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tv   Today  NBC  April 9, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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george: nespresso, what else? good morni. the purge. president trum at the department of homeland security reaches a new level. the secret service director now the latest to go raising red flagscsith c on both sides. >>e gets rid of anybody who gets into his cross hairs. >> the president says he's going in a tougher direction. but could the moves actually make the country less safe? feet to the fire. attorneyr general william bar testifying before congress this morning for the very first time since receivinghe mueller report. the tough questions he's set to face. killed in action. four americans dead, three hers wounded in a car bombing
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in afghanistan. what we're learning about the victims and who was behind. those stories plusak breing her silence. felicity ffman speaks out. will she be sent to prison? s trength and courage. a star gymnast's inspiring message i the wake of a rtuesome career-ending injury. and oime thriller. >> say good ni and dunks it down. virginia holds off texas tech to win the first men's basketball championship in the school s historyting off a party on the court -- >> virginia with the all-time e! turnaround ti >> -- and an even bigger one back home. >> uva! uva! >> "today," tuesday, april 9th, 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, thit is "today"h savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to "today." thank u for joining us on this tuesday morning. wild.ahoos are going >> yahoo for the wahoos. late nightga overtime . you've got to love ash championip game that goes into overtime. >> the last tournament they were out in the first round. this year they win it all. they're really celebrating. withhis morning we start two big stories coming out of washington. >> president trump isrdering e removal of more top officials in less than 24 hours after pushing out secretary kirstjen nielsen. meantime, his attorney general is facing congress this morning and an expected grilling over the mueller report. we're going to start with kristen welker. hey, kristen. good morning.
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>> reporter: president trump is cleaning house at the nation's second larst national security agency, the department of home it's a sign the president is poised to get even tougher when it comes to his hard stance line on immigration. critics are asking will the purge pay offr backfire? this morning, mounting questions and concerns after a purge at the department of homeland security. secret serviceirector randolph ice is out. that came less than 24 hours after -- telling reporters monday - >> i share the president's goal of securing the border. >> reporter: reaction pouring in from capitol hillovernight. >> i think this administration has been the most unstable that i have served with. >> i'm concerned of a growing void of leadership within the depamement of land security. >> reporter: the latest staff shakeups by the president on security including at the border
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where patrol s agents the growing flood of migrants have reached a breaking point. nielsen and the president clashed over the way forward with nielsen resisting his calls to reinstate family separations as a deterrent. a policy president trump implemented last june. nielsen had become the public face of the controversy. >> yes or no, are we still putting childrencan s? >> to my knowledge, cpb never cage. child in a >> reporter: the president also wants tougher criteria for the growg number of asylum seekers. >> the asylum program is a scam. >> reporter: all thiss a least ten key leadership positions are without permanent replacements from the pentagon to the u.n. some democts are sounding the alarm. >> the president just wants yes people around him. he gets rid of anybo g whos
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into his cross hairs. >> kristen, what is the white houseaying about all these vacancies? >> reporter: white house officials are defending the recent ousters saying it's necessary. broadly officials whe g their p are doing a good job. t when yk to officials at the department of homeland security and elsewhere, it is a different story. several say they feel caught off guard by the departures and worry all of those vacancies are causing chao >> all right. kristen welker at the white house, thank you. now the other story out ofw ington. the showdown between house democrats and attorney general william barr. he's supposed to talk about t b budg the mueller report is expected to dominate the y. peter alexander has that story. >> reporter: good morning to u. big day ahead. this is the first time that attorney general william barr will b sitting down before congress since wrappedtip his investi and
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with democrats demanding that barr release the full report immediately. he's certain to face fierce questioning. attorney general william barr heading to capitol hill this morning for a hearing about next year's budget. but he's likely to come under fire from democrats for his handling of the mueller report. >> how can you publish four pages from a 400-page report and not provide to the congress oft the ud states the entire? repo >> reporter: barr has pledged to release a public version of the report withy redactions the middle of this month. but democrats want to see the entire thing. even threatening to subpoena barr who they argue is covering for his boss, president trump. >> he's a vice defender of the and he's entitled to be a defender of the administration. but he is not entitled to withhold the evidence from congress. >> reporter: the preside who itially expressed no problem with the report being released now appears to be having second thoughts. on twitter insists democrats
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will never be satisfied no matter what they get, how muc they get, or how many pages they get. meanwhile, the top republican o the house junior arjudi committs calling for transpency. callin mueller to testify rather than going after. barr quote, not sufficient to establish obstruction of justice. some of mueller's investigators believe the evidence that the president obstructed justice is stronger than barr has vealed. according to a u.s. official who has spoken with thoseat investigors. mueller did not c way whether the president obstructed justice. so barr and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein mad the determination themselves. all of it likely to face the scrutiny of democra today. >> so peter, how should -- how will this play out? do you expect that barr will g really into any substance on the mueller report? or do you expect it to just b democrats asking a lot of that
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question? >> reporter: it is a good questi a. we have h chance to see william barr's prepared opeatng ent. he makes no mention of the mueller reportyt doesn't say ng about t redactio has said it would be in his word, appropriate for him to testify once he releases the report. but not before. so it's going to be interesting to see how he deals with those questions largely from democrats today. democrats on thi committee for their part have been coordinating with democrats on sort of the crucial oversight and judiciary committees to try to planut their mueller-related questions for today. savannah? peter alexander at the white house, thank you. craig joins the tab on other table we're watching closely. >> good morning. good morning to you as well. the taliban claiming responsibility this morning far nadly attack u.s. service members in afghanistan. soldiers and an american contractor all killed in a roadside bombingear the bagram air base.
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riard engel has he latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this was the deadliestac a on u.s. forces in afghanistan this year. and it comes at a key time as negotiationsre underway to end america's longest war. new images this morning of the aftermath of the attack at the bagram air base. the u.s. military says three american service members and an american contractor were killed. three other troops were wounded in the blast. and thist' is wha left of the car bomb thatid it. a suicide bomber drove it into a convoy of american forces. in a tweet, secreta of state pompeo writing, my heart felt prayers to the families of the americans killed near bagram. i condemn this disgusting terroristact. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack which comes at a strategic time. as both u.s.-backed afghan forces and the taliban havens inteied their military campaigns to strengthen their
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positions in key diplomatic talks to end the war. president trump has made it clear that the war launched after 9/11 has gone on f too long. >> we call it the endless war. 19 years. it's unfortunate. it's ridiculous. but we made lot of strides. >> reporter: there are currentlt ab 14,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. president trump has made it clear he wants that number to go down. but how quickly that can hap depends on the success of those peace talks whichre now under pressure. >> all right. richard engel for us in anlondo thk you. meantime, voting is underway this morning in israel's closely watched general election. it's being see as a referendum on benjamin netanyahu with the impact of president trump looming large. bill neely, he joins us now from tel aviv. hey, bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda.
