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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  April 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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caused the trouble is only just beginning. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrest. 6:00 a.m. now. we will have coverage of the notre dame fire and hear of local reaction in just a moment here. we want to begin with a check on the forecast and the commute. >> melissa mollet is b standingy inth a check of the roads. let's begith meteorologist lauren ricketts in for cluck bell. look at that gorgeous sky. >> i know. i've beet looking ae sunrises over the last couple of months. man, beautiful. in fact, i've kind of documented all of themn my instagram page, laurenrickstsnbc. this i a beautiful sunrise. the sun doesn't come up for another 31 minutes. it is going to be aorgeous day, a beautiful start but a cold start. when you walk outside, you may not think about how chillyth its wiemperatures in the 40s and 30s. grab that puffy jacket on the way out the door this morning. you can leave it at work by tme tie get into the afternoon.
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or you may be able to trade it for the rain jacket by tomorrow. as youet the kids off to the bus stop. again, it is going to be chilly. i know a lot of kids are on spring break, but some are in school. sunny and comfortable. not t bad for nats game, but we'll talk about the severe weher threat kmul in time for the holiday weekend. we'lha show you t coming up. first let's talk about melia. traffic with melissa. >> you can talk about me now. >> okay. >> centreville westbound 66 before 28, crash there in the right lane. another problem in cereville, northbound 28 after 66. again, that right lane is blocked. chopper 4 headed out to sw what things are looking like from above. inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, don't have any problems. earlier issue up top has geared. that'sreat as far as the travel times. no major delays. aaron? >> thank you. 6:02.
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we bin with a developing story halfway around theworld. less than 24 hours after it started, fire investigators are unsure what caused the fire at the notre dame cathedral in paris. right now the fire is out, but the damage left behind is >> this is a live picture from paris showing you what remains. no lives were lost, but the people who call the city home say it feels as if something was taken from them that they will never be able to get back. video shows the moment the spirp colld. the spire and the roof thst was was deroyed are more than 50d. years ol it started around 6:30 peretian time. according to investigators, the flames may have been caused by a nearly $7 million renovation that was journal way. it is -- underway. is not believed to be the result of arson. the fire is affecting people in the washington region. news4's nicole jacobs is livembt thesy of france now with reaction.
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goodeporning. >> rter: if you were anywhere near a television yesterday when the fire was happeniha ening, chances are that you were glued to the coverage. that's how locals are keeping up to date. i can tell you many are bringing flowers here to the embassy of france in grief. during a mass yesterday, cardinal wuerl read a statement speaking to thef siflgs o the notre dame cathedral. its symbolism of faith and peace. we spoke with father pierre henri of a ench-speaking parish in d.c. he was ordained at the cathedral. he, too, mourns the place he remembersfondly. >> i was ordained a priest over it's not where i grew up in faith, but it's where i started -- i was called by christ, from my bishop to be a priest. reporter: even with the devastating obstruction, most are pleased to hear the structural integrity has beenve sa if you would like to learn how
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you can donate, go to the website. back to you. >> nicole jacobs live at ene fr embassy. thank you. our coverage of the fire continues all morning here on "news4 today" and in the nbc washington app. be sure to stay tuned for the "tonight show" forts live repor from paris. reporter: newhis morning, killedlice say a man was in southeast. his body was found near the kip d.c. douglas campus. we're working to learnis name. but we know he was shot before 9:00 last night. no arrests have been made. a look at the aftermath of s crash lt night on seminary lane in alexandria. nolydy was serious hurt. the eastbound lanes had to be closed for cleanup. that caused traffic to back up in the area. police are still trying to figure out how the crash happened. >> reporter: today you'llasave one l chance to pay your respects to maryland's longest serving house speaker, michael busch. busch will l in state under the rotunda from 8:00 to 10:00
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a.m. a procession will take him from the state house to st. john newman catholic church on bestgate road in annapolis. busch will be laid to arrest at a service after 11:00. died after serving more than three decades in the house of dallas.da to former vice president joe biden will deliver the eulogy for the late senator earnest fritz hollgs. he died this month at 97 years old. he retired in 2005 after serving six ter in the senate. his funeral will be held in charleston. 6:05. and a local woman was killed during yesterday's storms.y kath tyler of stafford died when a tree fell on to her house. she and her husband of more than 60 years were asleep when the tree came crashing in pinning her down. friends and neighbors spoke with news4, and they are shocked. >> husband tried to give her outh to mouth for -- until the fire department foot here. it was -- fire department got
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here. it was too late. >> the tree killed her. you don't haveood in the refrigerator, she will feed you. she was really, really, really nice lady. i'm going to miss her. >> there's tyler's 82-year-old husband had minor injuries. but he will not be allowed back into his home until repairs have been made. the justice department wl release its redacted version of robert muelle on thursday.ort it will first be sent to dock and then made available to the public. don'tlan on seeing all 400 . pages, though attorney general william barr says the justice department will black out sensitive information. mueller concluded his investigation last month, and barr released a four-page summar of the key findings. democrats want the entire report ress.sed to co it's 6:06. actress lori loughlin and her husband have pled not guilty to charges filed as part of that college admissions scandal. the couple made the plea yesterdad and waiveheir right to appear in a boston courtroom.
