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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 15, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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do. you see the rain that would through, we had a few tornado warnings, no tornado watches or warnings. again, the severe thrt for the region is now over. we arefe looking at light showers through st. mary's county and also through the northern shenandoah valley. here it is south of j. mortgage? sloond. that continues to move off to the eastern shore shore. eastern shore got the pursuant to of it int the l hour of what moved through the area. so they're dealing with the we're weather now. but nothing like we were dealing with during the overnight anymore for our 65 degrees is the temperature now. that's about as good as it's going to get. that's theaytime high. temperatures most of the dame in the upper 50s and lower 60s. so again, winds are going to be picking up as we go through the morning. wind advisories in place for some of the we'll talk about that and more storms on the ten-they forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. first, melissa mollet has a check of the roads. >>good morning. ood morning. brand-new slowdown in silver spring. southbound georgia avenue at assembly mary place.
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all lanes right now southbound are blockedf because fire department activity. still a have a lot of road closures and high standingr. wa trees down, wires down, power outages. bowie 197 at old lauer bow road. closed both ways. croom, downed tree. there's water on the right side and delays headed inbound. kettering southbound 20 at watkins park drive, tree down, again road closed. the roads may be srack with this morning. this is a look at market street in frederick, marylat., last ni you can see how soaked it was there. continuing the team coverage, hi let's see hows are looking this morning. >> news4's mental health is live for us in bowie. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning guys. we are seeing issues this morning wit downed trees.
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we're at a location in bowie on 197 near old laurel bowie road. a tree h fallen across all of the lanes here. so you can see that we have crews on the scene and actually we can hear the sound of a chainsaw there. they are making work, district work ofryhe treeg to get it out of the way. for the moment, 197 is closed at old laurel bowie road in the garea. they'rng to detour you here. you'll have to figure out a work-about while ty get this tree ut - tree out of the way. we're hearing of downedrees 202, largo. we'll check on that, as well. when you're trying to get to work, you may encounter tre that are down. also the possibility of standing mter. in fact on, way in i hit a couple of big ponds of water which in the dark surprised me a little bit. keep that in mind. we are seeing some issuesmohis ing. the rain has stopped so hopefully things will start to clear up.
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here and there across the dmv, traffic issues because of the stormouhat blew t overnight. back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath, thank you. that severe weather is causing a mess in the district. >> nicole jacobs picks up the team coverage now. she's live along d tennessee southeast. what are you seeing? >> reporter: i can tell you this section is very much asleep after storms rolled through in the early morning hours. look at the damage here. you canon see strg winds broke off this large branch from a tree, sending i toppling over power lines. this is the00 37 block of t street. i can certainly imagine that this road is blocked off for a while until they're able to clear that t. it will definitely take resident by surprise when they awake to find this. back to you. >> nicole jacobs, live in southeast. k you. the same system that brought the severe weather to the d.c. region last a path of
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destruction across the south. take a look. killed.t eight have been a tornado touched down in troy, alabama, yesterday, and mississippi is recovering from line of severe storms. in texas, concerns carved a path of destruction destroying several some people are just thankful they made it out alive. >> our house. it's -- it's gone. but i am so thankful to be alive. >> the nationaler service boys an ef-3 tornado with winds of 140 miles per hour tore through texas killing at least one person there. be the first ton weather severe weather moves into your neighborhood wherever you are. the n washington app will track the weather condition and spend you warnings from our team. 5:04. the mayor of front royal, court a, will be i fighting a charge of soliciting
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a prostitute. hollis tharpe says the encounter to a mseuse was not factual and called the charge baseless. tharpe became mayor in 2017. we did reach out to the mayor, but his attorney advised him against commenting. we expect to see a redacted version of robert mueller's report. the attorney general william rr is working to black out things tt could affect the investigations. coordinating to a u.s. official, some embers ofmueller's team told associates on the matter of obstruction of jtice the port is more critical of the president than barr suggested. hey, hey, ho, ho -- >> protesters from different ends of the politicalsh spectru ed up in burke, virginia, to
