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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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embassy where he h lived since 2012. he has been under scrutiny for wikileaks role in the release o thousands of e-mails stolen from democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign. those e-mails were hacked by russian militar intelligence. this according to u.s. officieas. >> wik has also been under fire for publishing thousands of classified documents edw snowden stole from the national security agency back in 2013. a sa assange is only facin one.s. charge. its link to the massive wikileaks document dump. blayne alexander is tracking this story with the latest for us tonight. >> jim and wendy, for years now national security experts have been making the link between julian assange and russia. nack in 2012 he had a political top show a state-sponsored russian run television network. now u.s officials are working
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to get him back on u.s. soil and inside a courtroom. after seven years holed up in an ecuadorian embassy, julian assange arrested in london tied to what officials call one of the biggest intelligence leaks history. the justice department working to extradite assange. according to court documents charging him with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. officials say bac in 2010 he worked with chelsea manning, a former army intelligence officer, to hack into a government computer later publishing tens o thousands of secret government documents related to the iraq war. >> he's never been a hero. he released classified formation that put our troops in danger. >> it means that any journalis can be extradited for prosecution in the united states truthfulg published information about the united states. >> reporter: assange arrested today for skipping bail in ng12 stemmirom rape and assault charges in sweden later dropped.
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wikileaks also gained notoriety during the 2016 campaign repeatedly praised by then candidate trump after publishing a load of damaging e-mails from hillary clinton's mpaign. >> this just came out. wikileaks, i love wikileaks. >> reporter: askedbout assange today. >> i know nothing about wikileaks. it's not my thing. >> repter: but according to indictments from special counsel robe robertler, roger stone was in talks with assange during the campaign about the hacke wmocratic party e-mails. asked todayt should happen to assange, president trump leaving that up to his attorney general. now assange's lawyer says they ition, so thatr means that it could be months or possibly even years before his feet ever touch u.s. soil. remember ife is convicted, that charge brings up to five years in prison. jim and wendy. >> all you, blayne. let's take a look now at that hacking conspiracy charge
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against assange that is here in the eastern district of virginia. prosecutors are alleging that assange agree to helphelsea manning crack a password on ave ment computer so she could download classified records under someone else' login. assange's journalism defense may not pertain here. the government is accusing him of hacking, not receiving or publisifng clad info. manning has been in federal custody last month for refusing to testify before a grand jury. her a lawyers nue today's indictment proved that prosecutors don't need her testimony. they'r demanding that shee released. back to our breaking news, a shooting near the anacostia neighborhood library. >> in ju have learned about a second victim who was shot. the situation unfolding on the >>rner of 18th and good hope road. ews 4 jackie bensen joins us.
6:04 pm near that what do you got? >> reporter: we have some new information. we knowolice believe the shooting happened just up the street in the 1900 block ofpe gd road. we are told that one victim ran and then collapsed inro of the anacostia library which is where we are. we're told the other victim turned up at a local hospital. it is not clear how he got there. both are described as being in stable condition. sources tell news 4 one of the victims may be as young as 15 years old. police would not specy, but say both of the two young men, quote, they appear to be young. detectives hope security cameras at the library will provide some clues as tohe identity of the gunman. >> we are pulling the cameras from this whole area as well as knocking on doors to see if -- once ain, it's broad daylight. inis is a busy intersection. we have people c home from work. going back and forth to work.
