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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. a scare at columbine, heas we approach t 20th anniversary of the massacre, the fbi investigating a credible new threat at 20 colorado school police searching for a re woman consided armed and extremely dangerous. we'll have a live report with the latest. a dramatic new look inside the firefight. cameras right there as firefighters race into the flames at notre dame. waging a heroic battle to save e of the most famous and beloved places on the planet. and tonight we take you inside and above the cathedral. our clearest look at the stunning extent of the damage. what was burned and what is amazingly still standing tonight the investigation into how it started and the billionaires pledging a fortune to rebuild. there is breaking news in thfix for those boeing 737 max
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jets. the change for pilots. will it be enough to prevent another similar air disaster? a young college student falls 100 feet to her death off the edge of iff, the second young student taking a fatal fall in p matter of days after thatnge from a campus tower. and the price you pay at the gas pump and the one big thing experts say you might doing wrong when you fill up that's costing you more money. tonight how you can ve sa this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening, everyone. just days before the 20th anniversary of the columbine school shooting, doors were locked and nerve on edge at that colorado school where 13 people were killed in 1999 after what authorities are calling a credible threat tonight. ert least 20 other denvrea schools were also warned. tonight the fbi is involved and on the lookout for a suspect rm said to be a and dangerous. let's get late details now from nbc's joe
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fryer. >> reporter: today a threat prompted lockouts at two dozen colorado schools, including columbine high, the jefferson county sheriff's office says it took action because of an 18-year-old woman named sol pais who arrived in colorado last night and made what authorities call credible threats to commit an act of violence. >> she made threats to commit an act of violence in this area. she is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. >> reporter: unlike a lockdown, a lockou means the threat is outside of a school. so exterior doors were locked, but business went on as usual inside. >> the threat was not specific to a certain school. >> reporter: sa authorities all schools let out on time with an increased police presence, and all after scho programs are taking place as scheduled, with the exception of columbine, which canceled all activities.ns temoments on a week dedicated to remembering victims of a tragic day 20 years ago. joe fryer, nbc news. >> and as we approach that 20-year mark since columbine changed everything
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just a few minutes we'll talk with parents of school shooting victims from parkland to sandy hook, forebonded by the loss of their children, and watching the cycle repeat itself after school after hool. it's a powerful conversation you'll want tsee. but we move on now to the devastation of the iconic notre dame cathedral in paris, where the fire is now t. but there are new fears about the building itself. also tonight we're learning new details about the fight to save it after what o first appeared tbe a valiant efforts to e rescue precious rks of art. we have it all covered, starting in paris with richard engel. richard, good evening. >> reporte good evening, lester. tonight the french president set an ambitious goal, saying if the french people pull together, they can restore notre dame in five years. new images tonight of the 400 french firefighters as they fought a pitched battle to save this country's most cherished monument. running into the
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burning cathedral, but for all their bravery, cthe firefightersould not stop notre dame's spire from burning and crashing down. after woing through unhe night, authorities annoced this morning that the fire was finally out. notre dame was saved. father laurent watched from a nearby parish. >> many people were crying as if someone has lost his life. >> reporter: but tonight inspectors are warning there are still vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the stone walls. authorities evacuated five residential buildings next to the church, fearing a collapse. the flames destroyed the roof, made of ancient timbers. as the spire crd into the interior, damaging the nave and choir below. today these aerial images showing the extent of the damage across the building's entire ceing. workmen sawed away a massive statue to lift it and reduce weight on t cathedral's northern corner, where
