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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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aging you. today we spill the secrets on a new technique that turned back theti hands o. live breaking news as we come on the air. look at this. all the whos down in wahooville basking in glory. the uva basketball team are national champs and they are expected to make their return to hecharlottesville withinext hour. we've got our cameras all set up. it's a big day for cavs fans everywhere. >> so exciting, but first a lot of other big stories to get to this afternoon including the tragic loss of aocal hero. news 4 has learned a maryland volunteer firefighteras one of three americans killed in a roadside bombing in afghanian. >> marine staff sergeant christopr was a staff sergeant to three daughters, a husband and a life member of the fire department. news 4 cory smith joins us live outside the fire house.
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cory got a look at the tributes to their fallen colleague there. >> reporter:ti the black b has been put up behind me. the flag at half staff. just a sign of how impactful the staff sergeant was here at the fire department. there are few jobs more danger fs thane fight. one is u.s. marine. christher slutman did both. half a world away from the war zone where he made the ultimate sacrifice, firefighters of the volunteer fire department are honoring their brother and thevi legacy of s he leaves behind. >> he's exactly the guy you want next to you. >> lieutenant clifford remembers the larger than life character. >> he demanded lot of respect with his character.
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> slutman joined the force in 2000. he also spent 15 years in the new york city fire department. there was he was awarded for his courage after pulling a woman from a burning billing. when he wasn't serving his community, he was serving his country as a staff sergeant in the marine cp. clifford says perhaps his most treasured role was at home. >> as muchir of aighter as he was, as much of a marine, he her and a loving f husband. >> and though he's gone, slutman's presence can still be feltere. it's near the locker that he left before his final deployment. it's spelled out in the citation he receivedor his bravery and in hearts of every firefighter who considered him not just and fr but a brother. >> i'm better for having him pave the way for me to be here today, for u toontinue on with his legacy and how he heed buildhis place.
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staff sergeant christopher slutman is survived by his wife daughtersyoung funeral arrangements are still pending. back to you. >> just a heartbreakin day cory smith, thank you so much. we're getting an update now about the attack inn. afghanis the u.s. military now says three people, including sergeant slutman died, not four. they say a contractor who was initially repted among t fatalities was not killed. the taliban is being blamed for the roadside bombing near bagram air field. attorney general william barr told congress today the special counsel report will be released within a wees estimony today part of a split screen moment that captured political drama on b ends of pennsylvania avenue. while democrats were quizzing barr on thell m report, president trump was denying there was a purge at the department of homeland security. blayne alexander standing by at
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the white house to sort all this out for us this evening. blayne. >> reporter: leon, attorney general william barr was ap actually onol hill today to talk about his department's budget, but this was the first time that he was able to publicly bene quest since the end of special counsel robert aeller's investigation. he certainly got lot of questions on that topic. meanwhile there's growing concern among lawmakers over the many changes of the department of homeland security. president trump says his administration will not return to the controversial policy of separating migrant families at the southern bder. but praising it as effective. >> once you don't have it, that's why you see many more people they're cg like it's a picnic because let's go to disneyland. >> that highly criticized policy ended last year by executive order was overseen by kristirst
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nielsen. >> the department of homeland security is a real concern. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came up wi that expression. >> reporter: meanwhile on capitol hill thesi pnt's attorney general william barr plans to release a redacted version mueller's report within a week. barr was pressed on his summary letterhere he wrote mueller did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice. >> what is meant by exonerate is really a question i can't answer. >> reporter: democrats want to see the entire thing without redaction and que barr's ability to con dense the nearly 400 page report into a four-page letter over a weekend. >> i would argue it's more impressive.han all we have is your 4-page summary which seems to cherry pick from the report. >> reporter: barr on the hill today for a budget hearing says he will be back before lawmakers answer questions once he releases the report.
