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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 11, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we have the forecast this morning. >> we'll start with the roads d roads, starting with chuck bell. 51 chiy degrees outside the studios now. >> it's quite the northeastwe wind, a. in addition to temperatures in the 40s and low 50s it feels cooler than thathe with wind around. northeast winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour thi wmorning. so il be cool and breezy as you get the day going. there will be morsuthan enough hine today. i think you'll consider it to be a near-perfect day by april standards. enjoy the dry weather while we have it. rain chances back later tomorrow and will hang around through a good portion of the weekend. not the wholeweekend, but there's going to be rainy periods from time to time. all right.g, this morn48 now at dulles airport. 48 in leesburg. i the shenandoah valley. the upper 40s in prince george's county. low 50s by the bay. school day forecast, kids get the warm fleece for first thing this morning. your hottie, whatever you need
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to stay -- your hoodie, waver you need to stay on the warm side. today, an a-plus because tomorrow rain chances are back. wel time it out coming up. >> all right. i like that. a-plus. yesterday was amazing. give that an a-plus. anks. outer loop, inner loop, no problems. 9looking at in virginia, northbound, quantico to the beltwa going 71 miles per hour. you'll get there in 17 minutes. southbound, also looking good o there 95. you don't have any arworries. ngton, crystal drive at 27th street south. again, still have that water main breakanng around. no word when the work will wrap up. police a ythe scene will g around it. 270 northbound and southbound, you're at speed there. aaron? >> thank you. 5:01. we're following twong develotories in prince george's county and involving gun violence. >> a man was found shot to in his car in suitland.
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a little more tndn ten miles two hours earlier, a riverdale homeowner opened fire on a man who tried to break into his home. let's begin with the story in. suitla the victim whose name has not been released was found before 7:00 inside his c parked along ryan drive. igh was killed by a -- he was killed by agunshot. we're working to learn more enout a motive or arrest. >> the other inc involved an attempted home invasion. justin finch isic live at p headquarters in palmer park with more on that. justin?or >> rr: actually, prince george's county police are also looking into, as well, that suitland case involving that man who was found shot to death inside of that vehicle. y want to tak now to the scene here. this is where news4 was last night. the 3200 block of ryan drive, spread out across the street. the investigation looking intos why thian was targeted. also trying to uncover just w he is. it began with a call about a suspicious car to police.
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once there inside, they found that man who was dead who did thi and why not clear. ase come back, no i.d. on the man. has name has not yet been released. police are believing that because this happened on a neighborhood street in is swann road near ryan drive, thaton some may have heard or seen something that could help them case.this we are live here at palmer park. i'm justin finch, news4. >> all right. thank you. happening now in the district, police are working to track down the people in this security video. take a look. investigators say they rabid and trashed an airbnb in northwest leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage. this happened at a home the group was renting leroy plat near connecticut avenue. >> we're told this a happened month ago when eight people went into the home. photos of the damage showle sions pulled off the walls. we're told they took appliances, clothes, shoes, electronics, more than $5,000 worth of stuff,
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and they trashed the house. they left pizza, wine bottles, and chicken wings, as well as behind. >> thugs. they called me from the property in the middle of their rental period telling me how wonderful the house wasnd how thankful they are. >> according to police,ne of those renters even fraudulently used an amazon account found i thehome. police are offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this se. the cause of a fire that ripped through a town home community killing two will remain undetermined for w. the maryland state fire marshal says he believes the huge fire in chesapeake beach last week was started by a discarded cigarette left i mulch. he says strong winds quickly spread the flames to the homeom a and her granddaughter were killed. wound up families being displaced, and the fire left behind about $1 million ina . it's 5:04. this morning we're looking at dash camera footage of
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yesterday's deadly crash in prince george's county. a school aus passes throu intersection, then a second is hit by a tractor-trailer. this office branch avenue and surratz road in clinton. one woman died in c a that was also involved and several other people were hurt. investigators say it appears the tractor-trailer ran r a light about 15 seconds after it had chged. last night another accident on surratz sent a driver tohe hospital. it was brandywine road after 11:00. we're working to learn mother nature about the incident. we know the victim was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. today we expect to learn the details of a lawsuit filedai t the d.c. housing authority by the parents of makaia wilson. she was the 10-year-old who was shot and killed last year near her home in northea d.c. seven people are charged in her murder. her parents are scheduledldo news conference this morning at 10:30.
