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tv   Today  NBC  April 10, 2019 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning. severe weather warning. a historic spring storm taking pm coast to coast. 200 millionple in its path. several states bracing for a monster blizzard with whiteout conditions and up to two feet of snow. others expecting dangerous winds and heavy rain. al's got iall covered just dropping the hammer. >> are you scared ofoing to prison? >> federal prosecutors announce more charges against parents in the college admissions scandal including actress lori loughlin. did the holdouts missoheir chanceake a deal? round two. william barr facing another grilling on capitol hill this morning after saying he wil release an edited version of the mueller report within a week.
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democrats still not ha >> this is what drives the public crazy when they see something like this. this is what we have to try to avoid. all that plus tadeils on the woman kidnapped while on safari and the u.s. military's role. the new cdc warning o a superbug spreading in hospitals nationwide. and storybook endi >> three again. >> nba stars dwyane wade and dirk nowitzki shining in their final home games in their legeary careers. >> a dunk! a dunk! a dunk! >> their emotional star studded >> wade county, i love you. >> today, wednesday, april th, 2019.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this ish "today" wit savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. > hi, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you today. what a sendoff for two nba stars. >> you knoe what i l the game cheering him on.n. what a huge night for them. >> we're going to have a lot more on that just ahead. we're going to start with that springtime winter storm. >> s it ain't so, right? felt in 20 states. everything from rain and damagi winds to heavy snow. s of the central u.s.nings for let's get right to al. al, good morning. thank you for getting your first weather from us. we've got blizzard conditions starupng to set we're looking at severe weather making its way through the plains.
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here's what we're seeing asatar as thees and warnings. 1600 miles worth of winter weather advisories, winter storm watches, warnings, and blizzard warnings all the way to the u.p. of michigan. strong winch strg from southern california into iowa with high wind warnings. and we've got severe weather possible. in fact, parts of nebraska have blizzard warnings and severe weather warnings. very large hail. damaging winds. the tornado risk low but it's out there. here's the system powering itself together now making its way through the. plai blizzard warnings up from colorado all the way to minnesota. by tomorrow, the s stretch from the plains into the midwest. plus we've got strong winds and heavcipitation making its way all along the mississippi and oo rivervalleys. by friday it tapers off in the midwest, but the rain shifts to the east coast. here are theim cts. we see strong winds, power outages, damage to tree wi gusts up to 60 for las vegas. even as f we movether east,
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milwaukee, 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts. 55 in north platte. probably some airsrt del and heavy blizzard and snow conditions. 1 to 2 inches per hour in dakotas to minnesota. travel likely to become impossible. we are going to be watching this storm ve, very osely. >> all right, al. thank you so much. we have an update this morning on that massive college admissions 16 parents including actress lori loughlin indicd on additional charges for their alleged role in c theating scam. we're going to get to ari melber and get his take on that in a moment. first miguel almaguer has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. the new chaes handed down by a federal grand jury apply more pressure to the parent who is have not yet entered pleas. they could now face if convicted an additional 20 years behind bars for their alleged role in this massive pay to play scheme. >> are you scared of going to prison, lori?or
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>> repter: trail e paparazzi, lori loughlin was running errands. the actress and her husband and 14 other parents are nowharged with conspiracy to commit moneyd laundering in dition to fraud.racy to commit mail loughlin and her husband are accused of shelling out half a million dollars to get their twa ughters into usc. >> is thereth anyg you want to say to the charges against you? >> reporter: investigators believe the indicted funneled money to william singer, the astermind behind the scandal orry for s u me what did, sir? >> reporter: with prosecutors aggressively pursuing parents whoave not entered a plea, loughlin and the other newly indicted parents could get up to 40 years in prison. facing the threat of serious time behind bars, people magazine reports a source familiar with the legal
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discussion with loughlin and her husband says the couple resised any agreement that would include jailtime. this morning, no comment from the family. but experts tell nbc news, make no mistake. ific cod, there will be jail time. the charge wills not affect felicity huffman and other parent who is ad eady agreeto plead guilty earlier thi. every bit the hollywood twist. while many parents face similarr s. the guidelines based on partf the allege ed bribes. nobody believes they're going to get 4ears in prison, but the chance of now seeing prison time is very re >> thank you. and we've got legal analyst ari melber here keeping an eye on the case. >> morning. >> lori loughlin and company get charged with new monde lang charges. does that make a plea bar.
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begin completely off the table? t i think it j puts a lot more pressure on them. people always ask why is there so muc pressure? because the feds often hold the cards. they could add to the charges. now they can add to the potential j l time. and these are going to serious conversations they're having with their lawyers about why their deal just got worse. >> absolutely. we saw that first chunk of parents we talked about yesterday, they too deal and there's a possibility that they may get no jail time at rl. his next set of parents, even if they come in and get right with prosecutoak and a plea deal right now, is there any chance that they could avoid rison time with this many charges up againem? >> with these kinds of charges, it could look lik jail time would be part of this. the money laundering is mrih more s. they're in a worse position than when it was just cheating which is serious but not as heavy a charge as money laundering. >> were you surprised to see how agessive the federal prosecutors are being in these
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cases? >> one thing we discussed on the "today" show that the reason you would want a plea i not to get further charges. they had the grand jury open. we knew that. here they got the further charges. there's something bigger going on. americans across the country are outraged over what this isea ng the spots of thelua ts.den so the feds are clearly sending a message here beyond just these cases to try to dissuade people this in the >> obviously some of these defendants might feel they have a good defense at trial and w to see it go all the way. think they're going to be acquitted. >> as always, the cases may differ. there may be people where the evidence against them are less. it's hard when you have the guy behind the whole thing testifying against everyone he sold thesevi ss to. >> always good to talk to you. >> thank you. to washington now and the showdown over the mueller report. william barr back on capitol hill today after saying he'll soon release a redacted version.
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his announcement notg satisfy many democrats in washington. we're going to start with white house correspondent peter alexander. hey, peter. rod morning. orter: good morning to you. the attorney general will testify today the senateio appropri committee after yesterday's hearing before its house.rpart in the william barr said the process of redacting the mueller report is in his wds going ver well. but he largely brushed off the criticism from democrats whore renewing their threat to subpoena the entire thing if he doesn't give it to congress. this morning, day two attorney general william barr returning to capitol hill to answer questions about his handling of e'e release of the report. barr says hand it over soon. >> within a week, i will be in a position to release the report to the public. >> reporter: but barr says americans won't see the entire nearly 400-pa report saying congress and the public will get a version with redactions. the attorney general vowing with the help of mueller's team to be
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transparentbout what he's blacking out. including g nd jury material and portions that would compromise ongoing investigations. >> i am relying on my own discretion to make as much public as i can. >> reporter: democrats have fiercely criticized barr's approach demanding to see mueller's full repo >> i think it would strike a serious blow to our system and to our doctors -- democracy if that is not fully seen. >> on the issue of obstruction of justice the report is more critical than barr suggested, mueller's staff said. barr said on tuesd he accurately reported the results. and that mueller decline to see his letter.
