. g reporter: they're enter the app in a national contest. going up against other inventions that also help people with special needs. the .sults come out next week but whether they win or not, thanks to their effort, steven a wrap up a job well done. >> you'll be like a celebrity next week. >> reporter: in north potomac, aimee cho, news 4. >> very nice. now, there is a cash prize at stake in that national sayetition and the student if they do win it all the money will go to the deli. very cool. time is 8:13. a little cool outside. 48 degre as we kick off this weekend and a little bit of cloud cover out there, but we are going to get warmer today. ay anderson has a look at your
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saturday forecast and says you omght want to head down to the
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weback. the washington auto show is back, and giving people a chance to look der the hood and even get behind the wheel. inside the convention center, 600 vehicles from all varieties. so, cool. sedans, minivans. to cars of the future.
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visitors can get hands-on sting. check out our own chuck bell had an chance to check out an indoor obstacle 150 e that took more th trucks with dirt to actually build it. see hern the side. chuck is on the drer's side to show you. check it out nbc 4 tomorrow. it comes up a "eret the press." tune in for that. sh if visiting the auto m ay i ypu wouant to think of a few things wfirst. likether to lease or buy. both have advantages butar ther drawbacks as well. working for you to make the smartest choice for your family. >> reporter: so what type of driver are you? "consumer reports" identified five types to drivers to determine if you should lease or buy. first up -- road warrior. you drive me than 15,000 mile
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as year. as a marathon driver you may want to own your car rather than lease it. most car leases 00nge from 10o 15,000 mile as year and if you drive the vehicle over your yearly limit, you may end up with having to pay exr thosa mimes. buy your car outright and you don't have to keep track of mileat all. nexte have the freshman. young drivers with little or no credit history orst a ton of udent you y want to say yes to the lease. lower monthly car payments make it easier to plan for your nances, and leasing can jump-start your credit, giving you more options for your ne car. nt sure, though, to look beyond the advertised payto understand all the costs associated with the lease, and y don't bebout negotiating as you would with a purchase. next, the rly adopter. one of the biggest perks of leasing a new vehicle is that ge yoto experience a new car every two to three 's why leasing is best for those who want to stay on top of the latest in safety, drivg
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and infotainment systems.e then you hav the penny saver. if you're looking for the cheapest monly payments right now, leasing really is the way to go. lease payments are lower, because you're only paying for the vehicle's appreciation during the lease term, plus interest charges, taxes and fees. and number five -- the practical. we all know that person that brags about having over 200,000 miles on their baby. well, these folks value getting the most life and the money out of their car. if you find yourself here you'll definitely want to buy, because you'll get to keep it as long as you want. by owning, you won't have to worry about wear and tear until it's time tsell. >> now if you do choose to buy, can you get lower monthly payments by taking out a 72 to 84-month loan, b be aware. many lenders typically charge higher interest rates on these
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longer loans meaning that you could find yourself owing re than the vehicle is worth over a longer period of time. make the smartest choice. a car loses so much of its value soon as you drive it off the lot. >> if you love it, you keep , d you buy it. >> that's right. depends. don't take your car down to the tidal basin. traffic will be bad. >> traffic bad. need to, a few seconds, take a look.ehind bottom left-hand tv screen. step out and let you see the folks oualready there but still room for you. adam said, take metro. take metro.hi i he said, take metro. >> i did say take metro and go tones point. >> people are about to push you into the tidal basin, make a turn, go to haines point. clay's tip for you. enjoy, everyone. as i said, you can see folks down there making their way across the tidal basin. a beautiful i know it's cloudy.