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there will be a f sound in the air in the shaw neighborhood today. >> the go-go music is back after going silent for about a month.i s more to know about the musi coming back. news4's megan mcgrath has more on what's happening today. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. yeah, there's going to be a town hall meeting later tonight to talk about the controversy surrounding the amusic,s well s other issues affecting this changing neighborhood. now all is quiet right here at 7th and florida avenues. no music playing right now. come business ho going to change. the speakers there will again play go-go music. the store was forced to stop following a complaint from a neighbor to t-mobile, the corporate owner here of metro pcs. they had to stop playing the music for about a month. but the silcing of what has become a staple in the neighborhood prompted a social dia movement with the hash tag of #dontmutedc.
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it put a spotlight on genttrician and theomnity interaction it can cause. the ceo came out and announced that a compromise had been reached. the music would be back, and the store would work with neighbors on the volume. d.c. leaders say it's the right thing to do. >> go-go music is part of the city and will continue to be part of the cityio for gener to come. i've been so incredibly proud to ee d.c. residents of all colors, shades, and creeds come together to respect the mucultu of d.c. and those who have been here for many decades. >> reporter: and that town hall meetg talking about what happens here as well as other issues affecting t community, that's happening tonight at 6:00 at check it entertain prices on martin luther king in southeast washington. again, 6:00tonight. back to you. >> all right.
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megan mcgrath, thank you. less than a month after a terror attack on two moskts in new zealand, the country signed into law gun laws. gun owners have until the end of eptember tohange illegal weapons for cash. after that, a five-year prison sentence is possible. today president trump meet with south korean president moon jae-in here in washington. the two will discuss north korea's nuclear program and how to strengthen relations between our two countries. this will be the first meeting nce the president's summit with north korean leader kim jong-un ended last month without a nuclear deal. f you are sick of getting rocalls, you are not day a senate subcommittee is going to begin the wor of putting an end to as many as possible. lawmaks will review a report by the fcc which was tasked with finding a way to stop illegal calls but not those from legitimate businesses. the solution could fall on wireless carriers which may be
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forced to create blocking technology for cell it's now 5:09. leaving a comb or a cell phonec ger, some other items in a hotel room is pretty annoying, but it happens to a lot of us. imagine leaving and knowing your personal informationas left there for someone else to pick up. that's what a survey from ars cyurity software company says happens much of the time. not in the rooms themselves but on hotel websites where you book your stay. it found 67% w of hotelsites allow access to your personal data. that includes names, e-mail addresses, credit card details, and even passport numbers. the study did not mention which hotels were involved. the road tanother stanley cup victory begins tonight. everyone around town is getting pumped for the nhl playoffs. >> this morning, molette green is hanging out at the capitals' ice plex with details on how fans are getting ready for the big games.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. yeah. very excited to be here. you know what, i mean, the fans are pumped because this is the first game tonight defending the stanley cup against the hurricanes. an we are excited aut the champions who have come to this point where they're used to being in the playfs. oh,yeah, and we've got the washington capitals pennant here,hi flag. there are colorful, beautiful murals to see, takeictures and post on social media all around town. we have video here. of a mural on h street. 1335 h street northeast. go akthere, your pictures. show your love for the stanley
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cu champions as they begin to defend the cup. i am excited about tonight's game. i'm n the biggest hockey fan in terms of knowing everything about the game. but i kno we love to win, and i want to win. and i want to take us there. of course, the game tonight and then the other game, game two against the hurricanes, on saturday. u can watch the game right here nbc 4. okay. look, so i'm at e -- the ice plex. i don't have on my skates yet. but i will put them on throughout the hour. and do a little bit o skating. a lot more coming up. >> you are a team player, mollete. >> i'm only doing it fst the ley cup teams. >> there you go. ahead, handling your stress could be a paint canvas away. we're continuing our series of reports designed to help you relax. and talk about somody who may need to unwind. videof a california skateboarderaught in a dust devil.
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chuck? looked like he was having a good time. your weekend ioutloos likely to start a little wet and end a lot wet. but there will be plenty of dry hours especially the second haly of your saturfternoon and first part of sunday. that's likely to be the driest part of the weekend. more coming up.