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it is israel's closest election inbout a decade. benjamin netanyahu has been israel's leader for a fifth of its entire history. but today he's facing a tough challenge from a man hesed to give orders to. and he's been campaigning as if hisunning mate is president trump. israel's prime minister voting today to savhis he's the face of israel o the world stage, but benjamin netanyahu is fighting lik never before. facing corruption charges, a tough challenger, and a ferendum on him. >> this selection about the same thing every israeli election has been. benjamin netanyahu. >> reporter: his challenger is the former head of israel's army benny gantz. they are neck and neck in the poll but netanyahu has a trump card. literally. president trump is on his
7:12 am
campaign posters. >> he's tough, he's smart, he's strong. >> rnorter: in his elect videos. one features netanyahuecturing the president he didn't like barack obama. >> it's going to be close.he >> reporter: o weekend, trump praised netanyahu and gantz. >> two good people. >> reporter: but his actions. moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> today its embassy opened here. >> reporter:ng recognizi the golan heights as iaeli land. and yesterday designating iran's revolutionary guard as terrorist group. gifts to israel's leader. many voters don't want to use this unique friendship. >> i think it's a crucial moment for our nation. >> reporter: it is. and gantz is convinhas convince israelis he would be scandal
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free. no one has er won straight majority in israel's 70-year history.ll it's about building a coalition with small parties. and polls suggest netanyahu has the best chance of -- the election this morning still on a knife's edge. back to you. >> all bill in tel aviv, thank you. the fbi says pice have foiled a plot to stage a terror attack at a popular tourist spot near washington, d.c 28-yr-old rondell henry of maryland stole a rental truck and planned to use it to kill pedestrians walking at the national harbor. he said he was inspired by the attack in nice,ance, that killed 86 people. henry became motivated to commit jihad after watching isis propaganda videos. much more to get to includ jg the longourney home
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including the tourist held r ransom i uganda. correspondent keir simmons is here with more. we're wondering more about the woman who was abducted as well. >> reporter: a beaut ul spirit is how those who know kimberly sue endicott describe her this morning. there whether there was an ransom paid to the grouphat held h hostage for five days. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: kberly sue endicott in this v latesteo just hours after she was freed. folks who know her overwhelmed with relief this morning. prayings what i've been or all week was her saf release so she could come back home to her family. >> reporter: saying this had been a dre vacation to see africa wildlife. the tourist from california b takeny police helicopter to uganda's capital monday. the u.s. ambassador meeting her. endicott and herafi guide
7:15 am
released in the democratic republic ofng o. they were ambushed last week by four men and captured at gunpoint. this morning, a manhunt underway for the kidnappersno with ew lead. police in ugand insisting they were not involved in paying a ransom. the kidnappers demanded half a million dollars usi the victim's cell phone. >> we don't do ransom and can never encourage that. >> reporter: a policy supported by the u.s. government. but the state minister for tourism is claiming it was paio wi indicating by whom. >> whatever that these people manded for w paid. >> reporter: "the new york times" also reporting money was handed over. citing an official wh wild frontiers, the safari company that led the excursion. they said, it was a negiated handover. conducted between thegandan and u.s. authorities.
7:16 am
endicott preparing to head home after an unimaginable ordeal. >> she has such a beautiful spirit that no matter what she has endured for the last seven ys, i know she'llome out through it. >> reporter: paying a ransom i ntroversy because it risks encouraging kidnappers to target for victims. it isn't clear exactly when she will make the trip t america from uganda. you've got to believe she can't waito get out. >> thanks. the party is still going from minneapolis to charlottesville this morning. uva winning its first-ever national championship. guys, it was an overtime thriller. >> jerome gives it up. hunter. hits the three to tie it! >> oh, tha three pointer tying things up at 68 sending virginia and texas tech into overtime. that's when the cavs pulled away for good. >> and virginia with the
7:17 am
all-time turnaround title. >> just one year after getting bounced in theirst round of the ncaa tournament, virginia crowned national champions. the final 85-77. the odds makers in vegas, already installing virginia as the favorite to win it next year. >> already? >> oh, yeah. t >> doest normally happen? >> not usually but a lot of it will depend on hunter and whether he sticks around. there' already some talk he'll probablyead tohe nba. >> congratulations to them. they earned that one. time toay good morning to al, get our first check of the forecast. hi there. guys.od morning, thank you for getting your first weather from us. mid-section of the country plit clear. both ends we've got some storm systems to talsoabout in the heast some severe weather today. and then we've got this coast to coast that'soing to be causing problems all across the country. in the southeast, we've g a risk for severe weather. right now for 9 millionda peopl
7:18 am
ging winds. hail one inch or larger. tornado threat low. but canule it out. snow and rain for the northwest. it will start to intensify, bring heavy snow to the plains. look for blizzard warnings from minnesota.o severe weather as well with this system. strong winds southeast. downed trees, power lines. airport delays. milwaukee, minneapolis, oklahoma, and al ber ker key. then thesnow. look at this snowfall rates 1 to 3 inches per hour. blowing and drifting snow. god heavy r coming into this area. g to be causing problems for those flooding rivers as well. we're going to get to your local .orecast coming up inext
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>> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. got some clouds outside this morning. all the vain gone for now. the's still a chance for a stray shower or two a little later on in the day today. ft most o us won't need to worry about that. we do get to enjoy another mild day. future weather does carry that tiny little chance of a stray shower or two between 5:00 and 7:00 this evening. don't be completely shocked. but rain t chancesay 20% or less. dry weather back for w. >>ing up next half hour, weather whiplash. >> i like . >> into the warm direction i hope. >> i almost don't recognize him without his glasses. >> i've had these before.
7:20 am
>> all right. >> you look great. al, thank you. > coming up, actress felicity huffman speaking for the first time and agreeing to a guilty plea. the potential prison time she may now be facing. plus the outpouring of support for a staollege gymnast in the wake of a devastating and career-ending injury. but first this is "tod ry. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come,ilaria baldwin. she'll be here for a live interview on her personal instagram post announcing a possle miscarriage. how she's hoping to help oth bs byeing so open. also your l firstk at beyonce's netflix special. why it could be her most pers after your local news.
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on 7:26 is your time now this tuesday, april 9th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. there will be a hearing to keep a suspected terror suspect behind bars. you can read more about this story inhe nbc washington app. l right now d.c. police are trying to identify t person i this video. take a look. they left messages of hate on a police say the person drew swastikas on the van yesterday morning in northwest. now let's check on your commute with melissaollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. lots of things still happening around town.
7:27 am
fafax all lanes blocked. as we go sout northbound dumfries crash has just cleared out of the way. westbound 50efore 301 has some lanes blocked from an accident. >> all right, thank you. a check oyour forecast is coming up next.