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right now they're out on bail. loughlin and her husband were chargeit last month wh conspiracy to commit mail fraud and for allegedly paying bribes totaling half a million dollars to get their two daughters into usc. police have charged a man in connecti to theeath of a 3-month-old girl in southeast ntc. at arrest war is out for 25-year-old cornell holton. police say holton hit schuyler ewman so hard it knocked her out. she died three days later. police are offering a $25,000 reward for any tip that leads ts holton arrest and conviction. after two students in two months were caught with guns on campus a la plata high school, the school isti hosng a public meeting tonight. parents are asked to attends. it will be held at 7:00 in the toschool's audium. the school's head of security will be there to discuss both indents and take suggestions from parents about how to prevent it from happening again. me to one at the school was hurt in either incident. the "capital gazette" was
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special citation.tzer prize recognizes the staff's work covering the deadly attack in their own wsroom. last june, five of their co-workers were murdered in the shooting. the pulitzer board said it awarded the "gazette" for its commitment to the community at a time of unspeakable grief. it is the firstat special cn award by the board since 2011. the cherry blossom festival was once again a big hit. 1.6 million people attended the feival through its four weeks. the president of the event says everything this year was in perfect alignment. that's always a good thing. attendance was up at the kite festival, petalpalooza, and the eherry blossom festival parade. if things settl a bit before we get into full-on summer tourist mode -- >> that's right. nice to have a break in between. pretty roughhe night for t washington capitals on that quest to defend the cup. the team fell to the carolina hurricanes 5-0. >> 5-0. >> hard to believe.
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>> the caps are still in the series though. news4's sharree burruss looks arck on the tough loss. >> reporter: cina surging past the capitals in their first home playoff game in ten years. the capes came out strong. alex ovechkin said an opposing player asked him to fight. that was a bad idea. ove, not known as a fighter, knocked him down and out. take advantage' of that momentum. carolina shuts out the capitals 5-0. a sobering reminder of how hard it is to win games this time of year. >> play the right way, we didn't play our game at all. >> we didn't deserve to win. so theypushed, and -- and you know, we didn't push back. >> the main thing is having a short memory. make sure we learn from it. break it down.or >> repr: two days off separate washington in game four on thursday. the team saying they're going to
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avoid the rink on tuesday. from raleigh, sharree burruss, news4 sports. 6:10. today is d.c. emanciuation day. the push f -- emancipation day. the push for the effort. plus, don't touch a live wire. if you don't believe us, maybe this next piece of footage will change your mind. look at that. lauren ricketts, how about the weather? >> the weather not too slabby out there. beautiful sunrise. temperatures cold. we're in the 30s a 40s right now. we'll drop a little through the 7:00 a.m. hour and come back on up. temperatures around 70 degrees today, enjoy the day. rain on the way. severe weather on the way as maybe you make your easter plans. we'll talk about that coming up after this. coming up, my first visit to the chiropractor to help with my hip alignment. okay. see that coming up next on "news4 today "news4 today we're liv."e
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welcome back. 6:. never go near a fallen live wire. any time a strong storm rolls ehrough, power companies give us the sam warning. this morning, we have the video that may be very instrattive in th effort. a utility i workern new jersey was trying to untangle a live wire off a traffic eeght. you it caught fire right there. big time. the worker barely moved away in time. the power line came down during the storm. nobody was hurt here. but the incident is under investigation. today the district recognizes emancipation thy. holiday marks the signing of the compensated emancipation act by president abraham lincoln in 1862. as d.c. observes emanciuation day, calls for statehood are owinglouder.
