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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  April 8, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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gned. and more on the championship game. we'll get a preview. >> did you see the game? >> yes, down t to last second. we'll see what tonight olds as uva goes to the championship. thank you so much for being with us at 4:00 onhe dot. i'm adam tuss. aaron has the day off. >> i'm eun yang. we have first 4 traffic. >> first we have stormchievement 4 meteorologist chuck bell talking close to 80s. >> close. you mention close to0s and then it's 80 in the forecast. we'll be very close. i'm going 78 for the high today. that's within a whisper. somebody might even be lucky enough to get all the way to 80. 55 in leesburg, 62 front royal.
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60 degrees in clinton, maryland, this morning. your commuter cast, may want the umbrella. we'll have a cple of chances for showers hanc later in the day. radar tells the story. here's a couple of showers moving across the northern end of theno shenandoah valley there's one of the rain chances for later today, and maybe a chance tonight, as well. not 100% dry forecast to start the ek. but yes, flip-flop weather may be a you doable thing for two days. >> i like it. any fp-flop weather is fine with me. fort washington, northbound indian head ahead o beforeld fort road, the right lane getting by there. the inner loop and outer loop looking good. nothing to worry about. that's good chiood thing. southbound rockville pike some lanes blocked by the work zone that started this weekend. and frederick, southbound 95 after centerport parkway, left sidelocked by that work zone.
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>> thank you so much. this morning, maryland is mourning the death of its house speaker,bu michael h. he died sunday after a battle with pneumonia. >> he was the longest serving speaker in state history. maryland governor larry hogan has orderedlags to fly at half staff in his honor. last week bush revealed he developed pneumonia after a health procedure related to his 2017 liver ansplant. his condition worsened sunday, and he was placed on a vent later -- ventilator according to his chief of staff. other lawmakers are remembering busch as a democrat who couldis unite party. >> very little in common between cumberland and baltimore and ocean city on the surface, and he would get people to fee they were all part of the same state. it was >>remarkable. usch was known as a champion of health care and education. among the legislation he worked to pass includesri me equality, abolishing the death penalty, and strengthening the
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state's environmental laws. >> governor hogan called yesterday a profoundly sad day for the sta saying busch cared deep bee about the people of -- deeply about the people of maryland. said, quote, speaker busch and i came from different sides of the aisle but oftentoame ther in the interests of the people of maryland. he served with the decency and good morals of a teacher, coach, and family man. i wasoned to know him and to work clotsly with him, end quote. for more, go to our app. you'll find plenty of stories about his life andga . this morning a major shakeup in the trump administration. department of heater secretary kirstjen nielsen abruptly ast gned from his position year. the move comes after president trump grew increasingly frustrated withhe rising number of people crossing the u.s.-mexico border. nielse had been onhe job since december of 2017 after sho succeede kelly who became white house chief of staff. the president announced in a
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tweet yesterday kevin mcaleenan will take over. he's the current u.s. customs and border protectioner. this morning, we get word another group of migrants crossed into mexico yesterday hoping to reach the u.s. they're mainly comin from cuba and afghanistan. the migrants later took buses to the mexican immigration office to get docents that would allow them to travel toward the u.s. border. meantime the ongoing fight for the president's tax returns isn't slowing down. congressional democrats want to see president trump's tax returns by wednesday.ti white house chief of staff mick mulvaney doubled down saying that's not going to en ha highways democrats filed for a ormal request with the deesh department asking for -- the treasury department asking for six years of his carbon monoxide returns. the white house is asking to block that. >> not going to happen, and they know it. >> this isegitimate authori that the congress has. this president, by the way, is the least that's parent pres that we've had in half a century. he's broken precedent by notre
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asing his tax returns. >> in the past president trump said that he would release his returns but now says that he won't because ty're being oughtited. the -- audited. the battle rages on over the release of the mueller report.e esident said, quote, looks like robert mueller's team of 13 trum haters and angry democrats are illegally leaking information to the press while the fakeeews media m up their own stories. a four-page summary of the report was released by attorney general william barr, butmo ats want the entire thing. >> the main thing here is what is the president hiding, how do make sure that we get everything that was produced? we have not seen a mueller e' report, only seen a barr report. barr has said he will reach a re-- release a redacted report this he's ed to testify on capitol hill tomorrow and wednesday about how the justice department's budget, however he will face more questions about the mueller report. 4:05. this morning, prince george's
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county police searching for a gunman in a deadly double shooti. two men were killed early yesterday morning on fabel street in capitol eights. police not released the names or any details on a possible motive there. d.c. leaders are trying to come up with solutions to a in the violence probl city the homicide rate has spiked. so far there's been 45. just yesterday police were called to sst at an apartment building for a shooting where a man later died. coming up in our next hour, finw out city leaders are proposing to try to put a stop to all of this killing. this morning d.c. police are iinvestigating aestigating a disturbing discovery, what appears to be human remains. take a look. this was the scene saturday on 30th street and alabama avenue in southe at. poli trying to determine the cause of death. the remains are now at the medical examiner's office. and this morning, security services are ting to tra down the man who kidnapped an american tourist and her driver inuganda.