7:28 am
good morning, everybody. still have some clouds in our skies early this morning. but rain chances are low this morning. only a 20% of showers. mainly between 5:00 into the evening. w will be am and breeze yes day. upper 50s to near 60 afternoon temperatures today close to 80 degrees. that tiny chance for a shower two. tomorrow looks nice as well. bright and sunny. temperatures closer to average
7:29 am
r tomorrow. and the early lean on the weekend looks like saturday will be the prettier half of the weekend for you. >> all right, chuck. thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> now back to "toda
7:30 am
we're back now at 7:30. it's tuesday morning, april 9th, 2019. a figns of spring here. yes, the flowers but also the crowd. so many people coming to spend time with us on their spring break. we are happy to have them there. some sunshine stoo. >> iice to see a light jacket out there. finally. we begin this half hour with a check of headlines. presidt trump is widening his shakeup at the department of homeland security. on monday secret ice is director is out. it came less than 24 hoursfter homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen resigned under pressure. the latesttaff shakeup is part of a broader effort by the president he says to get tougher on security. a chaotic scene in salt lake
7:31 am
city on monday a shootout and a wild polh e chase throe city streets. >> suspect down! suspect down! >> and that is how it a ended in a hail of bullets. the robbery suspect harold vincent robinson was killed. just minutes earlier, one officer suffered minor injuries when he was shot during that case. thegunman leaning out a truck with a rifle firing while he was driving. da> an up on the measles outbreak gripping much of this country. 465 measles casesav hbeen reported this year. that's about 80 new cases from the week prior. many of them are in rockland county, new york. where more than a quart of residents are not vaccinated. n
7:32 am
there are developments in that college scandal. felicity huffman is speaking out as some parents agreed to plead guilty to their roles in this. miguel almaguer has mor on this story. >> good morning. felicity huffman t is amongse parents and a coach who said they will plead guilty. a move to avoi prison time but ulmately that will be up to a judge. this as other parents appear to be moving closer to trial. >> reporter: month after felicityuffman was arrested for her role, the actss is agreeing to plead guilty.mi ading to conspiracy to commitai ml fraud. as she awtssentencing, huffman says she's taking responsibility for her actions. i am ashamed of the pain i have caused, she writes. i want togi apo to the students who work hard every day to get into college. my daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions. i have betrayed her.
7:33 am
her guilty plea could meantep to n months in federal prison alonwith $20,000 in fines. >> how is felicity? >> thanks for asking. . can't talk about it. >> reporter: willi macy who has not been charged was seen in los angeles following the . >> all right. tianksyou guys. >> reporter: today no word on how actress lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband wi plead. the couple accused of payinha a million dollars in bribes to get their daughters into usc. loughlin seen in los angeles friday embracing her older daughter isabella. she and her younger sister oliviaade remain enrolled at usc. peop magazinerevealing a from a source close to olivia jade, she blames her parents for everything and she never would ave gone along with it if she thought this wouhappen.
7:34 am
also planning to plead guilty, the former men's tennis coacht the university of texas michael center. accused of accepting nearly $100,000 to help a non-tennis-playing applicant get admitted as a recruit. his attorney spoke to so van that anda hod when the allegations first surfaced. >> he is a wonderful ma this accusation has been destating to him. he absolutelyenies being guilty. >> reporter: other high profil names guilty pleas monday. jane buckingham. >> when your friendso tell you lie on your reme, you 100% do not do it. > reporter: and real estate mogul bruce isakson and his wife who played a total o $600,000 to cheat the system. >> is your daughter still in school? >> reporter: this morning after pang bribes, 13 parents now paying the consequences for their bad beha. felicity huffman is scheduled to be in court to officially plead
7:35 am
later this month. guidoines range from four ten months behind bars. but her attorney will ask for no jail time and instead a supervised release and a fine. you. to >> all right. thank you. let's talk more about this and what's next with legal analyst ari melber. i was just wondering, is there possible jail time you go ahead and say you're sorry, kind of fall on the sword. i and the answe yes. so do you think felicity huffman will go to prison? >> i think very little if any time. guidelines here are under a year. there was a real admission and acceptance of responsibility. >> so the judge will look at this case. is it one judge overseeing all these casesr are there other judges? >> i don't happen to know. i know in the group pleading they had one judge overlooking. if it was more trials, we would expect more than one judge. >> we've got this first batch of guilty pleas. people saying okay, you got me. hoping to get a reduction in sentences. these other people charged, can they come fward nownd also
7:36 am
plead guilty? will they get a worse deal t becausy came late? you know what i mean? >> as you know, there is often this r to get it resolved. the break in this varsity blues story is the people looking at the options and say the best thing is to rush and take your deal. there's also a grand jury meeting that could still add s. char so even though some people are getting off, there's also the idea for somehatt could get worse if they don't find a way to get out from under this. >> lori loughlin allegedly pays a half million dollars in ao bribe get her daughter into usc. based on the plea deal here, what can we glean, if anything, about the sentence she could get if foundkbguilty? >> the price doesn't go to the guilt. but it doeso go the expanse of the crime. basically the people who have been involved in things her that cost more, that are more elaborate could be up for more
7:37 am
than six months. you're talking up to two years. and i think all of that goes to whether the judges look at the totality and think this is someone taking responsibility or we still need to send amessage. >> is this one of those things where the defense lawyers call up thend prosecutors say, let's talk. maybe it's time to resolve this? or do the g prosecutors out to individuals and say do you want a deal? do you wt to sit down and talk about this? >> the prosecutors made it clear. we have everything including the chchitect of this alleged fraudulente now. there aren't a lot of choices for you. come back andut a deal. they kept the grand jury open to pressure.e >> thank you. let's move over to mr. roker now for another check of the weathern this tuesday. >> you guys ready for a weather whiplash? all right. here we go. let's start it up. bring it on. thank you. denver, high today 80 degrees. minneapolis, 70. chicago, 73.
7:38 am
well, let's start it out here. ooh, denver. 44owegrees tomo that's a 36 degrees drop. that's a whiplash. on minneapolis,41. 29-degretomorrow to a temperature drop. and our final whiplash. oh, we're talking a temperature tomorrow of 40. that's a 33 temperature drop. s going on you wha around the rest of the country. snow in northern new enreand. se storms through the southeast. few record highs into the mid-plains. strong winds through the southwest into southern california. and this coarm to coast s that's getting started pacific northwest. look for mountain sns s. that's whainha >> ouch. clear skies. skies are trying to clear out a little bit early this morning. it's beautiful way to get your tuesday started. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. will be another nice warm afternoon today. high temperatures near 81 degrees. that being said, there will be c
7:39 am
slight c for a shower. only a 20% chance though. we'll be right back to full sunshine tomorrow. and full sunshine on thursha >> ands your latest weather. guys? >> all right. thank you. coming up here, the women cashing in on the cbd craze with home t parties sell their pot extract products. also ahead, maria shriver's funny and emotional conversation with chelsea handler as she s comediennews a different side to herself. inspiration to start your day. from a young gymnast who's not letting a nasty injury get in the way of her pdeitive attitu that's positive attitude. positive attitude. that's right after this.