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confront governor ralph northam. he canceled at the last minute. the governor was to attend a fundraiser for state senator dave marsden. he is running for re-election in 2020. mbers of the naacp and local gop showed upor with messages the governor. >>r gover is associated with a ku klux klan. that's not okay, and that should not be okay. >> a couple of things. it is thelate-term abortion bill. that obviously kickstarred the whole athing. heitted to being in the yearbook photo took it back. >> state senator marsden was among those calling for northam to step down but has changed his position. northam iilamy b in a page in his medical school yearbook that shows someone in black face next t a someone in kkk robe. he denied being in the picturet admitted to darkening his face to portray micha d jackson ince contest. two more names are listed t
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the attend the campaign this morning. pete buttigieg officially launched his campaign. >> my name is pete buttigieg. they call me mayor pete. i'm a proud son of south bend, indiana, and i am running for u president of tted states. [ cheers ] >> he made the historic announcement yesterday in front of an enthusiastic crowd. buttigieg is 37 yie old, gay, and married. if he's elected he would become the nation's youngest commander in chief and the first openly gay american president. he's already pecked up moment-. recent - picked upum moment recent polls show he's in third place in iowa and new hampshire. >> and eric swalwell made his announment at his former high school in dubl. the 38-year-old is a four-term house member. yesterday he told a supporters crowd that the country needs an economy that works for everyone ayd the need for inclusiveness. two former members of
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the penn sta the fraternity will be sentenced after timothyie piazza at the beta theta pi house. two members pled guilty. video shows piazza fell down a flight of stairs. no one immediately called for help. an autopsy estimated that piazza had consumed several times the legal limit of alcohol. several other fraternity members have already beensentenced. today greg craig will be back in court. the former obama white house counsel pled not guilty to misleading theco special sel's office about work on behalf o foreign government. craig was indicted by a grand jury last week. the crges grew out of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into paul 's manafort lobbying activities. craig is accused of lying to the justicdepartment about work on behalf of t pro-russian with the of ukraine in 2012, a f years after craig left the white house. today is the day, april 15th, tax day. you have until the end of the day to file your return and pay what you owe. you can still file for an
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extension, but you need check in the mail. as of yesterday the irs 5ays million taxpayers still need to file. remember, you can always find freeg e-fil options, extension information, and payment information on this weekend, the washington capitals took another step rward on the team's quest to defend the cup want tonit the caps are in carolina playing t hurricanes for game three. saturday's gam went into ps beast -- capes bted them. >> amazing. >> you'll cat it on nbc sports washington, then on newscast at 1 -- new at 11:00. >> it would be great to win on the road. >> keep it goin the caps' weekend victory aside, one sports moment had soc l mediabuzzing. >> we're talking about the return of tiger woods. woods won his first masters since.2005
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just two years ago, he wasut thinking a giving up golf altogether. his mom and 10-year-old son were there. woods came back from two shots down and the augusta crowds went whooild wild. look at this. this wastiger's 15th major win. three wins short of jack nicklaus' record. at 43 he is the oldest masters champion since nicklaus won in 1986. his career has taken a lot of turns. it's -- whether or not you're a n of his, to see that he won the masters again is a pretty incredible story. ahead, late-night snackers, we're worki for you. some evening treats are preventing you from getting a go night's eep. >> what foods to stay away from and what foods might help you drift off. andl finding f without finding a new gas station. we'll explain. 5:10. lauren? the severe weather threat is over. 65 degrees. winds will pick up now, and we're going to have strong gusts
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othernsurance options that go above and beyond basic medicare. what you're being taxed for now is medicare a. that's for hospital stays after the age of. medicare b is the government insurance you'll probably need to pay doctors and other provids after retirement. >> if you help grandma, you need to get educated because you've got the link forn, communicat you can talk about her. you may have to educate yourself. >> a complete wbreakdown oft to know is available on 5:16. time for ather look at th forecast. there were severe storms overnight. all that thunder and lightning pt us up. luckily the rains moved out. we still have winds to deal wi lauren ricketts. >> that's going to be the main story as the system exits out of the area. the winds are picking up as high pressure builds in. nice conditions, but with the two systems now pretty breezy winds. additional power outages possible, as well. 've got a lot of power outages out there now. you may have seen your lights