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barr says that he did offer eller a chance to review his summary letter before it was released publicly but that mueller declined. meanwhile when he was asked whether he brief the white house on mueller's report, barr declined to answer. >> that battle over that rort far from over. all right. thank you, blayne. pat. breaking news now in the college admissionsda sc a grand jury has indicted 16 parents on fraud and money launring charges including actress lori loughlin. prosecutors say she and her husband paid $50000 in bribes to get their daughters into the university of southern california. these new charges could mean ditional prison time if they are convicted at trial. the man federal prosecutors say was planning a terrorist attack on national harbor appeared in fedal court this afternoon. prosecutors told the judge rondel henry wanild to as many people as possible and was prepared to die. news 4 mark segraves joins us
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live. mark, henry'sai lawyers a much different picture. what is it that he's teying? >> rep yeah. good evening, pat. with his family in the courtroom, rondel henry sat there silent and listened as you say as prosecutors painted a picture of a man who they say was an isis-inspired terrorist bent on killing as many innocent people as hecan,ut his defense attorney painted a completely different picture saying that the governmen is forcing his -- coerced him into his confession and that all he's charged with is stealing a van. in court today prosecutors said rondel henry was planning a suicide attack and that he wanted blood, chaos and panic. but his attorney said henry is an american citizen whose rights were violated by the government who introgated him f hours, then had him committed to a psychiatric ward without allowing him to see a lawyer or nofy his family. >> this defendant appears to have formed a plot to harm large
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numbers of innocent people and taking concrete steps to execute that plot. >> reporter: according to court records, populars s 28-year-old rondel henry was inspired by isis and wanted to kill as many quote/unquote disbelievers as possible. they say he stole this u-haul van with a plan to run over pedestrians similar to the truck attack in france in 2016. prosecutors allege henry first targeted dulles airport but was unable to breach security there, so he went to national harbor looking for crowds ofde rians. when he found there weren't big enough crowds, police say he broke into a boat docked at national harbor where he spent the night. he was spotted the next morning prince george's county police who were investigating the stolen van. once they began interviewing henry, prince george's county police aleed federal authorities. ig this case emphasizes our greatest threat now, home grown violence extremists. thosels individ who radicalize
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independently and alone in their own home with little to no warning. >> leaving the courthouse today, henry'syamily and attor declined to henry ordered held without bail until his next court hearing. mosecutors left open the possibility thae charges could be added in the future. leon, back to you. >> all right. thank you. maegraves reporting live. let's get to the big news from last night. yes, virginia, tal crs are national champions. a year after their embarrassing first round exit uva wins the first men's basketball title in that school's history. the team arriving back to campus in charlottesville in the next ho. let's go there now. that's where we find news 4 david culver. david, you were outhere in the midst of those crowds that were there on campus last night. >>at had to be a real crazy moment. eporter: i don't know, leon. i'm feeling pretty good. on minutes of sleep. i'm going s i think the students, though, are just starting show up.
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they were up all night. this is where they're all coming to john paul jones arena. a lot of families out there. they'll be gathering awaitingam the arrival. the team, they are going to have hlot of work to do because these folkse been partying for many hours, so they're going to have to do some catching up. uv a's john paul jones arena packed for students, staff, alumni. this, well, this was the place erto be. >> near and dear to all of our hearts. we love charlottesville. we're so excited to be here. >> more than 1,000 miles away from minneapolis and it doesn't matter. the excitement from uva fans right here in charlottesville, virginia, it is no n to see the players to understand tla py. just look at the fans' faces. all excitement to start out followed by moments of concern, then spurts of joy, highes fiv all around.
