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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  April 12, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now on midday, one playoff win downor the caps, now all eyes on game two. what you need to know before you head downo the arena. president trump reacting to two big stories here in washington. the arrest of wikileakser fou julian assange and the idea that the fbi spied on his campaign. i'm tracie potts, we'll have both next. and we'relso looking at some cloudy conditions out shere. but when the rain arriving? and thunderstorms in the mix as well. we'll talk about it and time it out coming up. >> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. good morning. happy friday.
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i'm pat lawson muse. thanks for joini us. we kick off this friday with a check on the weather. lauryn, what are we in for the weekend? >> we'ren in for r but not a washout this weekend. we'll have periods of rain but also have piods of a little bit of sunshine. and we saw some sunshine earlier today. temperatures topped out around and we're up to 66 before the noon hour. winds are going to start to shift out of the south but plenty of clouds around today. so temperatures right around 70 degrees. but we've got some thunderstms later on this afternoon. and through this evening with a frontal system taking its good old time moving to the east. so again, we will see some rain showers possible probably by lunchtime and into the early afternoon. but then we've got thunderstorms in the mix for later on tonight. a lot of things going on tonight. it is friday. we have a lot of things going on around town this weekend. rain is not finished afterto
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ght. we'll talk about timing coming up. see you in aew. georgetown university students taking steps to address a dark part of the school history. they've passed a reparations referendum so call for the creation of a fund to helphe descendants of slaves the university sold in e 1800s. megan mcgrath is live at georgetown university and with more on the vote and the university's response. megan? >> repter: well, pat, the referendum calls for a new tudent fee and money would b used to help the decentents of families of slaves who were sold by georgetown university more than 181 years ago. now supporters are calling this a victory but at thist point is really symbolic. that is because the fee would ultimately have to be approved and brought along by the board of trustees. >> i'm ecstatic.
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>> reporter: for melli, it is a sweet vtory. not only a student at georgetown, the descendant of slaves sold by the university in 38. and she's thrilled that the referendum passed. >> our hopes at this will spread through the -- throu colleges and schools and america.ons across >> reporter: georgetown students voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new studentfee, $27.20 per semester. the money going to a fund to help the descendants of those slaves sold by the school. the dollar amount of the fee is symbolic. >>ede setn a symbolic number of $27.20 to represent the people who were originally slated to be sold, 272 in all.
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>> reporter: wlehe student referendum passed, it is nonbinding meaning the university does not he to implement the fee. the final decision is up to the board ofeorustees. andetown released a statement saying that the university values the engagement of students andre aates those who made their voices heard but at this point it is unclear ithe board of trustees will pass the fee. back to you. >> remains to be seen. thanks, megan. new details this morni a abou deadly home invasion in prince george's county. police say an 18-year-old man targeted a home to rob in riverdale park on wednesday night. this morning we're hearing from the suspect's family. nbc4 justin finch has more. reporter: you might recall initially it was unclear if anyone had been shot at all in the riverdale park incident but this morni we now know a person was shot. we're also hearing from their family as well. they're coming forward not only
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questioning and afeo a dnt story. first showing you now victory em new carrollton said h was shot that wednesday evening after kicking in the front door there.ome the homeowner taking matters into his own hands, firing a gun anshooting him who manag to run away from the sceneotut police ne that at the timee was apparently armed. and now as prince george's county police investigate at hat home, we're told by a member of the embank family that a friend drove the 18-year-old t actor's hospital where he did die later. but the family question what erally happened because they say his friends told him, rathm, that he was shot by an unknown passerby and his aunt struggling so makese of the new details. >> he doesn't get anything and so the story about victory breaking into somebody's house is false.
