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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  April 17, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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news 4 today starts now. 4:30 right now. thanks for waking up with us as we get this wednesday started. live look at what it's like tside as we get moving today. it's dark. good morning, everybody. i'm aarongi hrist. >> you are so observant. >> i try to share the knowledge that i amass through the course of the day. >> you are an everyday hero. i'm eun yang. we want to get to some new video into the newsroom overnight showing a possible meteor
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sighting. look o you see it the left right there? isn' that wild t >> viewer, steve -- sorry, i was watching the video. forgot i needed to read this. e viewer's dasht cam caugh this heading east from dulles airport, actually. this was just before11 0 last night. let us know on twitter if you saw iit. >> want to know if it landed. >> and if there was a boy child in the department. now for a check on your weather and traffic, we want to check in with lauren ricketts and melissa mollet. >> only 4:31. my goodness. this show is already going off the rails a little bit. listen, yes, we're going to talk more about that meteor coming up in just ae lit bit. it looks like it burned up. if it hit the ground, it's called meteorite.
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so we'll talk more about that in a little bit. let's talkbout your weather. if you're north of d.c., maybe you need a small umbrella. a few sprinkles possible. same tomorrow. all the rain gear on friday because we have severe weather and maybe that small up. temperatures in the 50s when you walk out the door. compared to yesterday, feeling nice. south winds, 6 miles an hour. i say north. we've had rain showers to the north as a back door cold front slips from the north to the south. north of d.c., grab the small umbrella. you may need it. not dry on friday.we 'll time out the severe weather foryou. let's time out w your commuteh melissa. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. not too much in your way. bethesda, southbound wisconsin
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avenue. left lane is the only thing getting by the road work. you shouldn't have to worry too much. inner loop/outer loop, everything has cleared. 66 fairfax county parkway to the belt way this morning, 63 miles per hour. going to take you 9 minutes. i outbound, noues. 270 looks good. 95 no worries. eun? >> melissa. thank you. 4:33. two developing stories this morning. we begin montgomery county where four people were shot near klopper elementary school in germantown. four men shot in a parking lot on curry powder lane last night. one person died and three others hurt including a teenager. police say this does npp aear to be a random shooting. no word yet on a suspect or motive. also developing this morning, police are working to find the man who attacked and robbed a 94-year-old woman
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outside of a metro cities r station. this happened late monday night. the woman doesn't want us to use her name and show her face. she was walking from the cleveland station to hercar. she struggled with him and her hand was cut andd he pusheer to the ground. >> he got my arms gripped behind me and said he had a gun and i want your cash. i was inhock really. i screamed, i guess, but at that point nobody could hear me. >> now after the attacker ran away the woman went to the nearby exxon station on ueconnecticut she says an e loyee there turned her away even though she was bleeding and visibly hurt. anher customer at the gags stati gas station eventually called 911. sheopes the robber is caught so she can gethe keys back to her rentalr. ca a notre dame cathedral in
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paris suffered colossal damage in monday's fire. the massive fear severely amaged the roof of that 850-year-oldbuilding. today it will be many hours before investigators can go back inside and resume their work. safety is still a major concern. the iconic building is still standing and people have committedo t rehabilitation efforts. overnight the white house pledged its support. 4:35. we're working for your health this morning. maryland health officials have confirmed a second case of measles. there is no evidence that measles is spreading in maryland or anywhere else. while the virus is highly contagious, it's highly prevendble. they sai measles have been spread to 20 states. measles was thought to have been eradicated in the year 2000 but
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more than 550 new cases have been reported this year. now to decision 2020. democratic presidential candidate beto o'rourke is visiting the commonwealth. b he'll making stops in fredericksburg and prince lliam county. he'll end with a town hall in alexandria. last sight hepped at the university of virginia in charlottesville and it was impacted. >> i know that we can achieve this and rewrite the immigration laws in our own image. this is aom this mt on all of us a fining moment of truth and we cannot be found .watching >> o'rourke also talked about s plans to introduce universal health care, criminal justice reform and stricter gun control. be sure to stay with us for his
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tr to northern virginia. 4:37. attorney general wilam bar plans to release a redacted version of robert mueller'srt retomorrow. barr is redacting grand jury information and classified information from the report among other sensitive things. news 4's tracie potts will have more on this in about 15 minutes. this morning several denver colorado school districts will be closed because of violent threats. the fbi isooking for 18-year-old sol pais. they consider her armed and ngerous. afterriving monday night and buying a pump action shotgun. the threats led to lockouts at 20 -- or lockdowns at 20 slleges. they pais has an infatuation with the1999 shooting and the two teenage gunmen. hey're searching for a robber who plans to have them.
