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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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d save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. customize each line and choose to pay by the gig or getunlimited. do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. and since xfinity mobile comes with xfinity internet, you can save hundreds a year. get $250 back when you buy a new samsung galaxy. click, call, or visit a store today. right now at 11:00, hours after the community learned he was innocent, d.c. mayor muriel bowser responds to police officers handcuffing a 10-year-old boy. >> i'm darcy spencer at the national harbor. a soldier has come home, and we
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were here for the big surprise. we're going to have the story coming up. >> and virginia basketballeans celebrat heart stopping win that sends the team to the national title >> annouer: news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> they jump for joy after an army captain returns from iraq to surprise them at national harbor. okay. get a second, go grab the box of tissues, okay, before we get to this story let me tell you that right now. it is a reunion he and his family will not soon forget. his little boy would not stop hugging him. good evening. i'm erika gonzalez, so pleased to start this evening with this story. the soldierp grew in privilege george's county and has spent the past year in iraq. prince george's county police helping pull off tonight'sor
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elate surprise. news 4's darcy spencer has the heart warming reunion. >> reporter: he's been serving in iraq for a year. this soldier made it j homeust in time for his wedding anniversary and to surprise his two kids. >> are you crying? >> reporter: who hadea no daddy was coming home today's. >> this was a great anniversary gift. now i don't haveo make it to the store to get a gift. >> reporter: justin brown is a captain in the u.s. army. he surprised his family at national harbor where he and his wife have gone on plenty of pltes. >> this is a lovele. we've come here so many times. to do it at a place where i know and love t all thee felt great. >> it's been the hardest, the hardest thing i've ever had to go through, especially with my children. so to have him home now, it's just -- i can't even explain it. i'm just really happy. >> reporter: the family hung out at the harbor riding the capital bheel and keeping their 2 and
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6-year-old kids occupied as daddy made his way there. fighting airport delayd traffic. prince george's county police escorted him to the harbor. he spoke us briefly before he surprised his wife and kids. f >>ling excited right now, happy to be home. it's been a longin time sce i've seen my family. >> rorter: his children all smiles as daddy held them in his arms. >> my sbo is as tall as me now. my daughter don't know me no more. i'm trying to figure out where she's at. she's real shy. >> what's it like to have your dad back? >> perfect. >> oh, my goodness. there you go.hi >> reporter: t was hard keeping the secret. his sister did a great job getting the whole family here and keeping them here. no one had a clue. >> i just kind of had to hide ie best way i can. >> reporter: while he was away, the family moved into a brand-new home. he'll bet seeing t home for the first time tonight. at national harbor, dewcy spencer,4.
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>> covering the district, d.c.'s mayor and top cop met to talk about violence across the district at the exact at the same time, a double shooting in lirtheast d.c. and e this week two men were shot k andled in the dean wood section of northeast. bigviolence like this is a concern for neighborhoods all across d.c., including thehi crest neighborhood in southeast, who police chief peter spoke with today. >> you're going touhave ae homicide and another couple families lives destroyed. >> mayor muriel bowser is thinking of increasing officers to 4,000 and offering incentives for poff certificates to live in the communities the mayor bowser also spoke about a 10-year-old boy who was handcuffed by d.c.olice last weekend after an armed robbery. we have shown you this video before taken by somebody who was arby the scene. he was cuffed after another boy
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told police three kids took his cell phone at gunpoint. later, the d.c. attorney geral said the boy was totally innocent. he mayor says normally this wouldn't be a conversation that we'd have at all if it weren't for video. >> one thing that i'm going to take back and consider is how we can talk about juveniles in a pending investigatihi we have a bystander video. >> because of this, she is also looking into how to protect the privacy of children during future investigations. [ cheering ] >> i'm sur i somebody that bar said, the next round's on me! sometimes march madness happens in april.