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i would like the police to really investigate thisr mat and tell all of the truth. >> reporter: and police are continuing to look into thisse they also say too that surveillance video did capture this incident on tape. in prince george's county, i'm justin finch, nbc4. this p morning are looking into the shooting of two young men. one found on the ground near the anacostia library in southeast yesterday afternoon. a short timeater a condun man showed up at a nearby hospital. police say they hope surveillance footage will help them catch the shooter. d.c. barber who washarged with sexually assaulting three women is facing a frth charge for the same crime. 35-year-old juen everett was arrested last month and charged for three sexual assaults, two of the accusers howard university students at the time. and now the prince george's state attorney said the fourth woman has come forward. investigators say he would lure
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aung women withohol and then drive them to a home in prince george's where he would rape them. the parents of 10-year-old makiyah wilson are suing the d.c. housing authority for $30 million. the little girl was killed las summer wheit by a stray bullet. seven people were arrested by police but herents say the housing authority shares the blame. e lawsuit said officials knew how dangerous the neighborhood had become and did not to make it safer. >> makiyah is gone. that could bring her back. no money can bring makiyah back. it is statement and what we're trying to do and trying to make sure it is not another makiyah. >> the director of the d.c. housing authority has declined to speak to news4 citing the fact that the lsuit is pending. did the fbi really spy on president trump's 2016 campaign? well there is no evidence of that. but the mere suggestion hasan
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politi drawing battle lines here in washington. tracie potts has more on t t and pluaction to the arrest of wikileaks founder julian assange. >> i think there -- spying did occur. >> reporter: those few words from william barr about the fbi lit a fuse in washington. >> there was absolutely spying into my campaign. >> i don't understand what the heck he'salking about. >> reporter: what did barr mean in he offered no evidence. >> i think what mr. barr is saying is this didn't happen in the clinton campaign. >> it is lawful surveillance and he ought to know that. >> reporter: an internal review may reveal more. we know wikileaks got inside information on the clinton campaign and the iraq war and published it, after seven years holed up in london, the founder julian assange has been arrested and crged with hacking a government computer. president trump -- >> wikileaks, i loveak wiki >> reporter: now singing a different tune. >> i know nothing about wikileaks. it is m noty thing.
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and i know there is something having to do with julian assange. >> released classified information and put our troops in danr. have no use for julian assange. >> reporter: neither does chuck schumeria tweeting that j assange should be held to account for meddling in our elections for russia. washington united on assange, divided on whether the fbi went too far. but getting julian assange to the u.s. to face the justicear department , that could take some time. up to two years if he fights extradition. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. [ cheering and applause ] nothi but smiles and chants of back to backsi o of the capital one arena last night. the caps deated the carolina hurricanes in the first playoff game. still a long way to go, though. if the team wants to hoist the stanley cup again but after last
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flight there is word tbe optimistic. >> reporter: the capitals survive the first game of the stanley cup playoffs. washington outlasting carolina fter a stressful final few minutes. the caps trying to defend the title comin eout firingarly. scoring two of the three goals if the fir period alone. the hurricanes surge late but the caps held on to win 4-2. >> we got a goodom start and se goals in first but overall i think that they put the pressure on us all game so we -- we know we can improve and get better. >> you leave from a game like this and you're happy with awin. but we can play better than that. and especially five-on-five. >> reporter: the capitals need three more wins to advance to the second round but first game two right back here and on nbc 4 on saturday at 3:00 p.m. from capital onerena, sherry ,
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burr news4 sports. >> and defending the cup airs tomorrow at 2:30 here on nbc4. the caps game is on right after followed by nbc4 at 6:00. more troubles for high-profile attorney michael avenatti. we'll break down his latest legal battle
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn
