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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  April 16, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> crews now assessing the daj -- damage at notre dame. clues with what started this devastating fire. we come on the air this afternoon with a l look in paris. rayers, hymns and hugs outside notre dame cathedral. people around the world promising to rebuild one of france's most iconic landmarks. >> 24 hours later the fire is out but the road to resurrection and justegning. french president emmanuel macron addressed the nation just a short time ago. >> he set an g ambitiousoal of five years to rebuild that cathedralennd he cd the country to come together. it will be a monumental task when you see the inside of. th bu >> richard engel begins our coverage. >> reporter: the main concern here in paris right now is for the tract ral integrity of notre dame cathedral. the fire has been put out, but after the fire came crashing
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into the acathedral,er td roof burne off the structure of the churc has been challenged. it is not as stable. without the roof, it is more wobbly and officials have said they are worried about weaknesses, they are worried about cracks. in par tcular in north corner. that is where workers today are using cranes to sawff one of the massive statues from that most weakened area. they want to remove it forhe fety of the statue so it doesn't come crashing to the ground and also for the safety of the people. there havbeen evacuations in that area fearing that there could be some kind of collapse. give residential buildings all around that win of notre dame have been evacuated. so right now there is an effort under way to stabilize this cathedral after the fire was put out. richard engel, nbc news, paris. back o to a live look at paris right now. donations to rebuild the cathedral are pouring in.
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france's three wealthiest families have spear headed a donation drive. that dri has already raised more than $700 million. our coverage continues in the nbc washington app. we have dozens of pictures of the cathedral before, during, and after this tragedy. from s also more reactio here and abroad. you find it all on our home page. meanwhile, back here at home, horrifying details about assaults on a disabled child riding a prince wliam county school bus. the attendant and driver are facing charges. this happened in january and it's just now coming to li julie carey is at the courthouse in manassas with the documents that layout this case. julie, tell us about it. >> reporter: leon, these are the charging documents against that school bus attendant. they tell of some frightening rides home for this 12-year-old boy, a special needs student. they tell of an assault that left that boy screaming in pain
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even as the bus driver just kept going. kelly ruer, a bus attendant hired to watch over special needs children as they ride the bus to school. many of them aboard, autistic. he's now facing three felony child abuse charges for what happens on a bus in late january inspect courtay documents s bus security camera video caught rucker grabbing a 12-year-old boy in an aggressive manner to try to restrain himrom disruption. rucker was deliberately close-hand punched the victim in the back of the head. the vtim reportedlysked for help in front of the other children and screamed in pain throughout the duration of the encounter. >>nfortunately we had an adult on the bus, the bus driver in particular, who was an adult who witnessed the assault and could have takenre action to pnt them, to report the matter to authorities ath auities or other school authorities and it didn't happen. >> the bus driver is also charged with child endangerment
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for failing to ste in to help the child. she also never alerted school officials. now, as we mentioned, those three incidents caught on that bus security camera, they took place back in january, but it wasn't until last week that prince william county police were notified and began g the case. i've got an inquiry into prince william county school officials to try to find out why there was that time lag there. it's spring break for them this week. the buses aren't even rolling. there are some people in the office, though, and expect to hear more later. we'll update you when i learn more about that. >> a disturbing report and encounter there. julie carey, thank you so much. > shifting to some breaking news now. prosecutors in alexandria are filing criminal charges against a company that once worke as a contractor for nasa. the specific charges have yet to be announced, but scott he farlane has learned company is under investigation for fraud that might be linked to the failure of a major rocket
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launch in 2011. scott, tell us more. >> the u.s. attorney in alexandria has filed a criminal charge against an a lu-- he falsified test resulted to help saul unreliable products. nasa was one othe customers. after the failure of a mission, nasa began looking into what went wrong. an internal na report obtained by news 4 said employees of the contractor were being investigated for fraud for doctors test results. that same report also says fraud is a suspected factor in the failure of the rocket mission glory in 2011. glory was a high profile nasa mission to send a remote observatory to space to collect da about climate change. this video of nas prepping the mission shows the work just before the space craft launched but fai to reach orbit from
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vandenburg air base in california. the specific charge has not yet been posted. the hydro extrusion said it's cooperating and investigating the cases, including prosecutors oregon who charged the employee. the company says they have o vested time and resources overhaul our quality and compliance. back to you. also breaking right now, a second case of the measles just confirmed in maryland. health officials say the new victim lives with the only other infected patient in the state and they say that both people got the illness out of state from anrea with a known outbreak. it's believed there's no evidence of any spread in maryland. a scary situation for a young woman who thought he had gotten into a ride share vehicle and wound ut getting ride from her drive the man gave her a ride home and then forced her way in behind
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her. pat collins joins us with her story. pat. >> reporter: lee jon, she says started here in downtownd.c. and ended ugly in bethesda. she was looking for a ride share home. it ended up in a terrifying robbery. surveillance video of e guy cops are looking for. this is no purse snatching. this is the beginning of a ride share ripoff, a ripoff that could have had tragic consequences. >> i was in the elevator where he tried to asswilt me t and tried to keep my purse and at that moment i was extremely terrified. >> reporter: the victim, a 29-year-old bethesda wom. we call her sandra. for obvious reasons, we're concealing her name ince the p where she lives. i talked to her by phone today.