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pandemonium at the arlington rooftop bar in clarn den.s uva had to wait till the last second to find out the tea advanced. a fantastic final four for the virginia cavaliers. they are in the national title game, as c kerw shows us from the newsroom, the team is on the cusp of their very first men's basketball championship. kerry? >> ica, not just their first-ever national championship, but first-ever appearance in the national championship game. and it was dramatic. uva was down 4 with under 10 seconds left, then scored five points in eight seco ts, and than a controversial but correct call, kyle guy hitee t free throws with .6 seconds left to win. it was wilan now, we show it to you because of broadcast rights, but you can imagine how the who's got it done! no? well, maybe virginia head coach tony pettit can paint a picture of that fine piece of drama by
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kyle guy. struggles from the line for him in that setting to do it, it doesn't be get much bter than that. terrific story. that wasn't strong enough word. amazing, spectacular? i don't have many more. i didn't graduate from uva so my vo cab is a little limited. >> it was spectacular. now, virginia plays for the national championsp on monday. plenty more reaction from uva coming up later in sports, and also who theil capitalsbe playing in the stanley cup playoffs. erica? >> we have to work on your boxing moves. those upper cuts need some work, my friend. we have to work on that. all right, thanks. >> announcer: now your storm team 4 forecast. >> oh, it was absolutely today.ful out there tonight not much different. we are going to cool things down, but stiy staying pre tranquil. things do change in time for the second half of our weekend. we'll get to that in a moment. for now let's focus on tonigh 59 degrees, winds out of thes southwest.
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clouds moving in and we are in for a very cloudy sunday afternoon. but overnight we stay dry and we're expecting overnight lows to drop into the low 50s. so notoo cold, but definitely cool. partly cloudy overnight. now, you have todtick aro because i'm going to walk you through your sunday. we'll talk about your brunch i forecast you're going to do a morning run. beyond that, we actually have rain moving in. so want to time that out, and put this on your radar. we have storms on monday. i would t ik about more later. erica, back to you. >> somara, thank you very much. a host of complaints against airbnb. and this latest incident is just downright creepy. a guest found when he scanned a rental home, and what you should do during your next stay. ♪
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>> it keeps happening, hidden cameras spotted in airbnb's. now a family says they found one in a really unexpected place, i a smoke detector. on a recent trip to ireland, the family saw an ip camera come up on the wi-fi. then they found the device. airbnb has removed that host from the site. they've refunded the family their stay. but people say this has happened before and they have found cameras in other places, like clocks and light bulbs even. >> i didn't know wha think at first. i didn't know if i was being watched live or if it was jus recorded or what was going on there. >> cameras also are not allowed in rental bathrooms ooo bedr, so what can you do to protect
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yourself? try i-net scan a home's wi-fi and you might also try using a website called fing, f-i-n-g. prince george's county is tackling the issue of human trafficking. their campaign is called it's happening in our backyard. the polic department's human trafficking task force held this community meeting in hyattsville today. tthey want residents learn the signs of human trafficking and know their rights. organizers shared stories from survivors and helpedink people with community resources. after losing her husband, a woman fearedinia that she'd have to make some sacrifices. but tay boy scouts stepped up when she needed them the most
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selling mulch idi a ton for a lot of boy scouts, and
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this year the scouts of troop 1900 learned one of their long time customer'susbands had passed. only on news 4, amee cho on how thet community came tr to help his widow in her time of need.te >> rep we could sit here and tellou how much brad whacker lofrmd his wife >> welcome home. >> reporter: why do that when we could show you. this was in dulles airport in so h10. he was waiting f to come home from iceland. >> we thought they were going to get out. she didn't. >> reporter: she g stuck when a volcano erupted. that was a few months. after a briefillness, mr. waker passed away. now mrs. whacker is left with a mantle of memories. >> the picture of him as a young pit in front of his t-38. when i get up, isa good morning, and chat with him, tell him i love him. >> reporter: as for howuch she misses hem.
