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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this sunday. we're in weather alert mode. >> absolutely. we'll use that word transportation because of thet transpf the air from the mid to upper levels of the ne how ere will deter severe our weather will be as we continue for this sunday. great sunday, everyone. if you're just joining us for your 9:00 a.m. hour, you will see what we have been watching throughout the morning is a very extensive, very extensi line of showers and thunderstorms that have lined up from ohio all the way d to georgia. this is a tornado watch for the area from matlanta,ing eastward. we're picking up light rain showers now, commonwealth of louis a. f st. before the storm moves across our area. for us, it is rather tranquil and stable for our area for now. with that, the headlines, showers will be across the area throughout the d today. hopefully we don't get any sunshine because if we do, will further destabilize the atmosphere and that means overnight thunderstorms, withea some rain and wind.
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all the details when i meet you guys in just a few minutes. we'll talk about it. >> all right, thanks, clay. we're tracking some breakingow newsn prince george's county. a homicide investigation is now under way in suitland. >> gunfire from overnight has left a man dead, sent anoth the hospital, police found them at a home along maywood lane. w that'sre we find news 4's derrick ward. what do we know about all this? >> reporter: we do know that this is still an active crime scene. it is about 3:00 a.m. when this started and as is it is an homicide investigation, it takes some time tot things out. we also noted they brought a canine in and they're doing canvas of the area. that's keepi inin ining residen their homes right now while they do the investigation. this is the scene earlier. about 3:00 a.m. when police were called to maywood lane. this is the short street which is a mix of houses and and what we are told is when they got here, they found two adult males inside a residence,
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both had bn shot, one pronounced dead, the other taken to the hospital. again, invesgators are still on the scene here, we don't have any identifications or any informpeion on s lookouts at this point. this investigation still active here. just off suitland road. that's where we're live, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll stay on top f thatone. that shooting was not far from several other violent cidents yesterday along southern avenue at the d.c./maryland line. d.c. police andrince george's county police are investigating all of this. first, a man was stabbed to death on southern avenue near wheeler road in southeast d.c. that's about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. a few hours late, prince george's county police got word of a shooting on southern avenue in the boulevard heights neighborhood. that person is expected to survive. d.c. police called back to southern avenue ahis time for shooting near the suitland parkway. mon no word on that victim's condition. just las l weekders in the
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district and prince gegeor's county said they'll be working together to cut down on crime along that shared border. now to a story you saw first on news 4. zards playerevin robinson is facing charges for fighting outside a d.c. nightclub. the team saysovhey'll be mg on without him nextas seon. police arrested robinson early yesterday morning. he allegedly got into a physical fight with philadelphia eag s player jalen mills. beith pl both players arrested outside the opera lounge. they're charged with disorderly affray which generally refers to public fighting. the wizards released this statement saying, we're aware th the inciden morning involving devin and disappointed in his actions. we willot extend him a qualifying offer for the 02 2019 season. >> politics now, happening today, a major actouncement ex from potential democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg. the mayor of south bend, indiana, teased this on his facebook page, he's expected to announce a run for president at
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noon b buttigieg has jump up to the front pack of a f crowdedld of democratic candidates. have it see how that goes. democratic candidate beto o'rourke is comingre to our this week. he'll become the first 2020 hopeful to hit virginia. the former congressman fm el paso plans to spend tuesday and tednesday in the commonwealth, attending a hos of grassroots events from norfolk to hearlottesville to alexandria. you can catch latest on the current president's immigration battle later this morning o "meet the press." chuck todd and the panel will break down another wild week at the white house. that all starts at 10:30 here after news 4 today. two events are expected to collide today.ia virg governor ralph northam will be holding a campaign event for first time sincere a pic from his medical school yearbook surfaced months ago. one ofan the oations is calling for his resignation will protest.g a today the fairfax naacp plans to protest outside the campaign event at the berk ponds community center in berk, ia
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virg back in february, northam first admitted and apologized for being one of the men in the photo aer then lat back tracked and said he's not in the picture. thousands line constitution avenue to catch glimpse of the annual cherry blossom festival parade. ther was fun for all, balloons, floats, music, dance performaes, and we spotted waldo. if the parade wasn't ough, the japanese street festival was held yesterday. vendors traveled from all over the world to attend and celebrate japanese culture. >> hard to miss that waldoe. th earth day is not officially until april 22nd, but thousands of people were out in full force and in earthve day to help ater ct the anacostia shed. the focus yesterday went well r beyond tiver itself, but also to the communities upstream. volunteers helped by picking up cans, cups, bottles and other trash that would otherwise end up in the water. >> a lot of people don't make the connection from the land to the >>water.