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we'rein h that someone can provide us information on anything that they saw. >> reporter: and i can tell you good hope road is a major metro bus route for aut the last hour or so. buses have been being rerouted around this area. but police just within the last 15inutes or so reopened good hope road. live in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news 4. >> in police are looking for two people now accused of trying to steal hundreds of dollars worth of tools from a popular home depot. poce tell us managers here at theol clege park store identified the pair and an officer started chasing after them. that officer woundgp fir a shot when the two suspects and a third person drove off, their vehicle nearly striking her. no one was hit. police did recover the getaway vehicle and driver a short time later. ew information about that deadly crash that involved that tractor trailer in's prince
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georounty. today we learned the woman who was killed was 32-year-old shamika brown. dash cam video shows the crash unfolding on the right side of your screeoo a s b passing through the intersection. second bus, sever vehicles all hit by a tractor trailer. brown was in one of the vehicles that was caught in the middle. several others were injured. the tractor trailer ran a red light 15 seconds after it had turned red. they're still trying to figure out why. the parents of a 10-year-old little girl who was killed in a hail of gunfire outside her d.c. home are now suing the city housing that law for $30 million. mikayaerilson was on way to an ice cream truck when severaln gu jumped out of a car and opened fire. wilson's parents say the housi authority is just as responsible for their daughter's death as the men who fired those shots. they sayne officials how
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dangerous the northeast neighborhood had become and didn't do enougho improve safety. >> mikaya is gone. there's nothing that can bring her back. no money can bring her back. it's a statement and we'll be ndying to do trying to make sure there's not another mikaya. >> the director of the d.c. housing authority declined to speak to news 4 today citing the pe bing lawsuit, in a written statement they said they mourn for her loss and hane for nd to the violence. trying to make the district affordable for everyone has been a cornerstone ofayor muriel bowser's time in office. it's not always attainable, even in the le who work district government or work for public service. news 4 mark se graves explains what the mayor wants to do about that. >> it was lunch with the mayor for these government employees, a chance to tell their boss about their personal struggles in affording a place to live in
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hthe city. >> to delay the closing of my house. >> mor bower heard from a oorefighter. >> we make a gd salary but we don't make enough to be able to live and raise a family in d.c. >> she heard from a teacher. it's still very difficult to find housing that is equitable and comparable for safety and a for a lot of different reasons that we're able to live. the rent is very, very high. >> and she heard from this woman who's worked for the d.c. government for 20 years unableo to afforduy her own home until just t ksreer. >> i've been a social worker serving that entire time in my career. till very challenging to make sure that you can afford to live here and i felt priced out. >> where is the affordable housing for snus? >> the mayor is expanding programs, but she needs home builders andandlords to do
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their part. >> we know that we have to do something more tothncentivize production of new housing for people who have good paying jobs but they don't qualify for elanpy to make ends meet. attending of those the lunch have taken advantage of programs in place to help d.c. government employe d make thn payment on a home, but many of them pointed out there needs to be help for those who rent as well. >> we do need help for renters, too, because there's o a lot people, especially younger people coming on our job who aren't quite ready to buy yet. >> in theistrict, mark segraves, news 4. let's turn to our weather. things turning cooler, at least the start of the day. what can we expect before the rainhe rolls into forecast? >> temperatures are going to go up tomorrow, but we do have the ra in the forecast. the winds have shifted out of the east. anytime they're out of the east, they're off the ocean. this time of the year the ocean
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is cool.ur temper of the ocean, about 48, 49 degrees. 61 in d.c. back to the west much warmer and this is what we're got coming our way. 80 in columbus. charleston we will get warmer tomorrow night. satellite and radar swing the cloud cover we've got crass our region now. we're tracking this storm that's going to move our way. it's got rainith , maybe some thunderstorms. i'll break it down tomorrow and probably sunday. >> all right. the caps winning the stanl cup, it's so great. let's do it again. it's time for anencore. >> step one tonight against the carolina hurricanesight here in to she sh sherree burruss joins us in just heder 90 minutes. >> you were withteam's morning skate. how are they feeling? >> yes, we have the coaton. things were good at practice. i players are just as excit as
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the fans. t.j. oshie told us he woke up before his alarm clock this morning. there's a lot to be about for the capitals who are no stranger to being the team that others are chasing. in years previous they were the best in the league, faved to win the cup, but didn't. this y they're coming off the winning stanley cup championship and is not easy to repeat as am chons, only one team, the pittsburgh penguins have won back-to-back stanley cups since the detroit red wings did it in 1997 and '98.e the bottom is the caps are the reigning chachls amps and tm everyone wants to dethrone. >> with t s group we havehere, we have a great groupf guys, group of players. we are confident. >> right now it doesn't matter who the i champion everybody wants to be the champion. we just have to be more focused
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on our game. >> i don't think we'ret approachingny different. we're using it as experience. hopefully to get through some of the tough moments, but other than that, we've still got to go and play a game. we'vereot tore and execute. right now. ine set >> now that the team knows what it takes to win a championship, they're looking to repeat it starting here tonight. jim, wendy, back to you. >> i think they're going to get it done. thank you, sherree. don't forget to watch our news 4 special this it's called defending the cup. >> 2:30 saturday afternoon right here on nbc 4 followed by the caps/hurricanes game two live from capital one arena. then on news 4 at 6:00 and 11:00 we've got you cered. i coming up next, new dabails t the local drama teacher accused of spying on a woman with a hidden camera.
