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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  April 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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at least we're not dealing with the storms out there early morning. we are not weather alert. we're not even dealing with the winds today, thank goodness. we are dealing with chilly nditions this morning. sunshine later on. a much lighter wind out there today. we have a chance for some passing showers as we get your midweek. wednesday, thursday. and then friday, we're watching only e potential for not heavy rain but also severe weather headed our way. a lot of people tramping on friday. sunday's --n traveling ofriday. sunday's easter. we'll let you know what to expect on your friday especially here. as far as current temperatures are concerned, ooh, you'll wake up and walk outside, and you're going to walk right back inside and be like, i need that jacket. it is chilly. we still have frost advisories toward luray and back tow d stanton and harrisonburg. again, it's chilly out there this morning. no rain, though. that's good news. we'll talk about the nats forecast, and as i said, we'll talk more about the easte liday weekend that's coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with melissa for
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a traffic check. good morning. boeing's ight now looking okay. college park, report of trash in the light rain for a quarter mile. outer loop near route 195 there. just beware if you're headed out soon, you may have a crew picking that up thimorning. northbound bw parkway after 197 had the right lane there in laurel getting byhe work zone. that has cleared out of the way. you don't have to worry about that any longer. thbound 17. this is hanging around before falmouth on l95. lefte blocked through the work zone. into town and out of town, no problems. aaron? thank you. we begin with a developing story halfway around the world. less than 24 hours after it started, fire investigators are unsure whatd cause the fire at the notre dame cathedral. right now the fire is out, but the damage left behind is heartbreaking to see. >> take a look. these are live pictures from paris showing you whatre ins. no lives were lost, but the people who call the city home say it feels as if something was
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taken from them, that they will never be able g to back. video shows the moment the cathedral's spire collapsed. a breathtaking scene. thepire and the roof which was also destroyed are more than 0 years old. the fire started around 6:30 parisian time. according to investigators, the flames may have b caused by a nearly $7 million r wovation th underway. it is not believed to have been the result of arson. and this fire is affecting people iere the washington region. news4's nicole jacobs is live ao the embassy france nowh wit reaction. good morning. >> reporter: if you were anywhere near a television yesterday when the fire broke out, chances are you were glued to the coverage. that iss how most local are keeping up to date with the tragedy that's going on there. many leaving flot rs ae embassy of france in grief. during a mass yesterday,
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cardinal wuerl read a statement speaking to the significancef the notre dame cathedral. its significance of faith and peace. we spoke with father pierre henr i was a french-speaking parish in d.c. he, too, mournshe place he remembers fondly as he was ordained there. >> i was ordained priest there. it's where -- not where i grew up in faith, but it's where i started -- i was called by christ for my bishop to be a priest. >> reporter: even with all of the devastating destruction, most are pleased to hear the ructuralntegrity has been saved. i can tell you if you would like to donate to this cause, you can certainly go to ourwebsite. we've got instructions for you there. back to you. >> nicole jacobs at the embassy of france. thank you. our team coverage of the notre dame fire continues on
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"news4 today" and thesh nbc wagton app. check out the "today" show foro live rep from paris. 5:5:04. yesterday kathy stafford detail when a tree came crashing into the house, pinning her down. her friends and neighbors spoke with news4, and they are shocked. >> husband tried to ge her mouth to mouth until the fire departmenthe got re. it was too late. >> it's a fluke. i can't believe a tree went down through the house and killed her. you don't had if in the refrigerator, she'd feed you. she was a really, really, really nice lady. i'm going to missher. >> tyler's husband oforthan 60 years also had minor injuries. the 82-year-old will not be eelowed to move back until repairs have b made. new this morning, s d.c. policeay a man was killed inut soheast. his body was found near the kipp d.c. douglas campus school on