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>> it's been almosthree weeks and it's just -- i'm horrified. >> repter: this all began downtown on the "u" street corridor. it was saturday, march 30th, 4:00 a.m v ourtim sandra had been out partying with some friends. she thought she called for a s ridere. a white sedan pulls up to the curb. she gets inside. thesn driver doe't know the destination. she thought that was strange, but s gave him her a ress and off they went. once they arrived, the driver follows her into the front door. then into that elevator and then forces his way into her apartment. >> he had his shoulders against the door. he pretty much bum rushed the door and got orin. >> rr: got in to your apartment? >> yeah.
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>> reporter: so what did this guy get? it was quite a haul. ve got the inventory coming up at 5:00. pat, back to you. >>ow frightening. tt collins,nk you, pat. repair work that's already creating traffic backups in fairfax county could get temporarily worse. chopper 4 over route 50 near fair oaks mall where crews are performing emergency repairs and the underground pipe carrying storm water benth the highway and now some of the lanes have started to sag. our news partners with wtop say they're looking to close all of route 50 in the area to install a permanent replacemente pip that would shut things down between west ox road and i-66. the repairs could beginly as ear as next friday night. family, friends and fellow poll teg politicians are saying a final
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farewell to maryland house speaker michael busch. as darcy spencer explain, he was so much more to those who knew and lovedim. darcy is live now in annapis where t services took place today. darcy. >>orter: well, that's right, pat. this truly was a celebration of the life of speaker mike busch. for they, first time toda we heard from his two daughters. they became very emotional as thke tal about their dad. speaker mike busch's wife a family are there as his flag-draped casket arrests at the st. newman's church in annapoli d inside hisghters speak about what he meant to them. >> he was my coach, my teacher, and my besti buddy. love you, dad. thank you f everything. >> i owe so much to my father.
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i would nerer be the pson that i am today or the person who i hope to be in the future without him pushi me and teaching me to be strong. >> governor larry hogan spoke abhet t last conversation. >> we agreed that what really mattered was our family and loved ones and the profound sense of pride that comes with serving the people of maryland. >> reporter: busch was credited with pushing through a fast jane of progressive legislation over the years, but he was remembered mostly for his role outside the statehouse. a husband, father, teacher, coach, andentor. >> he was a terrific man, a great friend and i'll miss him terribly. un reporter: his fal wased atte- >> he was a great leader, a grate role model. >> reporter: in annapolis, darcy spencer, news 4. a church now looking to
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build a new home. >> why some of its neighbors in maryland are t fightinghe development. we'r live with both sides of the story. first how facebook ceo mark zuckerberg reportedly tried to use your information and how nbc news found out about it. through the weekend i'll haveore on the weath mer alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you gotu
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back with a live look outside, want nearly as windy as it was yesterday. amelia draper is timing out our next chance of severe weather this week. she'll be back in a few minutes. facebook sexecutives includi including -- nbc jay gray with the explosive report and how company executives used your information as leverage over companies it's partnering with. >> on the minds of facebook users, privacy. a review of more than 4,000 document indicates executives at facebook including ceo mark zuckerberg and coo sheryl sandberg discussed ways to sell user data in an effort to cut losses and grow thss busine >> this is a company that prioritized growth over privacy and every other value. >> facebook says the documents were cherry picked from a case
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involving a little known startug writin the sets of documents by design tls onlyne side of the story and omits important contents. we still stand by the platform chan we made in 2014 and 2015. concerns over how facebook protects personal data have been growing since itas revealed they shared iormation with the consulting firm came brbridge analytica. zuckerberg discussed that with lawmaker. >> it was my mistake and i'm i started facebook. i run it. i'm responsible for what happens here. >> a mistake that some now worry hasn't been fully corrected. jay gray, nbc news. if you're a fan of the starbucks rewards program, there are some big changes starting today. the company rolled out a new system revealing your stars. it allows you to use fewer
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stars for less expensive items. you can use 25 for flavor shot, 50 stars for a regular coffee or bakery item. 150 stars for an espressousrink. previo customer his to use 125 stars to get any kind of a free item no matter how much it actually cost. there is a new feather in the nbc peacock pail today. a baby girl. today show host hoda ko announced she just adopted baby number two. her new daughter's name is hope kath hoda and her boyfriend adopted their first daughter haley back in 2017. hoda says her heart grew ten times bigger the moment she met baby hope. >> she's so happy. such a wonderful story. great to see their family grow. >> absolutely. >> today would be a great day to s out. e k >> it is so nice out there.