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♪ this morning on in-depth "today," the support for the gymnastics star who is to recoveringy. >> she sustained devastating injuries during a recent in fact, this is so horrific, we're not going to be showing you the video. stephanie gosk has her stlly. it's r inspiring. good morning. >> yeah, it really is. you're right. this injury is horrific. gymnasts takcredible risks. it's why the sport is so exciting to watch. but also sodangerous. samantha cerio was doing a floor routine she had done before many times. but this time, it went horribly
7:45 am
this morning a college gymnast is recovering from surgery after an injury brought her gymnastics career to an end. auburn senioramtha cerio was competing friday night. >> let's see how high she flies here. >> reporter:ighile during a flying floor routine she'd performountless times, she landed badly dislocating both her knees. the video t graphic and disturbing. >> she is obviously in some pain. >> reporter: the 22-year-old in agony. it was one of the toughest nights of my life. >> reporter: even though she was severely inred, she still wanted her teammates to win. >> i tolder i loved her and was with her. she said to go back and get the girls ready to finish this thing. >> reporter: the team decided not to quit the competition.
7:46 am
>> we're not goie sad later.e we'r going to do what she wanted us to do. she would fight harder. they let her injury be their inspiration. >> they really believed sam's our leader and heart and soul of the team. this is what she wanted her whole time she was here. they wantedo it for her 37. >> reporter: the team advanced to the finals sweet 16. samantha said good-bye to the sport she loves in a social media post over the weekend. friday night was my final nig as a gymnast. after 18 years, i am hanging up my grips and leaving the chalk behind. i couldn't be prouder of the person that gymnastics has made me. adding, it may not have ended the way i had planned, but nothing ever goes as planned. with her surgery a success, next up, getting married in two months. >> she wanted to walk down the aisle and get married.
7:47 am
we are hoping she can do that. >> she's graduating soon. she majored in aerospace engineering and she has a job waiting for her at >> wow. >> you had the chanc to talk to her mom on the phone. they were talking how importa all the prayers were and the thoughts were and they were talking about her road ead. they said all she wants to do is focus on that. she sounds remarkable. >> terrific spirit. >>overachiev too. she's a rocket scientist. incredible. >> literally. >> good for her. >> she's going to go save boeing. good for her. >> thank you. still ahead this morning, she doesn't really need one netheless we're going to give hoda a reason to dance. we have an "old town road update. ♪ with her closest friends. john got dressed for his first first date in what feels like a really long time. john! hi! >>hi. sasha got dressed to crush her job interview.
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7:52 am
still ahea this morning, an exclusive interview with hilaria baldwin. this is the first since she announced she was likely experiencingmiscarriage. >> we'll talk about why she wanted to be so open and honest eed the reaction she's b receiving. but first your local ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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good morning, everybod it's 7:56 now on this tuesday, april 9th.on i' gilchrist. let's get right to melissa mollet. she has a look at our first 4 traf lc. >> takingk at the roads here west 50 at fair ridge drive. all lanes blocked pedestrian cnvestigation is the reason. traffic being pushed to west ox road thimorning. inner loop before braddock road. accident there. taking a look westbound before 301 a lane blocked there as well. >> thank you. we'll have a check
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning, everybody. hope your day's getting off to a pleasant start. temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 this morning. relatively mild start. it's goi to another nice, warm day today. not quite as warm as sterday's 84, but most areas around 80 degrees today. therencill be a slight c wer a shower or two late afternoon up b 5:00 and 7:00. rain chances today only about 20%. back to dry weather and sunshine dadnesday and thu some afternoon storms on f >> thank you, ch another local news update in 25 minutes. for now back to "tod
8:00 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cleaning house. president trump announcing the departure of the secret service director just a day after the homeland security secretary was forced out. >> i'm conceed of a growing void of leadership within the department of homeland security. >> so what's nex in the staffing purge? we're live at the white house. plus, speaking out. fitness guru hilaria baldwin ops up in her first interview since announcing a possible miscarriage. we'll talk to the mom of four about how she's doing and the ring in and sparking a conversation online. and queen bey's home coming. she's taking fans behind the scenes of her historic 2018
8:01 am
coachella performance. we'll have your first look. "today," april 9th, 2019. ♪ hite from cial high school. >> in bakersfield, california. >> hi to our son in detroit. we love you, henry. >> outout to our family in knoll ♪ >> i'm turning 40. >>appy birthday, mom! >> hi from michigan. this is ellie and she loves watching the "today" show every morning.>> friends for 55 years! >> what a beautiful bunch we have out there. welcome to "today" on thi tuesday morning. look at mr. roker. doing what al roker does.ha >> you know he says? my people! >> fear not, though, if you can't make it to the plaza, you can still get in on the fun.e all you ho do to share that shoutout is use t #my today
8:02 am
plaza. we'll put you on. >> are you fans of the brady brunch? >> i've memorized every episode. >> me too. so many good ones. that's rit. cue t music. tomorrow we are sitting down with the brady bunch. the brady siblings. get this. they're reuniting on new show. so they're going to be here exclusively tomorrow on "today." we'll talk about t new show. but of course we have to talk about the old show because we're obsessed with the brady bunch. t >> you knoy're going to sing, don't you think? they're going to have to. >> i think if you made them, they would. we'llurn to the news now. president trump could be signaling a tougher line onnd immigration national security with the white house announcing yet another high profile departure. peter alexander joins us now with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. the fallout is growing after thp president'ge of those top officials in the department of homeland security. one top republican expressing
8:03 am
concerns about what he calls a void of leadership. the latest departure, the secret service director tex alles. making that announcement less than 24 hours afterriomeland se secretary kirstjen nielsen resigned under pressure. this underscores the president's frustration with the situation rdat the . looking to a take a more hard-lined approach on security there where the white house says many after the migrants entering the u.s. has risen doctormatically. nielsen and the president clashed over the way forward with nielsen resisting president trump's push to reinstate hisze ro tolerance family separation policy as a deterrent. this latest move or series of moves leavingt least ten key wadership positions across the trump administratihout a permanent replacement from the pentagon to the . >> all right. thank you, peter. an a maryland m is accused of
8:04 am
plotting an isis-inspired attack on pestrians near washington, d.c. 28-year-old rondell henry has a court hearing today. officials say he stole a rented truck in virginia last month ano intended run down people at dulles international airport. but the crowd there wasn't big authorities.ding to so they say he drove to national harbor in maryland and that's where he was arrested. hellegedly told prosecutors he was inspired by isis to try to copy the 2016 truck attack that happened in nice, france. consumer products safety commissioner advising them to stop using thatan cos rock n play sleeper as soon as infants rol consumer reports says the sleeper has been tied to more than 30 deaths since it was introduced ten yearso. in their joint alert, fisher price and the sitets rep of ten deaths since 2015 after
8:05 am
infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side. fisher price says the sleeper meets safet standards. acura is recalling 320,000 suvs in the u.s. because of a potential pblem with the talts. the recall covers mdx ossovers from 2014 through 2019 model years. acura says water can leak from the tailgate and get into theli ts and it causes them to malfunction. the automaker says owners will be notified by mail. that will start next month. let's get a boost, sha we? >> why don't we? kids can sometimes be overwhelmed by stress and uncertain city when they need surgery. so one hospital had a great idea to make them feel like they are in the driver's seat. doctors medical center in california has tse mini cars. the young patients hop in them and they get to driveve thems to their operating room. as soon as they see the car, these kids light . most cases they watch their feels melt away.