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p pomer pomey road. look at the aftermath of a crash on seminary lane. incredibly nobody was hurt. the eastbound lanes had to be closed for cleanup. that caused backups in the area police are still trying to figure out how that crash happened. today you will have a last chance to pay your respects to maryland's longer serving house speaker, michael busch. busch will lie in state from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. a processions will take h from the state house to st. john newman church. he will be laid toest after service at 11:00. an died earlier this month after serving more th three decades in the house of delegates. major changes coming to what's been called one odlthe most deay roads in the country. we're talng about route 210 also known as indian head highway in prince george's county. nes mental health is along the -- megan mcgrath is along the roadit w the changes to
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prevent more deadly crashes. there good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a notoriously dangerous road. but change is coming thanks to the efforts of a group of citizens who gathered regularly in the evenings after work and kept up the pressure for safety improvements on 210.or three m speed cameras are going to be coming to this root in june. and the proceeds, the money from those speed camera ticklls, it wi go to the cminal injury compensation fund. not the state or county. it took a change in maryland law happen. it now additional safety improvements on the way also include rumble strips, improved lighting atin tersections, as well as changes to make traffic signals more visible. i can't s yasmin johnson lost her daughter as she was crossing to catch a bu she's hopin the changes will spare other families her pain. >> i am humbled, im
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my persojourney is to do whatever i can so that no other family ever experiences what myself and so many other families have gone through.or >> repr: speed is often a factor in the major deadly crashes here along this stretch of highway here. so the citizens are hopeful that the speed cameras will prompt drivers to slow down and save lives. back to you. >> megan mcgrath forhi us t morning. thank you. 5:07. we now know that the justice department will release its redacted version of special counsel robert mueller's russia report on thursday. it will first be sent to congress and then made to the public. don't plan on seeing all 400 pages. attorney general william barr says the justice deparent will black out sensitive information. mueller concluded his investigation last month, and bar released a four-page summary of mueller'sey
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democrats wt the entire report released to congress. > police have charged a man in the o deathf a 3-month-old girl in southeast d.c. an arrest warrant is out for 25-year-old cornell holton. he hit schuyler newman s hard she passed out and died three dice later. there's a reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction. after two students in two monthsere caught with guns on campus at la plata high school, the school is hosting a public meeting. parents are asked to attend. it wilbe held at:00 in the school's auditorium. the head of security will be there to discuss both incidents and take suggestions from parents about how to prevent it from happening again. no one at the schoolur was ht in either incident. "the capital gazette" was honored with a pulitzer prize special citation. it recognizes the staff's work covering the deadly attack inside their own newsroom.
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the pulitzer board award the iazette" for commitment to the community at a time of unspeakable grief. this is the first special citation awarded by the board since 2011. the cherry blossom festival wasgain a huge hit. 1.6 million people attend the festival through its four weeks. the president of the event says everything this year was in perfectig alent. that's always nice to hear. attendance was up at the kite festiv, petalpalooza, and the cherry blossom festival parade. something to brag about,e d.c. thrgeous trees at the tidal basin. it doesn't get any prettier. >> they never disappoint. a rough night for the washington capitals ot their queso defend the cup. team fell to the carolina hurricanes 5-0. >> it was ugly. the caps are still ahead in the series. news4's sharree bress looks back on this tough loss. >> reporter: carolina surging pass the capits in their first home playoff game inen years. the capitals came out strong.
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alex very much said alex novechnikov asked him to fight. upon a good idea. ove, not known as a fighter, knocked him down and carona shut out the capitals 5-0. a sobering reminder of how hard t is to win games this time of year. >> we didn't play the right way. we didn't play our game at all. >> we didn't deserve to win. so they -- they pushed, and you know, we didn't push back.n >> the mai thing is having a short memory. make sure we learn from it. break it down so it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: two days off separate washington and game four on thur. the team even saying they're going to avoid the rink on tuesday. from raleigh, sharree burruss, news4 sports. 5:10. today is d.c. emancipation day. the push for statehood minditions. cong up, we're telling you about the big boost that effort just received.
