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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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outside if you're heang out soon but you know what? it's going to be another nice day. we'll take the chiy start. >> that's right. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here and we'll talk to melissa about first 4 traffic. chuck, a little nip in the air this morning. >> yes. a little cooler start this morning butom theaint department remains closed on spring vacation. >> exactly. >> because this weather is honestly very, very pleasant. no more 80s. back-to-ck80s was back on the 7th to 11th in october. won't be that warm today. we've fallen into the mid 40s now for the most of the western suburbse and into shenandoah valley. the i-95ordor is a little bit milder. 50sor in principless county. not a bad wait by the bus stops. outdoor recess. after school play time, nothing to worrytobout y. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s.
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that is av plus weather for sure. over the next couplef days we'll stay mild and dry today and tomorrow. rain chances continue to look pretty high for friday afternoon and evening and saturday rain chances have inched their way up a little bit. bus stopr, weat maybe that layer of fleece. yesterday we were having that debate w h your boy athome. today i think he may need the hood. >> hays face times and asks to figure out whether or not he needs to wear am jacket f chuck. yes, he does. >> kids never want to wear clothes. >> i want a blanket. southbound bw parkway between 32 and 132 right lane is getting by the work zone there this morning. taking a look at 130 northeast. annandale, after little river, turnpike sti have that work zone hanging around. arlington, water main repair remaining closed.
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, melisank you. we have breaking news right now in prince gorges county. police are trying to figure out who stole an atm. investigators say a vehicle smashed into a convenience store along watkins park drive in upper marlboro. this happened around 3:00. stay with news 4 for updates. in alexandria, firefighters responding to a house fire in old town of pit street near duke street. uries or n how many i how the fire started. we'll update you as we have more. montgomery county firefighters battled several fires overnight. three adults and one child are without a home and o firefighter has minor injuries because of this fire. we're told the fire originated from an outdoor heat pump ac unit. and about 100 montgomery
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county firefighters battled a two alarm fire at a honda alership ernight. >> we're told one firefighter was hurt there. no word yet on how badly. chopper 4 flew over that dealership onutomobile boulevard in silver spring. you can see a ton of smoke coming out of the building. there are several car dealerships on that street. the stubborn fire started in a apparently. it took a while to knock it down. this morning we have new details about a deadly shooting in prince gorges county. police have identified the ctim as 20-year-old merlin ramirez lara detectiv found him near a sidewalk at 6:15 yesterday morning. so far there have been no arrests. 4:33. a man has been convicted ofin ro a man on a montgomery county ride-on bus. according to charging documents, last year zachary mocco and a
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victim were playing a money guessing game. he was hit by anoncoming car and survived and kept on running. later he showed upt aospital and police arrested him. he'll be sentenced in may and ces 15 years. we now know more about a garyland man accused of plott a terrorist attack at national harbor. prosecutors say 28-year-old ron dell henry was inspired by isis and wanted to kill a many disbelievers as possible. during a hearing yesterday he said hentry stole a you haul truck with a plan tor run ove pedestrians. he targeted dulles and then moved to the harbor when he ou couldn't get t security. it is 4:34. u.s. marine who died in afghanisidn in a roa bombing had been a volunteer
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firefighter in our area. staff sargeant christopher sletman was one of threeares who died earlier this week. the 43-year-old served at the h fireouse in landover before becoming a new york city firefighter. today attorney general william barr will face more questions on capitol hill. this time he will testify before a senate yesty he told a house committee that he wil release a redacted version of special counse robert mueller's report next week. coming up at 4:45 we'll talk to news 4's tracie potts about this and a separate hearing on the border. a federal grand jury indictment indicte actress lori loughlin and others. prosecutors say she and her husband paid $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into the universityf southern california. these newharges could mean additional prison time if they're convicted a trial.
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charlottesville is preparing to celebrate the new national champis after the historic win over texas tech monday night. what a game. look ot allf the celebration. the party continuessa at 2:00 turday at scott stadium inch lottesville. must feel so good, right? >> i'll bet. >> well, another home team will t be in the ayoffs this year. >> yeah. the wizards end their season with a loss to the boston celtics. this was a tough season for the wizards. they suffered through injuries, trades, manyin wless nights. we can't forget all-star johnll missing 50 games this ason. he's not sure if he'll be back next season recovering from a touring. they finished the season 32-50. >> weoh need jn wall. tomorrowop we're hing for better luck with the caps. i think hockey might be better for are the defending champs.