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've never been here before. it is a gorgeous park. it just needs a little bit of cleanup. >> the effdt invol volunteers at more than 30 sites in d.c. and the ult goal to have the river swimable and fishable by 2032. >> very cool. another day of service event brought out several volunteers to better serve theolge park area. yesterday was also good neighbor day. nearly aeo thousande took part in service projects like this cleanup and tree plantinga at artemesia. this is the eighth annual good neighbor day. the project is organized by the university of maland, the city of college park and the national capital park and planning commission. later this month, news 4 is working for you with an in depth look at our changing climate. see how it is impacting your family, your money, your alth, even your commute. our primetime special airs on earth day april 22nd at 7:30 right here on nbc 4. well, the celebration has not stopped in charlottesville as fans bask in the cavs' national championship win.
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yesterday university of virginia fans packed the stadium to honor the cavaliers ata s s taking th title. the fans showed them how much they appreciated the team bri bringing the title back home to charlottesville. >> i think our general manager is still celebrating. >> i think she is still on cloud nine. at's right. take a look here. talk about rocking the red. overtime thrillerives the caps another victory in the playoffs. >> keep pulling these out. they're up re. the caps now lead the series 2-0 in their best of sevenheeries with t carlur hcanes. here is how it all went down. five minutes left in the game, carolina on the power play, a deflection into the net, it goes to ot. then in ot, unlikely hero, defenseman brooks orpikthaves day. not really known for his goalin scorg, watch him come into your left here,boom, top net,
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upper corner, caps win it e real test as they head to carolina,an they win one or sweethe series down there? game three tomorrow night at 7:00. th off it a hot start.y see if t can make it happen. with more than a million orl 100on devices out there, alexa is by far the most populao of smartea spkers. you got to check out this storyu we'll tell y how that popularity became a headache for the family of a 3-year-old with th
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welcome back. technology certain shapes o lives. our culture, our world. and devices like the amazon echo have become such a part of our day to daylife. >> alexa can do all sorts of things from telling you the weather and playingusic to adding things to your shopping cart. it is convenient, but what
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happenshen it starts to encroach on your identity. we caused some people some >> as soon as you say alexa, you know -- >> it is listening.ka >> erionzalez has reaction from one local family. >> reporter: luke and h wife lisa are parents to this nearly 3-year-old little gi. >> she is just very outgoing, very talkative, she is very sassy. i would call her a daddy's girl. >> reporter: like most parents, the couple thought long and hard about what they would name their they settled on a name after two grandparents. the thing is, that name became popular. really popular. >> tell me about her name. what is your daughter's name? >> her name is alexa. >> reporter: see where this is going? for the sake of not setting off every device in the viewing whea, now is a good time to turn off your you know at. od? okay. let's continue. while the couple heard of the device before their child's arrival, they didn't think much of it. >> we're, like, who knew what it would become, another passing technology.
