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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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up around carroll county. it has lightning in thatne another just south of hayese hagerstown. from d.c. right on southward, down towards parts of prince william county. these are the strongest storms right now. nothing too strong. no severe thunderstorm warnings. of the milln thunderstorm warnings. that's really all you're going to see in the way of breezy conditions. around the woodbridge area, heads up for this comin on through. this one we'll have a little bit of wind coming in with it. more down toward the south around fredericksburg. just south of edericksburg, there is a severe thunderstorm watch which later may include rts of the northern neck. we'll continue to track that for you, but again, the strong to severes should stay just to our south. we're monitoring this entire situation tonibet. going to a little bit of a wet one near the next couple of hours. >> thank you, doug. now to that terror plot foiled in maryland. a man who told the feds he wanted to pullff an isis-style attack. >> this evening we are learning
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the disturbing details about his efforts and his arrest. all of this l unfolded latt month when the man was leaving his job in germantown to launch this attack. >> investigators tell us he stole an u-haul order to mow down pedestrians. authorities found the vehicle and the man at national harbor. >> let's get to news 4 pat hellins who has rest of this story. pat. >> reporter: wey, the details here, bonehiing. they say the s was inspired by isis. that he stole a truck. that he had a plan. plow that truck into a cro of people here at national harbor. words from a would-beterrorist. i was just going to keep driving and driving. i wasn't going to stop. the fbi says he had noap e plan. they say he intended to die
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killing others for his cause. the suspect 28-year-old rondel henry, a computer engineer. two yearsor more than he harbored hatred for those who didn't practice the muslim faith. they say he stole this u-haul van in alexandria and planned to drive it into a crowd of people at national harbor. they say he stole the van because he thought his sedan wouldn't exact the same tastrophic damage he desired. henry worked for the hughes networkystems in germantown. he lived in an apartment nearby. a neighbor says the fbi searched his home last week. she described her encounters with henry this way. every time you went out to work at 6:00 in the morning, he will be coming home? >> yeah. so he wasn't here over t
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night. >> reporter: did you ever talk to him? >> i said good morning to rhim. replied?d he >> he went like that to me. that's it. >> no words? >> huh-uh help. >> did you find him to be somewhat unusual? >> hecared me. >> reporter: so when he got to national harbor y didn't he execute his plan? well, they say when he got here, he thought the crowd was too thin. so he parked a truck, broke into a boatnd waited for just the right time. hertunately t and fbi got him before the right time rolled along. jim, back to you. andhank goodness they did prevented a horrific tragedy perhaps. pat, thank you. we ha breaking news on that college admissions scandal. today 14 suspects pled guilty. the most high profile, actress felicity huffman who paid
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$15,000 to get her oldest daughter unlimited time to take the s.a.t.e sh also paid to have a proctor correct the answers. she says her daughter knew nothing about this deal. actress lori loughlin is also charged in the scandal, but her name ihe not on list of those who agree today to take this guilty plea. also breaking, thrrv u.s. e members and one contractor have been killed in a car bomb attac i afghanistan. we're learning that blast happened just outside the bagram air base in kabul. part oin the northea the country. three other people are hurt. as we learn more about the victim t we're goingo update you right here and in our nbc washington app. and there are newshakeups within the department of homeland security and rumblings of more to come less than 24 hours after secretary kirstjen
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nielse resigned under pressure. also out is secret service dr t director randolph alles. the decision tseek his resignation came about ten days ago but that was before the recent security scare that involves the chinese woman arrested at mar-a-lago. les will be replaced byes j murray, a career member secret service who will beg tak over next months. three administration officials tell nbc that the president may remove or reassign the current deputy dhs secretary. that move seen as a possible effort to avoid any legal challenges as the president moves to install the current cbp commissioner as acting secretary. nielsen, who will officially leave as of wednesday, talked to reportersli e today. >> dhs has a vast array of missions. i want to make sure we continue to execute them all with