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according to partners at wtop, 20 attorneys general are adding their support to a bill making its way through congress right now. city leaders have suggested d.c. be renamed columbia.od >> reporter: t is the final day you'll be able to view the d.c. emancipation act t and emcipation proclamation. both are on display at the national archives. the emancipation proclamation is so delicate and fragile, it has to be kept in a dark vault. it only sees the light for 36 hours each year and is only taken out once a year. so if you have the time, go see it wle it's out. incredible part of history. >> it is. 6:14. we're still helping you get fit for spring. >> molette green has details on how to reset after a workout. , molette. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. we're back in the gym with coachly own akon version fitness. you recommended that i see a kprom chiropractor, rightr
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>> yeah, youhoulders and hips were out of alignment. >> reporter: something that didn't require medication, just hands-on therapy. >> deep breath in for me, all the way out. going to follow you down. perfect. so that was your first chiropraic adjustment ever. how did that feel? >> that was good. >> was it ? all right. >> reporter: a quick realignment, now part of my get nfit 4 spring p and highly recommended by my trainer, leona brown. >> when we talk aboutry reco as we put wear and tear to our body, traveling, maybe work, maybe sitting in a sk. training hard. we need to have the recovery, and kilpatrick tick care is grate way for students -- chiropractic care is a great way for students to have. >> basically my hand goes here. >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> before. we adjusted the low back. we have movement through the
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s.i. joint. >> reporter: the doctor corrected my pelvic asymmetry. a common but minor functional y. abnormalit >> from your weekend warriors, your pregnant mothers. you can find of think of us like mechanics for your body. u're able to function better, and you're abl to function easier. you can reach your maxes better and create goals and wins. >>oteporter: that's them line. thanks to hands-on the gpy. it feltood after you contracted my back. it felt so much better. i know that's not the right tm -- >> after we adjusted you. adjusted the back. lo reporter: okay. okay. , i know it looked a little sb erd some people, but it didn't hurt at all. what you have me doing now here with this lunch is what? >> making sure that erything's in alignment together. >> reporter: okay. okay. >> i use the word kinetic chain. make sure the whole body is in unison. >> reporter: coming up later, we'll give you some tips on how
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can tell if you're out of alignment. and you might want to consider chiropractic care. just an option for you if your fitness training. >> absotely. >> reporter: that's what's going on in the gym right now this morning. we'll talk about it later on. >> what did you grab my arm for? >> reporter: i don't know. i don't want to falling. >> don't fall. >> so many elements to get your holistic approach to fitness. you have to think about what u're eating, and your body has to be in alignment. all the stuff. >> a lot of work. >> i know.ju want to freencht fries and chocolate cake, lauren ricketts. >> i know. and pizza, add that, as well. m so hungry. melissa mollet was back there eating thai feed. i was li, come on, melissa. as far as what we're looking at outside, come on, weather. what is happening? it's in the 40s right few. you'll need the puffy -- right now. you'll need the puffy jacket. sun coming up in 13 minutes. official sunrise at 6:31. current temperatures in the 40s. look to the south and west, temperatures in the 30s.