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the family of theeaate house r of maryland, michael busch, says that funeral services will get underway next week. busch will lie in repose in the rotunda of the state house in annal lis. there w a public visitation monday and tuesday mornings. the funeral htself will bed just a couple of miles away at st. john newman church. busch passed away on sunday. heas 72 years old. just about 5:15.
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if you're a bit younger,ouay not know the name colors that van doren. in the 1950s, he was all anybody in this country could talk about. >> he passed away yesterday at the age of 93. at the end of 1956 and the beginning of 1957, he was the central figure in a scandal involving the enormously popular game show "21." he would plead guilty to lying to a grand jury about cheating on the show. later admitting that it was all rigged. in 1959 he told congress he was coached before each segment. it was a scandal that robert redford turned into the movie "quiz show" in 1994. that movie was nominated for multiple skers including best -s multiple osc including bestct pies. van doren wrote for "the encyclopedia brittanica." r iember encyclopedias. >> but all i remember of that -- and "worlbo ." >> i remember those, too. look at this scene. a powerful whirlnd cause a
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scare for skaters in california. officials say a dust devil struck a skate park in the bay area. you see that? this was yesterday afternoon. you see it started to whip up debris, launching skat toards acro pavement. one person was caught in the middle of it as the violent wind ripped off the roof from a nearby no one was hurt. that's lucky. >> spinning around like he's enjoying that. >> i would get out of it. exactly. we are working 4 your health this morning. those over-the-counter teeth-whitening strihey may be doing more harm than good. >> research presented at the americanociety for biochemistry and molecular biology finds that hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient i the rips, can damage the teeth -- rather, the tissue beneat the enamel that makes up most of the tooth. the american dental association says itteeth-whing products are safe. so far none of the research reveals whether any damage is permanent. if you've seen jordan ele's horror movie "us," you may feel uneasy knowing you have
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a lookalike in the world. that is the situation for star christianity oh renaldo --d cristiano rona take a look. he's the guy patting is teammate on the head there. >> you can't miss him. >> no. portugal. but meet 25-year-old abdullah from iraq. >> that is uncanny. >> he's been getting publicity because he looksso. like ronaldo. he doesn't earn millions on the field, but he enjoys playing soccer. he sayse hopes to meet ronaldo one y. i can seerom a distance there's more of a resemblance -- >> and the fact that the haircut and they both play soccer. it's one thing if he was a banker walking around. >> enjoy it while you can. why not? >> sign autographs. >> there you go. nobody likes making a foolh ofelves in front of the boss. >> oh, no. and when your boss ishe ceo of a multimillion dollar airline, it makes it even worse.
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maddie pearce handled it in stride. she's a flight attendant with the ceo doug parker. they took the photo together afterhe spilled her entire drink tray all over him. yikes.on she posted iinstagram, of course, because if you don't post it didn't. happ she wrote she wanted to drop dead right there. poor lady. parker laued it off. when peter said, am i fired, he said, of course not. she was bumped. i'm glad he tookt in stride, too, not just her. >> yeah. >> i wonder if they knew he was e ceo when he got on the plane. >> i think they did. and -- >> i would think so. >> she was more nervous about that. >> he had flipped out, how bad would that look for the e? airl >> exactly. >> probably wasn't sitting in 47f either. >> probably not. we have nice weather coming. i wish i had better news about the friday and the weekend. unfortunately, rain chances are coming back. start tomorrow we'll
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drying out. i think for saturday, it's probably going to be the drier half of the weekend. but if you have stuff to do outside, you may want to at least have a back up plan ready to go. righth now w the partly cloudy sky here in washington, temperature down to 51 degrees, northeast winds 10 to 20 miles per hour here early this rning. won't be quite as breezy later on in the day. there's a real breeze and a real chill in the air this mornng. most areashe upper 40s to around 50 degrees. you'll need the long sleeve out there for this morning. your commute, though, will be dry. dry, pavement dry pavement out of work today. sun's up at 6:38. down at 7:41. got t love that. 13 hours of sunshine today. for tomorrow, it will start dry with the temperatures in we'll get into the 70s tomorrow. the big storm out across thele mif the country, this one right here, that's going to be respdsible for southerly w around here. temperatures will0s in the both days. fortunately for us, this big storm is going across the great
