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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  April 9, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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planning a terrorist attac here in our region. it is 4:00 a.m. good morningeveryone, i'm ron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. some people stayed up late tot watch lnight's game. boy did uva make it worth it, earight? we're to go. melissa mollet is watching the roads in first 4 traffic. >> and the guy who woong for texas -- >> texas tech. texas tech! never texas. >> neverxa >> i'm sorry. the texas losers, you're right. he's here, as well, toet us up to speed on the forecast. get us up to speed. >> this is what happen was just trying to support my conference. this is what i get foroong for texas tech -- i promise, red agiders, it's never, ever, ever happening n. just so you know. congrats to the wahoos and the cavaliers. wahoo, indeed. we've got lingering raindrops around first thing. very low impact on your daily planner other than a drop or two here first thing.
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this is about it for rain chances today. your whole tuesday afternoon will be warm and dry and breezy once again. off to another mild start. most areas in the upper 50s a inw 60s here. a gusty promises most areas to get close to if not just above 80 degrees. 84 yesterda e warmest we have been so early in the season since20 . now over to first 4>>traffic. hank you. they didn't hear your cue. frederick, southbound 270 at urban awe have gwo lanesng southbound and two lanes northbound. with the left lanere blocked w down to one lane. a crash involving an overturned box truck. had the tiniest bit now of red here in the southbound lanes. if it sticks around, nooubt it's going to be a real mess for the morning commute.
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montclair, 234 at dumfries and forest park drive, all lanes are blocked northbound. there is a crash investigation. inner loop, outerloop, nice and clear as we take a live look at the key bridg you see we have aa ittle bit of rk zone on the right. back to you. >> thank you. 4:02. can you still feel the excitement? >> yeah. >> what a night. the university of virginia men's basketball team is the ncaa championship. >> the team was led by deondree huo the overtime win by texas tech. look at the moment the cavs made school history m. >> and virginia -- [ cheers ] >> check out the excitement. hunter made the megaying three with 12.1 secongu left in retion followed by another giving the cs the 85-77 win. school history. first for iruva,
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championship, first championship in the state of virginia. >> what a story of redemption. last year being the only number-one seed to lose in the first round. but to win a championship following year, incredible. >> huge. >> it was a late night for a lot of folks. safe to say that a lot of students pulled allighters and are probably still partying. charlottesville was going nuts overnight over the hoos' big win. this morning we're hearing from a father and his young son who watched all of the action in minneapolis. here's a bit of their reaction. >> yeah, he was going withho virginia the time. but then he made a bet with one of his buddies at school that texas tech would win and lost. hed bum about it. it was an experience i'll never forg. >> i hope that kid wasn't talking to chuck bell or something. t home, fans packed local
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sports bars. the scene in arlington here. a l of uva fans. they are glued to the screen. there are going to be a lot of tired people this morning. u know what, uva did it! nation champs. david culver is in charlottville, safe to say he hasn't slept.o he's going live at 5:00 on "news4 today." today a would-be terrorist will appear in court on charges that he planned to kill as many people as possiblet national harbor. >> the best news is it didn't happen. >> 28-year-old rondell henry stole a u-haul from an alexandria garage last month. his goal was to run down pedestrians. his first stop was dulles airport, but security was too tight. the next day on march 27th, he went to national harbor, parked his trk, and snuck on to a boat to sleep. the next morning, police spottee stolen u-haul and arrested
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henry when he jumped over the marina security fence. ye they p a key role in apprehending an individual and preventing what could have been pointless violenc prince george's county. >> the prosecutors say the suspect hate people who did practice the muslim faith and was inspired by isis-style plots targeting pedestrids. you can rore about why the suspect chose national harbor and dulles international as locations for his attempted terror plots on the nbc washingtonapp. d.c. police need help finding a guy what vandalizedva with messages of hate. look at the damage. this van was covered with swastikas and graffiti. the tires were slashed and windows smashed. the act was caught on urveillance videos on rock creek church road. d.c. police investigating i bizarre ca northeast. homicide investigatorsay a man was found responsive at the pepsico building. the details of what happened are
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a mys right now. detectives shut down part of t road for a while as the investigation continues. it's since reopened. the 2018 legislative section has come to a close. for the first time in 16 years house speaker mike busch was not there. he dver the weekend. he was the longest serving speaker in state history. the senate adjourned at 11:30 and walked across to the chamber for a ceremony honovering the speaker. his wife and daughters joined the procession. larry hogan says the speaker was one of a kind. >> it was truly an honor to know him and to get the chance to work closely with him. mike busch will be deeply >> last day of the legislative session is known as sine dye.
