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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> our melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your roads in first 4 traffic. let's start with meteorologist chuck bell. >> are you giving me a hump day. >> i can'tmeven er. hold on. >> oh, my goodness. >> you did not just stop in mid sentenfa. >> epic . >> hump day. >> we practice things on tv sometimes, chuck. >> not on this show we don't. bit of a morning chill. a lot of spots in the 40s. it will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. 39ow in frederick, maryland. 38 warring ton, virginia. those are he coldspots. most of the suburbs are in the 40s to near 50. as you're planning your day out today, nothing but sunshine. today's high temperature, 57 degrees. we will take it without complaints.
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>> thank you, chuck. taillights in maryland. no major delay. looking pretty normal. a little bit of a slowdown the top of the beltway. you can see it on the map there as well. suit land. before branch avenue, disabled vehicle. we have a tow truck on the scene. that should be out of the way pretty quickly. northeast, sheriff's road between 50th and 51st. we had all lanes shut down because of the crash, that has just reopened. great news. in waldorf, southbound 301 near 228, arash still reported there. eun? >> melissa, thank you. we are stig on top of some tragic breaking news out of alexandria. a deadly fire investigation is underway at a home in old town. >> news 4's justin finch is live at the scene. talking tnvtigators there. what have you learned? >> aaron, eun, terribly sad alexandria. an elderly woman has died. her husband in the hospital after a fire in their town home on south pitt street in
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want to take you to video from earlier showing you the response by alexandria here just after 12:30 thisin mo that call came in, fire and smoke at this town a home inside the work trying to get that fire isolated to that upstairs bedroom where the woman was found. they goter husband out to a hospital for treatment. two other pets also removed and now in the care of animal control. this was quite the scene. the traffic was blocked so investigators could get a grip. as we comeack out her live, what remains under investigation this morning is just how this fire started. also unclear at this time if that home had working firems alt the time of this fire. we have not yet gotten a name or names of those two victims inside of this home but we can tell you the investigation is continuing still at this hour. we're live here in alexandria,
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i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, stin. this fire at a honda dealership montgomery county is also under investigation this morning. this is on automobile boulevard in sil.r spri we're told it took about 100 .irefighters to battle the flames he one of them suffered some minor injuries. the cause has not yet been determined but we're told it started in a service bae the f did $1.6 million in damage. and developing in the district, one man died after being stabbed in southeast. this happened on galveston street in southern avenue. the man died while being taken to the hospital. an arrestadas been but the suspect's name has not been released. it's 6:03 now. this morning we know that one of three americans killed by roadside bomb near the bag grim airfield was a local man. christopher sletman was a firefighter in land dover. he joined the department in
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2000. we spoke with one of his fellow firefighters there. he said he wase exactly the t of guy you wanted next to you in the fire uck. >> he commanded a lot of respect. he embodiednhe per you would want to come to your family. >> he also spent 15 years in the new york city fire department. his fellow firefighter acknowledged him. when the attack happened, original reports show three men died, a fourth died and has bidn to be an afghan citizen. there a more efficiento ways t commute. omni ride has a double decker bus in gainesville. >> that is where we find news 4's meghan fitzgerald. good morning. >> reporter: aaron and eun, good morning to you. right now omni ride has about
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100 of its regular commuter ses in its fleet that take people from the prince william county area up to the d.c. area. this doubleus decker b which we're on now will hol even more ople. tight bus. there's a staircase that leads to the second deck. this holds 83 people including the 56 up stairs. for the next week and a half this ride is free. what they're asking peo fill out a survey. asking them to fill out questions about their ride. what is it like getting out of the staircase. thank you so much for joining us this morning. can you talk to me a little bit 'rout why y doing this? >> we're testing out the capacity of the vehicle, testing out the feasibility of running a double deck bus versus our normal commuter buses.