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that's us in practice why i had. they're preparing for game one in playoffs. e caps will take on the hurricane on home ice here in d.c. game two is o saturday. you can watch the game saturday right here on nbc 4. we have you covered with our defeuping the preview show at 2:30. the puck drops at 3:00lo fd by news 4 on 4. >> turn on here and watch it. a surprise resignation fro basketball. why magic johnson is leaving the game for good. >> first, allergy season is here. tips for getting that sniffling, sneezing, coughing under control. everybody.orning, hey, tax day is right around the corner. >> and whether you've already filed or you're still working on it, we have an important consumer alert. remember that irs phone scam?ut it's still there, but thieves have put a new twist on it and
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome at 4:40, have you been sniffling nd sneezing and coughing a l today? >> my poor oldest child is really bad. it's all gyseason, and it's just beginning. approximately 50 million americans suffer with nasal allergies, and doctors say now is the time to start treating your symptoms. >> so basically now is the time that you'r probably feeling that twinge o itchy eyes. i get kind of itchy on the roof of my mouth. sneezing, watery eyes, just start now so when things really dop up, those antihistamines k haked in. >> jake starts them in february to get ahead oft so he's not suffering badly now. while you may be taking symptoms
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to ease them, don't forget to ke precautions in home. vacuum often. wipe your pets down when they come inside. you have to change your sheets lo 4:41 now. mr. bell. >> so jake isn't a child who should not be named on tv? that's the other one. all right. wake up weather then. will be bright and sunny, a little on the cool side. very pleasant day today. can you get the car washed? get that first player of pollen and petals off of it. ten day forecast is coming up. what patients don't realize is
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what they eat and drink is likely acidict' and then whappening is the weakening of enamel. now is the perfect time for a toothpaste like the new pronamel repair.
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this tooxtpaste takes it to the evel. it takes minerals and it drives it deep into the toh surface so that we can actively help repair weakened enamel. i do think dentists are going to want to recommend the new onamel repair toothpaste. it's such an easy answer and it will do exactly what their patients need.
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you're watching "news 4 today". israel's benjamin netanyahu appears to be heading towards an historic fifth he a solid majority in ast iament following night's election. re-election would give netanyahu a boost as hece b for the likelihood of criminal charges in a series of corruption scandals. he's denied any wrongdoing in all of them. final election results are expected by friday. today there is a major shakeup at the department f homeland security. secretary kirstjen nielsen and her acting deputy will leave the department. nielsen resigned under pressure from president trump over the border security issue. that clears the way for customs
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and border protection mmissioner kevin mcaleenan to become acting homeland security secretary. today is another big day on capitol hill. attorney generalilliam barr will be back in the spotlight for a second straight day. he is expected to testify before a senate committee. the testimony is expected to focus on the budget. >> but if yesterday wasny indication, he'll be grilled about when he will release special counsel robert mueller's report. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron and eun. good morning. here's what we learned from his testimon we could get more details on this today. he says the report, the redacte version, should be ready within a week. lawmakers have been pressing him for that. that it's going to be color coded with every section taken out and why.xp he elained some of it is secret grand jury formation, some is classified, some is to protect investigative techniques, a number of
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differentreasons. he says there wiletbeled explanations. >> tracie, we understand lawmakers will have a chance to question immigration officials abou the southern border. what are some key points here? >> one key point is is the president trying to implement family separation. the attorney general said no in his testimony. today the acting deputy of i.c.e., immigration and customs enforcement will testify. remember those children behind gates that many called cages caused a lot of controversy. he'll put it back in place at his get tough at the border initiative. the president denies that he's looking at reimplementing family separation and so does the attorney general. >> thank you. a local group of students is trying to get congress'sy attention making them
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remember that teens are killed violence. five students at temple emmanuel have put together a yeaook for students who never saw their senior prom, graduation or had h ce to write one last have a great summer and sign the pages of their own yearbooks. all of the studentsre featu in these pages were killed in school shootings lastar >> every person, every student deserves to feel safe. it's kind of like a basic idea to every student goes school and gets education, worries about studies, not dying. >> the teensill pass out 535 yearbooks to members of congress who are respoible for creating gun control laws. 4:47 right now. after an historic vote in prince william county, one man will now become the first minority to serve on the board of
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supervisor. >> victor angry won a special election. he's filling the seat of john jenkins. even as he prepareor that, angry will also have to get ready for a june priry to be the democratic party nominee this november. newetls from the final report investigating a dead liam track crash. two csx workers were killed when they were hit at the station about two years ago. the report found the conductor and con tctorinee were walking on active tracks after an inspection.e thpot where they were hit is where the tracks narrow. twas trainssed the workers at nearlyhe same time making it escape.ble to the ntsb says the csx employees should have had better communications about an oncoming train. a we'reo learning new details about a deadly crash on route 50 in fairfax county yesterday. police say 63-year-old ralphso jo was trying to cross the highway when he was het by a
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black suv. detectives say johnson was not in a csswalk and that he may have been drunk. the driver remained on the scene. police say speeding was not a factor. today a new option for commutersn northern virginia. omni ride will test a double decker commuter bus for the next few weeks. the bus will depart from th cushing road commuter lot in gainesville just after 6:00 a.m. and traveling towards d.c. and arrive at the state department. instead of paying, passengers will be asked to fill out a survey. new overnight. surprising announcement, magic johnson said he is resigning as the lakers' president of basketball operations. he spoke to the media just before last night's home game. >> i want to go back to having fu i want to go back to who i was before taking on this job. also, all of the -- what i didn't le is the backstabbing,
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the whispering. i don't like that. you know, i don'tike a lot of things that went on but didn't have to go non. >> l.a. says this is all the more surprising because johnson's announcement came p withoutor notice to the team owner, general manager, head coach or even starebron james. there are a lot of expectations when lebron moved to the lakers. there you go. well, to football. we have a better ideaow of the 'skins will start their preseason. they will kick things off with t visi cleveland to face the browns. then they'll host the bengals in ek two. the atlantic falcons will be the third match-up before they finish things off with a beltway battle against theravens. my goodness, football season. we have to get through hockey and the stanley cu >> the hockey -- the hockey thing doesn't end until the middle of june. >> if we wi yeah, we'll have a parade in june. >> got to get through the playoffs.