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it happened in his home. why he ss he did nothing wrong. lawyer and one time presidential hopeful michael avenatti finds himself on the wrong end of a 36 count federal igdictment. >> and answers t in the mysterious burning of black churches in louisiana. turns oe the l suspect a young white man is the son of a cal sheriff'slo
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. breaking news n. long time washington lawyer greg craig has just been indicted in a case that grew out of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. craig's accused of misleading investigators about his work on behalf othe pro-russian government of ukraine back in 2012. his lawyers say he's not guilty
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and they are slamming government prosecuts. craig worked for two democratic and dents, barack obama bill clinton. there is more fallout from attorney general william barr's use of the word "spying" in connection with the russia investigation. the president and his allies have -- barr told congress yesterday he thoug there was spying on the trump campaign. then he softened those remarks to say he was talking about surveillance. he was not sure anything improper ppened. president trump is seizing on the comnt as democrats are blasting barr. >> when barr opened his mouth, trump's words came tumbling out. >> there was sing in my campaign and his answer was a very accurate one. >> democrats say barr is not acting as the nation's topaw enforcer. they say he is protecting the president.
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they stood in their communities for me than 100 years before someone burned them to the ground in just a matter of hours. now police say they have the one man who set fire t three historically black churches in louisiana. he's connected to local law enforcement. jay gray has details now on the arrest and new reaction tonight from the community. >> all stayings, we have a church on fire. >> reporter: three historically black churches burned to the grnd over a 10-day period in southwest louisiana. a string of attacks policnd federal agents now say were carried out by holden matthews. >> several pieces of evidence, both physical from the scene and te -- >> the dep fee knuty knew nothit his son's activity and when had i to cl him in and we sat him down and told him what we wanted him here for, he broke down.
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>> reporter: investigators say matthews carried out the attacks on his own. now they continue to try and piece together a motive. >> information tt the investigators have uncovered is that matthews had offered through suggestions and connections a relationship with a type o music called black metal and its association and history with church burnings. >> reporter: for the fateful. >> there is a higher power going on. >> reporter: the arrest is a blessing. >> it started off a darkoment in o lives, but i think with the rebuilding process we're going to see some thi the future that's going to be very bright for our churches. >> reporter: the caymes stealing heir houses of worship but unable to take away their faith. jay ay, nbc news. the rising threat of domestic terrorism is sparking some new concerns for the fbi. in green belt, federal judges have scheduled hearings for laterhis spring. in two different cases of
6:19 pm
suspect the terror plots. both men are from montgomery county. both accused of making different types of plans to attack the u.s. as scott macfarlane reports, the fbi director addressed these concerns recently on theill. >> a grand jury has formally indicted ronl hen of germantown. a federal judge in maryland has ordered henry detained until further proceedings in his indicate. he's charged with illegally transporting a stolen vehicle and accused by the feds of plotting a terror threat too and plowing over people wit a stolen u-haul. henry had also considered a strike outside dulles international but decided not te becaf security. in the case of former coast guard lieutenant, the judge has scheduled a hearing for june in the case. he's accused of being an extremist with illegal firearms, silencers, and of being a domestic terrorist who intended to murder civilians. ed has plead not guilty. this week during a congressional