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plus, don'touch live wire. if you don't believe us, maybe this next piece of footage will change you mind. look at that,la uren. we're looking at nice conditions out there but cold conditions. grab the jacket, grab those sunglasses on the way out the door. starting on a chilly note with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we're u warming under plenty of sunshine. sun won't last for long. mo severe weather on three
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5:14.ea never go nr a fallen live wire. any time a strong storm rolls through, power companies always give us thatwarning. this morning, we havthe video that proves why it's important to listen. a utility worker in new jersey was attempting to untangle a live wire off traffic light. look at that. it caught fire big time. that worker barely movedwa in time. the power line came down during yesterday's storm. nobody was hurt, but it is under investigation. ride-sharing company lyft ii launch somet new safety and security features to protect riders. >> lyft is now planning to run continuous criminal background checks on its d activevers instead of just annual rechecks. any dver who does not pass the screening will be barred from the company. the -srideharing company will require a valid driver's license
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p-d uto-date photo of their face tovent potential identity fraud. uber began continuous backgrounds checks last year. it will be just a few more months until you can once again see the amazing view from the top of the washington monument. the national parks service says the monument will reopen sometime in august. right now construction of a new security screening building is underway. tion of the building is behinds schedule because crews hadon to remove cminated soil. the neil elevator- new tufting. just needs it's been closed since 2016. today the district recognizes emaipation day. this holiday marks the signing of the compensated emancipation act by president lincoln in 1862. as d.c. observes emancipation day, calls for stood hood are growing louder. according to wtop, 20 attorneys general are adding their support to a bill making its way through
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ngress. its passage would mean self-government without the approval of congress. city leaders have suggested d.c. be renamed columbia. today is your final chance to see both the emanation proclamation and the d.c. emancipation act. they're on display at the national archives. >> both changed american history. mark seagraves was able to seen them a learn idea they spend -- learn why they spend most of the you're under wraps.r: >> reportet doesn't get out much. onlyees the light for 36 hours each year, and it's one of the most important documents in our country's history -- eman emancipation proclamation. >> what if affected was anyat ste still in rebellion against the union. >> reporter: the dument that led to the ending of slavey is o delicate and fragile it's kept in a vault. it has protection and is taken
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out once a year. today they were lining up to get to see it just as americans have lined up for generations to view was abraham lincoln sai his greatest accomplishment. >> it's inspiring. very touching to know that that was said andnd briefed a should be today. >> reporter: the d.c. emancipation act is also on display. that act was the first act by congress to free slaves. at the national archives, mark seagraves, news4. >> the preservation effort for the old, original documents, ane you know t keep -- once every few years, they bring them out. it is special to see. >> you can't -- you can see why they preserve it. stunning. >> i have never seen it. m >>be next week. >> maybe next week when it's going to be raining. not only arena chances to end -- rain chandes to the week but into next week, as well. >> dress accordingly. >> i think we'll have severe
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weather as we get into the end of the workweek. not today, we are quiet today. sun comitg up in ae over an hour at 6:30. the sun coming up, a beautiful sun sunrise. grab the jacket. temperatures in the 30s and 40ll grab the smambrella for your wednesday and thursday. large umbrella on friday. speaking of wednesday and thursday, if you're north of , d.c.ou're going to have a better chance of rain. south of d.c., i think you might be able to get away without seeing any rain as we head into your wednesday. but by friday, all of us will have a chance for some heavy rain moving into the area. take a look at the temperatures. yeah, it's jacket weather as soon as you step out your door. butater on this afternoon, we will warm up quite a bit. through this morning we're going to warm up. by 9:00a.m., all sunshine -- topping out in the 50s throughout the morning hours. and near 70 degrees for dtime highs today. nothing happening out there ri we're looking good thanks to high pressure i charge. if you're headed out to nats
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park, we te on the giants to start the series, 7:05 is first pitch. not that bad. sun goes down about 7:30. we are looking at temperatures in the low 60s. take the jacket. no wind, that's good news. increasinglouds so that will keep the temperatures up a little bit. tomorrow, we're in the mid to upper 60s. again, passing showers mainly north, mostly cloudy. if you are south of d.c., better chances to have the 70s. we head into the weekend, now if you're traveling for friday, we've got a chance for severe weather on friday. then showers around for this holiday weekend. we'll srt the future weather today. again, all sunshine out there today. there could be a spotty shower inly north as a back door cold front comes through the area for your wednesday. i think if you were south of i-66 tomorrowou are going to stay dry. you may get sunshine. another chance of stray sh ers into youursday. perhaps a few more peeks of ursunshine on ay. by friday, all bets are off. heavy rain coming our way. severe thunderstorms possible friday afternoon into friday
5:20 am
evening. and we're going to have to watch for flooding on friday. some of the showers lead to saturday. by sunday, we could have a few showers out there, as well.ou as far as y ten-day forecast is concerned, the temperatures go up for thursday. stay in the 70s on friday. in fact, i thinke'll drop through the day on friday. showers for your saturday and danday, a better chance of rain showers on satur than on sunday. we're dry monday and tuesday with more rain returning next wednesday and thursday. we've got dry roadways out there now. they looking? >> that does help quite a bit. thank you. 66, eastbound/westbound at cedar lane, everything nice and clear. nothing to worryabout. college park, outer loop near route 1, still have the trash reported in the right lane. seeing the tiniest slowdown there on the map. the rest of the beltway looks good. no problems on the rest of the beltway. through prince george's county into town and ht, youe no worries. taking a look at 66, no problem stafford, southbound 95, before 17. left lane blocked by the work zone.