5:17 am
flicker overnight. if you were awoken by the storms, windows out, a great night. if you had the windows open, people saying, hey, our lights flickered, or i couldn't go back to sleep, that was the case overnight a the last couplef hours. the good news is the rain is out of here. t is heavier weather thr over thank goodness. mow per watches or works in terpgs ofrain. we have a wind advisory posted. that's going to be the main story. we'll have to watch for power outages rolling through. system. this this system came in two parts. we dealt with it yesterday evening. had some tornado warnings in frederick county, maryland. overnight we had irnado warnin southern maryland, calvert county, prince george's county, and even portions of st. mary's county. again, this is over right now. look at this -- look at that line of right here. again, this is rolling up through boston. they'll be dealing wit rainy conditions, even windy aynditions as they have the boston marathon t again, it's all moving out of
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the area. maybe a swoinkle or left. really what's going to be left are the winds. the windor adv starts at 11:00 a.m. and goes until 5:00 p.m. areas in the brown, we could havemi gusts up to 5s per hour. sustained winds are going to be up to about 30 miles per hour. yeah, it's going to be windy out there. even for the areas that are not in the advised gion, down through fredericksburg, northern neck, sourthern maryland, gusts up to 45 miles per hour. just not in the adv ed criteria. as you head out the door, you can leave the umbrella at home. you're going to be w dealih downed trees, ponded roadways, even road spray from all of the rain last night. this evening, we're going to be dealing with the winds. two hands on the wheel. tomorrow, the winds willwn die and we'll have sunshine. not a lot of rain, but showers into wednes more widespread storms as we get into friday. that will be something that we'll have t watch. amelia and i will be with you to deal with that heading into this
5:19 am
week. current temperatures now, and 60s. we will drop, and most of the day will be spent in the 50s a lower 60s. again, winds are going to be picking up through the morning andticking with u throughout the day. 68 degrees for today. that's what we hit overnight. most of the day are going to be 0s the upper and lower 60s. sunshine tomorrow, chance of showers on wednesday. dry thursday. storms possible on friday. then for easd,r weeke have a chance of showers, but a small chance. we'll have to watch that as we get closer to the weekend. let's watch the roadways with melissa moet. good morning. good morning, lauren. silver spring southbound georgia at seminary place, again, lanes blocked, fire department activity. going to show a live camera coming up in a minute. silver spring, outer loop after georgia. left lane blocked by a crash. not too muc of a slowdown yet. southwest mlk jr. avenue at atlantic street, some lanes are blocked. overturned vehicle crash reported there.
5:20 am
southeast, suitland parkway at sterling, flashing lights, power outage in that area. bowie, 197 at oldaurel bowie road, closed both ways, down tree. that's where megan mcgrath is. 66 and 95 in virginia, no i probleound or outbound. >> thank you. ahead, truffles are a dedell -- delicac around the world. a virginia farm is making the most of the trend. and stick around for
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welcome back at 5:23. perhaps you've eaten truffle fries or used truffle oil. but have you had fresh truffles? >> they're a delicacy grown in worldwide. enjoyed as news4's justin finch reportsh ere's a truffle trend springing up in virginia. are the truffles, good boy? >> reporter: truffles aren't a crop you just go out and pick. >> d you find one? did you find one? is it there? >> reporter: it takes a good nose like his to sniff t'sm out. >> let look. oh, good boy. >> reporter: this was a drill. the target of berry frozen truffle practiced to keep wealthy and at -- welly and that nose primed for truffle season and runs from december to just before spring. ix inches hem a good down.
5:24 am
>> reporter: olivia taylor knows just what to look for as she led a tour of her family's orchard called virginia truffles, just north of culpeper. once inside, a better look at what we found. >> if it was a nice round truffle, this is what the restaurants like to buy. >> reporter: >>ing by look, the truffle is no -- judging by looks, the truffle is no conventional beauty. by taste, you can get why em foodies crave nd why they're used in everything from eggs to seasonings. >> earthy, it's an interesting flavor. it's really, really nice. there's almost a fruity factor to it. >> reporter: virginia happens to have a good truffle-growing climate. o partly wvia, her mom pat, and pat's husband john chose the commonwealth to grow the black truffle which can go for hundreds per pound at market. the family built the farm from thound up ten years ago. from clearing land to prepping thsoil to finding the righ trees to sustain their truffle. >> one must always take the long view when getting into this. keeping in mind, yeah, it's gn going to be a icant investment.