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this is live behind us. there's not a cloud in the sky rightrf now. >> pet. >> yes. >> that's a post card shot right there. way 's going to stay this for tonight. omorrow we're going to hav partly to mostly cloudy may, e an isolated shower. it's not a terrible day, but ct's not picture perfe out there. as we look to thursday, if you want warmth, pat loves it when h's warm outside. we're talkingh temperatures near 80 degrees on thursday. there's the chance for a shower tomorrow but most if not all of your ds dry. i think the best chance for a shower is going to be around the mid morning and midda hours and mainly north of washington. it is warm out there on thursday. today i'm going to issue a weather alert for friday. see strong o thunderstorms in the forecast. i'm going to have more on the potential impact coming up in just a moment. but for right now, ouhere's y evening planner. we're at 67 degrees after those pesky clouds throughout the morning hours. they cleared out for the afternoon hours.
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it is just gorgeous out there. as we head towards 9:0p. m., we'll dip into the low 60s. so cool but certainly not as chilly ast was out there last night. tomorrow on your wednesday here's what you can anticipate for the kids in their school day. our sunrise time now at 6:29. a cool start. maybe a light jacket. it's kind ofy. iff long sleeves i think is the better bet. at the bus stop, temperature around 53 degrees. notice the clo i think we're going to see increasing clouds. we have an easterly comnent to the winds. maybe an isolated shower around recess. most the kids are going to have recess , we're near 70 degrees. similar to today but more clouds than we're seeing now. as we look to, thursd clouds will give way to increasing sunshine. 80 degrees on thursday. keeping it completely dry so you can have your lunchn outdoors o
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thursday. running errands, no issues with the weather. now we look to friday and this is when we're going to be n storm team 4 weather alert mode. i think the timing for heavy rain and thunderstorms is painly between about 2:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. that's a really wide range, but we're still a ways away. i want to keep that nice and open so you can plan ahead so you're prepared for those severe thunderstorms. heavy rain, strong gusty winds i think are t biggest issues. i can't rule out an isolated tornadoased on the wind profile. 76 for a high on friday. saturday we're cooler. 67 maybe someinring morning showers. more on the holiday weekend coming up at 4:50. >> see you in a bit. we are onrn a jou to help you get fit for spring. >> you know, how you work out is important, but what you do after you work out counts too. >> that's right. and molette green is coming up next with tips to align your results. also, check your f pantryor these. chips a ohio is recalling some of its cookie pacts. we'll tell you why.
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and white house officials worried about the partial release of the mueller report later this week.