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>> it's clear to me that he acte as an appointee of the president of the united stat and his allegiance was to the president and i may n necessarily be thetruth. >> reporter: for their part, the tesident's lawyers says they have yet see it. president trump himself has repeated calls to iestigate e investigators and barr testified that within the next couple of months before the end of june he said, the justice department inspector general willrap up review of the russia inquiry including how the fbi handled the investigation in its early days. >> it's clear the democrat dos want to see that ful report. then in some cases that would require a judge to sign off on this. so what did barr say about that? >> yeah. at's a good point you make. many of the redactions in the report he makes public will be secret grand jury material. information that has to stay
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secret unless judge says otherwise. but barr said that he has no plans to make that argument in court. he says ifouse democrats want to see that material, they can go to a judgelv them. back to you. >> all right. peter alexander at the white house. thanks. >> we've got craig with the othe big headlineut of washington. in good rn pr reports that his nistration is considerin . >> reporter: it is day one for the presidens new -- at a critical moment, the president upsetith the border crossings. he's pushing d maticchanges. today on the job, kevin mc
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mcaleenan. earlier in the day the president downlayed the changes. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't who came up with that expression. have a lot of great people over there. we have bad laws. >> reporter: multiple seniost adminition officials tell nbc news the white house is working on plans to make it harder fors migra receive asylum with some top officials pushing for border agents to do the initial screenings instead of asylum officers'l arguing th be tougher and grant fewer passes. the president defiant on >> and we're stopping them. >> reporter: u.s. officials also tell nbc news the president is eyeing the possibility of reinstating a version of the separation policy. mr. trump says he's not going to acknowledging he sees family separations as a deterren >> once y don't have it, that's why you see many more people coming. they'ring like it's a
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picnic. let's go to disneyland. >> reporter: the president enacted aero tolerance policy last year that directed law enforcement tola crimiy prosecute all adults crossing the border illegally leading to an estimated 2,000 children separated from their parents. it's a policy he ultimately reversed after a ublic backlash. meanwhile, some democrats taking aim at the administration for making so many leadership changes at once. >> it feels like this is a -- the mid-week massacre of the department of homeland security. >> kristen, i know you've been talking to a number of sencir ofs about this overhaul at dhs. what are they telling you about timing? wh are the hoping to accomplish with these changes? >> reporter: well, the timingus be you have that big spike t border crossings. re moha they hoping to accompy'sh? well, t hoping to implement significant policy changes at dhs.
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for example, they're talking about limiting work permits for those seeking asylum as yet another deterrent. and the thinking is that the former leadership was reluctant to make these changes questioning the legality of all of it. critics are oncerned the president just wants to implement yes men and women. they are, by the way,ng bra for even more staff changes over at dhs. craig, vannah,hoda? >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. breaking overnight, benjamin netanyahu appears to have secured aif record fth term in office. unofficial election results shou netany running neck and neck with benny gantz. but his likud party looks look it has the support of right wing and jewish this ele was widely seen as a referendum on facing corruption allegations. it was one of the closest races in years. >> we have a lot more to talk
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about including an emotional good-byet the nba. >> last night featured the fin home games for two of the league's most popular stars. dwyane wade and dirk nowitzki. the arenas in miami and dallas packed with fans who wanted one last chance to see the stars say good-bye and thank you. >> thank you. >> it was a sendoff worthy of a hometown hero. >> man, i love you guys, man. >> the last home game for miami heat's beloved superstar dwyane wade. >> the heat red, double breasted joint. >> wade arriving in style. the night capping off a season full of tributes for the 37-year-old knownffectionately as d. wade. hisame extending far beyond the basketball court. celebrities andis family turning out including his wife actress gabrielle union and their new baby. former president barack obama sending kudos. >> we just want to congratulate
7:17 am
you on an extraordinary career. >> off we go. >> wade scoring the game's first points with a dunk, of course. and later i flyingnto the stands landing on his celebrity friends john legend and chrissy teigen. the moment captured by this photo that quickly turned into a media.eme on social wade is also known for his charitable work. some of the lives he touched profiled in this new budwecoer mmercial. >> without you and your full tuition scholarship, none of this would have been possible. a now a stellar 16-year nba career coming to close on a high note. >> wade county, i love you. >> also making his last appearance on the hard court, dallas mavericks legend dirk nowitzki retiring after 21 years with the same team. rerd. >> iut ns g yba a ouy n n owitz franchise's only nba title in
7:18 am
2011 and ranks sixth in nba history with more than 31,000 career points. fellow nba legends including charles barkley, scottie pippen, and larry bird came out to honor him. >> it's been a pleasure toratch you ohe years. the game's better because of you. one thing i always tell people especial young playe in the league, leave the game better than you found it. so thisame can continue to go on forever. >> twogogreats. g back to d. wade, you know, a lot of folks forget it was d. wade that gave us the dream team in miami. he took a pay cut to get lebron and chris bosh to come and win those championships. so he'll be missed. >> got the championship twice. let's go bk to mr. roker. you didn't think you'd be doing winter weather this te, did you? >> i always like to leave it open. let's take a look. let's see what else is going on around the countr
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strong winds through texas. we're also looking at sunshine mid-atlantic states down to florida. sunny skies in the southwest. we're going to get to your local .orecast coming up in the next good morning. i'm stormeam 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine and a clear sky this morning. temperatures mostly in the 40s to around 50 degrees. you'll probably knee that layer of fleece her this morning. but shedable layers all you need. it'll be nice and mild thi
7:20 am
afternoon. daytime high today near 67 degrees. mid to upper 60s againtomorrow. showers move in later on in the day on friday and hit and miss rain chances toughout your. >> that's your latest weather. >> all right. thank you so much. coming up, what we just learned overght about the rescue of that american tourist safari and the u.s military's role in securing her freedom. lus the cdc warning about a hard to treat superbug. what youe need to know about th firange fungus spreading across the u.s. t this is "today" . everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that.
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ask your doctor about taltz. 7:26 is your time now on this wednesday, april 10th, 2019. good morning to you. i'mngun >> i'm aaron gilchrist. chopper 4 over the scene of a c deadsh involving a prince george's county school wes. ther no children on that bus. >> officials say there are up to five patients right now and one of those people has died. for the very latest on the traffic impact this crash, let's check in with melissa et mo this is terrible. >> it is a terrible crash. a large impact, obviously, because of where thisis. we're talking about clinton southbound branch avenue at suratt road. most affected northbound lanes also impacted bause of how extensive this is. this is going to be a long time because of the investigation.
7:27 am
so rightow 5 northbound and southbound diverted at 301 also at woodyard road. you can see those alternates rain shower are startingo get busy. allow extroo time. ner and outer loop looking typical. >> thank you. new tonight on news4, whether you filed your taxes o you'll waiting or working on them, there is a consumer alert you need to hear. >> consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with important detail. that's tonight on news4 at 4:00. we'll take a break and check .