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thank you so much to all the folks at roscoe knicks elementary school for having me out yesterday in silver spring. 120 first graders. lots of great questions. and they were a whole lot of
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welcome back at 5:23. swming, hiking, playing sports with friends, when the weather warms up, there are a ton of things your child can do to pass the time. >> among those, biking.
5:24 am
if you're not happied, the -- not prepared, the ride could end with an injury or worse. >> melissa mollet with a look at how to make things safer for your family before you take the bike on the road. good morning, messa. >> good morning. by now we're ready for the warmer weather to stick around. is your bike? we hit the road to show you how to get yourd' chil bike and own properly prepped for spring. yoursyourn you want it. merry z merry christmas. >> reporter: spring is a busy time for tune-ups. the owner s, he's been in the business for 30 years. >> the whether's getting nicer.'s getting seeing a lot of bikes brought r:. >> reporte here are four things to know -- check the tires, but not just for air. >> if the bike has been in the sl shed or the garage, tires can degrade over time. >> reporter: try the bounce test
5:25 am
to make sureno thing's loose. >> the chain's not flopping around. and i want to just pick it up and pedal it. make sure the brakes work, everything's tight. >> reporter: it may sound silly but make sure it still fits. >> children's bicycles go by wheel size, and adult bicycles go by frame size. >> reporter: a 12-inch bike works for a 2 to 4-year-old. 16 inch for 5 to 6 and 20 inch for 7 to 9. >> the average person doesn't going to know what torque spec. if you're not sure, take it to a local bike shock. >> reporter: most are free our get a tune-up for $20. perhaps the most important thing -- i >> the bicyclea vehicle, not a toy. this could be your child's first vehicle. they must know theules of the road. >> reporter: getting the bike ready is one thing.
5:26 am
getting your child ready for the ri is something else. coming up on thursday, we're looking at how to talk to your kids about bike safety.up that's coming on thursday right here on news4 today. >> got to know it all. important stuff across the board. thank you. 5:26. coming up, behind the scenes, behind the wheel. a news4 ride along with police giving us all reminders about ways to be better drivers. plus, more on the measles outbreak. it's one of the worst we've seen in decades. why the key fight against the virus is forming on line. lauren? and we are talking bout a chilly start as you make your way out the door this morning. clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. plenin of sun today and much lighter winds. severe weather on the way or our area. just in time for the holiday weekenou we'll show yhat coming up.
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first look at notre dame in daylight. damage left behed after a fir in france's most iconic cathedral. changes coming on a -called highway of death. the safety improvements coming to one of the most dangerous roads in o area.
5:30 am
rolina, a convincing 5-0 whitewash of washington. >> reporter: plus, a detour on th road to repeat. a look at the caps first playoff loss as they defend the stanley cup and what alex ovechkin is saying about his big fight on the ice. your time is 5:30. we are taking you right bac to live images out of paris this morning. some good news from the fire at notre dame. the cathedral structure was saved. france's president is vowing it will be rebuiltnd restored. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. we'l t get back to top story, the story making headlines around the world in a momeir. what you need to get your tuesday started here at home. melissa mollet is in first 4 traffic with the commute. >> we'll beginith a chen the forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist lauren ricketts is in for check this week and it's chilly outside.