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we had already fell in love with the name so we named her alexa, which we still love to this day. >> reporter: however, you can imagine the jokes and the couple says they're over it. >> it doesn't happen anymore imth our friends, they know us now, but all thewith new people. like, when we were -- when she was getting her tonsils out, tht nurse sai her, oh, your name isal a, can i buy you? can you tell me the weather? >> reporter: according to baby center, alexa was one of the top 30 names in the country in 2015 just as the device was being released. every year after that -- the name has dropped in popularity. couple says they're now using nicknames. >> what do your friends call ouu? who do they say your name? >> lex. >> they call you lex. what do mommy and daddy call you? >> lexa. >> we don't know what is to come. so we're sort of taking bold move to try and alleviate any
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future issues for her. >> reporter: in their house, on there is onlalexa and that's the real one. but they do have a google home. >> okay, google, what's the weather today? >> reporter: they're so concerned, in fact, they actually wrote to the founder of amazon, jeff bezos, and proposed renaming the device. >> somebody did -- i did get a response. i did. i did get a response. >> somebody that works for jeff bezos? >> reporter: the company explained the name comes from a library stay stored the knowledge of the ancield and while they would pass along the couple's session, amazon has no plans on changi the famous name anytime soon. >> just this serves society change where machines are being treated very similarly to the y we talk to each other. and therefore our kid is being sort of put in that. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. >> so i had a frien message me on instagram and said you h -e
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grea it did change when we talkinabout it earlier, it changed to computer. >> you can change the name.'t have to be it can be computer. computer. or it can be echo. so you -- should we change it to echo? say, alexa, change your name to echo. and then everybody- >> i did not have anything to do with that. i wano everyone know. >> call me echo in a couple of minutes. echo or computer or alexa. i feel like little alexa i actually going to think that's pretty cute as we get older. we don't know if it will be alexa. what will it be? melissa in. >> adam, changing that name quick. taking a look outside right now, 66 degrees, the question is when is that rain coming? we'll talk with meteorologist clay andern coming
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she is that friendly face that helps college students at the university of mary washington, but grace ann braxton is a special olympian. >> back from her fourth world games and wearing new hardware at the lunch counr, a silver medal. >> as david culver shows us, this week grace ann learned how much she means to the campus community. >> ready? braxton er: grace ann just clocked out. about to ste into an unexpected celebration. but before she does, let's go
9:18 am
back a few hours. >> i love -- >> reporter: behind the counter oat the universityf mary washington, grace ann at work, dishing up lunch. for22 years on campus, she's been dishing up a side of joy also. >> positive, just, like, a ray of sunshine and happiness. >> reporter: basketball players maddie and johnny say every home game you can count on seeing grace ann in the stands. >> i feel like everyon has their special relationship individually with her. me whenever i see her, a handshake. >> she's always there, like, supporting us and cheering us on. >> rep ster: thedents are now cheering on grace ann. >> i've been golfing for 22 ars. >> reporter: she's competed in her fourth special olympics world games. >> i have just about that small of an disability it doesn't bother me of who i amnd what
9:19 am
kind of decisiisability as i has long as i can get my jobdone, it might take me longer to get things done, but as long as i can get them done, i feel fine about it,ecause that's who i am. >> she doesn't feel different here. she's just like everybody else. that's how it works. >> reporter: her boss of 16 years clearly moved, just thinking abo what grace ann means to this community. >> we're a family here. and we love her. and i do. >> reporter: which brings us back to the loving surprise. a campus gathering, celebrating ace ann's accomplishment aens tha thank i and thanking her for the joy she spreads. >> trying to go back to another job, i wouldn't. i would stay right here. this is my community. this is where i belong. >> a special olympian, back home, where she belongs. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: in fredericksburg,
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virginia, david culver, news 4. >> wow. that is so sweet. eethat's so thank you. >> great story out of david culver. aeat. >> what inspirational woman. >> it is people like that that just make all theen diff, you know, just can brighten your whole day. >> sotely. all right. not so bright today. >> which is good news. >> yeah, right. >> for the restek of the >> too much sunshine, unstable atmosphere. >> we'll talk about h you bake a cake and create severe weather at the same time. that's t. we're going put it all together for you. this is sunday morning. >> we're ready to learn. >> you're with me. we start out with the tempatures as we show you the first graphic. the ingredients for severes weather is you bake a cake, you must have warm temperatures on the surface. now, our normal high temperature for this date in april is about 64 degrees. and wha we're looking at now is 66 degrees in town.
9:21 am
and 64 degrees down to our south. we have plenty of warm air in place. the second thing we need to bake that cake, the severe weather, is a radarhat shows a line, a squall line of thunderstorms, a tornado watch down into snatlan. to the north and west in st. louis, so a very large robust moisture driven system that is moving from the west to the east. those ingredients, they're going to keep on coming, everyone. for us, we're looking at now someight raishowers, interstate 81 across the shenandoah valley. these are rain shows. but they' moving our way. future weather in motion shows again throughout the afternoon, we're going to show you the first line of showers. they'll start t to the west about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. and move across the area. notice behind the next line that should be two major lines of storms that will move across the area. this says0 a.m., may be reoser to midnight. those ients is you need moisture on the surface, and strong moisture and windsaloft.