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we're showing a couple views. fog is lifting. as you noticed from our tower cam starting to see mid-level cloudiness and another view, you can almost see the fog starting to burn off there in virginia, folks. they're telling me they actually see the sun breaking through. keep an eye on that, ev48yone. degrees currently. the temperature here in the nation's capital. twinds are nor northeast. very light and 3 miles per hour. one. reasons we're socked in with a low-level moisture and visibility concerns continue across highway 50, the chesapeake bay, more msture and visibilities lower. looking at above seven, nine miles here in town. areas along the spine of the appalachian, visibility bel three miles. for us, not a bad day. 69 degrees. more c uds for yoursaturday. sunday, no the bad. less clouds. more sun. temperatures in the 70 and drizzle is off but done across the area. temperatures rather uniform. again, we're warmest spot in
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town other than annapolis at 48 and 49 degrees respectively radar, not any organized showers across our area. therefore, for the most part moving to the east away from us. showing you radar map. ot showing any showers across our region now. for the cherry blossoms going or t a nice day. temperatures gradually warm alu. we need is sunshine and we will have that. the focast,everyone, today, believe it or not, close to 70 degrees today pap string of 70 dr temperatures. stormy monday. monday into tuesday. temperatures in the s but actually feel like warm and muggy. that's a difference. haven't felt that way in a while, but it cools down end of weekend. enjoy this weekend, eveyone. we'llack in a moment with more news as news 4 rolls on.
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welcome back. a plan to hang out the "gone fishing" sign in virginia this morning. fairfax county is celebrating the flat lick branch stream restoration with a kids fishing day today. the stream is stocked with hundreds of rainbow trout. hokids under 16 can fish w a license. here's a picture of one of the trout there jumping from the truck into the stream k.rlier this w >> everyone is encouraged to bring their own fishing gear.
8:26 am
residents should also bring down some water, bring a snack, and bring two or three plaic bags or a cooler to takh home your car the day. >> so cool. the event runs from 9:00 until afternoon.e sign up on site. that stream located off placid lake court in chantilly. more details available in our nb washington app. search firing. there might be something in the water at a hospital in long island. 15 maternity nurris are pregnant t now. 15! the women all rk at nyu's winthrop hospital, due days spread out but it's still 15 ma terni leaves to try to kword nate. coordinate. if it soundsamiliar you're obably thinking of that group of nurses frso maine whose al media post went viral after nine of them became pregnant. wow. even if you caught this one earlier this week, worth a play again -- and again. check it out from college hoops.
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slam dunk championship in minneapolis. that's marlin biel from southeastern louisiana, just 5'9". that's like mere, but with a little help from some friends, propelled to one of the wildest combinations of leapfrogging and human slingshoting for a dunk. they call this one the bug on a windshield. thankfully, this one did not end with any splats, just tens from the judges, from the ground all the way. up boom. in. nice dunk! hey, looking for something to watch later tonigh "saturday night live" will soon become, soon have a familiar face back on rock. this time adam sandler will grace the stage as. ho not tonight but in the future. first time ever the comedianw hosts the shat launches his career. one mpt great breakout stars from the 1990s before getting fired. jumped to movies making "happy gill more" and others. sandler hosts may 4th.
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tonight, a new show. "game of thrones" star kit harington hosts with guest sara bareilles. good "snl" coming up for sure. the time, 8:28. another live look outside. you know what tho are. cherry blossoms still in peak bloom. the weather will b nice today and tomorrow. if you haven't seen them yet you have no excus not to get downtown. downtown. oe are going t
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>> annncer: "news4 today" starts now. 8:30 on this saturday thank you s for being here with us. i'm adam tuss. david has the day off. a gloomy friday may have kept you way from the cherry blossoms yesterday, but clay anerrson is tracking a sunni saturday for for us it will be packed down there. >> yes it will. stard this morning with a dreary drizzle. now clouds are liftingraally across the area as fought is dissipating and looking forward to a cloudy but pretty nice day to get out there and enjoy it. making a return visit what you'll see from our cameras across the area now. they continue to be in ful effect, and peak bloom across the area to the north, to the he south, around tidal basin. it's just going to be a great day, everyone, for young andld alike. now, the fog, that's above.