7:28 am
cool but sunny outside this morning. temperatures in the low 40s to around 50 degrees for now. it'll turn iifo a bea day to spend some extra time outside if you can get away with it. afternn highs today will be in the mid to upper 60s. same story with tomorrow. chilly start and mild finish. if you're wondering about the
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chances well, the rain are there. no total washout. saturday still looks like the bett
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♪ if you know tt song, we know how old you are. at 7:30, we've got a dream come true for the fans ofhe brady brunch." the entire cast.s he they just walked by the desk. they're hanging out. >> i know. my 7-year-old self is freaking out right now. >> there's marsha. hey, >>marsha. he whole gang is here. it's been almost 50 years since that show debuteet let's the headlines of the morning. a historic spring storm tops our news. taking m aim atlions of americans coast to coast. several states from the rockies to the upp midwest bracing for a monster blizzard with whiteout conditions. two feet of snow exp meantime, heavy rain is lioikw
7:31 am
minnesota. dangerous winds expected from ergoonrnia to idfast-growing measles outbreak affecting people across 19 states yow. ne city's mayor declared a health emergency in the orthodox jewish comnity in brooklyn. bill de blasio ordering mandatory vaccinations. the who refuse face a thousand-dollar fine. near chicago, a pediatric o spital sent a letter everyone in their system to get protected. 465 measles cas have been reco recorded. new video shows the lrightening moments when several power poles f onto the street. one of them landed on top of a car. keep your eye on the left-hand side of the screen. crashes down on top of it.
7:32 am
a second clip, a cyclist, he almost gets hit by the pole and narrowly escapes the falling lines. n investigation into why they fell in the first place is underway. we are starting to learn more about the arrests tied to the k onappingf the american woman while on safari and what led to her rescue. keir simmonsol has beenwing this story. what's the latest? an reporter: good morning. we now under that u.s. officials were involved in helping this reach a sucssful conclusion. for five days, this kidnapping played out for five days we now know. authorities were californian kimberly sue endicott was released just days ago. now nbc news releasing new details after a series of arrests. >> what was important was the safety of the victims. looked at how vulnerable the lives of theictims >> reporter: eight people
7:33 am
reportedly held. the u.s. military providing assistance to help get the pair released, we're told. detectives say they waited until endicott and her guideere freed while tracking the gang l phones. >> she was in good health and probably with a little bit of ock going throughhat ordeal. >> reporter: but much of what happened during theki ap, still a mystery this morning. reports say the pair ambushed by armeden in military uniforms. made to walk long distancfo by and sleep out in the open at night. but it's not clear why they we targeted. while a canadian couple was not taken. the controvsy over whether a ransom was paid adding to the many questions. under pressure, t gang reduced their demands from half a million dollars, officials tell us. >> from $500,000p to $50,000. >> reporter: the tourist board ensuring vacationers the country is safe saying security has been
7:34 am
tightened. ugandan officialsncasingly angry at criticism from president trump releasing this video statement. >> first of all, don't believe his lecture. >> reporter:ue kimberly endicott was on a dream trip. >> it's very unrtunate, but we love her. >> reporter: this morning still no word on when she'll arrive back in the u.s. and home. >> so as wernontinue to l more about this story, a lot of attention has been paid to the ransom. the ransom that was paid. now we're learning that those negotiations actually helped officials track the kidnappers? how so? >> that's right. this appears now to have been a irly classic anti-kidnap iping situation. you keep the talking while you continue to track them. and maybe use technology, the cell phones in order to figure out where they are. you know, you'vep got to k negotiating. you've got to keen saying we might pay you some money but it won't be as much as you would like in order to keep them on the phone in order to track them
7:35 am
down. the suspectses themse we still think that they are searching for some of thets susp that's going to be crucial, of course, because if money has been paid, then it lks like it may have been a successful kidnapping. if you can arrest the suspects, then it potentially prevents the fume thing from happening again in the re. >> keir simmons, always good to have you. >> thanks. 7:35. we'll get a check of the . >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by nondrowsy 24-hour clitin. >> you can see it firing up arou the dakotas. look at the severe weather go rg through ionow. plus we got a lot of wind back to the west. and as that develops, we've got a high fire danger today. besides everything else going on. look at the extreme risks ro utugthho on into new mexico and arizona. for today, though, we've got
7:36 am
that warmth down to the south. breezy conditions. that's why f we have thee danger. but back behind it, much cooler air coming in as we get into tomorrow that warm air moves to the east. raleig 73. louisville, 80. minneapolis drops down to 39 as that storm comes in. billings, t44. andn as we look into the weekend, temperatures new york city by 71 on saturday. cooling off in milwaukee. 44. same in st. louis. amarillo and for shreveport. here's what's happening in your neck of the >> it is g to be a bright and sunny day start to finish. right now it's 52 here in washington. 49 inquantico. 43 montgomery county. it's going to be a bright and nny afternoon. not too much of a breeze. winds out of the northwest today only around 10 to 15 miles per hour. another mild day tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 60s. 72 friday. a likelihood o showers especially later on in the day
7:37 am
on friday. tand sunday looks like rainier half of the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> thank you. coming up, a warni of a recall of popular baby sleepers. what all parents need to know. then the brady bunch back together again. both in a new show a right here in studio 1a for an exclusive live interview. coming plus the project that has oprah teaming up with prince harry. >> first a warning about a so-called unbeatable superbug that is spreading nationwide. what hospitals are doing about it. coming up afte. 't find relief he. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. every day, visionaries are creating the future. ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work.
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so-called superbug. >> it's spreading fast here in the u.s. ngofficials are get concerned about it. stephanie gosk is looking into it and has what we need toknow. >> good morning, guys. this is troubling. the centers for disease conllol it a serious global health threat. we've heard of drug resistant bacteria like mrsa, but this is arug resistant fungus. it's difficult to treat and the e st vulnerable arose who are alread in hospitals around the country, a growingerco a fungus that has already infected at least 587 people in the u.s. more than 300 in new york state including some at brooklyn's mt. sinai. when did you first see it at >>is hospital? e saw a cluster of patients develop in 2016. and that's really when the outbreak began particularly in new york and brooklyn region. >> reporter: theungus is a form of the very common candida which is easily treated. but this strand called candida
7:43 am
is stub bonn. 30% are resistant to two or more. >> a patient died with it and we did culres all over the room. we found it was everywhere. >> reporter: when you say everywhere, what do you mean? >> we found it fromo top t bottom. from the ceiling to the wall monitors to the artificial rest praters to the pump to the beds to theoo . >> reporter: the patient died after 90 days. >> this doesn't affect healthy people at home. it preys on thos that are immu immu immunocomp it causes fever and chills and enters to the blood stream most likely through medical equipment. >> it has a portal to get into the lungs. you have a catheter it can get
7:44 am
in the bloodam st >> reporter: the only way to make sure patients don't get it is make sure rooms are spotless. at m sai where there hasn't been a case since last year, there oce now strict ures. including a special gel to ensure every corner of a rm has been scrubbed. >> you can see that if this still existed, this area was not cleaned. >> reporter: after that, large uv lamps are used soowerful no one can be in the room when they are on. the cdcays the fungus has been found worldwide from the u.s. to southfrica to india. and becomes resistant to treatment quickly. while it is not a threat to the general public, hospitals and nursing homesave to stay vigilant. for the very sick, their lives are at stake. one other troubling characteristic, candida oris is difficult to detect. the next step is trying to figure outreow to it. >> thank you so much.