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checking for height clearances, comfortbility and from that we'll evaluate if this but fits into our organization. >> reporter: when will you know whether or not you're going to be doing i would imagine this is trying to get as many people off i-66 and the roads as possible during the busy rush hour commute? >>e during next two years lanes are being constructed. we're trying to get them out of traffic. after we study the next week and a half after we get the results from the surveys, then it will take some time. takes about two years to get a busog ordered andher by the time you get the authorization, do the scs and find the bus. the buses aren't waiting to be purchased. they custom build them. it will be 18 months to two years if we go tros e. again, this bus for the next week and a half is free of charge. just asking folks to fl out
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this survey here so they can get a better idea if this is going to beeffective. >> meghan, thank you. >> 6:07. officers say they have found two bodies. the new york couple was there on vacahen they disappeared. they were supposed to catch a flight home on march 27th. they never made it to the airport. right now evidence suggests the pa died in car accident. attorney general william barr faced some tough questioning on capitol hill. appearing before the house appropriions committee to tal about the budget, he was also peppered with questions about the mueller report. h he said redactions should be done in a few days and he expects the report to be made public next week. that report is nearly 400 pages. when asked how he was able to summarize it so quickly, he said previous conversations with
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mueller gave him an inkling about what was in it before. >> the thinking of the special counsel was not ao mysterye people at the department of justice. r prior to his submission of the report. >> attorney general barr was asked aboute "thw york times" report which said members of mueller's team were unhappy with his summary of the investigation. to that barr said he figured some investigators would want him to release more of the ndings right away. treasury secretary steve mnuchin also appeared before the apprmmriations tee. he was asked about the recent request to have the irs remove. >> i personally wasn't involved those conversations. i want to be very clear and not be misleading. i acknowledge that there were conversations. i am not briefed on the full extent of those conversations. >> docrats say the president's returns may help them understand
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whether there were conflicts of interest posed by his busines dealings. actors lori loughlin and more than a p dozenents now face new charges in the college admissions cheating 16 parents included in a new indictment, federal indictment accusinghem of mean laundering. the parents are accused of rigging entrance exams. metro is launching a new campaign to prevent harassment. one in five riders have . skpeensed >> if you see a side tell melt throw police, open the time k and date and don'tp checking on the person being harassed. >> most people want to speak out and hel if they see harassment
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happening. they're not sure what to do. >> metro has a web page where you c report the sorts of incidents. we're learning about some of amazon's potentialerks at the new headquarters in arlington. washington post reports that amazon is considering covering the full cost of transit fares for its workers in the area that will be known as national landing. that could ease fears about traffic impact there. amazon already covers the full fares of its seattle employees. the post reports one in three people use public transit to get to work. 6:10. celebrations continue in charlottesville after uva's nationalwin in the basketball championship. >> they're going to keep partying and partying. many uva alumnae in our area are already making biglans to head down for celebrations against our team. they arrivedack and what a difference a year makes from that major around to taking home
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the championship title this year. the a continues2:00 on saturday at scott's stadium in charlottesville. the event is free. such a great story o redemption. people are on board. c >>elebrate for a long time. and it's als time for the caps to defend the cup. >> yes. >> our cameras caught the defending champs practicing yesterday. the team getting ready for oame f the playoffs. caps going to take on the hurricanes on home ice. game two is ony satur right here on nbc 4. we have you covered with our defending the cup pre-game show. followed by news 4 at6:00. 6:11 now. still ahead, are you stressed? there's an pp forthat. all week long we've been looking at ways we can all destress. the relief you can find right on your phone. chuck? >> stress a relievers is weekend. if you're starting to plan out your weekend, mild both dies with temperatures in the 70s.
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there's ahance for rainuring your weekend. it will be a little cooler at the coast line. before you gong jumn the ocean, ocean temperature only 50 degrees.e i'll h your forecast coming up. yb> >> reporter: ready, set, climb, every. look, wall climbing. this ispt anothern in my get fit for spring journey. fit for spring journey. we'll talk about the
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you can make roomancial cfor everyone. get rewards and more with suntrust advantage banking.