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one of the lasting images from last night's cap game and
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maybe the only highlight forur guys was alex ovechkin fight and knockout of one of the hurricanes stars. oi oi he knocks this dude out cold. we learned today thate's in the concussion protocol now and his head coach says he's expected to miss game fr on thursday. he also says he thivis o should not have taken the challenge. coming up at 5:00, sherree burruss is in raleigh and she'll have the latest on the fallout. a consumer alert over chips a ohio cookies. the company is recalling some over what it calls an unexpected solidified ingredient. it's not sayg what that ingredient is, but says it could make you sick. the recall involves3 1nce packages with best bay date of september8, 7, 14 and 15 of this year. if you've got a package, you
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should throw the cookies out or take them back to the story and get your money back. >> i think anything that's not chocolate chip would be know unexpected ingredient. >> if you're getting bit for spring, it's not just about the workouts. >> it's also about what comes after you work out. molette green is working for you with a way to reset your body after exercise. >> all the way out, all the way down. perfect. that was your first time. how did that feel? >> that was good. >> a quick realignment, now part of my spring plan and highly recommended by my trainer. >> after recovery, we have a lot bodies.and tear on our traveling, maybe work, maybe sitting at a desk and maybe just training really hard, you need to have that recovery andct
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great wic care is a to fit into health and wellness. >> i was game to try it for the first time ever. >> my hand goes here. so we adjusted tha low ck. you have movement through thei joint. >> the doctor corrected my pelvic ymastry, a common but minor abnormality. >> from weekend warriors to pregnant mothers, you think of it as mechanics for ybor . you're able to function better and you can reach your mimum value and reach your goal. >> and that's the bottom line thanks to hands on therapy. >> ll, it feels good after you cracked my back. it felt so much better. i readjusted you. >> and that did not hurt at a. here we are. join me. a hip setch move men that i'm going to do next. it's just another option in your
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fitness journey. back to you. >> i'm with molette. a cracked back is a much better back. >> yes, it is. >> it feelsch so better. >> you're preaching to the choir, believe me. well, first 4 us, new research on drugs meant to lower your cholesterol.wn we'll break he findings with some new questions they raised. storm team 4 tracking chances for severe weather later this week amelia is back with the timing and a look if it's going to impact our holid weekend coming up. love thy neighbor? depends on how big their house is or in this case their
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you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> right now at 4:30, there is a battle brewing. >> a battle over a proposal for a new church. the redeemed christian church of victory temple says its congregation has outgrown itst curren building on old annapolis roadnd they need a new home. they're hoping to build a new church a few milest away ae corner of church and mount oak road. not everyone in the surrounding neighborhood is on board with it news 4 cory smith is live in upper marlboro to explain why. cory. >> reporter: goodafternoon, pat. right now the county is holding a public hearing on changes to its water and sewer plant. you may be wondering what that has to do with the church. in order for this project to
4:31 pm
move forward, the county needs to ensure that that piece of land can handle such a large facility. residents who live nearby say the answer is no. the good book says love my neighbor. so residents have no love for the plans to build a 60,000 square foot church on this vacant pie of land in bowie. derek plumber is among the opposition. >> developments like this is not what we wanted i w terms whf picked the community we live in. >> reporter: plumber and his neighbors have issue with infrastructuha. >> do we a church the size of a grocery store? >> reporter: fears of increased traffic and concerns over what he calls a lack of transparency. >> they have to look at the economic impact, environmental impact, the updue burden to taxpayers. r thlly has not been done. >> reporter: the man behind the church's tplan, pastor believes all of those issues can
4:32 pm
be addressed before one speck of dirt can beturned. >> we'll reachcompromise. >> reporter: the pastor says residents need to understand the congregation has simply outgrown its building. they need m eparking, and a church that can holdup to 2,000 people. reaching a compromise will be hard. the pastor says praying on it. as for whether he's willing to move his church to a differe site -- now, even if the county approves the changes to the plan, it still has to go to the planning commission and still has to to the county council, so this fight here in bowie is far from over. >> we'll be following it. thank you, cory smith. prosecutors now say they believe the arson of three black louisiana churches was racially motivated. they added new charges for
4:33 pm
21-year-old holden matthews. the judge ordered him held without bond. matthews is accused of setting fires at the historically black churches using gasoline. prosecutors say there's evidence he h an obsession with church. burnings his trial set to begin in september. the spouse of a fallen u.s. soldier ported by i.c.e. after his wife died just found out he can come home to his family. jose gonzalez was an undocumented immigrant when he met his wife barbara. they met and they had a child, but then barbara died serving overseas. jose was allowed to stayhe in u.s. because he's a military spouse, but last week i.c.e. reopened his case and sent him to mexico. on monday he got the news. he learned he can return to the u.s. >> one of the immigrants, the agents told me you're here for one reason, rigoo? you're a g guy to have a good