9:22 am
heavy rain is what we expect for the first round of storms. annd strong i do not think as of now the first line will have a tornadoes. it depends if you have sunshine, the sunshine causes the moisture to rise, upperevel instability, so the atmosphere like a cake becomes more unstable when you a heat to a cake what does it do? it rises. all right. heav rain, possible flooding, if it is severe weather, seek shelter, go indoors and everyone says stay safe. we'll give you all of the details and stay with us throughout the day. back to you. >> i'm mark murray of nbc news. >> i'm carrie dan. >> the democratic field isn't set yet but the2020 contest is shaping up in the key early states of iowa and new e. hampsh some new polls out last week give us the snapshot of where things stand. s>> the newveys in iowa and new hampshire both have joe biden in first place. followed by bernie sanders. and south bend mayor pete buttigieg has rocketed up to
9:23 am
third place in both states. >> here is ourquestion, though, bernie sanders dominated in the new hampshire prima in2016. and he clinton in the iowa caucus. is heg com a pretty distant second? >> keep in mind, it is very early and biden isn't even technically a candidate yet. and these are just two polls with a pretty wide margi of error. >> one of the big stories this early should be if you're treating bernie sanders as a front-ruer and not as an
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a horrifying story from the mall of american minnesota. >> this one is tough. a 5-year-old boy conti fes to figh his life after being thrown off a third story balcony by a stranger. police say this man, emanu aranda, grabbed the boy and threw him over an inside balcony. ook off running toward the mall transit stop before he was stopped. the boy was rusped to the hoal with very serious injuries. court records show the 24-year-old was charged with two previous incidents at that very same mall. aranda faces charges of attempted homicide. check out this fiery video from the new jerseyal boar you can see plumes of black smoke rising to the sky as firefighters useoses to put out the flames. crews rush to the scene yesterday and had trouble keeping the fire under control.
9:27 am
they were finally able to contain it tost a reaurant. no injuries have been reported as of yet. no word on what sparked that fire. out and on the wt coast, a teenager accused of stabbing his mom to death is back in custody. surveillance video captured the moment that he escaped from the orange county probation department early friday morning. he was lat found just six miles away at a mcdonald's. for the first time, alane with the longest wingspan took to the sky over the mojave desert. the jet is called the strato launch, with six engines and is longer than a football field. yesterday it flew around for more than two hours before safely landing. the plane is designed to carry loads weighing up to 650 tons. the designers hope to use it to send small rockets with satellites into orbit. >> looks interesting, right? side by side? >> it does. >> cool stuff there.
9:28 am
time is 9:27 on this sunday morning. take a live look at the white house here. little dreary out there, it is humid. it is already warm. 66 degrees and some thundersrms could be on the way. clay anderson says we're weather alert. stic
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severe weather is on the way. storm team 4's weather alert, tracking some intense storms to end your weekend. more than a month after this picture was found in governor ea northam'sook page, he's
9:31 am
getting out on the campaign trail again and protesters will be thereith him. still calling for his resignation. it wasn't a dominating performance, but the caps won again. a full rundown of thega dramati two victory before the team heads south. "news 4 today" starts now. >> a win is win. they're up 2-0. and -- >> lked good inirst round matchup against the hurricanes. welcome in, 9:31 on this sunday g, good morning to you. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm melissa mollet. thank you for joining us on this sunday. right now, joining us anderson. tell us more about what is happening outside today, clay. >> it is good news and bad news. good news is tha believe it o not, it is cloudy, it is dreary. some light rain and drizzlehe acrossarea. that's good news. you say why? if we had sunshin system i'm about to show you, we're looking at definite severe weather moving into our area. with that, we show you what's going onm now, this storm sys has been around for the last
9:32 am
several days, still ernado watchely in the afternoon, early in the morning for areas in georgia, the line of thunderstorms goes all the way up to kentucky, zmoe snow is fa with this system around the horn in st. louis. entire system will be coming our way. the question is how will it affect us. ne will affect us in a one-two punch, first in of showers will be early in the evening, second one during the overni wt and whal happen is the winds will pick up in the afternoon. storms again develop during the evening. the overnight as that cold front converges across our region as it moves heast,vy rain and wind. all those details and more of the timing when we talk in just a few minutes. back to you. >> clay, thank you very much. we are tracking breaking news coming in from prince george's county. overnight shooting in suitland ther one man dead, a rushed to the hospital. prince george's county police say this happened just after 3:00 this morning on maywood ndlane. they fwo men shot at a home, one taken to the hospital, no word on his condition.