5:31 am
>> yeah. >> it is -- >> need the coat for real. >> you're right. yes. we've got a frost advisory in place, so it is chilly to start. that frost advisory goes until 9:00 a.m. mainly for the central shenandoah valley going back toward ray. again, it is a chilly, chilly start out there. mid 30s atures in the outside the beltway in some areas. and really 40 degrees here in the d.c. metro area. you can see not lot going on thanks to high pressure in charge right now. so we are going to continue tsh see sune out there today. but we have som rain on the way. if you're headed out to nats npark later this afternoo through this evening, i guess it would be this evening, maybe you're hded to the bullpen this afternoon, it's not going to be too bad, light winds, plenty of sunshine, temperaturet falling i the 60s, eventually into the 50s. bring the light jacket tonight. again, we start the series against the giants.
5:32 am
looking good tonight. tomorrow, thursday, maybe a few showers. we'll talk about that and the threat of severe weather on friday. let's talk about traffic with melissa. good morning. good morning. taking a live look at briggs chaney road at columbia pike. everything is lookingfi ing nic clea and calm. 70 to the spur, 60 miles per hour gets you there in 30 minutes. not bad as you head nortblound. no pros either. everything is looking quite good there on 270. college park, outer loop at route 1,te trash repor in the right lane. sounds like a lot of debris that somehow perhaps a truck lost along the right sid and through prince george's county into town, out of town, no problems. >> thank yo paris firefighters say the fighter is out at notre dame cathedral after battling it for hours. these are live pictures of the scene. right now crews are assetsing the structural integrity of what's left of the iconic landmark. >> the firefighters started battling theassive fire yesterday afternoon. at one point flames shot out of
5:33 am
the roof of the world-famous cathedral. take a look at thi dramatic scene. the fire caused the cathedral's spire to collapse. the church was in the middle of a renovation project at the time of the fire. here's a look at what's left inside. historical items survived bike the cross you saw there. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> the cathedral has stood in paris for 850 years. construction started in 1163. each year about 12 million people tour notre dame. news4's nicoleacobs is live at the french embassy in northwest d.c. with how locals are reacting to the tragedy. nicole? >> reporter: it was quite see the images of mourners gazing up at the structure in utter disbelief. the shock and sadne has spread here to the district. many leaving flowers outside of the embassy of france. during a mass yesterday, cardinals wuerl read a statement
5:34 am
to parishioners. the symbolism of faith, peace, and presence of god, known as the world's most famous cathedral, french all over the district are mourning this devastating tragedy. we spoke with the owner of fsh baguette who grew up in paris. >> my world, where i grew up when i was young, just collapsing. it's a big shock. especially this week, it's holy week. >> reporter: and if you like to make a donation to this cause, go to our website. back to you. >> nicole jacobsive at the embassy of france this morning. thank you. >> we'll have continuing coverage of the fire on air and in the nbc washingtoapp. now 5:34 on this tuesday. we begin with our other top stories. and this shon stafford county -- an elderly woman was killed while sleeping during the severe storm. a tree crashedown and pinned
5:35 am
78-year-old kathy tyler. her husband who tried to save her is recovering from minor injuries. news4 spoke wither loved ones. hear from them ahead in our next half hour. olice have issued a warrant for 25-year-old cornell holton's arrest. he's wanted for the murder of a -- wanted for murder in the death of a 3-month-old baby in d.c. last ho hit schuyler newman with something so hard that it knocked her out.d she d three days later. mourners will be back in the rotunda today at theataryland st house to pay their final respects to house speaker michael busch. yesterday, several people filed past his casket. his body will lie in repose today from 8:0 to 10:00 this morning followed by his funeral which will be at 11:00. busch died back in april 7th afr a battle with pneumonia. he was maryland's longest serving house speaker. actress lori loughlin and
5:36 am
her husband pled not guilty in thesollege admission scandal. hey were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud andll aegedly paying bribes totaling half a million daughters to get their two daughters -- half a million dlar dollars to get their daughters into usc. and now to defending the cup. the team skated over the caps in the 5-0 victory. hard to watch to as goal after goal went in. the carolina fans went wild. they hadn't played a home hockey game in a decade. it was a we're game for the caps just ton answer any of the -- just not to answer any of the goals. the biggest moment was this scene. alex ovechkin's first fight since's2010. he a lover, not a fighter. >> he won this fight. the 19-year-old h to be helped off the ice. you see him there -- 19. he didn't come back either. ove tried to explain ahat happeneder the game. >> i'm not a big fighter, and he
5:37 am