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he postponed signing as a bay to honor the late speaker. a secret service director is the l sest in aing of officials to call it quits in the trump administration. this comes one day after kirstjen nielsen announced that he was sleeleaving her post. randall ailes has been in the administration for two years. he told nbc news the decisio to seek his resignation came about ten days ago. in a statement, he said he isn't being fired but was told weeks ago sweeping changes were coming to the department. he will be replatesed by a -- replaced by a career member of thaksecret service who will over next month. three administration officials tell nbc news that president trump may remove or reassign the current deputy dhs secretary. that move seen as possible effort to avoid any legal challenges as the president moves to install the current customs and border protection commissioner as acting secretary. kirstjen nielsen officially leaves tomorrow.
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all of these departures highlight significant vacancies within dhs. as of tomorrow there will be no sete confirmed secretary, deputy secretary, head of the secret service, head of fema, director of i.c.e., or inspectoa ge a conservative republican from our area is reportedly in the running to become secretary kirstjen nielsen's apartment replacement. ken cuccinelli served as virginia's attorney general. he ran unsuccessful for governor in 2013. the "washington post" and"new york timeport that he is under consideration to lead thet homeland sec department. his nomination would have some support in congress. at the republican national convention in c 2016,cinelli led the effort to win delegates for senator t cruz today is election day in israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking his fifth term. he faces corruption chaes and a strong challenge from the former head of israel's army. if netanyahu wins, he will
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become israel's longestng ser prime minister. this morning, patriots owner robert krafts in a florida courtroom on charges that he solicited a prostitute at a spa. he's accused of paying for a sex act at a day spa near west palm beacho florida on separate occasions. prosecutors say surveillance video backs up the charges. the 77-year-old has requested a jury trial. he could have admitted to that if prosecutors said they had enough evidence to convict him. he turned downdehat . actress felicity huffman and 13 other parents accused in a college admissions scandal are striking a plea deal. huffman is among those investigators say paid to get their kids into colleges and universi es thursdaying georgetown. actress lori loughlin is also charged in this scandal, but her name is not o the list of those in this plea deal. huffman released a statement saying, quote, i want to apologize to the students whod work h every day to get into
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college and to their parents who make tremendous sacrifices to support their children and do so honestly. she could spend a maximum of ten ernths in jail, but it's likely she will onlyve a few months a at all based on this p agreement. still ahead, out with the old and in with the new. we'll tell t you harget is helping you recycle your child's old car seats. say it ain't so. goo music in one d.c. neighborhood has been ndted. fi out why the music was turned off in shaw of all places. 4:10. good morning, everybody. four things to knowne about the couple of days -- it will be breezy and warm again later dois afternoon. t get used to the 80s in april. today will probly the last for some time. tracking another chance for thunderstorms on y
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well, if you have a child car seat collecting dust in your garage, maybe you have a couple of those, target can take itur f ands starting later this month. the stores will have a car seat tr event from april 22nd to may 4th. but bring in any type of car -- you can bring in any o typef car seat that's expired or damaged, and target will recycle them. in exchange for the seat you'l get a coupon for a new car seat or baby stroller through april 11th. april is autism awareness month. parents are celebrating "sesa street's" character who has autism. she has a family. for one mom who has two kids with autism, the introduction of julia's family shows that kids with autism are not isolated. >> i thk's great. i think it's really important because family really is how
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you're going to get through all of this. >> just as a child with autism may feel isolat, alone, families can often feel the same. so this is also meant to show families what they have in common. >> "sesame street" hopes through its julia character it can continue to normalize autism. one in every 60hildren bor in this country has -- ishe som along the autism spectrum according to the cdc. d. is the birthplace of go-go music. but in one gentrifying ho neighb, there's an effort to silence the sounds, and some are pushing back. news4's derrick ward went to people on lain why social media are saying don't mute d.c. hi reporter: there's something different about intersection of 7th and florida in shaw. is it the buildings? ll, there's ahange in the street scape but that's not it. there's something missing. ♪ music and them. for more than 20 years they've been part of a scene that's