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he stole her purse and forced his way into the apartment. the caps have another day to rest ahead of game four against the carolina hurricanes but this morning we know who they will face next ifs they win thi series. they will take on n the york islanders and former head coach bay trots. he left the caps after leading them to the stanley cup last year. the islanders won their series in four games knocking out the dreaded pittsburgh penguins right out of the running, clean sweep. love it. you know how much we hate the penns. >> you love it? can't tell. >> another formal rifle we won't be seeing anymore. the lightning alsowept by themb colu blue jackets. we barely beat the lightning last year. they had more points than any other tea this season. it's the first timeum cs has ever won a playoff series. we beat them last year too.
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my kids know that the pns are out, lightni out. freaking out. >> makes it seem a little bit more like right there? >> yes. re still have to win 14. >> yuess is -- >> i'm sorry, i can't do the math. >> new overnight, beyonces strike again. "homecoming" is a film by beyonce. it gives behind the scenes looks at her two weekend performances of coachella performances. she became the first black woman to headline coachella last year. >> her performances included dwes appearances by her sister's production. 4:39. push back against plans for a
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new church in a loc neighborhood. we'll explain why one community is trying to keep a congregation out of its area. good wednesday morning to you. all right. we know we're all always in a rush somehow every day. we know you don't have much tim to watch. >> today con m sveum susaner
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welcome back, 4:42. >> the opening ceremony of the soldier ride happens. last year 200 wounded warriors happened. >> without soldier ride or wounded warrior project in genera i wouldn't be where i am today. without that camaraderie. >>ilhe team also make a visit with the preside and first lady at the white house tomorrow morning. it's now 4:43. >> and those temperaturew right no in the 50s. we will continue toee those tempereures move right into th 60s and low 70s today. mae a sprinkle or isolated shower around especially north of d.or, but f the most we're
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you're watching "news 4 today today". your time is 4:46. right now the white house is
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gearing up before special counsel robert mueller's report is made public. >> attorney general william barr plans to release a redacted rsion of the report tomorrow. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. acie, weunderstand barr redacted things like grand jurye instigation, inongoing crimal investigations. what exactly can we see tomorrow? >> reporter: we should start to see details and evidence and what people will be seeing what was saidsnd what wa learned about obstruction of justice. this is where the special counsel split there was evidence for and against. he didn't make a decision. the attorney general did and decided not tout prosecute, b those are the details the democrats especially are looking for. now we are told that more than a dozen people in the white house, former and current employees who testified are concerned, some of them worried. eakdown level a is the way one person described it because they don't know if their
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names will be identified alongt their testimony. while it may not result in any charges, som of this information could beem barrassing to the president what was said and done behind closed doors. now goingpublic. me of them have had attorneys knocking on the door of the justice department to ask is my name going to public? the justice department not responding. >> tracie potts, liv for us on capitol hill. thk you. president trump has voted to -- rather, he's vetoed a bill to end u.s. support for the saudi-led war in the pnt issued the veto to stop an unnecessary attempt to weaken m constitutional authities. opposition grew in congress last year after jamal khashoggi was killed. threet deaths of
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d.c. va medical center p qients raisedstions including how well it flows up on tients after discharge. >> we're investigating the flag ship department of the u.s. veterans affairs. >> reporter: the d.c. medical center has been under investation for years after therwere reports o supply shortages and mismanagement. the new management said it stabilized things. three recent deaths have raised concerns among the internal employees and families of thosea tients, including one patient who overdosed and died in the parking lot but went undiscovered for da. another suffered blood clots hours after a biopsy but the death went unknown by the va for years according to sources. the third entered the e.r. with mental health concerns but the internal records say the man wanted to be admitted but was instead sent home without being
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followed up on by the hospital's suicide prevention team. the i-team learned he shot and killed himself at a home in annandale. >> that was a veteran that came to us for help and we failed. we failed that veteran and we failed that family. we have to do better. >> reporter: tonight as part of our full i-team investigation, what families said should have bet done and whae medical center is doing to prevent any failures with the patients. neighbors are pushing back against the plan to bui a 60,000 square foot church in bowie. now the church wants to build oa vacant piece of land on the corner of church and mount oak road. neighbors worry about increased traffic and the lack of transparency. the pastor says he is willing to compromise. >> look at the fiscal impact,