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architects assess the building is weakest. but inside, faith met fire and won. this is what the famous interior looked like before the inferno. today our first glimpses inside, much less damage than many feared. donations are pouring in to help repair e 850-year-old cathedral. french billionaires pledging $700 million, including francois-henri pinault, husband of salma hayek. and tonight a hero chaplain raced towards the flames to save the most f the precious christian artifacts, the crown of thorns, which believers say waused to torment christ. now the investigation in the cause of the massive blaze is under way. investigators revealing workers found no fire when the first alarm went off. it wn't until the second alarm, 23 minutes later that a fire was discovered. investigators say there's no evidence of arson, and have questioned construction workers
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who were doing a renovation project on the roof. shirley and allie page from virginia had just arrived on theirirst ip to paris, snapping this picture minutes before the fire started. and now you have a picture. >> now we have a picture which we will frame when we get home. >> reporter: they were later stunned, hing the inferno unfold. >> i mean, just looking at it, you felt this could not really be happening. r >>hard joining us now. you mentioned the weakness in the northern corner of the cathedral. is there sll a worry about a potential collapse? >> a potential collapse or a partial collapse or that pieces could fall off. authorities say they are so concerned that they are not sending teams into the cathedral to find and recover more works of art or conduct detailed investigations for the suext 24 hours until they'r that the area is safe. >> all right, richard ge enin paris for us tonight, thank you. and we got some good news today about the amazing battle to save the incredible history inside the notre dame. thanks tquick
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thinking by first me responders, priceless treasures inside were saved. our anne thompson has that part of the story. >> reporter: in many ways, the rescuers did god's work, rushing to save the ieplaceable relics ensconced at notre dame, some 2,000 years old. the rector says they had to break open a t chest in theasury to get the objects. paris' mayor describing a human chain of first responders passing the tunic of st. louis, a nail and piece of wood said to be from christ cross, as well as the crown of thorns. relics among the rescued artifacts transferred today to thlouvre for restoration. amazingly, the 8,000 pipe organ appears to be spared as well. johann vexo played at the cathedral. >> i think for every organist all around the world, it's the
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e most lace, famous place in the world. >> reporter: he was there when the alarm went off. >> it's like seeing your own house burnin so it just unbelievable. orter: sorrow tonight eased by music. ♪ lester, pope francis this afternoon called french president macron to offer his concern about the fire and the vatican is also offering technical assistance ilo help in the rebung of the cathedral. >> all right, anne, thank you. there is late word tonight that the faa has possiblehanges on the way after those two air disasters involving boeing 737 max jets. those anes now grounded worldwide. tom costello has been covering this story for us. what's the latest, tom? >> the faa says pilots will be required to undergo additional training before they're allowed to fly the max, but boeing still hasn't formally submitted the software update for faa approval, and when that happens, the plane will still have to be recertified.
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but the faa now telling airlines the pilots will be required to undergo new training on the mcas anti-l system blamed for crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. that's the software fix boeing is working on. the pilot training can be completed on an ipad or a computer. simulator time will t be required. however, some airlines may still require it. with the max grounded, there will be fewer planes for the upcoming summer travel season, so watch your cl scely. >> all right. tom costello, thank you. tonight former first lady michelle obama is weighing in with rare remarks about the man who replaced her husbaas resident. the comments sure to raise eyebrows in the white house where officials arbracing for impact from the redacted mueller re rt, now less than 48 hours away from release. here is kristen welker. >> reporter: it was a ebuke, breaking precedent. former first lady michellebama taking aim at the current president. >> it's tough. sometimes you spend
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weekends with divorced dad. that feels like it's fun, but then you get sick. that's what america is going through. we're kind of living with divorced dad right now. >> reporter: mrs. obama speaking sunday in lonn, never mentioning president trump by name, saying it may feel like a dark chapter, but any story has its highs and lows. it com as the white house braces for the mueller report. some current and former officials who cooperated with mueller tell nbc news they're concerned the report could expose them as the source of t amaging information abouthe president. >> i heard it's going to come out on thursday. that's good, and there g can't be anythin there because there was no crime. there was no anything. >> reporter: as for michelle obama's comments, eached out to the white house, and so far no response. lester? >> all right, kristen, thank you. we want to turn now to the tragic epidemic impacting our nation's veterans, a staggering number suicide every single day. just last week three veterans took their own lives at v.a. facilities. tonight nbc's courtney kube talks with one
