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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  April 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is at branch andurrotts road. tracee is there with this tr agedy. >> reporter: the road just u open a few moments ago. it was closed for eight hours as traffic backed up around the region and they tried to get the vehicles taken apart and start their investigation here. i can tell you the people who witnessed this crash will not soon forget what they saw. this dashcam video shows the moment of impact.ra this tractorer runs a light some 15 seconds after it turned red. >> iteemed likehe whole entire intersection was in shock. no one moved or panicked, dead silence. >> reporter: the truck bull-dozed a car on the side of the bus. on the other side of this bus is another vehle crushedetween the guard rail and bus. >> you smell like gas.>> eporter: marvin simpson said he recorded this video said it
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took seconds for himtao unde what he had just seen. he says the driver of the truck was the first one out of the vehicl and his reaction was sobering. >> walked over, and he went to the car that he had hit and i guess the person was deceased, because he like, threw his hands up, like, oh,an. you know,e le just -- he killed someone. >> reporter: the truck driver's wife came to the scene to be with him. he's there in the hat standing next to the woman in the red coat. whene spoke with her she defended his driving record. >> he's been driving trucks for a while. >> reporter: the driver of the hyundai stuck between the truck and bus was killed. on the bus were teenage students headed to charles school and they're expected to be okay, so is the driver. veral people involved including the driver trapped between the and guard rail.
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everyone is expected to be okay. the question now is why did this happen? police aren't saying but they are warning drivers to b careful. >> just because you hatch that green light, cast alae in both directions. somebody may not be stopping because they're texting or not stopping becausehey're having a problem with their vehicle. >> reporter: the way it was explained to me the drivers were shot after this happened. there w an ambulance to the right of the guy who recorded this. it took a while for that ambulance to move up and engage, folks absolutely shaken by what they have seen.e the pri george's county police have not released the identity of the person killed in this crash and the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in clinton, i'm tree wilkins. thank you. underles county teen is rest after bringing a loaded gun to la plata high school today.
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a student sohe boy with the gun and a bullet and told the administrators. the student h been charged as a juvenile. in a letter sent me to s, parent it said the teen will be facing school'sacisciplinary on and possible expulsion. this is the second time a student has broug a gun to la plata high in as many months. an electrical fire sparked is fire. the community is mourning the loss of a boved neighbor as her husband fights to survive. david culver along old pit street with the sttey. >> rep tonight, the community is feeling a deep loss as air devastating ripped through this home here. tough to see on the outside but inside, significant damage. on the doorstep are flowers to remember the woman. >> a new york newspaper
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announcing their marriage in 1965. more than 50 years later, this is where they lived out the latter years of their love story. it's crushing for neighbors. >> as you look across the street i can't imagi what you think knowing the love that was in that home. >>t's very very sad. those folks knew each other forb everybodh from long island and wonderful people. >> reporter: mike lived across the street for 15 years, overnight, his neighborhood overtaken by emergency crews, firefighters trying to g to peter and jera inside their historic row home. >> generally 18 centu construction. stairwells are extremely narrow, hallwa are narrow. it does provide for challenges for the firefighters. >> reporter: but first responders had gotten on sne quickly and rescued peter. his wife, jera, did not survive. mike remembers heroy >> a great neighbor, very
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friendly, always providing a dish here and there and there to do anythg you needed to have done. >> reporter: neighbors say peter doted on jera helping her go through livle with issues. ional >> we pray for thiem peter comes out. >> reporter: a community united inp prayer hoping it will h heal the pain of a tragic loss. >> so sad.e let's h her husband pulls through. the fire began in an upstairs bedroom. an electrical cord a spark mattress on fire and it quickly gread. attorneral william barr said today the redacted special counsel's report will out next week. that included a number of r muellerated questions. barr also said he's looking into the origins of the fbi's russia pre that launched in 2016.