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excellence through the transition. >> all of these departuresgh ght significant vacancies within dhs. there will be no senateme conf secretary, deputy secretary, head of secret service, head of fema, director of i.c.e. ornspector general. it is a sad day in annapolis. the end of maryland's legislative session has turned into a day of mourning because house speaker michael bush passed away over the weekend. news 4 darcy spencer has been covering the general assembly for years. she joins u liveo tell us -- she's in annapoliss to tell how he is being remembered. i remember him very fondly from the times i covered him or moderated debate. he was just a lovely man with de deeply rooted in the anne arundel county community. >> that's right wendy. as you know from covering the general assembly yourself, spear bush waso well respected, it will be very hard
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to find someone to say a negative word about him. even people who may disage with him on the policy issues, they feel like he always listened. they say thaet wht's what they' miss most. it's the last day of the general asmbly session in annapolis. it may appear like a typical day tes, but use of dele time in 16 first years speaker mike bush has not been here to lead the way. where he would typically stand d in black bunting. >> he's a leader. he's instilled in all of us what we need to get through today. >> speaker bush died send after battling battling pneumonia. the maryland flag flies at half staff over the statehouse in memory. >> previous days have been
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joyful, sometimes a little silly and we're focused on finishing the work of the state and i think there's just a lot of feelings, a l of emotions and it's just been a very somber day. >> there were terry eyes and hugs on the house floor. bracelets saying iron mike placed on every desk. >> i had to motivateel m the song came on to keep on moving. uknow that's what he wants to do. >> bush represented anne arundel county. he was a forr teacher and football coach. he was a respected leader who could get things done from the budget to education to the enviroent to marriage equality. many credit him with pushing through some of the state'spo mt ant priorities. >> we all ccoled him h. he had that sort of coach's mentality that coaches feel. it's pro undsadness. >> reporter: governor larry hogan just wrapped up speaking to reporters for the first time since the death oak s mike bush. we're going to have some of that
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coming up. news 4 at 6:00. >> so many fond memories from members there. darcy, thank you for bringing us now to prince george's county where a teenager was discovered dead inside her home this weekend. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: prince george's county police back on the scene at this house in the 13000 block washingto a teenager is dead from a gunshot wound and police are trying to figure out how it happened. >> she was pronounced dead on the scene. investigators are still working to determine exactly how things happened a we're askinone with any information too give us a call. >> sunday night aroundpo 10:30 ce were call to the house ia floyd-year-old s was found shot and killed inside one of the bedrooms. >> do you all t believes was suicide or an accident or was shehot? >> we're treating it as a dioth
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investigfor now. all the circumstances are still under investigation. >> reporter: sources with knowledge tell me sania wasti a young man who lives in this home. police say they are questioning multiple witnesses but aren't releasing much information at thme. >> investigators are still trying to determine who owned the gun, where i came from. that's all part of how we normally trace guns. >> seporter: ike with one of sania's aunts by phone. she says the family is not prepared to speak on camera but she told me that sania was an outgoing young lady, a hair stylist who graduated from central high school last year. she said whatever inside that room, sania would not have done anything to herself on purpose. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. we needed a couple days to come down off that final second finish on saturday. tonight is the night, folks. the virginia cavaliers one win away from theirst men's basketball championship in school history.