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intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. . high-profile attorney n michael avenat stranger to controversy is at the center of a deepening legal scandal. he burst on to the public ndscape with his aggressive representation of adult film els but he'sda just been hit with a slew of new charges. mbezzling fromf his own clients. miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: a lawyer usually on the attack, this morning michael avenatti is on the defensive. in a new 36-count indictment, the high-profe attorney is
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accused of fraud, perjury, embezzlement and failure to pay taxes. prosecutors allege michael avenatti stole $9 million from his clients. then used the cash to support hhis lav lifestyle, including the purchase of this private jet now seized by the feds. >> it is all disturbing. >> reporter: in one cas prosecutors say michael avenatti won a $4 million settlement for o paraplegic client and then funneled the cas prop up his strugglingace team and coffee gbusiness. us multiple bank accounts and shell companies to move the money, prosecutors say he was running a ponzi-like gheme. >> tak money from one client and using it to pay off his exnses in regard to o matters. taking money that should have been paid overo the irs. they're all connected. >> reporter: maintaining a celebrity lifestyle, prosecutors allege he was hurting for cash when hed swind $2.3 million in taxes that his coffee house
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employees paid and he failed to give to the irs. for years the feds say he never paid his own taxes. michael avenatti often criticized the president for not releasing his tax returns. >> where are donald trump's tax returns. >> w allege mr. michael avenatti was essentially in many cases stealing promer to pay paul. >> reporter: calling himself a crusader for justice -- >> americans deserve to know the truth. >> reporter: he referred nbc news to his tweets proclaiming innocence. i intend to fully fight all charges and ple not guilty. this high-profile attorney in the spotlight again. but now in a battle to save himself. >> and miguel reports that these charges could potentially cause avenatti to face -- significant prison time if convicted. the town of middleberg is gearing up fore day tomorrow. when many in the town will come together to clean up the city of
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middleberg. this year is special. the town is celebrating the succesf a year-long effort to keep cigarette butts off the streets. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver takes a look. >> reporter: historic middleburg, like maybry, the mayor said. buried inbutts, thousands of them. not just an eye sore but also a health hazard. >> every year hundreds of thousands of children get poisoned by eating cigarette butts and in additiono that they're hazardous to pets and wildlife. >> reporter: the town knew something had to be done. > it all tarted as a result of cleaning the town of middleburg streets and finding so manye cigare butts and a way to dispose of them in an environmentally sensitive matter. >> people see an issue and they oet engaged and get involved because they wantake the community a better place. >> so we came up with receptacles like this that collect the casarette. >> e to do and not tim
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consuming just part of taking care of keeping the town clr:n. >> reporim cole is the clean-up guy. he doesn't mind the extra work. >> when you do see it helping, .t's worth >> reporter: there are is a buto ectors around town. and every couple of weeks those butts get shipp off to the recyclers. >> the mission is to eliminate the idea of waste and to create collection programs and solution systems for hard to recycle waste, things you couldn't put in your normal bluehe box, all t way to used cigarettes which we now recycle in nine coortries. >> rr: since the program began, 7,000 pounds of carette tts have been recycled. david culver, n4. >> so the clean up is set to start at 8:00 in the morning and he take part meet at the community center. well cash may be king, but soon youee won't it to pay certainly polls in maryland.
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th francis scott key bridge in maryland and the hatem will have those and video tolling is more expensive than the base >> it is a nightmare. it actually is a nightmare. >> transportation leaders in virginia are hoping you'llem he ind solutions to the nightmare of traffic congestion. a w study is underway. it takes a look at traffic along i-95 from the beltway all way south to the north carolina border. possible solutions include better amtrak options or more express toll lanes. but drivers tell news four transportation reporter adam tuss, the problis is dacted drivers. >> always on the phone >> so i could be just a culture shift kind of thing? >> yeah. >> that is a must. that is a must. get off the phone. and pay mor attention.