8:32 am
not goingaf tct the khmer cherr blossoms at all.ig crossingay 50, looking at visibility issues. complete forecast in a moment. now we go to melissa. i'm melissa mollet with a look at your traffic. cherry blossoms remain peak. expecteavy traffic little parking near the tide's basin. because of this ohio drive remains northboundnly this weekend. take metro to get down there. full service on all lines and no trackwork scheduled this weekend. you can take smithsonian station. avoid traffic. walk from the tidal ben from waterfront or foggy bottom. see you monday morning for "news4 today." >> thank you, melissa. back down to the tidal basin. this may be your last weekend to see the flowers at tir best. news 4's derrick ward is live.
8:33 am
last aluminescence. what about this week? >> reporter: best time to view thos ms, the day before the actual peak bloom date probably the best temperaturewise. decent weather sense thin, best of my knowledge and memory, chilly down re, but that's not stopping p'tple. it shoultop you from coming down to take a look at the blossoms. look at the better days when the sun was out and, of course, still getting ribbed a bit for my term subtle luminescence. the blossoms do bring that. i'll stick with my title. it makes the cloudy days a litt more bright, but tell you what. today not just here on the tidal basin. there is another set of activities going on across the river at the warf. the lpebblepalooza festi underway at about noon. live music, live activities for children and adults and actually
8:34 am
firework tonight at 8:30. lots of reasons to come down here. decent crowds sti around the tidal basin's if you tried to drive around you see the traffic. one othe constants here regardless what the temperature has been. but this is the last weekend to come downnd see the blossoms and all their splendid beauty, and the peak bloomt beauty t is. so come on down. but hang out. idlater on the other of the river at the wharf, lots of activeiit there. live around the tidal basin, derrick ward for new 4. back to you. >> thank you very much. certainly they do brighten things um. this morning, complete vindication for a mother who watched police handcuff her 10-year-ol son. d.c.'s top prosecutor says tt child was innocent. activists protested in profront the d.c. police station. the video of the child handcuffed a week ago together. a juvenile told police three other kid assaulted h at
8:35 am
gunpoint, took his phone near unionstation. authorities stopped a 10 and 13-year-old base and what the victim told them. the 10-year-old's mother always maintained in her son was innocent. >> just had to cry. it hurt my feelings to see my son put in handcuffs at age of 10. after a week-lon inveg investigation, this statement released -- "police acted with policies and edures however, my office revealed multiple videos that captured and crime and there is no evidence the 10-year-old boy played a role in the robbery. he is totally innocent". meantime, a man already hind bars for allegedly running over and killing a woman with her car in northern virginia is the same man behind a similar incident days before in montgomer county. our shomari stone that-of-hhas .
8:36 am
for aorter: majeb praying man nearly killed 0 outside a maryland mask insb gaithg a couple weeks ago. >> it makes me feel good that at least we can feel some safety. >> reporter: montgomery county police tharged muhammad taha with the h theic hit in the parking lot outside of mosque. >> i saw someone in the ditchenditch en and he was hit. a big injury on his face one of his eyes andd his h also hurt with one finger broken. >> reporter: police say a couple date march 24th,am 66-year-olr-d's me.into this when she came outside to see what was going on, police say he ran her over with his car, killing her in manassas, virginia. prince william county police arrested him at a 7-eleven later on. police tell us they used surveillance video to link taha
8:37 am
to the hit-and-run cases. they have not told us a motive. meanwhile,ma d prays for stice. muhammad taha is held without bond facing several charg ins colluding second-degree murder, felony hit-and-run andttempted murder. in gaithersburg, shomari stone, news 4. well, the name austin tyce may sound familiar to many of you. he's the georgetown a went on assignment to cover the war in syria in 2012 but never came home. now more than six years later his parents are pushing harder to try to findhim. tyce's parents spoke at the national press club in northwest d.c. yesterday. they want people to join in an effort called "night out for auin tyce"et for may. dozens of restaurants across the country including ones in the d.c. area will donate proceeds to help find him. >> we've neverad even a sliver of a millisecond of doubt.