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>> i think spying on aolitical campaign is a big deal. >> you're not suggesting, though, that spyg occurred? >> i don't -- well, i guess you could -- i think spying did occur. the question is whether it wasa pred. adequately predicated. i'm not suggesting it wasn't. >> in exchange wh maryland's chris van hollen. barr said he didn't know i mueller shared his conclusion on obstruction. he believed obstruction related evidence would be in the public report. an investigation of how that racist photo ended up in a medical schoolbook. it may be wrapping up. the l school hired a firm to look into that. this photograph shows a man in black face standing next to someone else in ku klux klan
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haclothing. no says he never saw that picture until het saw i two months ago. they hope to finish the probe by thef end this month. in loudoun county, aoman woke up to a man touching her inside her apartment. ckcomplete stranger, police saying he snu into her place on north duke drive in sterling. drew wilder has the disturbing details. >> reporter: the blis are tattered. police aren't sure how a man got into a woman's home last night and sexually assaulted her while she lept slept. she lives two doors down and saw >> this area is so good. i'm so scared and nervous, too. >> reporter:eighbors tell m this is unusual for this area, normally a quiet neighborhood. the loudoun sheriff agrees saying this type of case is unusual for this county and why they're so concerned.
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>> it concerns us quite aanit and w anybody who has an idea what might have happened or possible suspects in mind, may have heard or seen anything in e neighborhood, weanted to know about it. >> reporter: police say the suspect is about 20 years old, dark curly hair, has a slight ild. she tells us her family saw a man matching that description seeminglyasing the joiver the last few days. her family did not recognize the man and wondered why he's there and nos worried if he might come back. >> my family, too, the leave work and sometimes i'm here alone. >> reporter: if you saw or heard anything at northee duke s last night, reach out to the sheriff's offe. drew wilder, news4. to a case in prince george's county that may soundr. famil academic out the aftermath while most of us slept, a t ck ramming into a 711. a group of would be thieves
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tried but failed to make off. >> and they're trying to find this may be connected to several similar incidences. pat. >> reporter: watkins park plaza, 7:00 a.m., a big boom and then a big bust. robbers tell the people inside to g behind the counter, lie on the floor so they won't g hurt. and then a truck smashes into the store t dislodge the money machine from its mooring. take a look at thi it's like a bomb went off here. over ther crunched up like a bent up soda cam, that's the atm. ere was glass here. a wall here. a steel beam here. all of that blown back. now, let me get you up to speed here. you may remember back in
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february, atm thieves bungled two robberies, like this one in hillandale, wherehe get away driver got impatient and left his partners behind. the money machine tell fell on top of one of the suspects. there was a scuffle, and then they made their get away on foot. in march, it appears t same group hit three times without fumbling or bumbling. ramming a stolen pickup into the store and making a clean get away, this time they got the atm. this time they got the cash, and this time they got away in thet k. now, back to watkins park plaza today. that big boom that big mess and that big bust.