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blared fromakhe ss of this metro pcs store. >> it's something we grew up it. >> reporter: thatnd after a complaint squelched the sidewalk show. i miss it.fferent. >> when youhe get t you can't get ice cream. >> reporter: this pays homage to the music aal roots. >> i think people make a mistake that a neighborhood is a geographical sdingz, and it's -- designation, and it's not. it's a social contract. >> they wouldn't play it late. >> reporter: passersby told us they were gla for the newfound peace, but others fear the changing corridor will lose some of its quirky urban vibe that made itspecial. and that they say would be a shame. in shaw, derrick ward, news4. 4:15. in case you haven't heard, a surprise beyonce documentary is coming out next week. take a look.
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>> i have a chance to show how kind we can be. >> the documentary follows beyonce's historic performance atoa cchella last year where she game the first african-american woman to headline the femeival. the doary hits netflix wednesday, april 17th. >> i think it's going to break all kinds of records. knowing -- bee hive, all about it. >> a lot of people getting netflix memberships. >> exactly. >> asking their cousins for their passwords. get ready for casting calls. a new spinoff o "the walking dead" will be filmed in virginia. >> it's going to start filming this summer. we don't know much about the new ze series except that it centers around two female naracters. >> word on where the episodes will be filmed in virginia. depending how many localre fired, the series may be eligible for a state tax credit. >> you know ian't watch zombie shows or anything that involves gore or scariness. i can't do it.
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although "the twilight zone," rdan peele's -- you got new glasses. >> yes, next week. >> really? i just noticed my apologies. >> i sit here and clean them every morning in front of you. >> for some reason you looked me square in the face. >>e're in a newsca's. >> or, aarback. good morning. let's do the weather. themlike >> thank you. you can thank warbpa er. much cheaper than the last pair. that means nothing will happen these. outside, a mostly cloudy start to your tuesday. fe temperature only 62. not bad. light breeze out of the south has a lot of clouds in the sky. a couple of raindrs. very low impact. this chance of rain is going to be drying up in the next couple of hours. steadier, light rain toward the tidewategions. here, just a couple of drops now near prie william parkway, up toward columbia,llicott city,
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toward the bay bridge. a couple of drops here and there. lete showou future weather. it's such a small little chance that our computer, our high-house resolutioel not picking -- high-resolution model not picking up on the early chance. mostly sunny early this afternoon. there's a cold front due to arrive later in the day today. as it approaches, it's probably going to cause a little bit more cloud cover middle to later parts of the afternoon. there's the tiniest chanc later in the day northeastern maryland and then down into southern maryland, there could be one or two little spots o showers there between about 5:00 and 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. think the d.c. metro area will be missed by the afternoon rain chance. as the front gs farther toth south, has more -- to the south, has more moisture to work withb coul drop later today in st. mary's county. with use our app it has an interactive radar feature. you can track any of the showers that come your way. and you can follow me on social media. so what does that mean for your five-day forecast? howbout another day in the 80s today, melissa?
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a gusty northeasterly breeze. way cooler, more typical of april for wednesday and thursday. omanother chance of thunderstorms around here on your friday afternoon. your e first half of weekend, saturday, looking pretty nice, indeed. how about81 today, do you like that? >> i do like it. thank you. frederick, southbound 270, left lane is blocked due to an overturned box truck. we don't know if they have to offload it and right it and get it out of the way or if they'll be able to get it out of the way once the tow truck arrives. northbound dumfries at fest park drive, northbound lanes shut down. ner loop, outer loop, no big problems. everything looking pretty good. 95 in maryland at powder mill road, no issues northbound or southbound s we'd like tw you something i did -- last week, a career day this wmland hollywood in fre. north bethesda.