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hearing, the head of the fbi expressed concerned about new home grown terror threats. >> less structure, less organize, fewer, grou more uncoordi oted o individuals as opposed to to some structured hrarchy and that presents its own share of challenges. >> both hassan and henry custody pending their next hearings in femaral court in land. in the newsroom, scott macfarlane, news 4. >> in his testimony before congress, the fbi director asked for funding for a $9 billion budget next year. the attorney who became famous for representing porn star stormy daniels when she accused president trump of making hush payments to hide an affair is nower facingus charges of his own. michael avenatti could face more than 300 years in prison if he's convicted on all 36 counts in a federal indictment. avenatti is aused of stealing
6:21 pm
millions of dollars from his own clients, failing to pay taxes, committing bank fraud, and lying during bankruptcy proceedings. in one case prosecuay he embezzled from a paraplegic client who received a $4 million settlement from los anges county. >> money generated from one set of crimes was used to further otherty crimes. pically in the form of payments designed to string along victims so as to prevent ro. avenatti's financial house of cards collapsing. >> avenatti denies the charges against him. he tweeted this afternoon, quote, i intend to fully fight all charges and plead not guilty. i look forward to the entire truth being known as opposed to a one sided version meant to sideline me. end quote. i'm erika gonzalez with breaking news at the live desk.
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o tracee wilkins reporting a d.c. barber has been indictedith ur sex assaults. 45 julian everett was arrested last month. he was initially charged in connection to three sex assaults including two alleged assaults on howard yufuniversity student. court documents now link him to four cases. investigators say everett would lureoung women with clalcohol, drive them to a home and raep them. we are sll going through the court documents. we'll bring you the ver
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>> some peo did. on my facebook page, they were, bring -- you >> oh, please. come on. >> temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. we're got plenty of cloud cover. the wind comingff the east. that is keeping us on theooler side. 61 out of the east at 9 miles per hour. so yeah, weoo are quite this time of year. we should be around 65 in most areas. well below that. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 in annapolis all along the water. downround charlottesville, up to 68. e're 72 just a couple minutes ago. what are we dealing with radar wise? nothing to show here. look at all the cloud cover. we've got plenty of clouds moving on in ahead of our nex s stortem. you can see how big this storm is. it goes all the way towards the east coast, all the way down towards the golf coast as well. blizzard conditions. i was looking at the blizzard totals. of the 2 feet of snow with 50 mile per hour wins, that's a monster of a. sto
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for us we're watching this right here. this is a cold front where showers and thunderstorms are just firing up back to that area, but this whole area moves our wayw. tomor tomorrow morning here's 9:00 in the morning. no problems. we're not going to worry about that. even i-70 towardsbu pith. as t you move rain during the afternoon into t ening hours. ta the umbrella with you. you will need it during the afternoon. especially tomorrow night, because this is where theront is. could even see some thunderstorms with this tomorrow night. that's something we'll be tracking for you. high tomorrow of 72. mostly cloudy. afteoon showers. some thunder tomorrow night. watch out if you're heading to . dinn take that umbrella with you. 76 on your saturday. chance of showers dur g the evening and again early in the day. then again in the evening. 50% chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm on sunday. not a washout of a weekend. a lot of dry time too. make sure you have the umbrellas. the rest of that 10-day forecast
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and some capitals forecast. heading down to the caps game? we've got one tonight. another one on saturday. saturday looks great. >> great. what would you do to break that daily log jam out on i-95? income at 6:30, adam tuss telling you of plan that could help not only 95, but another popular detour. >> and a high school teacher accused of spying on his au pair with a hidden camera in h house. how police say he's defending himself. up next right here on news 4, how one local college community is surrounding a cafeteria worker and a special olympian with a surge of love. olympian with a surge of love.