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so what happens if you have a business or store next to a 711 that's targeted like that? well, hold yourorses. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. erica, back to you. >> pat, thank you so very much. i think we're starting to see a pattern here. we'll get back with you. a new attempt by facebook to crack down on fake news and lmisleadingks. ahead at 5 tonight, the changes you will see in your feed as the company tries to stop the spread of siormation. the news4 iteam exposed a shocking mistake inside a body donation program. coming up, the changes state officials say will help prevent future errors. this is pretty incredible. for the first time we're seeing liages of a black hole, why scientists are c this image historic. >> we are at 7 degrees and
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temperatures falling to 66 and by 11:00 p.m., 58. chilly start in the morning
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often when we're talking about space it's the discovery of a new planet billions of miles away that could potentially have life. today, this is the tal of the great unknown. for the first time ever, an image of one of the greatest ysteries in science, a black hole. jay gray with a closer look why this image isuch a big deal. >> we have seen what we thought ses ble. we have seen and taken a picture of a black hole. >> reporter: framed by a fiery ring of light, scientists say this historic h photops to confirm a theory first derived from the equations of albert
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einstein, existence of giant voids or black holes, like this one in thi nasa illustration created when the force of gravity becomes overwhelming, a place where all matter, space and time come to an end. >> we now know even super massive black hes, billions that of the sun exists. >> reporter: it took $20 million in innovationreo caphis image. >> this was telescopes t capture an array the size of the earth itself. >> reporter: eight massive radio telescopes across the board working inunison to provide 5 teta bytes of data. >> it's equivalent of 5 million years of mp3 files. >> reporter: the end of all matt h. >> wee now seen the unseeable. now, what does it all mean. ng reporter: the begin of a new scientific adventu
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jay gray, nbc news. experts estimate there cld be 100 million black holes in our own milky way galaxy but they say none are close enough to pose a threat to earth. >> that is amazing. back in o own solar system, a company in our area is talking about putng humans back on the moon in the next five years. t ckheed martin calls aggressive but achievable. astronauts could make aunar landing by 2024. the company builds on a plan from nasa that would call for a space dock that would orbit the moon. nasa previously said it wants a permanent presence on the moon to use as a launching point to plorationo mars and beyond. >>anfacebook is hoping to c up your news feed. it announced new ways to combat extremism and misinfor. the site will limit visibility to links getting a lot of
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traffic seoully on -- solely on the site not linked to the web and checking fact-checking program and working with a company. they hope to reach the groups spreading fake information. april is sexual assault awareness month. today, the university of maryland gave the campus visu of the impacts of sexual nce.relationship vio the school taking part in the clothesline project, which allows survivors and supporters to confront the issue. dozens of peoe shared their own uncensored messages, writing them out on t-shirts and hanging them on that plaza near the student union. the university has been participating in the clothesline project since '90s. high school students in kensington are making sur teens killed in school shootings across the u.s. are not forgotte they're putting together a yearbook of the fallen.
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it memorializes students killedl in theast year and plan to give it to congress. funeral services for the late house speaker of maryland will get under way next week. the family of michael bush says the long-time lawmaker will lie in repose i the rotunda of annapolis. there will be public visitation, tuesy morning. and st. john's catholic church followed by a reception. michael bush passed away this past sunday. he was 72 years old. opening statements today in rial of a bethesda millionaire charged with the murder of a man who w digging nnels underneath his house. the arguments from both sides in this case. cooler temperatures andia
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ams back with what you need to know. the quest for the cup begins, covering the caps first round series against the hurricanes. join us for postgame coverage, news a 11:00, before saturday's game at 2:00, special coverage at 30 and2:
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all right. amelia is here to talk about this gorgeous weather we've beea ng. the flip side of it, for anybody suffering from allergies is thinking to themselves, i wish i wasn't in so much pain. >> over thent c recommendations. you really need to inoculate yourself, and early, too. wille been telling us thi be a bad one. >> we're seeing tree pollen come high. it's the trees bothering you. i love eye drops jim knows that. >> eyes, throat, everything. >> he's given me a list to go shopping after work today. >> you can feel it going throughout yr sinuses. let's look at the allergy report. the microbiologist in our area has two test sites. what they're doing i expose and armaliteture out there and picked up pollen and they picked
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up theept. trees are high, mold, low. grasses. it will be seasonable tomorrow. high of 71, about 5 degrees above normal. tomorrow, we will be a littl bi cooler and comfortable another nice day for the most part. as we look to friday for the weekend, tracking some rain in the forecast, dry time as wel. thill be rain at times as we close out the work week and look to saturday and sunday in addition to some rain for the ekend, some humility fdity in t area. 60s and low 70s. 70 degrees in washington and frederick. starting the day at the bus stop at a chilly 4 degrees in washington and low for the suburbs. kids probably need the jacket and temperature of 58 degrees at
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recess and high, 66 with partly t the skies through thursday. plenty of clouds with scattered showers and in the evening hours and a few rumbles of thunder friday evening. look at the temperatures friday. pretty mild with a high of 72. for the weekend, high temperatures generally in mid-70s, saturday and sunday. the best chance for ain is saturday early morning hours, a ioldover from the rain friday night. an't rule out a shower other thunderstorm saturday night. sost of us will be dry. sunday, rain possible at any point during the day. the best chance for rain on sunday is toward the late afternoon and evening hours. rain is likely sunday night into monday morning. we could have heavy rain moving to mondaynight morning and a few rumbles of thunder. tomorrow, no issues getting to the caps game,eg 66es high,
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clouds and sunshine. breezy friday with high temperature of 72 and chance for late day showers and thunderstorms. 40% chance for showers saturday. 70% chance for rain on sunday, especially later in the day. i will have more on the timing of rain coming up and the 10-day forecast at 5:50. >> reporter: i'm corey smith in montgomery county where it's day one of the tunnelurder trial, coming up. after a brief it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. we go now to a look at some top stories today. one woman is dead and two teens hurt after a crash involving a prince george county's school bus. it shows the moment of impact as it appears, the semi-tractor-trailer runs a light 15 seconds after it is turned red. an old town alexandria area is mourning the loss of a woman and he injury of h husband. sirefighters found jera lifel and peter unconscious. investigators believe an electrical cor caught the bed on fire. police are trying to figure
5:29 pm
out if a stream of atm thefts an failed attempts might be connected. a group of people rammed the truck into the front of the 711 and tried to make off with the cashachine but had to leave it behind today, day one in the bizarre tunnel trial. >> a man burning to death in the bunk. >> they say it was a tragic accicunt. the prors say it was far more sinister. >> corey smith joins us live outside the montgomery county courthouse with more on theio eml first day. >> reporter: if today is any indication thiss going to be an emotional trial. the tears started as soon as k askia khafra's father took the o
5:30 pm
and his family and also danieltt beck the defendant in this case, charged with khafra's murder. his attorneys say ts whole accident.was all an secrecy over safety is the statement that daniel beckwitt is responsible for the death of askia khafra. he naked body was feoundn i of . there was a shaft that dropped 20 feet underground and series of tunnels. prosecutors called it a deathnt trap and p to the hoarding conditions as evidence of beckwitt's negligence and argued he went to great lengths to nceal his home, putting black-out goggles dving from
5:31 pm
manassas to his home. but the attorneys argue his secrecy did not result in a lack of -- the 21-year-old went into the tunnel to dig for several days at a time. they said photos like this were evidence he was proud of the ng.k he was d to them, his death was an unintentional unexpected accident. it will be up to the 14 member jury to decide. >> reporter: this could turn on the testimony of another maneckwitt paid to go and dig these tunnels beckwitt's attorneys argue the tunnels are not as dire as the prosecution is trying to paint them. when that witness takes the stand unknown, there is a very lengthy witness list and good chance that trial lasts for several weeks. >> thank you. after growing protests got thf ear a major company's ceo, go-go music is back on a
5:32 pm