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mother who says her son didn't get the help he needed after serving his country. >> reporter: army specialist terry o'hearn served tours in iraq and afghanistan. >> he came into the world a fighter. >> reporter: but when he came home, his mother robin noticed something had changed. >> well, he wasn't as happy-go-lucky. >> reporter: for years, he batt traumatic stress. man 2016, he put a homede shotgun to his chest and fired. he survived, spending the next few weeks in a v.a. hospital. robin fought to keep him there, but two weeks later he was ed and took his own life. >> it just seems like terry slipped through the v.a. cracks at every step. >> reporter: the statistics are shocking. 20 veterans die by suicide every day, 1.5 times higher than the civilian population. just last week, three veterans took their own lives at v.a facilities, including in the waiting room of this austin clinic. >> all of the sudden over the intercom, they had this statement about everyone must clear
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the building. >> reporter: last month, president trump a established teran suicide prevention task force. >> veteran suicide is a tragedy of staggering proportions. >> reporter: and now robin, an air force veteran herself, has a new mission. >> i want people that are in the position that we were in to understand the process so that maybe they could intervene. i wish that we would have intervened at some point. >> reporter: no eccomment on the rt suicides siting privacy concerns, the v.a. telling us their deepest condolences go o out to the lovs affected by these deaths. lester? >> courtney kube at the pentagon, thank you. if you or someone you know is struggliwi suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide prevention lifer line. it's available 24 hours a day. the number on your screen, 1-800-273-8255. let'rn to our top story now, the threat we told you about causing a major scare at columbine high sool and several other denver area schools today. as we mentioned, it comes columbine
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marks 20 years since what was at the time the worst school shooting our country and today virginia tech marked 12 years since the massacre there that killed 32 people. tonight we wanted to look at what's changed and what hasn't since those horrors through the eyes of parents who know all too well. here is nbc's kate snow. >> it's a club t parent -- >> -- wanted to ever >> -- wanted to ever be included in. >> reporter: some shooting we shorthand. sandy hook, ere david wheeler lost his 6-year-old ben, parkland, where lori alhadeff's alyssa died and she begged forch ange. >> you say what can you do? you can stop the guns. >> in the building, please! >> reporter: but do you remember benton, kentucky? that's where secret holt's daughter, shot dead last year.s >> there is not a day t that goes by tha don't think about that day. it just keeps replaying over and over and over, you know, and i can justse my youngest
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daughter's face when we told her. it was terrible. she was just so perfect and special. as their kids were too. >> reporter: they understand the world's attention moves on, chbut for them, ea new school shooting is a searing jolt. there have already been nine resulting in hs juries or de this year. what happens to each of you wyou hear about another school shooting? >> it's awful. it takes me right out t athe knees. >> for me, it takes me right back to th day. i just want to wrap those parents and their siblings in your arms and just hug them d tell them it's going to be okay, but you really don't know if it is going to be okay. >> at the end of the day, the bullets, they don't discriminate, and it can happen anywhere, any time. >> reporter: lori on the broward county school board now and pushed for alyssa's law in new jersey, which requires panic ttons for teachers. secret helped pass a
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new kentucky law funding school safety measures. david is part of a lawsuit against gun manufacture remington. >> stand up and be a toice for change. knowhat your voice is your power. >> reporter:hey ree some things have changed since columbine. it took 47 minutes for s.w.a.t. teams to that school. now police departments train to eage mediately. more than 90% of schools now have a plan in place for tings, and 80% have security cameras, up from less than 20% in 1999. with so many remembering virginia tech and columbine this week, they'd like people to done small thing. >> everyone can look at this problem and find a piece of it that makes sense for them to work on. >> i can change that little part. >> i can change this little part. >> reporteach of them wears a necklace to remember their children and what the fight is for. kate snow,bc news, new york. >> their pain never goes away, and our he ts go out to them. we'll take a break.