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lakes and into parts of ontario. the bulk of that moisture will miss us. but the trailing cold front will give us at least a ris of showers over the course of the weekend, especially later on in the day sunday another storm develops. here's future weather. these are mostly going to be high clouds aud thin c coming in during the day today. tomorrow, starting off cloudy, in the 50s. maybe showers in southern virginia tomorrow. but later on in theday,fter 4:00 or 5:00, rain becoming much more likely here. showershould taper off briefly late saturday morning into saturday afternoon before another little chance for raindrops comes in on sunday. sunday, the drier half of your sundl be the first half. in the morning hours. rain becoming very likely sunday afternoonnd evening. the rain chance goes into the monday morning commute. that could be a rather messy start to next weekay mondrobably the rainiest day of the week next week. that pulls on out of herewe l go back to sunshine by tuesday afternoon and turn nice and warm around here for the
5:21 am
middle parts of next week. coming up, i'll show the ten-day outlook. here's the way the next five days are shapiup. 68 and mostly sunny today. 72 tomorrow with rain in the afternoon. hit-and-miss showers on your saturday. a rainy finish to your sunday. but weekend highs will be in the mid 70s. >> it sounds pretty good. temperature-wise at least. brd new problemn southeast. northbound and southbound lanes atsouthern avenue shut down pennsylvania avenue, blocked by a multi-crash. police and fire out on the scene. as soon as we get more information about that, we'll fass along. again -- we'll pass it along. again, that's in southeast. the outer loop, inner loop, no problems. southbound bw parkway before 197 left lane is getting by the work zone. single tracking now, yellow and blue line between braddock and national airport. more news, weather, and traffic coming up. you still stressed about buying our first house, sweetie?
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welcomerk back. we're g 4 for you when how you can manage stress. there are times when words alone can't help how you're feeling inside. >> and hemore and mor people ar crrning to art therapy. justin finch with eative process.
5:25 am
we do have people just start with a tomorrow and then maybe just start wita scribble. >> reporter: an art therapy session as i found can begin asa simpthis -- a blank page, colored pastels, and the rest is up to you. >> looking at this image kind of separated from it now, what emotions come up for you?th are e words that you can put to it, or feelings?ep >> rorter: i would say it kind of seems adrift a bit. heidi bardel, director of the art therapy program, finds patients often amaze themselves with how much stress they unlock not with words but through their art. >> usually a discuss follows about the art, tell me about aris area, it looks interesting, or what might thisshadow represent. kind of getting into the metaphor of the piece. and once people start talking t about the ary're no longer feeling that they're talking about themselves. >> reporter: if art therapy is
5:26 am
something you want to try, there are practitioners in the d.c. area.yo ancan work art therapy into your every day life. just find a few moments to be creative. doodle, paint, or color, and then have a careful look back on what you created. >> being able to expre yourself and lose yourself in that arts is a greatouay to look atissues from a different point of view. >> reporter: what your creativity and self-reflection may uncover could surprise you and help manage your stress. justin finch, news4. something to try. 5:26. coming up, millions of us have amazon devices in our homes. ahead at 4:30, the report about how often others are listening in on our private conversations. he melted hearts during the govent shutdown donating to those in need. how this teen is being honored on the front of his favorite food. and good morning, evyone. the ultimate "who, me" ispictur. s maya. cute puppy available for
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adoption through the humane rescue alliance. how could you say no a face like that? to ado her go hum humanerescuealliance.ofe. another p afternoon to walk those extra miles. more about the next chance for rain coming up. plus, tonight is the natht caps quest to defend the anley cup begins. we'll take you out on the ice.