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through the moing, the sun coming up, we will warm up. the temperatures warm up quickly. in fact, we're already in the low 60s by the lunch hour. topping out around 70. if you want to eat outside lighter this afternoon, go ahead an do it for lunch. no wind, much lighter winds out there today. and no rain. we are looking at clear skies out there all throughout the da y. later this evening we'll see the increasing cloud cover. around 70 degrees after the chilly start. if you're headed to the nats game, we start the series against the san francisco pitch. 7:05 is the first great night. evening going to be wonderful. increasing clouds. that will keep our temperatures up around 60 degrees. you may need the jacket especially for the later innings. you won't have to worry about rain. that game should be okay. tomorrow we have passing showers, i think mainly north of d.c. if you're south of i-66 in virgin, south of route 50 in maryland, you may warm into the low 70s. and actually see some more ne
6:19 am
sunshi the reason why is because we've got a back door cold front that will sit to the north. that's why we'll he showers in the north. starting tuesday at 1:30. dry today. here comes the back-door cold front which means it's d tpping from north to the south. a few rain showers to the north throughout your wednesday. clouds through your floods. and maybe another stray shower and then all bets are off on friday as we s havee avenue are rain rolling across the area through yout the day. thunderstorm -- throughout the day. thunderstorms in the evening. showers saturday and lingering on sunday. east sunday, as well. the weekend outlook, we're looking at showers for that weekend. friday, some severe storms. ould have small tornadoes. definitely have to watch some flooding concerns. we c hlde over two inches of rain on friday in portion of the wea. showers for thek and cooler by monday and tuesday, drying back out. more rain chances wednesday and thursd. taking a look at the roadways,
6:20 am
how are they looking? >> just finished the noodles, sorry i don't have any more for you. annandale, eastbound braddock, the ramp to theuter loop again disabled vehicle. the rest of the beltway is okay. in centreville, chopper 4 showing this here, this is outbound 28 after i-66. a lot of delays on 66 trying to get on 2 to northboun because as you see, the right side if the road blocked there this morning. a lot of volume there. woodbridge, eastbound miniville before the parkway, have an accident. travel times in virginia, 66 fairfax county, pay to the beltway looks -- parkway to the beltway looks good. quac quantico, looking good. 270, 60 miles per hour. 32 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103. f.m. 5re
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swimming, hiking, and playing sports with friends. when the weather warms up, there are tons of things for your child to do. send them outside. >> they can hop on a bike, too. if you're not prepared, that could end with anr injury worse. >> melissa mollet with a look at how you can make things safer fur your family before you take the -- f b your familyore you take the bike on the road. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. by now i think we're all ready for the warmer weather to stick around. your bike? we hit the road and a local shop to show how to get your child's bike and your own properly prepped for spring. yours in youy ant it. merrristmas. >> reporter: spring is a busy time for the owknows, he's been in the business for 30 years. >> the weather's getting nic.
6:25 am
seeing a lot of bikes brought in. >> reporter: here are four things to know -- check the tires, but not just for air. >> if the bike has been in the shed or the garagetires can degrade over time. >> reporter: try the bounce test to make sure nothing's loose. >> the chain's not flopping around. and i want to just pick it up an pedal it. make sure the brakes work, everything's tight. >> reporter: it may sound silly but make sure it still fits. by children's bicycles go wheel size, and adult bicycles go by frame size. >> reporter: a 12-inike works for a 2 to 4-year-old. 16 inches for a 4 to 6 and 20 inch for 7 to 89. you can do -- 7 to 9. tu can do the checks yourself, but -- average person doesn't going to know what torque spec. if you're not sure, take it to a
6:26 am
local bike shop. >> reporter: most are free our get a tune-up for e 0. perhaps thst important thing -- >> the bicycle is a vehicle, not a y. this could be your child's first vehicle. they must know the rules of the road. >> reporter: getting the bike ready is one thing. your child ready for the ride is something else. coming up on thursday, we're looking at how to talk to your kids about bike safety. that's coming up on thursday right here on news4 today. >> thank you so much. 6:26. coming up a, it's a new day, wee looking at the dage to the notre dame cathedral ahead. >> reporter: three new speed cameras coming to one of the deadliest roads in the area. a live report coming up. and it's a beautiful morning to start this tuesday. a little on the chilly side. bundle up those kiddos as they make their way to school. by ts s afternoon, temperature around 70.