4:34 pm
life. >> gonzalez and his wife had a daughter who is now 12 years old. sd it's tue in washington, but many of us are looking ahead to thursday. that's the eve of good friday and passover. it's also theay we expect to get our 50 lofirst look at a red veion of the special counsel's report. blayne alexander is standing by where nbc has learned some gaffers there are worried this report could them in trouble with the boss. >> reporter: leieriothis latest countdown has people inside and outside of the white house wondering how much is going to be seen on thursday. we're less than 48 hours away from congress and the public getting a partial look at that report nearly twors in the making. the white house bracingor thursday's expected release of special counsel robert mueller's redacted russia report. more than a dozen current and former white house officials have cooperated with mueller. now nbc news has exclusively learned that some of them are
4:35 pm
worried the release of the nearly 400-page rert could expose them for potentiallyor damaging ition they provided about president trump. >> there's a lot of anxiety. one person described it to us as a breakdown about what could be coming. >> reporter: inside the president's orbit, a flurry of eeactivity. ang in the coming days for all relevant staff and the president's outside meeting team to finalize their strategy. i think that the president's lawyers quite rightly are anticipating that there is going to be new information on obstruction that has not yet been publicly disclosed. they're trying to identify the ways that they can rebut it. >> reporter: according to a sum - summar barr did not find iollstrun.ion where mueller reached no conclusion. it was barr and his deputies who decided there was not enough
4:36 pm
evidence for obstruction charges. >> there was no co collusillusi there was no obstruction. we never did nythingwrong. >> reporter: something he twitter. today on as for the white house staffers who are concerned what's in the report, nbc has learned some of their attorneys has reached out to theen justice departm to see whether their names were redacted or whether it would be clear who said what, but the doj did not elaborate. >> a lot of folks will be holding their breath until thursday. thank you, blayne. metro is trying to figure ou how the first two rail cars of a six car train separated last night near the reston station. metro says no one was on board and it happened after the system had closed for the night. the metro rail safety commission is investigating. safety improvements on our road bring relief to oer local moth. >> i am humbled. i am >> we'll show you the changes
4:37 pm
coming to one of maryland's most plus consumer reporter susan hogan shares ways to save when you book your summer getaway. and a comfortably cool start out there tomorrow morning. here's a look at your wakeup temperatures. for the most part we're in the 50s. coming up around 4:45, i'm
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news 4 working for your health with new questions about cholesterol lowering drugs known as atin. many people take them, but they find they n mayot be as effective for all patients. after t years, they found half of the patients had not reached healthy cholesterol levels and those patients were actually more likely to suffer heart disease. way with you can get just five hours of sleep every erght? the expts say not so fast. nyu researchers examined many of the myths about sleep. they s that the most potentially harmful one is that some people only need five hours of sleep. that's because long term sleep deficits increase the rk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. snoring is harmless. experts say thatld be a sign of sleep apnea where y stop
4:41 pm
breathing. finally, if you have a d before sleep, think again. it can affect the body's ability to achieve sleep. >> how about a glass of warm milk? >> that's no fun. that work for you? no, never has. an easter week surprise for young patients and their family. >> they could use the tarm milk. >> easter bunny along with the sheriff and deputies popped in with presents to bring some cheer to their day. >> this is the third year we've been part of the easter bunny foundation. what we try to do is go out and welcome the new children that are born t inhis hospital as well as trying to make the day for the children that are here because they're sick. >> this e annualnt is made possible by the bank of clark county and the easter bunny foundation. coming up next, consumer reporter susan hogan showsou y how to squeeze more outf your credit card reward points.
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taking a live look outside, if you put themb urella away, get it back out. you might need it tonight. amelia tracking chances for rain to
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4:44 pm
4:45 pm
if you're just joining us as we hit 45 after the hour, let's get you all caught up with four things to know. prerfrench president emmanu macron says he wants the cathedral of notre dame rebuilt within five years. these are live pictures with a vigil near the cathedral. much of the sbuilding's roof destroyed. some of the ins hese been saved. of two former employees prince william county schools arender arrest accused of felonies related to child a bus. bus video cities attendant kelly ruck assaulting a 12-year-old boy and police say the driver saw what was happening and did nothing about it.