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but wait, disappointment and shock. frozen faces. tstudents holdinght to one another. defeat inching closer, but got wiped away with encouragement andure elation. a big, a huge major win. >> it's the best thing i've ever seen. >> how insane was that? >> tha wwas great. t does it mean they're coming back here to charlottesville as champions? >> they put in a lot of hard i the season to get to this point and we're s o proudf them. they deserve every minute of it. >> from the packed arena to the crowded corner, this -- iswell, th is a sight you rarely see. it is shut down. the roadwayneas tur into a pedestrian plaza. students are out. they are enjoying it. they're feeling good. so we gotwallowed by that loving crowd as other students
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reached new heights climbing high above. police keeping careful watch the joy spread. some believing this moment was destined to happen. >> it felt like it was written in the stars. >> reporter: and now it is written on the shirts. virginia national champions. and back out here live, written on some of the signs, too. we've got alexander, ava and christopher. just a few of the manyt people here, part of this welcoming committee. are you guys excited? >> yeah. >> reporter: they're about 15 minutes away. pat and leon, we're going to stay out here and keep monitoring it. as soon as they rive, we'll bring it to you live. >> you can sleep later, you and everybody else out there. >> reporter: exactly. who needs sleep? >> when you consider that campus was a year ago after that humiliatg loss in ncaa history, this has got to be a very, very special moment. >> they're feeling it. >> we'll get back to you in a
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little bit. we'll have live cov champs arriving back in arlotte charlottesville all afternoon. well, we all want to look as young as those folks in that crowd and feel as healthy as they apparently feel. >> we know you put effort into your looks every day, right? coming up, the two spots you might beor fgetting about that could be aging you. also an alarming update on outbreak.s the step one state is taking to protect its own residts from the dangerous disease. nd we've got new video of this dramatic flooding. check out this scene from the pacific northwest. the same system that did this is going to be affecting our forecast later this week. i'm going to be talking about that storm moving across the country. it affected us later this week. for right now, beautiful conditions. i'll show you how the number comes down tomorrow. we'll talk about
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. new video of flooding out west. this is from southwestern oregon not far fromhe pacific coast. the damage is part of a system triggering blizzard warnings as it makes its way east. doug is back in just a couple inutes with what it means for our forecast. another public health emergency has been declared i new yo state. this time it's in new york city. mayor bill de blas is now ordering mandatory vaccinations. it's mostly focussed on children
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in an orthodoxty jewish commu in brooklyn. anyone who refuses to beat vacc for measles could be fined $1,000. last month a suburb with a large outbreak banned allfrhildren public places. a lot of us buy products to keep our faces looking young a healthy. what about the rest of your body? >> news 4 erika gonzalez. >> people often take great care of their face. p th sunscreen, moisturizer on their face and forget to protect theiran nechand. >> it gets nemore noticeable ase age. >> as they get older they notice their face looking their hands and necre getting aged. >> she's treated celebrities
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like, rebecca romi and brandy glanville. while in town for the american academy of dermatology conference, the doctor stopped by ourec shntudiueo that she says literally turns back the hands of time. >> in the hands we inject an acid filler that we put inips into the back of the hands and we massage it out and had. s the hands not look as skeletonized. >>t's the first injectable to be fda approved for use outside the face. fillers act fast and the results are immediate, but it's not cheap. the procedure can cost 2 to $4,000. the results last theneck. >> the neck often is tougher to rejuvenate than the face because it's not as resilient. it doesn't have as many oil glands. >> to restore that youthful glow, the doctor uses a radio
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frequency microneedling procedure to tighten loose sagging skin. the needles make tiny wounds an trigger healing agents to repair the damage under the skin by producin collagen. each procedure costs $2,000 and patients typically need a series ofee treatments, but before you go running to the ol dermist, remember this. >> at home things you do, first of all, maintenance and prevention. you don't want more sun damage d wrinkles. every single day wear sunscreen on your face, neck, chest and hands. >> erika gonzalez, news 4. >> we're going to be needing sun block or something to put on our faces around fre. >> a lot sunshine. this time of year the sun is extremely strong. you just don't thinkt. about here we are in the month of april. it's almost like you're in late august or september. >> pretty strong. >> so just remember that. take the sunscreen with you. it's a good idea to put it on your face, your neck, your hands. >> don't forget your
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>> that's true. somebody said that to me the other day. you're the second person. and your ears. so many people neglect their ears as well. let's show you what's going on out there. those are the tips of the day, buddy. look at the numbers. we're still quite warm. yesterday 83. today 78 thus far. southwest wind 10 miles an hour. some clouds. everybody now in the upper 70s. 80 in david culver down there. 80 degrees there. 79 in leesburg. storm team 4 radar not shong much. we did have a couple showers. there is a front that's going to makeay itshrough here. that couldpark a couple showers. most of them are to the north of the mason dixon line but as they move closer to the area we could see a couple of those sparked around the d.c. metro area. not expecting much at all. but behind this notice how we clear out. that means we're looking at a
4:20 pm
great day torrow. now, the wider view, snow to the north. rain down to the south. strong storm sbs into parts of florida. this iwe the storm that w talking about that brought all the rain into parts of the north west here around portland. a lot of flooding going on in northwest. this storm is going to make its way to the middle of the part counk. take a l at what's out there. we've got blizzard warning here from around minneapolis towards denver, almosthe entire state of wisconsin. denver 72 degrees and a blizzard warningor tomorrow. really amazing what this storm is going to do. for us, though, it's going to do something a little different. ch ok this. nice and warm down to the south. dallas today kwe87 degrees. the storm moves in. rain firsto denver. this storm wrapping itself up and bringing more warm air our way. so yes, we do cool temperatures back into the 60s both tomorrow and on thursday. high temperature of 67or tw. nice weather, though. nice for the caps too.