8:06 am
every car has a stereo and music. it makes everything just a >> yeah. music usually does. >> i bet they love that. i think everyone would ride in that pink car if they had to go to surgery. still ahead, beyonce's homecoming. > but first we're going to sit down with hilaria baldwin. she'll share her story coming up . ♪ correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps/ bumps, bruising, discoloration, or itching. as with all fillers, there is a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, which can cause vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. juvéderm it. ♪ lets go! but one blows them all out of the water.
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8:10 am
hey, everybody. welcome back. hi bar laria baldwin is a fitne guru and married to alec baldwin. >> she recently posted about likely having a miscarriage. we're going to talk to her about this but first her story. >> reporter: hilaria baldwin shares a lot of her life on social media. >> here's one small thing that can change your day. >> reporter: everything from fitnes >> nine, ten. whoo! >> reporter: and now the wife of actor alec baldwin and momfo of ur is showing her strengths during a cha baldwin last w pkted this emotional instagram message saying i want to share with you that i am most likely experiencing a miscarriage. i always promised myself that if i were to g pregnant again, i would share the news with you guys pretty early even if that means suffering a public loss. t she saidhe embryo's heartbeat
8:11 am
isn't strong and the baby isn't . adding, i want to be part of the effort to normalize miscarriage an remove t stigma from it. her husband alec posted too writing, my wife is kind and generous in her suprt of other women. reaction was swift. one user commenting nothing is private anymore. another writing, this post is incredibly self-serving and frankly offensive. but mos comments wer positive. many even sharing their own stories of loss. one writin i had my miscarriage 17 years ago before my sons were born. thank you for helping banish shame surrounding miscarriag responding to critics, hilaria said i would suggest that you through and read even a handle am comments from people who have experienced the thing and maybe your heart and compassion well, i hilaria with us now. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> how are you feelin i >> feeling okay. i mean, this is something that has not been easy.
8:12 am
i understand it. i wanted to come out and speak aboutec itse it's something so many people deal with. and as women, we're trained to deal with it silently. you're definitely not supposed to say anything before 12 weeks. and some of that is because people are superstitious or eel that w they they're going to be stronger. and a lot of it for other people is from fear. d i don't think that we have to live with such fear. >> there was a moment when you becamesaoncerned. yo that you went for an ultrasound. and the technician was somebody you'd known, taken care of your other children speak about that moment. >> so anybody who has hadr children multiple children, you know that you have your scansnd your different appointments. and there's the good news very chipper and say wonderful things. and then there's the silence. and the silence makes you very nervous. and so this technician, she just kept on being quiet and kept on trying to find the heartbeat.
8:13 am
she cou find it and you'd listen to it and you'd hea -- very spread apart, kind of slow. and i'm looking at i don't know even though i've had four kids, i don't know. and she said to me that thetb het is not very fast. and so then i went in again. ifd in the of an embryo, days, week, it's completely different. andt was the same >> so today as i understand it, you have another scan. >> ye >> and do you feel you'll have the answer one way or the other? ha>> i think i'm going t the answer one way or the othe i'mtt p sure that this is not going to stick. and, you know, when we agree to be parents, w have to accept the good and the bad. you know, whether our child gets a scraped or they get their heartbroken when they're a teenager. or gets really sick. you know, god forbid something
8:14 am
worse. we have to realize it's not all iapers and blankets and hair bows. it's we have to open our hearts and realize that there's going to be hard moments too. >> when some women go through this, i've had friends that have gone through it. thers always someeird kund of self-blame. like, did i do something, should i not hav een that or done that. >> slept on the wrong side. i mean, there'seno many diff things. as a yoga teacher, people come to me and they're like i didn't know i was pregnant and i did a twist. i think i destroyed my by. i'm like, you didn't. of course everybody is different, but if you're having a strong healthy pregnancy, ere's not a lot you can do to hurt it. that being said,ho wed do as right as we can by our children. but wed just n to be a little bit more forgiving oourselves an not such perfectionists. being able to be open and speak to other people. hey, i got great ads ce. thismething i've never ef
8:15 am
and women came on my instagram or stopped me on the street and gave me such you know? this isn't about me. this is about all of us. >> what made you -- mean, you have said i live a public life and i've made a decisioar to and be open and open my heart. and you are walking the walk.ou because herere in this painful moment and you are did you think about saying, well let me just see what happens here and then i'll open up one way or the other. i mean, we're talking to you. omething thatmuch is going on right this minute. that's a lot to ask of >> it's a lot to ask of me. but for me personally, it would be harder to do it silently. to come in here, say i was doing a fitness segment. i'd be wearing something different. you would not see that my belly is a little bit bigger than it typically is. and i'm pretend i'm not nauseous tired.