9:33 am
the other man was already dead. right nowetectives are trying to identify a motive and any suspects, you'll want to stay wi news 4 as more information comes in on this story. this shooting was not far olent everal other vice lent s incidents on saturday. d.c. police and prince george's county police are investigating first a man stabbed to death on southern avenuhe near weler road in tsoutheast. ab2:30 yesterday afternoon. hours later, prince george's county police got word of a shooting on southern avenue. and the boulevard heights neighborhood. police tell us that person is expected to survive. then d.c. police called back to southernnue again this time for a shooting at suitland parkway. no word on that victim's condition, police say the gunman drove off in a black sedan. last week, leaders in d.c. and prince george's county announce they'll be working tether to cut down on crime along their shared border. we're following a developing ge's out of prince ge county. police are searching for whoever killed a man in ft. washington
9:34 am
night.iday they found him shot outside a home on tucker road, off st. barnabas road. he didn't survive. no word on a suspect or motive there. but once we learn more we'll post that latest iormation in our nbc washington app. now to a story you saw first onew 4, wizards player devin robinson facing charges for fighting outside a d.c. nightclub. the team says they'll be moving on without him next season. d.c. police arrested robinson earlyay yeste morning. he allegedly got into a physical mills.ith jalen both players were arrested i side the opera lounge on street. they're charged with disorderly affray which generally refers to public fighting. the wizardseleased this statement saying we are aware of the incidentan this mornin involving devin and disappointed in his actions. we will not extend him aqu ifying offer for the 2019-2020 season. >> turning n f torfax county, a 74-year-old woman is dead after falling out of a car
9:35 am
that she was getting out of and beinguck by that same car. this happened on peyton randolph drive in falls church friday afternoon. police say amolia was getting out of the passenger side of a car. that car drifted backwards, nothinging her down the driver started to accelerate, not realizing the car was still in reverse. she was struck and then rushed th the hospital where she later died. driver did stay on the scene and police say no charges are expected to be filed here. two events are expected to collide today. virginia governor ralph northam holding ave campaign for first time since a racist picture from hissed medical sc yearbook surfaced. and a protest. today, the naacp plans to protest outside the campaign event at the berk ponds community center in berk, virginia. back in february, nortedm first admind apologized to being one of the men in the photo. he later back tracked and said he was notn that picture.
9:36 am
take note today as you head out, the speed limits are back up on the bw parkway. that's good news. rightow the national park service says the speed limit between route 197 and route 32 is back up to 55 miles an hour. the park service lowered the speed limit last month because of the huge potholes that developed along that stretch of the parkway. >> celebrations marking the end ofark chapter in history. it i the 157th anniversary of emancipation day, the day president abraham lincoln freed mo3, than 000 enslaved people who lived in t. district yesterday, d.c. mayor muriel bowser and congresswoman eleanor holmes norton participated in a parade along pennsylvania avenue followed by a concert there at freedom plaza. two down and 14 no go. the caded 14 more playoff wins now and they will bring the stanley cup back to -- the cup was here last week. >> the caps are two wins closer to getting on their way. >> they jumped out to a lead and
9:37 am
w it wiped away but the team was able to figure things out in overtime to get a win. dave johnson has more capital one arena. >> the washington capitalna wit caron their minds this morning because they head to carolina to take on the rricanes with a 2-0 series lead. after a thrilling game at capital one arena on turday. the capitals led by their stars, tom wilson, coming through to brk the tie against the hurricanes and fans hoping, hey, that was a winner.ut well, b carolina forced overtime. and then an unlikely hero put on his cape. gabrooks orpik scored the winner, first since the stanley cup final. not known for go scoring but a crucial part of this win. >> orpik is our super weapon, good for us and good for him. always good to see a guy like him to score, especially in overtime. hugeoal.
9:38 am
>> probably not countfor too many goals. >> i think if you want to have uns, you need everybody chipping in and doing things they don't normally do. ke that, leaders that don't score a ton of goals, they come up in big moments for you. it is a little extra special when you get a little extra excited to go and jump on him and rub your glove in his face and give him a hug. >> orpik is five years o than anyone on the capitals now this capitals team heads to carolina with a 2-0 series lead. even more smiles on the faces of the capitals players, but also more work to be done. cap one arena, dave johnpon, news 4 ss. >> ally ight. hope tn keep it up. it is palm suny. expect the pews to be packed for ndpalm sunday this morningor the last week of lent, you can take a spiritual journey with the "today" show. starting tomorrow, join savannah guthrie as she travels to jerusalem to visit the places e and people at nter of faith for millions around the world. that journeytarts tomorrow morning on nbc after "news 4 today."
