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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  April 15, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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it's 4:00 a.m., gerd morning, ne, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we remain in weather alert mode this morning. you may find branches and leaves on theoads this morning, so give yourself plenty of time. watch out on the roads. our melissa mollet is standing commutea check on the and road closures. let's begin w lhren ricketts in for chuck this morning with this weather alert. >> yeah. s thank yo much. listen, this all came through our area last night. the good ws is it is now to the east. ur friends for the eastern shor not without a few tornado warnings in our area. we had a few tornado warnings in frederick lasht at about 6:00 p.m. and then overnight we were with you if you joined us, st. mary's county had a tornado warning as well as calvert george's county. the good news is that is now to the east. so this has moved outfhere. the threat is pretty much over with these storms. however, for our friends on the eastern shore, if you're joining us from there and you are traveling, just know these t storms move about 60 miles per hour. you got another 30 or 45 minutet
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beforey move out into the atlantic. light showers still left over. lo at the storm reports that we have across the area. i know you can't tell, but these are winds reports or downed tree reports. a lot of damage reports across the ea. as the sun comes up, i think we're only going to have more. we cou have more today. guess what, we've got a wind advisory for gusts up to 50 miles per hour. winds will pick u through the morning and stick with us all day. we'll talk more about yourt monday forecnd show the rest of the week coming up. first, let's look at traffic with melissa mollet. good morning. good morning. we have some downed trees here because of the storm overnight. bowie, 197 at old laurel-bowie road, both lanes shut down,wn tree. and croom at mt. calvert, trees down and other wires be careful. bw parkway before 410, watch out here. a crash in the southbound lanes. then also high, standing water.
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another thing you might encounter this morning. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway looking pretty good. and 66 inbound, fairfax county to the beltway, should take you about 12 minutes. as you head out, keep in mind the roads may still be slick with rain. this is a look at market street in frederick, maryland, last night. virtual ghost town there with a lot of people staying inside the bars and restaurants as theain moved through. traffic was also light. many drivers we spoke with say they plan to give themselves extra time this morning. >> probably give myselfxtra tio get to work beforehand in case traffic is impacted by the weather. >> sma move. maryland governor larry hogan issued a statement urging residents to pay close aention to the weather. the same system that's bringing us severe weather has already wreaked havoc across the south. >> at leaseight people have been killed by the line of storms. a tornado touched down in troy alabama, yesterday, and misssippi is still recovering in texas, tornadoes carved a
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path of destruction destroying several homes. some people are just thankful they made it out alive. >> this is our use. this -- it's gone. i. a so thankful to be alive -- i am so thankful to be alive. >> devastation there. an ef3 tornado with winds of 140 miles per hour tore tpaough rts of texas killing at least one person there. people in chicago are dealing w h winter weather. five inches of snow fell kisterday marng one of the highest april totals in the city's history. chicago see a like such nice city. it was only the third time chicago saw three i or morenches of snow in late in the season. it is april 15th. man. the first to know when severe weather moves into your atighborhood. er you are, wherever you are, the nbc washington app,
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we'll track the weather conditions and send you warnings from our team. it the mayor of the town of front royal, virginia, will be in court facing a charge of soliciting a prostitute. hollis tharpe says this stems from a visit to a masseuse last year. mayor tharpe says the encounter was not sexual and called the baseless court documents say the incident happened last may. tharpe became mayor in2017. over the weekend news4 reacho out t him, but his attorney advised him against commenting. this week we are expecting to see a redacted version of libert mueller's report. attorney general w barr told congress that he was working to black out information that would violate grand jury secrecy, reveal intelligence sources, or compromise going investigations. barr summarized the report's main conclusions in a four-page letter to lawmakers last month. according to a u.s. official, some members of mueller's team told associates on the matter of obstruction of justice the report is more critical of tth
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president barr suggested. protesters from different ends of the political spectrum showed up inburke, virginia, to confront virginia governor ralph northam. he canceled at the last minute. the governor was to attend a fundraiser for state senator dave marsden, he is running for aa-election in 2020. members of the n and the local gop showed up with messages for the governor. >> the governor is associated with aan ku klux that's not okay. and that should not be okay. >> a couple of things.he it is late-term abortion bill. that obviously kick-started the aole thing. but heitted to being in a yearbook photo and then took it back. >> as for state senator marsden he was among those calling for northam to step down. highs changed his position. northam is embroiled in a page in his medical school yearbook showing someone in blackface next to someone in a kkkrobe. he denied he was in the picture but admitted he darkened his t
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face onceo resemble michael jackson in a dance contest. two more namesre added to the list of democratic presidential hopefuls this mornin south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg officially announced his campaign. >> mys name i pete buttigieg. they call me mayor pete. i'm a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i am running for president of the united states. [ cheers ] rd he made the historic announcement yes in front crowd.enthusiastic these 37 years old, openly gay, and married. if elected he could become the nation's youngest or would become the youngest commander in chief and the first openly gay american president. he's already picked up some momentum s recent pollshow him in third ire.e in iowa and new hamp and california congressman eric swalwell made his announcement at his former high school in dublin. the 38-year-old is a foho-term e member.