7:45 am
we're going to bring in nbc news med correspondent dr. john tortorres. when you listen to steph's piece you get creeped out and worried. how worried should people be if they're in the hospital or have a family friend who is? >> this candida arela id to the people who are in the hospital already compromised immune systems. people should be aware this is on.g especially if they know someone in the hospital or they're going into the hospital. this did get discovered in 2009. so it's a new fungus we discovered. all of a sudden it's cropped up. it has experts looking into it to make sure it doesn't take the next leap affecting healthy people. >> it is very hard to detect and hard to kill and can be from, like, floor fro rafters in a hospital room. is it then contagious? something the hospital workers get and then they go out into the communities? >> it's contagious and it could be carried fro person to person. but again right now it's only affecting sick peopl who have
7:46 am
compromised immune systems. they're hoping it doesn't change to affect those who are healthy. it can last for weeks on surfaces. cleaning is important. but so far isolated to hospitals and nursing homes. >> how do you get it? >> it's the same way you get any fungus or bacteria. it sprends like that. the conceing thing about this one, it's acting more like a bacteria. t's on the outside of the body. >> if ich something where it lives, could i get it? >> exactly. it could g on your hand. if you touch somebody else, it could get on them. that's whyne of the important messages we're getting across is hand washing. >> that's it. just wash your hands. >> wh your nds. make sure the staff before they touch anybody that's in the hospital has washed their hands. it's okay to ask them, did you wash your hands, can you wash your hands before you touch somebody. make sure the equipment is beina d. ask them if you have somebody going to the hospital or going to the hospital, have they have a problem with candida. are they using special cleaners?
7:47 am
>> what about the hand sanitizers. >> i talked to the cdc yesterday. they said the alcoh gel sanitizers work well. those do a great job of getting rid of it. the soap ones, the one you look at that are antibacterial. they don't. 20-second hand washi is the best you can do. >> all right. thank you so much. just thahead, a house call. another doctor here. dr. oz. he's here with new treatments for your aches and pains. no pills required. but first these messages. sorias, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment.
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♪ check it out. it's a crowded house here in studio 1a. that's not the show i grew up with. >> the brady bunch kids are giving us the brady treatment. >> look how we justnserted
7:52 am
ourselves in. >> had to be there. >> i always wanted to be there. now our dreams have come true because greg, marsha, peter, jan,y cindy thee all here. we cannot wt to catch up with them. >> they look pretty rowdy this morning too. >> they're out of control. it's like what is that? oh, it's just the bradys. we're back after your local . [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ he'd die of lung cancer. (susan n) leonard was afraid he never thought it would be copd. you always think you have more time than you do. and you really don't. (announcer) you can quit.
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7:56 is your time right now on this wednesday, april 10th, 2019. i'm eun we're following breaking news about this deadly crash involving ae george's county school bus. county school officials now tell us two high school students were on the bus. the students and the bus driver were taken to the hospital. now let's get a look at the impact this is having on your traffic. melissa mollet has your trafficn >> n, we've got branch avenue at surratts road. it'satal crash investigation right now. southbound branch avenue being pushed off onto woodyard roa to northbound lanes getting by the crash investigation. the alternates here very busy. you just can't get through clearly here this morning. inner utop, loop, no major issues. inbound 395 very slow. >> thank yo we'll take a break now and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. (vo) at pro plan,
7:57 am
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we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve your pet's life. we're redefiningo. what nutrition can d because the possibility of a longer life and a healthy life is the greatest possibility of purina pro nutrition that performs.
7:59 am
moe areas are in the uer 40s into 50 degrees here. it'll be a beautifulto day y. sunshine highs in the mid to upper 60s. dry weather today andintomorrow. chances come on later on in theay friday and hit and miss shower chances through t
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming mup,nting pressure. >> are you scared of going to prison, lori? >> actress lorind loughlin a 15 other parents facing up to 40 years behind bars after new charges are handed down in the wake of the college admissions scandal. did th miss their chance to make a deal with prosecutors? we're live with the latest. plus it's a sunshine day. ♪ everybody's smiling ♪ sunshine day >> tv's most beloved siblings will join us in the studio for a brady brunch reunion. >> marsha, marsha, marsha! >> we'll chat with them about theouood old days and hear abt ne and t people's princess. av a casting search, producers of the crown said theythound
8:01 am
r princess diana. who will take on thero royal ? we'll find out. wednesday, april 10th, 2019. ♪ >> mother/daughter trip from minnesota. >> we love you! >> three generations from holly springs, north ♪ >> here with my beautiful mom. >> hi. i'm faith and this is romeo. we love watching your ow. >> good morning. welcome gback to "today." us.e to have you with >> look at the wild crowd outside. i thk they're here to see the bradys. if you're at home saying i wish i could be there, you can be here. all you hav to do is record a shoutout on your phone, use the #my today plaza. put it on twitter or instagram and you're with us.
8:02 am
>> and you cou include your pet. >> love that. how excited are we? the bunch is here. we're going to have a live reunion right here on our air. we're looking forward to that. let's get to news at 8:00. things just got a lot worse for actress lori loughlin and a dozenicthers id in the clegs admissions scandal. they've now been hit with a serious new charge. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the new felony chargerepplies moreure to the parent who is have not yet entered pleas. they can now face a tal maximum sentence of 40 years if convicted ba. lori loughlin was running errands after the indict was released yesterday. the actress, her husband, and 14 other parents are charges with conspiracy to commit money laundering in addition to conspiracy commit male fraud. they funneled money to william
8:03 am
singergh his charity disguising the payments as donation. will not affect felicity huffman and other parent who is pled guilty earlier this week. the guidelines for sentencing vary based in part on t amount of the alleged bribes. no one believes anye is going to get 40 years in prison, but the chances some will see prison time is a very real reality. >> thank you. we do have an important follow-up to a story we told you about on tuesday. the american academy of pediatrics is now demanding an immediate recall of sher-price rock n play baby sleepers. fisher-price has issued a warning that babies should not be placed in the rocker when theyan roll over. the group says the product is, quote,dl d and should not be used no matter how hold a child is. fisher-price says it meets all
8:04 am
safety standards when used properly. the warm weather that's mad it feel like summer is giving way to a masve spring storm. heavy know is expected from the plains to the great lakes. some areas are under blizzard warnings. high winds wil make the storm life threatening as well. travel is going to be disrupt a unti least the weekend and heavy rain could cause new flooding along the missouri river. rising water damaged many levies last month. >> less than a week after first postn social media, hilaria baldwin says an ultrasound confirmed she suffered a miscarriage. she wrote on instagram overnight, there was no heartbeat tay at myscan, so it's over. but i have some strong and amazing heartbeats right hees. y on "today" she explained why she's been so public about all that she's been going through. >> this is something that has not been easy,. i understand i wanted to come out and speak about it because it's somhing
8:05 am
that so many people deal with. and as women, we're trained to deal with it silently. i doot think that we have live with such fear. >> baldwin hopes this conversation continues to grow. she says she hopes that we can all stickot together through the beautiful and the challenging moments in life. she was really so open when she was here. atwe were struck by of course we're sending ourpray. >> s, war >he a good outlook on life. how about a boost? >> all right. you'll like this if you spaend lot of time on airplanes. a mom had her baby on a longco ecting flight home from texas. the baby got a little restless, so a southwest airlines attendant named jessica decided to give the baby a change of scenery. she carried her along as she checked the overhead bins. her mom got a short little break but it was probably just what her mom needed. look atst this child. of the flight. coming up on pop start, the
8:06 am
new project that has oprah joining forces with prince harry. but first the gang's all here. a very brady reunion. we are live in studio 1a right after this. what would i say to somebody keep being you.? keep loving. keep aspiring. keep striving. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv with three different medicines to help you get to undetectable. that means the amount of virus is so low it can't be measured in lab tests. so keep pushing. keep creating. and keep pouring your soul into everything you do. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems, and kidney failure.