is -- he asked me to fight, and i said let's go, yeah. so hope he's okay. and you don't see a guy get hurt or something. >> he did say he hopes he's okay, even thoughim he knocked h to the ground --r whatever. it's not clear if he will be back for game four. at is going to be thursday in raleigh. >> all seriousness, that looked like a bad hit. we could see the caps win the series at home. that's the good part. there will be a gam five on saturday at capital ane arena. >> 40-pound difference. he was not wellmatched. >> yeah. coming up, opening its doors to all. we'll take you to a d.c. restaurant that's serving food each if diner t can't pay -- even if diners can't pay the bill. more on the latest measles outbreak. where it's spreading most and effort to get people vaccinated is getting harder. >> reporter: good morning, it's not too early to start planning
5:38 am
your summer getaway. >> reporter: yes. we'v got ways to help you save before you book. >> reporter: consumer reporter susan hogan dives into ewedit card rds this afternoon. she shows how to squeeze more out of your points and perks. plus, pat and iill dish on plus, pat and iill dish on the we're really close. super close. but we don't live together anymore. we still do everything together, like stream shows on netflix. we have a system to watch it all at the same time. get ready, so we'll pick up 1,2,3 go. i think i was fastest? that was the same time! ansince we're on fios, there's pretty much no lag for any of us. nobody misses anything. body misses anything unless they fall asleep. like angel. the best internet is even better with a year of netflix on us. switch now for our best pricei
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only on os.
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we are working 4 your health as measles cases continue to trise. >> virus has been confirmed in 20 states including maryland. one centers for disease col and prevention says there were 90 new cases just within the last week. that brings the total number of measles cases in the u.s. to ns5. several tow have banned unvaccinated children from public and the anti-vax community has only grown more vocal as myths spread on line. localities spoke with a nurse on roe -- lester holt spoke with a nurse on the f lines. she once feared vaccines heuelf. >> do yohange minds? >> yes. yes. and -- but it's not an overnight thing. i establish a relationship with these ople. they know they can come to me with questions and concerns. i was one of them. i understand how you could be taken for a ride. i know how susceptible people calebe. even col educated. >> she would be a strong ally to
5:42 am
get people to receive vaccines. if you received the mmr as a child you are fully immunized and d't need a booster shot. >> if you only received one or you don't know how many you need, there's no harm in getting the shot. talk to your doctor first to ser whetit's needed. 4:42. let's turn to lauren ricketts. >> a chilly start, guys. temperatures in the 40s at this point. clear skies, sun comg upust about 6:30. as we continue through the rest of the week. we've got some severe weather to watch once again. especially by the time you hit the road to grandma's for easter. we'll talk about the fri
5:43 am
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and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? that's yes for less. in score the latest sprg dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, y day. at ross. yes for less. 5:45. we begin with a live look at notre dame cathedral in paris. crew will soon start assessing just how much damage was caused by yesterday's fire. >> you've probably seen the images of flames tearing through this historic church. points it appeared nothing
5:46 am
would be left. firefighters managed to get the flames under control last night. and officials say the structural integrity of the building is still intact. that is good news. closer to home, the dome at the maryland state house in annapolis is 245 years old. it's made of wood and is protected in case of fire. >> this is vmeo fro two years ago during a deluge test. a fire suppression system when triggered sprays out a mist of water like you see here. nearly there ago the water system -- nearly three years ago the water system saved it during a lightning strike.l the origi 208-year-old ben franklin lightning rod likely shaved the build -- saved the building. stay with us for continuing coverage of the fire at notre dame. one week from today, that is the deadline democrats gave the irs to turn over six years worth of president trump's tax returns. >> reporter: news4's tracie potts joins us live to talk me out this. the president's legal team says this isn'tl. lega
5:47 am
>> reporter: right, will the irs do 'tit? we don know. the treasury secretary says ey're consideringit. but democrats are now taking a back door, reaching out to the president's accounting firm wito subpoenas t get serve years of financial statements, reaching out to four banks including deutsche bank which over a couple of decades loaned president trump and his company $2 billion. trying to geto.ore nig in that. and trying to find out more about his financial dealings that he's been worki t with have to see if he's having any impact on decisions in the oval office. >> tracie potts live, thank you. to an update we've beenin followg for you. the guiltylea of cesar sayoc will stand. he's accused of sending pipe bombs to prominentrics of president trump in the days leading up to the midterm election last year. sayoc said he meant to scare and intimidate, ton injure anyonement -- not to injure anyone. his sentencing is s for early august.