5:25 am
but it is interesting. it's different, and it we can make it happen, it will pay off. >> reporter: and they're on track. virginia truffles are among the first truffle grers in the commonwealth to see a harvest. and they're planning now for many more. >> five-year plan, i would say that this farm is producing hopefully close to 30 pounds an acref truffle. i also would like to expand so th we have multiple produc as opposed to just truffle. >> reporter: so with each season, each search -- >> is that they truffle, bufdy? >> reporter: virginia truffles comes closer to a future many can't wait to taste. justin finch, news4. >>d sha over fresh past adelicious. it is a little pricey -- it's a lot prey. good you say? >> delicious. i think it's delici ws. you probab't like it, just saying. >> i'm a simple man.
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>> that's not what i'd say. >> what would you say? wait a minute. come back -- no. we'll move 5:26. coming up, summer travel troubles. mo flights grounded in t wake of that max jet investigation. your t could mean for vacation plans coming up. plus,sh bikeare beware. why capital bikeshare is pulling some of its fle ts offhe streets for safety. lauren? and hopefully everybody kept safe overnight when weliad storms r through. you're waking up, walking out the door, the severe weather threat is over. we're still weather alert. winds e main store. it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent offnt departmetore prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode. here's a live look now. 5:29. 65 degree warm, much calmer than a few hours ago. >> the storms that woke povple up areg on. it was a busy few hours of thunderstorms, tornado watches, ev twoornado warnings in southern maryland.
5:30 am
5:30 the time. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this monday. lauren ric btts has beeny bringing latest updates overnight. >> let's loo at that overnight before melissa fills us in on the roads overni,t. laur good morning. >> good morning, it was a team effort between a samarra, even amelia draper helping us out. came in at 1:30 and smartphonea hande -- samarra handed off the bataan to me so we could - baton to me so that we could keep you up to date. threat is over. you make ur way out, probably finding ponded roadways, trees down. lots of that. waha to tell you tt the threat over. most of the heavier rain is on the eastern shore. thank goodness that is moving to the atlantic ocean. you see the rain stretching to
5:31 am
new york, this is lightning as well. this continues to scoot through. in its wake, looking at winds. winds are going to be the main story. that's why a we're weathrt because we're going to see gusts up to 50 miles per hour. more power outages pos with this, as well. we'll talk mawr about this, what you -- more about this, wt you n expect this week, more rain coming. plus, easter this weekend. we'll show you that,w let's s you the roadways with odmelissa. morning. >> good morning, lauren. right now,pp c 4 headed to different problems in silver spring. here is the first one. southbound georgia avenue at semina you see all the flashing lights. this is a fire. trying to get more information. at least part of southbound georgia is shut down. we might be gting by one lan to the left. we'll be over that soon. another issue, silver spring, outer loop after georgia. left lane blocked at that accident. you can see that top of the beltway, outer loop. southwest, mlk jr. avenue, atlantic lanes blocked. suitland parkway at firth
5:32 am
sterling flashing traffic lights cause some delay. 197 at old laurel bowie road, road shut down in both wayse becaf a downed tree. 66 and 95 in virginia, no b mplaints. >> thank you. continuing our team coverage, let's head out on to the roads. megan mcgrath with more on what your commute could look like after thetorms moved through. good morning. guyeporter: good morning, we are actually seeing quite a bit of improvement. some of the incidents that we've been hearing aboutre starting to clear up. that's good news for drivers. there was a tree down at long island laurel -- old laurel and bowie roade we're mob looking for other problems. we were on our way to a siation in laurel -- sorry, largo on 202. we got word that that tree has been cleared.
5:33 am
improvements are happening out there. but could still encounter some wned trees and standing water. that's another issue that we've been seeing this morning. big pools of water in the low-lying areas. things are startin to improve, but there's always the possibility that you could encounter a little trouble o your way in. keep that in mind. we are continuing to drive around. we'll let you know what we find. >> thank you. the same system brought damage and closures to our area and has wreaked half actio across the south. this is shelby, ohio. >> officials say no one was killed, b as manys ten were injured. elsewhere, at least eight people died in the storms. officials in louisiana say that one of the fatalities was a 13-year-old boy. eputies need your help solving a sexual assault in a nightclub. it happened at the rye oh cantina in sterlin early sunday
5:34 am
morning. a woman says a man she didn't know begng kis and groping her in a stairwell and pull her into a private room. call the loudoun county sheriff's office if you have any information abouthe case. in prince george's county, d driver ho be cut out of a car after a major crash. two vehicles crashed on veterans parkway at annapolis road in hyattsville yesterday. botheople are expected to survive. >> the push for safer roads continues. today the prince george's county execute and police chief wil hold a news conference to discuss traffic enforcement and awarenes enhanced efforts began back in december when three kids were killed on route 210 when the car they were init was h by a suspected drunk driver. news4's transportation reporter, adam tuss, will cover that for us. look for updates in the app later today. l today you can pay yot respects to maryland house speaker michael busch. his body will lie in state in the rotundaf the state house in annapolis.