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>> dave johnson is liv in the newsroom with more on the final step to the cavs redemption story,ve. >> this would make a great movie, but it's real. the finaleed has not been shot. that's tonight in minneapolis when virginia tries to go from one and out eliminated a year ago in the first round of the tournament by unbc to the last one standing when it takes on texas tech. the cavaliers have been o incredible journey. determined to dance to their date with destiny after last year's loss when the cavs became the first t number one seedo fall to 16 seed, there was no shortage of doubters that the cavaliers defy critics and asti they connued to move forward they were able to draw strength from their weakest moment, that loss to unbc. >> in a way it's a painful gift. it did draw us nearer to each other as a team. it helped us as coaches. did i knoe were going to be in this spot after last year? what a difference a year makes.d it. but i knew it was going to be a
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really importantd year for all of us in our lives. it's certainly playing out that way. >> the year sent over. 9:20 tip off tonight. virginia/texas tech will be trying to win the first ncaa men's title. we have another sleepless night ahead. weoing to get nothing done this week. >> nothing in the newsroom going on. dave, thanks. well, it is a sign of the changing times in d.c. why a local business owner is eing told cannot play go go music that has been blasting in his store for the past 25 years. a little girl in her home almost hit by a bullet fired from the street. the search for a shooter in a neighborhood on edge. new trouble for a local senior living facility. after the news 4 i-team exposes den reporting a sex abuse allegation. and jury seated in a bizarre case involving a man bizarre case involving a man digging underground tunls andne
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drooug is tracking some rai and storms in our area. his update in justhr about minutes. weeks after a news 4 i-team investigation revealed a sex crime investigation inside a local assisted living residence, at business iow being sued. >> the family of a woman with dementia says the senior living ycility waited nea a week to call the cops and the woman's son. the family says that delay allowed a possibl suspect to away. investigative reporter scott macfarlane joins us now with the new fallout tonight. scott. >> our news 4 i-team investigation last month showed what allegedly happened inside the chevy chase housed assis living exactly one year ago this week. a housekeeper checking on an woith dementia unlocked the door and found a construction worker standing near the woman's pants down.
5:16 pm
>> you feel like your trust was broken? >> absolutely. >> d.c. health department records paint a troubling timeline. april6, 2018. the housekeeper witnesses the possible sex crime and tells a chevy chase house receptionist. april 8, she notifies the activities director. he didn't report it because he thought it was like consensual. april 9 the construction worker is seen backt work. he's eventually questioned by his supervisor and escorted off the grounds. april 11th, the activities directorotifies the administrator. april 12th, nearly a week after the incident,he administrator calls the cops and the woman's family. police said they couldn't make a case. the health inspection indicates ome wan has no recollection of the incident. what do you think of what was found? >> it's really surprising that there are so many more failures in their system. >> the woman's son, whose identity we' masking to protect his mother, says he was
5:17 pm
given few details at t time and didn't know much of this until the i-team revoul today. >> think some people dropped the ball here? > i absolutely think people dropped the ball. >> her son hired attorney peter and anderson who ailed suitinst the facility and the construction. their mommeone puts or dad in a nursing home or assisted living facility, the is trust there. this case is about a breach of trust. >> the newly filed suit says the woman suffers agitation, severe anxiety, depression, paranoia and hallucinations of aed nak man in her bed. >> the family moved this victim out? >> absolutely. >> quickly. >> and they had to because the safety issue was not addressed and how could you feel safe. >> chevy chase house declined to comment, but td news 4 it has retrained staff, follows d.c. regulations and noted their license remains intact. the construction company named in the suit says the worker allegedly involved in the
5:18 pm
incident was not their employee and said it will vigorously defend itself. the family is seeking $1 million in damages. slo scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. it feltike summer out there today, doug. how close did we get toe 80 or didit it? >> oh, we hit 83. >> did we? >> 85 in annapolis today. that's some summer like numbers. it was very harm. a little on the humid side veo. now w got the rain and even some thunderstorm activity too. heavy rain in ourouthernones right now. take a look at storm team 4 tracking that radar. right now coming through the district, you s is the rain uoming on down along i-95, along 495. an see rain around the frederick maryland area up towards hars,gewn bto area.kac moderate rain here. but rain pretty much area wide. the area that's seeing the heaviest rain is inf lightning
5:19 pm
towards waldorf. ads up aroundharles county, down around fredericksburg, a couple of storms that do have lightning. i'll zoom in right here as its making its way towards the waldorf air. coming throu woodbridge. seeing thunder there. probably hearing thunder and seeing a little in the way of lightning. this will move off toward the east. i'll zoom in and show you the areas this is going to be affecting. around bendsville, right along 228. heads up in this area as it moves off towards the east. you could see stronger storms along 301. no sere weather in our area. however, we are going to be tracking this area of storminess down to the south. if you live around fredericksburg, in towards extreme southern maryland, you folks have theest chance of seeing heavi storms. there are severe thunderstorm watches down around the pink. severe thunderstorm warnings too but that is all south of our