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5:30 on the dot as we take a live look on a thursday. another clear day out there. beautiful sky. enjoy it if you n. >> ah. >> there's rain just in time for the weekend. hat timing. >> yeah. >> every time. >> good old rain. >> yes, chuck bell. >> beautiful. >> good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> the weabeer has been tiful. i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us. we hope you are ready to rock the red. tonight is the caps' first attempt to defend the cup. at tte green is out there the medstar caps iceplex to get
5:31 am
us ready. we will checkn in a couple minutes here. already getting fired up herself. first to chuck bell and melissa mollet for a look at weather and traffic. chuck's here to start us off with thet forec i think.>> creen left for molestri all ght. it is breezy outside. northeast winds this morning have a real chill in the air. as you're picking out your wardrobe, make sure you have the longsleeve fleece for first thingn the morning. numbers don't look that imposing, but winds around 10 to 20 miles per hour it feels chilly.n 45 ellicott city. 45 in germantown. 48 in leesburg. 45 ifo st, virgia. 5 1 here in washington. your planner today, t breezeiest part of the day i think will be between now and lunchtime. e winds will turn more to the southeast later in the day today. that should help aid in a warmup. afternoon highs today around 68 degrees. sun's down at 7:14.
5:32 am
fortomorrow, we're likely to be dry through at least the first half,ay even the first three quarters of the day tomorrow. rain chances really go up as we getlor to sunset tomorrow. it will be mild with heights in the 70s. we'll show youad the b news about the weekend forecast coming up. >> all right. thank you. d.c. police also tweeting about in crash in southeast. southern avenue between pennsylvania avenue and suitland road, all latinas shut down because -- all lanes shut down because of aehicle crash. in purcellville, 9 near shady line, a brand-new accident there. 66 and 95, looking good into town and out of town. inner loop and outer loop othe beltway, no complaints. maryland city, southbound bw parkway before 197, left lane is getting by that work zone. we were single trackinglo y and blue line. that no longer single tracking, still have some residual delays. aaron? >> thank you. we begin now with two developing stories in prince george's county.
5:33 am
both involving gun violence. >> let's beginnd in suit a man was found shot to death inside his parked car on ryan drive. police have not yet identified the victim or established a motive for the shooting. a little more than ten miles away and two hours earlier, there was a shooting at a home in riverdale park. news4's justin finch is live with more on what happened. >> reporter: a home invasion that appeared to have come to an end once the homeowner fired his gun. prince george's county police are now investigating this. this happened on the 5900 block of -- 5300 block of 59th avenue in riverdale park, about 5:30 on wednesday the porch became the focal point of this police investigation.ay the homeownerg that a burglar was trying to break in the front door of his home, so he tired his gun -- he fired his gun. a does appear if there was burglar, that burglar got away. back live, prince george's county police continue tohi investigate case trying to
5:34 am
see if in factn a pers hit. of course a lot of questions here. a big mystery on the hands. investigators trying to figure out what haened at that home in riverdale park last night. we're live in palmer park,ju in finch, news4. >> thank you. i loudoun unty, sheriff's deputies are searching for a suspected sexual predator. a m broke into a woman's apartment on north duke drive in sterling tuesd night. the woman says she woke up toan the sexually assaulting her. he ran off when she woke up. the sriff says it doesn't appear there was any forced entry. usit's possible thect walked in through an unlocked door or climbed through a window. we have an update now to the breaking news we brought you wednesday morning. we're learning more about a deadly fire in old town alexandria. investigators belve an electrical cord set a mattress on fire, t andse flames kept spreading through the home. we're told jara verne diede in
5:35 am
th house. her husband was rushed to t hospital with serious burns. neighbors say jara has had lately.y issues a dog and cat were rescued. the flames cause good $150,000 worth of damage. a powerful gas explosion caused this massive fire you see here in durham, north casolina. one p died there. six others are in critical pendition this morning. this hd yesterday. contractors were drilling, and apparently they hit a nsural ine around 9:30. officialsegan evacuating the surrounding area. the explosion happened 30 minutes later. oneuilding was destroyed. five others were heavily damaged. most streets in downtown durham are still blocked off this morning as police investigate. here's the other top stories at 5:35. a maryland man convicted of molesting his adopted daughter faces 15 yrs in prison. 49-year-old daniel gross was found guilty of three charges including child sexual abuse.
