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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  April 15, 2019 2:30am-3:30am EDT

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director, secretary, excuse me, s h johnson, has referred to as a criveral times. you can't look at the numbers and deny that we have a crisis. i our view's a security crisis and a humanitarian crisis we have 103,000 migrants either being apprehended or unable to come across the border just last
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month alone, and thes flow different. for years it was single males from mexico who could be afreturnedy to their country of origin. now we have familiesam increasinglyy from these three companies and unaccompanied children. can you and i assure each other and everybody who is watching today we know what happens to the minors oncehey are released into this country? congress can fix this easily all the time that they spend reacting to every single donald trump tweet or the president's statements, they can sit down and do three thiths. can fix tv pra, which is a trafficking victims act where it becomes a magnet for young children to be taken by the arm by an adult and they know it's herer to come number two, fix flores. it's a judicial decision that's holding hostage our ability as a nation to have a little bit more time tohe processsylum claims. after 20 days we must release children into the interior of this country.
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number three, a fix thelum law so those who actually have a credible claim of asylum can havece that p faster. we just have too many people. and that's why the president is looking for more money, more resources, more technology, and help from som of these cities. >> everything you have said, i ave not heard from the president. you have said he is not -- >> i'm here on his behalf. >> i understand that. he sd heants to get rid of asylum law, get rid of judges. >> that's not -- we just had new judges in our package. 75 new immigration judget. >> he said rid of the judges. >> the president is saying let's stop having one jor twoges in this country make immigration law for the entire country. that's's . congress's j >> i'm not talking about the federal judges. i'm talking about immigration judges to deal with the asylum batolog. he wante get -- that is the implication, saying get rid of those judges. does he not want to have asylum judges? >> we need more.
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in fact his 7point immigration pla plan he presented to congress in october of 2017 includes more judges. i e even what congress is willing to pass or did pass included 75 newmigration judges and all the support that would go with that. the support staff and the like, in addition to new technologies athe border. so those who slovote for that, those who voted for hr 6, the largest one piece of legislation to combat the drug crisis, every democrat in the house f voted it. they admitted we have a drug crisis at the border. that's where the meth, cocaine, fentanyl are pouring over. we have an unserious congress not coming ttathe e. the republicans failed to do their job when they were in charge and the democrats aree failing to ctogether in the house. >> how is the president playing a constructive role? he this is david french this h to do with how his critics respond to him. you talked about the tweets.
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they are not alarmed. they mock him. his threats and tweets undermine his ability to make the deals he needs to make. he is testing the political utility of the opposite of teddy roosevelt's admoniti, speak softly and carry a big stick. let's look at what the lastour nths have given us. shut down the government, national energy, shut the border, sending migrants to sanctuary city. we want to sit down, solve this, sound likent doesn't somebody who wants to solve the crisis. >> for him it's everything you just said. he asked for congress to do everything from end the visa lottery system to chain migration. he was willing to do a deal on the dreamers.fa it'se when everybody says there was $25 billion on the table by the dems but the president walked away. that was allocated not appropriated and they know it. in addition to that, the president hasooked at many different options. administratively from the ecutive branch of the government we have done a great deal of work.