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it is 6:30 now.g we are takin you right to live images out of paris this morning where it's just after noon there. some good news from theer fire at notre dame, the's structure was prosecutors just released new information about yesterday's fire. we're going to check in with richard engle for theom latest aris in just a few minutes. first, we're helping to get you out the door on this tuesday on the right ot. melissa mollet is in the first 4 traffic keeping an eye on the commute. >> let's begin with lauren ricketts with a look at the storm team 4 forecast beginning with that sunrise. >> a beautiful just about 30 minutes the sky was purple and pink. now of course it's blue and orange and yellow. it is a gorgeous sunrise out there this morning. temperatures, though, on the cold side eecially because we had clear skies last night. no clouds to insulate us.
6:31 am
the temperature tumbles. 30s and 40s. grab the winter coat. by this afternoon, just the spring jacket. temperatures seasonal for this time of year. by this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and me importantly, a much lighter wind out there today. temperatures tunping out aro 70 degrees. big changes on the way for wednesday, thursday, and friday. the threat of severe weather and over the holiday weekend. we'll show that coming up. first to the roads and melissa mollet. >> good morninou r loop after new hampshire avenue right side blocked by ab disa vehicle. another disabled vehicle in the center lane. inner loop after the i-270 spur. slowdowns there. top of the beltway, chopper 4in show the delays in centrevil centreville. northbound 28 after i-66. those delays because of an earlier crash, that was onri th ght side. the crash is gone, but the delays are still hanging around. that is tough for a lot of
6:32 am
people. woodbridge, eastbnd miniville road before prince william parkway, a crash there right no through prince george's county, into town, out of town, no problems. right now 270n 270 from the sped, gets you tre in 41 minutes. eun? >> thank you. paris firefighters say the fire is o at notre dame cathedral after battling it for 12 hours. these are live pictures. >> crews are trying to address the instructural -- structural integrity but are notll aed in because the structure is not stable. officials have questioned 15 workers. firefighters started battling the fire yesterday afternoon. at one point, flames shot out of roof. the dramatic scene there. the spire collapsed. the cathedral was in the middle of a renovation project at e time. i want to show also what's left
6:33 am
inside. some historical items survived like a cross inside the church. >> nbc's richard engle is in paris this morning with ante upda >> reporter: good morning. there's a great sense of loss that the skyline has been changed. last night, however, when the building was up in flames, the roof totally on fire, the spire on fire, and collapsing, there was a fear here when the french government announced that notre dame could be lost forever. but as you see, it is still standing. there hasnteen signifi damage, however. we'll have a full report coming up on the "today" sho >> ahead in 15 minutes, how locals are reacting to t devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. this may have you thinking more about the historic buildings in our area. the dome at the maryland state house inap annis is 245 years old and made of wood.
6:34 am
it can withstand a isfire. th is video from two years ago during a deluge test. a fire suppression system when triggered sprays out a mist of water like you're seeing here. you see it's surrounding the dome. nears hree years ago the dome was saved during a lightning strike. historians say a 208-year-old original ben franklin lightning rod likely saved the building. there was no smoke or fire. > it is know as one of the deadliest roads, indian head highway. over the past decade, 60 have died c including threeldren before the new year. there have beente 210. now a grassroots effort by neighbors resulted in several new speed cameras going. up news4's megan mcgrath is live along the road in ft. washington with more information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:35 am
if you look behind me, you see route 210. indian head highway. a live look ash rusur ramps up. this is one of most dangerous roads in the area. citizens met regularly and kept up the pressure for safety ov imprements. three new speed cameras are coming in june. the proceeds from the tickets nal injury the cri compensation fund, ton the state or county. that took a change in maryland law to happen. additional safety improvements include rumble strips, improved lightningin th tersections as well as changes to make tffic signals morebl visie. yasmin duncan lost her daughter last march. she was killed crossing 210 to catch a bus. duncan thinks that the new came cameras will make a difference. >> it's humbling to sri the outpou of love, support from the community, because it does