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>> nothing says a hockey parade like 90 degree weath and humidity. >> but we'll take it. >> i will not complain. for us the next couple of days promise to be very pretty aroun. he hopefully you're having a chance to get out and enjoy it. the dogs and i did about a 5 and a halfile walkround the mall yesterday and i'm still sniffling because of all of the pollen took in around the walk. it's aretty day. 58 degrees today.ty winds not as g as yesterday. you could tell when the gusts went through, quitehe emphasis of a breeze yesterday. it reached us abo 5:15 yesterday afternoon. you could tell the wind kicked up gusting 30 miles per hour br fly. eon't be quite that busy. temperatures in 40s and 50 sz to get your day going. your planner, look at all of that sunshine. got to lhese long days.
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there will be a little moreou cover in tidewater. sea. is heading out to clouds in northern maryland. dry overnight. even by7:00 tomorrow night, still no rain anywhere in friday will start out dry but the approach of a weather front later on in the day does increase rain chanc to as much as 60% later on in the day. theiming line appears to be trying to hang back just a little bit wch means our rain chance is probably 6:00 betore it here. the slowing of that front also means increasing chances for the weekend. what was just going to be a rain chance early on saturday now though i think most of your saturday afternoon will not be severely impacte by rain, certainly going to have at least a chance for a lingering drop or two. sunday morning will start out
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dry. rain likely by suny afternoon. that continues into monday. there's the whole ten day outlook. mid to upper 60s. 70s friday, saturday, sunday. nc least it will be mild. again, rain c hanging around for quite a bit of your weekend plans. let's go over to first 4 traffic and melissa mollet. >> good morning, chuck. annandale after little river turnpike, we had a work zone the beltway inner loop and outer loop looks quite good. 50th and 51st, all lanes still blocked by that crash. the ve police and fire on scene. arlington, crystal drive at 27th street, this is that water main break that happened yesterday late afternoon/evening. the repairs are underway but they don't think they're going to be wrapped up until about 9:00 this morning. this is something you still have to deal with circ couple venting it thismorning. laurel southbound bw parkway between 32 and that's the only thing getting by the work zoe. se a tiny bit of a delay there.
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eun? uber is working with some businesses to attract custome back through their doors. they have launched a new service called uber vouchers. itllows businesses such as alls or restaurants to give free uber rides for their customers. it will offer better customer service b taking care of the hassle of getting people to and from their stores. it's w availablere the ride share app works. >>he next time you order a ride sharing service, you'll want to keephis story in tmind. >> suspect is accused of trying to break up a home where he had just picked up passengers. police say an alarm scared him off so he went to a nearby home and wast on a home securityra ca
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>> anything that was of value was gone. >> what was your reaction to hoe nded up at your place. >> shocked. police are investigating to see whether they can link other burglaries to this driver. it's 4:55. not too late to get fit for spring. >> molette green wants you to join the community boot camp. it's happening in upper marlboro. all you have to do is show up at 5:30 in the morning for a great workout they have planned. molette will be worng in the community and helping you f get fi spring. >> the motivation shod be this is working for molette. >> she set out to lose 20 pounds. >> biggoal. >> a lot of it is about being healthy, feeling good in your own skin. >> i consisten workouts and the eating. >> needed a little help getting started. molette will be there for you od . still ahead this morning, lori loughlin w among the big
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names charged in the college admissions cheating scandal. now it may haveecome rse. plus, killed in the line of duty. what we know about the local man who lost his life in afghanistan. how his colleagues are remembering him this morning. >> als ahead -- >> your smartphone could be one of the biggest problems in your life. using your phone to destress. i'm justin finch. i'llxplain coming up. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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"news 4 today" starts>now. ood morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:00 a.m. let's begin with a check on your forecast a commut >> our melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your roads but let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a little cooler start to our wednesday, chuck. >> yes. yesterday in the s.60 this morning down in the 40s especially from the western surbs down to th shenandoah valley. four things to know, there is a bit of a morning chill back typical of april. even with 100% sunshine, the afternoon will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than it was
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yesterda our next chance for rain is holding off until friday. 45 in chantilly. 41 in winchester, strasburg. in annapolis. 54 tonight. your planner the f your commute. dry roads in, dry roads home. other thantl a l road glare or sun glare, sun is up at 6:40, down at 7:41. temperatures in the mid 60s across the area. 67, not quite as warm as yesterday. that's a little above average. the roads will be dry for the commutes. >> i like that. anything you can doo make my job easier. 270 nbothbound and soud at middlebrook road. inner loop/outer loop of the beltway, no problems.


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