8:16 am
and then put on the emotion this isn't going in a great direction. sorry. my kids alwaysake me sick. i was up all night with my baby. but being open for me just allowed me to relieve it a little bit. secrets are snlyry once they're secrets. once you let it out, it's not an scary ore. >> you got tons of feedback. but there are trolls out there. there are people that go on instagram saying why was she posting that, why was she wearing that when she posted that? o the photo, i am known for taking pregnancy photos like this. there's nothing morthan -- say these people are looking at a magazine as they're getting their nails done and they see a picture of me on a beach. this is whoo the would see. so i'm comfortable with what i'm showing. at the same ti, this is also my baby. and i take these belly photos. d this baby deserves the same kind of love and attention and
8:17 am
acceptance as the other ones even if it's not going to stick around for very long. >> have you processed what happened? >> wt is happening. i think that's what you guys are seeing now. i told my girlfriends if i get pregnant again, i'm goingo say it right away. especially with my life being so public and everybody trying figure out what's going on all the time. with my first pregnancy, paparazzis climbed up and took pictures of me when ias sunbathing. it was invase i. just say something and it's not as scary anymore. >> you're opening a conversation. and maybe making it easier for women to talk about when they've had miscarriages. and so many women have whether they talk about it or do you have any advice, a friend who hears that news someone or a colleague, how to help them through it? there's always that feeling of, , you don't want to overstate, but at the same time you don't want understate. because it is a loss. it's a genuine loss that
8:18 am
women feel. >> it's a genuine loss. i think you have to figure out both the persoenwho's expeng it and the people supporting have to understand how that person needs to you know, i am somebody that even though i'm feeling it and it's ht'd and not what i want, i understand it. this is nature. this is how -- you know, there's something probably off chromosomely. i have to accept. th then there are other people who are going to feel a different way. i have four children. i get to go home and i get to hug them. that's not there's plenty of stories on my instagram witht t that's not other people's stories. people are telling me they h 11 miscarriages and no children. and they're still there. they're showing up. they're bringing love onto my instagram. that is so inspiring. i have so much respect for >> hilaria, thank you for coming to see us and for shares. h appreciate it.
8:19 am
>> thank you foring me and continuing the convers >> thank you. we're going to head over to mr. roker. >> thanks so much. we're looking at two areas right now that are going to have an impact on our country. one more immediate. that's in the southeast with t may evere storms t cause problems down through the gulf or the southeast. this week, this a coast to coaster. the effects of it will befelt. in fact, the first impacts going to be strong winds from l.a., denver, el paso, las vegas, to minneapolis. when you add snow, that's going to cause problems. travel could become very difficult for parts of the plains. we're looking at heavy from the dakotas all the way into central minnesota. ero ing, drifting snow, visibility. this could be a major snowstorm for parts of minnesota. when youonsider lastear they had a huge snowstorm in april. could it be two years in a row? wethl wait and at's wha >> i think we don't have to
8:20 am
worry about any snow around here. that's for sure. 0 . close to 8again to there'll be another round of clouds that bring a slight chance for a shower or two later in the aftehaoon. raine today only at about 20%. nothing to worry abhat. know where pocket umbrella is just in case. back to dry weather for wednesday and thursday. >> that's your latestather. guys? t. all ri thank you. this is the time of the morning where we turn to you, sir. >> are you ready? let's get to it. pop begins first with the queen bey herself. there was speculation surrounda n project with netflix. could it have her involvement. today we know it does she shared this graphic with homecoming. netflix has re trailer for the project and confirmed a new beyonce
8:21 am
documentary is, indeed, on the >> what i really want to do is be a representative ofy race. of the human race. i have ae cha to show how kind can be. how intelligent and generous we can be. i have a chancch to t and to love and to i know when i finish doing what i'm sent here to do, i will be called home. and i will go home without any fear, trepidations wondering what's going to happen. >> you can hearlo maya anu's voiceover forart of the trailer and see beyonce's coachella performance. homecoming presents annt iate look at thec histo 2018
8:22 am
coachella performance. beyonce was the first woman of color to headline the music feival. homecoming, it will be released on netflix april 17th. that's almost exactly a year since thatc e performance. another story we mentioned yesterday, hoda's lil nasx and "old town ad"eatures billy raycyrus is at number one. it's jumped from 15 last week now taking over the number one spot on billboard hot 100 charts. today is his birthd. "old town road" is still missing from the country charts. which is where this started. perhaps he'll get a birthday present. we'll have to wait and see. chrissy mets made her singing debut. she stunned t everybody in crowd with a performance on the country music .awards
8:23 am
you know what else she can do? she's got more musical talents. beat boxing. last night she sat down with jimmy fallon and gave us ale sa >> okay. i'm not saying i'm eat,folks. just for a disclaimer. ready? can i cover my mouth? >> yeah. >> okay. okay. we rock up on the mic we rock the mic. for all of y'all keeping y'all in help just to see you smiling and enjoy yourself. that we create because that's our mission. so listen to what we say. because this is boots and cats happens every >> how about that? >> wow. >> what can't that woman do? >> beat boxing with the roots. chrissy mets, you are a hero. love it. >> by the way, jimmy fallon is going to come and greet jenna
8:24 am
bush hager on the fourth hour of "today." >> day? >>jimmy wake up! >> all right. >> we got a daly click for you. this i a pet owner that thought he was going to leave the house. hey, i'll leave and abbey the dog will be home alone. i'm going to put a nature program on the tv. i'll sneak out. that seemed to go well. until a squirrel showed up on that nature program. and abbey's like, hey, let's play. >> i thought that was happening in realife. abbey by the way totally fine. i'm not sure how the tv's doing. >> abbey wanted a bigger tv. >> that's what high definition will do for yo >> thanks, bud. coming up, the cbd side hustle. why more and more women a ying and selling cannabis-based products. plus maria shriver, she joins us with a personal conversation with chelsea handler. all coming up after your local news. at's all coming up after your
8:25 am
local news.
8:26 am
good morning, everybod 8:26 now on this tuesday, april 9th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get aook at the traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning. westbound 50 at fair ridge drive, lanes still shut westbound. pedestrian crash investigation. ner loop of the beltway at braddock road. less roadway blocked so now a lotel ofs because of that. and westbound 50 before 301 in maryland, a the crash has clut >> all right. thank you. we'll get a check on your forecast when we come back..
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, temperatures in the upper 50s to right around 60 degrees here to get your tuesday started. another warm day with highs up around 80 degrees. a slight chance for a shower later this afternoon, but most of us won't worry. about th back to dry and sunny weather.
8:29 am
saturday looks like thert prettr of the weekend. showers likely sunday afternoon. >> thank you. of course you can get the lneest and weather any time in the nbc washin ♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso.
8:30 am
tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? ♪ it's8:30 now. it's tuesday morning. it's the 9th of april 2019. pretty day out on our plaza. great crowd. spring is here. are in full bloom out here on the plaza. right, hoda? >> we are. we have a beautiful crowd. butsa nnah, i have to let you know that yesterday there were these two young ladies who came ically to see you. and they were bummed because yoe n't here. but you're here otoday, hold on. they came back. they literally were searchi for you.