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kimberly endicott was rescued over the weekend by ugandan security teams. details of the rescue have not been released. officials say the suspects did escape. a endico her driver were ambushed and kidnapped during a safari drive in queen elizabeth national park last week. they were held for a half ll n-dollar ransom. "the new york times" reports that the safari company that operated the tourransom. somethg that nbc news has not independently verified. a soldier from prince george's county waking up at home after surprising his loved ones at national harbor over the weekend. yo got to watch this. [ cheers ] >> so great. captain justin brown's family a had no ide that he was back home from a year-long deployment in iraq. his sister was in on the surprise gnd helpe his wife, his kids, and extended family all in place at national harbor. ourr the hugs and kisses,
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darcy spencer asked captain brown how it felt to be back home. >> it felt awesome. it felt awesome to se my family scream for me. glad to see me. i thought they were just going to watch the final four. it felt good seeing them >>together. hese never get old. >> never. >> captain brown also just returned in time for his wedding anniversary. >> timing couldn't be better. >> in addition he willet to spend time in a new house that he had never seen before. and he alsoti med that his kids, he has young kids. that's a whole year that goes by. and you know, if you go by a whole year, so much changes. >> milestones, exactly. there are few things better thao watching service members be re ited with their families. >> great story. a last-minute lay-up and ad women's championship. the bay bears took home the title beating notre dame -882 prince george's county native chloe jackson scored the game-winning lay-up.
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look at that clutch. just three seconds .le beautiful! notre dame then missed a critical free throw. ouch. it was over. she's the one who helped them ha win the cionship last year. >> very nice. >> this was baylor's thirdle tit in school history. beat the defending champs. amazing, congratulations. >> no rejoicing in the pat coins household. i know. >> we'll have to talk to patty that. another nail-biter tonight when uva tas on texas tech for the men's championship. night's issed last championship, man, it ended on a controversial foul and three foul shots with less tn a second left. they sunk them all.. ye everyone was debating whether or not this was a foul. he did hit him. uva beat auburn b one point. texas tech's roa f to theal game was less exciting. >> three -- three-point shots in a row -- >> yeah. >> with the stress on him. just killed it. >> texas tech beat michigan state to get to the final. this is virginia's first tional championship game in school history.