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>> first public meeting in our area will take plac next month. well we are still you get fit for spring. dozens showed up to our community bootcamp in prince geor's county this morning. molette green has more from upper marlboro about how the journey to a healterifestyle ntinues. >> reporter: okay. this bootcamp class has been a huge success. prince george's county cares about health and fitness. i would say, ght? [ cheering and applause ] >> okay. so the county has a plan to get more people into hlth and wellness. i want to bring on the interim health director dr.arter. come on up here, dr. earnest rter. [ applause ] >> reporter: what is the plan? because this doesn't stop here. >> no, we have to continue with our lifestyle, making sure that we exercise. a eat rig sleep and of course decrease your stress. >> reporter: and you have a plan
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cth somesses that are going to come soon. >> exactly right. we have classes p now forple who are prediabetic and classes for people who are diabetic and southern it through maryland. >> so we want to make sure that we acknowledge that -- and follow through on tha plan. >> reporter: the county executive is pushing that and supporting it full force. >> absolutely. you know what, it is so critically importantt we are all healthy together and fitness is a big part of it. diet is asell. but dr. carter is here and we're trying to lead by example butl weet fit together as a community. but this is impacting us. and so we're -- ts is very important. >> reporter: so everybody one more time. let'set fit for -- >> spring. >> reporter: i'm molette green at the commuty center. back into you. >> well that sane makes you to get moving. and if you've been hearing stem promoted in schools more and more, you not alone. m 'll hear f group of young girls in fairfax making sure they inspire their peers t join
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i'm leon harris. mont officer katie beard has done a lot of good work during her 19 years on the rce. t perhaps none as rewarding as her current assignment. we expect police to protect and serve our community, right? officer katie beard is in vested in the serve part. her dedication to her community is why one of her neighbors nominated her to be this week's harris' hero. >> her wle day is filled with this but she's a blessing to montgomery county. so i just felt she should be recognized for all of the work that she does. >> you won't want to miss this story, coming u on tonight's harris' heroes tonight on news4
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at 4:00. in recent years schools have made aush to inspire young women to get inspired in technology. now four fairfax countyol middl scs are doing that movement proud. aimee cho explains. >> reporter: spend even just a second with these seventhyo graders a too, will likely smile as much as they do. >> they're getting interviewed. g >> f rrientedsep sinceorhe four, and now best student robot builders in the state of virginia. >> i love science. ng things researc and coming up with solutions to problems that are real world problems. >> reporter: the girls have spent all year building a robot out of legos and writing a research project. they beat out 82 teams toin the state championship. a fewy' weeks thell head to the world finals in detroit and they have been washing cars and holing bake sales to avoid the trip. when the group women in defense heard about it, they khew wanted to help.
11:25 am
>> come over -- >> reporter: today the group giving the girls c ack for $4,000. >> and we are really excited to see how you guys do and how you represent -- >> don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something because you're a girou're a female. you can do whatever you want to do. dream big. >>eporter: in burk, aimee cho, nbc4. >> wow! >> i love that >> fantastic. you can do whatever you want to do. >> and though were so smart and enthusiastic about science. i love it. >> they're doing it. >> thank goodness. >> how are we doing in the weather department. oh, gosh, it is not too bad out there but we're looking at rain chances increasing through the eday. we hats games and a lot of things going on this weekend. so let's see if i could sort out. because i do not believe that it is raining all wkend. definitely cloudy out there. we had a few peeks of sunshine. if you didt see it this morning you missed it. clouds are blanketing the area and that is the case into the evening. we continue to startff on this cloudy note but rain chances are
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increasing. i would say any time after lunch throhe evening commute, some light showers and then we have storms headed our way for later on tonight and then on and off rain for the weekend. currentemratures out there, they popped on up. we're in the 60s right now. some areas in southern maryland in the 70s. so we will continue to see those temperatures rise to around the low 70s. and if you are around, mid-70s for the day time high. through the afternoon, showers after lunchtime. light stuff and we'll continue to see light rain around for the evening commu after the evening commute, 7:00, 8:00, then we srt to see a line of weakening storms moving into the area and itld ce stormy and not expecting severe weather this afternoon and into tonight but expecting storms to move through the 71 degrees here in d.c. for a daytime high. and again we'll becomerey once the storms start to make their way through the aa. but this frontal system is moving at asnail's pace a
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that is good for us because we lose the daytime heating when weakens the storm and we'll see them weaken across the mountain ranges. this right here could giv us a few showers after lunchtime and so that is whatxp i'mting to see after lunch, through the evening commute. just light rain. if you are headed out to th natsgame, first pitch at 7 -- at 7:05 and we'll rain chances and the storms weakening as they get to the i-95 corridor at 9:00, 10:00, so we'll he to see what they d for the game but i think the first pitch will be fine, later innings in jeopardy. so here we go. ight showers through the early afternoon. just here and there. even through 6:00 you may have a few light showers for youren g commute. and then here is that line that starts to get underway. but again, this is not until 9:00, or 8:00. and then through the late evening because the front is moving so slow, we'll continue to have a line of some pretty strong -- not strongtorms but a line of storms moving through our area.