9:39 am
still ahead, a spotlight on service in oury. commun leon harris introduces us to the local police officer dedicatg o much of her time to our students. students. she is this we
9:40 am
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we expect s police tove our communities. katie beard is invested in the she's done a lot of good work during her 19 years on the force. >> perhaps none as rewarding as her current assignment. it is why one of her neibors nominated her to be this week's harris' hero. y >> reporte could be looking at the next generation of monomery county police officers here in this classroom. >> what do we use handcuffs for? >> bad guys. >> to put on the bad guys, right? >> reporter: what katie beard dares about is these kids know they have a friho is a
9:42 am
police officer. >> especially later in life, when the kids start to go through adolescence and get into the peer pressure, they know th they have that one person that was always there for them. >> reporter: this visit at drew elementaool is just one of three community events that officer beard will participate in today. her dedication is why michelle james nominated her to be a hero. >> her whole day is filled with this, she's a blessing to montgory county. >> reporter: it is her job, but officer beard goes above and beyond to make herself available. >> she'llnswer anybody's question anytime. >> reporter: she wants to drive ise that montgomery county her home too. >> i go to swim practice, just like you have lacrosse withour kids. and i try to get that human o elemen there too, and i think that helps a lot with building relationships. >> reporter: cheesecake with a cop, meeting with seniors,co ecting baby supplies for teen moms, for more than 19 years, officer beard has been finding those kinds of creative ways to engage in the community.
9:43 am
>> it is important for me to be out there and be visible and cople know theyan ask me questions and they can come up and they talk to me. >> reporter: back insidehe class looroo classroo they can use their road radio, hoping one day they remember they have ariend in blue. >> see you guys later. >> thank you for michelle for writing in and nominating officer beard. >> if you have a hero you would ake to nominate, head to our nbc washington a do it there. a live look outside right nowt 9:43. our front lawn here in northwest d.c. aez b now. 66 degrees. we could be seeing some showers later wetoday. l check bacin with clay k
9:44 am
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welcome back. s culinaools across the country, they're turning out pretty well trained chefs.h many w long held dreams of becoming recognized as tops in their >> but notone making it to the top went to school to earn top culinaryon titles. on news 4, barbara harrison has the story of one award w winning local chef who ended up in the kitchenecause he was hungry. >> what did you season the shrimp with? >> our cajun seasoning. >> that's chef sammy davis jn' but call him chef.
9:47 am
he hates it. >> i hate cooking. >> you don't like to cook. >> i hate cooking. i hate being in the kitchen, i hate cking, i hate everything that has to do with it. >> reporter: a strange reaction for someone who worked his way up the ladder in kitchens like this for years. to earn the respected title of seasoned chef. he calls it a catch-22. the name he's given to his brand-new restaurant at the corner of georgia and missouri avenues in washington. catch-22 because he may hate g, cookin but customers sure seem to love what he cook >> just like that. >> reporter: sammy davis is a mm junior, but say davis sr. wasn't around much and neither s s his mother. >> she was on drst of her life when she had us. >> reporter: his father? i >> my dad was killed whes a kid. >> reporter: that's when sammy and his sister began being shuffled between relatives and family acquaintances.n bornchmond, they eventually ended up moving home to home hereshington, and at every new school, sammy showed athletic promise. but frequent moves were not only
9:48 am
from home to home, but state to state. sammy ended up in atlanta, georgia, at 16 living in the streets, sviving on petty imes. >> that's how i survived in the streets for the longest while i was in the streets, robbing and stealing >> reporter: where did you learn how to cook? >> i got into the restaurant business so i couleat. >> reporter: he became a cracker jack dishwasher at a mcdonald's in atlanta. and then kept moving to bigger and fancier restaurants, always beginning at the sink and moving up. >> the good ing about a dishwasher is that the dishwasher sees everything. he's kinof like the -- you know like they say bench players become the best coaches becausel the bencers can see the whole game. >> reporter: he watched and he learned. and finally -- >> i went from dishwasher to executive sous chef in one year. i worked every position in that kitchen. >> reporter: a win on tv's
9:49 am
"chopped" made him a familiar culinary name trross the co he now owns three restaurants in the d.c. area, packing folks in, especially for his shrimp and grits. mm oh, wo the dish is a mainstay at catch-22. >> it all comes together for a great, great meal. >> reporter: another funny catch. sammy was afraid of the ocean as a kid. but now he's like an old salt when it comes to cooking up seood. just don't call him a chef. >> hopefully go from chef to restaurateur tvijust sammy >> good for him. >> sammy davis. >> sammy davis. >> cool name to boot. and a great chef. >> outsid let'see behind us here, isn't the prettiest picture, but better things to come. >> depends how you look at from arologist standpoint, we want to be accurate. everyone else we want sunshine on our sunday. >> yesterday was nice.