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you know reliable support when you have it, and that dependability is what we want to give our customers. at comcast, it's my job to constantly monitor our network. prevent problems, and to help provide the most reliable service possible. my name is tanya, i work in the network operations center for comcast. we are working to make things simple, easy and awesome. tired t of doing same workout? you are in luck. we have an interesting alternative. >> how about rock climbing. our molette green is lif ve in
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laurel. you are braver than i am, for sure. >> rter: oh, my goodness, this is tougher than i thought. you are strong. 12-year-old tessa. waive to the camera. we're hereging out. the maryland climb club, winston joining us. that's his sister. and i just want to bring on t general manager here, kevin to talk to us while we climb. ready, set, climb. kevin,alk to me about the cardiovascular aspect of this. look t how fastse guys are going. >> it's full body workout. ing yourlegs, your arms, your heart gets pumping. it's a full workout. nde of the things with people, we try teach them to climb with your legs, not your arms. they w pt tol themselves as opposed to push up. pushing up is a lot easier. >> this is a 30 foot tall walls
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thewalls, over 70 in here. of course, we're aeeut 30 f up. i'm on the next difficult one. the blue one was the easiest. this is the yellow one? >> this is yellow, which is medium. then we have orange which is advanced and red which is for the experts. red is for the experts. >> you can trian expert one today? >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm going to come down. you watch out. >> you'll be fi. you're good. >> look at tessa. i'm going to come down now. >> this is the fun part, eun. this part is fun just coming down. >> i slammed into the wall. cay. okay. ing up a little bit later on in the hour, we'll continue with the difficulty part of this as we it' tk autbo all about. >> absolutely. >> this leads up to my boot camp tomorrow. i want everybody in prie gorges county to come join me at the westphal yeah community
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center 5:30 in the morning. it is absolutelyfree. come out and work out with me. this is going to help me for my workout tomorrow. >> yes, it tely. >> we'll see you back in a little bit. back in to you. whew. >> going tbe a little bit of fun. molette's boot camp. we'll sou in a f >>ood f orte her. yo6:17. ar looking for something to do with the family this weekend? >> this could be your one chance to get a rare up close look at the white house gardens. they will be open first come first serve this saturday and sunday starting at 10:00 a.m. you can't just walk onto the white house, you have to get a free ticket which will have a tour time. the national park w servicel hand out those tickets starting tent oneach day at a the corner of constitution avenue and 15th street. a whole lot o people are going to start lining up early to try to get their hands on some tickets. ou can just walk on. you'll be carried off. >> they play tkle on the front lawn of the white house.
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>> very quickly. >> all right, chuck. i love the fact that we have this ivepicture. >> gorgeous. >> folks leaving town o they go flying up the river. north winds. if you want the view of the city, sitn the right-hand side of the plane. don't tell anyone on the left-hand side. >> skies have been clearing out overnighee winds have easing up as well. so as a result we have a nice, co ty, cool starts morning. 53 downtown. look at that great picture nrthere. e not too far away. coming up at 6:40 this morning. only a little more than 20 minutes away.e wind has gone calm. clear skies and a calm wind, that is a recipe for radiational cooling. 15 degree or more spread in numbers this morning. from low 50s downtown, low 50s by the ba a few sports out acrossnt culpepperthe upper 30s. most of the western and northern suburbs are somewhethe mid to upper 40s.
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your commute today, sunshine in. maybe a little sun glare for ose early morning commutes. sun is up at 6:40, down at 7:41. won't be much of a glare issue. sunshine and bare roads. another day with bright sunshine early. there will be a little bit more cloud cover. we sta dry all the way into friday. o they're movin out to sea. good riddance to them. again, it will be nice and sunny. the big storm across the upper parts of the midwest. blizzard warngs are up for parts of the dakotas, and colorado. that big storm is headed into ontario. get aesult we will not big impact from it as far as wind or heavy rain but iill throw an attending cold front in our direction. it's taking lger to gethere. that means you will be dry longer into the day. the front lays down south of us during the day on saturday a then comes back north on sunday.
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so weekend rain chances have been increased a idgen. here's your five day outlook. 67 and sunny today. tomorrow. 70s for friday, saturday, sunday. pretty good chance for rn all three of those days. let's go over to first alert traffic and che in on the commute. pretty light here this very g, which is very, good, especially taking a look at 270. northbound right now at370. crash here is on the right side of the road. chopper 4 showing us at. northbound, nice and open even though we have the hbound, normal volume. nothing to worry about this morning. in bound suite suit land parkway, no major issues. waldorf southbound 301 at 228, crash reported there. couple of problems here in virginia that have just popped up. chantilly, northbound 228 at braddock road. crash at manassas.