5:20 pm
area. we will continue to watch our location over the next couple of hours as this moves on through. the rain coming down. 82 drees. the current temperature. winds out of the west at 12. we're at 82 degrees, d.c. 69 in n culpeper. the whole system making its way through right now. this is all part of one storm. there's numerous oer storms out there. there's this one down here towards the south. this one's going to o move to south and not really do too much for us. it did allow all this and clouds today. i'm watching this one towards minneapolis. how come? this one is going to make its way our way high temperature around 83. cloudd continued warm with an isolated shower as the cold front comesr h. that cold front, however, will bring cooler area and we will be in the mid 60s during the day on wednesday. cooler but that is the average
5:21 pm
high for wednesday. . we're perfect. 70 degrees on thursday. 76 on friday. another storm system moving our way could bring us ae of showers, maybe a rumble of thunder on friday kind of like what what we're seeing out. the rest of the, 10-day forecast i'll see you here about 15 to 20 minutes. we are certainly e oying the warmer temperatures, but they come with a price. when are the tes going to stop poll pollenating and we can get this allergy season behind us? plus behind the scenes of
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♪ you know rel hble support when ye it, and that dependability is what we want to give our customers.'s at comcast, my job to coy monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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we've seen efforts to curb emissions here in our country.he overseas pollution is so bad that london is taking the drastic move of adding taxes on older vehicles entering the central part of the city. stting today diesel cars more than four years old and vehicles with gas-powered engines more than 1years old will pay a fee of $16 to enter central london. that's in addition a to a $15 congestion charge that's already in place on weekdays. that adds up. london's mayor says thousands of people are dying inhe city even year from toxic air. >> that tube is looking better and better over there across the pond.
5:25 pm
does it feel le your allergy season is going on and on and on and on? >> well, in a way it is. amelia draper is here to tell us how allergy season is getti longer and why. >> well, first i'm starting you off with your pollen report from today. if your allergies are bothering yu, most lik trees. that count is running high. mold, weeds and grasses all nning low. now, new numbers coming out from climate central show that our growing season is getting longer. th the numbers of hundreds of cities across the united states and over the last 50 years they found that on average the growing seasony increased about two weeks. a longer growing season means a er allergy season. i reached out to our local microbiologist. that's who i get the pollen report from every day. she did some calculations of her own. in our area what she really noticed is tree pollen is showing the most change compared to grasses and weeds. what she's nhaicing with tree pollen is the total treell
5:26 pm
production is actually going up. so we're seeing more tree pollen out there and for a longer period of longer growing season again means alle grgy seen. the over the last 50 years we have seen our growing season increase by 17 days. more allergy medicine for a longer period of time. >> 17 days>> hat's more than two weeks. >> it is. go fund me launched nearly ten years ago now and it's helped people with everything from medical bills to disaster relief. but after a high profile scam, faith in the companyas shaken. ahead at 5:00, what they're now doing to stop the fraud. gunfire at an apartment complex in ashburn. f three bulleed in the building, including this one that landed just feet away from a 6-year-old child. coming up, the search for the shooter.
5:27 pm
the latest on this alarming breaking news this afternoon. plottingt of a man for a terror attack at nationa
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we want them to grow up stronger. . youine wat news 4 at 5: 5:00. storm team 4 radar tracking the storms. most of this around d.c. to the north, steady rain or light rain falling. heavy rain now around waldorf, right on down towards
5:30 pm
fredericksburg. down toward the northern nk. strong stos in these areas. this storm making its way right across the bay bridge. here i the bay bridge. look at that storm right around annapolis. lightning aassociat lightning associated with this. this will crossover a out of the area. the rain making its way on through. severe thunderstorm watches well to the sought. it does n include our area. just to our south we're still seeing strongeve storms in our region. we'll talk about these and what happens next in the fecast including the rest of the 10 -dy forecast. see you back here in 15 minutes. a closer look at our top story. a man accused of plotting an isistyle attack at our national harbor. >> court documents give us a closer look at his an. this is a case that spanned t region. scott macfarlane is joining us from the newsroom to give us the details on this. >> that picture youee is a man named rondel henry. the feds say rondel henry
5:31 pm
to create panic and chaos and nas plotting to mow d pedestrians at national harbor in maryland. they say he stole a u-haul truck and was targeting where to find crowdso commit home grown attacks. he'd been casing out other targets with that vehicle you see on your screen, including dulles international airport but he settled on naonal harbor. court documents don't indicate whether the defendant, mr. henry, has defenns cor has entered a plea in the case, but defense has asked the judge to order him a held on charge of interstate transportation of stolen vehicles as they sort the case out. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. wend back to you. thank you, scott. this was a fraud that made national a couple working with a homeless veteran in new jersey to smoal than $400,000 from unexpecting and genous donors. it's not the only time crowd funding has been used for nefarious reasons.