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>> annncer: you're watching news 4 at 6:00. for the third time this year in norern virginia, a high profile case of what police are calling uplawful filming. >> this time the man accused is a well regarded highl sch drama teacher. the alleged victim, his family's au pair. >> julie carey has discovered warned previous nanny the current au pair. >> reporter: the spring musical at herndon high school is just aweks , but the drama teacher suddenly on a forced leave of sence. is facing four charges of unlawful filming. it happened in the reston home he shares with his wife and two children. these courtocuments reveal the family's au pair discovered a hidden camera in the air ventrf he bedroom. she sent a photo to police and they started their investigation. >> there were illegal images that crossed the line that led us to make the charges that we did. >> reporter: court documents report the victim was warned by
6:31 pm
she'devious nanny tha found a camera in her closet. when the new au pair confronted him and his wife about her hidden camera, the wife told her he hadss trusts with au pairs. the couple also told the woman if she called police it would be serious. here's a look at the long list of items seized from the teacher's house. there are cameras and other electronics. even something called a smoke detector >> we've actually added detectives to the case to comb through all the evidence that was collected. our case is still very active. it is the third time in recent months fairfax county police sve tackle t kind of case. in january it was a man videotaping teens and women in ll dressing rooms. earlier this month a man accused of secretly recording with his cell phone in a centerville s. >> secret cameras that capture members of our community unknowingly, nude or in the throom or a changing room, some of these regional cases take recording too rfar. orter: in this latest case
6:32 pm
investigators are still reviewing evidence, but so far there are no images of students at herndon high and that spring musical there? it will go on without the drama teacher. fairfaxcounty, i'm julie carey, news 4. we're learning new details tonight i the las friday murder of a maryland man in herndon. court documents show the suspect,tephanie fife and theer victim w in a relationship, something fife originally denied. they a had dispute on the day he was stabbed to death. a friend othe victim sai fife stabbed him once before with a screwdriver and that assault was not reported to being held with on a first degree murder charge. a legal victory for a father who was battling for custody of his son.ud yesterday a granted lamar mccall full custody of his
6:33 pm
cc6-year-old. l was concerned after his son said his mother's boyfriend was hurtingim that boyfriend, a prince george'sounty police officer francesco marlett. mccall only recently learned that three years ago marlett was indicted on charges of abusing the boy. but he nev went to trial. charges were mysteriously dropped. marlett isow back on the force. mccall says he gained full custody but theboy's mother does have some visitation rights. we tried reaching the mother's attorney for some comment, but so far he has not responhed. say the only thing fortain in live are death and taxes. drivers in northern virginia, you add traffic on 95 to that mix. the situation so bad virginia leaders are askingel you to find a solution. it's part of a new study now under way. our transtertation rep adam tuss is finding out the answers are pretty hard to come by. >> fixing the traffic along i-95. the answers don't come easy.
6:34 pm
if you can fix i-95 with the traffic, what will you do? fixi-95? >> yeah. this is pretty much what the region has come up with as well >> it's a nightmare. it actually is a nightmare. >> reporter: but a new study ofl 95 from the way all the way down to e ncorth carolina border is getayng under. the first public meeting starts next month. the likely answer is a mix oor transption options, everything from better amtrak service, more vre rvice, yes, even potentially more expss toll lanes which are currently being extended to fredericksburg. >> there are some for whom toll roads will never makes sense but it puts more options on the table. reporter: some say it doesn't have to do with the road itself or any sort of tolling mechanism. the drivers on the road are the problem. >> they're always on their phones. orter: so it could be just like a culture shift kind of thing. >> that's a must.