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travel tes all looking quite good. eun? >> melissa, thank you. still ahead,e' helping you destress. a look at the apps that you can download now to help you handle your stress today and this afternoon on "ellen". >> celine, it's us again. the comic duo. we're gng to kill it today. she goes, okay. she's french canadian. she goes -- side kisses. and then i go, hey, are the pipes rustea you to nail it? i want your a game. she goes, i'll sing good. yeah. >> she's probably like, i'm sorry, who are you? not a lot of people can say they crashed a wedding with celene dion but david spade is funny. you can catch "ellen" at 3:00 on nbc 4. >> then stick aroundor news f
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you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. it's 6:24. all week we've been working for you highlighting some simple tips that can help lower stress. >> experts say smart phones may offer an ideal platform for stress relief. >> news 4's justin finch shows how your next stress reducer might be just anpp away. >> reporter: these days so much ht your stress can begin r here, with a phone call, a text, or an email that can just wind you up, but this same device here can also put you on
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a pad to peace. >> reporter: ari beginning tp is hot right it'sned by a former monk turned expert. head space helps users cut stress and sleep better. >> stress is everywhere. you can't get away from it. it's part ofliving. >> reporter: apps can be helpful says dr. alanaylor but more importantly the doctor says it' critical tu learn how to sense and then soothe your stress. >> no matter the source, you know if you're under stress or not. we're all wired if you like you're under stress, you are. the first tip is to seek to control t source. >> reporter: wellness apps can be useful tools. there are many out there. ainition to head space, a lot of users are now downloadg the apps calm, seven cups and
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pacific a. exercises and meditation they can track your progress, too. those apps and others like them fruently come with fees. however, they also put some stress relief in the palm of your hand. i'm justin finch, news 4. another great stress pet.ever, have a cats and dogs, great relievers of stress. little lexus here a 3 1/2 german shepherd mix. see if you want to add a little lexus to your phone -- to your phone, your fe. home ihat i wanted to say. near er look at the week end coming up. >> reporte when you think of a double decker bus, you probably think of london, but for the first time in our region omni is bringing a double dker bus. plus, a surprise resignation
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from one of the biggest names in basketball. why magic johnson is leavine game fg or
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it is just about 6:30 as take a live look outside right now. another nice day in store for us on this wednesday.e wead some beautiful weather, and it will be a little bit chillieroday if you're going to head outside today. not to worry. chuck bell say it's not to worry. >> we've lost a few degrees. you have toet a jacket to start the day and it's all gravy. >> i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to give y a more scientific explanation. >> right, besides gravy. >> we'll talk to melissa about the first 4 traffic update. all right, chuck, what do you have? >> gravy. >> biscuits. >> aaron, you love those biscuits and ggravy. d stuff. >> fine view of the washington monument. jefferson memorial there. hardly a cloud to be
6:31 am
nd more spots are below 40. gort meade, below 40 degrees. sun comin up officially. a little b of north to northwesterly bleereeze. outdoors for after school. a plus weather for today. let's go to first 4 traffic. >> i loveit. chopper 4 northbound 270 at 370, crash on the right side of the road. no worries there. it's in the northbound hbound 95 at prince william parkway, brand-new issue. trying to get t out of the way here this morning. trying to get people to continue
6:32 am
through. we wer temporarily stopped there. chantilly, northbound 28 at braddock road. manass manassas, an accident there as well. suitland, in bound before branch avenue, disabled vehicle. n? >> melissa, thank you. time is 6:32. tracking two breaking news stories right now. we start with this deadly fire at a i home old town alexandria. take a look. video from the scene on south pitt street next to duke street. fire officials say anlderly woman was killed. her husband and two petsere rescued. news 4's justin finch will have the veryomatestg up in 15 minutes. our other breaking news story is out o prince gorges county. another atm has been stolen after a smash and grab at a 7-eleven. >> we have some images from the scene.
