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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 10, 2019 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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a historic monster storm is on the move including a bomb pl cyclone, cete with blizzard conditions and warnings from many parts of the country. plus high winds and flooding. this weather is no april fool. a public health emergency is declared over the growing measles outbreak. those not getting vaccinated tll face hefty fines. chaos in capital. more resignations at homeland security as the number two steps down while attorney general william barr retur the hill for a second grilling. hero on and off the battlefid. noring the u.s. marine and firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice. and how much did you risk? >> 38,314. a new one-day record.n
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>> incredible six-figure one-day total for a jeopardy champion. should ken jennings be >worried? nd oscar winner emma stone is gearing up to host "snl." "early today" starts right now. grea o being with you this wednesday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. ic may olly be spring, but blizzard conditions are expected to hit the central ains. a potentially record-setting storm is heading for states still suffering from flooding caused from lt month's bomb cyclone. areas of minnesota may see up to two feet of snow by thursday evenin crews atenver international airport say they are ready for they'reng snow, and urging travelers to check with their airlines about possible delays. .> what a me bill karins is tracking it all for us. good morning, bill. >> we have six states with blizzard warnings issued. we have 15 million people that are at risk of seeing the winter storm, including winter storm warnings, advisories andiz the rd warning shown here in purple. and we'll extend those later today in minnesota and
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wisconsin. re is the snowfall footprint. when we're said and done, it's snowing now in the rockies. today the snow is breaking out in the central plains. but it's this area especially in south dakota, into minnesota, this going to be one of the biggest snowstorms you've seen this year, even in maybe the last couple of years. 1 to 3 inches per hour. could see thundersnow with this. blowing andrifting wilreate zero visibility. interstate 90 and interstate 80 will likely be closed at the peak of the storm. of to mention that, a l airport travel too. not only do we have the high winds and the snow, this is just pili on top of each other. >> it's going to be headaches. >> good luck with travel. >> headaches for a lot of people. >> for this time in april. >> all right, bill, thank you. we have an urgent u you on the growing measles outbreak. new york city decring a public emergency, warning the public to get vaccinated with 465 cases now confirmed across 19 states. here is nbc's anne thompson. >> we have to stop it now. >> reporter: a health emergency declared by new york's mayor for parts of williamsburg, brooklyn, naordering mandatory vaccions against the measles, a highly
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contagious and potentially deadly disease. thoswho refuse face a thousa dollars fine. thinking is an unusual action, and it's because of the sheer tent of the crisis. >> reporter: 285 confirmed cases since october, the largest outbreak in almost 30 years 'scentered in williamsburg mathodox jewish community. rabbi david need is there any religious reason not to vaccinate? >> the answer is no. >> reporter: but people are confused. >> you get fact wng and junk science and junk medical studies. >> reporter: near chicago, pediatric hospitaletwork snding this letter to all parents in theirystem with unvaccinated children, urging them to get protected. >> kids under the age of 3 are hit hardes as well as children are immune compromised. >> like kids with cancers.r transplant back in new york city where 21 people have been hospitalized, five in intensivcare, health official says the vaccine is more than a personal choice. >> you are de facto making the decision for the people around
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you. or >> repr: a decision science says has the power to stop a disease. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. "full house" star lori loughlin is facing even more seous charges in the college admissionsin cheat scandal. loughlin and her husband were hit with a second indictment, along wit o 14ther parents. this just a a dayer felicity huffman and a dozen others made deals to plead guilty inheir case. loughlin has beened charg with an additional felony, but could they be heading to prison if mnvicted? fore we go to nbc's miguel almaguer. actressnd lori loughlin 14 other parents are now charged with conspiracy to commit fraud nd moneylaundering, accused of paying bribes to cheat their children's way into college now face up to0 years i prison. >> i think both the judge and the government want to send a message, and that is you may be
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wealthy. you may be famous, but you're not beyond the long arm of the law. >> reporter: the ind not affect felicity huffman and a dozen other parents who agreed guilty. the oscar nominee admitting monday she paid $15,000 for a proctor to correct her daughter's answersn the s.a.t. guidelines call for huffman to serve between four to m tenths behind bars. >> these other parents have n come in and plead ilty. they certainly haven't done it errly. so the gnment has added karges. i thint least some of them will go to prison. >> reporter: while many parents face simil charges, sentence guidelines vary, based in part of the aunt of the alleged bribes. gal experts believe loughlin, who allegedly paid half a million dollars for her two ughters to get into usc face admin mum of two years in prison, with charges the stakes are higher. >> lori, lori, lori, p my tuition! >> the rich are paying the price
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for paying bribes. ultimately the judge willave leeway when it comes to tension. she will consider thet guidelins has the final say in making that determination. frances? > thank you. here is now official winner yet in the israeli election, but that hasn't stopped both benjamin netanyahu and his challenger benny gantz from declaring victory. as votes continue to be countedu netany appears to be poised to make history as the country's longest serving prime minister. >> foroo closer at this very tight race, we go to nbc's bill neely. bill, good morning. >> good morning, frances. well, they are still counting the vot in israel's hotly contested election, but here at benjamin netanyahu's election headquarters, they say he's won and t he's won the right to be israel's longest serving prime minister. duelling election claims. benjamin netanyahu says he has won again and he is forming a government now. jubilation at his rival's heerquarters. formy chief benny gantz claims he's won, but it is too closto call.