popular d.c. street corner. music outside the shaw metro pcs was briefly silenced after a noise complaint from a neighbor. a look at how t lack of music started a movement. derrick. >> reporter: indeed it d, jim. the consumer of affairs were here on three different dates, d no citations were shut down then and then a lawsuit and as you can hear, the beat is back. >> excuse me! >> reporter: this plea for silence at the corner of 7th and florida got a more favorable reception than the one that cam a few weeks ago. music an announce this will continue on 7th and florida
5:33 pm
avenue. >> reporter: go-go was gone gone from the front of this metro pcs store for a while at least. a resident of aearby apartment ilding had complained to the parent company about the noise threening a lawsuit against t-mobile. high rents can lead to hh expectations of then environment you want. >> yea sure. they only play during business hours. i walk 8:00 at night and it's not playing. >> reporter: the complaint silenced an almost 20 year tradition that was part of the shay neighborhood and rise to a music, don't mute d.c. >> go-go music will continue to be part of this city for generations to come. >> not embracing the culture and attaching the culture is incredibly alarming. >> reporter: the reaction was louder than the music that started it. a pop-up party drew hundreds. it got the attention of the
5:34 pm
t-mobile ceo who tweeted the way things worked and the store's owner was truly gracious. >> appreciate everybody. i'm not going to be long-winded but definitely appreciated. >> reporter: for most this highlighted a larger issue than the l decibelels coming from the speakers, the issues of gentrification. >> you have t learn to live with everybody and until we have that you will alwaysave an unbalance of things. >> reporter: i can tell you the support isn't necessarily unanimous. ave had a couple people come t earlieroday and say they would rather the music was gone. you can see these folks are glad it is back. this will be a jumping off point for a lot of folks. a town hall meeting at 6:00 in soutast, the martin luther king location. they will talk about the next phase and the broader issue what
5:35 pm
brought this to a head.ig for now, the beat goes on. live in shaw. derrick ward. >> sure does. you have great moves going on behind you.'s thhe place to be. victor angry will be sworn into office later this month as the first person to serve on prince william's board o supervisors. a retired national guard commander and volunteerde fire rtment. he said there's no time to savor the victory, get ready for thank you june primary to get ready this leaders in the prince eorge'sy cou are taking stand this morning against prostitution and taking on infrastructure issues. all aimed aom keepingnities safe. mark se graves has details on their new plan. the two leaders met here
5:36 pm
today along eastern avenue to talk about three issues they share along this border. roadwauc infrastrre, prostitution and illegal dumping. you'll recall news4 showed you the site where a mum dd hundreds of tires in a park not far from here. that suspect was caught and y, mayor muriel bowser and andrea also brooks called on the prosecutor to get tough on people responsible for dumping like this. >> we want everybody to know we're very serious prosecuting those crimes. >> we were so proud to have legislation passed to incase e fines for individuals who dump illegally. we will be aggressively pursuing those individuals, asking for jail timen some instances and fines we are dead serious about inng the illegal dumping stops. >> reporter: the group didn't have to walk far to fine sig of illegal dumping andor m
5:37 pm
bowser,alked about prostitution and helping them find other paths. a potential new freak throug hits to the head throug hits to the head lsease in contact sportsike ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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amazon stores are going cashless. no more. amazon is saying it will soon accept cash at all its stores. the online shopping giant had gone cashless at 30 of its stores. they're making the change after they were said the policy discriminates against the poor an those without bank accounts.s unclear when that changeover is going to happe t's getting down to the wire for those tax procrastinator maybe the tax laws have you putting it off. liz mclaughlin with tips to help you power through. >> reporter: if death and taxes are the two certaintiesf life, procrastination might be inching three.e top >> we have observed over the last five years a trend toward people filing later. this year particularly pronounced. regime almost a fourth of filers waiting until the end according
5:41 pm
tourbo tax some may be delaying due to confusion about the new tax igl. thest question we get is about how taxor ref will affect me. >> reporter: complicated returns may need the help of a pro. for simplereturns, e filing is not only the fastest option, also allows procrastinators to w down to thee. >> you have until 11:59 april 15th to mail your return. >> reporter: it's not too late to take advantage of the free file program, individuals with $66,000 o less have tax optns to file federal or state returns atoso c all filers, last minute or not, should double-check details to avoid mistakes and delayed reopportunity. direct deposit canned get your moneyter. >> the irs will pay 9 out of 10 refunds in under 21 days. >> reporter: while y have ose documents out, experts say it's time for an annualiscal check-up. >> it is critical for folks at tax time not to just get their