8:31 am
it was your b thday yesterday, right? >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. night?you go out las >> no. you know -- >> you stayed in. you wered. g >> dinner at home. >> you do want to talk to savannah about a couple of things, right? >> i have watch you for years. i have loved you for years. you re my inspiration, my motivation for passing the bar. evy day when i was studying, i always thought you were so funny, so sharp, so amazin so witty. i just said if she can do it i can do it. i watched you every day. you did it for me when i was studying to get through. >> you made my day. you maybe made my year. thank you so much for being here. and you're a practicing lawyer >> i am. i'm a trademark attorney now. and i just thank you so much. >> wow. well, you are so impressive. i'm so happy to meet yo'm >> so excited to meet you. >> you truly made me feel so good. i get over it. thank you so much. thank you for coming back. >> get the picture. >> you go on with the open.
8:32 am
we're goingo be together. >> bye. that was cool. >> so special. >> coming up, move over mary kay. >> make it mahery jane. >> all the moms cashing in on the cbd craze >> and chelsea handler opening up like never before to our pal maria shriver with humor and heart break in a powerful conversation. >> plus they are the sweetea ons all over instagram. rainbow explosion cakes. everybody seems to be obsessed with them. we'll learn howe to mak our own with some tips from theer ma. >> all right. coming up in a fn minutes o the third hour of "today," he's going fromqueer eye comedy. jonathan van ness will be here. plus a performance in the artist lounge. plus we want to mention something that kicks off today. fund the shelters challee.
8:33 am
c stations are giving you a chance to donate to organizations working hard to get pets into loving homes. you can find out how you can help. we encourage you to go to >> sonny was supposed to read at. >> h is your bestie? >> these are my new best friends, america. they're come inside and hang out with us. >> they are? love that. >> uncle al, you need a trademark attorney for your line. >> you te it away, mr. roker. >> announcer: "today's" weather "missing t to you by link" in theaters everywhere fr >> and all these guys are from bermuda. very nice. let's show you what's happening starting with today. severe storms in tut heast. few record highs through texaso stretching ihe plains.
8:34 am
coast to coast system makes its way int the inner mountain region. a high fire danger through the southwt due to dry windy conditions. sunshine returns in the mid-atlantic states with ali le wet weather lingering in the southeastern atlantic that's what's going on around woods. >> and good tuesday morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a beautiful d here in the washington area. we'll end up with a reasonable amount of sunshine. thatil allow temperatures to jump up today. there will be a chance for a stwey shower b 5:00 and 6:00 today. keep that in mind just in case. thundershowers late if the day on friday. and rain likely sunday into >> that is your latest weather. >> all right. mr. roker, thank you, sir.w to our new series on the cbd
8:35 am
craze. it's the cannabis and hemp derivative tha many are touting as a miracle medicine krist kristen dahlgren has more on that. >> this is big business. even cvs will be selling some in its stores. but there w another reminiscent to the approach our moms and grandmas would have taken. move over, tupperware. >> reporter: these days, cbds everywhere. candies, bath bombs, dog treats. you can buy it in restaurants and cafes. and now a girl's night out. >> this might replace your night cream. >> reporter: a s salategy now getting a makeover from e companies lik healthy honeys. >> s it'll b $45. perfect. >> reporter: in the tradition oa thevon lady who would sell you makeup. >> avon calling. >> reporter: these new saleswomen are cashing in on
8:36 am
cbd, the extract of hemp or cannabis plants with little to thc so you don't get high. >> testing in the 99% lpurity. we c it the bunny jar. >> reporter: happy honey sells collectively to customers in person and online. and recruits other women to do the same. the honeys as they're known sell oils, ilotions. feels good. >> reporter: even coffee beans. all with cbd extracted from hemp. >> somebody who's really looking for alternative health care. >> i'm really, really thankful that she can take the time and explain it. >> how many people in this room know what the system does? nded the er: she f company of her own success using cbd. >> i specifically u cbd for anxiety and depression. i can take it every single trning, let it absorb into my system and allnk is, i got
8:37 am
this. >> reporter: she can talk about at cbd does for her, but shee can't medical claims. anecdotally it's touted as a treatment for a wide range o conditions from depression to infla nation, even caer. but there has been little research on those claims. experts caution there could be possible drug interactions andt in ament the fda says we continue to be concerned at the number of drug claims being made about products not approved by the fda that claim to contain cbd. >> the studies just haven't been done yet to prove whether or not these w agentsk well and are safe long-term. >> reporter: b as more states re-evaluate their marijuana laws, more companies have pushed ine boundaries of the cbd market. 018 alone, sales for cbd pr ucts exceeded$390 million and could reach $22 billiony 2022. research shows woment are alm
8:38 am
twice as likely to use cbd to treat medical conditions. and female baby boomers are the most likely users of cbd. >> i can make $500 or more in sales at a party in just one night. >> reporter: mom allison papish sells it for aivg and says it was a miracle for her fibromyalgia and bladd disease. when you take them, what do you feel? >> i feel an instant sense of relief. >> reporter: she says hosting cbd parties lets her spend more time at home with her daughter and creates a sisterhood. >> our grandmothersad these parties and it really gave them a sense of community and friendship with other e parties are definitely the new age makeup or tperware parties. >> i mean, it really is everywhere. i think a lot of folks are g, is it legal? >> right. it's a good question.
8:39 am
lid 's actually the co part. many forms of cbd oil are legal pross the country. it depends whint it comes from and how much thc it contains. just know your state laws and what's in the product you'r buying. >> thc is what makes you high. that's like pot. but d things i thought didn't have that. >> right. and sometimom if it from the marijuana plant, they can take it out. if it comes from the hemp itpla, oesn't have it. it is this complicated thing in the way it's made. i had brunch in soho at a spot and i said this brunch is incredible. they go, i know that spot. lemonade, t the cbd it's amazing. it is wildly popular. >> atwow. >> is hen you said no i got the bloody mary like always. >> what do you think? >> kristen, thank you. >> thank you, kristen. coming up next, chelsea ndler is going to show off her funny and serious side.
8:40 am
this is "today" on nbc. be withs to share it. u
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ >> welcome back. ch welcome back. chelseaandler is one of the funniest women in the world. but in her new memoir, we see a different side to her. sit downshriver got to with chelsea. a revealing interview. good morning, maria. reporter: good morning. well, chelsea handler has been a talk show host, a best-selling author, and a cultural provocateur with her trademark sass and wit for years. now in a very personal book, chelsea is going really deep. opening up about her grief, her family, and relationships and me surprising discoveries he's made about herse. sochelsea, this book is really about your mid-life awakening. >> or crisis. >> or crisis. i was trying to be kind. you don't like the word journey.