5:32 pm
stephanie gosk joins us now to tell us what's being done about it. go fund me, are they able to make any changes to stop this? because i'm sure people are pretty clever. certainly are. lot of fraud on go fund me includes something called copycagn campai these are fraudsters that take a lej legitimate campaign and copy it word for rd, even use their photos. that's not what happened in the case you cited with the new jersey couple. they out and out lied and said the woman in the case ran out oa and this homeless vet jumped to her rescue and gave her his last $20 bill. they raised $400,000. i spoke with the ceo of go fund me and i said to him if that happened again today, would you guys be able to detect it and he said ye, he thinks he would. the reason he says that is this trusted safety team they have put together is going to puck more of its time on figuring out exactly who the recipient and
5:33 pm
how they're going to get the money. the vet really was hehomeless. idn't have a bank account. in the future they say they're going to make sure that the recipient does that have mechanism to receive the money. what's not clear, wendy, is whether or not they're going to be able to see these just ouight lies. there will still be fraud on the site. they hope if people see things that look suspicious they call them and let them know zpl . >> what does a consumer do? how do you make sure when you're giving your money to something on go fund me that it's actually legitimate? is there any way we can know? >> you may not be able to know 100% for sure. go fund me doesn't guarantee aat, but there areew things you can do. theirst is to look at the campaign itself and see who a started it what their connection is to the recipient. if that connection makes sense.
5:34 pm
the other thing is to see if family and friends have given to the campaign and have put supportive comments on the site. that'sooenerally a sign. ultimately if you have questions or concerns about the recipient se anything go fund me says call them and they will start to look into the campaigns and research them and hopefully if there is fraud, take it down uiasly as possible. >> all right. stephanie gosk, thank you so much. you can watch sexphanie's usive look inside go fund me and how it is combatting thed. fr that's tonight on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. a young child in the safety of hadar home nearly struck by bulletnt that come flying the house. tonight police are searching for the nman. at neighborhood is called the grove at flynn's crossing. it's just off the dulles greenway.r northern virginia burea chief julie carey spoke with residents who are alarmed at what's happening in their
5:35 pm
normally safe community. >> i hear boom. >> that's what residents say they heard saturday around 9:00 m. this man didn't even imagine it could be gunfire until a deputy knocked on his door asking wha he'd heard. >> i told him that i heard, like, three loud noises. i assumed it was fire works. here's what deputies found. evidence of three shots fired at this building. we trackedhe path of two of the bullets through this entry way roof. one slammed int this artment. the other hit just across the hall. here's the most frighteningfi ng. this bullet went straight into a second floor apartment, through the clothes dryer, lodging in thee door. resident here didn't want to apar on cam rarks bera, tells m 6-year-old child was just feet away and heard the bulletng com fl in. this mom has a 6-year-old, t. she lives just down the hall. >> i heard a big noise. my son, mama, look there.
5:36 pm
what's wrong over there? yis it's a scary noise. arrivedter: deputies and started knocking on door. >> one bullet did penetrate an apartment. fortunately nobody was areds it i big concern to us. >> reporter: ts sign posted around the dumpster says therey are secur cameras at the apartment complex. police say they were not able to get any video. investigators s the shooter may have fled in a silver sedan. ey're seeking hel from residents to develop more leads. i'm julie >>rey, news 4. a mystery is unfolding in the woods in the sought east d.c. neighborhood that could involve multiple murders. news 4's mark segraves broke the news on social media police are looking at the possibility that those remains found near alabama avenue on saturday are a suspect who was wanted mn asy as three murders. multiple sources are telling us the rem are of an adult.