5:42 pm
return done, take a moment to think about the impact of their taxes on their lives. >> reporter: making adjustments on your full financial picture could make next year's tax filing a little less painful. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. tip includingow to protect yourself from tax scams all that in the washington nbc app searching taxes. >> you've done yours and mine and i g my refund back and spent before i got it back. i don't need any more tips. coming up, a fight tonight against an invasive bug thatul threaten everything from the veggies on your patio garden to the grapes at your favore winery. how to spot it. a state program that handle dies giveno science and update to news4 investigation that found
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the maryland state program th handles bodies donated to science says it is modernizing its system to prevent the kind ofke mis news4 was first to tell you about last fall. >> a news4 i-investigation found out they had mishandle the remains of some donors and gave the wrong remains to a grieving family in some cases. what they're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. scott. >> they're changing the way it tracks donations and authorizes cremation. eceived the hat still shes say the board hasn't explained to them exactly what led to the mix-up. it's been six months since carmen last visited this maryland cemetery, a drive she used to make each week to talk to her late husband. because carmen doesn't know who's buried beneath his
5:46 pm
gravestone o how to mak sense of a senseless mix-up. >> i would like to know what really happened >> reporter: brian died in 2015 to ndals chose to donate his body to science. many people do in maryland. but the maryland state anatomy boardalled carmen that the ashes she was given were not her husband's. >> it's been hell for me. >> reporter: in the internal memos we found one last yr alerting officials to a serious inventory problem that details a case of potential fraud that mirrors carm's, where a former employee gave a body for emation and gave it to the family. >> it was horrifying that such an error occurred. >> reporter: the anatomy board met publicly last year and brfly discussed the missing remains. they ierviewed case files and
5:47 pm
staff and found there were no other remains like >> the record keeping is very 19th century, i have to say. >> reporter: senator paul penske oversee the community. >> we ahe around table said this shouldn't have happened. it did, we own it. these are the steps we're taking and they were pretty principled about it.te >> rep anatomy officials did not agree i to anerview and said they will use a new information and material management system and tracking remains for authorizations. they declid to comment on the kagen ca but making sure it does not happen again. h in the last few months while theye been investigating, have they called you or asked you any questions? >> h, theye not.
5:48 pm
>> afterwards, they gave her a seco they said was her husband's. she's unsure whether she should pay to dig this one up. >> you don't think it was the only mistake? >> i don't. the director said to me at my house it was a mess. >> the maryland department of health says its internalri revi of cases is ongoing and senator pinsky says he will ask forie a ras well. for more on the iteam's previous coverage, log-onnd search "investigations". a disturbing trend when it comes to mothersn dying childbirth, across the u.s., about 20 women in 100,000 died giving birth. when it comes toace, african-american women are three to four times higher than white wo die in childbirth.
5:49 pm
in virginia, 15 women in 100,000 die. in maryland, the number goesto 23. in d.c., 36 women per 100,00 die in childbirth. there's now a bipartin effort in congress to prevent this. >> we should not as a nation be allowing an just content with those kinds of birthitates. the highest in the developed world. what we're doing isal harnessin l the resources in the united states congress on a bipartisan basis and looking for solutions. research shows 40% of deaths from pregnancy related complications could be prevented through improvements to health before pregnancy and improved quality o medical care. there could be a new way to detect brain disease in football plerers. research studied the brains of 57 people including living former football players who had reported symptoms of cte, the degenerative brain disease ofteb caused multiple blows to the head.g
5:50 pm
us pet scan, researchers were able to detect which brains had an elevated amount of protein associated with cte. right now, the disease can only be diagnosed after death with autopsy. 70 degrees outside. if you haven't gotten in a walk or run, nice day to do so or have first glass of rose of the season org dinil fresco. >> just opening up the windows and letting fresh air really comfortable temperatures. our average high, 65 degrees. tas we moveough the next few days, we see our temperatures comeom downrow but overall, running above normal. temperatures continue to warm through the weekend. saturday andunday, temperatures in the mid-70s and that number might be going up. a look at that at the point trend, average high, 65 degrees.