4:21 pm
capitals,yes. home for the playoffs on thursday. temperature there of 67. 72 deges on friday. this is that warmer air that's coming up ahead of a front. that fronting a chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm on friday from that same system. then on saturday a high of 76s. degr 3:00 game for the caps there. so yeah, i think downtown is going to be rocking on saturday. 76 degrees. beautiful weather. we'll talk much tore about rest of the 10-day forecast. i'll see you back here at . 4: >> thank you, doug. a social media crack down prompted by those deadly attacks in new zealand. >> how extremists are taking advantage of online platforms and what tech giants are t pledgi do about it. first, caught on camera, an uber driver takes a couple to the airport and then turns around and tries to break into th
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california woman taken hostage during an african safari is heading home. and developing right now in uganda, some people are under arrest for the kidnapping. kierly endicott and her guide were taken at gunpoint last week while at a national park. kiappers demandedore than half a million dollars in
4:25 pm
ransom. there are conflicting reports about whether any money was paid. uganda hls say ther uganda officials say there have been several arrests of people involved. state r virginia will soon be open on sunday mornings. they will open up at 10:00 a.m. instead of noon. lersstores and craft dis t partnered to make this happen. they keep more of the profit from bottles they t sell in tasting rooms. a consumer art if you own honda acuras. they're recalling suvs because of safety issues. water can get in the taillights and make them short out. some interior lighting can also be affected. this involves 2 years4 through 2019. dealers will replace the seals lightingll new assemblies and wiring if necessary. >> keep this story in mine the next time you order a ride sharing service. police in san mateo arrested an
4:26 pm
uber driver and charged him with burglary. he was charged with trying to break into a home that had picked up passengers, but an alarm scared him off, but he went to a nearby house and was caught on that home security mera. >> anything that was of value that will fit into a bag was >> what was your reaction about hearing how he ended up at your >>place? shocked. definitely thinking twice about taking ride shares further after this. >> police are investigating to see if other burglaries arehi linked to driver. uber is cooperating with police. it?retty brazen, isn't >> yes, it is. troubling trend on roads playing o again today. news 4 meagan fitzgerald talks to a witness about what he heard before a deadly pedestrian crash in virginia. and then newesrch about those dietary supplements. what the study says they can't do for you. and we are live in charlottville as the champion
4:27 pm
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>> announcerin you're wat news 4 at 4:00. and live breaking news right now at 4:30 the uv amena men's baetball team aren full celebration mode this afternoon. >> te team is expected to m
4:30 pm
their return to charlottesville any minute now. we understand the plane has landed, so they should be on the scene any moment now. david culver is out there with that crowd and we'll check in with him live as soon as the team arrives there. it is so good to see such joy and excitement in the same city that witnessed hate and tragedy not long ago during a white nationalistal that made national news. social media helped fuel that ecte andited that rally. now congress wants to know what big tech companies like facebook and google are doing about g th. jayray reports. >> reporte it is a voice growing louder across the country and around the atworld. >> has become a bit of a virus lately and it's spreading across borders and i some cases causes people to commit mass acts of violorce. >> rr: new zealand, , pittsburgh charlottesville, charleston and suspects arrested
4:31 pm
with weapons and plans all with a common bomb. white nationalism and the internet. >> without question they are using online platforms to recruit new members, active followers, target communities, organizeie ra stream their murders and incite violence. >> reporter: today represenootives ofe and facebook told lawmakers changes in policy and procedures have resulted in millions of videos and other content being removed from their platforms. >> we've made investments in art official intellionce to try detect this type of conduct hofore it is seen. >> reporter: thoserack the growth of hate groups say theyt havene snuff. >> they can take the exact same tools they've used against these muslim extremist groups and apply to whitesupremacy. if they can shut that down online, they can shut this down online. >> reporter: many insist it is literally a matter of life andd h. jay gray, nbc news.