5:37 pm
an adult male with a gunshot wound to the head. the medical examiner is trying to determine if this was a suicide or a ktoling. y d.c. police confirmed the u.s. marshal's office is workinc on thise as well. se the name of the person when the medical examiner confirms the idention. a change at the top in the list of best airlines. look at who rose, who fell and why. just a few hours to go until tonight's big game. i'm aimee cho, one of the official uva watch par ty not everybody can be a winner like aldi. their products have won over 400 awards for quality. kind of like cooper's solar system. we did great too. not aldi great, but regular great. what's great is saving at aldi. select friendly farms greek yogurt, now $2.99. aldi. shop differentli.
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aldi. shop differentli. welcome back on this monday evening. continuing to track heavy rain moving throuorms parts of the area mainly south of washington. now exiting northern virginia heading into parts of southern maryoond. here's a at the bigger picture. we're going to continue to track rain through the evening hours coming up how today's rain impacts tomorrow. doug and i are going to have your complete forecast in about ten minutes. pinterest is going public and it may not costm you an ar and a leg. we're trying to get all our m metaphors in at once. it's valuing the company at about $9 billion. that's about $3 billion les s ohethter w t major tech companies that plan to go year. this no word yet on when pinterest
5:41 pm
will officially join the stock market. they're being priced $15o $17 per share. i live on that network. >> well, here we go, folks. businesses in charlottesville making those final sales right now. getting fans geared up for tonight's men's basketball title game between virginia and texas tech. inngton plenty of support for the cavs. news 4 aimee cho is livewn outse all at north west d.c. where there's a lot of cheering and just a fewhours. i was there saturday. that place was rocking. >> reporter: hey, jim, absolutely. much excitement. as you can see, town hall here is completely decked out and readyeyo go. re hosting one of the official watch parties tonight. lots of spirit. throughout the day we've been talking to uva fans about what this game means to them. throughout the lunch rush, a rush of eitement for tonight's big game. >>'m rooting for uva.
5:42 pm
local of virginia all the way. go cavaliers. >> i basic follow all the games and all the players. ry excited to watch my team teplay. >> rep saturday night uva pullingut a win over auburn to secure a spot. >> a lot of my friends were there and it looked amazing. >> reporter: for all the fans who can't be in charlottesville or minneapolis, breaking out the orange will have to do for aw. how you feeling about the game? >> excited. >> i have some blue but h iave work and i couldn't wear the t-shirt but i will be wearing it tonight. >> reporter: after the loss in the first round, they're happy to see them bounce back. >> shocked after last year and the heartache that ensued. i'm proud of the team of wt they've done. >> i'm super excite. >> what are your plans for watching the game? >> justy trying to s awake because it starts at 9:20. >> and i think once the game
5:43 pm
starts, staying awake will not be a problem. if you have not made plans yet, we posted a list of a the watch parties on the nbc wastington app. search march madness. >> here we go. we're counting down. david culver will be covering what ae hope is big celebration tonight at uva. check out his live reports from charlottes vil tomorrow morning on news 4 today. >> dav looks very serious there because he went to william and my. >> the world's largest airline dealing with fallout from grounding theets. plus we've got new details in the case of the bethesda millionaire charged with the murder of a man who was hired to dig tunnels under
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
a liveat lootorm team 4 radar. there you see it. the storms are coming in. doug has an updateorou in three minutes. jury selection is under way in a bizarre murder case in montgomery county. a man found burned to death inside this bethesda home. that fire lding investigators to a set of underground tunnels. prosecors tells daniel beckwitt's actions led to the death of a man who waselping him build the bunker. news 4 cory smith was in court today and spoke to the victim's father. >>. >> rr: was it an accident between friends or something more sinister? that isio the que a montgomery county jury will begin to answer as daniel beckwitt a million air stock trader and computer hacker goes on trial for murder. it was september of 2017 when a fire broke out atwi be's home in bethesda. when crews arrived, they found e
5:47 pm