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tip-off county at9:20. not sure you'll make it. >> sorry. >> if you wan to go to charlottesville, they'll open the arena for a watch party for the national champions >> the problem is i try to watch a little, i'll never go to sleep, it will be over for me. i'll have to watch the highlights. stay tuned to see whether students will have class tomorrow. >> they're not going anywhere. >> no. still ahead, check your american airlines reservations. the carrier i flights because of the 737 max series grouing. w long the cancelations will last. celebrating the gift of life. people who received an organ donation meet the families of e donors who helped them live on. m ood morning. orm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's cloudy. we are dealing with a few raindrops. a band that extends from columbia, maryland, back to winchester, virginia. this is moving out. there will be moreain moving r
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welcome back. at 4:13, if your upcoming travel plans include a flight on american airles, you may be forced to make alternate plans. it will extend cancelations of 90 jlights throughe 5th. this results from the grounding of the troubled 737 maxlas following two deadly crashes involving the je the airline will contact affected customers with available rebooking options. it's going to cost you fore l up at the pump. in the past two weeks, gas prices have shot up. according to a lundberg thsurve national average for a gallon of regular about $2.79. about a 50-cent increase since
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january. in our area, the average price in d.c. is $2.87. in maryland, $2.68. in virginia, $2.51. we've all experienced a scary moment on the road because another driver was distracted by their cell phone. the reality hasafety advocates on a campaign to get drivers to focus on driving. a new app called drive well launched earlier this year and tracks your behavior behind the wheel using your smartphone. it then automatically measures your driving performance against a set of metrics that highly correlate with crashes. those metrics were developed by the a company. >> we know that about 9% of all fatalities on the roadway are the result of people just not paying tention. we want people just to drive. >> the dri well app has support from the insurance industry. the company says most users hene 35% drop in phone distraction within less than f days o using the program. >> all right. anything that helps. hey, every spring organ
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donor recipients gather at a local churchel torate being given the gift of life. can you imagine? at the natnal presbyterian church in northwest d.c. yesterday, recipients lip candles inemory of their donors. naysay it was an opportunity to -- they say it wasopn rtunity to thank the families of their donors who live on because. their generousgift. >> we're very thrilled and honored that he was able to save so manyveli my brother was a kind and generous man in life and continuedh.n his de >> these are the people that donated their organs so that we could live. >> an amazithing. the washington regional transplant community organizes ese donor family gatherings every year. great britain's prince william is no jamesond but spent time working with the secret services. we're used to seeing him at public endnts with kids things like that. over the weekend his office revealed the second in line to
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e throne was embedded with britain's top-secret security he spent time shadowing spies and others in the foreign and domestic intelligence services. gince william said spend time inside the country's security and intelligence agencies was a humbling experience.e >> does get the cool car? that's got to come with it. he was already flying nd helicopters a stuff. >> the real deal. same with prince harry. hey, country music had a big night in las vegas last nig with the54th annual academy of country music awards hosted by reba mcentire. a nd the winner is keith urban!rs [ ] >> wow! >> keith urban been around a long time. >> good for him. >> the guy keeps winning. keith urban took home the honors as the acm entertainer of the year. kacey musgraves continued her hot streak after winning album of the year for "goldenur
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the night was packed with performances including one by nbc's "this is " star chrissy metts. she performed "i'm standing with you" alongside carrie underwood ahead of me'upcoming movie "breakthrough." also jason aldean won the dick clark artist of the decade award. amazing. >> which sdmadecade? >> i'm guessing this -- >> what about dolly parton? she's the best. icon award. >> he wins every country music award out there. >> i'm such a fan of hers. >> still lives on. >> you win the award for best weather. >> do i really? >> yes. >> hey, last prize -- the weekend was fantastic. >> it was great. i'm glad you enjoyed. it sunshine both days. until rain waited natuuntil lat well after the sun went down. monday, a lot of clouds and lingering raindrops first thing this morning. there will be plenty of useably
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dry hours in your monday and your tuesda the week is going to start nice and warm. you could tell yesterday that milder air coming in. this mning we're oudy, rain drops here from montgomeryvil montgomeryville -- montgome montgomery village, missing out drops fornow. more rain lingering across northwestern virginia. as you can tellhere, not a big rain threat this morning. there's an awful lot of moisture d rainhances hanging out just back to the west. that's going to be coming in ter on. not a guarantee you're going to get rained on today, but i'dre have the ua just to play it on the safe side. a first clump going through this morning, then this little area of showers acros the ohio valley. that's our rain chance for later on in the day today. here's future weather. i think most m of the latening and early afternoon hours are likely to be dry. little better chance of showers coming in later on, especially after about 7:00 or hi00.
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i fortunately for most of us, most of the rain chances are during the evening hours tonight up to about midnight. i think by still a lot of clouds around. by tomorrow afternoon, oh, here comes the sunshine. weather front going through, winds gradually turning to the west tomorrow. westerly winds around here tend to warm things up nicely. we'll be in t mid to upper 70s today. we'll be flirting with 80 degrees tomorrow. don't get used to it. the cool weather will be back for wednesday and thursday. sunny and dry bothdays. but noticeably cooler. then clouds increasing a bit as head intofriday. by friday afternoon, they'll leave another chance for some showers coming in. so here's your five-y forecast then -- 78 degrees today. again, a likelihood of showers f thunder later. the best daye week, tomorrow, high of 79. bright and sunny for wednesday and thursday. back down t typically cool weather for april. >> thank you, chuck. i like seeing 78, 79.