6:33 am
the store is on watkins park drive in upper marlboro. police think someone crashed a car into the store around 3:00 in the morning. as far as we know, no one was hurt. this is video from a seven eleven. police weren't investigating whether similar guys were involved in thefts in d.c. and baltimore. deadly shooting in prince gorges county. police have identified the victim as merlin ramirez lora. a man has been convicted of robbing another man on a montgomery county ride on bus. the whole thing was caught on camera. last year zachary mocco and the victim were playing a money guessing game on the bus. things got out of hand when
6:34 am
mocco lost. he grabbed the wall, ran o of the bus, hit by oncoming car. a hospitalowed up at and police arrested him. he will be sentenced in may and faces 15 years. taking a look at your other top stories now at 6:34. a maryland man accused of plotting a terrorist attack at national harbor is being held without bond. prosecutors say 28-year-old rondell henry was inspired by isis. his attorneys said i henry an american citizen who was put in a psychiatric ward without seeing lawyer or notifying his family. >> new york city has declared a publlth emergency to cope with a dangerous measles outbreak. vaccines will be mandatory in brooklyn neighborhoods. unvaccinated children will be kept o of schoo until the outbreak is over. more on this story ahead on the "today" show. israel's benjamin netanyahu appears to be headed towards a
6:35 am
h historic victory. re-election would give netanyahu an important boost as he braces for the likelihood of criminal charges in a series of corruption scandals. he's denied wrongdoing inll of them. final election results are pected by friday. today there's a major shakeup at the department of homeland security. kirstjen nielsen and her acting deputy will leave the department. nielsen resigned and this clears the way for kevin mcaleenan to become the acting homeland security secretary. history has been made in prince william county. victor angry will become the first minority to serve on the board. he's filling the seat of john r
6:36 am
a june primary t democratic party nominee this november. 6:36now. this morning there is a new option for commuters in northern virginia. omniom rmuider busl for the next few weeks. >> this bus travels from the cushing road commuter lot in gainesville to downtown washington. news 4 is live on the bus with more on this double decker ride. ghan, good morning. >> reporter: good morng, eun and aaron. yeah. when you think of london, it's pretty synonymous with double deckerbu ing as a test ride. it will be around for a week and a half. this is the lower of the bus. what makes it so specsal, it can at more than a regular bus.
6:37 am
a regular bus seats 53, this will seat 81. o will cut down the number of people on the road. i want to bring in the director of operations of omni ride. this bus is free for people for the first whak and a . what are you asking people? what kind of data are you looking for? >> we're looking to get real time information about howe comforta the ride is. whether or not they prefer thes uprs to downstairs. how saf they feel. just getting some of that real time information you can't get from tting a bus empty. we need the real time information from thosectually using the bus when we' value wait.hi does t make sense? >> what' the? likelihood >> this is the first day we're . testing th i can't answer that yet. it takes about two years to go through the whole process of ordering the bus. if everything lines right and
6:38 am
that's the way that we go, we have to look at some other things on our side. it will be a couple of years before we can make that whether we do or not. >> okay. something that could be in the future? >> possibly, yes. thank you for joining us. this bus left hey market heading to d.c. it is free ofharge for the next week and a half. they're asking folks to fill out a. surv >> meghan fitzgerald live on the omni right. 6:38. a unique work jut to get you fit for spring. news 4's molettes green up early climbing in the community. hey, molette. >>hey. we've moved up in the level of difficulty. go up the wall, guys. this is alice n win wonder. what you can do to get in shapem oing up. good morning, everybody. hey, tax day is right around the corner >> and whether you've already filed or you're still working on it, we have an important
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you're watching "news 4 today." the wizards' season isov officially er. it ended last night with athther loss te boston celtics. was a tough one marked by injuries, trades, and manyes winls nights. we can'torget all-star john wall missing 50 games this season. he's not sure whether h will be back next season since he' recovering from a torn achilles. the wizards dropped their season finale 115-110. they finish 32-50. new overnight. big news in the nba. a surpre announcement for magic johnson. he is resigning as the president of basketball operations. >> he spoke to the media just
6:42 am
before last night's home game. >> i want to go back to fun.g i want to go back being who i was before taking on this job. also all of the -- what i didn't like is the backstabbing, theis pering. i don't like that. you know, i don't like a lot of things that went on that didn't have to go on. >> nbc l.a. says this is all the more surprising because johnson's announcement came without prior notice to the team owner, general manage head coach or even star, lebron james. >> now re's your cnbc morning business dport. g morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. uber is launching a new program to make it easier for businesses to give their customers freeri des. uber vouchers can be used for just about anything. uber, for ample, expects vouchers to be used by restaurants to entice new diners by offering to pay for their ride home. with your cnbc morning business
6:43 am
report, i'm frank holland. nd if you are sniffling and sneezing your way through the day, probably tree pollen which is in the high category get that car cleaned off for the next couple of days. yes in the forecast. a woman is dead, her husband injured in the fire overnight in their town home fire here. their town home fire here. i'm justin
6:44 am
6:45 am
hi, i'm jeff. their town home fire here. i'm justin in my johnsonville commercial, we open up in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all ofp sudden, raccoon comed asked me, "are those bigger patties?" i said, "yep." wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage." and we had a good laugh about that. (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% rger patties. fits on a biscuit.