5:35 am
visitation will be from 10 p.m. this afternoon to 7:00 tonight. again tomorrow from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. the funeral will be held ismorrow at st. john newman church in annap followed by reception at the navy marine corps memorial hstadium. bu was the longest serving speaker in maryland hiy. he was 72 years old. t ling ak at our other top stories. protesters showed up to deganstrate ast virginia governor ralph northam at a favor. he was a no -- at a fundraiser. he was a no show. northam has been undere fire si racist photo appeared on his medical school yearbook page. he refuses to resign over the incident. p>> today, front royal mayor hollis sth expected in a -- tharpe is expect in atr com. he was charged with soliciting a prostitute last may. he says the situati is embarrassing, and the charges are tsehe ba
5:36 am
deadline for getting taxes in. if you're e-filing, you have until 11:59 tonight to submit them. if you plan to mail them in, get a postmark today. if you need an extension, y need to do that by tonight's deadline, as well, and you need pa an estimate inrder to avoid fines. tiger woods is back on will world this lf morning. he won the masters by just one stroke yesterday. this is the fifth time he's won e tournament, but his first major championship win since 2008. they score! >> we just need to relive that moment again and again. that's the amazing overtime goal to put the caps up 2-0 in the first round of defending the stanley cup. 14 more wins, and the stanley cup stays here in d.c. where it belongs. tonight the tough task of winning the series and then the series heads to raleigh.
5:37 am
>> will be game three on home ice. sherree burress is already looking ahead to the game. she talked with nbc sports washington's alan may, also a former caps player, about the extra challenge the caps wil face there. >> reporter: they haven't had playoff hockey in carolina ten years. what do you think thiss going to look like and sound like? >> i hope it's rabid. i hope they're having fun. it great for the league to get markets back intofs the play. i hope it's raucous, as loud as we've heard. i make no bones about it, i want the capitals to win, i hope they can silecre the d. i'm looking forward to an incredible atmosphere. too.e, game three begins at 7:00 on our sister station, nbc sports washington. tune in at 11:00 as sherree burress breaks down the game and what's next for thecals. 37. 's billed as being a ten-mile
5:38 am
race. it wasn't quite right. why runners may to look at the route for the cherry blossom ten miler. good morning, you know, you spend about y one-third ofr life sleeping. >> you change your sheets, but how often do you clean yr mattress? >> cleaning your mattress is easy to do. >> today at 4:00, susan hogan explains why it's important to clean your mattress. >> and the best ols for the to
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when we come back back. the 123oston marathon will kick off in just a few hours. this will be the first time the event falls on the sam day the bombings occurred back in 2013. >> more than a million people are expected to attend this marathon despite a rainy forecast. among those at the starting line, secret service agent garrett fitzgerald. he was paralyzed after being hit by a man high on heroin four months into hisjob. he will be pushed all 26.4iles by a fellow agent in a wheelchair. >> arrett carries me throug the difficult times. we talk strategy. we work as a team to get through toug times. >> fitzgerald is raising money in the boston marathon for the urney forward foundation. last weekend's cherry
5:42 am
blossom ten-mile run wasn't ten miles after all. >> bummer. awtop reports turnaround in midwest woetime park --ac pot park was misplaced. it was 80 yards shorter than the ll ten miles. that error negates what were thought to be some record times. if you're not running the full ten miles, no wonder you thought you ran it faster. that includes the american race. you must submit a review request by the end of the month on line. >> there are people who set thel goal, they short -- >> you think you ran so fast. no wonder i ran sofast, i didn't run ten miles. >> 5:42. we are weather alert. theweathehe rain has -- has been over now. and thank goodness that thrvet is for us. but now we have the winds. we're going to have to watch as they pick u throughout the morning. we'll talk about your monday and what to expect. this isn't the end of the rain for the week.