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president trump's role perhaps decisive. the president was like a running mate, starring in netanyahu's election videos. >> he's tough. t's smart, he's strong. >> reporter: giftihe prime minister by moving america's embassy to jerusalem, recognizing the golan heights as israel's land.u but netanyahs damaged by corruption charges he's facing that he denies. he's never faced a closer election, and tonight his fifth term in office is far from a done deal. here at his headquarters, they may with celebrating, but it's israel's president who decides who can try to form the next government, and that could take six weeks. frances? >> all right, bill neely, thank you. it is round two for alorney generailliam barr. today senators will grill the ag andling of the mueller investigation, a day after questioning from house lawmakers. he told congress to expect that
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report within a week. but parts of it will be blacked out, which has democrats already pushing back. nbc's tracie pott now with the very latest on this. tracie, good morning. barr's testimony left lawmakers with plenty more questions. >> right. democrats are saying they don't want just a blacked out report with no explanation. they want to know whyifferent parts of the report will not be assessable to them. w attorney generliam barr says when he delivers that report, as he expects in a week, it will be color code and there will be detailed explanations for what's blacked hout. but says it's necessary because grand jury information is secret and other classified information cannot be t over in a publicly available report. >> i think that from my standpoint, by within a week, he will be in a position to release the report to the public. >> this is ws t drie
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public crazy, when they see something like this. this is what we have to try to avoid. >> and as wendollow that se budget hearing today where he will likely get more questions rabout the muellersia report, we are also following the shake-up at the department of homeland security. as you know, the secret service director stepped down. that was a day aft the secretary announced that she will be leaving as well as of today. now we get word that the deputyr secretary c grady is leaving as well. that clears the way for phe perssident trump wants to take over the agency. at this mpint, president t denies he's cleaning house there. phillip? >> quite a revolving a dull moment. tracie potts in washington. thank you, tracie. magic joson is saying goodbye to his job with the lakers. the nba legend dropped the ha bombshell he is step do you think as president of basketball operations at a press conference ahead of the lakers final of the season last night. he said the lakers owner had not
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mebeen inf of his decision. johnson said he wants to get back to having fun, adding that he was happier when he wasn'ten pres expectations for the lakers were high after signing lebron james in the off-season, but the season ends in disappointment. two spots out of the western confers.ce play-o >> it is weird to know that the play-offs are about to start and going to be is n part of it. all right. let's get back to bill for more on this cpring weather. >> let's talk about the wind side. thounds of people i los angeles lost power last night when strong winds went through. we still have high windng war from areas of southern california and areas of new mexico. eventually we'll get the high wi warnings later today in areas of texas. the strong winds will be felt from new mexico to el paso at 60. albuquerque at 50. wind gusts would be as strong as 70 miles perhour. and lubbock yesterday we had a dust storm warning for las vegas, which was very unusual. and of courseith the storm and the snow. that's when we'll get ourti blizzard cons there in nebraska. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here is a closer look at your day ahead. look at these temperatures.
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this isust your classic spring plains blizzard setup. 86 in wichita today. and it will be in the 30s in areas of northern portions of nebraska. it's only about 1000 to miles away from each other. very storm is going to have it all, even a little bit of severe weather too. we'll talk about tha a coming u. right, bill. thank you very much. in today's quick hits, this happened to a lot of us, but not to thisnt ex a staff writer at "the new yorker" got locked out of his ipad for the next 49 years. his year-old entered the wrong password over and over and over again. so befuddled dad posted the notification to try again in 25,000 and something minutes. a trifying moment when an 18-wheeler hit a day care. alk the children are b in the facility and safe. a prequel to the 1978 movie "grease" has been confirmed. what? ♪
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>> when it comes to race relations in america, six in ten's gotten according to a vary involving over 6,000 adult, researchers found 66 think president trump has made race relations worse. just 15% say he has primedov race relations. 13% say he has tried b failed. and with mass acts of violencei grfrom hate groups, online social networks are facing growing pressure to tackle the issue. here is nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: it is analysts say a voice growing louder across the country and around the world. >> hate a has become bit of a virus lately, and it's spreading across borders, and in some cases causing people to commit mass acts of violence. >> reporter: new zealand, pittsburgh, charlottesvill charleston, and suspects arrested with weapons and plans, all with the commo bond.