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>> more than i can say. >> reporter: as sheliez to find a new normal and keep up the house in reston as her husband always had. >> whet about christmas tree? >> reporter: this year she couldn't afford the mulch they bought from their local boy scouts. it planted an idea in their minds. >> the troop offered to bring the bags for free just out ofki ness because we felt that was the right thing to do. >> reporter: so today, over half a dozen scouts spreading mulch and raking leaves. >> where do you want this? they caner: doing what to lift her up in a time of need. >> thank you. >> it's heart warming to see this young generation pitching so polite, so nice. i was just ke, i wanted to cry. >> reporter: happy tears today. >> can i get the bag for a second? >> it's a lot of heavy lifting, mean, it gives you good exercise. >> i think everyone is going to remember this for a long time. i think it's been a great experience for everyone and i'm glad we did it. >> reporter: the scouts could sit here and tell mrs. whacker how much they care. >> thank you. >> reporter: buthy dohat
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when they could show her? in reston, amee cho, news 4. >> mr. whacker was a b-52 pilot. his wife says, he always credited scouting with helping him get to where he did. if you are hoping to pick up maybe a little bottle of wine in georgetown, you're out of luck. the upscale store on m street its liquor license su pended for 35 days. that according to the alcoholic beverage regulation administration's website. it says the store aoldohol to minors four times in four years. during a status hearing wednesday, dean and dle lucca agreed to pay a fine a customer service representative referred us to the store's manager. all right. somara joining us this evening to talk about an absolutely spectacular day. i don't need to tell you that becauspe you probably most of your day outside. and on a rooftophe baring on
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uva. exw,tly. so tomor the big question is, is it going to shake up to beni a as today was? >> that's right, today set the bar for the weekend. are we going to meet it? ell, i'll tell you, do have some changes on the way, but i think we are going to get through sunday justy the skin of our teeth. let's go ahead and take a look t now at your current temperature. let's talk about tonight some more because today was lovely, and we're going to cool things down now. we're headed to the0s. we're in the 50s, low 50s. 48 degrees up there.n 50ithersburg, near 60 in the district. okay. so, talking about tomorrow c morning, we arling down to the low 50s and that's it. so waking up tomorrow for the morning run 54 degrees, not bad. plenty of sunshine to start, but you'll notice quickly those clouds filling in. headed to the park to walk the dog, temperatures will be in the upper 60s. dry,till very comfortable. nice shade, i think the clouds will provide. it's not until the eveningf you do an evening sunset walk we're going to start to see
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showers. that will be primarily west of washington d.c. at 8:00. moving closer to the beltway. we'll get to timing in a moment. let's continue planning out you sunday. on sunday we brunch, darling. temperatures will be in the 60s byh. bru again, a good amount of sunshine peeking through the clouds. you'll notice it becoming cloudier and a cloudie we head throughout the day. let's talk about the rain and we're going to talk timing i started us off in the morning. notice how we're dry. we push ahead, 11:00 a.m., still dry, partly sunny out west with clouin m in. and as we get closer to 6:00 p.m., we start to see those shers moving in from the west pushing their way to the area at :00 p.m. in the beltway along the i-95 corridor and east, you can expt the rain to begin after 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. showers will be light to moderate. some areas could be heavier, but we are going to pick up a goodn amount of rt the top of the week. we'll get to that in a fomoment. now let me talk to you more about these temperatures.
