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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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"news 4 at 100" begins with breaking news. >> we begin w reports of four peoplehot in montgomery county. i'm dor gentzler. >> the first call to 911 came id
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arou 9:30 this evening, a shooting on curry powder lane in german town. chopper 4 live ove you can see this is the neighborhood and there are a lot of police cars parking along this street. news 4 jackie bensen just arrived on the scene as well. jackie, what are you learning from police and neighbors? >> reporter: we are waiting right now for an update fromou montgomery cy place. they were called here about 9:15 tonight for a report of four people selt. now, i can you at this point, this is the closest street to curry powder lane. that is where the shooting happened and you can see chopper 4 shows it appears to be some type of cul-de-sac. i canhaell you t we do not have confirmation that four people were shot. earlier we heard a report from the fire department that two people were transported from here, so, again, we are waiting for confirmation right now from montgomery county police as to
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exactly what happened on curry powder lane just after 9:00 tonight. as i i said,tial reports of four people shot, but we are standing by. the public information officers arrived here just a short time ago, and i believe -- do you a have an update? can you give us an updde? i am joineow by captain tom jordan from montgomery county police. captain jordan, can you tell us what you know at this >> sure. around 9:15 this evening we got multiple calls for shots in the area. we found four people had been injured. lot, curred in a parking you know, over here off curry powder, and there were three adult males, one jenile male. they were taken to local hospitals. one adult male succumbed to his injuries. >> captain jorda can you tell us, i heard you mention a juvenile. are we talking aag teen, and elementary school age? you know, can you give us some -- >> more of a teenager.
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it wasn't a child. but, like i t said,y were taken to the hospital. one adult maleuccumbed to his injuries. we do not believe at this time to be a random event, but we ask if anye saw anything to contact us immediately. >> captain tom jordan, montgomery being police. you heard him sighomething very important here, they do not believe it is a random event. they wantl us and neighbors to know, you know, for their own safety, they believe it was con sen tralt centrated people involved. live in german town, jacki bensen, news 4. >> thanks so much. tonight a 94-year-old woman is recovering after fighting off her attacker. >> and she is talking only to news 4 tonight about her frightening ordeal. but she asked us not to show her face because the guy who attacked her is still outhere. this happened late last night near the cleveland park metro statann. >> the m demanded her purse and then took off.
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shomari stone is live near where it happened on connecticut avenue in northwest. shomari. >> reporter: good evening. this is the type of story has you scratching your head asking what on earth is the world coming to. this woman is 94 years old, supposed in theol gn years of her life, only to be attacked near connecticut avenue northwest and porter street. tonight she is courageously speaking out in hopes of putting her attacker in jail. >> i feel kind of angry that he got away with it. >> reporter: this 94-year-old woman is scared to tell you her name or show her fe on camera as she heals from stab wounds inside her apartment. this all started mday night. i got off the metro and was going to get in my car and come home. >> reporter: take a look at this video. there she is with paramedics after she was violently robbed. the trouble started when she walked to her rental car on the 2900-block of porter street near connecticut avenue northwest around 11:15. suddenly sheays aan grabbed her from behind >> he got my arm gripped behindi
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me, and sd he had a gun and i want your orcash. >> repter: he snatched her purse, emptied it out, breaking the strap, stealing credit cards, $15, an iphone, keys. she tried to fight back. >> i felt very angry that this is happening. >> reporter: police say he stabbed her in the knocking her to the ground and took off running. >> i was in shock. really. i screamed i guess b at that point nobody could hear me. >> reporter: to add insult to injury, the woman says she walked to this nearby exxon gas station on connecticut avenue. she says an employee turned her away. you're dripping blood, you can't dav anything and you h no money and no way to call anybody and somebody refuses to help you,t is not very kind. >> reporter: while police investigate, she hopes theyhe catch tcrook. >> i would certainly enjoy it because i certainly like to get everythinbab, especial -- back, especially the keys to the rental car. >> reporter: now, the woman says