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♪ we're going to keep on keep on keep on moving ♪ ♪ going to keep on grooving ♪ keep on singing and dancing through the night ♪ five decades later, they are still moving and grooving and singing. brady bunch first premiered in 1969. of courseceecured a p in pop culture history and our hearts. >> i know people at home are singing that sot. i jant you to know that. over time t brady house has become just as iconic as the family that lived there. now the six brady siblingsetre back togr for a retro reoration of that classic piece of real tate on hgtv's "a very brady renovation." >> if you can't tell, we are excited and thrilled to be joined by barry williams mauer rooen mccormick, mike lookinland, and eve plum. is it going to be change if we just call you greg, marsha, peter, cindy. we wouldn't be the first to do
8:11 am
that, right? >> the show has never been off the air since we started in 1969 so that's a lot of re-enforcement in greg and bobby and peter and marsha. >> thank you for understanding. >> i do. >> when you're walking down the street, ian only imagine what people say to you. what's the number one thing they say? >> they saysh it's a se day. >> they want you to sing it. >> that, oh my nose. >> what' yours? >> can you say pork chops? >> here's your chge, ma'am. >> that's right. >> don't play ball in the house. >> that's right. >> get off my lawn. >> love it. we were thinking that there was another p maybe that you had heard before, jan.yb evy's phrase. >> everybody says it over and over. i don't know if you're sick of itja >> jan, jan! we want to reclaim it for you. >> i like that. love that. >> why do you think that was the phrase that stuck? like, that was one of those weird things. >> have no idea. >> why do you think? >> because it was done on
8:12 am
"saturday night live." a gal was portraying jan as this really goofy person. and that was what started the popularity of that clip. >> you know what? because ihink everyone nnects with you and understands what it's like -- >> i was e'jan. >> jan. and everyone else is marsha. >> it's not liker an in australia spoke to somebody in the united states back in late '70snd decided that was an important line. somehow it triggered you couldn't have anticipated that. >> now, you were saying, marsha, tot you guys don't get really get together like this all that often. >> right. it's been a reall long time since all of us have been back >> 15 years. >> but, you know, i think everyone looks at the projects as they come and thi one i think just got us all. you know? it was hgtv who -- their programming is amazing. this whole show is filled with so much love. the crew, everybody behind it.
8:13 am
it's ak of love. >> we should mention what it is. >> you guys are taking the house we used to see that opened the show every day, but it was never a house you guys actually lived in, right? >> never. >> it was a one story house. >> so you decided you were going to take that house with hgtv -- >> they did. >> i wish i would have thought of it. >> so each of you is renovating a special room in thehouse? >> different rooms. >> along with the hgtv stars. the propey brothers and so much great help there. as far as design goes. they're very specific about what goes in the house. they are trying to make it look exactly like the set. down to the wallpaper. didn't you have special wallpaper made? >> i oversaw that. >> yeah. they have a staining cabinets and hammering nails. >> were any of you handy? i ink mike/bobby, you are, right? >> i was assigned the master bedroom. >> oh. >> and i immediately said bobby never went in there. w they'reking around all our
8:14 am
schedules and they're working around the hgtv people's schedules as ell. theyoing a great job. >> are you doing a staircase? >> e. >> h you seen the finished product? >> no. soon. very soon. >> from the outsid the hou looks completely the same. but now there's two stories. >> there's a nationwide seaorh for the that goes in the living room. >> you're kidding. >> they're trying find that. one of the nice things about the show will be the whnostalgia. we're going in the rooms, we're reflecting on what happened and the scenes we played. >> did you have any memories? maybe a stolen kisswe b you know who? >> flooded with memories. >> soany memories. >> how many kisses were there? >> susan and i built a dog house the other day. >> you did? >> and then we madeut in it again. >> you know what struck us? we can't believe the show was only on for five seasons and yet had such an incredible -- mark on so many generations.
8:15 am
>> well, there were so many other shows. you know, we had a cartoon show. we had a variety hour. you know, we had all the -- very brady christmas. brady girls got married. >> like you said, barry, it's never not been onhe air. you could turn it on today. any of you watch it guys? >> sure. >> do your kids watch it? >> i wish my kid did. because i think it's a wonderful show for children to watch. >> it is. >>ecause itinstills a lot of great values that you're not finding in shows thesedays. >> over thear s, has there -- i'm sure you've all been through ups and downs in life. has there ever been a time where being a brady felt like a lot to carry? >> yeah. >> i want to toss that one to >> i mean, yes. of course and iink, you know, i would look at that show and then go, well, real life is not like that . marsha.she was not like
8:16 am
>> and you think that people, you know, are expecting to see that o whatnot. >> and you're an adolescent trying to find your real place in the world. >> it's a tight fit. >> instead of your tv place. >> t, imean, seriously i just am so grateful to have been a part of tha show tha it's in so many people's hearts everywhere. >> forever. >> and it makes people feel good. how lucky are weo have been a part of that? >> exactly right. his group look at thinking i wound whaer they're doing now. will you tell us what you've been up to? >> mine is music orieed. i have a trio called the traveliersro and traveld playing. >> cool. that's so you. >> living the johnny bravo dream. >> yes, you are. >> my gosh. >> my biggest accomplishment is i just celebrated 34 years of marriage to my dear husband michael. and we have ate beautiful dau together natalie.
8:17 am
and love my family, very haslved with my brother who special needs. working in production right now on a fil and have a couple things in the works. >> okay. >> still working as an actor and also now i'm also businessman and created a brand out of myself christopher knight home. it's a furnishings brand. and a new extension of that brand, christopher knight collection. >> you got to get some stuff in the brady house secretly even ot though it's the right time period. >> what about you? >> i'm still wating. just on an episode of "crashing"oi been regional theater here. also renovating houses that i've lived in. done a lot ofthat. >> perfect fit for you. >> nice and perfect fit. how about you? >> i'm also married 30-plus years. >> wow. >> to the same person. >> to the same person? >> not the se asher. but the same person as -- you know.