6:35 pm
get off the phone. pay more attention. >> reporter: the dangers of distracted driving are well documented. we've seen one wwhat one bad wr can do to the community.ld it c also benefit fringe roads like route 1 which runs alongside in northern virginia. for now more studies. in the meantime, perhaps the most memorable quote related to nl? >> not pack your lunch, bring a chef. because you're going to need it. i swear you are. >> along i-95. adam tuss, news 4. >> tonight the white house is responding to a report that president trump isoving to eliminate the office of personnel management. "the washington post" reporting that plan calls for dismantling opm, dividing its functions amon three other departments. opm employees were briefed on the plan inarch. if it succeeds, the closure would be a blueprint for closing
6:36 pm
other departments as the president and his tm move to shrink the government. a white house official released a statement to nbc news that reads iart president trump is committed to reforming the federal government making more efficient, effective, and accountable for hard working american taxpayers. they call her amazing grad he just won a silver medal at the special olympics world games. >> and only on news 4 tonight, thepr surise celebration for grace from the community that she cls home. the year was 1838 and theje its needed money to keep georgetown open. what they did then has students asking for reparations now. i'll explain next. and tracking a big storm out west. i'm going to show you how this storm comes through our region tomorrow and how another one affe.s your weekend affe.s your weekend see you back here in jus
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hi, i'm jeff. affe.s your weekend see you back here in jus in my johnsonville commercial,e weup in the forest. i'm out in the wild eating my breakfast. and all of a sudden, raccoon come up and asked me,
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"are those bigger patties?"p. i said, " wolf comes in and says, "wow, that's a lot of sausage."d and we had a goo laugh about that. says, (laughing) johnsonville breakfast sausage has 15% larger patties.a fits oscuit. as georgetown university
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continues to confront its past role in the slave trade, the st students are now weithing in on issue of reparations. >> they're voting on whether they'd be willing to pay about $27 extra per semester and that money would go into a fund t help descendents of the slaves who were sold by the school back in the 1800s. >> cory smith has more n the impact of this vote as the school tries to heal wounds from its painful past. >> reporter: when shepardhomas first stepped foot on the georgetown campus, heti felt a conn. he just didn't know it was rooted in one of the darkest keapters in american history. >> i w through the front gates and thought something feels weird. it was good weird. i knew there was something spiritual here. >> reporter: he felt the spirits of his ancestors that were slaves forced to work onio educatnal endeavors, among hem georgetown university in 1838 with money drawing up the university president sold 272 slaves to the thomas believes the time to
6:40 pm
atone for the sins of the past is now. that's why he's asking to vote yes for the 272. >> someone has to take the initiative. whatever w yt to change. >> reporter: those opposed to the plan believe no aim of mon can make up for the crime of slavery. >> we're doing what we can in order to make sure we can more make amends. >> i hope this inspires other the en past that their universities. >> reporter: today's vote has been several years in the making. haveg that time students pushed the administration to acknowledge the university's history. those efforts resulted in the names of slave holders being tripped from billings and admission preference being given. regardless of what happens today,he fight to right this historical wrong will continue. >> descendents of the 272 like shepard will continue to lead the wayinspired by people that came before them to fight for
6:41 pm
those who come afr. >> i am here personally as a bridge between the past and the future. >> cory smith, news ot >> theg will be ending at midnight. regardless of the outcome, it will be up to the school's board of t directorso decide whether to create this fund. a local woman who's been serving up joy fore than a 20 years always leading cheers at college basketball games gets a surprise celebration of her own. coming up, david culver introduces us to amazing grace. and a weekend that includesn heat, humidity, storms, maybe a nice bottle of rose. y, it's spring inashington. w
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z388pz z16fz
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y388py y16fy our top story now after seven years of self hooiexhighl london, wick key leak founder julian assange lost his asylum. his lawyers s they will fight his extradition. d.c. police are investigating the shooting of two young men in southeast d.cel police t us it was just down the street from the anacostiaor neigod library here near 18 street and good hope road. the now at least one o victims is a teenager and that another joung man showed -- you showed up to a nearby hospital. the caps begin of the stanley cup in less than an hour. puck drop coming up on their first playoff ge of the season against the carolina hurricanes.