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she is thankful for the customer who was here at she gastion who called police. we reached out to the employees here at the exxon gas station and they told me a manager will be available on thursday to comment. meanwhile, police are searching for the suspect and they are alsoooking for surveillance video of the robbery. they urge anyone with information about what happened to give them a call. in northwest d.c.,'m shomari stone. back to you, jim. >> let's hope they catch that pathetic guy that did that. thank you. >> the smell of ash hovers over paris tonight a day after the massive fire ripped through t iconic notre dame cathedral. tonight solidarity around the world, including here in the distri, at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. [ bell tolling ]. >> the bells there tolling 50 time tonight in honor of0 85ars of friendench history as
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nbc's richard engel explains, france has vowed to rebuild. >> reporter: new images tonight of the 400 french firefighters ched battle ht a p to save this country's moster hed monument. running into the burning cathedorl, but f all their bravery t firefighters could nottop notre dame's spire from burning and crashing down. after working through the night, authorities announced thisin morn that the fire was finally out. notre dame was saved. inspectors are warning there are still vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the stonewalls. authorities evacuated five residential buildings next to the church, fearing a collapse. the flame destroyed the roof, made of ancient timbers, the spire crashed iheo interior damaging the nave and choir below. today these aerial images showing the extent of the damage across the building's entire
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ceiling. workmen sawed away a massive statue toift it and reduce weight on the cathedral'srn northe corner where architects assess the building is weakness. but inside faith met fire and won. this is what the famous interior looked likeor bef the inferno. today our first glimpses inside, much less damage than many feared. shirley and allie paige from virginia just arrived on their first trip to paris, snapping this picture minutes before the fire started. >> now you have a picture. >> we have a picture we will frame when we get home. >> reporter: they were later stunned, watching it unnld. >> i mea just looking at it, you felt like this could not really be happening. >> reporter: investigators tonight say because of structural concerns they are not for another 24 hours sending more teams to try to recover more works of art or carry out detailed investigations until they know it is safe. richard engel, nbc news, paris.
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days before the u. marks 20 years since the massacre at columbine high school, a woman is wanted tonight for making credible threats against schools in that district. the fbi says this 18-year-old woman is armed andus dange and infatuated with the columbine shootings. students in tilt district w locked inside their buildings today but were sent home from school on time. safety at a high school in charles county is in question tonight after some serious scares there. two students brought guns to recently. someone else threatened the campus. tonight hundreds of parents oturned out to find what is being done about it. the principal says students will begin leaving backpacks in their lockers and carrying what they need in the classrooms. some parents are pushing for metal detectors. they weren't satisfied tonight when the school system's hea of safety explained that maryland law makes it difficult to
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install them. >> you can't have metal detectors because it might be an invasion of privacy, but i think that probably most parents here wouldather have a little bit of invasion of privacy than have shot -- ld >> the director of safety sayst over the pas two weeks his staff has increased their presence at the highschool. well, to our weather forecast now. you might want to locate that umbrella before you head off to bed. >> storm team 4 meteorologist ameliarackg se ows aga for tomorr,pera d ir sh? >> there's a chance for an we sumatelrlahos you steput o o door. but here is the thing, most of uso are not going using it on our wednesday. but check it out. right now i'm tracking some cloudiness out there. 61 degrees is our temperatur so notll that bad. t hen0 a.m.tan and a partly cloudy a.m we're at 64 degrees.