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looks good. inner loop/outer loop, no constructihe. nothing i way. a little bit of a slowdown inner loop as you approach 66. don't have anything reported. we'll let you know if it chroges. ville, southbound rockville pike at veers mill. have some lanes blocked by the work zone that went into gear this past weekend. 66 eastbound, west here at waples mill, no problems. 95, the road's not going to show up -- there it is. 68 miles per hour, that willke ou 18 minutes. we'll take a live look at 270 twup. yon? >> thank coming up, we're working for your health. head and body aches arell le signs that you are stressed out. what else is stress causing inside of our bores? a doc tells us about a major health risk and what we can do today to reduce it. plus, today on the "ellen" show. >> let's talk about your love life. you're in flux. iead the book, it's a great book, and it's very revealing.
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and this ps a guaranteed lifetime rate lock, so your rate can never go up for any reason. and with this plan, you can pick your payment date, so so you can timeever go up foryour premium due date to work with your options at $9.95 a month, plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. so call now for free information. fd you'll also get the beneficiary planner, and it's yours just for calling. so call now. welcome back at more than 8,000 people spent
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their sunday helping the community for good deeds day. tractor-traile it is put on by the jewish federation of greater washington. at bender jcc in rockville, volunteers helped with various projects including packing meals, creating cards, and assembling toiletry kits. always nice to do good deeds. should be every single day. >> do something good everyda how often do you feel ressed out? you seem low >> glad you think so. >> you have three children, so i know what that's like. every day y body goes through some kind of stress. the stress should come and if. >> -- come and go. >> sometimes it lingers and creates a serious health risk. everyone's had stress. you know what it feels like. you're in traffic, your heart rate and blood pressure goes up. your hands get cold. that's the body producing its own strength hormones to respond. reporter: a feeling many.
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us know too well. our bodies reacting to a revolving door of stressors. from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. dr. alan taylor of the heart and vascular institute says stress triggers may cree in in m ways than you realize. >> we have to be listening and watching f stress. it doesn't matter the source. your life, your job, finances, it adds up to the same risk. >> reporter: a risk that races your chances for a major medical event like or heart his advice -- consult with your doctor and take preventive steps now like adopting a healthier diet, taking on an extra routine, and focus on getting a good night's sleep. and take closer look at what's stressing you out. >> when you get back intohe stress, recognize it. seek to control it or get yourselves out of those situations. >> we should meditate, right?
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>> do it right now. still ahead, details about a local children's hospital dealing with antb ak of a norovirus. >> yikes. plus, one man under arrest accused of threatening to kill a member of congress. chuck? got to be careful aar -- adam -- aaron, adam -- >> they're all the same. >> yeah. >> just kidding. >> no sleeping in anchoring. mperatures this morning, not too bad. we are dealing with some raindrops. r rebout you
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welcome back at 4:29. another workweek kickingthff morning. we start with a live look outside now. sunday night nded with some rain and a few showers. may linger for some of us this morning.'s overall, going to be a nice day. looking forward to it. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm adam tuss. d aaron has t off. let's start with a check of the forecast and melillet has a check on the roads. we srt with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell.
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how warm is it going to get? >> it's going to be nice and warm. open window weather again today. temperatures will be soaring way up into t 70s this afternoon. and it's not all that cold this morning. most areas in the upper 50s to around 60s. degr we have been dealing with an occasional raindrop or two. there will be more dry hours before this moves chance of rain. a rumble or two of thunder comes in again moday. of your monday will not be all that affected by rain. mild temperatures,61 in arlington. 62 in falls church. 59 inleesburg. 65 in frederick this morning. so not a cold start at stall. l dealing with a couple of raindrops. turned breezy and warm today. after about 4:00, 5:00, into the early evening, there will be a chance of a rumble orwo for thunder. severe weather chance is not that great. any individual thuulerstorm have gusty winds at times, li


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