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70s tomorrow on sunday. going to ph ahead to monday. notice how we're climbing, near 80 degrees on monday. i think a few of us have oo really shot at hitting it. especially washington, d.c., but for the most part we areooking at mild to warm monday. as we talk about monday, like i said, we couldit the 80s on monday. the big talker is going to be the disturbance that's rolugng th here. it's not only going to be rain to the area, but we could belk g some storms, and those storms could be on the strong side. again, a little bit more spottye in na but we have to look out for that. it's spring and we're starting to see a lot more unsettled weather movg in. by wednesday we are going to dry things out and cool them down. your storm tea 4 ten-day outlook, looking at the next couple of days in summary, ay monday and tueeg the chance for some showers. sunday night is when they begin. temperatures kind of volleying back and forth between the 70s and 80s.d then we ho the 60s, leveling out, and at this point the game it's really just, you know, quiet weather, showers andrms. quiet weather, we're going back
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forth. spring is very active. >> not predictable. thank you, somara. just after the break in sports, last season virginia became the first-ever one seed to lose, and opening round game to a 16 seed this season,'r th going to play for the national championship. full reaion from thect
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what's funexpected? a getaway where marching to the beat of a different drummer is encouraged. so, it's best to just go with the flow. that's greater williamsburg. at's funexpected. plan your vacaon at
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports >> vir basketball completed one of the greatest turn arounds since rocky bheboa got russian crowd to cheer for him against ivan drago. last year the who's were the first one seed to ever lose to a
11:24 pm
seed. today they reached the national championship for the first time in school history, and they did it with rocky-like drama. virginia blew t point lead and scored five points in the final 8 sektds, 63-62. auburn was down two. kyle was fouled, shooting a three with .6 seconds left. he coolly sank all three free throws toe the cavs the lead for good. they're going to face texas tech for the national championship on monday. >> i do feel for auburn. but i forl better us right now. i'm just thankful that these duys stepped up and played the way they nee to, and we got through, survive and advance. i guess that's tak on a n meaning. >> at first i didn't think it was a foul,he but refs thought otherwise, so can't go back and rewind it, so. >> these are moments that, you know, every basketball player's dreamed of hitting the game winning shot or free throws or whatever. you know, kin of had that
11:25 pm
feeling in your stomach like a good nervousness, all right,th is my chance. and, you know, to be able to go to the national championship off that for these guys and coach bennett, i mean, i really don't have t words. >> kid's got nerves of the capitals wrapped up their regular season earlier this evening against the islanders. having already clinched the metro division it's inconsequential, but still nice to finish on a high note. they welcomed their old beno boss tthe barn, barry trotz. nicolas, carlson scratch for this game because of rest. islanders took advantage. terry changes that. break away score 1-0, islanders. same score in the third. new york, going to get a little insurance. phil again. caps blanked, 3-0. they're going to take on the hurricanes in thou opening of the stanley cup playoffs. a great moment before tonight's orioles/yankees game as they honor the life of hall
11:26 pm
of famer frank robinson. many of those family members a ammates were in attendance and spoke on his behalf. all seasonhe orioles will wear 20 on their uniforms as ae trib to him and hislegacy. orioles up 3-4 i the 8th. clint frazier going to change that. one swing of the bat, the bl pen doing their nats bull pen impression. 6-4 yankees on top. let's go to the bottom of the b 8tes loaded. hit list on the season. and he's still hitless. that ends the orioles' threat. baltimore loses. biatrick corn and the nationals looking t fee straight wins. taking on the mets. they're down one in the 8th inning. yak job. making it tie bmel ga in the same inning, wilmer, upper dekker, the nats up 5-3,
11:27 pm
but the bull pen lets them down again. we go to the 5th in the keon with the >> always -- you learn something new every day. a yak? >> yak job. synonym for an ox. home run. >> cary chou for you. a new snl comingp next. a new snl comingp next. we u'l i have three kids, i work from home. so we are all on the internet at the same time. upstairs, downstairs. that's one of the things that i love about fios. my kids are doing homework or they're streaming videos.
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all right, the vice president's gog to be here any minute. [ cheersnd applause ] do you think we can turn this thing around? >> yeah, i hope so.
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you know, joe's a good guy, and he means well. he's just -- he's a little behind the times.y h, well i'm re this whole ordeal is just tearing him up inside. >> hey oh! biden's here! [ cheers and applause ] >> mr. vice president. hi, jackie, how are you? >> oh, okay. >> there you go. >>ll right. >> all right. >> good to have you. >> hey gary, come here, br how are you doing? >> alright, hey i'm good. [ laughter ] >> that's good. that's great. >> joe, listen. we need to talk to you about something. >> oh, i know, it's about my march dness bracket, right? look, i know i had delaware winning the whole thing even though they didn't make the urnament. okay, but hey, it's better than last year i picked amt right? >> yeah joe, it's just about all the touchy feely stuff. >> oh, that,hat, that. okay. well hey, don't worry, okay i smoothed that whole thing over yesterday. i'm a hugger, a kisser, and little bit of a sniffer. thet


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