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the enomic impact, the environmental impact. the undue burden to taxpayer. >> as for whether he's willing to move his church to different site, he's not dging. pilots have to undergo an additional training before they're aowed to fly the jets again. they were suspended after contributing to two deadly plane crashes. boeing is working wit a software update that deals with the mcas aichbt-stall software. boeing has not submi software for faa approval. once that happens, the planes will still have to be recertified. all of this means there will be fewer flight options. prices will go up. that's right. happening today on the eastern shore of t virginia, clock is
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ticking for a rocket launch late this ternoon. supplies areth going to international space station. it will dock with the space station sometimes on friday. fairly rare. you have a rocket launch during the daytime. >> yes. >> it's loaded up with experiments from kids all around virginia. just loaded some mice on there. really? >> a few hours ago. >> wow. >> for experiments. not because they want mice at the space station. >> i was going to say -- >> you don't want that prob zblem i don't want to know how you get exterminators up there. >> hey, listen, we're starting off o a warmer note this morning asn temperatures ithe 50s. nearing 60 grees. there is going to be a big spad of temperatures. temperatures in s.e 60 south of dc you may head io
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the 70s with more sunshine. i'm not seeing evidence that we're going to have a lot of shower activity even north. here i d.c., 58 degrees. 50s all around. we have the south wind. pretty quiet start. we'll have sunshine especially as we go through the day today but, again,s more cloudround as we head into the afternoon. we have a back door cold front. you can see it alonges the lin with the light light showers. seeing the showers right here in northern maryland. this is about what we're going to get. again, you may not even need the umbrella. i think a lot of this is going to dry out before it heads into the area. we could have a shower north of dc. for the most part we'll stay dry even as we get into thursday. for your friday, severe weather. heavy at times moving through the area. look at that, friday evening at
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7:00. when we see the storms rolling through the area, that will be a key time for when people are os traveling acr the region. again, we are going to have some prty strong storms packing a little bit of a punch. that heavy rain will continue into your saturda night. we do have some rain showers for your saturday. impacts on friday, going to be heavy rain, winds. there's going to be a small threat of a tornado as well. i'm really worried about flooding. this will slow down aset we g into your friday. look at this, by saturday evening we get well over two inches of rain in some it will be locally higher in spots after that. as far as your ten day forecast, temperatures 60sor the most part. stray shower north. passing shower to your thursday chance of severe weather as we get to your friday. saturday, chance of showers. easter, keeping it dry right now.ay mond having some sunshine. this is a little sketchy. we could have some showers next week. we'll have to see what a frontal
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system does but low confidence on that. melissa, let's take a look at the roadwa m. >> goodning to you. in bethesda, near western avenue, lefng lane getti by. that has cleared. 270 near montrose, we'll take a look at that. sometimes we'll get a glitch if there's a slowdown. inner loop and outer loop, no problems there. 68 miles per hour gets you there in ten minutes. eun? >> melissa, thank you. road repairs tt started this week could require crews to temporarily shut down a busy highway in fairfax county. we're talking about route 50 near ferros mall. a pipe underneath the road has become corroded. now part of the road is sagging. they shay say it's got a
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problem. >> chips ahoy with what i calls an unexpected solidified ingredient. this recall involves 13 ounce packages with the best buy dates in september of this year. if you have a package, throw it out or take it back to the store for a refund. >> just chocolate chips, that's it. >> youon't want the other stuff? >> no. >> that's the problem. still ahead on "news 4 today," we'reho swing you how a maryland man is turning the food you don't want into big business. facebook discusses selling user's data. hew t company i
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"news 4 today" starts now.> >> coming up on 5:00 a.m. this morning. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and'm eunyang. we begin with a check on your forecast and commute. our melissa mollet stands by with aheck on your roads but -- >> lauren ricketts is popping ldto place first. because she cout tell the show was starting. >> just thela -minute touches on the forecast. you know how hard that job is. >> i was looking at friday. eping everybody in the know. i have all of the new
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information now. i thought we had headlines beforethat. u caught me. all right. current temperatures out there right now, listen, it's not bad. compared to yesterd we have those temperatures in the 50s. right now. yesterday we had temperatures in the 30s and 40s. gaithersburg, you are at 48 degrees. you will come up a little bit. not everybody going to mak it into the 70s today. there will be a big spread in temperatures north of d.c., a little cooler. taing about s. south of d.c., you're going to be in the 70s. we have a back door cold fnt that will by secretary the area. you'll need a little bit of everything. you'll need sunglasses especially if you're south of d.c. and temperatures starting in the mid 50s. we do have more rain on the way, not only today with a few shers and ahreat of some drizzle overnight, but we have severe weather possibl on iday and a lot of people traveling for the holiday weekend. 'l


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