5:43 am
that's coming up. and chopper 4 over a couple of problems in silver spring. one inner loop at georgia avenue. folks getting by on the right side and nearby thhere, sund georgia near seminary, a fire. looks like it is out on top of restaurant. some units above it, as well, impacted, but closures southbound georgia. more coming up. a a reminder, news4's working for you with an in-depth look at our changing climate. see how it's impacting your family, your money, your health, and even your commute. our primetime special airs on earth day, april 22nd, at 7:30 here on c 4. and because redfin.cge america's #1 brokerage site
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5:46. as you wakup the worstst storms may have woken you u overnight but a wind advisory will be taking affect laterin ts mo lauren ricketts is here working on the forecast. we'll check in with her a melissa mollet for a look at how the commute is impacted in a few mivetes. we team coverage right
5:47 am
now of the mess after the storm. >> nicole jacobs is live in southeast washington. what's the scene? >> reporter: here at 3700 block of d street is likely going to catch residents by surprise just as it did this person who is having to turn aroundhere. ta a look at the damage. you can see a tree has come down and fallen on the lines there. i can tell you that it appears that at least one vehicle will have trouble getting out of its parking spot. heis is at least until crews come , remove the tree, and repair the lines. back to you. >> thank you. newgh over president trump's re-election fund-raising campaign seems to be bucking all tradition. according to the "associated press," more th $30 billion have been raised in the first
5:48 am
few months of 2019. a huge haul for an incumbent this early in the campaign. campaign officials say the majority of the donations were $200 or less. the moneyaised so far is more than the top twora demc rivals combined. the trump campaign has a goal of $1 billion for 2020. and this morning, the trump administration is apparently considering sending migra s seeking asylum to sanctuary citiesg that's stirrp backlash from the other sides of the aisle. >> news4's tracie potts live with more. good morning. >> we told you last week this had been under consideration, but they gf rid oe idea. now president trump is bringing it back saying over the weekend he thinks he has the absolute legal right to bus immigrants ay from the border tonc ary cities. these are cities, towns, counties, whole states that have clared they're protect immigrants and won't cooperate with the federal government against them. president trump says he has the right to send them there.
5:49 am
some areas like washington state, their governor over the weekend saying he welcomes the immigrants, although there are questions about whether or not the presid does have the legal right to do that. >> what's the latest on the demand for the president's tax returns? eporter: next week, new deadline which is the 23rd of april. so next tuesday. a week from tomorrow, democrats are demanding those tax returns fromhe irs. the treasury secretary oversees the irsnd says it's complicated. and now the white house spokeswalp, white house press secretary sarah sanders -- spoe speakswoman, white house press secretary sarah sanders says she doesn't think everyone can understand the president's complicated tax returns. >> tracie potts, thank you. 5:49. a man is recovering after d.c. police say he was stabbid ou the embassy of spain. this happened on saturday afternoon. accoing to t police report, a man was slashed in the head with a pockethenife and threw a b.b. gun at his
5:50 am
attacker. the embassy is nearn washing circle in northwest which is an area packed with residents and tourists. police say both are charged in this fight. and check this out -- one lucky driver left the washington auto show with a newca a contest promised a new hyundai to the person who could stay in constant contact with the car for 50 hours straight. turns out six people do it.ed to at the end the winner was decided by random draw. after a that. the contestants were given outhroom breaks, but they to keeping the car while they slept. the contestants work atho itals, georgetown lombardi and children's national. hyundai donat $75,000 to the hospital for pediatric cancer research. >> a good cause. somebody walkedh away w a car. >> only one. >> you spend all that time -- --i know >> touching the -- >> that's okay. they still have to pay the tes anhe insurance.
5:51 am
we are paying for this mohaing with the storms passed through last night. we're dealing with the aftermath. down, ponding on the roadways. road spray out there. the storms areur out of region. no more rain today. not to say that you can't have n sprinkle this g. i'm seeing a little bit pop up out there. it's like a sprinkle. that's about it. we're not looking at much of anything i terms of rain through the day but we are going to see winds pick up over the o next coupl hours. since the storm exited, the frontal storm, really stro. this started in our area last evening, yesterday evening and continued it.o the overni three tornado warnings in our area, one in frederick county 6 about0 p.m. last night. there were two in southern maryland overnight lastnight. so of course we were working for you. we've been here all night looking at the storms. now the strongest of them for the east coast at this point. that strong system pushes out of here as high pressure builds in.