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we need the legislature to snde in we need the courts to do something like the ninth circuit did on iday, chuck,hich is at least give us some latitude on this remain in mexico policy. so many of the liberals want the illegal immigrants to remain in america. why not remn in mexico while your climbs of asylum are being processed? this is something that our secretaries, cabinet and the president brokered with mexico. it's safe passage for those families and unaccompanied minors to remain in mexico while their claims of asylum are being processed. but i think, look -- >> but how is -- >> this week, you know, respectfully, from the other side you have this anti-semitico re congresswoman -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. no, no, no. i know what you are trying to do here. the president is trying to br beat democrats. the president is trying to brow beat them to come over. that's no way to get a compromise. mitch mcconnl is saying enough
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already. the president keeps -- >> we will meet them this afternoon if they would like to come to the white house to talk ffout -- the stands. the invitation is open. they were there several times, thes leadership, you know, to avert a government shutdown and then during it. all on this issue. >> it's his way or the highway. he never isre sitting h saying -- >> i disagree. >> okay. what part ofn shutting dhe that'sent, i'll do this, not how anybody would be coerced to saying, yeah, let's sit down and see if we can come and reach common ground. >> they are willing -- they are welcome to come. i will tell you the problem sofrs caucus did come. there is a great frustration against the raij anink and members who represent districts that president trump won in 2016, they have been to the white house, talked to people like me quietly saying they wish that the radical it freshmen who get the magazine covers and all the ink and air time, i guess they are upsth the leadership today though because
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overnight or yesterdayn congresswo rashida tlaib tweeted they are tired of being used because the party is g diverse, can a seat at the table, something it was re-tweeted by ilhan omar. i think there is trouble in pelosi paradise. if she wants to fix immigration, she can. co >> i want to go back to how the president is perhapsmaking this -- here is "the new york times." the president's anti-immigrant rhetoric has super charged the pipeline ofmmigrantsfrom honduras, guatemala, and el salvador. if you ever wanted to go to the united states, they say go now. the president's words, they sort of cataclysmic wor t is shut do border is being used to encourage more people. by smugglers and coyotes. >> yes. will somebody tell the president
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he is doing this? will somebody tell the president that his words are encouraging these coyotes to makeoney off of desperate people? >> theoyotes and smugglers do that anyway. you know that. >> why give them more material? why help them? >> by lying to people, you know daughters are being pumped birth control before they come here. we are forced to give them pregnancy tests w he know how pair le cr laos that journeyuld be. don't come. it's treacherous perilous journey. >> do you mow whow what happens honduras? in 2017, 4 of women andgirls killed in honduras showed signs of mutilation, diigurement and cruelty beyond what was needed to kill them. and inhis story there was some graphic descriptions that are a thousa not appropriate for sunday morning. this is what they're escaping. this is why they are seeking
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asylum in the united states. how do you turn them away? >> when they present their claims of asylum as they did in past administrations those claims are evaluated. they are granted asylum for credible asylum what's hap, chuck, is you have those who are claiming asylum andshould not be -- back to my point. fix or, fix tpra and the asylum system so the credible claims can be processed expeditiously and fairly. we need everybody' help. congress cannot turn a blind eye. they are still obsessed with the 2016 campaign and investating it -- >> but cutting back andti presen himself as somebody that wants to actually make a deal? >> he made this a top issue. i guarantee -- >> hee talks through ism of 2020. he doesn't seem to be a guy who wants a solution. >> he isha willing t them come to the table. the president doesn't make the laws, heutes the laws. congress has to give the fix to
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fl they can fix it, fix tpr, fix the asylumee laws. theyto get back to washington, work as hard as the people who theyse rep work. >> let me ask through a foreign policy pris much why is the president concerned about the humanitarian crisis in vinz and not hondurasnd guatemaland a el salvador? >> we we. >>are giving more money to try to help wief humanitarian rts in venezuela and you just cut off aid almost completely to the three, to honduras, guatemala and el salvador sal. ha>> everybody sees what ien in venezuela. maduro must go. >> i just told you what is happening int'onduras. >>awful. it is. what's happening here, young girls are coming through, can we say we kn who happens to them? we ask like they are released into the iterior of the u.s. and they have a family member or sponsor or way of life and safety and safe passage. they don't. so many are trafficked.