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and we'll keep that through t overnight and then through tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning it starts to move out. we're d on your saturday. after the break, we'll talk about your sunday because we do have some more rain in the forecast and we'll time out your forecast and we'll time out your sund i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about thke grilled chicsandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer.
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my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries, because that's my favorite.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." wikileaks founder julian assange is facing a conspiracy charge related to one of the largest ever lnmks of govt secrets. and in the months and weeks to come, the u.k. wil decide whether to extradite him here to the u.s. we get the latt from nbc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: jian assange is waking up in british custody for the first time in seven years. his lawyers tell us this massive prison complex inl london w his home for the foreseeable future as he battles extradition
11:31 am
to the united ikates. the wileaks founder appeared confident as he arrived at a courthouse thursday giving the thumbs up even winking to the camera. a british judge hasfo already d him guilty of skipping bail. slammingou assange in calling him a narcissist and could face up to a year in prison for that charge. the u.s. justice department is also charging him with one count of conspiring with former army intelligence analyst chelsea manning to hack pentagon computers. that charge carries a maximum five years. but the u.s. government first has to convince the british courts that assange should be sent back to the united states. a case that take months, if not longer. the first hearing in that case is set for may 2nd. assange will appear via video link from prison. kelly cobiella, nbc news,
11:32 am
london. steve bannon -- is taking aim at pope francis. he considers the pope too liberal when it comes s to the scandal rocking the catholic faith. richard engel has an exclusive one-on-one interview with bannon. and richard is joining us now this morning. richard, you've got this exclusive interview. can you tell us why we believe bannon is doing this. >> reporter: sure. so he wasn't just an interview. we spent some time with bannon and this is a story about what he'sdoing, not so much about his opinions. bannon, who has considerable political talents, came up withb a pk to help president trump into the white house is now using the veryy same strat of bringing different people who have different grievances and
11:33 am
energizing them and turning them into a political force and directing that playbook at the vatican at pope francis. s said that unl pope francis does more to address the sex scandal t vatican will go broke. now people who are critical of bannon and others around him say, yes, the sex scandal is absolutelyegitimate issue. but that bannon is weaponizing it, using it against the pope becaus the real grievances that they think that bannon is -- and the pope is too liber that he reaches out to migrants and reaches out to gays and tt he is dee down a socialist and that is why bannon is -- has him his sights. >> so do we believe -- does this appear to be a? moveme is it gaining momentum? how much momentum do you think is it thought that bannon mht able to build? >> reporter: wel people in the vatican who are concerned about this. that bannon and others are not
11:34 am
to be underestimated. this is really happening. there is also a physical address to all o this. astery about an hour and a half, two hour drive outside of rome and it is an enormous place, hundreds ofs, rond bannon and his associates have leased it out for the next 19 yes and they are going to turn this place into a school to teach a new generation oful ps leaders judea christian values. so he's not only bringing together people with grievances against the spope, t populous movement with judeo christian underpinnings will have a big new home addss on a hilltop outside of rome. >> richard engle, much. you so and you could watch his full interview with steve bannon this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. today the dolly llama was released in new delhi india.