3:45 am
white nationalism and the internet. >> without queson, they are using online platforms to recruit new members, activate follower, target communities, organize rallies, streammu thei ers, and insight violence. >> reporter: representatives of google and facebook told lawmakers changes in policies and procedures have resulted in millions of videos and other content being removed from their platforms. >> we have made significant investments in artificial tintelligence to try detect this type of content before it is seen. >> reporter: but those who track the growthf hate group say they haven't done enough. >> they can take the exact same tools tha they've used against these muslim extremist groups and apply topr white acy. if they can shuthat down online, they can shut this down online. >> reporter: many insist it is literally a matterf life and death. jay gray, nbc news. just ahead, the jeopardyom
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it is so great to be here. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm emma stone. >> emma stone is back for her
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gofourth ound as host of "saturday night live." this time she'll be doing the show with maybe the biggest musical guest of the season bts. bts pretty much the biggest acts in the asworld, at they're following them. i'm pretty sure 30 rock is going to get crazy with all their fans. >> emma stone is great. she just rolls with it all. she is hysterical. apparently it's obvious,ngourth time dt. when a jeopardy guest gets this kind of reaction from alex trebek, they must be doing something good. >> and how much did you risk? 38,314. a new one-dayrecord, 110,914. >> look at thatnumber. professional gambler james holzhauer is walking away with a one-day total of $110,914. he totally smashes the previous jeopardy recordf $77,000. the 34-year-old hit some huge daily doubles to get his score that high. and check this out. ths final amount matches his
3:50 am
daughter's by of november 9th, 2014. so that's g-09-14. th is amazing. >> he's got to go buy a lottery ticket or something. >> go to vegas, all of the above. >> he is doing it. congratulations to him. and it's fun to watch too. all right. american airlines flight attendant says a workplace accident had her mortified. matty peters, she was first class when someone bump her tray and sent those drinks lfflying. f them fell on her, but the other half landed in the lap of american airlines ceo doug parker. tty says he was a really good sport about it. he joked about it for the rest of the flig. she sayshen he was getting off the plane, he told me he'd never forget me. i guess thas a good ing, right? wow. that's like the worst -- that's in a movie if you wrote it up. it's a little much. >> he saw somebody bumped in her. he knows. he's seen everything. >> still you feel bad for her. right the boss of bosses ther >> that's true. these flight attendants go through a lot. can you imagine taking a baby on
3:51 am
a long flanht? it be really unpredictable. there was a southwest flight attendant who isra beinged for going out of their way to soothe as restlby. the baby and her mom were on a flight from austin to atlanta when the baby becam uneasy. this is what happened. the flight attendant took the 19-monthld brittany with her to greet the passengers. mom posted video on facebook. the airline even commented saying southwest employees take great pride in delivering our legendary southwest dspitality. an you notice the baby was all happy. >> yeah, he was. >> it could go either way. the baby could be crying like who are you,stranger. but in this case loving all the new faces. >> she tid a favor for mom too. she got a few minutes, a few breaks. a little break on that flight. upnext, bill is tracking that historic bomb cyclone and where it's going to hit the hardest. you're watching "early today." yap yap yap yip licking, scratching, scooting, and rubbing... may be signs of allergic itch, a medical condition that may require fast-acting, prescription apoquel.
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brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ welcome back. the snow is the shocking part of this historic blizzard, but we also have lightning north of sioux city. we could get some storm with really large hail. watching areas here northern portions of kansas, southern portions of nebraska not far aw from where they're going to be dealing with the snowstorm. and then tomorrow we'll see a li of storms producing severe weather. just south of chicago, champaign towards indianapolis late in y. of course airport delays likely all through the region. >> thank you. still ahead, remembering our heroes, the fallen marines. you look amazing.
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good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. up in smoke. a major fire in a carip dealer flames shoot out of a building inside. cey cars sit >> this morning we're following the updates. chuck. aaron, you may or may not have noticed it. the winds shifted around to the north. it w il
3:59 am
"news 4 today" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. just about 4:00 a.m. let' begin the morning with your forecast and your commute. >> melissa molletin is stand
4:00 am
by. let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> definitely feels cold outside, chuck. >> yes. yesterday wppwere in the 50s, low 60s. this morning we're in the 40s and 50s for most b a big range of temperatures this morning. west martinsburg, virginia. 62 in quantico, virginia. 60 inannapolis. 58 here in town, but 45 at dulles airport. so a bf range temperatures this morning but noticeably cooler than yesterday for sure. here's the good news. the sun is back. as soon as it gets up this morning, we'll have a mostly sunny day. temperatures 84 two days o. 81 yesterday. today 67 which, by the way, is still two degrees warmer than average. melissa? >> i do like that. i like warmer than average always. always, chuck, taking a look at the roads. annanda annandal


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