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some ared. murde some are -- some are treated -- are mistreated wherever they go. we don't kw what happens. should weho have a system we is here and where they are. >> everybodyhi agrees to som like that. let me ask this way. can you treat this sort of as a temporary like emergency? for instance, the president is threatening to ship migrants -- >> yes, the president -- >> but believe it or not -- i grew up in miami. m well aware of this. if he actually asked for help from cities and states, the cities wouldsay, sure, if you need to temporarily relocate people here to wait for their day with an asylum judge, what's wrong with thatt >> wasn't a brow beat. it was taken that way -- >> how did he present it? >> excuse me. they could have come forward and sa -- >> i assume they could. >> isn't the point of a
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fural marketing reality tv guy a donald trump ay widened the kchash between him and governance. we see an administrationru ling, running to keep up with him, to execute the r increasingdom things that he is saying. that is also a crisis, in my opinion, because if this gets worse, we are looking at another
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year and a half of mismanagement, of lack of gornance and genuine democratic crisis. >> here is the other part of it, and this was a part of thisat t i don't -- why take away the money from the central america countries? like there is no -- we have no consistency in our foreign policy. nwhat we are doing venezuela. i mean, it's -- now, there is political ramifications f venezuela. it's called florida's electoral votes. >> indeed. chuck, i think is this about policy or politics? do they really want to solve the crisis? our system has functioned that way. we have solved big problems in t past. we don't have the gr immediate track record. that doesn't mean we couldn't do that. but the trust s broken down because the sense is, i mean, why? the best point is, why are you to take that money away when we know that it helpsstem the root of the problem if you are the president. it indicates to others this is a
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polical thing fohim. >> could we not let the democrats off the hook here on this one? a lot of saying there is no crisis and theyre strangely mute on what to do. the court problem is they don't know where their base is on immigration. are we zero open borders party? where they don't want to be on the wrong side of the twitter mobs, so lay low, lay low, lay low, o be abstract. >> eugene? >> i don't think it is an open borders position to say, to question the use of the word crisis. maybe you could use that word, could not use that word. it's a lot of eopleo are coming in, but we are able to handle it. you know, this is -- it's not hoards and hoards invading in the way that the president describes the chair van. in fact, there i a process and people get to apply for asylum. we canook at thesylum laws if you want to look at that, but we have laws and we ought to follow them. >> there are seven hundred --
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2021 until they get a hearing. >> this is a crisis in every d.nse of the w we shouldn't get into semantics about this. but the president gets -- this is a sanctuary city play. he gets that the democrats are in a very, very inindividualious position here. >> i aad to do this. the level of distrust you talked about it. the leve of distrust between congressional democrats and bill barr now and what does that mean for mueller this week? are we going to debate more of what's redacted or mo of what we see? >> the trust that democrats have in bilbarr is nil. brian shat said in the hearing what you just told us is going cause everybody to freak out. >> everybody freaked out. >> i think there is still a chance that what bill barr presents to us will feel as ough it is a complete or semi mostly complete accounting and he could get som forgiveness from moderate democrats, chris coons, for example, the senate judiciary committee. if it looks like a bunch of
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classified material covered in black ink, forget it. >> if tedey ract all the grand jury material that, would be a huge chunk of theat report. ould be a problem. >> thanks. whether we come back, the presidential cmadidate who is ng clayton kersh making climate change issue of his campaign. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. welcome back. up next is another candidate from washington. washington state that is. not washington, d.c. there are now 15 major candidates who have announced or filed paperwork for the democratic nomination. our list of boxes up there does not include joe biden. separating yourself from that large a field is aal cnge. washington governor jay inslee is trying to meet by focusing on
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one majorsu confronting climate change. he is the governor of a state fhat has many sanctuary cities. here is the map it. just the kind of places to trich presidenp is suggesting sending migrants crossing the u.s./mexican brother. welcome. >> thank you. >> let me start before he get to other topics. i know the seattle mayor wrote an op-ed forgt "the wash post" that basically condemned the president's weaponization. he said, fine, send them, take them. is that your attitude? and should this -- e gardless of president's tone, should this be part of the temporary solution? >> this is yet another bombastic chaos that is simply not going to work for this ineffective president for several reasons. number one, you can'threaten somebody with something they are not afraid of. we are not afraid of diversity in the state of washington. it is the basis of our eco mic and cultural success.