5:52 am
between those two competing pressures, that's where the winds picked no more severe weather or rain for the area for today. wind advisory in ace. those are the areas that are shaded in this brown color herem gusth to about 50 miles per hour. even south if you're not seeing that northern next, southern maryland, if you're not in thes ad, you will have gusts to 45 miles per hour. ther way you cut it, it's going to be a windy day. temperatures will fall as we get the dry air working in from the west. we'll see the temperatures in the upper 5 and lower 60s through much of the day. you can see them start to drop as you wake up through the 7:00 a.m. hour and 9:00 a.m.hour. we'll also have sunshine through the day. temperatures around that 60-degree mark for today. main story.e the back in the upper 60s tomorrow with lighter winds out there. we have a piece of energy flting through wednesd that could bring showers. more storms possible on friday.
5:53 am
for the easter weekend, i have a chance for showers rolling through, small chance. we'll continue to what. that into the weekend. let's watch the roads with melissa mollet. good morning. good morning. in alexandria, take a look. is is inner loop at eisenhower avenue. just had a small bus here engulfed in flames. firefighters arrive and h put that out. slow getting by inner loop at eisenhower there in mexico.r chop -- in alexandria. chopper 4 looking at loop near georgia. things have reopened but we have a heck of aelay there inner loop. that's not what we're used to. if we look to the left, chopper can show an earlier fire we were dealing with on seminary. soundsike it w a restaurant went up into the rafters there, into the hvac system. there were housing units or apartments on top of the restaurant. that is now out. we're trying to get information onny injuries there. inner loop after river road, car spun out. right side is blocked.
5:54 am
mlk at atlantic, lanes blocked overturned vehicle arlington, g at 66, a crash reported as we look at the travel times invi inia. 66 and 95 looking good right now. 0 no problems. top of the beltway slow for r obviousons on the outer loop and the inner loop. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. eun? >> thank you. heads-up, american airlines is canceling more flights because of the ongoing investigation into the boeing 737 maxjets. the airline is canceling flights through august 19th. that's about 115 flights a day. aaa says you could expect increased delays ove busy summer season, as well. the faa grounded all boeing 737 mac jets following two deadly crashes. from the sky to theroads. capital bikeshare i temporarily removing bikes because of a
5:55 am
potential brake issu the compa received reports from riders who said they experienced a strong brake force on the front wheel of the electric bikes. that could cause a fall. lyft owns capital bikes' share. ebox are being are e removed from new york city and san francisco's bay area. if you drive on the baltimore, it may be faster for you ts morning. the national parks service raced the split up to 55 hour between 197 and 132 over the weekend. the speed limit had been lower the last month because of huge ploelts along the parkway. the serb of t-- we're told it np its game when it comes to the backlog. at cnbc headquarters, today is tax day. you can take advantage of freebies and deals if you r return ompleted y yet. and a meal to 1040, a reference to one t of the forms. half a chicken, two sides, cornbread, and a drink.
5:56 am
macy's is offering 40% off ofs shhen you buy two or more pairs. office max is offering free shedding. i'm frank holland. >> got to love free. >> free is always -- is anything really free? >> there's always a price. ahead this morning, a local mayor is get -- is getting his day in court. and buy gas on certain days. when the best and worstimes are to fill up. also ahead -- >> reporter: you've hrd about wineries in virginia. but there's another crop thas taking hold in the commonwealth. i'm justin fench. a four coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
strong winds knocked down this tree branch in southeast d.c. actually let's back up. we're going toelyou that we saw ponding rain, strong winds overnight. there were tornado warnings to talk about. monday's here, the weather had a lot of us up
6:00 am
overnight. it appears to be moving on now. onot quite out the woods yet. we're staying o i top of approaching 6:00 a.m. good morning, i'm aaron lchrest. >> i'm eun yang. we remain in weather alert. the threat of strong gts remains. >> you may find branches and leaves on the road. give yourself extra time. melissa mollet is standing by with a check othe commute and rod closures. >> we'll start with lauren ricketts in nature chuck bell. what are w talking about? >> you what were downed trees, some ponding on the roadways. as you walk outg, this morn the rain is over. thank goodness. hese storms lasted from yesterday evening and then we had another round overnight. even a few tornado warnings overnight at 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. hour in through southern maryland. that's over, thank goodness. we're just looking at the aftermath. not expected any more rain. we are expecting winds out


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