5:51 pm
at 71 today for a high, and we continue to run above normal, at least through monday. getting a great night out in your garden. tomorrow nice as well. 7:00 a.m. it will be comfortably cool kicking off thursday. in washington, 48 degrees, suburbs, low 40s. you might want to grab a jacket running out the door. by lunchtime 60 degrees. partly sunny skies tomorrow. pleasant. a mix of clouds and sun and a little more clouds than sunshine closing out the day thursday and temperature of 66 at 5:00 p.m. if your box woods, hollys and yews are thin or overown, prune and fertilize them right now and they will grow backe nie de and full. friday, we hit low 70s f a
5:52 pm
high temperature. pretty as well. mostly cloudy skies and then rain as well. lunchtime we're still dry. 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., we start to see showers in northern west virginia. by 6:00 p.m. friday, showers potentially impacting the entire area and rumbles of thunder friday evening. lingering showers possible saturday morning but middayaf a rnoon hours looking dry on saturday. saturday evening, 8:00 p.m. can' rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm. this is completely a chance but the risk is there. sunday, rain is possible at any point. that doesn't mean i'm seeing rain all day. the best chance for rain is late afternoon or evening hours. if you're making plans to do something outside this weekend, your bestbe saturday afternoon, the first half of sunday. sunday, potential of heavy rain and thunderstorms lingering to the first half of monday.
5:53 pm
fray, dinner plans out, have umbrellas han and cherry blossom parade saturday, definitely bring poncho for that. nats game, possible showers. and a little bit of shunnelare week. 66, look at the temperatures,or mid-70s highs on saturday and sunday as well. >> okay, wine lovers, vegetable gardens and fruits and grapes and hops in graft beers all could be affected by a spotted insect. the lantern fly is spotted in y're trying to t keep it from moving either. >> one of the things we are concerned because we are very close to winchester and many
5:54 pm
people commute from winchester to our county. it's a good hitchhiker and will get into t cars and people commuting from winchester will come here. >>f you s them holding out a thumb, don't pick them up. this is wt the larvae looks like on the treek. b officials hope you will check your trees and let themnow if you see anything that looks suspicious. a firefighters and marine fromur area killed in afghanistan now being remembered for his life of service. ahead at 5 tonight, how a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a touching gift today for a who lost her world. >> marine staff kild. he was a member of the kenland fire department in maryland. our sister station shows us how his fellow firefighters will ke care of his family. >> reporter: shoulder to shoulder, the firefighters of engine 26 and ladder 27 lined up to receive the news that the widow of staff sergeant kristopher would be paid off.
5:58 pm
>> we owe t it tose families left behind that we are going to make a w promise will take care of him. >> reporter: christopher was ployed with the reserves in afghanistan and killed monday in a roadsidettack. he leaves behind three daughters and his wife, shannon. >> i know exactly what you're feeling today. for the next few ekdays, months and a year later. >> reporter: at the announcement today, carla, her firefighter husband, christopher was killed last year. tunnels to towers paid off her mortgage. >> i can stand up here personally and tell you, shannon, you and your beautiful little girls will o bey because of frank and the foundation. >> nothing can takey a from ut loss of firefighters certain things can cushion the blow. this kind of support definitely
5:59 pm
mas things a little bit easier. >> reporter: meanwhile, at an fdny promotion ceremony, another moment of silence as the fire mmissioner commended christopher with hisacrifice. >> one of the bravest of the brave died in service of his country. it amaze me sometimeshahorm's w everyday the people of our city feelpe ced to also serve our country in this ways. now at 6:00 tonight, adding fuel to the fiery debate over the mueller report. attorney general william barr hints at possible spying and then walks it back and a report still under wraps. tragedy caught on ,ca a car caught between a dump truck and school bus. the messa from police after this deadly collision.
6:00 pm
added again, an another attempteatm heist leaving a hole in a convenien store and serry of smash and grabs. series of smash and grabs. we begin the efforts to clarify an explosive revelation from attorney general william barr. >> he saide thinks the trump campaign was spied on during t surveillance election. barr was explaining why he plans to review the origins of the fbi counter-intelligence investigation and whethnye on the trump campaign was interacting with russians. >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. it's a big deal. >> you're not suggesting, t though, t spying occurred? >> i think spying did occur, yes, i think spying did occur. >> do youant to rephrase?


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