5:36 am
court documents say the abuse started when the girl was 5 and lasted for years until she told her biological grandmother. gross will be sentenced in july. the little girl has been adopted by another family. 46 years after two teens were killed in virginia beach, policeinally maken arrest. the suspect is now 80 years old. his namenes e broadmax. he allegedly killed the 19-year-old friends vacationing from pittsburgh in 1973. police haven't said how they linked him to the that they followed up on leads and used new advancements in technology to crack this cold case. today victor angry will be southwestern in to serve on the -- sworn in tove on the board of supervisors. he's the first minority to be elected to the jboard. johnenkins passed away elier this year. angry will have to run in jun to be the democratic nominee later this year. 5:36. we're only hours away from the
5:37 am
puck dropping for the capitals first playoff game this season. >> molette green is live at the ice plex with preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. i've got my rally towel in hand. washington's defense of the stanley cup title begins tonight. what fans need to know before they headtho the big gam's just hours away coming up next. heyd there, ghursday morning to you. did the washington auto show get you to thinking about upgradg ur vehicle? whether you're in the market for a new or used car, there are enty of add-ons. should prepaid maintenance plans be one of them? the answer when you join us the answer when you join us 0. oet tthss singshoevent to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you.
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oh yeah. 'sdethpartment satto fre prices! at the ross spring shoe event.
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. >> 5:39. we're back with an update to a t story we bro you during the government shutdown. so many of you pitched in to
5:40 am
help the thousandsho weren't receiving a paycheck during that time. >> a local teen's story stood out. you might remember eric bean mckay. he loves peanut butter and donated hundreds of jars to furloughed workers earlier this bean had a lot to spare, of course, after the grocery store lytle gifted him a lifetime supply after he successfully completed a twitter challenge. >> now check this out -- limi ed edition jars featuring bean's picture are available at the stores nationwide. the chain wille donen cents from every jar to the autism society in honor of national autism awareness month. bean is on the autism spectrum. the store is making an effort to make shopping more eleoyable for pen the spectrum. the stores will hold sensory-free nights this month by reducing ambient lighting and sounds inside the >> so cool all the way around. >> yes. >> you think about peanut butter with him with his face on it. >> so inspiring. >> good for him. good for lytle? >> i thinkt's lytle.
5:41 am
>> 5:41. chuck? all right. pollen aren't today, the trees -- pollen report today, the trees in the high range. grass and weeds aren't doing too much damage yet. wake-up weather, chilly, breezy but dry. you can leave the umbrella at home for today. if you need to get the pollen washed off the car, you can do showers are tha back in the fact for later friday. don't forget toet your alarm tomorrow to june "news4 today" at the community -- to communi "news4 today" fit challenge in upper marlboro starting at 5:30. come by for a great workout. start the day off rith us. see you there.
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♪ that music will oncefi agai the air in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood. d.c. hasmueen d, and the go-go sound is back. >> megan mcgrath, what else is happening today from thepr ests? >> reporter: well, there's going to be a town hall meeting to talk about what happened here the controversy about the music, as well as they're going to discuss other issues facing neighborhoods that are undergoing gentrification that is the speaker outside the pcs sign. the store has been playing go-go music for decades. the store had recently stopped following a complaint from neighbor to t-mobile.
5:45 am
t-mobile is the corporate owner of metro pcs. now the silcing o what had become a staple in the shaw neighborhood prompted a social media movement with the hash tag of #dontmutedc. it brought attention to the community influence. of the came out in favor music and announced on twitter that a compromise had been reached, that the music would come back, and the store would work with neighbors about the volume. leaders say it's the right thing to do, and they're glad there was a >> when d.c. residents feel threatened they step up. that's what happened here. what people need to learn more than anything is that when you see a problem, you have to engage. don't say there's no way to win. don't say we don't tru politicians. say, look, we believe that something's going on that's not right, we're going to engage and change it. >> reporter: and that town hall
5:46 am
meeting going to happen tonight at 6:00 at the check it entertain prices on mlk avenue in southeast. all is quiet right now. when businessestarts, they're going to hear musicagn. back to you. >> thau. breaking news, we're learning that prince harry and his pregnant wife meghan markle say they hav decided to keep their plans around their baby's arrival private. so for all of us eagerly waiting, we're going to have to wait some more. the duke and duchess of sussex announced they are grateful for the goodwill they have received from everyone, but they want to keep the bbaby'sth private. they will share the news with the world once they have time to enjoy that special moment together. so we will have to stay tuned. back to you. >> all right. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. i think spying on a political campaign is a big