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here you see the disturbance on storm team 4 radar. keep the umbrella ready. i have drzle a on thursday and potential for heavy rain on friday. more on the weather for thursday and friday coming up during right around 11:. >> all right, amelia. thank you. we are news 4, working for your health now. maryla health it officials just confirmed a second case of measles in the state. the departmentf health it says both cases involve people who traveled to an area with an ongoing outbreak of the virus. there is no evidence that measles is spreading in maryland or anywhere else in our while the virus is highly contagious, it is also highly preventable. two doses of the mmr vaccine are 97% effective at preventing it. just yesterday the centers for disease control and prevention announced that measles had spread to 20 states now because of small outbreaks involving people who have not been vaccinated. measles was thought to have been
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eradicated in the u.s. in the year 2000, but already more than 550 new cases have been reported this year. the man who nearly unseated ixas republican senator teds iz aigning for the white house. democrat beto o'rourke told supporters today at a rally at virginia why of he thinks he can do a better job than president trump. news 4's leon hris is at our live desk now with the stops he is making. >> reporter: i am, jim. beto o'rourke will be a busy man here in the commonwealth. he is the first declared democratic presidential candidate to visit here. o'rourke's appearance in charlottesville tonight one of seven campaign stops planned in virginia today and tomorrow. night he rallied the crowd, touching on the environment, immigration and calling for univers universal health care. >> i know we can achieve universal, guaranteed, high-quality health care. i know we can rewrite this country's immigration laws in
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our own image. this is athis moment on all of us, a defining moment of truth, and we cannot be found wanting. >> reporter: tomorrow o'rourke will make a stop in fredericksburg in the morning and then it is on to dumfries and prince william county, and then he will end his day with a meet and greet with fairfax democrats followed by a northern virginia town hall in alexandria. one more note here o'rourke also today became the latest presidential candidate to post ten years of his tax returns. back to you in the studio. >> all right, leon. thank you. next at 11:00, we're working for you at the gas pump. >> yes, the 2001 big thinghat experts say you might be doing all wrong when you fill up. next at 11:00, we are helping you save some money. love thy neighbor, plans for a big new church notll sitting weith a local commuty ni
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♪ leon here at the live desk with an update to the breaking newse brought you at the top of the hour here. s four peoplet tonight in montgomery county. one of the patients died we have justctearned. deteives are on the scene now on curry powder lane in germantown. what they're telling is around 9:15 p.m. police found four h pet in a parking lot, three adult, one a juvenile, possibly a teen. one of the adults died from their injuries. police telling us they don't believe it was a random we're going to stay on top of the story overnight. we will bring you updates on "news 4 day" starting at 4:00 a.m. doreen. >> thank you, leon. as summer approaches many will be looking for ways to savs money we can afford to go on
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vacation, but as nbc's steve patterson explains, if you are looking to save money at the gas pump you may not have to look further than yourwn habits. >> reporter: with he price of gas shooting up to more than $4 a gallon in some parts of the country, consumers searching to money may not have to look further than their own habit. here is a big one. stop filling up with premium gasoline. according to a new study, the premium gas comes with a premiut price tag t most vehicles don't need. aaa discovered for 84% of cars on the rasd premi provides no noticeable performance advantage, mileage boost oex evn a engine protection. >> drivers are wasting about $2.3 billion every year using premium fuel when the regular uel would be just fine for their vehicles. >> reporter: for the average driver, switching from premium to regular gas would save $300 at t pump this year. >> look, many drivers think gas, but needs premi here is how you know for sure.
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if it says recommended anywhere in your owner's manual or right here on your gas cap, aaa says it is okayh to go wit regular gas with little to know impact. very few cars actually require premium s. for most of us there's nothing wrong with choosing regular. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. neighbors are pushing back tonight against a plan to build 60,000 square foo church in buoy. the redeemed christian church of god victory temple says its congress regs has outgro congregation has out grown its church and wants to build on the corner of church and mount oak road. neighbors worry about increased trafficnd a lack of transparency, but the pastor says he's willing to compromise. >> you have to look at the fiscal impact, the economic impact, the environmental impact, the undue burden to taxpayers.
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>> wtever they want us do, we have the plans and then we reach a compromise. >> as for whether he is willing to move his church to a different location, he's not budging. amelia is back with more about our weather, our temperatures have been all over the place the last few days. where are they headed next? >> well, tomorrow we'll find our temperaturesainly in the 60s throughout the day, and we're going to have partly to mostlyk cloudy ses out there. maybe anhosolated sr tomorrow morning, especially north of washington. it is one of those days you have the umbrella handy. you probably will not need to use it. that's going to be your first weather headline. and then during -- well, our temperatures are warming up on thursday. we'll havers highs thuy around 80 degrees. maybe another shower or somedr zle thursday morning, but most of the day is looking dry out there. friday, already declaring it a orm team 4 weather alert day for the potential for very heavy rainfall and some strong to maybe severe thunderstorms. the timing is looking a little bit later now. i will have more on that in a moment, but rfirst,ht now