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you're watching "news 4 today." 15 before the hour and it is another big day on capitol hill. attorney general william barr back in the spotlight for a second straight >> he is set to testify before a senate committee on the budget. >> if yesterday was anyth indicationgh, he'll be grilled about when the special counsel's report will be released. nbc's peter alexander is live at the white house. peter, good morning. >> aaron, eun, you're right. gttorney general william barr will be testifyefore the senate appropriations committee. that's before yesterday'sco ittee hearing before the house. barr said on tuesday that the process of rredakking the muel report is, in his words, going very well. he largely brushed off the criticism for those renewing their content. the attorney general is going to hand the report over within a week. he says americans will not see the entire report saying congress and the public n ll get
6:47 am
a versth redactions blocking outecret grand jury material as well as parts that will reveal investigations. he told associates that on thes of obstruction of justice, the report is more critical of the president than barr uggested in his initi summary. i'll have the latest. now back to you. >> peter alexander live for us in the white house. thank you. again, more on peter's report next on "today." 6:47. breaking news out of alexandria we've been telling you about all morning. fire off tials are at scene of this deadly house fire in old town.n this is south pitt street near duke street. >> news 4's justin finchoins us live from the scene. justin, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: aaron, eun, just got wd from anvegdors tell,
6:48 am
the boarding up -- the two -- >> looks like we're having a little technical trouble with justin's live shot there. >> we n tell you it was an elderly couple that lived in the home. the wife died in the fire. the husband was taken to the hospital. we're waiting to hear more about his condition. we'll try to stay on top of the story and te you in the nbc 10 washington app. also under investigation another fire at montgomery car dealership. we're told it took about 100 tlrefighters to b flames here. one of them suffered minor injuries. the cause hasn't been determined yet. we do know the fire started in a service bay. official say you're looking at about $1.6 million in damage. this m kning wew that one of three americans killed by an afghanistan roadside bombing was a local man. marita core sargeant
6:49 am
christopher sletman was once a firefighter in andover. he joined the department in 2000. fellow firefhters tell use was exactly the type of guy you wanted next to you. he also spent 15 years at the new york city fire department. when t attack happened, original reports suggested four americans were killed. we know three men died. a fourth victim survived and has been identified as an afghan citizen. want to show you new video just into the news 4 neroom. it shows a utility pole falling right on to a car. this is in washington state. emergency crews had to wait to rescue the couple inside because the power lines were still live. eventually the power w cut and crews rescued the couple. they had minor injuries. investigators trying to figure out why that pole fell. it' now 6:49. let's check in with storm team 4
6:50 am
meteorologist chuck bell. where''s the sun? it's up. looking more north than east. you can't see the disk of the sun itself. washington, 84 on monday. 81 yesterday. last time we had consecutive days, 80egrees or higher, was last year. october 7th to the 11th, we had five i a row. this is about the time of the year that we normally get our first back-to-back80 degree days. last year they happened a couple of days later on the 11th and 12th instead o on the 8th and 9th. right now we have cooled considably. mid t upper 40s. some of the sheltered valleys are down in the upper 30s. real chill in the air this morning. unlike the last few mornings.s todaforecast though, all sunshine and near 6 degrees. tomorrow much like today. another chilly start tomorr g. adual increase in clouds during your thursday afternoon. hi m tomorrow again to upper 60s. the storm that's really west and parts of th
6:51 am
the upper midwest is not going to have a big impact on us nm we get to the weekend. today sunshine, clouds, gradually increasing throu the day. friday because the storm is going into ontario, our chances for rain on friday have been delayed, not eliminated but delayed. ieseally thoughtrday we may have rain breaking out as early as 2 or 3. now it looks like the 5 to 8:00 range on friday afternoon and eving. showery weather early saturday morning. we'll get dry hours around the midday hours on saturday before more shower chances come back saturday night.un sunday,y night and monday will certainly be on the wet side, especially sunday night and monday morning. 60s today and tomorrow. even with e high range chances, we'll be in the 70s. it is now time for first 4tr fic. >> first 4 traffic alert. take a look at this.