8:18 am
i run a small company and if my clients that are trying to get ahold of me watching the "today" show, they'll know why i'm not at home working for them. >> what does your company do >> i'm one of those clients that can't get ahold of him. >> we make architectural concrete which is mainly tables and tecoops. it's fun. >> this was in your wheel house, the hgtvshow. >> how about you? >> i've been a graphic artist. i teach acting for kids. and my universey is son michael who's in a wonderful band. he's playing bass with ziare olivia. >> we're so happy. you g will hang out with me and jenna in the fourth hour. >> they have fun. you're so used to everyonsm ing and beaming at you. thank you so much. we love having you here. you ct, we're not letti
8:19 am
go. you have to come back. don't forget. "a very brady renovation" premieres in >>september. > it's national siblings day so this is perfect. >> howperfect. >> let's show you what we've got happening today. we've got severe weather going on through the mid-mississippi river valley. we've got snow going on and blizzard developing through the rockies. airport impact, salt lake city, in and snow. denver, minneapolis, snow and wind. chicago, rain and wind. wind fordallas. for tomorrow, detroit's going to have delays. same for chicago,s, minneapo kansas city, and st. louis. snowfall amounts, we're talki anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow from the dakotas all the way into minnesota. and stretching some heavier show into the u.p. of michigan. we're watchinghis very closely. we'll have an update tonight on that's what's going on around nthwo >> they ave their april blizzards in the upper midwest.
8:20 am
around here, after back-to-back da the 80s, temperatures will be back closer to seasonal averages. we're back into the 40s and low and mid-50s now. afternoon highs will be up. a gradual increase in clouds coming our way tomorrow. it will be another dry day high tomorrow 68 degrees. showers are likely to move in here later on in the dayfriday. hit and miss rain chances through especially your saturday and intosunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, you're going to head over now to dr. oz. get sometu acupu next segment. >> they're going toee ndle me. >> instead of us, it'll be dr. oz. meanwhile, a little pop start. >> big one today. we'll start with the crown. while the netflix series has its first two seasons under its belt. a premiere date for season three has yet to be announced. that's why it was a surprise when the show didou ae its casting decision for princess diana who's going to make an appearance not until season four. but nonetheless, playing lady
8:21 am
diana is emma corryn. prior to t landis particular role, per imdb, only a couple other acting edits. after appearing on this, her name will be everywhere. there's the side by side. i see it. not until season four. and we don't know the fate of three yet. the date of it. in other royal news this morning, kensington palace announces prince harry will be teaming up with oprah on a new project. a multi-part documentary series. prince harry said in a release, our hope is t this series will be positive and enlightening in sharing globals ies of unparalleled human spirit fighting back from the darkest of placor. and the onity for us to understand ourselves and those around us better. i'm incredibly proud to be working alongside oprah on this vital series which we have been
8:22 am
developing for several months. there's no exact date for when the serie will premiere, but e'll let you know when we find out. next monday, the tonight show is going toedicate the entire show to cher. the legendary performer is going to take over theate night show. she's bringing her broadway musical with her. it's going to include jimmy fallon sittingown with cher including performances of her classic songs. she'llerform alongside the ladies portraying her on broadway. while justin timberlake,de aria gr and miley cyrus has had special takeovers of the show, this will be he first time broadway takes over the show. jenna bush hager is also going to be terviewing cher this weekend. we will have that interview for you here on monday. >> love that. >> cool. up next, as pop start continues, the highly anticipated "secret life of pets" sequel isoming out thi summer. it's going to explore the emotional lives of pets and
8:23 am
those who love them. we have a new tease of the trailer from our sister company universal pictures. >> i run and i run and i run.d get out, and i've gone nowh >> someone's in my litter bo >> guys, i found treats. >> oh, man. >> do any of you know captain snowball? me and here we go. >> it's snow ti >> snowball. >> is he okay? >> not in any way, no. f big to my left, craig melvin has wa ched the original -- >> threeimes in the last three days. kids love it.ll see this won dozen times.he >> let t kids know watch the full trailer when i comes out tomorrow. finally, our very own savannah guthrie is gracinghe maover of "health" magazine.
8:24 am
man, you really go there. peu get personal and up in the article. you talk about all things mother hood from having mom guilt to how you maintain balance raising your kids under 5. i mean, you really -- then we were looking at the cover of it today. >> it looks beautiful. >> that's the first. >> and most people go, it's beautiful thenhey start reading it and it was a beautiful q&a. i love what you said about your kids. you cled vail your miracle. >> yes. first of all, i had to laugh when they said "health" magazine. i am not the poster child for health. does it matter i don't work out nd eat french fries all the time? they said it's about happiness and wellness. they a about my kids and family. i always say vail is my miracle and charlie is my medical miracle. i talked about having ivf, that we decided to do that and that gave us charlie. it was just really a neat t opportunit talk about some of those personal things.
8:25 am
>> love it. >> it's fun to see that about you. it's funny about you. you don't talk a a lotut all these things. i feel like i learned things. i was like, really?? that happen and there's a lot in this magazine i think people are going to love. so check it out. r.>> great co >> by the way, i'm soes ok >> krr t whatbu mike said? who is that >> i love it. we're in a time where people are really opening up. what we wat in television and discussion about mental health. hilaria baldwin yesterday. that transparency, that open, honest -- brtaking that f wall between people who watch shows like the "today" show and us and their perceptions of us. there's so much more we have in common than not. >> i don't think we needo be tting on a show or putting on a face about it. just -- >> if you want to read it, it hits newsstands this friday. thanks. just ahead, al is undergoing
8:26 am
the needle. he is. he's getting acupuncture rht now. >> how to manage pain without medi 8:26 now onwe this esday, april 10th. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check of the roads with missa mollet. >> take a look at this traffic alert. branch avenue at surratts road, we have the fatal crash. and tigation to southbound northbound lanes getting by. college park, outer loop after route 1, do have a brand newre accident t at the dale city truck. >> thank you. we'll have a look at the forecast when we come back. st. when was the last time you felt...
8:27 am
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and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. goo morning,everybody. 55 degrees now in washington. airport.lles 46 in frederick, maryland. high temperatures today around 67 drees with plenty of sunshine and a northwest breeze. clouds will be on tse incr but our next chance for rain doesn't arrive until friday. ands we get int the weekend, rain chances sort of hanging around. i think the rainier half of the
8:29 am
weekend will be sunday. >> all right. thank you another update in 25 minutes. now back t. willth "game ones"
8:30 am
return? ♪ hey,od everyby. welcome back. it is 30 on this wednesday mornin it is the tenth day of a littlen, a lot of smiles on the plaza. an we've got miss dylan dreyer. >> hello. i just showed up. >> how are u? >> and since i'm here, can i do the crowd moment toy? >> absolutely. >> hi, good morning. where are the fluccos? we found them?
8:31 am
hi, guys. so tt's not a last name. it is actually your mascot? >> yes. >> what is a flucco. >> it's technically a flying shoe. bu name comes fluvanna and county put together. >> what are some of the things you're checking off here? >> last night we saw a broadway play. and today we're tring the n studio. >> well, you're starting off in the right place. you made it here this morning. thanks for being here. rip back. it's a flying shoe. who knew. >> love it. guys, coming up, ifou suffer from headaches or back aches, knee pain, a lot of us d't want to rely on medication to cope. this segment could be for you. dr. oz has the scoop on yoga, acupuncture. even virtual reali could help with pain. he's got treatments for us. then a new way to think
8:32 am
about spring cleaning. the married coauthors are here to help us clear the clutter in our relationships. and coming up on theur thir f "today," it's craig's turn for a spring reboot. allbout relaxing. he tried out some unconventional wa to wind down. plus we're squaring off over the grill. you get toho decide has the best burger recipe. >> will you handl the weather, dylan? >> al can't do it right now.e weot the blizzard conditions across the northern er over into south dakota, western nebraska. we are looking at 1 t 2 feet of snow. winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. on the eastern side of that we're look very gusty. winds you can see those conditions not moving east much. it's still affecting the upper
8:33 am
midwest and plains. it gets chilly behind the system too. highs only in the 40s and 50s up and down theco west t. the east coast, though, will see temperatures in the 50s and 60s. and even warmer down through florida in the mid-80s. here's a peek out your window. >> the north end of the runway there at reagan national airport. temperatures have climbed into the upper 40s to low and mid-50s now. highsbe in the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine coming our wayor today. tomorrow also showers later in the day on friday. rain looking a lot me likely for sunday into monday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank >u. >>heck out what we got here, ladieswend gentlemen. e got the stanley cup here on the plaza. you may remember that our pal sunny, took him to the new york islanders game lastnth. dw such a great job.