11:35 am
octors treated him for a chest infection. thear 83--old spiritual leader said he feels almost normal again. he usually spends most of th t yearveling around the world teachinguddhism and highlighting tibet struggle for greater freedom but year he reduced his travel time to take care of his health. thousands of people packed the streets and the staples center to say final farewell to slain rapper nipsey hussle. yesterday friends and family and fans paidribute to the 33-year-old shot and killed last month in front of his store in los angeles. he is now buried at forest lawn memorial park in hollywood hills. hate speech is a hot button hesue and tech companies are trying to do t part in minimizing it online. stillt ahead, hear whanges could be coming down your social media feeds. t
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11:37 am
11:38 am
>>h companies were in the hot seat on capitol hill this week facing tough questions from lawmakers about moderating content, rather. nbc's lizla mclachlan es what this could mean for the future of the ternet. >> w strive to balance safety and freedom of expression every day. >> reporter: facebook and twitter executives testified at a senate oearing wednesday about concerns of censorship on social media. >> the anecdotes we're aware of are consistently on one side of e aisle. >> reporter: top gop officials accusing tech companies of targeting right-leaning posts. >> i what he's saying true or false. >> it is false. >> reporter: the company argues it is not censorship and with rules meant to prevent hate speech and hairnt asme. > facebook does not favor one political view point over another and suppress
11:39 am
conservative speech. >> reporter: this isay after a house hearing about the spread of white supremacyci on media. >> without question, they are using online platforms to ecruit new members -- >> reporter: ironically that hearing was streamed on youtube and met with the same extremism under disssion. >> the comments section on youtube was filled with hateful comments and white supremacist language to the pubnt where yo itself, google stepped in and shut down the comment section. eporter: tech companies have the difficult job of curving violence under platforms a violence and preserving the market place of ideas. >> they are trying to figure out where the line in the sand is between censorship and free speech. >> reporter: without government guidancet >> they can' agree with the line is. and i think that is part of the problem. >> reporter:s tech compani struggle with content struggle , lawmakers to regulate them. liz mclaughlin, n news. > well they're having a time working that out but you're
11:40 am
having no trouble seeing how the weekend will turn out. >> yeah. it going to be a wash-out >> no. periods of rain and most of the day on saturday dry but sunday better chance ofer rain sh >> wash the pollen away. >> there you go. that is a good point. because that tree polle is out of control. especially over the last couple of days with no rain. again we are going to see some rain chances increasing as we hd into the afternoon and evening. now not only light showers out there through the evening commuterom now untilhe evening but heavy rain later on tonight and even some thunderstorms. what you coue, we do have rain chances through your saturday morning and then again on sunday. onen again ony morning. we finally have a dry day, completely dry ay ontuesday. we see a few showers getting for -- getting underway and up into the area into warrenton and the shenandoah valley. this is a littleit of moisture streaming on up. so we'll continue to see the light showers o of this from now until we go through the
11:41 am
evening commut back here is this very slow-moving cold frontosg energy and it is moving to the east. and it is moving again really slowly. that is likely not in our area until after about 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. t temperatures on the up and up. we're topping out around the low 70s today. if you are on the water here in opportunityington,robably in the mid-70s for you. despite the cloud cover. we'll get b a littleezy in the afternoon and evening. and then again keeping an eye on thunderstorms later on tonight. so 11:30, here we go. ndeing the light showers moving through the area we'll continue to have the light showers through the evening commute. so maybe a few shourrs around, riends and family make their way home. as we go into the late evening, look at this. this is at 9:30, this is the frontal system starting to come through. so even thunderstorms after about 8:00 tonight. and this line is moving just as slow as what we just saw west virginia. so this will continue to move through, through the overnight and even tomrow morning we'll have a few showers around.