6:52 am
chopper 4 headed to southbound branch avenue after surat's road. southbound branch avenue there, we have a flatbed o its side. might also be involving some type of a bus on branch avenue. one southbound lane is the only thing getting by. you can s the delays here. northbound we have a lane blocked as well. we should be there soon. we'll be tweetingom pictures above. we'll keep you updated there as well. obvious enhill, inner loop at 295. crash is on the shoulder. you can see those delays happening this morning. northbound at prince william drive. we have a lot of slow juns. take a look, fairfax county parkway. 66, 48 miles an hour 95 north quantico to the beltway, 45 miles per hour. not b there. looking at maryland, 270. 45 miles per hour. top of the beltway, 26 miles pe. ho remember to listen to 310 3.
6:53 am
tomorrow the caps will caps.are the anley cup. getting ready to take on the hurricanes tomorrow on home ice here in d.c. game two i on saturday. you can watch that game right here on nbc 4 saturday afternoon. we had you covered with our defending the cup pre-game show at 2:30. the puck drops at 3 followed by news 4 at 6:00. it will be an nbc 4 kind of day. >> why change the channel. >> exactly. doing s kind of tiring the same kind of routine over and over. beforee done this >> molette green is live at the climb zone in laurel now with details on thes benef of rock climbing and things like this. hey, molette, good morning. >> reporter: let me tell you mething, i am sweating.
6:54 am
i am perspiring. who else is perspiring? look, this is a workout. i want you guy to start climbing. i'm going to talk and climb at the same time with kevin kellen, the general manager at climb zoneecause you do get a tremendous workout. let's talk about the muscle groups you work. i'm trying to get up it. your biceps, iceps, every muscle gets a workout. >> i'm not making any progress. >> this wall is hard. >> you get your flexibility. >> yeah. >> it relieves stress and works on your mental acuity, overcoming your fear of heights and problem solving. it's a full body workout. i can't even figure outow to get up this wall. >> you have to figure out how to get from point a to point b on
6:55 am
the walls is excellent. >> reporter: they' made i up the wall 30 feet high. tessa is 12 years old. this is another way to get fit. first in the country climb zone. it's a good nk you did a great job. >> reporter: tha you. back in to you. >> i didn't make it all the way up though. >> that's all right. >> the key is to give it a shot and get started. if you haven'talready, you can start your journey to get fit 4 spring this friday. join molette at her community event. all you have to do is show up at 5:30 for a great workout. now.6:55 right here's a look at 4 things to know this morning. there could be a more efficient way of commuting fm areas in countyund prince william in d.c. the company omni ride is checkingut a new double decker bus in the next few weeks. a fedural gray a
6:56 am
indictedress lori loughlin andar otherents on fraud charges.>> dc police say a man was stabbed to death last night. an arrest has been made. nhe suspect's name h nas botee and alexandria fire officials say an elderly woman was killed in an early morning fire at a home in old itown. this video from that scene on south pitt street next to duke street. the woman's hband and what remains under investigation his exactly the fire started. it's unclear whether the home haki any w fire alarms. use the nbc w hington ap five day forecast. sunshine. nice, 67.e 60% cha of mainly late day showers on friday and
6:57 am
hit-and-mi o chances friday and showery on sunday. >> take a look at this, chopper 4 headed to the crash in prince gorges county. picture from wtop. southbound branch avenue. looks like a school bus and flatbe flatbed. stay on top of that for sure. that is the news for today. we appreciat you waking up. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for ather, trfic, lafoc
6:58 am
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good morning. severe weather warning. a historic spring storm taking pm coast to coast. 200 millionple in its path. several states bracing for a monster blizzard with whiteout conditions and up to two feet of snow. others expecting dangerous winds and heavy rain. al's got iall covered just dropping the hammer. >> are you scared ofoing to prison? >> federal prosecutors announce more charges against parents in the college admissions scandal including actress lori loughlin. did the holdouts missoheir chanceake a deal? round two. william barr facing another grilling on capitol hill this morning after saying he wil release an


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