6:45 pm
sherree burrussns going to joi us. apital one arena. well, she is that friendly face that helps feed college students at the university of maryto washi grace ann brak txton is also a special olympian. >> shem back f the games wearing new hardware at the lunch counter. she's wearing her silver medal. >> as david culver shows today grace ann learned just how much she means to the campus community. >> grace ann braxton is about to step int an unexpected celebration. before she does, let's go back's few hours. behind the counter at the university of mary washington, grace ann is at work finishing up lunch. for 22 years on campus, she's been serving up a side of joy. >> positive. just ehire of sunshine and
6:46 pm
happiness. >> reporter: basketball pla maddie and johnny say every home game you can countei on grace ann in the stands. >> i feel like everyone has their special relationship individually with her. me whenever see her, i get a handshake. upportingalways there us and cheering us on. >> reporter: the students are ann. heering on grace >> i've been golfing for almost 22 years right after i started >> she just brought home a silver medal in golf competing in herh fouecial olympics world games. >> i have just about that small of a disability. it doesn't bother me of who i am and what kind of disabilit i have. as long as i get my job done. as long as i can do what i he to do around here, it might take me a little longer to get things done, but as long as i get them ne, i feel fine about it because that's who i am. >> she doesn't feel different here. she's just like everybody else.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: her boss of 16 years carly mov thinking what b what she means to this community. >> we're family here and we love her and i do. s>> reporter: which brings back to that loving surprise. ang gathe to celebrate her and h thanking for the joy she spreads. grace ann thankful too. >> if i had to go back another job, i wouldn't. i would stay right here. this is my community and this i where belong. >> reporter: a special olympian back home where sheelongs. in fredericksburg, virginia, david culver, news 4. >> what a family. >> absolutely. she's wonderful. that was just great love her medal there. >> that was wonderful. >> i have nothing that's going to even come close to that. we've got rain coming in the
6:48 pm
xt couple of days we are. tomorrow into the day on sunday as well. i'm not talking a whout. let's show you what we are dealing with out there right now. we've got the cloud cover. we've had the clouds almost all during the day today. earlier today we did see sunshine, but it's beenr coo today. average high temperature 65. right now at 61. dropping ait little the next couple of hours. not too much. it will be a little cool tonight. be out and about. temperature wise around the area, 57 college park. 59 camp springs. westtowards the south and it's a little warmer. they were at 65 earlier. 62 right now. nothing on radar. now.e dry for however, we do have some shower activity just to our north and wee actuallyatching this hole system here. there's a front up here. 've got the cold front coming down right here in the middle part of the country and the blizzard to the west. 2 feet of sno f haslen in parts of south dakota. the blizzard conditions from colorado all the way up towards
6:49 pm
minneapolis. we're not going to see that. this will continuent to move canada. we're going to see the tail end which is that frontal boundary. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, no problem. tomorrow imorning's rush dry. dry for the kids at the bus stop and dry for you folks w making yo during the day, right on through about noon. you may be able to get lunch outdoors, but take the umbrella with you. download the nba washington app. you can always check radar there. here comes rain right around the 2:00 ingh the 5:00 hour. now we're talking the evening rush. aittle bit on the wet side. not raining everywhere, but raining right where itatrs the most around the bell way and in towards i-95.he allreas that everybody is trying to get back out of the city back to the suburbs. then around 11:00 tomorrow night. now, the big question on saturday is how far does the front move t the south? most computer models have it far enough south that most of saturday is dry.
6:50 pm
some are kind of hanging that up closer to the d.c. ar us a better chance of showers. right now i think it will be okay. friday night dinner, have the tbrella. that's looking o red side for sure. cherry blossom parade likely dry. bring a poncho just in case. that can be said about the nationals game. tomorrow's game orsaturday's game is at 4:05. sunday is at 1:35. bring the poncho. i think both should be dry for the most part, but weee may some shower activity at any time during the day. same goes for theif caps. ou're heading down to the caps game, of course they're playing tonight. if you're heading to the game tomorrow, what can youerxpect? ran saturday, saturday's game looking good down there at the capital one arena. temperatures 67. 72 at 3:00. looking good at that time. if you get down there early, you may want to take the umbrella with you. you shouldn't need it all that much. next week we have 68 tuesday, 78 wednesday, and 80 on thursday. nice in the middle part of ne week. >> awesome. thank you, doug. coming up, game one of thea
6:51 pm
fs for the defending champs. just minutes away now sherree is live to tell us what thet capitals exptonight. but first here is savannah guthrie with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> ahead for us, what's next for ju
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
it looked great. we're going to try to do it again. >> we're ready. i feel like we've beenaiting for this sinceea last yr. let the fun things begin. >> back-tback. back-to-back. back-to-back. back-to-back. back-to-back. >> like it was yesterday. we are pumped.