4:46 pm
montgomery county police are trying to track down this guy who they say robbed a woman after she got int his car thinking he was a ride share driver. the victim tells us she got picked up in d.c. on the "u" street corridor. complex arrived at her in bethesda, she says it is man followed her into the building, then forced h i waynto her condo. > new data obtained by nbc news shows facebook's top executives used your data as a bargaining chip despite saying privacy was a priority. the report is faced on internal faceok documents between 2011 and 2015 and those doucuments show how mark zuckerberg found ways to troll user data including relationship data. if you've already got summer yo your mind and you're thinking about going away this summer tlr there's something you want to do before you pack up.
4:47 pm
>> consumer reporter susan hogan shows you how to get more out of those credit cards. >> if you don't have a ton of reward points stashed away, try to get a quick infusion of those reward points. a lot of airline and hotel credit cards will offer you generous amountsf points as a sign-up bonus, but look for a card that allows you to use those points towards free travel hotel rooms. me cars require a hefty initial r spendingequirement in order to redeem thoseo points, s read the fine print. want to save money on fees? look for airline reward cards that offer free checked bags. we found that most of the major u.s. airlines offer a freebie for the first checked bag. some even offer up to two for the whole family. scoring airline points is
4:48 pm
important, then look for credit cardsith transferrable points. w thesel let you transfer to dozens of different airlines. >> it really opens up a lot of opportunities to transfer maybe one airline devalues their program, use somebody else. or a certain airline doesn't fly where you want to go on vacation, the good news is if you use one of these you've got lots of other choices. >> one piece of advice, try to get rid of your debtou before y start taking reward points and you still have a decent amount of time to wcrap some points before your summer vacation. on friday a church is planning to feed hundreds of families. we'll show you how they're making that happen. molette green explains how you can be part of a good friday food market. let's check out the weather for the rest of the day. as we progress along this week, get the umbrellas back out? >> tomorrow may be an isolated shower.
4:49 pm
if you have a small umbrella handy, you might not need to use it. on fringy we're goi to be in weather alert mode. i'm seeing potential for very heavy rainfall, that could lead to gusty damaging winds. theel time for that weather alert really favors the time period between 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on your saturday. here's your rainy outlook. chance for a shower tomorrow not super impressed mainly north of washington, but i there. thursday it's looking dry. friday widespread rain, heavy ain and even storms in the forecast. maybe some lingering showers on saturday. easter sunday right now is looking dry. your allergy report for today, mold spores are back down in the low range. thankfully trees continue to come in high. currently our temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s with degrees in washington and 65 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning a cool start and we'll have partly to mostl cloudy skies throughout the day tomorrow with temperatures in the 60s once again. but tomorrow we're going to finish off the pay withnty
4:50 pm
of clouds versus today where there's barely a cloud in the sky out there right now. i think the best chance for an isolated shower tomorrow is really going to be around the mid morning to midday hours out there. i do have to stress as well tomorrow that high temperature of about 69 is in washington. check it out. here's the temperature. pretty impressive from north to south at 6:00 p.m. from 62 degree in hagerstown, then you head south, fredericksburg hitting a high of 70 tomorrow and 71 in culpeper. most of us will be in the north of wasn low to mid 60s. south of washington flirting with the 70 degree mark. if you have friday dinner plans atting for severe thunderstorms right now, so you want to stay tuned to the forecast. be weather ready on yourevriday on into the overnight hours. running errands on saturday ahead of eter, showers possible. especially during the morning hours. easter sunday, for those easter egg hunts during t morning hours before church starts, you definitely want to have the
4:51 pm
sweater. here's your planner. maybe posting this on facebook and twitter. lingering showers saturday morning, maybe an isolated late day shower on saturday. otherwise breezy with a high of consecutive. a cool but pleasant start sunday with a mix of clouds and sunshine, late jacket weaer with a temperature of 51 and a high on easter sunday of 71. storm team 4 10 -day forloast. at that 80 degrees on thursday. thursday looking really nice and then again friday it's goingo be a storm team 4 weather alert day. >> you're losing your lounge singer voice. >> i have to thank our intern nner. ias having an allergy at'sk w hy i'm an sounding better. >> treat the interns nicely. >> yeah. >> there you go. let's talk about this scene from t boston marathon. it is a powerful story.