11:42 am
but it will sweep out of here as get through your saturday afternoon and then maybe an isolated chance of a shower on paturday and into sunday morning. sunday on sunday, so again as you wake up for church, we will have few showers. take that umbrella because by the time you leave we could have showers an thunderstorms around on sunday afternoon and sunday night. some of those coulde strong. temperatures in the mid-70s. it will be a little foggy tomorrow morning. and then a little muggy as we get into your sunday. oh, yeah, we're talking about humidity. so isolated chances of rain on saturday night into sunday morning and then we'll have those storm possible on sunday night, into monday. we'll talk more about that ten-day forecast and show you exactly what we're expecting for next week, if we hav
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11:44 am
i'm looking at your traffic and roads and rails for this weekend. so a lot of things thhappening. cherry blossom parade starts
11:45 am
at 10:00 a.m. on saturday and runs along constitution avenue between 7th and 17th in northwest. so let's take a look at what is close.0 from 3 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., constitution between seventh and tenth, fourth andnd seventh between constitution and independence. a.m., es starting at 9:00 constitution between tenth and 23rd. 17th between new york andde inndence and no access to the 14th street -- from 14th stre bridge, that corridor. as we look at the rest of the weekend,mancipation day parade on saturday, thera celon. freedom plaza shutting down at 7:00 a.m. on saturday. that parade starts at 2:00 p.m. pennsylvania avenue closed between 9th and 14th and that closure begins at 1:00 p.m. caps and nats at home thisen we so of course to navy yard ballpark and for theapsames on saturday at 3:00 p.m. right here on nbc4. a maryland police of
11:46 am
making a difference one lyric at a time. a 26-year-old baltimore officer known as saint the rapping cop on instagram. ♪ ♪ >> when joshua jackson isn't rapping in the recording studio, he's patrolling the street ofs baltimore. craig melvin talked with him and asked him how he's changing the imag of the department. >> i have kids now who walk uph to me last week were running from the police and now he'se walking up to me, you the guy who raps. how do you do this and how do you do that? and then that rap conversation turns into, hey, man, so how is your life and then every tim we run into each other it is, oh, man, that's a goodig cop there. >> jackson is fromnn arundel county. six alexandria city public schools have gotten amazon grants for stem and this morning we're seeing how the grant is helping inspire the next generation of engineers.
11:47 am
nbc4 meagan fitzgerald has more. >> we connect on our computer to corol the robot wireless. >> reporter: when it comes to stem, or science, technology, engineering and imagine. do you have any other questions before we try driving it? >> reporter: alexandria citls public schs working to create leaders of the future. even using student from the tc williams high school robotics team to inspire the younger kids. >> and then back. the principal at cora kelly elementary school where many of the students are economically disadvantaged. >> we have a stem lab where students have an opportunity to create and collaborate and communicate because we're working hard to create a pipeline for our students into high-tech fields. >> reporter: thanks to amazon at process will become a lot easier. they were one of six schools awarded a $10,000 grant and other helpful tools. >> they'll get access to coaches and professional development for our teachers.
11:48 am
>> reporter: the company is moving its second headquarters to crystal city and said it is i committed toesting in the community. >> it's funo drive it. and it's cool watching it. >> reporter: and the olderre students investing in the younger generation, too. >> and it is so rerding to see a problem and then figure out a solution and be really proud of the work you've do i. >> reporteis a commitment on all levels. make sure all kids, no matter which neighborhood they come from, are exposed to a career field with the potential to change the world. in alexandria, megagan fitzgerald, >>nbc4. with the weekend forecast including mix of sunshine and some rain, you might want to have some indoor and outdoor plans. nbc4 tommy mcfly has some ideas for the weekend. >> this weekend at the box office, missing link makes the debut with zack galifianakis and
11:49 am
zoey zald anna about one professor's quest to prove that creatures -- well like that, really do exist. >> you must understand my objective here was to find proof of you. my name depends upon it. >> also hell boy and lite make their big screen debut. the crry blossoms may be o of season but the pop-up bar is still going strong through the weekend. you could get your last-minute picks and some ntalgia around d.c.'s favorite blooms. have you seen chelsea lately? well she's doing her sitdown comedy tour. chelsea handler will be at the warner theater this weekend. and see vibrant blooms and blossoms and tulips and more at the white house garden tour open to the public this weekend. now you do have to get yourself tickets. but the link to those tickets are . in the nbc washington app. with for your weekend, i'm tommy
11:50 am
mcfly, news4. and another look at your weekend forecastn just a minute and later today on "ellen" likely presidential candidate pete butteigig is stopping by. >> my french is pretty good. my spanish is good enough,e i could g an interview, it is halting but i could do it. i could read through an article in norwegian and arabic, italiao and a coupl others. >> me too. [ laughter ] >> the mayor also responds to criticisms from vice pesident mice. so be sure to catch "ellen" today at 3:00 and then stick around for nbc4t a
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saturday night live is all new this emma stone is making her fourth appearance as host. mark bargeroalked to of the show's newer cast members about adjusting to life in studio 8-h. >> reporter: heidi gardner foun e was joining snl in a phone call from lorn mikeles. >> i didt want to scream in his ear and then when the call was over i screamed and cried in my car. >> reporter: chris red got a similar call but breached protocol right away by tellingo his r. >> he had me on speaker phone with ten other people around and i was like -- oh, yeah, everybody in this room knows.