5:48 am
he could face listen in prison. e> it's known as one of the doradoliest roads in maryland -- deadliest roads in ryland, indian head highway. over the past decade, 60 people have died including three children just before the new year. there have also been 134 crashes with injuries along route 210. a grassroots effort by neighbors has resulted in several new speed cameras going up in the area. >> mnews4's meganrath is live along that road in ft. washington with more on the safety changes happening there. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. it really has beens a grassroot effort. a diverse group of citizens coming together after work and keeping up the pressur safety improvements on 210. now three new speed cameras are going in on indian head highway in june. the proceeds from the tickets om those cameras will go to the criminal injury compensation fund, not the state or county. that took ang chae in maryland law to happen.
5:49 am
additional safets improvement on the way include rumble strips as well as improved lighting at tersections and changes to make traff signals more visible. yasmin duncan lost her daughter last march. she was crossed while -- killed while crossing 210 to catch a bus. she's hoping other families will be sparefrom the pain that she has had to deal with. >> fight that had to be made to get to the point where we were able to have three cameras on 3 23 -- on 210. it will make ape tremendous difference. >> reporter: speak often a factor in these terrible crashes. so the hope here is that these additional speed cameras and the other safety measures will slow people down and save lives. back to you. thank you. prince george's county police are also cracking down on dangerous driving behaviors like speeding and texting and other ways. news4 cameras rode alongof with ficers yesterday as they pulled over several drivers and
5:50 am
issued tickets. county executive angela alsobrooks was also on a traffic patrol reminding people to pay n attention behd the wheel. >> younow what, it happened just that easy. that'suthat this is abo is reminding you. it only takes a second for either your life to be lost or someone you care about. reporter: the enhanced awareness efforts started in december of last year wn three children were killed on route 210. the car they were riding in was hit from behind by suspected drunk driver. ten minutes before the hour. we turn to an inspiring story about a l restauranteur. >> kazi manan isn't one to forget his roots of poverty in pakistan. he worked hard and is now the owne of sakhini halal grill blocks from the white house. he remembers what it was like to be hungry. now he is feeding anyone who ish hungry, wheer that person can paynor t. nbc's harry smith had a cha we to talkh him and customers about the power of a single
5:51 am
meal. >> he's got a beautiful establishment. mchandeliers hanging frohe ceiling. yet, a homeless man could come in, and he' give him food. that's pretty awesome. >> it is awesome. growing up, he didn't have electricity, water, or a building for school. classes were held underneath a tree. you can watch the interview coming up on "today." it's cool to hear about people's histories. it informs how they decide to live their lives and the fact that he's giving back to the community is incredible. >> paying it forward. he was given an opportunity and is trying to make sure others have it whenhey need it. lauren ricketts, 45 degrees? >> i know. >> wind out there. >> i know. it'sidcold. what dou ask? >> i said, a little wind out there, too. >> a little wind. not as bad as it was yesterday. >> i refuse to put on the puffy coat. i can't do it. >> lastight i saw a bunch of people walked around with those -- listen, we're warming up a little bit.
5:52 am
that's not going to be the main story. the main story as we head into this holiday weekend, given that sunday is easter, is rain. and friday. look at this, widespread, not only rain but storms. and i think we're going to be busy throughou the day on friday. probably going to be a weather alert day as the strong cold front rolls h.throug until then, spotty showers, wednesday, thursday, into the weekend. we are dry today. if you want to get the car washed, take youchances. again, we've got increasing chances of rain as we head through the rest of this week. it is cold. look at this. where we havewest a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. elsewhere temperatures in the 40s. the sunlwe com'lesar up around . topping out around 70 today. lighter winds, plenty of sunshine out there thanks to high pressure. no rain. we areooking good in terms of radar today.