6:55 pm
ehey're pumped. the defense of stanley cup all starts tonight. > sherree's at capital one arena. we only have maybe more than a halfbe houre face-off. >> exactly. puck dropping in 30 minutes. fans just as excited as thepl ers to get the postseason going. looking outside even starting at 4:00 this afternoon, somebody was in a capitals jersey, game one of the stanley cup playoffs tonight against the capitals and the carolina hurricanes and were's just so many fans looking forward that's happening here tonight. look at this little guy. one of the first ones in the arena which is starting to fill up and the streets around capital one filled with red. no doubt this place will be rocking tonight. the atmosphere a major part of the capitals winning the cup last season. the fans always ready toh unle the fury on whoever the caps ary g and this team thankful for the buzz their fans createn >> it's b that way for a long time. it's one of the loudest
6:56 pm
buildings, especially in the playoffs. it's always fun. you know you're in the playoffs -- >> it's going to be a diffent noise level. >> it's a huge advantage for us to be able to have the suptrt noust in the building but outside the building and everything that went along with it. >> before he was making the save in the finals against vegas,tb braden hol didn't even start the first two games of round one last year after a rough go in a februarynd march. not the case this year as holtby will b in melt cemented as the starting goaltender for the defending champions. td it's a new year. head too muchodd reirden points to what happened last april as a key to holtby's success. >> i reay can't express myself strongly enough about how important that was for him and what a challenge that was for him. to met' t his best growth playeras a hockey
6:57 pm
that was -- it said a ton abo hicharacter, his belief in himself. and his response to proving people wrong. >> he can be the difference in a game. he's been there for us allear. he's an unbelievable goalie and he's ae part of this team too. >> holtby looking to contain carolina. the caps 4-0 against the hurricanes in the regular season, but throw that out the window for the playoffs. the canes making their first ceplayoff appearance sin 2009 with the youngest rosterhe in t league. not a lot of experience but the hurricanes way into the playoffs and they'll be tough to deal with. >> they're a good team. we can't take them lightly at all. i have a pretty basic theory. if we playwell, we have a good chance to win. if we don't, we'll probably lose. that's pretty generic, but >> anyone that gets to theas playoffs h a chance to do it. arthey've played usd and we're
6:58 pm
going to be ready for itng we're g to have to be playing our best hockey. all the teams across the board play us fast this time of year.w that's whare looking for. >> this will be an exciting series. looking to hav hockey back. playoff hockey, superstitions, i have my purple coat. doug, i'm happy to see you have your wings. we're happy to see we have to dt what ites to win another cup. >> he is chomping down. he's got a >>dozen. e won't share them because he didn't share them last >> i didn't share last year. you know i would share anything with you, but i'm sorry guy. >> you have to do the same way. no sharing the wings. >> we're doing o part by not eating his wings. >> and maybe an official bib that you're going to need. shere, we're going to check back 11:00 and hopefully we'll have some incred rleults to share. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news is seconds. in 60 >> stay with us and we'll see you right back here on news 4 a. 11 >> go caps.
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight, wikilea founder julian assange arrested and charged with conspiracy in one of the largest leaks se of classified crets in u.s. hiocking appearance as he was carried out ofhe embassy in london that housed him for seven ars. why did they give him up and will the u.s. go after him? for 2016 election hacking.for 2016 election hackin? the hammer drops. charges against michael avenatti. spending it on a life of luxury. blizzard on the move tonight in several states. whiteout conditions forcing drivers off the road. powerful winds knocking over a semi. al roker is tracking it all. the coresswoman under fire for these


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