4:52 pm
being shared around the world. marine veteran from ohio was crawling over the finish line. se that? >> wow. >> herndon was determined to rus hi first marathon to honor the lives of three men he knew while serving in afghanistan. they were killedat in an tack. >> herndon attached their names to the laces of his running shoots and he chanted their nas over and over again to cross that finish line. >> wow. >> his legs gave out on mile 22, but obviously not his determination. >> wow. >> that's true grit. >> that is the finition. >> and upper body strength right there too. >> you could see how built he was. oh my god, he was i great shape. my goodness. >> he was determined. >> there sciuld be a spe prize for that, you know. wow. >> what's coming up? well, health officials are now telling us we havese a seco caf measles in theig at 5:00,
4:53 pm
what we're learning about the person infted and the level of concern officials have about a possible outbreak. also the university of maryland is taking steps to deal with a rise in food allergies. >> the life saving drug being installed right now income to defibrillators in schools, dining halls. a city showing strength after the horrific fire. the scene today outside the notre dame cathedral as we've all bee owatching. >> the day after we'll have the latest from richard engel and we'll see you soon. ck toba it's on! get to the ross spring shoe event to score the latest styles for the whole family...
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if you're just joining us, don't count on this nic beautiful weather to last. storm team 4 is tracking scattered chances for showers, but bigger problems coming in later. amelia is back to time out the severe weather. it's become known as one of the deadliest highways in maryland. >> talking about indian head highway. over the last decade, 60 people have died there, including three children just before the new year. there have also been 134 crashes with injuries along route 210. >> now a grassroots effort by neighbors has reslated in p to put up several new speed cameras. news 4 megan mcgrath has more oh e safety changes on the way. >> route 210, indian head
4:57 pm
highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the dmv. jazz min duncan knows that all too well. her daughter was killed trying to cross the street to catch the bus. termined to bring change, duncan and a diverse group of citizens met in the evenings after work and kept up the pressure for safety improvement and their efforts have paid off. three new speed cameras are coming in jun >> i am humbled. i am thankful. my personal journey is to do whatever i cano that slyo other famiver experiences what myself and so many other families have gone. through >> and there are other safety enhancements coming including rumb rumble strips, improved lighting nd intersections changes to make traffic signals more visible. people who drive along 210 hope
4:58 pm
it help. >> as we know, there are always maccidents, unfortunatelyy fatalities. anything done to make it safer will be awesome. >> anytime i turn on the news i hear about some type of accident, either horrific or minor, so hopefully this will stop peoplfrom speeding and cut down on some accidents. >> speed is often a factor in these terrible crashes, so the hope here is that the news cameraill slow drivers down andave lives. along 2:10, megan monaldgrath. i'm still in awe and amazement wondering how this could happen. th a day after the devastating fire at iconic notre dame cathedral, france vows to rebuund as hdreds of millions in donations pour in. a school bus beating. a local school employee allegedly attacks a special needs student. what we're learning about the
4:59 pm
suspect and the second person arrested. police say a m posing as a ride share driver robs a woman. the new frightening video and the warning for you. first at 5:00, we start with that woman's cautionary tale. the victim attacked at her bethesda doorstep after a night out with friends. >> she thought she'd gotten into a ride share, but after pulng at her complex, the driver followed her inside, then robbed her. >> and thishevening we're ing from the victim as police try to track down that iver. >> news 4 pat collins is live in the district busy "u" street corridor with details. pat. >> reporter: what a scary story, jim and wendy. she says is began here in d.c. edand end in bethesda. the guy posed as a ride share driver. he took her home and then he took her valuables.
5:00 pm
it's caught on surveillance video. he follows her into the building. then into the elevator. he tries to steal her purse. but it didn't stop there. the man forces his way into her apartment and rips her off big time. how long was he in your apartment? >> it was -- i mean, it felt like a lifetime, but i want to say it was n more than two minutes. >> reporter: we call her sandy. for obvious reasons, we're not revealing her identity or place where she lives. today i tald to herho by. >> i really hope they catch him more than anything to give me piece of mind just because he obviously knows where i live. it still terrifies me to think that maybe he'll come back. >> reporter: that ride sre bber made off with a rolex watch worth $14,000. anotheex


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