9:50 am
>> yesterday was nice. last weekend was nice. and today will be nice. if we don't get strong winds, hail and gusty surface winds, that will be nice also. as we show you clouds outside right noph the atme on the surface is rather stable. temperatures are on the warm side. the dew point is also on t warm side. which means you're looking at temperatures in the 60s. 64 degrees currently just to our west, esdu 66 degrees in town. normal high temperature today is 66 de the dew points are in the 60s. that is how much moisture is in the atmosphere. when you look at relative humiditynd 80 to 90%, it fuels a line of thunderstorms which you're looking at now. these thunderstorms are been going all night long. they continue to track from the west to the east. georgia now getting hammere with a squaw line of severe weather. this storm system is very potent
9:51 am
and moving our for us, light rain showers as you can see, starting to move across o area, interstate 81, interstate 66 picking up the xpowers. what it for us, round one, is two round system, everyone, heavy rain for the first round. possible i ty possibility of strong winds. i don't think tornadoes aren our offing. when you are in thunderstorms, heavy rain, possiblefl ding, we had heavy rain and flooding across our area from time time. ifs t system is severe, seek shelter, go indoors, try not to outside if it is severe weather. everyone stay safe when you are out and about. with that, here is the forecast, quickly, everyone, we'll syow that from sunday to monday we go, windy conditions for youo ay. northwesterly winds, only temperatures in the 60s drop to the 40s. drop to the 40s in town, upper 30s to our st. and then believe it or not, we
9:52 am
rebound once again, high mamperatures in the mid-70s once again. e some storms for next weekend. but we'll be right back in a few minu s. stay with. stay with.
9:53 am
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9:55 am
and life member of the kentland voluntr fire department. our cory smith has more on his life and his legacy. > we're going to remember what chris did, not jusre, but overseas. >> reporter: there are few jobs more dangerous than one is u.s. marine. christopher slutman did both,is dedicatedife to protecting those at home and abroad. half a world away from the war zo where he made the ultimate sacrifice,irefighters at the kentland volunteer fire department are honoring him and the legacy he leaves behind. you want the perso next to him. >> reporter: he remembers the laseer than life character w unmistakable presence was always felt around the firehouse. >> he demanded a lot oflot of r because of his courage. >> reporter: he was awarded for his courage after pulling an unconscious woman from a burning
9:56 am
bui building. when he wasn't serving his commity, he was serving h country as a staff sergeant in the marine corps. clifford mays perhaps hist treasured role was at home. >> much of a firefighter as much as he was a marine, he was a loving father and husband. >> reporter: though he's gone, his presence can be felt here. it is near the locker that he left before his final deployment, it is spelled out in the citation he received for his t bravery. and in the hearts of every kentland firefighter who considered him notust a friend, but a brother. >> i'm better for having him pave the way for me tbe here today. for all of us to be here today to continue on his legacye and how helped build this place and what it is and keep riding the fire trucks for him. >> we have ant slutman's life a legacy in our nbc washington
9:57 am
app. search firefighter. > at 9:57, let's take a live look outside. i ther a breeze outside union station. it is warm. almost 70t degrees 10:00 in the morning. but some thunderstorms could be on the clay tell us what to expect on this sunday when we come back. sine sine a buss owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins. to one-touch conference calls.
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00>> just about 1 on this sunday morning.
10:00 am
here's what we're following for you on "news 4 today." a lot of greeneaded our way. rain and thundstorms could rauch o wash out the start to our workweek. we have the sunday forecast. gunfire and more deadly violence ripples across a busy roadngy separatin.c. and maryland. now police in prince george's county and the district areg search for answers. >> a fight outside a d.c. nightclub between two pro athletes. now a super bowl champ is facing a possible suspension while a wizards player is left looking for a new team. stay on top of that for sure. we have the flag flapping behind us here on this sunday mo morning. and thank you so much forheing here wus. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm melissa mollet, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for sticking it out. >> thank you. i'll tell you what, it has been a little something with this guy. i'm just meteorologist clay anderson is standing by. clay, outside, we see a little wind and it is going to be a little yuckyak today to way for nicer stuff this


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