body in the basement. several weeks later the case took a bizarre turs when it revealed investigators found a hole in the basement floor that led a shaft that dropped 20 feet down into tunnels that extended some 200 feet in length. police say they were part of ane underground b to protect against a nuclear attack from north korea. he allegedly hired khafra to do the the attorney says his client is ger to get the trial started. he'll likely say it was an accident and beckwitt risked his safety in an attempt to rescue the man. >> because of the publicity in this cases important that we spen the time to go through and get a jury that comes into the courtroom with a clean mind. >> reporter: meanwhile, l prosecutors wikely point to conditions inside beckwitt's house and basement as evidence that he ignored the fire risk inside the tunnels which had lights and air circulation system and a heater powered by what investigators called a
5:48 pm
haphazard daisy chain of power strips. jury selection is set to wrap up tomorrow. i did speak briefly wh khafra's father. he too is looking forward to the trial getting started butwo he d not comment any further given that he might be called as a potential witness. the trial is expected to s rt wednesday. cory smith, news 4. you might want to kp in mind when you're booking your flights, american airlines says it will continue to canhtl fl because of the trouble max.the boeing 737 90 flights i up to day could be canceled through the 5th of june. that airline normally uses about 24 of those jets but they are all grounded as you know because of those two deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. those delays won't likely help americans with this next one. the -- american airline rather. it's ranking near the bottom in the latest airline quality survey. on top delta with jet blue,
5:49 pm
southwest and alaska rounding out the top four. it measures on time arrivals, percendlge of mish bags and complaints with the sportation department. but it does not track social media complaints. which have become oneulf the most p ways for passengers to vent their frustrations and get some attention from the airlines. >> yes. maybe aree ticket or, you know, a coupleours in the lounge. >> every little bit. not a good day to fly in some parts. >> or to be driving. i'm sure rus hour is not happy. >> especially in theouthern jo zones. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning that includes most of southern maryland. calvert county, st.mary's county. you can see what's happening there on the ride dar. i want to show you one of the strong storms right now crossing over the bay bridge. you can see -- take a look at this cama. we just had this storm right over the bay bridge.
5:50 pm
it's now making its way over. you can see it's aittleit on the wet side for sure along the areas of the bay bridge. take a look at the storms going on mostly to the south. we've got this one storm here right over the bay bridge here. these storms down to the south that have prompted this severe thunderstorm warning as it makes its way off tow ad the south east. d.c. just seeing some scattered rain, some light some steady rain along the belt way and right on downok-95. t the storms here. right around waldorf. one, een tracking this severe thunderstorm warning as it makes its way into southern prince george's county. another one down around leonardtown. this one here has been the strongest storm right here. take a look. you see a lot of lightning with this just south of mechanicsville right around leonardtown. a lot of lightning and that really prompts us to say this could go severe. that's why i was waiting for nd this severe tstorm warning and there it is right now for partsf st. mary's county. moving at about 50 miles per
5:51 pm
hour. could have 50, 60 mile an hour hais, maybe small heads up around leonardtown, coming up in the next 30 minutes. this is a line that has formed no from fredericksburg right over towards portions of the eastern shore and we'll continue to see this makingn its way towards the east. behind this we'll see the showers right o through the rest of the overnight period, probably through 2 the morning. what moves in tomorrow? we loved 83. that was the high tperature so far today. amelia, we get there again to grrow. >> it'ng to be a comfortable start tomorrow morning with the temperature around 61 degrees. midday we're at 72. nice and mild. tomorrow going to be perfect to have the lunch outdoors. it's looking really nice. we'll have a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day and a bit of a breeze with the high once again of it's go be a good day to get out in the lawn and garden as well. tht expertse garden center
5:52 pm
tell us you can improve the and prevent weeds by putting in mulch and only about 1 to 2 inch layer of mulch. also i thought this was kind of interesting. don't create those mulch volcanos around the trees because they actually injure them. tuesday for a most part weather having a low impact on the day. heading tond fro work not really seeing any issues. school for the kids,s rec going to be outdoors. outdoor exercise, there's a c smallnce for an isolated late day shower or thunderstorm as another cold front moves through the area. temperatures running well above normal. our average high now 64 degrees. notice our temperatures do drop on wednesday. we're in the mid 60s.o it's going breezy as well. then thursday, friday, and saturday temperatures go to above normal. for the most part it'sooking really nice. the entire workweek. our next real chance of rain is going later in the day on friday with most of the day actually looking mainly dry out