4:32 pm
earlier today we talked to well-knownto p bishop t.d. jaks w jakes who is here in washington this week promoting his new book. i talked to bishop jakes about the ris of racial hate trred and race-related violence in our country and asked him what he thinks it will take to heal som of the division that appears to be spreading. >> just ordinary people coming together andg wait a minute, we are better than this. we will not allow a few people to define who we are as individuals. we have to learn to talk to people. until we learn tave conversations outside of our tribe and outside of our group, we will never enlarge. >> you can watch our entire h wf hourh bishop t.d. jakes on news for your sunday. it airs on easter sunday
4:33 pm
morning. bishop shakes is very p optimisc that if people would sit down and look io each other's eyes and hear each others words and each others hearts, maybe their minds would expand and they could see the other points of view and healing could begin. it's a long road and it's a tough job to do in a climate like this. >> how do you start that? interesting. i'll see thatntview. niceties there. good stuff. one person is hurt after rear ending maryland state highway vac on the belt way this morning. chopper 4 is flying over the scene just past route 1. a pickup trk was in the left lane when it drove right into a flasign board truck that was parked on the shoulder. the driver of the pickup was bken to the hospita is expected to be okay. highway officials say this is the third crash with crews in as manyda . that crash one of several accidents causing major problems for commuters. this morning in fairfax county
4:34 pm
part of route 50 was shut down for hours after a pedestrian was hit and killedear alder woods drive. remeagan fitzgerald was tt the scene and she spoke with a witness. >> reporter: chopper 4 was flying above the scene this morning just after 6:00 a.m. moments before a horrifying scene unfolded on thelaestbound of route 50 just before alder woods drive. roger was at work when he heard a disturbing sound. >> i was on the side of the building and i heard some loud screeching, but it was like long screeching. >> reporter: he walked outside andaw this. one car had smashed into the back of the other. fairfax county police say a man was struck while trying to cross the street. that man died at the hospital. the polic say the driver did stay on scene. >> it'sa it's unbelievable. for me to see that type of damage. >> reporter: the police department reconstruction team marking the area where the crash happened. trying to figure out how a man was struck in the middle of the
4:35 pm
morning. commu >> my heart and prayers go out to that family. >> reporter: in fairfax county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. the virginia men's basketball team, they are moments away from arriving back on campus as national champs. >> coming back a few inutes early, as a matter of fact. the team winning its first ever title last night. >> and in historic fashion. look at is a live shot from charlottesville. the crowd can't wait to see the team. >> although they seem a lot tamer than they did last night. they are reao celebrate, though, with the team. >>ee sheurruss joins us live from the newsroom. she's had a look at the uva epic turnaround. when you consider where that team was at this time last year, this is amazing. >> absolutely. the word they're using is redemption for making history last year, losing in the first round. this year the cavaliers making more history winni their champi. last night in minneapolis, the
4:36 pm
final step in a remarkable comeback, uva takg down texas tech in overtime and big championship game after becoming the first number one seed to lose to a 16 seed last season. e cavaliers win it all just one year rter for sta ty jerome, he's living in tes t as a champion. >> forget last year. it was everything since you were a little kid. i'm not even thinking about unbc right now. this is a dream come true. it's more than that,ecause you never even imagine you'll be able to spend a year with people you actuallyove. your teammates and your coaches and not a lot of people get along lik weo. to share this moment with them is unbelievable. >> i think we all know a uva fan that's just as excited as those guys. in a few minutes we'll head back to david culver in charlottesville as tm arrives back on campus. back to you. >> you consider the miracle it took to win those last three games, two of them being overtime.