8:38 am
we know that atin is alive. >> now, the fbi has offered a $1 million reward for information leading to that journalist safe return home. finding proper child care can be a concern for many t?parents. righ working non-traditional hours is a bit harder especially in d.c. according to a new study from th urban institute. 19,000 kids aged 12 and under in the distric have parents who work outside of the hours monday through friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. according to the study, the city only offers around 11,000 child care spaces beyond these hours. researchers spoke with caregivers who say it's expensive to get licensing for overnightare and difficulto find skilled workers for those tough shifts. time now, 8:38. turning to politics now. former vice president joe biden turned to humor friday to try and diffuse the backlash over allegations that he was inappropriately touching some women. >> i just want you to know i had
8:39 am
permission to hug lonn. by the way, he gave me permission to touch him. >> and the bit going over pretty well with ariendly crowd of mostly male union member, but so people had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling after that. biden found himself explaining those joeshgs late -- jokes later to reporters. >> it wasn't my attempt to m e i realize my responsibility is not invade the space of anyone that is uncomfortable in that regard, and -- i hope it wasn't taken that way. >> biden is expected to spend this week meeting with his inner circle to finalize a 2020 presidential campaign. and someone officially in the 2020 race, mayor pete buttigieg joins chuck todd tomorrow morning on "meet the press."se
8:40 am
tor mitt romney also on the show starts tomorrow at 10:30 right here after "news4 today." and one of the most anticipated moments of the year. the university of vap mells basketeam taking center stave. the cavs favorites to cut down the nets a win the championship monday night. first, they have to find a with to beat auburn. tick p tipser off just a 6:00. and also, a first-ever men's basketball national championship for ia. we certainly have rooting members here in the news 4 family. e if they can do it. the debate is raging o ohow vo vaccinate children. working for y with a list of vaccines that adults need to stay healthy ond stay healthy ond and avserious illn
8:41 am
8:42 am
i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
8:43 am
beautiful shot of cherry blossoms. get outnd enjoy them as you can, everybody. arnold the mees and working for your health with reaction from a top infection disease expert in the country telling us which shots you should get. >> reporte alex joyce says his mother didn't believe in vaccines when he was growing>>u. she was into alternative medicine and chose not t vaccinate me as a child. >> reporter: as an adult, he took charge andis his own decisions about his own health.
8:44 am
>> when i was about 35, we vaccines i et my have have gotten as child. >> reporter: protecting againstm mumps ands manies and rubella, if done on time offers protection for life. doctors say it's never too to get vaccinated and was we get older there are additionale vaccinesed to stay healthy. >> you not only should worry about your own self and your family, but do y have a responsibility to the community. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci is director of the national institute of allergy and infectioniseases at bethesda. >> there are core vaccines that you should get. >> reporter: among them, the u, the t-dap, tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough recommended for all adults and women during each pregnancy and
8:45 am
a t.d. boost every ten years to protect against tetanus and diphtheria. dr. fauci recommends young adults up to age 26 get an hpv vaccine to protect against cancers caused by the human ll paavirus. at age 50, a shingles vaccine is recommended and at 65, a pneumococcal vaccine to protect against pneumonia. side effects are the same for adults as they are for children. >> overwhelmingly vaccines are very, very safe. sometimes you might get a e low-grver or feel a little flushed or just a little off for a day or two. u ally only lasts for 24 to 48 hours. >> reporter: you may also have some soreness and reds in on your arm after a vaccine, but it will not make you sick. that's a myth. for alex, staying up to date on his vaccinations hasiven him and his family peace of mind. . >> now, as an adult, i do get my
8:46 am
flu shot regularly and make sure our son ipdated on all of this vaccines. >> certainly sparked ade te. those with lessened immune systems and pgnant women should also get vaccinated. getting a shing males vaccine y may have t wait. there's a shortage. check your your doctor or local pharmacy. a lot going on in that department. and 8:46. ah, beautiful. noticed across the region the cherry blossom trees are in peak bloom. still have one more weekend with them looking like this. we'll check back in with clay to check out if you should get dow