6:36 am
take a village. it is bigger than one person or family that experienced the tragedy. >> reporter: speed often a factor in the deadly crashes. the he is that the new cameras as well as the other changes nce here and iffe help saves lives. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36. here's a look at the other top stories you'll be hearing about today. the guilty plea ofhe cesar sayoc will stand. he's accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent critics of president trump in the days leading up to the midterm election last year. sayoc sai t he meant scare and intimidateut not to retire anyone. he could face listen in prison. the meemps outbreak has -- measles outbreak has stretched to 20 states including maryland. doctors say if you receive the two mmr vaccines as a child, are you fully immunized. ho you only received one sho or you're not sure w many you received, there is no harm intt
6:37 am
g a booster shot. speak with your doctor to see whether that is needed. the capitals' series against se hurricanes i 2-1. carolina pulled off a big victory at home. they won game three 5-0. crazy. >> yeah. >> they may have lost a player in the process, u'ough. hear about this fight between alex ovechkin and one of the hurricanes y.toda hear how it started ahead at 6:45. 6:37.t is we're helping you get fit 4 spring. molette green back at the gym this morning. >> reporter: good morning. how a simple che in the mirror can determine if you're out of alignment. for me, it's my hips. for tab that, it was her neck -- tapitha, it was her neck. we'll take through the steps coming up. good morning. it's nly too e to start planning your summer getaway. >> we've got ways to helpsa you before you book. >> consumer reporter susan hogan dives into credit card rards and shows how to squeeze more
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now to an inspiring story about a local restauranteur. >> kazi manan isn't one to forget his roots of poverty in pakistan. manan worked hard and is the owner of sakhini halal grill, blocks from the white house. he remembers what it was like to be hungry. so now hewh feeds anyone is hungry, whether they can pay or not. harry smith had a chance to talk to him and his customers about the power of a single meal.
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>> he's got a beautiful establishment. chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. yet, a homeless man could comel in, and he'lve him food. that's pretty awesome. coming up, starbucks is rolling out its updated awards program today. allowing customers to use points touy each more items. there are tiers. if you spend $13 on your next visit, you can get an extra o espresso shot a dairy substitute totally free of charge. starbucks debit and credit card holders will be able to accrue points forever with no ex-police station date. the rewards program accounts for 40% of all transactions. with your business report, i'm frank holland. i'm lauren ricketts in nature chuck. temperatures now a little on the cold side out there. 40s and 30s. we'll drop a little through the 7:00 a.m. hour and start to move the right direction. temperures around 70. not much to worry about today. keep your weather hat on as we get into your wednesday, thursday and friday. keep the umbrella, as well.
6:42 am
severe weather on the way. we'll show you when coming up. nwo different problems o the beltway. issues in
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6:45. here is what paris' notre dame cathedral looks like this morning. crews trying to assess how much damage was caused by the fire you see here from yesterday. french prosecutors are not letting them into the structure because it's not stable now. >> you've probay seen the images, the flames tearing through the historic church. at points it appeared nothing wo firefighters managed to get the flames under control last night. we'll head to the french embassy here in washington in jus a few minutes for some local reaction. 6:45. in two days, attorney general william barr is expected to make the long-awaited special counsel report public, but it will be heavily redacted. >> kristin welker joins us from the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. high anticipation at the white house.