3:05 am
we are built as a state of immigrants. we have welcomed refugees as we did the vietnamese refugees with the republican governor back in the day, and we continue to welcome -- that's why i was the first governor to o say state was the first to take syrian refugees. the first govecoor to out against the muslim ban. we have sued donald tmp and won 18 times in a row. this is not going to work for him. we are happy to take refugees and proud of mayor durkan for what she has said. it's simply based on a matter of these are humans. these are people. >> tell me what you right now. look, if you are elected president, there might be a republican senate, democratic house. a quick legislative fix is not there. tell me what you do right now. >> number one, i would attack climate change. a lot of these people are climate refugees. not all, but a lot of them. the fact that donald trump has waved the white surrender to climate change is wrong.
3:06 am
>> that doesn't deal with the migrants. >> it's clear. fe have to be solution based rather than sort trolling on the internet based. if you are solution based, we have goto make the asylum process work. and that means we have to have more channels,more hearing officers to simply be able to process these cases. look, you don't change the law just becse you got mor cases in the federal court system or go get r get rid of judges as he suggested. we need more processing f facilities to help these folks. while they are waiting r hearings, we welcome them to the state of washington because we have found these folks frequently become till pillars of our community. >> you are going to hear manys republicy democrats are for open borders. if somebody accuses you of being for open borders, what would you say? >> that is inaccurate, as happens very frequently in this busine what i do believe is we need to change our policies. number one, we have to respond to the american character of a nation based on immigration. b
3:07 am
ieve that the spirit of the statue of liberty is alive not only in america, but elliott bay in washington state. we should increase the number of refugees we are taking this is cruel we have reduced the number of refugees america stakes at the sameime the world is aflame in climate change refugees and civil war. and that's why i came outas one of the first to say we would take syrian refugees. ithat's one of the thing would do. >> do you think our immigration law should be more restrictive or less restrictive as it stands right now? our laws of how it become citizen, aresident, should be less or more restrictive? >> number one, given the 11 million plus that are our neighbors that are some of the hardest working people in thetr co we need to give them a path to citizenship. comprehensive immigration reform. number two, we need to protect oudreamers. the fact that donald trump is holding the dreamers as extortion bait, if you will, is just these people are in our universities. they are going to be engineers,
3:08 am
business people. we have toind a solution to the dreamers as i have done. i got a collegeca eon for our dreamers. three, have an asylum process that works, which means we have to have more processing facilities. and four, as i have indicated, we have to have an american style of acceptance of refugees because we're a humane nation. we ought to have a humane policy. >> you have said this clearly. the centerpiece of your caidacy is combatting climate change and everything is a derivative of that. it is a good w to get people to pay attention to you on day one of your candidacy. >> right. >> as you know, health care is the number one issue among mand cratic primary voters. for instance, where do you stand on health c ire? medicare for all ala bernie sandersor obamacare plus? >> hopefully, washington state will be the first in the country to offer a public we have been one of the most successful in implementing obamacare. when youu govern, don't just give speeches. you actually make things work. we have had one of the more
3:09 am
successful efforts. wedre integrating physical mental health. then on the federal level weor have to haveaccess to medicare on the road to universal access. i believe we need to reduce the age. i think need to allow people to opt into medicare when they want it. and this is the wayo what we need and have to have, which is universal health care in the country. >> you said the word access. use the obamacare framework and build upon it versus scrapping the whole thing and starting over? >> yeah. i tnk we can build by increasing accessibility to and i believe that will lead to universal health care. i believe that's where we need to go. i think we have to find way to reduce these drug prices by ug owing bargaining for prices. >> spevgss on climate change, pricing carbon. we have seen the yellow vest movement in france. you seem toav be -- you tried passedtaxing carbon you seem to be like the voters have spoken, the people are
3:10 am