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yesterday he told the crowd the countryec needs aomy that works for everyone and the need for inclusiveness. today two former members of a penn state fraternity will be sentenced in the hazing death of a pledge. timothy piazza died after aft a drinking event in 2017. two fraternity brothers pled guilty to their involvement in piazza's death. he drank a dangerous amount of alcohol, several other frat brothers have already been sentenced. now 4:07.g today graig will be back in court. the former obama white house counsel pled not guilty about work on behalf of foreign government. he was indic by the grand jury last werg. the c grew out of robert mueller's investigation into paul manafort's lobbying activities. craig is aused of lying to the
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justice department about work on behalf of the pro-russianen presid of ukraine in 2012, a few years after craig left the white house. hite house adviser ivanka trump is promoting a message of women empowerment in ethiopia. the president's oldest daughter met with members of the ethiopian women's coffee associatio the hour-long meeting included a traditional ethiopian coffee ceremony. trump pledged and reiterated her support for the group and other women startups. she is on a four-day trip to africa to promote a global women's initiative she's leading. it aims to economically empower 50 million women in developing countries by>> 2025. 4:08. it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. this was brazil. a meteor streaked across the sky before burning up in the atmoahere. a camt the brazilian meteor observation network caught the images ear fridaymorning. the chunk of interplanetary debris briefly lit up the dark
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sky there befor it disappeared.o after falling sky it burned up over the atlantic ocean. it likely burnedp some 22 miles out over the ocean. >> what if it wasn't the ocean? would there be particleay >> that's a possible, right? >> uh-huh. >> yeah. hundredser evacuated fromom their in -- hundreds were evacuated fr their homes in maica so experts could safely data night a world war ii-era bomb. people did stand oner the r banks to watch as the bomb was set off under water in the r. ri the explosive device was discovered tuesday. firefighters found that 550-pound american-made bomb during a diving training. mors than 70 yeafter the end of the war. bombs and other munitions stilll turn up regly in germany. close to 600 were evacuated to a shelter in the basement of city hall. this morning we're learning sia about just how r meddles in our democracy. researchers commissioned by the senate intelligence committee
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spent seven monthsthtudying eir methods. the trolls are not just spreading fake news but chaos. one example is what happenedr aftehese riots innaorth carolin 2016. the black lives matter movement hit the streets aften african-american man was fatally shot by police. right after theprotests,ne of the organizers received an unsolicited offer ofm help f an organization called black matters us on facebook. the only problem was that the new facebooend was not real, it was a false page created by russian trolls with links to the kremlin. >> i t clicked onir page, and it appeared that they had about 400,000 mllowers. thinking that this is a legitimate organization. >> with the 202d election aro the corner, researchers say the russians have not slowed down yet. today is the day, april 15th, tax day. you have until the end of today to file your return and pay what you you can still file an extension,
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but you will need to get your check in the mail. as of yesterday, the irs says 50 million taxpayers still need to file. remember, you can always find free e-filing options, extension informatio and payment information on ts weekend the washington capitals took another sdp forw on the team's quest to defend the cup. tonight the caps aa in carol playing the hurricanes for game three. saturday's game went into overtime. the caps ultimately g the canes 4-3. you' be able to catch tonight's game at 7:00 on the nbc sports washington channel. then check out news4 at 11:00 r a live report from raleigh and highlights from tonight's ga. >> what a game it was. crazy win in overtime.he >>aps weekend victory aside, one sport moment really had social media>> buzzing. e're talking about the return of tiger woods. if you didn't see it with your own eyes, tiger won his first masters since 2005.