11:54 am
you're not supposed to tell anybody. >> repter: and now two years in, redd said playing kanye west is one of the higights, and he only had a day to prepare. >> it is me listening to him over and over again and i was listening to him too much because he was making some points. >> and gardene has t girlfriend in every boxing movie. >> because i'm taking the kids to my sistams. >> it ce from me watching movies and being i'm pretty sure these women are saying the same thing. >> i can't pick a favorite. >> reporter: this week guard mer and company are preparing with host emma stone which means the unusual long work days. >> i used to be a very consistent, go to bed at 10:30 and wake up at 7:30 and that is not how it goes now. >> it is the only job that outworks me. i've always tried to outwork every job and this one, i'm like, okay, i need a couple of hours to sleep. >> reporter: for the snl cast, that is what sundays are for. mark barger, nbc news.
11:55 am
i made a delivery here last night. >> uh-huh. >> and it is the funniest thing but i think i left my daughter's baby blanket in the car. she calls it her nubby. >> so tell us about this dubby. >> it is an all new "good girls" here on nbc4. when rio gives beth an assignment she's forced to take her kids wit and it doesn't end well. meanwhile under pressure from agent turner, ruby cronees a here is no coming back from. "good girls" airs sunday nighta 10:00. in san francisco, there is a modern stone-age problem. a town wants a woman who lives there to remove all of this. all of these statues from her mult million dollar plin stones home. she said she didrot get pro permits to build 15 foot tall
11:56 am
dinosaurs in the backyard and want the home labelled a public nuisance. she's counter suing and claiming the town is infringing on her first amendment rights. both sides are prepared for a long legal stone-age battle. >> looks very colorful there. it looks lik her yard is a lot of fun, lauryn. >> i want to see the inside of that house. multimillion-dollar, that is a lot of money on something like that. but to each his own. we have a few showe out there. bring your own umbrella because you may need it later on tonight. isolated showers between now and through the evening commute and this frontal system taking its time to get through the area bus we'l some thunderstorms weakening as we go after about 7: 8:00 tonight. so there is your isolated showers. here is that frontugoming th after 8:00, 9:00, it is going to take the good old time get ago cross the area. we'll keep lingering showers into tomorrow morning. most of the day is dry tomorrow bu maybe an isolated shower late saturday night and into early sunday morning.
11:57 am
now sunday chances of rain increase throughout the day. the winds increase and it is muggy on sunday. temperatures mid-70s. we'll keep a chanceai of an shower early on monday and then dry out all the way until next frid. >> thanks, lauryn. later this month, nbc4 is working for you in-depth look at our chaing climate and how it is impacting your family and money and health and eve your commute. our primetime special airs on earth day, apr 22nd, at 7:30 here on nbc4. and that is it for "news4 midday." thanks for joining us this morning. we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. and reldmber, you c get news and weather updates any time with the nbc washington app. great afternoon ande'll see yo wu a.k.a. hump day.
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