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spoke with 400 third, dfourth, ifth graders. it was fun chatting with them. thank you so much. they were well behaved, i have to say, and respectful. i was i supermpressed and loved everything they had to say. >> thank you so much. still ahead on "news4 today," we are hping you stay we'll show you one way to beat stress while it satisfies your sweet toh. listen, there's nothing chocolate cake can't cure. here's a look at what's coming up on "ellen." >> think of one animal that -- >> that scares me? that i wouldn't wanto be in a room with -- >> ahh! >> what the -- >> see, the guy in that box almost lost his face. did you see him make a fist? four was about to hit you -- actor chris hemsworth stopping by theshow. you can watch it at 3:00 on "ellen" followed by news4 at 4:00. stay with us.
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another delay for the launch of the spacex "falcon" heavy rocket. it was supposed to go up today
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but is nowlated to be launched on wednesday. it's the fifth most-powerful rocket ever 'sbuilt. intended to carry super-big satellites into space. another rocaut willh from virginia next week. we can look out for that during the day. we'll be able to see it. >> always cool. >> every time. 4:24. we all he our ways of relieving stress. but have you heard of stress baking? >> it is a surprising stress relief trendhe that'ing people cool off with a warm reward. news4's justin finch takes us to a bakery in. bethes >> reporter: fancy cakes owner megan remo has alway loved baking. >> i knew they could bake something and give it to othery people and t could be happy. >> reporter: recently she's seeing more people seeking andi find happiness in her kitchen. >> we see a ton ofpl p looking for classes to bake and decora decorate. >> reporter: a simple rule --
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students must leave their strs and high expectations at the door. >> i think that they have to let of their perfectionism. i start every clawi , if you are a perfectist, you areavot going toa great hour, or you're going to learn to let go of some of r:at. >> reporetting go in class like letting go of life's stressors is easier than it un ds. i'm nervous. i don't want to mess this up. so i'll go slowly here. >> going fast makes it easier. >> reporter: another lesson taught in the kitchen, don't sweatd recipes. >> if it doesn't work you on well the first time, you get to try it again. >> reporter:medstar's dr. alan taylor suggests activities like baking can be a useful strs nagement tool. >> hobbies and activities take your mind off of it, it gives you a break from the stress no matter where it's coming from. >> reporter: a fun hobby like baking paired with a healthy onlytyle can leave you not with sweet treats but also a
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sweeter reward, lower stress. >> my stress might be lower. but if i were baking to relieve stress, all of a sudden none of my clothes would fit. >> you can't walk away there from that. you've got to dive into it after u put thatffort into it. >> he knew what he was doing. did you see therosting on top? he should have brought one for me. coming up on the "today" show, self-help guru deepak chopra shares tips on how to build a strong relationship. and a fraternity suspended. the hazing charges leveled against the members. taking the hot eseat. ttorney prepares for a budget -- attorney general prepares for a budget meeting but as calls for the mueller report gro louder, both sides hearing that for a could be anything but norm am. chuck? dog-lking forecast. allie,-y r-old girl. to adopt allie, go to the
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humanrescue plenty of warm air c our way, plenty of sunshine in the afterninn, as well. flash. i had been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.
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a live 4:30 as we take look outside on this tuesday morning. ings finally feeling like s outside. did you feel the warm weather and the nice breeze? it waswonderful. pe you enjoyed it yesterday. you may want to schedule another walk outside for today because we continue our nice weather. >> schedule it? >> i mean,edith the se like mine, if i don't write it down, it may not happen. >> good point. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. not only is it warmer, that may put a smile yourace this morning. also, uva, the cavaliers defeated texas tech in overtime last nightn the ncaa men's championship basketball game. the amte first national title, the state of virginia's first national title in the tournament.


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