5:47 am
deal. >> now to that bombshell from attorney general william barr. he told a senate committee investigator spied on president trums presidential campaign. >> you're not -- you're not suggesting, though that spying occurre occurred?ss >> well, i gou could -- i think there's -- i think spying did occur. i think spying did occur. >> barr did not elaborate on th basis that spycurred. the testimony sent shock waves across the political landscape and caught many offguard. this happened during his secondo day testimony on capitol hill. >> tracie potts joins us live to help us sort this out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. remember what the testimony was supposed to be about? the budget for the justice department and maybe the muellet re this got a lot of attention when the attorney general of the nation's top law enforcement officer started pointin f finges at t saying he was going back toe fig out what prompted
5:48 am
the russia investigation in the first place. fbi,n investigation of the but an internal review. he says the inspector general could have that wrapped up with a report by mayr june. but democrats are livid saying that they're literally flabberga flabbergasted, that thisbls irrespon that he's suggesting that the fbi did something wrong here. surveillance, they can doth wit approval of the secret fisa court. unauthorizedurveillance is what he's talking about here. in other words, they didn't get court approval or used bad information to get it. if in fact that was the case, barr wants to find out. lawmakers are calling it irresponsible to throw it out there with no evidence. >> thank you. today students at georgetown university will vote on a fromme create a slavery reparion nd. it would honor the descendants of the 272 slaves the university sold i 1838. this referendum calls for the establishment of a new fee of
5:49 am
$27.20. if the referendum passes, it would go to the university's ard of trustees for a final vote. the school acknowledged its ties .o slavery and has taken steps in reconciliation tonight the attempt to defend the stanley cup title begins for the washington capitals. they're hoping to make this scene from last time happen again. wouldn't that be sweet? it starts with the f game -- we're getting pumped for the playoffs at the ice plex. just seeing that vid gets me excited. >> molette green is there live with details about how fans can get involved. hey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. let's go, caps! let's go, caps! oh, yeah. back-to-back titles. that's what we want. we're on the prabctice rink. fans are pumped, ready for game one to begin. the beginning of the defense of its stanley cup title, the champions. the city is red-hotready, ready
5:50 am
to rock the red tonight, as well, in this city. videoow, we got a little of the capitals practicing, and they were all smiles. you know, they used to -- to making the playoffs. they haven't missed a playoff since, what, 2008, 2009. we have an eert to talk about the fan and fan initiatives because the fans ll be able to watch the practice throughout the playoff da tishner joining me. welcome. >> thank you. great to have you here. >> it's game day. >> at last. you know, an anxious waiting period.n finally we ick off hopefully a back-to-back championship run. >> reporter: you know we've got fansho are red-hot ready for tonight, game one. you've got all kinds of inceives forhe fans. what -- what do they need to know? e> absolutely. so for g one and both game two, we'll have two giveaways for each game. for -- boeing will be bringing
5:51 am
ray towels and lightsticks. capital one courtesy for game two, we've got one on hand. all fans attending the game will receive that. >> reporter: i love that. and of courses. the yard si let me have that yard sign. put this in your yard. we want to show our team spirit with this. >> absolutely. >> reporter: i love that the murals are all around the dmv o see?lks >> we teamed one local art --p teamed with local artist. we have three murals that are live. check out today them and we'll have more throughout theweek. stay tuned. we encourage you to take pictures. it's been a fun project. >> amanda, thank you so much. of course, if you want more information on all thegi aways, check out your social media, right? okay. all right. that's the latest. we're having fun on the ice and the capitals practice in the 10:00 hour right bahere. to you. >> yes, open to the public. stop on by. >> it's worth going. you can see the u players
5:52 am
close, you don't have to pay for the tickets. thank you so much. we also want tre nd you that game two on saturday will be here on nbc 4. >> watch the pregame show at 2:30. the puck drops at 3:00 p.m. 5:52. chuck? >> all right. for the focast, today's going to be a nice day to spend extra time outside. unfortunately, rain chaes are creeping ever upwards as we get ever closer to your weekend. right no your thursday morning, just a couple of fair weather clouds around. northeast winds between 10 and 20 miles per hour across the region. so ae noticeable brehis morning and a noticeable chill in the air. temperatures, 40s to around 50. certainly doesn't feel all that warm by comparison with the wind blowing. later on in the day, the wind will ease off and turn around to the south. that will help warm things up out of the 40s and into the mid to upper 60s for highs. 68 is the threcast. a nst wind coming to the southeast tomorrow. southerly breezes promise warmer weather for the weekend.