5:53 pm
there. >> and maybe some thunderstoror as well your day on friday. right now one more time i want to show you where these sere thunderstorms are. down around leonardtown right on back towards the west, i want to show you the counties involved. this isg k george county, nextreme souther anne arundel. severe thunderstorm warning here until 7:00 tonight as these storms rumble on through your area. first severewahunderstorm ing we've seen so far this season. 83 tomorrow. 65 on wednesday. 70 on thursday. some beautiful weather wednesday and thursday. th re comes then again on friday with a chance of strong -- a chance of thundetorm or too. nothing too strong. much cooler. sunday is the day to watch. saturday looks good. sunday not so much. cool with pretty high rain chances. >> get it all in on saturday. doug, thank you. socia media was buzzing with excitement today. that's because a surpriseyo e documentary is coming out next week. this one follows queen bee's historic performce at coachella last year where she
5:54 pm
became the first black woman to headline the festival. that performance paid homage to historically black colleges. >> i have ao chance t show how kind we can be. >> fans are already marking their calendars. it hitsne netflix next way the 17th. that should be something. well, this is uniquely d.c. for years go go music has been burglaryig bl inside a local business. >> why a business owner is bei h told can no longer play the business that's been a sound track in his storeince 1995. i'm mark se graves. coming up on news 4,
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
d.c., the bth place of go go music and in one jen triifyingneighborhood, there is an effort to silence it, but it getting a lot of pushback. >> derrick ward spent the day to explain w people on social media are saying don't mute d.c. >> reporter: there's something different about this intersection of 7th and florida and shaw. is it t buildings? there's certainly a change? the street scape, but that's not it. there's something missing. that's it. it's the music and them. for more than 20 years they've been part of a sonic scene
5:58 pm
that's burglaried frlar ed froms of this story. >> it's been a mainstay for the last 15 or 20 ar >> you'd hear hard core go go, covers from everyone lik celine dion to the talking heads. that all ended recently from a complaint from a nar earby resident. >> long time residents say there are more pressing nuisances than sidewalk music. >> you can't go around there and be loud. >> when there is a lull in the den, you make out the music here. it's just not as loud as u itd to be. truth is, this has never been a quiet intersection. this wholeghborhood pays hom image on the music-- >> i think a lot of people make the mistake it's a geographical destination. it's not,an. it a social contract. >> they wouldn't play it late.
5:59 pm
they would stop it around 6:00 p.m., so i don't think that was really -- there's not too many houses nearby. >> reporter: a few passers by told us they were glad for the others fearace, but this changing corridor will los some of th quirky urban vibe that made it special and that, they say, would be shame. we reached out to the owner of the business but he told then publicathat he would be meeting with the parent company today to see if he could turn the music back on. in shaw, derrick ward,s n 4. an attacker allegely dly inspired by isis attacking an area filled with pedestrians. n >> breaking at 6:00, late developments in the arrest of a man targeting people at natnal harbor. the fbi says that his plan was toow mowa crowd in a stolen van. a somber day in annapolis. lawmakers scrambling to finish the legislative session with heavy hearts overhe death of
6:00 pm
house speaker michael bush. >> new vacancies in a trump jalready withs to fill. new reporting about tension between the president and the outgoing homeland security secretary curkirstjen nielsen. >> news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> we're tracking rain and thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar. >> we have watnd warnings all to ourftouth this aernoon in virginia. now they're into southern maryland. >> let's get right tot with chief meteorologist doug utmmerer. what's going on there? >> we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 7:00. charles county, st. mary, calvert county as well as king george. let's get to theyoadar. can see area wide rain really from winchester over towards baltimore, down to the south. where the strong storms are all in towards southern maryland right now back in towards virginia, you see that line that has formed here and i want t show you these little blue areas here, these are wind gusts. mark 58 mile an hour wind


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