4:37 pm
was lmost had to feel this destiny. >> that's what they're saying. if it all work out the way uvan fanshe players hoped for, it's all worth it. >> you can say that >> they'll have a good time there tonight. all week we're helping y stress less. >> next the one new habit who can adopt -- that doctors say could make a big difference. plus with temperatures like this near 80 degrees in washington rreht now, w getting into the season where you want to get out maybe in the canoe, kayak, paddleboard or both. the national weather service warns the wer temperatures are still dangerously cold. i'm going
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we've got a breakine' situation watching right now. several roads are blocked off in crystal city because a water main break. arlington county police say that roads leading to 27th street south and crystal drive are shut down right now. drivers, if you're going to be through that area, you should seek dteferent r crews are trying to repair the water main right now. no word o impact to homes and businesses in the area. we'll keep y we all have our ways of relieving stress, but have you heard of stress baking? it's become a surprising trend. and doctors say it's one of many activities that can help you cool off. >> these hobbies or these activities, the can takeou away. they take your mind off and give you a break from thes. stres no matter where it's comingom
4:41 pm
. >> if you are looking to bake away your stress,ry fancy cakes. the bakery offers baking and cake decorating classes. the one rule, though, students have to leave their stress and high expectaons at the door. so there. >> high expectation >> got to leave them at the door. >> you should expect it to taste terrible or what? >> leave your expectations at the door and it won't matter. >>kay. here's something that shouldn't stress you out, folkse warm ttures and pretty clear skies. how about that? >> that sounds good. it feels like the start of summer outside. don't be fooled by the water is still very cold. amelia draper is here with a warning if you're thi of heading out to the water this week. >> absolutely,at. with the anacostia, the potomac, the bay, i think lot have aspects of our life that involve the water, whether you likeki ka, canoeing,ng paddle boarr heading on out on
4:42 pm
your boat, the water temperatures are still dangerously cold. here's some temperares across the area. d.c. almost at 80 degrees as well as annapolis. the river coming in at 75. ocean city maryland at 53, bute look at water temperature. 48 degrees. this still dangerously cold. the national weather service defines cold water temperatures as waterra temres at least in the 40s and 50s or colder. and what happens if you fl in? even strong swimmers in cold water temperatures are going to lo c muscletrol in ten minutes. if you are heading out on the water before you head out, not only do you want to check the weather forecast, or are there any thunderstorms in the forecast, but also check out those water temperatures before d out. then as you are heading out, what you want to dress for on the water is what you would need in the water versus what's going to be comfortable out in the air. right now that would for the most part b a wet suit. if you're heading out, make sure you're prepared and make sur you know that cold water
4:43 pm
temperatures are dangerous still in the 40s and 50s. doug and i will have more on the weekend forecast coming up in less than ten >> we can wait. >> you got it. ank you, amelia. well, how cool we get tomorrow and when rain returns forecast. >> and we or wahoo watch. the uva n's basketbaleam is back in charlottesville. they were crowned champions last nit over an overtime game. david culver out there in the middle of the middle of the 'll go down awend you know when you're at ross
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if you're just joining us, t's get you caught up with four things to know. a local fire department is remembering a fallen comrade. marine staff sergeant christopher clutman was one of three members killed during a roadside he also worked at the volunteer fire department in land over. he leaves behind three daughters
4:46 pm
and his wife. > the germantown man accused of a terror plot will be held until his next attention hhearing. rondry appeared before a federal judge today. henry claimed to be ipired b isis when he skoeltole a u-haul with the plan of running over pedestrians. within a week is when attorney general william barr says the special counsel report will be released to congress.wi but i be redacted. barr says he does not plan to release an unredacted version setting the stage for a legal show down with democrats. and a live look outside john paul jones arena in charlottesville. fans there gathering to welcome back the champs to campus. virginia cavaliers are the first men's basketball title in school history with a win over texas tech last night. wd> and the team has landed. meanwhile the c are getting bigger as they anticipate seeing the hampion cavaliers for
4:47 pm