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8:49 am
ah, yeah. crowds are already out at the cherry blossoms checking them out for the last posekble d of peak bloom. check in with clay in a second to see what the weather's going be like rest of the day today. meantime, this time of year means baseball is officially back. for most of us that also means that summer is almost here, but for one former player, baseball season is actually turning into an investment. take a listen to this. cnbc has more on a new investment strategyll based on baosters. >> reporter: well, the stock market may be facing volatile times there's a creative way to
8:50 am
getatuncorr returns. investing in baseball players. the idea is simple. the players get an up-front payment but it's not a lo. they can keep the money forever. in return, big league advance gets a percentage of any eventual major league baseball earnings. the company has invested in over 130 players so far. michael schwimmer, former major leal league pitcher himself founded the>>company. the players give up equity in return for money they ceive. by players, for players, we might have a scale o a million for 10% but 100,000 every wurn and play ker'lsay, do 300,000 for 3%. our average deal is in the 300,000 to 500,000 dollar range. >> reporter: a typical player might make less than $10,000 a
8:51 am
year. up front payment of 300 grand could be life-changing money. bryce hper a manny mu chaud open receny sign contracts over worther $300 million. earning a small percentage of that a big win for schwimmer's investors. it's just like venture capital. losing a small amount ofth mone hopes a few superstars make up for the rest. >> invest i ten start-ups one or two become facebook or google doretty well. even with an eight, nine miss. that's how we do it. >> reporter: this type of invests, baseball salaries are not correlated to the whims of the stock market. the catch, it requires iestors to be patient. >> it's a very long-term investment. yore not at free agent until six years with a major league team and w seeing thath brite harper, man ip machado and others. the tail is very long.
8:52 am
onua an indiv player investment we're not expecting a return for at least six or seven years. >> interesting. i'm surprised i took this long for someone to figure that out. i guess with minor leagus baseball i easier, because can you go to them and say, here's some cash, b ung them as a way to kind of take out some money. interesting. >> not a bad way to go. with football, don't have thaty farmm and only a three-year rookie contract. baseball, six years. >> yalh. >> that'i know. >> not bad. >> yeah. not bad. >> a sure bet today, though. >> yes. a sure bet today as you look outside from where you are watching us now. if you have the opportunity to b there this afternoon to the tidalin where cherry blossoms are whether you're a washingtonian a resident of the washington capital region, or you'reg visit us for the first or tenth time. hopefully you havitthe opport enjoy. they won't be around forever. we showed youy che blossoms
8:53 am
and showed you how the sky starting to break. looking forward torn some afn sunshine, everyone. visibility great in town. lower across t area coming into the washington metropolitan area. visibilities improve throughout the afternoon. temperatures gradually rising as well. looking at close to 50 degrees now and it will go into the 60s before this day is over. no real organized rain acowers ss the area now as we show you from the radar summary and circle around our region. no organized rain. really not a problem. nothing's going to keep you from enjoying them today as we show awe grand view of the tid basin. whether the jefferson memorial, whether you go o to the north south, east or west around the entire basin. hopefully you have the opportunity today or tomorrow to joy it. now, temperatures today throughout the day in the afternoon, 64 degrees by the afternoon. if waiting for it to warm up, and crowds to getbo bigger, a 64 degrees but not bad
8:54 am
afternoon. here's the forecast, everyone, for the next several days. now the cherry blossoms will get aworkout if we have stormy conditions monday and tuesday. thunderstorms. temperatures on the warm side. weekend.ook at next things to think about. temperatures dropping down to the mid- 50s. 60s, 70s or 50s and -- 50s. think of that. temperatures in the 60s or 70s or temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we'll continue with more news in a minute. don't go away. [ ding ] show me the crown.
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>> all right. being this could be the last possible weekend for peak bloom, probably is, iha thinks a safe bet. one last look at cherry blossoms t there this morning and they are glorious. e be a n >> very nice. temperatures mid-60s tod .
8:58 am
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