speaking and taxing pricing carbon isn't the answer. what is the answer? >> there are many answers. whate have learned is the most important renewable fuel in this battle against cthmate change is fuel of perseverance. we have to look at multiple ways of moving forward. o we're moving forward in my state. we wind a $6 billion wind turbine industry, we are o electrifyi transportation system. we have one of the highest uses of electric cars and buses. electric build an ferry boat. e passed a 100% clean electrical grid wh will not have fossil actuafuels on t grid. -so we need >> that means you are for nuclear energy. notnu everybody is foear energy. you are open to nuclear energy? >> open to research and development to find out whether it could be cost effective, could be asafe, could deal with the waste stream. those things would have to bere lved before it would become a part of the mix.t i doink we should shut off
3:11 am
options given the urgency. we have one chance here. the in the president, one chance i am theandidate who is saying it has to be job one or it won't get done. re you running for president to force the democratic party to take this as number one, oru d lieve this truly is the best path to the democratic nomination for you? >> i believe it is the best pat because people are coming to realize the urgency o this. it's tied with health care, is the number one priority of voters in iowa, and for good run. i was inhamburg, iowa, a little town that's been there since 1858. never been flooded before. now it's underwater. i was in seminole springs, saw a community burn down. ami beach, the roads have to build up. people are getting this. what used to b a graph on a chart is reality. it's ash on the hood of your car. people are ready for this. they understand the economic potential of this, as i have for a long time. it's happening. >> running from the west coast. we know that the, whatever it
3:12 am
is, there is an east coast bias in this country. how high is that hurdle sometimes, simply te zone? >> i think it's a benefit. i think the west coast is on th- cuttge of ideas frequently. in my state we have legalized marijuana. i offered paons to thousands of people with marijuana convictions. i have done the best family paid leave in america. i have done the best or led an effort to get the best minimum wage in america. i did the firstet neutrality bill. i like being from the west. >> the time issue isn't a problem i can -- >> i can get up earlier than usual. >> governor jay inslee, democrat from washington state, stay safe on the trail. >> thanks for your climate fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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welcome back. data download time. not surisingly whites and minority groups in the united states see the world through different lenses. a new pew research survey looks at different attitudes about racial equality in america. on the surface predictable splits along raciaights. 78% of african americans say the far enough not gone in making sure blacks have equal rights withtes. on the legacy of slavery, 84% of blacks say slavery h a great deal or fair amount of impact on the position of african americans in society today. lower numbers but majorities of asians, hispanics and whites agree. as great as the differences of races are these questions, the real story is the differences between whites. when you look at this through the prism of political parties. white democratshe 64% say country has not gone far enough in giving african-americans equal rights. white republicans 15% hold that
3:16 am
view. on the lecy of slavery, 80% of white democrats say it's had a big impact compared to 40% of white republicans. neerds, white democrats look a lot like of a of respondents than they look like white republicans. and we see the same kinds of differences when you look at how people view racial equality in realen had li realen-life circumst oces. a majori african-americans say they believe they are treated less fairly dealing with police, in the workplace voting in elections and applying for mortgages. except on the issue of policing, a majorityhi of respondents did not nuree. but thosers shift when we look at these questions through a red/bluelter. white democrats again tracked more closely with how african americans respondents felt on these questions while wicte repus feel differently. bottom line, there is relative unity among minority groups on these questionsf racial equality. the bigger split seems to be
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back now with "end game." if it's a weekend, someone is announcing for esident. we had one yesterday and one today. here's cory booker from yesterday. >> we will end the system of mass incarceration in america. we won't wait to legalize mar n marijuana at the federal level. we will pass universal background checks. we will ban assault weapons. i will fight for medicare for all. >> it's interesting that the former mayor of newark, eugene, announced yesterday. and the hottest candidate that's not named biden orere is a current mayor of a smaller ty,
3:22 am
south bend, pete buttigieg who throws in today. the booker was the reminder that cory booker would feel like a bigger presence in this campaign than he's been. why? >> because he's been running for a while. >> feels like it. >> he just announced, but he' actually been running. it's been clear he was running. it doesn't seem to -- he just haven't caughtfi . he hasn't caught fire with either the donorase or the voters thus far. and he's n -- i an, you can't say he's a top tier candidate right nownd sitting senator, impressive guy. >> i wonder if he could run as newark mayor, not as former newark mayor. >> i think it's a good time to buy booker stock. >> do you? >> looking at the emotional primary. there are lers and fighters and the lovers are beto, buttigieg. i think aot of democrats are