8:34 am
he must hav impression that sunny's been offered a new job. he's the stanley pup correspondent. here with the official contract, it's bnen swith a paw print. it is official. we've got nbc sports commentator sunny.excited for >> he's going to be providing pup dates during the playoffs with the islanders and but we wanted to offer sunny this opportunity to join us as a correspondent. he's going to be on the road with our nhl and nbc broadcast team. he's going to be in studio with us tonight to kickff the playoffs. he's going to be traveling with the most coveted trophy in all of sports. providing pup updates. also while completing his training for the guide dog foundation leading up to the stanley cup final in june. >> thas so cool. >> we'll have fun opportunities for him throughout the way. i know doc emrick, our legendary broaaster loves dogs. so he's super excited to have sunny on the road with us. >> it's beenin an exc year in
8:35 am
new ey've been a big surprise this year. they kick off the playoffs tonight against pittsburgh he at the coliseum at home. who do you like in that series? >> i have the islanders in that series, actual i know they are the favorite seedingw underdog because the penguins have won so many cups. sunny broug some good luck >> be sure to check out the penguins as they take on the islander7:30 eastern on nbc sports. there it is. and the stanley cup on the plaza. let's head back into craig. >> all righ thank you, sir. up next from the ancient acupuncture to the new virtual reality. we're going to experiment with some new ways to manage pain dr. oz, am i wearing it broperly? >> backwards. >> first this is "to o nbc.
8:36 am
[ up-tempo music plays ] man: we don't just play music in d.c. ♪ we make songs that celebrate life... and love and living. they're born in our souls and hearts. ♪ thd the beat travels up rough our bodies till there's nowhere else for it tgo but out. celebre your d.c. with new scratchers from the d.c. lottery.ov there' $1.6 million in cash prizes to win.
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this morning on this morning on "today" wellness, treating pain. if youuffer from things like headaches or an achy back, you're far from alone. 50 million people have chronic pain like that. more than 20% of this entire adult population in thisco try. >> the good news, there are ways to get relief. medication doesn't always have e the answer. dr. oz is here to fill us in on other ideas. craig and hoda are with these ocular virtual reality headsets. what are they watching? ain sensation is partly emotional. that's how you perceive it.if ou have more stress, you experience pain more. i'm going to give you a couple tactics that work. what's important is to be able to get into a place where>>- hat are you seeing? >> it's hawaii. >> we'n maui. they're seeing these waves crashing on these rocks. >> that's nice. >> you can go to the highest ountain, on a boat, or go to
8:39 am
maui. >> does it have sound too? >> it has sound. it's immersive. you'll escape from where you are. theseinds of images, this is from our share care app. share care is the company we founde it gives you tools like this. these are important because they're free. uou don't have to have a lot of money. on't have to pay prices.ati you can get these visuals and it could change your life. >> how is this working? is there something physically going on when you watch something relaxes?or re you just distracted essentially from your pain? >> your body has natural endorphins. and these neurotransmitters. this turns those on, we believe. we uset it er's now. it is a little distraction sometimes. it is a bit of guidedy. imag a lot of it is being able to zone out and center yourself and get rid of the stress that is an
8:40 am
amplifier. >> looking at these two looking all around, it's giving -- >> it was wild. asgod, it is soothing. it puts you there. >> that's fantastic. >> for a d or two after this, it'll change the amount of pain you experience. >> if you ae living country where you have an opioid epidemic, why not take advantage of tools we know help.t >> al w under the needle. this is acupuncture. this is an ancient treatment. >> it does t work to oldest. al's got knee pain. notice by the way they're not just in the leg around the knee. they're in the how you present stress i've been to hospitals where a billion and a half people get their therapyike this. we're not sure why it works and it seems foreign to me. but it does have an impact -- we
8:41 am
believe it somehow turns on the body's natural abi increase endorphins. if you tap into and figured this out in advantage of it .ke ehow often do you h to do this? >> the more chronic the pain, the more treatments. >> would he experience any immediate benefit there or would itake a little while? >> generally people will feel he benefits of the relaxation power of acupuncture. most people also feel reduction of pain as wellhe >> t.s. military, they're pretty hard core people. they use acupuncture for pain management. imagine a wave of e flowing through your body. she can tap into it. while we don't exactly understand in western medi how it works. but it rks. >> how do you find a good acupunctist? >> you go the website to find a certified list. >> i've never had this done, b stephanie did one of the things on -- you do not feel a thing.
8:42 am
for those of you who think it's like slightly painful or a pinch. it's literally nothing. o >> they problem is afterwards you drink some water, then you start just like in a warner brothers cartoon. >>e's fully intact. >> good luck, al. we started with the newest now a place in the middle and it's yoga. this is cheryl, by the >> hi. >> hi. >> and a member of her staff asl here's the cool thing about yoga. any physical activity can help the pain. it the first advice we give to people that have discomfort. but yoga is special. yogas all you to be mindful. anybody thatlays sports, knows the pregame things. it's called sun salutation. everyone stop what you're doing at home for a second. it will take that long to figure this out. put your hands to the sky, reach up high. then lean forward getting air in. now, if you can only do to your
8:43 am
knees, whenever you want to go. then bend your right leg. en left, then right. then to plank pose. >>here's got to be people that think i can't do this because my back hurts. >> you don'tav to go down far. one last .mo t stop here if you want tor lift up. well done feel good? >> feel great, yeah. >> i had had the staff do it. this you can do back to down dog if you want. u go on your own pace. no way ofisinning it's about where your body wants to be. the sun salutation poses i do, i'll post it on my social media. take advantage of these tools. you control your destiny. here's the question to ask yourself. if you are so disorganized, you can't carve seven minutes out oo your day t a little bit of
8:44 am ering. to stretch your body. that's the problem. fix that problem, get to sev minutes and you're good to go. >>annah and i have problems. it's official. >> carson, haveonou ever yoga? >> i have not. >> but you have discomfort? >> yes. i got lower back. it's the last thing i want to do. >> i played football in college. changed my life when i started doing yoga for stretching because i had chronic back pain. it's worth the investment and effort. it's seven minutes. starte there. >> they wanted you to be me this morning but i saved you. god bless you. thank you. >> all of these ey to all of them. >> and you don't have to t jump medicine to fix something. there's other options available to you. >> and you shouldn't jump to medicine. human had history is full of painful events. we didn't have pills until recently. pills play a role, but they should be the end of the game. >> thank you. appreciate it. just ahead, spring cleaning.