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just two years ago he was thinking about giving up golf. his mom and 10-year-old son charlie were cere. woodsame back from two shots down. at augusta crowds went wild. this was ger's 15th major win, three short of jack nicklaus' record. at s, tiger i the oldest masts champion since nicklaus won in 1986. what a comeback story. >> the first time i was in high school. his fatherre was the >>arily -- earl. >> pretty cool. >> the new, young players on the tour said tigeras their hero. >> trailblader. >> to watch him win again was incredible. late-night snackers, we're working for you. some of the evening treats are preventing you from getting a go night's sleep. uh-oh. >> that may explain a lot. what foods to stay away from and what snacks will help you drift nff. save money fuel without having to sign up for anything or finding a new gas station. we'll find out next.ur
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? the storms may have awakened you overnigh but issue that pushing out of the region. we'll let you know i more severe weather on the way. winds are the main story.
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some alarming new numbers this morning about teens and the kinds of text messages ty send. sexting is becoming more common. this is from the university of new mexico. the study found that more than a quarter of teens have received a sex t, and another 15% have sent one. some experts dismiss this as modern-day flirting. sexting can land someone in legal ouble. prosecutors in 23 states can take action againsteens who sext under child pornography laws. if you're waking up in the moing feeling irritable and groggy despite sleeping for a full eight hours, it could be a sign that y're eating the wrong foods before bed. serotonin helps with sleep. the body produces the h mone that will release you. if you're late night snack g things ifats, you could be diminishing the serotonin levels in your body. ar not, you can still snack
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before bed, you just may needer dit options. berries, turkey, chicke and cottage cheese have high levelsh of melatonin ws a different hormone needed for a good night's sleep. >> cheese before beds? >> i don't know. ry not to eat before bed at all. >> yeah, especially -- >> if you had turkey or chicken -- >> the cheese you end up in a dutch oven. >> not everybody. >> i'll take that. if you can never fin a good deal on gas -- >> eat some cheese -- >> it may be less a matter re where you' looking and mother nature about when you're looking -- and more about when you're looking. >> you can save money by picking the rig day to fill up. if you gas up on monday and tuesday mornings between 7:00 and00 a.m., you'll find the lowest gas prices. the worst day to fill up is friday, and weends prove to be more expensive. this from a survey from gas buddy. hathe survey says filling up
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on monday mornings can save all drivers an estimated $2 billion a year. >> all right. >> there you go. monday. lauren ricketts, we're talking about wind. is the rain gone? >> the rn is gone. you said you got woken up by it last night. >> i could hear the thunder and lightning hitting the house. >> you must be a heavy sleeper. -- didn't hear it >> i just heard rain. few times i heard rain. >> lots of lightning and thunder that rolled through. we even had tornado warnings, as well. the tornado watch has ende no more severe weather through the morning. there's the good news out there. there's still a lot of down trees out there. and ponding on the roadways from the rain that we did receive. here's the system that pushed through the area. we still have tornado warningst he eastern shore in virginia. that's what's -- just disaooeared. that'snews for our friends out there. all of this is moving to the eastern shore. moving into delaware at this point. we are just left with a few light showers. man, this was a big system that
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rolled through.rd it started yes afternoon. we had severe weather yesterday afternoon. again, that pushed through. we're now looking at drying out. help do wind is going t that however, these are all the storm reports across the area. so we had plenty of storm reports across the area. doinly concentrated along the i-95 cor and points to the east. downed trees, all of these are downed trees, wind reports. we had wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour in some parts of the area. now the win have calmed behind the storms. they're going to start to pick up again. they'r going to pick up through the morning. wind advisory i place. this is the main story. starts at 8:00 a.m. and goes until 5:00. we'll see gusts up to 50 miles per hour out there. so again, we will see some pretty strong winds. as you make your way out the door this morning, no more rainw maybe a sprinkles, but downed trees is what you'll have to watch for and ponded roadways. throughout the afternoon and ening, both hands on the