6:46 am
the esident and his top advisers bracing for thursday's release of the mueller report. in fact, m trump's outside lawyers have been huddling to map out their response plans. now it comes as some of the more than one dozen current and former officials who cooperated with mueller are expressing concerns that their release could expose them as the source of damaging information about the president. one person close to the white house said there's a breakdown level of aiety around current and former staffers. another official telling nbc news the million-dollar question just how much of a report will be redacted. the other key focus is what iso the rep going to say about that critical issue of obstruction. you'll remember that when attorney general william barr released his four-page summary of the report lastmonth, he said it found no one in the trump campaign had conspired dith russia during the 2016 election and saihere was no evidence, not enough at least, to charge the president with obstruction. mueller himself didn't make a determination about whether the president had obstructed
6:47 am
justice. barr was sharply criticized for saying he believes u.s. intelligence officials spied on the trump campaign. that fueling democrats' demands to see the full, unredact the report. for his part, president trump has beenla decng total exoneration. back to you. >> live from the white house, krisn, thank you. again, see her full report next on "today." now back to the developing story inparis. the fire is out at notre dame cathedral. firefighters battled that fire for 12 >> on the left you can see the large presence still at the inscene this morn as the investigation into how this happened gets underway. meanwhile, people in our region are also reacting to the fire. news4's nicol jacobs is live at the french embassy in northwest d.c. with more. nicole? >> reporter: air baaron, it was shocking to see mourners gazing up at the structure intter
6:48 am
disbelief. that sadness has trickened down here in -- trickled down here in the district, many bringing flowers to the embassy of france. during a mass yesterday, cardinal wuerl spoke to the significance of the cathedral, the space of faith, piece, and presence of god, known as -- faith, peace, and presence of god, known as most famous cathedral, many mourning the tragedy. we spoke withhe owner of fresh baguette who was born in paris. >> it's my world whe i grew up when i was young that's collapsing. it's a big shock. especially this week, it's holy week. >> reporter: and if you'd like to learn how you can maketi donas to rebuilding efforts. just go to our website. back to you. >> nicole jacobs for us outside the french embassy. thanityou. stay the "today" show for continuing coverage of the fire at notre dame. 6:48. the big bump in the capitals'
6:49 am
road to defending the stanley cup title. what happened? the carolina hurricanes brought it all in game three last night. >> all of it. >> the skaters -- 5-0 the final. crazy. it was hard to watch. goal after goal went in. i think even brady was like, what's happening? the fan were going wild in care line a. they haven't had a home playoff hockey game in a decade. the biggest moment was this scene here ex ovechkin's first fight since 2010. oops. >> that's how champ does. it knock him out. >> ouch. >> the 19-year-old had to belp off the ice there. couldn't come back to the game. ove explained what happened. >> i'm not a big fighter, and he's the same way. he asked me to fight, i said yes. i hope he's okay, and -- and you don't see a guy get hurt or something. >> don't want to mess with ove.
6:50 am
>> ove has 14 years and 40 pounds on this kid. it's not clear if he will be back for game four. hat game's thursday night in raleigh. >> i hope he's >> . the silver lining to the loss, we could cee ts win at home. there will be a game five on ena.rday at capital one let's hope there's no game six. >> little fights, not foreign to hockey. >> it's part of the deal. yeah. 6:50. lauren ricketts, what do you have this morning? >> a little brute yesterday. listen, it -- by.tal yesterda listen, it feels like hockey because it's soy chilly. 30s and 40s. grab the jacket and keep the umbrella hand for your wednesday and thursday. a large umbrella on friday. all the rain boots. it is going to be a wet day on friday. we'll likelye weather alert because of the chance of severe tiweather. starng off on a chilly note this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. now, we will continue to warm up, the sun just coming up about 20 minutes ago. those temperatures will warm right into the low 70s.
6:51 am
it's going to be a beautiful day with a few clouds increasing later on this afternoon. no rain thanks to high pressure and a light wind, ecoecially ared to yesterday. if are you north of route 50 in maryland, a few more clouds and a threat of isolated shower south of d.c., mainly around the 70s. even a few more peeks of sunshine. it depends on your location for tomorrow dding on the forecast. we'll start at 7:00 p.m. tonight. a back-door cold front is dropping through. that means the fronts is moving from the -- the front is moving from the north to the south. isolated showers through the day tomorrow. areas south of d.c. likely staying y. keep chance of a stray shower as we get into your thursday. then as we getid into , we have rain throughout the day. it could be heavy at times. looks like thi is -- there we go. looked like it was caught up. we have rain through the day on saturday. then through the day on sunday. the time we get into your friday, we could have some
6:52 am
severe weather. in fact, heavy rain and flooding likely. some winds, even a small threat of a tornado. now two inches of rain possible with there system on iday. we're really going to have to watch the system on friday for some very heavy rain. then showers continue for the weekend. a look at the easter temperatures, mid 60s with spo y spotty showers. we'll talk more about that but first to traffic and melissa. good morning. chopper 4 over the outer loo at new hampshire avenue had an earlier complaint of a disabled vehicle. that is now out of the way. you see we just have normal volume there headed on the outer loop. inner loop, no problems. the rest of the beltwayooking pretty good and pretty typical which we like. woodbridge, eastbound, palestinniville road before- miniville road before prince william, a crash is hanging around, blocking lanes through prince george's county. no problems int town or out of town. virginia, 66, fairfax county to the beltway, no problems. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, also rolling along
6:53 am
niceso. 270 h, 41 miles per hour. top of the beltway, you see we are a little delayed here. that's what we saw from near new hampshire avenue. outer loop going just 24 miles per hour. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when iyou hop the car. >> thank you. equiget fit 4 spring is nott about losing weight, it'sbout how your body feels before and after a workout. >> melissa mollet has more on fitness and chiropractic car and how they go hand in hand. >> reporter: good morning. we've been talutng abo alignment and staying in alignment. i went to a chiropractorot and g my pelvic area realigned. why is it important as we walk around? ve it impro overall functionality on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: okay, that only helps usel -- that h us outside the gym, as well. >> yes, outside the gym. every day. >> reporter: every day.