8:45 am
it's not just for houses. ese experts are here to clear out the clutter. not in your closet, but your . we'll have a deep dive itho at. but first this is "tod first, this is "today" on nbc. fast, reliable internet is crucial. do evneesss g go dnders it ? our gig-speed network not only downloads files up to 20 times faster, we go beyond fast with 4g backup for complete reliability. so if the unexpected happens...
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welcome b wcome acback. the new season, it's a perfectm o do some tidying up. >>t we're not talking about your closet. you can use your spring cle cleaning hel to improve your relationships as well. >> we have coauthors here. and together they've written several self-help books including the latest which is called "how to keep your marriage from sucking." catchy title. >> good morning. >> we're going to talk about spring cleaning your relationship which is good. imean, you've got several steps
8:48 am
here. >> right. >> the first thing, takey inventnd assess. i guess just means see what your mess is. >> see what theutess is see what the positives are. you know what i mean? you want to start with the positive. >> why do you want to start good? >> becau it also doesn't end bad. >> w ets to get right to the bad. >> so we have these things going for us. we're good parents. we worhard. >> i like the way you spread butter. things are going well. if you put a few things out there, let the other person know hey i love you. going to sayhings later you don't like but i love you. >> his is what i love about you, us, and the life we've built together. >> can i say i already have anxiety just imagining having this conversation. this doesn't seem pleasant all to do this. >> it's rooted in love and you're going to be better off for it. if you don't have it, things will be worse. >> you have those conversations at work. you have those conversations even with yourself bout what's working for yourself and what's not. sometimes we take an inventory. i think takg invento in a
8:49 am
relationship, also if you do it enough, if you do it once a year, it gets easier. >> okay. our next advice is declutter and clean out. onto clutters o u hurol old habits and old patterns that have become the norm that no longer are functional or work and sort ofd lea to of identifying what is working for us and wt isn't worki for us. and if we clear the space of what isn't nworking, we' holding it and there's room for otherthings. >> but you're not talking about full overhaul. we're talking about just cleanup. like the clutter. the smallconversations. aye always said this to my wife. if we don have good communication and don't have date nights and talk, the big earthquake is going to hit. thd rather have small earthquake rathe a big release of energy. >> like when you never make the kids' lunch.n just jump twice a week. and the other person goes -- >> and the acknowledgment. the acknowledgment of i see all the things you do and things i
8:50 am
didn't realize were a problem m now sort of getting. just acknowledgment of it and having the conversation mo be able te a shift in what's happening. >> whatth i say, that's me. that's who i am. i love my cargopants. i'm not giving them up for you. >> we have a question on our plaza. >> hi. i'm tina from seattle. my husband and i are empty nesters and i do most of the household work. how can i get my husband to help me without sounding like a g? >> thee is. hi, hubby. >> i have just going to say, only do wha makes you happy. and is for your life. only do your rlaundry, cook y meals, do your own thing. then see how long -- >> isn't that passive aggressive? >> it's 100% passive aggressive. sometimes people need to see what the alternative to go, i really loved that i had that. what can i do to -- >> i literally came in one day
8:51 am
and all my clothes were t layin floor. they skipped them. and it's hard to go back and go why aren't my underwear done? saying that feels dumb. so you go, got to this is it. this is what she did. rather than have the conversation, i got it. because i needed the underwear. >> anoth viewer out there? >> no. we've got our next -- well, we have the nextar thing cg the air. i think we have a viewer question michelle from new york says when ts the beste to have those clear the air conversations? i feel like i always want to do ngthem when we're argnd it's heated. but when things calm down and el better again sometimes i forgot about it. or you don't want to stir the pot again. >> if you doh it w the arguments, it's the worst. >> yeah. >> i find that i am most open and receptive and able to have them when i see a clearing in my own d schedule. whether it's coming up to summer break or a holiday when something will be taken off of my overwhelming daily ad, that's when i can actually get there and have this conversation without them being explosse.
8:52 am
>> there any variant in the style in which you would utte ih ingom peoede a more communicative than others. some other peopl do not like confrontation. my wife and i, if we have , issu we text. we're more successful exchanging digitally than we are fe to ce. >> because you're not reactive, right? >> i guess. i don't know why. >> if you cangree on a way to have the conversation, it's just you have to have the conversation. at a certain not having the conversation is a problem. and if you don't want to have the conversaon, it is a problem that has to be zraaddred and probably will be. if you can do it, by te by letter, send a postcard to your mate. >> all right. i'm going to fax >> exactly. >> i love that. >> try smoke signals. dusting off and getting rid of old baggage. that's important. >> it is imrtant. we all have resentments and historical injuries that we are reputation this about our person around all the time. >> like what? beat would be an example?
8:53 am
>> sometimes m your partner is like, holding this thing you don't even know happened you don't know something you said or did, injured them, hurt them that sok them to the core -- >> like the way you treated them at a party one night and then i becomes an issue of respect. then it becomes this thingy you're o as good as your worst resentment. theyelationship can onl be as good as the resentment b bng he the person who's the angriest. >> and also the marriage or the family can only be as happas the mosthappy person in it. right? sometimes you go, i had no idea you felt that way. d or i that to you and i feel terrible. now that i know, it can bet go of. it's acknowledgment. >> i feel a little bit better already on my lf. >> it's true if you dread it -- i definitely dread them. you feel better once you do it. >> more lighter and clearer and hopeful. >> the more you do it, it's an easier process. then you look forward to the idea of we're going to fix things and it's going to get better. >> thank you so much, guys. >> thanksoraving us. >> if you want to len more about their book to go
8:54 am we're backa moment. this i.
8:55 am
8:56 am
just ahead, third hour of "today," al's brother and sister gave him surprise today. we're told to expect more surprises today. it is national sibling day. >> plus on the fourth hour, jenna and i are cooking with tracy morgan in the kitchen. picture the og cooking. 8:56 is your time now on this 1wednesday, aprilth, 2019. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's get an update on your commute wit melissa mollet on rst 4 traffic. >> fatal crash investigation southbound branch sti diverted there. two northbound lanes are getting by. so green belt, l innp crash reported left side blo by an accident
8:57 am
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good morning. bright, blue skies over washington today. it's going to be 100% sunshine for your wednesday plans. temperatures are now climbing into the upper a 50s low 60s. high today right around 67 degrees. nice day to be outside for today. another nice one coming o way for tomorrow before rain chances come back late in the day on friday. turday will be the drier half of the weekend. but there is a chance for rain both satur >> all right, chuck. thank you. get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of today. >> and a good wednesday morning. it's the hump day. >> yeah. you look so chummy. >> what do you mean? >> like keir is sitting on my lap. all just really nice and cozy. >> mr. roker is here. sheinelljones isere. dylan dreyer is obviously here. >> keir simmons from over the pond. >> today national siblings day. trending on twitter as well. the producers have surpris in store. yesterday we saw your brother and sister. >> that makes me rvous. >> we don't know what's coming. >> can i say, whatever it is, it's not going


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