5:53 am
70 will be the high. not too shabby especially if you're headed to nats park. tomorrow, we have some clouds in place. if you are north of d.c., you'll have a chance of showers and more cloud cover. if you're south of d.c., you'll likely end up around 70, and m you'll havebe more sunshine out there. follow me with this. the reason why -- a ldback-door coront. we'll start at 1 on your tuesday. here's theback-door cold front. that means it slips from the north to the south. we have some r starting to come down as we head into your wednesday. isolated showers. south at-66 you'll be dry. heading to thursday, a slight chance of a -- slight chance of a passing shower. then all bets are off. rain, it could be heavy. that will lead into your saturday. we have some chances of rain as we get into the sunday, as well. sunday is easter. look at the rain chances that we . we're going to have to worry about flooding for your friday with over two inches of rain by saturday morning. and again, you're impact for
5:54 am
friday, guys, are going to be heavy rain, winds, and possibly even a tornado. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's talk about traffic with melissa. >> all right. tang a look at chopper 4 headed out to 66 and 28. we have two different problems in centreville. northbound 28 after 66, crash with the right lane blocked. and then westbound on 66 before 28, crash there in the right lane, too. college part outer loop at route 1, trash in the lane has been cleared up.g nothinn your way in the beltway now. top of the beltway, 29, route 1, 95, bw parkway, everything there looking quite good. travel times, 270 no problems. top of the beltway, outer loop, 41 miles per hour. 66 inbound, 95 northbound, both in the green. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. good morning, i'm frank holland. starbucks is unrolling a new
5:55 am
rewards structure. it has tiers, if you spend $13 on your next visit, you can get an extra espresso shot or dairy substitute free of charge. starbucks card holders will be able to acce points forever with no expiration date. the program accounts for about 40% of all transactionsc with your corning business report, i'm frank holland. >> a lot of lattes. we're helping you get fit 4 spring. our own fitness junkie molette green has more. >> mollete showing another way to reset before a workout. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good mog. i'm at fitness for less in bowie. here's coach leona. and we're just warming up here. you introduced me to something new, chiropractic care. my hips were out of allainment. tab that told me she had a neck
5:56 am
problem, you sent her to the chiropractor, as well. that'something that i did. you say it helps wheeler a better performance in the gym and overall? >> better performance in the gym, better overall improvement. >> reporter: we'll see me getting realigned00 in the 6: hour of "news4 today." many describe it as life changing. we'll talk about that in the 6:00 hour. for know, let mek it up a level. i'm a little out of breath. my goodness. >> that's howit's supposed to work. nothing wrong with that. >> good foryou. thank you. ahead on "news4 today," hee staff of t "capital gazette"es receiv major honor. we are taking you back to paris as the search for what caused the fire that destroyed portions of the iconic notre dame cathedral begins. also ahead -- >> reporter: it's getting warmer. what you need to know when you dig that bike out and get ready to hit the road. we are working for y keeping we are working for y keeping ou
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ are you ready? ♪ are you ready for some fun? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you rdy? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun.♪
5:59 am
♪ ♪ oooooooooo. ♪ i'll show you something ♪ neeeeeewwww. 'll show you something, i'll show you something... ♪ ♪ neeeeeewwww. we begin this morning with a live look at the notre dame cathedral. less than 12 hours ago, t hundreds'-year-old iconic church was engulfed in flames. a much calmer scene this morning.
6:00 am
we investigation intot caused the trouble is only just beginning. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. 6:00 a.m. now. we will have coverage of the notre dame fire and hear of local reaction in just a moment here. we want to begin with a check on the forecast and the commute. >> melissa mollet is b standingy inth a check of the roads. let's begith meteorologist lauren ricketts in for cluck bell. look at that gorgeous sky. >> i know. i've beet looking ae sunrises over the last couple of months. man, beautiful. in fact, i've kind of documented all of themn my instagram page, laurenrickstsnbc. this i a beautiful sunrise. the sun doesn't come up for another 31 minutes. it is going to be aorgeous day, a beautiful start but a cold start. when you walk outside, you may not think about how chillyth its wiemperatures in the 40s and 30s. grab that puffy jacket on the way out the door this morning. you can leave it a


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