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clrer calorie labels and minders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar. we're ck now with that fatal fall involving a young student plunging off a cliff while hiking, an that tragic news comes just days after another adly fall involving a student that made national headlines, leaving a campus in mourning. with more on all this, re is miguel almaguer. reporter: the emergency call came from the hawksbill crag, a jutting cliff with soaring views where college students were hiking near jasper, arkansas. >> it sounds like she fell off the tip of the crag. >> reporter: standing the group near the rock's edge, andrea norton tumbled 100 feet down, the briar cliff university student the latest fatality at one of arkansas's most famed
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and photographed hiking areas, a location popular on social media. >> when we visit these places, there is a n risk involved. anywhere you're involved on some kind of precipice like this, it can be dangerous. reporter: the 20-year-old's death comes as students at fordham university mourn sydney monfries who reportedly fell to reportedly posting video and climbing the campus tow. tonight they're earning photo seekers to usereme caution after fatal falls doing selfies at the grand canyon and yosemite. according to one ud st more than 250 people have fallen to their deaths taking selfies in recent years. red inothers in the chase for the perfect photo. the frightening trend prompting this reminder from local authorities. the best view is the one you live to share. miguel almaguer, nbc news. still to come here tonight, the price you pay on gas. the one thing you should do to save a bundle. when it comes to type 2 diabetes, are inking about your heart?
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we're back now with the price you pay at the gas pump, and something that experts say could be costing you a lot more money when youe filling up. with more on that here is steve patterson. >> reporter: with the price of gas shooting up to more than 4 bucks a gallon in some parts of the country, consumers searching to save mon may not have to look further than their own habits. here is a big one. stop filling up with premium gasoline. acrding to a new study, the premium gas cos with a premium price tag that most vehicles don't need. aaa discovered for 84% of cars on the road, premium gas provides no noticeable performance advantage, mileage boost, or even extra engine protection. drivers are wasting about $2.3 billion every year using premium fuel when the regular fuel would be clust fine for their vehies. for the average driver, switching from premium to regular gas would save $300 at the mp this year. look, many drivers think that their car needs premium gas, but here's how you know for sure. if it says recommended
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anywhere in your owners manual or right here on your gas cap, aaa says it is okay to go with regular gas with little to no impact. very few cars actually require premium gas. for most o, there is nothing wrong with choosing regular. steve patterson, nbc t ews, los angeles. >> thall save you some bucks. up next, the superstar slu made two young fans' wish come true. i was thinking... could there be another around the corner? ld or cout turn out differently? he i wanted to lp protect myself. co my doctor mmended eliquis. iquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot... almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. or pe blood clot... ...and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding enthan the standard treatmt. eliquis is fda approved and has both. quis don't stop e unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. n't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding.
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♪ ♪ ♪ in tonight's "inspiring america," the home run that meant something extra special to two young tbaseball fans in crowd. i think you're going the like this one. here is kevin tibbles. >> hi, doggy! >> reporter: t little girls with a new family mascot. sisters lola and libby
7:28 pm
love baseball's milwaukee brewers. >> they eat it up, you know what i mean. not only the peanuts. >> reporter: this season they went to the ballpark armed with a homemade sign. if outfielder and mvp christian yelich hit just one more homer, dad buys them a puppy. >> me thinking statistics, there is no way yich is going to hit three home runs, three straightga mes. it just doesn't happen. and of course, you know. >> reporter: kaboom. >> kaboom. >> reporter: all of miller fieldrupted. and last nht dad, with a little help from christian yelich, delivered big-time. >> brought you guys a present. a >> reporter: puppy named yellie, of course. today i was invited to a very special tea party. what kind of dog is he? >> a golden baby le. >> reporter: how much do you like him? >> like 100. >> reporter: like 10 they hope to train yellie to assist lola managing her dia tes by sensing low blood sugar.
7:29 pm
>> she's got some crazy cotion with him only in one night. >> reporter: this family's happiness hit out of the park. kevin tibbles, nbc news, wisconsin. >> that's a cute face. and last night, yech hit three home runs, in my book that's worth a tter of in my book that's worth a tter of li z35k8z z16fz y38y y16fy
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queen latifah: it hasn't always been easy, hait? crowd: no! but you d the courage to venture into something powerful: education. never stop growing. lights, camera, "access." [ meeow ] >> is it bye-bye dark and stormy taylor, hello, sweet and


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