5:53 am
utherly breezes also bringy moisture in. and that -- bringing moisture in. and that mea higher rain chances for the weekend. tomorrow, we'll startut dry. mid 50s. clouds around. into the afternoon we go, about a 40 chance of rain at 5:00. a 60% chance of rain by 8:00 tomorrow. so do expect showery weather for your friday night into the first part of your saturday. you can always get the complete forecast on our free nbc washington app from the app stoe. you can aind and follow me on social media. that's at @chuckbell on twitter. for us, the only real impact on the storm is the return of southerly breezes. that means the return of warmer air. ain, that does come with a high chance for rain, especially sunday afternoon and evening. i think that will be the raiest part of the weekend. mid 70s for highs both days. and then nice weather, sunshine finally back in the picture for tuesday and wednesday. a nice warmup coming by about seven days from now.
5:54 am
all right. thank you. a taki look inbound 14th street bridge. take a look. causing a major problem. left sids blocked by the crash. everybody kind of squeezing by to the right. so it is goi to take some time. and you have t allow extra time to get inbound. 14th street bridge northbound on 395. right now, eaattsville, bound 50 after 410. chopper 4 looking for a crash.ds soike you're just getting by on the right side. southeast, excuse , southern avenue between pennsylvania avenue and suitland road had all blocked. that's cleared. brookville, new hampshire avenue at georgia, downed wires, follow lice direction there. silver spring, southbound , the ramp to the outer loop, have a little bit of an accident and delay. inner loop, outer loop, no problems. travel times, 270 southbound looks look. top of the beltway, no mor issues. and inbound 66, no problems. listen to wtop 1.5 today.
5:55 am
>> reporter: good morning, i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. jetblue offerin service between new york, boston, and london starting in 2021. the airline is looking at d multiply flights and options for all four london airports. the new york-to-loon route is the busiest transatlantic market with the most premium traffic. with your cnbc report, i'm frank holland. thank you. 5:55. new, turns out there are more than just a few ears listening to yourhonversation w amazon's alexa. according to "bloomberg," alexaf has thousands employees around the world reviewing people's private conversations with alexa. "bloomberg's" report says the amazon team transcribes the recordings and shares the conversations with other parts of the company toelp with alexa's understanding of human speech. go report says some workers through more than 1,000 conversations a day. mazon spokesperson set
5:56 am
employees do not have direct access to information that can identify the people speaking or the account that certain audio came from. >> creepy. >> just a little bit. get ready for your news feeh to be filled photos of pets. you may have noticed yesterday was national siblings today. >> today apparently is national pet day. the aual day started in 2005, celebrated on political th. -- on april 11th. >> we are already in the spirit here at "news4 today." you can see allf our lovely pets. there are photos of our favorites. estimated tt about 85 million american families own pets, so get ready to see a lot of photos. >> all right. ahead on "news4 today," some breaking news from london. police there say they've arrested wikileaks's founder julian assange. >> in took place a short time ago. next at 6:00, we're telling you what we know. caught camera, thieves ransack a d.c.. airb the mess that was left behind. stay with us.
5:57 am
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good morning, everyone. just about 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we want to begin with a check of your commute y andr forecast. >> melissa mollet has a look a r the roads als for us. we'll start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck belltsnd a look e. >> yeah. skies are partly cloudy to
6:00 am
mostly cloudy. there's the view of the city camera looking into washington. lissa mollet will update you on this problem on the inbound 14th street bridge in just a second. four things to know about the weather today, a cool northeast brze this morning plen. plenty of sunshine for the afternoon before april showers return tomorrow and io the weekend. right now, 43 in the shenandoah valley. 50 here in washingt. 49 degrees in southern maryland. school bus forecast, kids, you'oo need thee for warmth here this morning with the chilly breeze that's blowing. outdoor recess and outdoor play time,gain for toda the daily grade, no problem at all. a-plus weather. rain chances increasing as we get closer toek the weend. we'll share the outlook coming up. melissa, what's going on in traffic? inbound 14th street bridge is a big problem here. we have that crash on the left yide. you have to sight to get past it and allow extra time. hyattsville, eastbound 50 just before the beltway. you see a couple of vehicle involved. this one


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