8:43 am
but it's really about you kind of going, whoa. >> i had an awakening after the election in 2016 because i just couldn't believe that something that terrible could happen m in perfect universe. it made me really dive into myself. to understand why i was so -- felt such outrage, why i felt so unhinged. you may be thete we've had. >> reporter: we've seen her unhinged on tvye for ars. now in her new memoir "life will be the death of me." chelsea handler opens up about her struggles behind the scenes. ome in l.a.t her for a funny and emotional conversation about the book. which recounts her yearapn th that healed and revitalized her. you had been gng to your therapist and you write about a moment when he broug you an orange>> yeah. >> reporter: and you burst into
8:44 am
tear and reading it, i burst into te tears. >> it was the simple act of kindnessf a man looking after me and saying, hey, i got you something. and me saying, yes i'll take it. instead of saying i don't need anything from any tn. becaus last time i trusted somebody, that's what happened. i can't be in a relationship s because i havh a deep injury that i have never dre addressed. >> reporter: that was the loss of her older brother chet who died in a hiking accident when chelsea was just 9 years old. instead of dealing with their grief, she says her par other siblings withdrew and she shut down. >> i never talked about my brother. i never spoke about it. if i got like this, i'd have to -- i'd fight . i couldn't cry in front of anybody. i mean, not even my there's no shortcut through grief. you can't go around it. you can't igne it. you have to go through it and go through the pain and cry with somebody so you can get it out
8:45 am
of your system. reporter: is it a book about grief? >> no. i think it's a book about life and being patient with people. not really not judging people. that's really hard for me. i am annoyed by almost everybody. >> reporter: so when people, they start talking to you about the loss of their sibling, their, you know, kind of tough times. ar you up forthat? >> yeah. of course. i'm up for any conversation. i'm like you. you'll talk to anyone. and you're engaged. sometimes even when you're talking out me it's back off a second. >> reporter: you're like, back off? i sometimess just so intense. like pinball machine of questions. >> reporter: chelsea jokingly dedicates her book to her future husband. but says he' have to be into her other true loves chow rescues bert and berniece. your future husband has to be a dog >> i don't t men that aren't into dogs. if a dog walks by a guyhe and don't blink, i know they're fine. >> reporter: in the book you write a lot a ut bobmueller.
8:46 am
>> i'm attracted to bob mueller. i think you might beto >> reporter: i'm not attracted to bob mueller. but are you still attracted to mueller? >> i have to read the report tol give my fl attraction to bob mueller. but yes, i'm attracted to him. >> reporter: as for work, chelsea says she's only attracted n to products that tave meaning. she has a docum on netflix about white privilege. sure to be a talk per. >> iir am a working from new jersey. i'm having an exceptional time by addressing all of my shortcomings. >> reporter: chelsea's newook "life will be the death of me" is out today. it's heartwarming, funny, sad, uplifting, and it really gets you thinking. and by the way, you can watch the entire interview that chelsea and i did if you go to . tom. it's very emotional terview it was long. it was windy and it was really
8:47 am
kind of moving. >> i can't think of anyone bett than you to do that interview too. you can see you two justth clickinge. >> reporter: yeah. she's a good friend. she's really smart, wise. and she really kind of is self-reflective in this 'sok. inspiring actually. >> maria, thank you so much. fun to see thatide of chelsea. i've never seen it before. wow. >> good for her. i'm sure the writing of the book itself was therapeutic. >> all right. carson, over to you. i feel like i'm in the middle o scene of willy wonka. this is so cool. we've got the power of sprinkles coming up. amiera kasem is here. her explosion cakes is not impossible at home. maybe i can pull it off, right?f >> you canitely pull it off. >> this is "today" on nb off,
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
and this morning on "today" food, we are all about cake. amiera kasem started baking in her apartment then taking orders through instagram. e business took off. even attracted the attention of celebrities. and the speacular treats from her flower shop store here in new york. now she's out with a book called the power of sprinkles. you walk in the room and it y literally - light up a room. >> good morning! >> there it is. that's what we're talking about. first of all, what were you doing in fashion? e the ou scared to m switch into baking? >> it was a risky thing. but to wake up and play with sprinkles and make unicorns every da is amazing. >> you're a creature of routine also. you wake up every day and rock out to music. >> you have to. where's that song again? >> what did you listen to this morng? ariana? >> this morning we had a lot of ariana. it's also national unicorn day so we were into that. >> people see your stuff on
8:51 am
instagram and think, wow. she possesses the ability to do this but i could never pull this off at home. >> no, no. stop yourself at home. everyone can do this. you can start with a cake box hmix. you done to follow every single recipe. you start here with sixer dit rounds. and, you know, i grew up in mexico so the inspiration for this is pinatas. it's not a party without a pinata. so you start wit your six rounds. you have your different kinds of sprinkles and your favore frosting. mine happens to be cream cheese. so you cut a little hole in the center of all of these just so you get -- except for the top layer. yoer want to cut your top layer. that's the top of the hat. it's going to hide the whole pinata. >> so you're creating the space diere the g are going to live. >> exactly. i like to fill mineith sprinkles, but you could definitely fill yours with your favorite te of m&m, a different candy you like. whatever that is.
8:52 am
i'm going to start filling this with sprinkles. so i like to start with one ring at the bottom. it's like a blob. >> it's like glue? >> yes. it will stick it down. then you just go two more rings and keep stacking. >> your mom is from mexico and your dad is from kuwait. how did that influence you? a lot. i feel like you hav celebrations all around the world. it.'m going to just bui >> ye keep going. it's all about having fun with the process. it's so fun. just fill it in. >> what's the weirdest thing you filled up in this for a surprise? >> we do a lot of gender reveals which is exciting. but then we also do someone proposed to their fiance with one of the cakes. little plastic rings came out. it was a goo one. you want to fill it all the way to the s top you cover it up. here's a trike i like to do.
8:53 am
shee how a of these are face up? ike to flip it over. you get the sort of professional flat top look.e there. pretty. you can squeeze it back in. he's a pro.'s got this. >> do you have any tips? i mean, when i make a cake round it doesn't look evan like that. how do y make it look uniform? >> i like to use a six inch pan and tap the pan down before you put it in the oven to even out the b iter so doesn't go all around. if it is messed up, doesn't matter. just cover itn sprinkles. it's like a band-aid. >> let's cover this onen sprinkles. these are incredible. thisck pancake s cake. pizza cake. >> bagel cake. >> i love junk food. so i love junk food cakes. >> we've got to go. be sureo to to for all the recipes. >> cut it out! >> ae're back in moment.
8:54 am
but first this is "today" on moment
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so we can all keep advancing. ♪ just ahead on our third hour, more of our spring reboot challenge. sheinelle is learning to eat not until we bring these over. >> plus jenna and i have jimmye fallon l hugh jackman. we got a lot happening. after your local news. >> t 8:56 now on this tuesday, april 9th. good morning, everybody. i'm aar gilchrist. right now let's get a check on the morning commute wi melissa 34 mollet. >> this is nea route 1 on the beltway. two people were trapped inside the vehicle there. they haveeaotten at one person out. going to be transporting. right now only getting by on the right side of the roadway. so we're seeing real delay there
8:57 am
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