first time on the ground there in charlottesville. >>nehat's right. 4 david culver joins us live from the crowd down there. excitemento beginningild down there, david, huh? >> reporter: leon and pat, as spaceowds build, perso starts to go in a bit. everybody is getting nice and cozy. folks are getting together. gthey're enjoyin the community spirit they've been waiting for. look how big this crowd has grown to. gives you an idea of where the pus is going to paul down and it stretches down a couple hundred feet. that's what you see down that way. the folks that have been lining up here, probably an hour and a half or two hours, about 30 minutes, that's when you came in, right? >> yep. >> christopher, what time did you go to last night after staying up forhat game? >> about 12:10. >> that's past your usual bedtime, i assume? >> most likely. >> reporter: check out his
4:48 pm
shirt. who signed that? >> tony bennett. >> reporter: you looking to get more temperatures? >> i hope. >> reporter: what's your sign say? >> who's number one? virginia is national champions. >> reporter: yes, they are. does it feel good?oe >> yes, it >> reporter: yooufr gu've got a folk in the community, staff, professors. i think everybody relaxed the attendance policy when it came to everyone showing up for clas o you saw somthe images we posted on social media. we were out there all long.t we got about 90 minutes of sleep. you know what? the adrenalinece of this p is just electric. you just feel that and it keeps you going. i don't know h much longer it will keep us going.g hopefully lonough for us to watch this bus pull up once it comes, because you said they have landed. we know that as a fact. they're on their way here. charlottesville is not that big. we know they're going to be here soon enough. as soon as they get off thate' bus, bring you those live images and the welcome here. no doubt it's going to be a huge
4:49 pm
warm welcome for these folks. >> david, what's the itinerary once the welcome there is completed? are there other events plannedo today and the rest of the week? >> reporter: you know, it's funny, this is not even actually thefficial homecoming parade. t this is the gathering of them getting off the bus. the parade i this saturday. that's going to be a huge event, a lot larger venue compared to where we are here. that's where the official gathering will be. i've already heard from several folks in northern virginia, the d.c. area planning to come down here. i was checking on the hotel we're staying kout, they're b the out for this weekend. that's the reality. folks are starting to decide hey, we'll spend the weekend in charlottesvill with the champions. >> well, of can't wait to see it when that bus gets there. we'll get back to you in just a bit. >> reporter: i'll keep you post. >> it can't believe t kid went
4:50 pm
to sleep at i was fired up and i'm not from uva. watchwas a great game to every single game virginia played was just amazing coming down to the final four. really just incredible. i took my son to the bus sto today and one of his best buddies, he's decked out in uva. i said did you watch the game last night? yeah. >> can you tell? >> way to go. >> are we going to be hap the weather tonight? >> yeah. this is some great weather. if i told you two months ago temperatures wereropping 20 degrees, wait a second here, what's happening. but now after a high of near 80 today you drop 20 and you're still in the 60s. that's where we're going to ber to. take a look out towards reston town center. looking good. a loticf traut there. you don't normally see that along the dulles toll road, but you see it right there tracking west. this is going to be the new rest metro stop there for the silver line. out there right now what are we
4:51 pm
currentlying? 78 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 70s. really niceeather. we do have a cold front that's trying to move through, but not today. not right now. it will actually move through night meaning temperatures will drop off let's say 15 degrees. going from 78 to a high temperature tomorrow of 65. really beautiful all around our region. no rain right now. we are tracking this fronig here it is here. some showers and thunderstorms up to the north. they were as far south as hagerstown earlier. now it's diminishing around our region. tomorrow it is going to be a little bit cooler. same deal goe for thursday. that's the average high for this time of year. >> absolutely, doug. our ave5ge high now degrees. we're going to see our temperatures -- hey. it's tuesday, right? it's beautiful outside in all oinesty. we're to see our temperatures still running a little bit above normal tomorrow and friday and saturday our temperatures continue to warm back ayup. satue're in the 70s, maybe even flirting with 80nd degrees.
4:52 pm
maybe a few showers in the forecast. we'll have to see about that.l our next rhance for rain is going to be later in the day on friday. we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms with a hh temperature around 72. mostly cloudy skies, but all in all for thet part the weather looking really nice as we finish off the workweek and headn into t weekend. a lot of events happening around town this weekend. we havehe anacostia river cleanup. it's going to be comfortable for that onatday. temperatures will be in the 70s. a mix of clouds andne suns we have the emancipation day parade and the cherry blossom parade out there on saturday. both of tho are looking really nice. and then the nats playing at sunday.h saturday and the game on saturday, dry. no issues there. suugay, though, maybe some light showers possible. sunday, though, it isn't a .shout of the d i think we'll still be able to find some nice weather here and there.ed >> you mentihe nationals. we're all excited about the nats, but what are we really ,xcited about?