3:23 am
finally going to say, let's put an end to all that what we've h been through w trump. >> i completely disagree. >> that's why we're here. >> let me throw somethinghe up . look at the front-runners. everybody's been a front-runner. "vanity fair," kamala harris is the new front-runner.l "the wreet journal," to oh he o'rourke is the front runner. >> i think there is a question as to why cory booker is not currently in the. top ti i do think, though, that there said about to be peaking at the right time. how many of us -- i certainly didn't peak in high schl and here we are on the set of "meet the press," right? same goes for an election. you know, i mean, it's a long -- we have a long way to go to iowa. >> does that mean this is the peak? >> by the way, let me point out, in fact, to prove this point and to hamme it home, both iowa and
3:24 am
new hampshireeeoll this that had, by the way, identical order of candidates. bidee, followed closely by bernie an beaututtigieg was the surprise third. our way back machine, here was mid-may poll in iowa in 2015. hillary clinton was winning by 40 points and iow ended up being decided by basically a trgin of error. >> if youk to bernie people, they'll say they won iowa. >> polls arein meess. >> i'm going to use another baseball analogy. 2012 and t2016 for republicans, right, basically you were just waiting to get to the top of the batting order. it was literally just this nonstop, you know, go from the bottom to the top, bottom to the one lesson that i think is pretty sad for all of us is what big mistake did cory booker made? he ran for senate. the senate is like that -- the sucking sounds for everybody's political career. t
3:25 am
ite. >> well, as pete buttigieg said, i haven't been corrupted by washington. i don't have the stain of e'shington. >> right. >> conventional wisdom, if you're a democrat, you ran for president, you've got to present yo positive agenda. you can't be just anti-trurp. i'm waiting for somebody to come stout akn say, you, i'm the anti-trump candidate. i'm running t beat donald trump. and, you know't -- >> i that terry mcauliffe? isn't that the alligator picture? >> bernie sanders is making that point. it's unusual because it's different from what he did last time around. >> i think there subtraction there. this is a national emergency, i have to beat donald trump. >> having you here, i found buttigieg/pence back and forth a debate over who gets to define christianity. >> that's the thing i wish the mike pences of the world s, understaf you have a problem who i am, your problem is not with me.
3:26 am
your qurel, si is with my creator. >> he said some things that are critical of my christian faith and about me personally. he knows better. >> i'm not critical of christian faith. i'm critical of bad epolicy. >> p has his convictions, i have mine. >> there are so many jimmy carter, to me,o comparisons buttigieg right now between the '75-'76 era and today for so many reasons. this retrying to have a conversation about christianity in the democratic party is paro it. >> taking in the stranger, as i understand a reasonably large part of christianity and that's what we're talking about with immigrants and all that, there's a natural play for the religious left, someone who can talk honestly in thee languf the gospel. i think it was a mistake to go after nce. buttigieg gives you left wing policies without left wing culture war. >> he seemed to want to pull back slightly from that. >> i think it's risky to see - to -- for anyone of faith to go
3:27 am
after somebody else's personal -- lik that's the line that -- in the sand he didn't seem to want to draw. but i do think mike pence is so far on one side of the cultu war that, you know, he can, to a certainin extent, of set up that contrast. you know, chuck, you know democrats are constantly debating even if we impeach trump we would end up with mike pence. is that better or worse? i think some people see his policies are more far right than even the president. >> i think he really set up a strawman argument. there wasn't actually a fight between pence and pete buttigieg. i said it right. and that's really risky, i think. >> and i think that will be a scinating debate going forward. that's all we have for today. thank you for watching. i appreciate it. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
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y388qy y16fy that is insan holy crap. >> tornado on the ground headed toward franklin. >> deafening winds tear through parts of texas as the tornado destroys neiborhoods while driving rains drench other states, turning roads into riversto and these srms are headed ih and east. >> todays tax day, and while we won't see president trump's returns, we'll hear more aboutl his pn to ship undocumented people to sanctuaryie c >> my name is pete buttiegieg. [ cheers and applause ] >> they call me mayor pete. i am a son of south bend, indiana, and i am running for president of the united states. >> mayor pete makes it o


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