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we're only around 60 degrees. not all that bad out there. 61 right no in washington. 59 in gaithersburg and leesburg as well. tomorrow morning it is a comfortably cool start, long sleeves, light jacket, that's what you want to think when you are getting ready to head out the door and get the kids to the school bus. by lunchtime we are in the mid 60s and high tomorrow is about 69 deees. i think we will see clouds building throughout the day. we have an estherly component to the winds so we will see a marine layer devop over the area. starting off the day with a mix of clouds and sunshine and finishing it with mainly cloudy skies. by 7:00 p.m., a temperature around 65 degrees. on thursday there is a chance for some patchy morning drizzle, maybe an isolated shower. otherwise we will have cloudiness thursday morning, giving way to afternoon sunshine. similar to today, leading to a spectacular afternoon and a high temperature of 80, e on th wm side for the time of year. here are the severe weather impacts on friday. the timing right now i really
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think is starting around 2:00 p.m., maybe even a little later, until 2:00 a.m. on you saturday. the biggest concerns i'm seeing, heavy rainfall that could lead to some flooding issues out there and some sstong gu winds that could lead to wind damage. can't rule outn isolated tornado warning, the winds kind of favoring that, but the focus will be on heavy rain and strong, gusty winds, mainly friday evening into the overnight hours. breezy throughout the day on saturday. for easter sunday we have a high around 70 degrees with a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day. so, again, the storm team 4 weather alert of friday i you plan to head out to family and friends' houses for passover friday evening, keep in mind you might be dealing with inclement weather. it is still a ways away so stay tuned as we refine the a foreca. >> right, and the timing. >> yes, absolutely. >> thanks, amelia. coming up after that shocking night in hockey, friend waiting to take on the
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aps if they can take care of business first here is jimmy fallon. >> jimmy: hey, guys. alex rodriguez is my guest ps ashley bson,en
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♪ this is the xfinity sports desk. >> last night it was the caps, tonight the naks ting us. come on. >> i will need therapy. here is more bad news. let's go to the weather and she .as rain comi i don't know where to go. we need a caps' win or some ting. ey, loe flies, we know that. remember? remember when we were allwo y2k?d about it was before we had a baseball team here in d.c. now the nationals are into their 15th season. it is a long timeho long you ask? maybe you don't ask. that's long enough for the son of the catcher he first threw to
11:25 pm
when he arrived in d.c.ow >> w. >> strasbourg up ainst the giants derek rodriguez, son of hall of famer irodriguez. it a long time. normally one of the offensive stars the night, hey, it was this guy, stephen strasburg in the secon a man o he takes derek rodriguez, son of yvonne rodriguez, pitch to righr cent this ball to the wall. wilmer scores. on the mound strasbourg struck at the long ball, a big problem for him i the fifth. tied at 1-1. steven dugger sends it into the bullpen. two runhe shop. in t sixth, brandon belts into the other bull pin. giants, a 4-1 league. strasbourg went six innings allowed four runs.t giants beae nationals 7-3. orioles visiting rays. look, the humidity down there,
11:26 pm
your hair has to lk great in florida. i have that se problem. bundy on t mound for the birds. he wants thisch pit back. garcia jacks this oneo center. a man on -- yeah, it is gone. two-run shot for garcia. rays go on to beat the orioles 4-2. any good news in the sports cast? to the ice. ovechkin and the caps l searching for answers. caps fans hopeful a different team shows up on thursday. the hurricanes dominant against the capitals last night,ng shutti out the capitals and making it a series. head coach reardon disappointed n his team's performance but expects a strong response. >> took a step back in some areas, you know, in game three and is expect u to make those ndprovements and put forth a better result a better outcome
11:27 pm
on thursday. >> it is a experience, you know, we know it is nothe game and we need to play in order to win. but -- response. >> all right. more hockey. lightning in trouble, down 3-0, presidents trophyhe winners on t brink of a blue jacket sweep. second period. watch this. seth jones, son of popeye jones, gives columbus-1 a 3 lead. blue jackets never looked back. win their first playoff series in franchise history. lightning eliminated. in pittsburgh, hey, we knowhat guy, former head coach barry trotz, has the islands o away from a sweep. nelson, a tie for t islandsers, up 2-1. thesl ianders will face the winner of the captials and hurricane series. >> wow. >> we might be seeinarry trotz. he warned us. >> he did. >> you're going to have to go through the island if you are t
11:28 pm
going win another stanley cup, but they have to win this series against the carolina hurricanes first. >> we have to get our work done. >> yes. you have to get some work done first. but good news, right? >> yes, we do. >> thank u, dave. yo alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over.
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the "tonight" show with jimmy fallon is next. >> we leave you with scenes from th lights of freedom. more than 2,000 candles lit for the thousands of african-american goes n buried in wt isha everyone's got to listen to mom. when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's dr t, coke, dr pd pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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