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wheel. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. tuesday morning sunshine delays. at's about it. temperatures now about as good as we'll get. the temperatures are fall over the next couple of hours. we'll spend of the most day in the upper 50s to lower 60s. very wind butlenty of sunshine today. sunshine tomorrow. maybe a stray showern dnesday. by thursday, warm and cloudy. we do have another chance of some srms as we get into your friday. those could be in t i morning an through the afternoon, as well. showers, i'm keeping a chance for saturday, hav taken it out for easter sunday. we could have a chance for showers on easter sunday, their. that will be sething to watch. the next big change on wednesday. melissa, i know she's got an eye on the roadways. let's check in with goher. morning. i do. good morning. tauthbound bw parkway before 410 had highing water on the right and a crash. you can see the delays. that has just cleared out of the way. as far as the crash goes, still might have high standing water. just be careful through the
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we might have delays headed southbound for the next hour or so. bowie, 197 at old laurel bowie loroad. road cd, downed tree. croom shut down because of ae downed trethere. inner loop and outer loop, looking dry now. 95 in virginia northbound fromq tico to the beltway, that's not registeri for you. right now you are on time. 's nice and clear. more coming up.
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welcome back. perhaps you've eaten truffle fries or used truffle oil, but have you ever had fresh truffle? >> the truffles are delicacy grown in europe and enjoyed worldwide. as news4's justin finch reports, truffle trea springing up in virginia. where are thetruffles, good boy? us reporter: truffles aren't a crop you j go out and pick. >> did you find one? did you find one? is it there? >> reporter: it takes a good no like his to sniff them out. >> let's look. oh, good boy.te >> reporr: this was a drill. the target of berry frozenfl truf practiced to keep wealthy and that -- welly and that nose primed for tffle season, just before december to spring. >> there's another. we found them a good six inches
4:25 am
down. >> reporter: olivia taylor knows just what to look for as she led a tour of her family's orchard called virginia truffles, just north of ceculpeper. inside, a better look at what we found. >> if it was a nice round truffle, this is what the restaurants like t buy. >> reporter: >>ing by look, the truffle is no conventional beauty. by taste, you can get why foodies crave them and why they're used in everything from eggs to seasonings. >> earthy, it's an interesting flavor. it's really, really nice. there's almost a fruity factor to it. >> reporter: virginia happens to have a good truffle-growing climate. partly why olivia, her mom pat, and pat's husband john cse the commonwealth to grow the black truffle which can go for hundreds per pound at market. the family built the farm from the ground up ten years ago. from clearing land to prepping the soil to finding the right trees to sustain their truffle. >> one must always take the long view when getting into this.
4:26 am
keeping in mind, ah, it's ing to be a significant investment. but it is interesting. it's different, and it we can make it happen, it will pay off. >> reporte and they' on track. virginia truffles are among the first truffle growers in ton coalth to see a harvest. and they're planning now for many eare. >> five plan, i would say that this farm is producing hopefully close to 30 pounds an acre of truffle. i also would like to expand so ultiple products as opposed to just tr>>fle. reporter: so with each se on, each search -- ? is that a truffle, buddy? >> reporter: virginia truffles cooser to a future many can't wait to taste. justin finch, news they're the best shaved over a little pasta i myopinion. coming up, summer travel troubles. more flights grounded in the wake of the max j investigation. what it could mean for your vacation plans coming up. plus, bike share beware.
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why capital bikeshare is pull some fleet off the street for safety. the winds havetarted to ck up. we'll be talking about rest of your monday and what to expect.
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ware in storm team 4 weather alert mode as you wake up on this stormy monday morning. a live look outside now, and at 4:30, 'such calmer than it was a few hours ago. >> the storms that may have maken you overnight are moving -- may have awakened you overnight are moving out. it was a busy few hours of thunderstorms, tornado watches, and even two tornado warnings in southern maryland. those storms kept me up all night. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. thanks for waking up with us on this mondaymorning. storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts has been busy bringing youhe latest updates over. we'll check in for a look ahead before missa


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