6:54 am
and we can get out of alignment just as quickly, right? >> just as quickly. even just from walking, squatting, movement. >> reporr: there's a simple mirror test that you can go through the process. let's show some tips on how anybody can tell if they're in alignment or out of alignment. look straight in the mirror -- >> look straight in the mirror, relaxed onpositi looking straight forward. i can see a little displatesment on the shoulders. not much. just aittle bit higher. don't change anything. >> i was trying to correct it myself. >> you can see with the hips, the hips are a little out of alignment. asymmetry going on. that's what happens, that's why we need chiropractic care to gen us back i balance and functional. >> reporter: that is your suggestion to a l of ients. a lot of people don't want to take that step. it is hands-on therapy without me scine. you'ven it work with clients. >> in myself, for client and for me personally, yes. >> reporter: that's thelatest. 'll do some lunges because that's very important. >> yes.
6:55 am
>> reporter: in my rimen as i get set for spring. the journey has not ended yet. >> no. i like to say it'st j begin. >> reporter: i'm still trying to get aaron in the gym. let's work on that. >> come on, aaron. >> my earpiece broke. what did she say? i didn't hear that last part. >> wants you t get in the gym. >> i missed it. >> thank you so much. we'll work on aaron. here are four things to know actress lori loughlin and her husband pled ot guilty to charges filed as part of the college admissions scandal. michel am gary will have more on -- miguel am gelmaguer will hav more on "today." and emancipation day, the final day to see theci emantion proclamation and the act of he1962, t first act by congress to free slaves. both documts are display at the national archives. today michael busch will be laid to rest. his funeral is later this morning at a church in annapolis.
6:56 am
busch was maryland's longest serving house speaker. stay with us for complete coverage of today's event honoring michael busch. the fire is out at the notre dame cathedral in paris. french officials say the structure is not stable and they're not letting investigators inside at this point. france's president has vowed the cathedral will be rebuilt. it is owned by the country. richard engle has the latest on all this. you can see his liv ahead on the "today" show. temperatures around 70 by this afternoon. a chilly start. plenty of sunshine. a passing shower mainly north. stray shower on thursday. severe weather likely on friday escially by the afternoon. a few showers around for this week. better chance saturday than on easter sunday. we're at least keeping the chance around for the weekend. taking a look, brand-newpr lem, alexandria inner loop before the eisenhower avenue connector. left side is blocked by a broke down van.
6:57 am
the rest of the beltway looks good. >> sounds good. what that was? >> like,oh, that's good. >> yes. >> a lot's going on. >> lauren just random sounds popped out. >> sea she was ring to the news. >> shocked that there's nothing going on. w that is the news for today. >> the "today" sho next. enjoy your day.
6:58 am
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♪ good morning. breaking overnight. history in flames. the world watches in helpless horror as notre dame cathedral burns. firefighters battling for 12 hours to save the 850-year-old church. oh, my god. >> this morning, the full scale of the destruction revealed ast e sun rises in paris. tears, prayers, and hope among the rubble. just ahead, the race to save priceless tts and find out what started the fire. we're there live. the untdown. the mueller report set to be released to the public thursday, but how mh will we actually see? fightg back. actress lori loughlin facing up to 40 years in priso


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