4:53 pm
caps, ca caps. that's what we've got thursday and coming up on surday. both home games. the saturday afternoon game, 3:00 game. a great day to get out and about in the city. temperature the 76 degrees. chance of storms on frida saturday 76. then we look towards sunday. good chance of showers. high of 72. early showers monday but most the day dry. we're in t 60s and then again the 70s. i really think we have turned the corner here. milder weather as we make our way through the next ten day. >> that's where we want to be. >> keep it turning. thank you, doug. working for your. health n if you think dietary supplements can extend your life, aew study shows that's not the case. not only do they not help you live longer, they can be harmful to you if they're taken in high enough doses. the study found an increased risk of dying from cancer if yoa ta excessive amount of calcium. certainly new tree yenutrients
4:54 pm
contribute to a lonthr life but need to come from a food source, not from supplements. >> let's get a lookt what's all new. hi, guys. >> we'veus got a afternoon and an urgent warning tonight about a mysterious infection spreading all overhe world. doreen gentzler take a closer look at this threat. also there's apa new cn that's intended to make your ride on metro nicer. there' something the agency you're u to do whe either a witness or you are a victim of any kind of harassment. plus with more thann 100 millvices out there, alexa is by far the most popular of those smart speakers. >> but ahead at 5:00, we'll see how that popularity became a head ache for the family of a 3-year-o who has the name alexa. h> and we'll beding back to wahooville. they're in route now on the bus. >> has anybody said who's on first today? >> all right,
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
there's a desperate searc und w under way for an american couple who vanished. orlando moore andd his girlfri went to the dominican republic last month for a romantic getaway. they left their hotel and vanished. morgan chancy reports on the
4:58 pm
search for that couple. >> reporter: it's the picture capturing one of the last times anyone saw orlando moore and girlfriend porsche ravenel. ar we want my brother to return. >> reporter: on 23rd, the couple flew from newark to the dominican republic for a getaway. >> we snapchat together and i saw him at the hotel. >> reporter: his sister tellss nbc n both were due back march police confirmed they checked out of the hotel but family says neither made it on the flighck home. now 11 days later, both moore and ravenel's cell phones a off. their vacation rental car missing. back home moore's car sitting in an airport >> i just hope everyone can help me find these people. >> reporter: in february thetm state dept issued a travel advisory for the dominican republic telling tourists to exercise increased caution due tori. ravenel's family is in the dr trying to find her hoping this
4:59 pm
picture isn't the last. nbc news. right now at 5:00, the national champseturnhome. it is a wahoo welcome home this afternoon. hoards of fans are welcoming the university of virginia basketball team back to charlottesville. >> they have won their first ever ncaa champion hoops. news 4 at 5:00 is starting now. first at 5:00, a mission to kill. >> this defendant appears to have formed a plot to harm large numbers of innocent people. >> the mancced of plotting to run down crowds of people at national harbor appefrse a judge. >> what we learned in court today and what his attorneys now saying. creating a safe space. four things that metro wants t riderso do to help stopex and oth types of harassment on the trains.
5:00 pm
b first, saluting a fallen hero. the local ties and lifetime of service for a mare killed in action in afghanistan. and first tonight we are arting with that story. fellow firefighters say he's the guy you want to see coming for u if your house is burning down. >> today those comrades areme ering marine staff sergeant christopher slutman, a husband, a fa.ser, a service member. and a lifelong member of the kentland volunteer fire department. >> sergeant slutman was one of three service members who were killed during a roadsid bombing in afghanistan. news 4's cory smith joins us live outsi the fire house with the tributes that areouring in for this fallen colleague. cory. >> reporter: jim and wendy, there are only a few jobs more dangerous than firefighter. u.s. marine is one of them. as you mentioned, christopher slutman did both. he gave the


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